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-35 X
-12 TS

80% | 1292 X | 1211 TS

-67 X
-10 TS

78% | 1237 X | 1232 TS

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58% | 1061 X | 1183 TS

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-19 TS

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87% | 1273 X | 1332 TS

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NEW | 1131 X | 1226 TS

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+12 TS

62% | 1017 X | 1244 TS

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44% | 990 X | 1159 TS

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+25 TS

20% | 912 X | 1052 TS

Chat log

00:00:03pOWa Small talk bei mir : " Ich hab dicke eier ,ander das! "
00:00:06Davvelito prince
00:00:07Papaya furi sven riki
00:00:07KredeC i got sf
00:00:08pOWa []silencer
00:00:09Elderi lina rexxar pl
00:00:10pOWa jugger
00:00:11Papaya yeeees !
00:00:12pOWa es
00:00:13KredeC can i sf mid?
00:00:16Davvelito bs,lich,lycan
00:00:19Papaya swap me :(
00:00:20Tamme can i have that potm plsplspls?
00:00:21Tamme :)
00:00:22Davvelito es? for lich?
00:00:24Papaya ill love you forever
00:00:25Papaya and ever
00:00:26Papaya and ever
00:00:28Elderi lina rexxar pl
00:00:28Davvelito and we lane
00:00:29Davvelito :D
00:00:32KredeC yeah im not swapping for any of urs
00:00:36pOWa hmm
00:00:36Tamme i'd lane with lich
00:00:39KredeC i wanna play him myself now
00:00:42Wavesofchange can any1 support me
00:00:42Wavesofchange bot
00:00:43Wavesofchange lane
00:00:45Papaya bawwww
00:00:45Wavesofchange im gonna ursa
00:00:47pOWa k
00:00:50Papaya couldnt play sf all day
00:00:50Wavesofchange if i get just a little farm
00:00:51Davvelito -swap
00:00:52Wavesofchange and i rape em
00:00:55KredeC me neither
00:00:55Davvelito -swap
00:00:56pOWa -swap
00:00:57Davvelito -swap 5
00:00:59pOWa -swap 4
00:01:01FetAA whodafuck is seppobnet
00:01:01seppotehgreat i go fast smoke brb¨
00:01:05FetAA mitä seppoi tääl on tiimi täyn
00:01:08FetAA pitääks mun voittaa peli taas
00:01:23Wavesofchange auch
00:01:25seppo12 kuulostaa hyvältä
00:01:26seppo12 :)
00:01:32Wavesofchange pick
00:01:33Tamme lol
00:01:34Wavesofchange papaya
00:01:35Tamme at that sf
00:01:35Wavesofchange what u got
00:01:37FetAA kuka oot
00:01:40Papaya furi sven riki
00:01:42seppo12 on aika imbat herot meil
00:01:43Wavesofchange fuck
00:01:45Wavesofchange only carry
00:01:46seppo12 etkö nä seppoa
00:01:47Wavesofchange well
00:01:47Papaya yep
00:01:49Tamme -water red
00:01:51KredeC sven
00:01:54FetAA ?
00:01:54Davvelito prince, i played with the "real" papayuncoconot 1 hour ago :D
00:01:56Tamme -weather moonlight
00:01:57FetAA joo mut seppoi on 100 nykyää
00:02:02Tamme sepetos se on
00:02:06Tamme -hhn
00:02:06FetAA ¨k
00:02:10seppo12 btw
00:02:11Elderi 2 melee top
00:02:11Papaya haha nice
00:02:14Wavesofchange elder
00:02:14seppo12 sepetos on sepetoksena
00:02:15Davvelito :)
00:02:16Papaya tell him im coming for him !
00:02:16Wavesofchange why u pick pl
00:02:19Davvelito yy
00:02:19Wavesofchange when u suck this much+0
00:02:21Elderi well
00:02:22Elderi 4 melee
00:02:25Wavesofchange its so stupid
00:02:25FetAA onksun nikki tos
00:02:26FetAA seppo12?
00:02:29Wavesofchange we lost this
00:02:39Papaya y lets whine and qq 40min
00:02:51FetAA can u pull
00:02:55FetAA i would have frefarm
00:03:01FetAA alche with frefarm imba
00:03:06Davvelito lich
00:03:07Davvelito cna you let me farm?
00:03:39FetAA pl riki lane aika imb
00:03:48Davvelito -ma
00:03:54Wavesofchange where is chiocken?
00:03:56Wavesofchange dumb idiot
00:04:01Wavesofchange elder
00:04:02Wavesofchange u tard
00:04:09Tamme tapetaa
00:04:22Davvelito lich
00:04:24Davvelito i have freefarm
00:04:27Davvelito if oyu odnt fuck up
00:04:28Davvelito lasthit
00:04:40FetAA tapeta aku oot 3
00:04:55Wavesofchange elder
00:04:56Wavesofchange buy chicken
00:05:15Wavesofchange elder
00:05:18Wavesofchange fucking get that chick
00:05:25Elderi no money
00:05:26Elderi ffs
00:05:27FetAA ei manaatm
00:05:48KredeC KLOL
00:06:06Tamme wtf.
00:06:21pOWa ss
00:06:55seppo12 sss
00:06:56KredeC miss mirana
00:07:01Davvelito ss
00:07:01Wavesofchange re
00:07:24Davvelito rune top
00:07:50KredeC ?!
00:08:17Tamme oimw
00:08:26Davvelito just let me get my dagger lichj
00:08:27Wavesofchange rune er top
00:08:28seppo12 gank mid
00:08:28KredeC miss
00:08:46Papaya ffs
00:08:49seppo12 wtf
00:08:49Papaya WHERES CHICK
00:08:50Tamme :D
00:08:52KredeC elderi
00:08:52seppo12 cant u clap sooner?
00:08:54KredeC buy a chicken
00:08:56KredeC or get 3 day ban
00:08:56Papaya enjoy ban elderi
00:08:59Wavesofchange har jeg købt
00:08:59Davvelito lich?!?!!?
00:09:01Wavesofchange kylling
00:09:01Tamme i can
00:09:03Elderi stfu
00:09:06KredeC buy flying then
00:09:15Davvelito zzzzz
00:09:15seppo12 what if i miss arrow ?
00:09:16Davvelito zzz
00:09:16Papaya fucking noob elderi
00:09:21Tamme you wont.
00:09:23pOWa need phase boots
00:09:23seppo12 xaxa
00:09:24Elderi i bought it
00:09:24Wavesofchange y
00:09:25KredeC wards pls
00:09:25Elderi idiots
00:09:25Wavesofchange hate him
00:09:27pOWa and you can farm
00:09:35Wavesofchange picks pl
00:09:38Wavesofchange when he sucks so badly
00:09:54pOWa -_-
00:09:59seppo12 gank mid
00:10:00seppo12 plz
00:10:09FetAA oteta torni
00:10:13seppotehgreat bot miss both
00:10:19Tamme omw mid
00:10:20Wavesofchange 1 dead
00:10:26pOWa ss
00:10:26seppo12 go
00:10:29pOWa tiny
00:10:34KredeC lol
00:10:35KredeC 3 mid
00:10:38pOWa re
00:10:38KredeC wtf is this :D
00:10:41Wavesofchange get wards
00:10:44Wavesofchange some 1
00:10:45KredeC u scared mirana?
00:10:46KredeC haha
00:10:48KredeC little bitch
00:10:52seppo12 teamgame ?
00:10:54KredeC lol
00:10:58FetAA lol no
00:11:01KredeC u must feel u cant handle tho
00:11:08KredeC guys
00:11:11KredeC we loose this game
00:11:17seppotehgreat oom
00:11:18KredeC because no wards
00:11:25Tamme or we feel it is easy to gang paper.
00:11:26Davvelito mana boots
00:11:28Papaya only got 1 support
00:11:31Davvelito or dagger first
00:11:31Papaya tiny should be buying
00:11:49Tamme torn i
00:11:49Wavesofchange toss me
00:11:50Tamme on ulti
00:11:52Wavesofchange and stun
00:11:55FetAA saada ilmanki
00:12:10pOWa gang ursa
00:12:17KredeC miss
00:12:19seppo12 omw gank top
00:12:23seppotehgreat bot miss
00:12:29seppotehgreat lich
00:12:31Tamme seuravaa
00:12:45Papaya idiot elderi rly
00:12:49pOWa ss sf
00:12:50pOWa care
00:12:51pOWa top
00:12:52Papaya waste mana on senseless lance so u cant go invis
00:12:53pOWa care
00:12:53Wavesofchange elderi is auto loos
00:12:54Elderi lol me ?
00:12:57Papaya y lol u
00:13:00Papaya braindead idiot noob
00:13:03pOWa re
00:13:03FetAA take it
00:13:14seppo12 b
00:13:22KredeC go
00:13:49Tamme asdasd
00:13:50Papaya nice
00:13:55KredeC kidding me
00:13:56FetAA how lucky as that
00:14:02Wavesofchange wassup
00:14:07seppo12 nice arkane
00:14:07KredeC invis?
00:14:08KredeC elderi
00:14:09FetAA sup
00:14:11FetAA this is wapo
00:14:12Wavesofchange ff
00:14:13Wavesofchange this
00:14:13KredeC haha
00:14:14Wavesofchange :)
00:14:14Papaya eldeir u got invis noob ?
00:14:15Wavesofchange Please
00:14:15KredeC we have elderi
00:14:16Papaya fucking idiot
00:14:18KredeC we have a loss
00:14:23seppo12 leave
00:14:23KredeC never seen a guy suck so much dick for money
00:14:23seppo12 rune
00:14:26KredeC biggest whore ever
00:14:26seppo12 sd
00:14:26seppo12 sd
00:14:26seppo12 da
00:14:28pOWa ffs
00:14:30pOWa sorry
00:14:35pOWa was on chicken
00:14:36KredeC SO FUCKING BAD
00:14:44Papaya just play
00:14:48seppo12 been there done that
00:14:48FetAA well waves will win it for u
00:14:54seppo12 he is drunk again imo
00:15:08Tamme oimw bot
00:15:24KredeC 2 out of shadow
00:15:25KredeC this is just
00:15:27KredeC gg
00:15:30KredeC mass gangs
00:15:32KredeC not a single ward
00:15:33seppo12 can some1 buy me tp ?
00:15:39Tamme :D
00:15:44seppo12 ty
00:15:47FetAA elderi soon radi
00:15:48FetAA kill plz
00:15:50Papaya well buy em yourself
00:15:53seppo12 omw bot
00:15:54Papaya u get 200gold back in 2 raze
00:15:55KredeC with what
00:16:02KredeC i got ganged 5 times
00:16:28Davvelito i didnt control
00:16:28pOWa tards
00:16:29Davvelito shit
00:16:34pOWa fuck you all
00:16:41pOWa who moved me back
00:16:42pOWa =
00:16:43Wavesofchange care
00:16:44Wavesofchange krede
00:16:45Wavesofchange miorana
00:16:45FetAA ?
00:16:46Wavesofchange kommer
00:16:47FetAA i was fighting mid
00:16:48FetAA with sf
00:16:49Wavesofchange dd
00:16:49FetAA how could i
00:16:52Davvelito i was dead
00:16:53Wavesofchange wtgf
00:16:55Wavesofchange han har købt blink
00:16:56KredeC hun har dagger
00:16:56pOWa some 1 used my slepp
00:16:56KredeC lol
00:16:58pOWa spell
00:16:59FetAA so it wsa probably es
00:17:02Davvelito was
00:17:02seppo12 didnt
00:17:03Davvelito not fucking me
00:17:07Wavesofchange dagger?
00:17:13seppo12 21503
00:17:17seppo12 2150*
00:17:25Davvelito we
00:17:27Davvelito cant let urs famr
00:17:44Davvelito ROFl
00:17:59Papaya ffs
00:18:03Wavesofchange -.-
00:18:03FetAA was ins omke :p
00:18:11Davvelito was fail from start :D
00:18:46Davvelito dagger
00:18:51pOWa me 2
00:18:56pOWa in 100
00:18:56seppo12 me 2
00:19:02Wavesofchange elder
00:19:03Wavesofchange uprage chick
00:19:04Wavesofchange idiot
00:19:13Elderi after i get boots
00:19:17Papaya lol
00:19:18Wavesofchange omg
00:19:23seppo12 gem ftw
00:19:24Tamme sf has some mystical farm!
00:19:28KredeC hehe lvl 6
00:19:29KredeC 5
00:19:31KredeC and no botos :D
00:19:32Tamme go push mid
00:19:32FetAA ?
00:19:33KredeC in 17 min
00:19:35Tamme they cant do shit
00:19:35Tamme rly
00:19:47Papaya just farm and pray
00:19:51Tamme just go imo
00:19:52KredeC no this is lost
00:19:56KredeC he didnt skill invis lvl 1?
00:19:59FetAA armor
00:20:03Elderi yes
00:20:09KredeC but just wont use it
00:20:49KredeC mirana with gem
00:21:09Davvelito b
00:21:10Tamme asd
00:21:10Davvelito then
00:21:11seppo12 b
00:21:21Tamme fetaa
00:21:24Tamme shit farm you goty
00:21:27seppo12 wait
00:21:29seppo12 come
00:21:29FetAA :p
00:21:31seppo12 take it
00:21:34seppo12 wait
00:21:36seppo12 use
00:21:37Davvelito ?
00:21:39seppo12 and switch bottles
00:21:47seppo12 gg
00:21:50FetAA pl riki so hard lane
00:21:54FetAA raped us
00:21:56Tamme go mid again!
00:22:13FetAA imma come soon
00:22:24pOWa 0 . 1 sec dagger
00:22:25FetAA aaa
00:22:29Davvelito MFSAMF
00:22:29pOWa b
00:22:29pOWa b
00:22:30pOWa b
00:22:34FetAA omw with d
00:22:57pOWa gogogo
00:23:11Tamme lol
00:23:13Tamme wut blink
00:23:14Tamme :D:D:D
00:23:15seppo12 ^^
00:23:18KredeC :D
00:23:19Wavesofchange take
00:23:19Papaya gem
00:23:19Wavesofchange gem
00:23:20Papaya gem
00:23:20Wavesofchange take gem
00:23:22KredeC gem
00:23:23KredeC lol
00:23:25seppo12 take gem
00:23:27Elderi lul
00:23:27Papaya gg idiot
00:23:51KredeC big fat alche jesus
00:23:57Tamme bot tower!
00:23:58Wavesofchange yup
00:23:59Wavesofchange lane pl
00:24:03Wavesofchange no wonder
00:24:12FetAA i come from behind
00:24:30KredeC then four bot
00:24:31KredeC :(
00:24:34seppo12 can i get gem ^^
00:24:41seppo12 thx
00:24:42seppo12 <3
00:24:43KredeC ive lost all my games today before 30
00:24:44KredeC its crazy
00:24:47Wavesofchange omg
00:24:49Wavesofchange haha
00:24:50Wavesofchange what an epic farm
00:24:54Wavesofchange elder
00:24:56Wavesofchange rly feeded u well
00:24:58KredeC i always get insane lastpicks
00:25:01KredeC like worse than kapo
00:25:09FetAA kapo is epic
00:25:31FetAA SUCK DICK
00:25:37FetAA how didnt that arrow hit
00:25:56Tamme i wonder
00:25:58KredeC they could have opened there :D
00:26:01Tamme why cant we just fucking finish?
00:26:04KredeC -ii
00:26:05FetAA y
00:26:08FetAA lets do
00:26:08Wavesofchange we got em lg
00:26:09FetAA that
00:26:11Davvelito lets go 5
00:26:11FetAA instead of mindless dive
00:26:25Tamme i alttabbed :D
00:26:34Davvelito dd
00:26:35Papaya elderi fuck off
00:26:38FetAA take roshan
00:26:39Papaya u just take farm and are useless
00:26:41FetAA fast
00:26:43FetAA then finish
00:26:44FetAA for usre
00:27:25Wavesofchange pl got boots
00:27:29Davvelito shit
00:27:42Davvelito g
00:27:55Davvelito GO
00:27:55KredeC hi
00:27:55FetAA :/
00:27:55Davvelito 5
00:27:56Davvelito now
00:27:59seppo12 haha
00:27:59Davvelito they win late
00:28:00FetAA gogo
00:28:23Papaya lol
00:28:23FetAA :DDD
00:28:26KredeC :D
00:28:32Papaya fucking sentry there
00:28:32Wavesofchange where is chick
00:28:46KredeC lol
00:28:48KredeC 3 recipes :D
00:28:50Papaya 3 vlad recipes
00:28:51Papaya wut
00:29:05Wavesofchange bugged :D
00:30:09FetAA omg
00:30:10FetAA it sastays
00:30:14FetAA WTF
00:30:19FetAA :DD
00:30:21Davvelito WHY
00:30:22KredeC DDDDD
00:30:22Davvelito THe
00:30:25Davvelito FUCk
00:30:25Tamme lich
00:30:25FetAA What in the hell
00:30:25Davvelito do
00:30:27Davvelito you huint
00:30:28Davvelito into gbase
00:30:30Tamme wtf are you doing
00:30:37pOWa was in abse
00:30:37Davvelito stop
00:30:38Davvelito fucking
00:30:39pOWa low
00:30:40Davvelito run into base
00:30:45FetAA how its possible that stun stays :D
00:30:46FetAA after i die
00:30:47FetAA :DD
00:31:00FetAA when ir evive i get the full stun
00:31:00FetAA :DDD
00:31:20FetAA invis
00:31:22Davvelito can
00:31:22Davvelito you
00:31:23Davvelito just
00:31:24Davvelito not unt
00:31:24Davvelito hem
00:31:25Davvelito into base
00:31:28Davvelito and get towers
00:31:42KredeC will this bkb do jack shit? :D
00:31:45FetAA ok go with 5
00:31:47Papaya sure
00:31:48Davvelito bot
00:31:49Davvelito and
00:31:51Davvelito get the fucking tower
00:31:52Papaya blink in and ult
00:31:55Davvelito and when they come
00:31:56Davvelito i blink
00:31:56Davvelito on them
00:31:57KredeC with what blink? :D
00:31:57Papaya can kill es lich in 1 combo
00:32:00Papaya oh
00:32:05Papaya hm
00:32:05Papaya meh
00:32:06KredeC died 2 much
00:32:14KredeC come riki
00:32:32Davvelito DOPNT
00:32:32Davvelito run
00:32:34KredeC mid
00:32:34Davvelito into their base now
00:32:34FetAA all here?
00:32:35KredeC riki
00:32:37Papaya got port
00:33:00KredeC omfg
00:33:04KredeC then i walk right into arrow
00:33:36Wavesofchange du har ikke bkb endnu?
00:33:37KredeC why not es first
00:33:39KredeC jo
00:33:42KredeC så ik pilen
00:33:44KredeC fra lang afstand
00:34:00Wavesofchange ærgeligt
00:34:07FetAA get others soon
00:34:09FetAA i get cuirass
00:34:10FetAA 400
00:34:10FetAA gold
00:34:13FetAA then finish with 5
00:34:13Davvelito got agha
00:34:18Wavesofchange should bann elder perma from playing here
00:34:32Elderi we win this
00:34:35Papaya stfu noob
00:34:35Wavesofchange no
00:34:36KredeC haha
00:34:42Davvelito where
00:34:42Davvelito is chick
00:34:55KredeC GO
00:34:58FetAA Whre
00:35:00Wavesofchange wait
00:35:09KredeC said it
00:35:11KredeC 2 scare mirana
00:35:13KredeC so i could farm
00:35:34Davvelito top
00:35:34Wavesofchange why dint u wait
00:35:35Wavesofchange ffs
00:35:38Papaya for what ?
00:35:39Wavesofchange tps huh
00:35:42Papaya u just stand and look
00:35:43Wavesofchange for me to get ulti agian
00:35:43FetAA proteam
00:36:06Wavesofchange well
00:36:12Wavesofchange its kinda sick how much 1 player can destroy for a team
00:36:22Tamme 1?
00:36:23Tamme :)
00:36:46KredeC I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:04KredeC ?
00:37:06Wavesofchange ahaha
00:37:07Wavesofchange wtf
00:37:18Wavesofchange my hero keeps mooving
00:37:19Tamme :D:DD
00:37:20Wavesofchange cant stop it
00:37:20Tamme :D:DD::D:D
00:37:23Tamme :D:D:D:D:D:DDDDDD
00:37:27Tamme elderi
00:37:29Tamme died
00:37:30FetAA :D what u laughing :D
00:37:30pOWa all eyes on FetAA
00:37:30Tamme like
00:37:33Tamme ahaha
00:37:40Wavesofchange fetaa just had elder on lane
00:37:42Wavesofchange and a riki
00:37:44Wavesofchange how hard is it
00:37:49FetAA rly hard must see
00:37:51FetAA say
00:38:08seppo12 nice cap who decides that lane
00:38:10Wavesofchange with a good pl
00:38:11seppo12 btw
00:38:15Wavesofchange this game would look way more fun
00:38:16pOWa RIKI
00:38:29pOWa get skill riki ;D
00:38:57FetAA omg
00:39:02FetAA SUCKERS
00:39:09pOWa ^^
00:39:28Wavesofchange Gg panda
00:39:39Davvelito gg eledri
00:39:41Davvelito nice picking carry
00:39:45Davvelito when you know you cant play it
00:39:47Davvelito love GC!
00:39:47pOWa gg
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