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Chat log

00:00:18Davvelito dajoint
00:00:18Davvelito please play ogre
00:00:18KredeC ban slad
00:00:18IPDT_FE jessica
00:00:18Davvelito hes really easy hero
00:00:18Davvelito :D
00:00:18IPDT_FE angry :'(
00:00:18Kastrup any1 want anyone?
00:00:18KredeC and try to go for weaver
00:00:18Kastrup <- i ban 'weaver
00:00:18IPDT_FE i can es
00:00:18Davvelito da_joint :)
00:00:18IPDT_FE dk or ursa
00:00:18angryfin (
00:00:18Kastrup ban Weaver
00:00:18IPDT_FE jessica don't cry , he isn't so bad tide , when he doesn't stay alone farming
00:00:18Kastrup i pick Es for u?
00:00:18Kastrup ok?
00:00:18IPDT_FE ok
00:00:18Davvelito well true :)
00:00:18IPDT_FE what you want?
00:00:18Davvelito but hes still kinda new to the game
00:00:18valiante wd
00:00:18Kastrup lets see
00:00:25valiante thats fine
00:00:25Kastrup i might need eredar
00:00:27valiante pick wr
00:00:28Kastrup or kunnkka
00:00:29IPDT_FE yep he can't gush on ganks
00:00:29Davvelito you wanna pick to solo lanes?
00:00:29valiante angry
00:00:31valiante i go pugna
00:00:32KredeC ff
00:00:32Kastrup but might be eredar
00:00:32Davvelito i can go ursa
00:00:32valiante to anti es
00:00:32Davvelito woods
00:00:33Kastrup for midt
00:00:39angryfin BANS?
00:00:43Davvelito i go ursa woods
00:00:43valiante weaver
00:00:43valiante WD
00:00:43Davvelito get a solo hero
00:00:43Davvelito angry
00:00:43valiante get wr
00:00:43angryfin ok
00:00:43Kastrup give me eredar.. i think
00:00:43valiante goodie
00:00:43Davvelito i ursa woods
00:00:43IPDT_FE ok
00:00:43Davvelito and we do like lich and ogre
00:00:43Davvelito bot
00:00:43Kastrup or maybe kunkka
00:00:43valiante theres no wd to gang u
00:00:43IPDT_FE just think right :
00:00:43MetM bans
00:00:43Kastrup we need OGRE
00:00:43MetM ?
00:00:43valiante ok?
00:00:44Kastrup we need lich
00:00:47valiante k
00:00:48MetM what banned?
00:00:48valiante u go mid
00:00:51valiante i solo top
00:00:52Davvelito go solo top
00:00:53Kastrup weaver and docor
00:00:54angryfin )
00:00:54Davvelito val9i
00:00:55IPDT_FE wd weaver
00:00:55whatugotskills let me play mortred
00:00:57Davvelito no
00:00:57MetM ty
00:01:00valiante its better for u to go mid right?
00:01:00Davvelito whatugotskills
00:01:00valiante angry
00:01:01IPDT_FE and you
00:01:02Davvelito we got 3 carrys
00:01:04Davvelito go lich ogre
00:01:05IPDT_FE MetM
00:01:05angryfin ye
00:01:05Davvelito bot lane
00:01:07Davvelito and freewin
00:01:11Kastrup give me eredar
00:01:11whatugotskills k then i pick litch
00:01:12valiante we need ogre lich
00:01:13valiante and this is gg
00:01:16valiante ogre lich and its gg
00:01:18Kastrup wtf furion?
00:01:19Davvelito ogre
00:01:19Davvelito now
00:01:21Kastrup stupidest call ever
00:01:21valiante good
00:01:28FetAA not rly
00:01:30Kastrup it is
00:01:30angryfin dajoint is good ogre
00:01:34FetAA and whocares a fuck
00:01:34IPDT_FE well
00:01:35Davvelito cool
00:01:36IPDT_FE can be good
00:01:36FetAA its gc
00:01:37IPDT_FE for pugna
00:01:42Davvelito itsa nice lane
00:01:43whatugotskills -clear
00:01:43IPDT_FE -swap 1
00:01:45Kastrup -swap 5
00:01:47angryfin i fucking hate that furion
00:01:48Kastrup <- mid
00:01:53DaJoint fu
00:01:57Davvelito get
00:01:58Kastrup need wards
00:01:59valiante ok
00:02:00Davvelito slardar
00:02:03valiante now get slardar
00:02:05Kastrup ogre es top
00:02:06DaJoint dk?
00:02:07Kastrup can ui hadnle it?
00:02:08Davvelito no slardar
00:02:08valiante ok dk
00:02:10valiante is fine 2
00:02:11Kastrup furion u need to gank top all the time ok?
00:02:12valiante slardar
00:02:13valiante or dk
00:02:16FetAA i gank all lines
00:02:16valiante just stun
00:02:16FetAA y
00:02:17IPDT_FE let's see
00:02:17IPDT_FE :d
00:02:23Davvelito slardar much better
00:02:23Kastrup else gank lvl 1 midt?
00:02:26Davvelito he wont farm any itmes
00:02:27Kastrup if its f
00:02:27Davvelito :)
00:02:27Kastrup sf*
00:02:31valiante ursa should have picked ogre instead
00:02:32Davvelito slaradr stun is ao
00:02:33valiante and swapped for ursa
00:02:33FetAA ogre couldd
00:02:35Davvelito yy
00:02:36FetAA and es
00:02:36DaJoint meni jo
00:02:37KredeC we gp for kill lv l3
00:02:38FetAA but they late alrdy
00:02:38Kastrup or es
00:02:38valiante they werent gonna get him anyway
00:02:38Davvelito but i dont trust naabs in here
00:02:41valiante ^^
00:02:44FetAA they should be tehre alrdy
00:02:45FetAA so no
00:02:47Kastrup ye :/
00:02:53Davvelito just rape top as you did with sk :)
00:02:55whatugotskills -ii
00:02:57IPDT_FE let's give a try+
00:02:58valiante :D
00:02:59Davvelito pugna strong solo
00:03:00FetAA xD
00:03:00Kastrup i block
00:03:02Kastrup u go around
00:03:03valiante i know
00:03:04angryfin stronk
00:03:04FetAA rege
00:03:04FetAA sd
00:03:05KredeC fb mid
00:03:06valiante picked for anti aa
00:03:08valiante anti es
00:03:11Davvelito y
00:03:11KredeC all come
00:03:18Davvelito silencer best anti es :)
00:03:21Davvelito blink in then dead
00:03:23FetAA cant from here
00:03:24valiante wasnt there
00:03:26Davvelito i know
00:03:27FetAA k tryy
00:03:30Davvelito just saying :)
00:03:38angryfin :DDD
00:03:40FetAA xD
00:03:51valiante lol
00:03:52IPDT_FE no candies for you
00:03:53angryfin i hope they dont do that all the time
00:03:57FetAA dunno why kredec
00:03:57angryfin u have to buy wards soon
00:04:00FetAA stayed so longgz
00:04:00angryfin so i can see em coming
00:04:17valiante on chick coming to u
00:04:28IPDT_FE ogre stinks
00:04:48IPDT_FE ?
00:04:51Kastrup sure
00:04:55valiante miss es
00:05:04valiante wards
00:05:17Kastrup gj
00:05:18angryfin ok iu plant em
00:05:21angryfin buy now
00:05:22IPDT_FE i said no candies
00:05:22angryfin !
00:05:22valiante ursa plant
00:05:28valiante on chick
00:05:30Davvelito no sf can plnt
00:05:51valiante i buy wards on second creep wave
00:05:54valiante but u dont awnna use
00:05:54valiante ..
00:06:00IPDT_FE when i'll have mana
00:06:32valiante miss es
00:07:06angryfin blind ass nigga
00:07:10DaJoint :D
00:07:17angryfin i wait for u
00:07:19angryfin 2 min
00:07:23angryfin and u dont come kill
00:07:23Davvelito fucking
00:07:24Kastrup gj
00:07:24valiante he was oom
00:07:26IPDT_FE u2
00:07:27valiante jesus chirst
00:07:27Davvelito blink
00:07:28Davvelito or something
00:07:29Davvelito im farming woodfs
00:07:31Davvelito im semi afk
00:07:37valiante then dont play
00:07:41valiante ffs
00:07:44valiante we blinked
00:07:48IPDT_FE i b
00:07:51IPDT_FE oom
00:07:53Davvelito then im sorry
00:08:03valiante still no es
00:08:06whatugotskills ss
00:08:17MetM gank
00:08:21Kastrup sec
00:08:30FetAA i can tp mid
00:08:46valiante gg mc
00:08:47IPDT_FE omw mid
00:09:10Kastrup im taking it
00:09:13valiante still no es
00:09:43MetM re gank when possible
00:09:47MetM pugna is free
00:09:48Kastrup miss sf
00:09:51KredeC ss
00:09:51Kastrup re midt
00:09:52angryfin es
00:09:53angryfin forest
00:09:55angryfin and mid miss
00:10:00angryfin CARE TOP
00:10:02FetAA ogree
00:10:04FetAA never gank top
00:10:07FetAA with that guy
00:10:08FetAA he sleeps
00:10:30Davvelito SF
00:10:31valiante es
00:10:34valiante sf
00:10:36Kastrup b
00:10:36Kastrup b
00:10:36Kastrup b
00:10:36Kastrup b
00:10:37Kastrup b
00:10:42FetAA fu
00:10:43FetAA why b
00:10:45valiante gg
00:10:48FetAA im farm mode now
00:10:51IPDT_FE we did it
00:10:51IPDT_FE :D
00:10:53angryfin ward
00:10:56angryfin need
00:11:12valiante on chick
00:11:13Kastrup i take and we go
00:11:29valiante no raze?
00:11:35Davvelito lich
00:11:35Davvelito mb
00:11:36angryfin i did it already?
00:11:36IPDT_FE ty
00:11:36Davvelito start moving
00:11:45IPDT_FE lol
00:11:45angryfin lich has to gank
00:11:47IPDT_FE enough
00:11:47IPDT_FE :D
00:11:53IPDT_FE thx
00:11:54IPDT_FE :d
00:11:57valiante how aout i just go mid
00:11:59valiante instead of u
00:12:00Davvelito y
00:12:01valiante go freefarm top
00:12:01Davvelito swap
00:12:02angryfin 2
00:12:02whatugotskills i come i lvl 6 soon
00:12:06angryfin GO
00:12:09FetAA i can tp
00:12:11FetAA everywher
00:12:13FetAA u gank
00:12:18DaJoint oom
00:12:22Kastrup go pugna
00:12:22Kastrup om
00:12:23Kastrup come
00:12:34IPDT_FE lol
00:12:46IPDT_FE my bad
00:13:15valiante lich
00:13:16valiante get ur boots
00:13:18valiante and START GANG
00:13:28valiante no get ur boots first
00:13:39IPDT_FE stun
00:13:41IPDT_FE him
00:13:43angryfin ok so we lost every lane
00:13:47FetAA i can tp in 10s
00:13:51MetM kk
00:13:53KredeC ss bot
00:13:55valiante LIOCJH
00:13:56valiante GO BASE
00:13:58valiante GET BOOTS
00:14:00IPDT_FE i go help mid
00:14:00IPDT_FE b
00:14:02MetM sf top
00:14:04valiante NOPW
00:14:13valiante GO BASE
00:14:15valiante get boots
00:14:25Davvelito jesus chirst
00:14:27valiante he cant read
00:14:27angryfin WARDS
00:14:28angryfin NEED
00:14:31Davvelito and he wanted to paly pa
00:15:06Kastrup omw
00:15:06MetM oom
00:15:34valiante ff
00:15:36Davvelito jesus crhist
00:15:43Davvelito have you palyed dota before
00:15:44MetM im b
00:15:45Davvelito lich?
00:15:57IPDT_FE just too imba es
00:15:57IPDT_FE :D
00:16:09angryfin just buy as many ward as possible
00:16:09MetM ure ruling the map got to say
00:16:13Davvelito da joint
00:16:15Davvelito what item are you getting?
00:16:17IPDT_FE we are
00:16:20Kastrup omw bot after i got rune
00:16:21KredeC gang bot
00:16:22Kastrup we can't let sf farm
00:16:27Kastrup def the ward
00:16:29valiante this is over anyway
00:16:31FetAA he hasnt been warding too much
00:16:32Davvelito not rl
00:16:33valiante b
00:16:33Davvelito rly
00:16:37Davvelito they dont have so strong alte
00:16:38valiante u have bad farm
00:16:38FetAA mean farming
00:16:40valiante i have bad farm
00:16:42Davvelito still
00:16:45Davvelito ppl dont end in time in this chan
00:16:58IPDT_FE lol
00:17:00FetAA xD
00:17:01IPDT_FE furi last hhit
00:17:08Kastrup :D
00:17:13FetAA i didnt ulti there
00:17:15FetAA i ultiedl ike 5s before
00:17:15Kastrup damn haste top /:
00:17:21FetAA and it binged there
00:17:29IPDT_FE off
00:18:07IPDT_FE ursa
00:18:25KredeC im b
00:18:27Kastrup :
00:18:28Kastrup :D
00:18:29Davvelito they warded
00:18:30Davvelito roshasn
00:18:39IPDT_FE gj
00:18:40IPDT_FE :D
00:18:42Kastrup u2
00:18:45KredeC get bot tower
00:18:49KredeC omw ogre
00:19:02Davvelito can we fight
00:19:03Davvelito at roshan
00:19:04KredeC omw es
00:19:12KredeC reg
00:19:22Kastrup woops
00:19:47FetAA stun
00:19:55Kastrup ulti
00:20:09angryfin ok
00:20:09IPDT_FE y
00:20:09IPDT_FE :D
00:20:12angryfin ursa doing roshan
00:20:12angryfin gg
00:20:13angryfin :D
00:20:17Kastrup omw
00:20:18Kastrup omw
00:20:36KredeC tower
00:20:39valiante sf?
00:20:40DaJoint oi oi
00:20:43valiante lol
00:20:43angryfin i canceled
00:20:44angryfin :D
00:20:57IPDT_FE angry
00:20:59IPDT_FE pwned >.<
00:21:04angryfin carebear
00:21:04Kastrup come midt now
00:21:08FetAA so much pwn thisgam
00:21:10FetAA bu ys
00:21:15FetAA so nice ganking
00:21:27angryfin can we go with 5 or something
00:21:29angryfin they got no items
00:21:30angryfin jsut kills
00:21:35angryfin we can turtle this shit
00:22:30MetM x
00:22:37valiante b
00:22:42Kastrup gj guyz
00:22:44valiante ur not a raze guy ey _:D
00:22:44Davvelito i need my fucking dagger
00:22:45Davvelito useless
00:22:48Kastrup go midt when healed
00:22:48Davvelito without it
00:22:53KredeC we gotta keep on pushing!
00:22:54angryfin i am
00:22:57MetM what to build for this?
00:22:57angryfin shit just sucks atm
00:23:05Kastrup shiavas
00:23:06Kastrup shivas
00:23:10valiante ye
00:23:10MetM havent played that much
00:23:11MetM kk
00:23:12KredeC or pipe
00:23:12Kastrup and some wards
00:23:13valiante sf
00:23:17valiante whats the point booster for
00:23:21angryfin hp
00:23:21angryfin mana
00:23:24angryfin what do u care
00:23:24valiante k
00:23:27angryfin i shoudl go yasha?=
00:23:29valiante nah
00:23:32valiante treads bkb
00:23:37Kastrup need wards
00:23:42MetM got a pack
00:23:56angryfin see
00:23:59angryfin this is fun
00:24:18angryfin ursa
00:24:19angryfin why alone
00:24:23IPDT_FE wow
00:24:23Davvelito alone?!
00:24:24IPDT_FE lol
00:24:24IPDT_FE :D
00:24:27Davvelito my friends
00:24:31Davvelito are 5 ms from me
00:24:35Davvelito they are just blind
00:24:48KredeC im b
00:25:01Kastrup p
00:25:01valiante b?
00:25:24IPDT_FE he's
00:25:25IPDT_FE gone
00:25:29IPDT_FE lol
00:25:42FetAA go
00:25:43FetAA i tp
00:25:53valiante wp furi
00:25:55valiante jkust saved es
00:25:59FetAA :p
00:26:08IPDT_FE :D
00:26:18IPDT_FE just wp es
00:26:21IPDT_FE 23 min
00:26:22IPDT_FE 17 assist
00:26:23Davvelito really
00:26:24angryfin wp all
00:26:25Kastrup u did
00:26:31Davvelito 1
00:26:46FetAA kinda sick to have this good gank action in gc
00:26:52Kastrup its great
00:26:53valiante insane ye
00:26:54IPDT_FE y
00:27:24Davvelito AMAZING
00:27:31Davvelito so lucky aswell :D
00:27:32Davvelito with 1 hp
00:27:34Davvelito always
00:27:58Davvelito ogre 1 hit from dying gets away a 3x ms
00:27:59Davvelito instead
00:28:00Davvelito zzzZz
00:28:01KredeC b
00:28:05Kastrup we need all
00:28:05angryfin u fight alweays laone ursa
00:28:08Davvelito omg
00:28:09Davvelito stfu
00:28:13Kastrup i take rune
00:28:13MetM shiva rly soon
00:28:15IPDT_FE i'll need dagger
00:28:16IPDT_FE soon
00:28:23Davvelito you just talk alot of shit
00:28:28angryfin y
00:28:30Davvelito watch the game instead
00:28:48valiante b
00:28:50valiante def in base
00:28:50valiante pls
00:29:06Kastrup ward up plz
00:29:37valiante its 2 hard to turtle this
00:29:40valiante cause still we get no farm
00:29:50Kastrup furi
00:29:51valiante b
00:29:54MetM got inv
00:30:02Davvelito one is bot
00:30:06IPDT_FE 850 gold
00:30:09KredeC push all lanes
00:30:09Davvelito and one top
00:30:12IPDT_FE well
00:30:14IPDT_FE i'm coming
00:30:21angryfin !ff
00:30:24angryfin ff
00:30:31Kastrup come top
00:30:32Kastrup all
00:30:38KredeC i push bot
00:30:43valiante cant ff untill 30
00:30:51valiante in abse pls
00:30:52valiante dk
00:31:21Davvelito bot
00:31:22Davvelito aswell
00:31:26valiante b
00:31:44FetAA brb
00:31:49angryfin ye let em finish
00:31:59whatugotskills ff
00:32:00FetAA gogo imma come
00:32:02FetAA 5s
00:32:03valiante WP
00:32:08angryfin wp
00:32:10IPDT_FE thx for dagger ogre
00:32:15MetM :)
00:33:12IPDT_FE >_<
00:33:16Kastrup gj team
00:33:18Kastrup wp
00:33:19FetAA y wp
00:33:20angryfin dont come here
00:33:20FetAA was fun
00:33:25angryfin the throne is other way
00:33:28IPDT_FE :D
00:33:32IPDT_FE pugna was in my way
00:33:35IPDT_FE pugna
00:33:37IPDT_FE was on the way
00:33:42Davvelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:04Davvelito mc %
00:34:05Davvelito :D
00:34:08Davvelito ridiclous
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