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Chat log

00:00:14Timu can sk
00:00:18Timu can engima
00:00:18Timu can even luna
00:00:18Timu or tc
00:00:18Sepetos -doom
00:00:18Timu or meepo
00:00:18Timu will pick meepo
00:00:18Timu meh
00:00:18valiante hmm
00:00:18valiante i ban wisp
00:00:41Kanki someone want something?
00:00:45Y4KUZA pit
00:00:49Sepetos take lina
00:00:58Sepetos not so many stunners
00:01:05valiante ok
00:01:07valiante get lina
00:01:13Sepetos troll
00:01:14Sepetos nice
00:01:18FetAA np
00:01:18valiante nice
00:01:24Y4KUZA what u want for pit
00:01:27Kanki get me enigma
00:01:31FetAA troll freewin
00:01:34Kanki or
00:01:35Kanki tc
00:01:36Kanki tc
00:01:39Y4KUZA -swap 3
00:01:43valiante lastpick
00:01:44Sepetos go TC
00:01:44Kanki -swap 5
00:01:45Sepetos lastpick
00:01:46DSoul ?
00:01:46Y4KUZA :D:D
00:01:49Sepetos swap kanki
00:01:50valiante get
00:01:51valiante abba
00:01:52valiante or dirge
00:01:53Sepetos take enigma
00:01:56DSoul naga?
00:01:58DSoul for push?
00:02:02valiante no
00:02:04valiante abba
00:02:18Kastrup john jeg puller bigtime hvis muligt
00:02:20Spicyblack i mid ?
00:02:22BritneySpears kk
00:02:24Kanki lol
00:02:27Kastrup max sandstorm
00:02:29Sepetos nop
00:02:31Kastrup for at pushe lane
00:02:32valiante ja
00:02:33Kanki sile pit top
00:02:33Kastrup ok?
00:02:34Sepetos u go fuckurselff where ever u want
00:02:35BritneySpears k
00:02:52Sepetos share chicken
00:02:55FetAA me carry !!
00:03:00Y4KUZA kk
00:03:17Timu ff
00:03:22Y4KUZA +
00:03:24Y4KUZA ?
00:03:30Timu friendly fight!
00:03:35DSoul :D
00:03:43Timu ss2
00:03:52Timu re1
00:06:53Timu nuke that mofo :(
00:06:57valiante really?
00:07:10Timu was talkin to ud
00:07:15DSoul cd
00:07:29valiante miss ench
00:07:39valiante lvl 6
00:07:40valiante going top
00:07:41valiante b
00:07:57DSoul should gank nigma soon
00:08:06Kastrup i can't b4 lvl 6
00:08:35valiante still miss ench
00:09:27BritneySpears oom
00:09:48Kastrup gj
00:09:59valiante MISS ENCH
00:10:01Timu fuuuuu
00:10:09FetAA u fu
00:11:01Sepetos midmiss
00:11:02Sepetos care
00:11:28Timu go woods ud
00:11:30Timu come
00:11:38Timu ss
00:11:56Timu haveu lt
00:12:18valiante gj
00:12:47Spicyblack blink more
00:13:57valiante gogogogo
00:14:01Timu wat
00:14:02Timu why there
00:14:03Spicyblack b
00:14:18Timu stunna
00:14:31Spicyblack gj
00:14:32Spicyblack ffs
00:14:36Sepetos good picks
00:14:40Sepetos sureloss
00:15:25valiante gjk
00:15:32Sepetos only hero where i die is lina
00:15:34Sepetos and i said pick it
00:15:35Sepetos u couldnt
00:15:39Sepetos take important troll
00:15:42Sepetos and lose in 25min
00:15:42Sepetos gg
00:15:44Sepetos retard fuck
00:16:13Kastrup i use fchick?1
00:16:16Kastrup ffs?
00:16:21Timu use it bro
00:16:23Timu u mad lol?
00:16:29Kastrup i used first
00:16:31Kastrup and then u cancel
00:16:55Timu didnt know that somebody used thechick
00:17:49valiante omw
00:18:03Sepetos need help bot
00:18:17FetAA mm
00:18:22valiante die mofo
00:18:25Sepetos ff
00:18:26Sepetos -ff
00:18:28Sepetos FF
00:18:44Sepetos team picked so nicely
00:18:46Sepetos i say pick lina
00:18:49Sepetos he says im troll
00:18:55Kanki pit sile
00:18:56Kanki come bot
00:18:57FetAA troll > lina imo
00:18:58Timu awww
00:19:34Timu lina > troll?
00:19:38FetAA no
00:19:40FetAA troll > lina
00:19:40Timu i take
00:19:51valiante run
00:19:51Kanki timu > F!!
00:20:17Y4KUZA wtf
00:20:30DSoul oom
00:20:30DSoul b'
00:21:04Sepetos -ma
00:21:26BritneySpears oom
00:21:36BritneySpears er b
00:21:43Timu lol
00:21:44valiante ?
00:21:46FetAA siå
00:21:46Sepetos :DDD
00:21:46valiante u kididng me
00:21:51valiante how the fuck
00:21:55FetAA skill
00:22:06valiante ye
00:22:10valiante autobash with no speed
00:22:12valiante jesus fucking christ
00:22:26FetAA needs much training to do it
00:23:23Timu gg
00:23:24Timu ffs
00:23:49Timu how the fuck i died
00:24:01Timu this meepo
00:24:13Timu :S
00:24:25Timu good
00:24:34FetAA well sile if u woulda turned
00:24:45valiante john
00:24:49BritneySpears ?
00:24:50valiante hvorfor ventede du med at stunne silencer?
00:25:00BritneySpears de stod på en lige række
00:25:01valiante du stod lige ved siden af ham
00:25:03BritneySpears ventede på din stun
00:25:10valiante bare stun en
00:25:38BritneySpears lad mig lige farme min dagger
00:25:41valiante k
00:25:44BritneySpears har prøvet i lang tid nu
00:26:06Sepetos guinsoo pit?
00:26:20Kastrup -ms
00:26:37FetAA zz need heal
00:26:44Timu i mana
00:27:56Y4KUZA -ii
00:28:20valiante b
00:28:56DSoul lol
00:29:22FetAA lol
00:30:21valiante gj
00:30:54valiante got hex
00:31:08Kanki going for bkb
00:31:14FetAA me2
00:31:36Timu u have to be faster than that
00:32:09FetAA b
00:32:15valiante go bot
00:34:11Sepetos really wtf man?
00:34:17Y4KUZA dno
00:34:26Y4KUZA just felt like it
00:34:42DSoul care
00:34:59Sepetos wot?
00:35:02FetAA let me midas :D
00:35:20valiante go bot
00:35:23Sepetos come botwoods
00:35:55Kanki b
00:36:42Sepetos tought it would b 25min
00:36:47Sepetos we lasted longer
00:36:58Timu lol
00:37:09FetAA meepo to ostrong
00:38:21Sepetos rosh down in a minute
00:38:28FetAA -cs
00:38:29DSoul -ms
00:38:33Kastrup <- ros
00:38:41Sepetos go attack
00:38:42Sepetos :o
00:38:44FetAA k
00:38:47FetAA we too far
00:38:56Kanki go rosh
00:38:58Kanki guys
00:39:02FetAA sile pit
00:39:32Sepetos ill?
00:39:38Sepetos dust
00:39:38Sepetos take
00:39:46valiante ^^
00:39:48Sepetos take dust
00:40:10Kastrup tp!
00:40:26Kastrup ffs
00:40:27Kastrup WHY?
00:40:35Kastrup why not just tp
00:40:35Timu +401
00:40:36DSoul 5 mana
00:40:36Timu np
00:40:39Kastrup u can't take him alone
00:40:46DSoul and i could've
00:40:57Kanki push bot?
00:41:11FetAA :E
00:41:17FetAA we need sile
00:41:23FetAA why u idle
00:41:25FetAA in the middle ofmap
00:41:29FetAA with no allyes near
00:41:38Spicyblack was talking to my roommate soz
00:41:46Kanki no ulti
00:41:47FetAA spam
00:41:48FetAA pit
00:41:53FetAA fire
00:41:55FetAA enigma
00:41:55FetAA ?
00:42:11Kastrup b
00:42:11Kastrup b
00:42:12Kastrup bb
00:42:12Kastrup b
00:42:19Kastrup BBB
00:42:20Kastrup ffs
00:42:50FetAA some1 def bot
00:43:13Y4KUZA 1 def
00:43:17Y4KUZA other push mb?
00:43:20Kanki pit ur the one should def
00:43:24Y4KUZA naah
00:43:30Y4KUZA ???
00:43:44Y4KUZA im dead btw
00:44:34FetAA fuuck
00:44:51FetAA zz
00:44:54Kanki b
00:44:57Sepetos they had wards i see
00:45:11Sepetos got bo np
00:45:20FetAA spam from distance
00:45:23FetAA pit
00:45:48Kastrup b`?
00:46:27Y4KUZA i def bot
00:46:27Timu god damn
00:47:13Y4KUZA stupid creeep
00:47:14DSoul ....
00:47:15BritneySpears tt
00:47:29Timu ffs
00:47:33Timu that ench survived?
00:47:59Timu oh well
00:48:54Kastrup lina
00:48:57Kastrup ONLY ulti on ench
00:48:58Kastrup ok?
00:49:03Kastrup i dont give a shit if he is low or not
00:49:06valiante just do it asap
00:49:07Kastrup just ulti that sun of a b...
00:49:07Timu k
00:49:22FetAA b
00:49:28valiante ye no go
00:49:30Kastrup we need entry
00:49:31Kastrup we can't go
00:49:34Kastrup we need to kill at least
00:49:41Timu wtf guys?
00:49:49Kastrup push all 3 lanes
00:49:55Sepetos got hot :o
00:50:02FetAA b
00:50:03FetAA man
00:50:04FetAA wtf
00:50:06FetAA sile?
00:50:09Sepetos wtf silencer????????????
00:50:13FetAA xD
00:50:40FetAA zz
00:50:47FetAA all this cause silencer
00:51:02DSoul b
00:51:10Timu `?
00:52:01Kastrup def me
00:52:02Kastrup p
00:52:05Kanki free frags
00:52:13Kastrup B
00:52:14Kastrup B
00:52:16Kastrup DEF ME
00:52:16valiante go away
00:52:18Kastrup spot f
00:52:22Kanki rosh
00:52:34Y4KUZA dont die
00:52:34Kastrup wait
00:52:35Kastrup sec
00:52:43Kastrup got ac
00:52:53Timu go up imo
00:52:56Timu õwith out a tower
00:53:00Timu dont die ud
00:53:01FetAA b sile
00:53:06Timu have hex as well
00:53:09Kastrup gj
00:53:09Timu focus dem ench
00:53:17Timu gather guys
00:53:20Kanki kill sk fast
00:53:22valiante ye
00:53:23Kanki and wr
00:53:24valiante omw
00:53:26Sepetos need detect
00:53:27Kanki and lina
00:53:30Sepetos pitlord
00:53:34Y4KUZA ?
00:53:35FetAA need to kill tomb
00:53:37Timu w89 everybdoy
00:53:58Timu dont forget to use candy
00:54:05Timu go
00:54:17Kastrup puish all 3 lanes again
00:54:17FetAA pit
00:54:18FetAA spam here
00:54:20Timu nopo
00:54:22Timu go push this
00:54:33Kastrup they will come out
00:54:35valiante ye
00:54:38valiante we cant do it like that
00:54:56Kanki hunt
00:54:57Kanki come
00:54:59Sepetos come
00:55:00valiante geo push
00:55:00FetAA w8
00:55:01FetAA im n ot there
00:55:04FetAA need to def bot
00:55:05valiante lina u stand in background
00:55:15Y4KUZA b
00:55:16Y4KUZA b
00:55:16FetAA care
00:55:17FetAA b
00:55:17Y4KUZA b
00:55:18Sepetos b
00:55:24FetAA fast
00:55:51Timu ffs
00:56:02Timu gg sk
00:56:04Sepetos someone def bot
00:56:05Sepetos ill go mid
00:56:06Sepetos to top
00:56:08Spicyblack ill go
00:56:17FetAA k
00:56:19FetAA can u ?
00:56:23Y4KUZA sile def bot
00:56:31BritneySpears I Was getting raped bu ench
00:56:35Timu no shit
00:56:38Timu why were u there alone
00:56:41Kanki i go def too
00:56:44Sepetos i can tank
00:56:58Y4KUZA me 2
00:56:58Sepetos ultii vaa troll
00:56:58BritneySpears i Went too fast
00:57:00BritneySpears sry
00:57:00FetAA j
00:57:00Timu y
00:57:06Timu won the game for them
00:57:09Sepetos sit midi alas vaa
00:57:41Spicyblack kurb
00:58:26Sepetos GO MID ALL
00:58:27Sepetos end
00:58:48Kanki wait
00:58:50Kanki for me
00:59:01Kastrup rdy midt?
00:59:08Kanki omw
00:59:12Kanki got bh
00:59:34Kastrup I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:59:53Timu gg
00:59:55Timu had fun
00:59:55FetAA ggz
01:00:00DSoul -.-
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