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+53 X
+10 TS

72% | 1286 X | 1325 TS

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+2 TS

71% | 1177 X | 1390 TS

-4 X
+3 TS

53% | 1053 X | 1329 TS

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+12 TS

33% | 1002 X | 1229 TS

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+79 TS

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-1 TS

79% | 1182 X | 1447 TS

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-1 TS

76% | 1171 X | 1449 TS

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-2 TS

54% | 1050 X | 1355 TS

-48 X
-4 TS

27% | 990 X | 1193 TS

+5 X
-10 TS

12% | 872 X | 1107 TS

Chat log

00:00:12creeeeeee shitty pool
00:00:13creeeeeee rmk
00:00:13Jaylarno <crix
00:00:17FetAA +11
00:00:17xecution pull is fine
00:00:17creeeeeee -clear
00:00:17FetAA we have imba nagashi
00:00:17creeeeeee get him sand
00:00:17FetAA cantlose
00:00:17xecution pool
00:00:17creeeeeee and ban lion
00:00:17creeeeeee or thrall
00:00:17Mr.HaM -bat :o
00:00:17xecution some1 pick sand
00:00:17xecution for jaylarno
00:00:17xecution hes my mate
00:00:17FetAA >_<
00:00:17xecution phenonix
00:00:17Kurdi- you do it
00:00:17Davvelito no
00:00:17xecution im getting thrall
00:00:17Davvelito he need other hero
00:00:17Davvelito philip
00:00:17xecution y?
00:00:17Davvelito let me play thrall
00:00:17Davvelito and you carry
00:00:17xecution kk
00:00:17Mr.HaM -bat?
00:00:17Nagash levi
00:00:17xecution kurdi
00:00:19xecution can u cm?
00:00:24Kurdi- no way
00:00:27FetAA can i solo mid lion
00:00:29FetAA pl< :<
00:00:31FetAA pl<zzzz
00:00:31Davvelito kurdi
00:00:31Kurdi- i go tide or treant
00:00:33FetAA u carry
00:00:35Davvelito tide is banned
00:00:37Davvelito and please
00:00:38xecution tide banned
00:00:39Kurdi- treant
00:00:41Davvelito instead of saying no way
00:00:41FetAA go bara bot
00:00:44FetAA i go solo mid lion
00:00:45Davvelito pick to fit lanes
00:00:45FeeliXi WUT
00:00:47FetAA bara ur favourite i knowz
00:00:48Davvelito instead of beeing a retard
00:00:49FetAA u go mid?
00:00:54Kurdi- :D
00:00:58Davvelito get
00:00:59Davvelito himo
00:00:59Davvelito sandking
00:01:03Kurdi- i just wana pay a hero i want to play
00:01:07xecution cre
00:01:09xecution let jarlano
00:01:10xecution play him
00:01:12Jaylarno if i play crix. can some1 else buy chicken ?
00:01:12Whyis6afraidof7 -clear
00:01:14creeeeeee yes
00:01:16FetAA tak axe
00:01:16FetAA plz
00:01:19creeeeeee i swap
00:01:19Davvelito kurdi
00:01:20Davvelito can bay
00:01:21Whyis6afraidof7 -clear
00:01:22xecution desp
00:01:23Jaylarno what hero u want
00:01:23xecution u take mid
00:01:26Davvelito y
00:01:27xecution kurdi
00:01:30Mr.HaM get roof
00:01:31xecution u buy chicken
00:01:32Whyis6afraidof7 i get roof
00:01:36creeeeeee get me...ench
00:01:37Kurdi- i take treant ok ?
00:01:40xecution k
00:01:40FetAA nagashi u want mid or top solo
00:01:42xecution and u buy chicjk
00:01:42creeeeeee get ench for me
00:01:43Jaylarno ench?
00:01:45Whyis6afraidof7 fuck
00:01:46creeeeeee enchantres
00:01:47creeeeeee -swap 5
00:01:49Kurdi- i go chick ?
00:01:49Jaylarno -swap 2
00:01:50xecution buy chick
00:01:51xecution kurdi
00:01:52Whyis6afraidof7 rylai?
00:01:55FetAA yes
00:01:56Jaylarno ty
00:01:57Jaylarno hf all
00:02:09Davvelito how do you counter
00:02:10Davvelito gyro
00:02:11Davvelito with thrall
00:02:12Davvelito ?
00:02:21Davvelito that rocket kinda powerful on week thrally
00:02:22xecution u cant
00:02:22Davvelito :(
00:02:28Jaylarno -hhn
00:02:36xecution just think of farm
00:02:39xecution and get a bottle fast
00:02:39Davvelito y
00:02:40Davvelito well
00:02:44creeeeeee lemme be bot...
00:02:44Davvelito you will rape bot
00:02:46Davvelito no
00:02:47creeeeeee i can semi forest
00:02:48xecution me and crix
00:02:49Davvelito they
00:02:49xecution bot
00:02:50Davvelito are
00:02:50xecution we mates
00:02:52Davvelito next to eachother
00:02:54Davvelito on it cafe
00:02:56xecution sitting next to each other
00:02:57creeeeeee :/
00:02:58xecution get be more easy
00:02:59xecution to own
00:03:14Mr.HaM stop!
00:03:17creeeeeee attack
00:03:18creeeeeee now
00:03:19creeeeeee now
00:03:44FeeliXi gay line
00:05:12Mr.HaM care
00:05:15Mr.HaM ench coming from wood
00:05:41Whyis6afraidof7 z
00:05:58xecution nice
00:05:59xecution u gave fb
00:06:01xecution :(
00:06:07Davvelito kill top
00:06:15creeeeeee no slow
00:06:23Mr.HaM care
00:06:25Nagash miss
00:06:34Mr.HaM hihi
00:06:37FetAA nered
00:06:41FetAA sry
00:07:00Davvelito inc
00:07:00Davvelito top
00:07:01Davvelito care
00:07:01Davvelito top
00:07:03Davvelito gyro
00:07:03Davvelito inc
00:07:03Davvelito top
00:07:08Davvelito get
00:07:09Davvelito b
00:07:44Whyis6afraidof7 bat
00:08:15FeeliXi FUCK U
00:08:39Whyis6afraidof7 3 botm
00:09:11Davvelito im invins
00:09:35creeeeeee 2ss
00:09:35Davvelito b
00:10:00Davvelito care
00:10:01Davvelito top
00:10:02Davvelito inc
00:10:17FetAA talk next time
00:10:23creeeeeee im instant
00:10:25creeeeeee for lion
00:10:28creeeeeee obv
00:10:59Whyis6afraidof7 ff
00:11:02Whyis6afraidof7 s
00:11:08Davvelito fmkasmfsa
00:11:12Davvelito qoz im fuckiung around with fukcing chicken
00:11:34Mr.HaM upchic pls
00:11:45Mr.HaM ss 2 top
00:11:48FetAA wanna go?
00:11:49Davvelito kurdi
00:11:51Davvelito why a bracer+ :D
00:11:57Kurdi- lion :D
00:12:03Whyis6afraidof7 NO
00:12:05Whyis6afraidof7 b
00:12:20FeeliXi FUCK U NMAIDEN
00:12:31FetAA we can kill
00:12:33Whyis6afraidof7 *CAN STUN HIM WHE HE DO THAT SPELL
00:12:34Whyis6afraidof7 tard
00:12:34Mr.HaM wait
00:12:36Mr.HaM for pull
00:12:58Davvelito miss
00:12:59Davvelito mid
00:13:00Davvelito care
00:13:04creeeeeee ffFIPaufjhgöowhgweg
00:13:08Whyis6afraidof7 FUCK U
00:13:09Davvelito imiss mid
00:13:17FetAA im low
00:13:20Nagash 'MISS MID
00:13:21Davvelito that bird
00:13:21creeeeeee i just get stun ult
00:13:21Davvelito crudi
00:13:22FetAA but ok
00:13:22Davvelito sux
00:13:22creeeeeee and dead
00:13:23creeeeeee ffs
00:13:52FetAA why i st ayed with ur stupid ideas
00:14:34FetAA go
00:15:57Davvelito THE FUC
00:15:57Davvelito team
00:15:59Davvelito are you hunting?
00:16:07Davvelito fuck this
00:16:12Davvelito not gangking with you idiots
00:20:16FetAA nice windowns
00:20:28FetAA fucking fabolous
00:20:33FetAA this fucking google chrome
00:20:33creeeeeee rocket
00:20:34creeeeeee :D
00:20:51xecution cmon
00:20:52xecution team
00:20:58Whyis6afraidof7 gryp
00:21:18Davvelito i give up
00:21:57FetAA we can kill
00:22:02FetAA jump
00:22:31Mr.HaM why i listen to your ideas?
00:22:37Mr.HaM :D
00:22:38FetAA u jumped too late
00:22:39FeeliXi ou
00:22:40FetAA he ultied me alrdy
00:22:42Mr.HaM lul
00:22:42FetAA we woulda instagibbed
00:22:46Mr.HaM i jumped perfectly
00:22:47FeeliXi that cock sucking gyro wont come
00:22:49FetAA yes
00:22:50FetAA but too late
00:22:56FetAA gyro farmer boy
00:22:57FetAA its nagashi
00:22:58FetAA ..
00:23:02FetAA he never plays with team
00:23:06Mr.HaM farmer?
00:23:07Davvelito can you put the burs
00:23:09FetAA dont even bother to ask
00:23:09Mr.HaM he got 0 items
00:23:10Davvelito 41
00:23:14Davvelito birds at runes
00:23:51Nagash nice blink
00:23:56FetAA oh he can talk
00:24:04Jaylarno ench
00:24:04Jaylarno wtf
00:24:06Jaylarno are u doing
00:24:07Jaylarno zz
00:24:15Mr.HaM LUUUUL
00:24:18xecution why dint u go
00:24:19Mr.HaM tower is still DOWN?!?!?!
00:24:20xecution so he cant jumop
00:24:21xecution jesus
00:24:25Mr.HaM ok REGROUP get tower down lluuul
00:24:28Mr.HaM i didnt see it :DD
00:25:06Kurdi- gogo gag ulti on
00:25:09Mr.HaM illusion
00:25:37Whyis6afraidof7 :(
00:25:40FetAA :D
00:26:09FetAA 50 from dagg
00:26:09FetAA zz
00:26:13FetAA now time to die
00:26:18FetAA illu
00:26:26FetAA axe starsts
00:26:36FetAA :D
00:26:47Mr.HaM axe starts and all watch
00:26:48Mr.HaM right
00:27:00FetAA fun
00:27:02FetAA ff
00:27:08FetAA nagashi ruined it after he started farming
00:27:14Mr.HaM i am NEVER EVER going in without 5 in team
00:27:15FetAA we were totally pwning
00:27:17Kurdi- now tell me you give up
00:27:25Mr.HaM so REGROUP now
00:27:28Mr.HaM do as i say
00:27:31Mr.HaM or fail this game
00:27:31FetAA cant nagashi playis alone
00:27:35Mr.HaM he is not
00:27:37Mr.HaM he will come now
00:27:54creeeeeee kill top
00:28:13Whyis6afraidof7 oh srty!
00:28:22xecution tards
00:28:23Mr.HaM mid
00:28:59FetAA i deffed bot
00:29:11Davvelito oimg
00:29:45Kurdi- we have yultoiews
00:29:48FetAA -afk
00:29:51Kurdi- ulties
00:30:02Mr.HaM b
00:30:12Whyis6afraidof7 -afk
00:30:15Whyis6afraidof7 -clear
00:30:19Kurdi- all mid
00:30:25Kurdi- ff
00:30:39Mr.HaM dont
00:30:40Whyis6afraidof7 lion some wards plz
00:30:41Mr.HaM dont
00:30:42FetAA DEF
00:30:45Mr.HaM NO
00:30:46FetAA ff
00:30:46Mr.HaM we need 5
00:30:48FetAA WE ARE
00:30:49FetAA 5
00:30:56FetAA fuck this
00:31:01FetAA why not def towers
00:31:02FetAA ffs
00:31:06Mr.HaM too late
00:31:07Mr.HaM for def
00:31:16Mr.HaM be rdy
00:32:09Mr.HaM gj
00:32:11FetAA fucking pathetic that we lsot this won game
00:32:14FetAA in middle gmae
00:32:17FetAA when we were raping
00:32:25FetAA suddenly 1 guy starts half afking and half doing nothing
00:32:29FetAA rly great
00:32:38Kurdi- get raks
00:32:45FetAA go de
00:33:25Kurdi- raks
00:33:25Davvelito sec
00:33:25Davvelito my itnretn
00:33:25Davvelito fiucking up
00:33:25Davvelito seems fine now tho
00:33:25Davvelito soprry
00:33:40FetAA ei noita saa backdooraa kai
00:34:34Jaylarno fu treant
00:34:42Kurdi- what
00:34:45FetAA go fight now?
00:34:47FetAA only 3
00:34:50FeeliXi we should take them before base
00:34:56FetAA charge
00:35:02FetAA wait
00:35:03FetAA rylai
00:35:22FetAA no ulti??
00:35:22Mr.HaM STUN TARD
00:35:23Kurdi- i know i suck .... 33 %
00:35:31FeeliXi me=
00:35:32FetAA maybe i stunned alrdy
00:35:32FeeliXi ?
00:35:35FetAA yes u
00:35:37FetAA why u no ulti
00:35:39FeeliXi cd
00:35:39Mr.HaM rylai... ICE BLOCK
00:35:49FetAA earlier maybe
00:36:09Whyis6afraidof7 but he did that spell dirr when we came
00:37:05FetAA dunno what bara is doing
00:37:05Mr.HaM I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:17Whyis6afraidof7 ...
00:38:26Mr.HaM gg wp
00:38:28FeeliXi JEJEJEJEJ
00:38:31Nagash I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
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