Game #916028

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-11 X
-6 TS

93% | 1391 X | 1474 TS

-48 X
-3 TS

89% | 1328 X | 1434 TS

+24 X
-5 TS

82% | 1189 X | 1393 TS

-31 X
-22 TS

NEW | 1047 X | 1048 TS

+31 X
-5 TS

22% | 811 X | 1231 TS

-14 X
+6 TS

90% | 1274 X | 1459 TS

-2 X
+6 TS

75% | 1078 X | 1460 TS

+28 X
+4 TS

70% | 1211 X | 1282 TS

-1 X
+20 TS

65% | 1103 X | 1335 TS

+38 X
+8 TS

58% | 983 X | 1337 TS

Chat log

00:00:12KIH kiphets
00:00:15valiante anyone want es or cm?
00:00:17KIH riki
00:00:17Nevermore the shedow fiend
00:00:17valiante or tie
00:00:17Nevermore be mine
00:00:17valiante tide
00:00:17valiante doom
00:00:17Luza i dont
00:00:17FetAA u pro??
00:00:19Nevermore bestest
00:00:19valiante no one?
00:00:22valiante cm tide or es
00:00:23Nevermore omg noob
00:00:24Nevermore -swap 1
00:00:24FetAA omg
00:00:25Nevermore wat u want
00:00:27valiante if we get es tide
00:00:27Luza well amm
00:00:28FetAA noob enemy gives kiphets sf
00:00:29Luza hmm
00:00:29valiante this is gg
00:00:30que2stress i can
00:00:32que2stress all of them
00:00:33Luza well lets get es and tide
00:00:35Luza ok?
00:00:38KIH feta mumble
00:00:39KIH ??
00:00:39valiante ye
00:00:41FetAA j
00:00:42Kastrup palle plays ES
00:00:48Pojetz ohhh
00:00:48KIH .d.D:D
00:00:48Luza kastrup want?
00:00:49Kastrup btw me, vali and palle is lan
00:00:52Pojetz enigma
00:00:53Kastrup i might take silencer
00:00:55Luza no
00:00:57KIH get enigma wohoo !!
00:00:59Luza get
00:01:03KIH fetaa enigma
00:01:05KIH autodl
00:01:07Luza cm
00:01:10Kastrup ahhh?
00:01:12Kastrup i dont wanna play cm
00:01:13Kastrup srsly..
00:01:14valiante brown
00:01:14Nevermore wat is dl
00:01:15Nevermore ??
00:01:15FetAA mitä oli bannis
00:01:16valiante can u play cm?
00:01:18Nevermore dota league??
00:01:19KIH rikidoom
00:01:21que2stress postitive
00:01:22FetAA give me thral
00:01:24Kastrup ok
00:01:24FetAA if u want silencer
00:01:27Kastrup take me
00:01:28Kastrup take me..
00:01:30Kastrup lets see..
00:01:31valiante -swap
00:01:33Luza get thrall?
00:01:34valiante -swap 4
00:01:34FetAA P
00:01:35Palle -swap 1
00:01:37FetAA I heard u pro silencer
00:01:38Luza or wait
00:01:42Luza we need moar dps imoo
00:01:43Nevermore -SWAP 2
00:01:45Luza sb isnt bad?
00:01:47FetAA -swap 6
00:01:48FetAA -swap 4
00:01:49que2stress u get riki
00:01:49Kastrup give me ench
00:01:51Kastrup give me ech
00:01:52KIH GALED
00:01:52Luza riki banned
00:01:52Kastrup ench
00:01:53Luza riki banned
00:01:53valiante give him ench
00:01:54Nevermore WAT
00:01:55valiante he goes mid
00:01:55Nevermore nooo
00:01:56KIH autodl
00:02:00Kastrup -swap 5
00:02:04Kastrup but i need gank bigtime
00:02:04Pojetz woods
00:02:05Pojetz me
00:02:06que2stress nah i play ench
00:02:09FetAA with me
00:02:10Kastrup NO?
00:02:11que2stress -swap 3
00:02:12Nevermore THRALL SOLO DOWN
00:02:13Kastrup WTF?
00:02:13que2stress joke ;)
00:02:14Kastrup i said
00:02:16Nevermore me mids
00:02:16Kastrup ok
00:02:18Kastrup was getting
00:02:21Kastrup -swap 5
00:02:23Kastrup mad as hell :D
00:02:23valiante ok listen up
00:02:32Luza we got one problem
00:02:32valiante tide
00:02:34Luza silencer
00:02:35Pojetz sf solo
00:02:36Pojetz mid l
00:02:37Pojetz lol
00:02:38valiante come mid to fb
00:02:39valiante sf
00:02:40Nevermore no
00:02:41Nevermore me
00:02:42KIH lmao
00:02:42KIH xD
00:02:43Pojetz :D:D:D:
00:02:44valiante es u 2
00:02:46Luza aight
00:02:47Pojetz he is capitan noob
00:02:52Nevermore lol wat
00:02:55Nevermore i am bestest
00:02:58Nevermore he tookes my
00:02:59Nevermore sf
00:02:59Kastrup we need to gank sf as much as possible
00:03:17que2stress am i solo bot?
00:03:28Luza he outplayed us lolz
00:03:38valiante why did u instant gosh?
00:04:04Luza dunno
00:04:21Luza yey
00:05:21Luza gotta love silencer
00:05:26valiante fucking gay pick
00:05:35Luza ss top
00:05:41que2stress take wards
00:06:52Kastrup thanks
00:06:53Planktoni ss 2
00:07:00Planktoni re tide
00:07:27que2stress es?
00:07:41Luza ss
00:07:46Luza silencer
00:08:18Luza im oom
00:08:41Luza i go urn
00:08:48Luza btw
00:09:18Luza it is lovely isnt it
00:09:21valiante sf coming
00:09:23Kastrup miss
00:09:23Kastrup miss
00:09:24Kastrup CARE
00:09:36valiante mh?
00:09:39valiante wtf
00:09:40Luza :D
00:09:40valiante is that
00:09:43KIH h
00:09:44KIH y
00:09:45Nevermore wards
00:09:47KIH mh'd
00:09:47Nevermore :/?//?/?
00:09:49valiante on mid lane?
00:09:52Nevermore top
00:09:54Nevermore nobo?
00:10:01Planktoni lagg
00:10:01Palle go cm
00:10:04Kastrup cm come midt after
00:10:05Kastrup plz
00:10:23Planktoni ss 2
00:10:36Luza encha we kill mid
00:10:44Luza OMW
00:10:44Luza go
00:10:46Luza ecnah
00:11:02Kastrup gj
00:11:11Luza gjgjgj
00:11:16Kastrup u2
00:11:17Luza top is freefarm but npnp
00:11:33Luza wr has farmz
00:11:42que2stress come top
00:11:58Kastrup miss
00:11:59Luza no ulti
00:12:02Luza kill bot
00:12:31Kastrup 2 midt
00:12:43Planktoni oom
00:12:58Kastrup gj
00:13:00valiante ok
00:13:01valiante got stun and ulti
00:13:03Luza no ulti
00:13:04Luza wait
00:13:06Planktoni reg
00:13:07Luza i dont have
00:13:08Luza sec
00:13:09que2stress regen
00:13:10Luza just a few secs
00:13:14Luza 10
00:13:20Kastrup sf b midt
00:13:23valiante mid?
00:13:24valiante go
00:13:29valiante rather have sf dead
00:13:38Luza y
00:14:30Luza im rege
00:14:32valiante new wards
00:14:33Kastrup ditto
00:14:39KIH 'ganbg
00:14:46valiante and new chick whoever lost it
00:14:52que2stress i didnt lose
00:14:54que2stress but im rich
00:15:11Luza bot tele
00:15:15Luza no ulti tho
00:15:38Pojetz soon dagger
00:15:48Luza fuuu silencer
00:15:53Luza no ulti
00:16:27valiante rylai
00:16:30valiante wake up as well
00:16:45Luza haz ulti
00:16:57valiante fast
00:16:58valiante tide
00:16:59valiante fst!
00:16:59Luza OMW
00:17:30Luza wr is kinda fat
00:17:44Planktoni oom
00:17:45Luza but well cant gang em all
00:18:10Pojetz blink ready
00:18:12Pojetz now gang always
00:18:17Luza im coming without ulti
00:18:23Pojetz wait me
00:18:30Planktoni oom
00:18:37Nevermore NO ULT
00:18:58Luza shouldnt dive
00:19:01valiante wait
00:19:01Luza farm sk
00:19:04Kastrup wasn't dive?
00:19:07Luza well
00:19:07valiante and go i got ulti
00:19:09Luza half diev
00:19:09Luza dive
00:19:14Kastrup not even close to tower..
00:19:16Kastrup so not dive
00:19:17Kastrup but..
00:19:21Kastrup dagger won it
00:19:25que2stress NHOT
00:19:40Luza HAS ULTI NAO
00:19:51Luza GG
00:19:54Luza ff
00:19:56valiante yeah gg
00:19:58valiante silencer wins
00:20:08Luza so overpicked
00:20:11Luza by us
00:20:11valiante jap
00:20:17Luza look
00:20:18Luza :D
00:20:46Luza we should go late
00:20:49Luza not gang like dis
00:21:19Pojetz wtf lvl 7 sile
00:21:26Nevermore i supporters
00:21:28Pojetz and items?
00:21:30Nevermore carriers farm
00:21:31Pojetz no boots?
00:21:37Nevermore i say i supports
00:21:41FetAA he support
00:21:41Pojetz ..
00:21:42Nevermore omg l2dota before flamez
00:21:45FetAA y
00:21:47Nevermore see? fetaa pros
00:21:51Nevermore go back to bnet
00:21:53Luza thrall and this silencer gonna win this
00:21:55Pojetz but u need boots
00:21:57Nevermore no
00:21:58valiante y
00:21:59Nevermore supporters
00:22:02Nevermore no need items
00:22:03Luza we picked so bad
00:22:25Luza has ulti
00:22:31valiante me 2
00:23:01que2stress ...
00:23:05que2stress that was obvious
00:23:29Luza :D
00:23:31Luza b
00:23:41Luza this was stupid
00:23:42Luza SO STUPID
00:23:46Luza why im i playing
00:24:00Luza even
00:24:11Kastrup come top
00:24:13Kastrup and lets gank them
00:24:16que2stress sk
00:24:16Kastrup let Es use his ulti
00:24:18Kastrup and its gg
00:24:19que2stress go farm
00:24:39Luza he haz blink
00:24:59que2stress es get ur dagger too
00:25:09Palle trying
00:25:27Pojetz kill
00:25:34que2stress sentries?
00:25:36Luza y
00:25:46valiante Can i have a crit, no u cant
00:25:52KIH Yea thats why u died
00:25:52KIH ))
00:25:53Nevermore WHY CANT I
00:25:57valiante else u die
00:26:01que2stress well
00:26:01KIH not
00:26:02KIH x-D
00:26:03que2stress turtle
00:26:05valiante 2 crits
00:26:07valiante u dead there
00:26:08KIH :D:
00:26:09KIH yea
00:26:12KIH how about all hits crit !!
00:26:13valiante jap
00:26:17valiante to imba
00:26:17KIH 1 hit 2 crits
00:26:18KIH xD
00:26:24valiante 2 imba
00:26:47Pojetz omg come?
00:26:51Nevermore i came already
00:26:51Pojetz -.-
00:26:51Nevermore xDD
00:26:58Pojetz was again good ulti
00:27:21Luza turtle
00:27:23Luza def lanes with ulti
00:27:24Luza es
00:27:26Luza ulties
00:27:26valiante yeah
00:27:32valiante cant go untill daggers are up
00:27:40Luza y
00:27:42Kastrup well 4 midt
00:27:43Luza its gonna take ALOT time
00:28:00que2stress bb
00:28:13Nevermore NO CRITS OMG
00:28:37Luza like dät
00:28:38Pojetz omfg
00:28:52KIH dem
00:28:52KIH :(
00:28:53Palle dagger rdy
00:28:55Kastrup midt tower
00:28:56Kastrup now
00:28:56Kastrup fast
00:28:59Pojetz need ulti
00:29:03Luza well like fuCKinG fast
00:29:06KIH ye
00:29:09KIH ulti there = rampage .. omg
00:29:10Luza think we are THAT FAST?
00:29:14Luza have ulti
00:29:17Luza for escape
00:29:27Luza me top
00:29:29Luza for
00:29:30Luza blink
00:29:35Kastrup kk
00:29:40Kastrup i jusrt try get my aganims
00:29:41Luza es
00:29:42Luza plz
00:29:45Luza ok
00:29:46Luza xD
00:30:06Luza yes
00:30:10Luza take my blink money
00:30:12valiante tide soon dagger 2
00:30:21Planktoni haste here
00:30:24Luza not cuz u take ma farmz
00:30:25Luza :D
00:30:35Luza first target silencer
00:30:39Kastrup then?
00:30:40Kastrup sf?
00:30:47Luza all others
00:30:51Luza b mid
00:30:52Luza plzzz
00:30:57FetAA b
00:31:07Luza enchas passive triggers linken hmm
00:31:09Luza intresting
00:31:10Kastrup :D
00:31:12KIH stay b
00:31:20Kastrup ye just said that aswelll
00:31:26valiante come
00:31:27valiante take
00:31:42Nevermore -nss
00:31:44Nevermore -MS
00:31:56Luza 1
00:31:59valiante u got it
00:32:01valiante go fountain
00:32:03valiante and u got gold
00:32:21valiante go
00:32:29Kastrup leave it
00:32:30Luza nat
00:32:36Luza i jump on silencer
00:32:44KIH they come = they died
00:32:45KIH go
00:32:47KIH rosh
00:33:11Luza okey :D
00:33:18valiante he anti warding?
00:33:20Luza yy
00:33:20KIH no eidolons
00:33:21KIH xd
00:33:22Luza all the time
00:33:24que2stress i will too
00:33:27Kastrup bitchassmotherfucker
00:33:28que2stress if we can get there :D
00:33:33Kastrup check with bird?
00:33:34valiante i go first
00:33:35valiante got ankh
00:33:36valiante gogogo
00:34:35valiante when did u get off ulti?
00:34:36Pojetz fu cm
00:34:37Luza rlllyyyy
00:34:38valiante tide
00:34:38Pojetz noob
00:34:41Luza well
00:34:44Luza after sf ultied
00:34:48Kastrup well he lost ank
00:34:49Kastrup its "ok"
00:35:26Planktoni b
00:35:29valiante go cm
00:35:45Kastrup gj
00:35:48Kastrup bnow
00:35:48Kastrup now
00:36:26Kastrup tower
00:36:28Luza sf mid
00:37:14KIH go gang
00:37:17Luza a pipe would be useful?
00:37:23Kastrup should i try?
00:37:26Kastrup or should i keep dps
00:37:28KIH -ms
00:37:30Luza b
00:37:33Luza ro go
00:37:48Luza HAS
00:37:50Luza UTLI
00:38:03Pojetz ffs
00:38:11Luza heheehe
00:38:14Pojetz cant ulti
00:38:16Pojetz -.-
00:38:20Nevermore l2ulti then
00:38:21Nevermore :/?
00:38:29Planktoni forest warded
00:38:34Luza b
00:38:35Luza b
00:39:17Luza dont go without ultieeees
00:39:21Nevermore -int
00:39:26Luza we cant push yet
00:39:29Planktoni go mid?
00:39:33KIH gogo
00:39:40Nevermore GO GET THAT
00:39:41Nevermore SENTRY
00:39:48Pojetz i ll try ulti
00:39:50Pojetz now
00:39:55KIH yea!
00:40:02Luza we need some1 hp all
00:40:06Luza ac i could try make
00:40:14Kastrup erather pibe
00:40:30Luza silenceeer
00:40:41Luza lets go
00:40:43Luza ?
00:40:47que2stress only
00:40:49que2stress if u see silenceer
00:41:07Pojetz vd
00:41:09Nevermore GG
00:41:10Nevermore WP
00:41:22Nevermore NICE NIGMA IS NICE
00:41:22valiante gg
00:41:22valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:28KIH enigma wtf :D
00:41:30KIH atleast ulti if u jump
00:41:32Luza asdasd
00:41:36Pojetz jea
00:41:37Nevermore don't even jump
00:41:37Pojetz cd
00:41:38Pojetz :D:D:D
00:41:39Nevermore go forest
00:41:40Nevermore for ever
00:41:41Nevermore alone
00:41:49Pojetz i thought ulti is ready
00:41:53Pojetz -.-
00:42:01Luza we hitted ulties good
00:42:06Luza but how didnt we kill em
00:42:08Kastrup ye
00:42:09Luza oh ye sf got his ulti
00:42:16Luza took me 80% hp
00:42:24Kastrup what item for me?
00:42:25Kastrup got 2k
00:42:29Luza hot
00:42:34valiante got deos
00:42:36valiante after these
00:42:46Luza k
00:42:46valiante no
00:42:49valiante u took em
00:42:53que2stress why not bkb sk?
00:42:57Kastrup fast
00:43:05Luza cd ulti
00:43:07Kastrup k
00:43:30Pojetz soon ulti
00:43:31Kastrup what about forcestaff for me?
00:43:32valiante me first
00:43:34valiante i got ankh
00:43:37Luza no
00:43:38Luza got hot
00:43:38que2stress go guinsoo
00:43:39Luza hp
00:43:43Nevermore make a good ilti like last time
00:44:27Luza whee
00:44:30Luza STUN INC
00:44:32Luza DIE BIATCH
00:44:34valiante :D
00:44:35Pojetz HAHAHAH
00:44:38Planktoni :)
00:44:40valiante mine
00:44:42Pojetz nice
00:44:43Planktoni rocket
00:44:44Pojetz :D:D:D:
00:44:47valiante ye
00:44:49valiante get rosh
00:44:59Kastrup ok
00:45:01Kastrup i can tank him
00:45:03Kastrup fast
00:45:04Kastrup come
00:45:08Luza we dont have much time
00:45:23Luza back IMMEDIATELY
00:45:25Luza .. if they come
00:45:26Kastrup n ow?
00:45:31Pojetz wr u need att speed
00:45:34Luza xD
00:45:36Pojetz now i have ulti
00:45:37Pojetz lets go
00:45:56que2stress plan?
00:45:59Luza keep on deffing
00:46:03Luza we cannot push yet
00:46:07que2stress sk needs bkb
00:46:13Kastrup dont we all? :D
00:46:13que2stress who gets 2nd bkb?
00:46:19Luza i will get ac
00:46:22valiante i get
00:46:22valiante 2nd
00:46:27Pojetz b
00:46:28Pojetz wr
00:46:29que2stress u get 1st
00:46:34valiante get thrall
00:46:44valiante b
00:46:45Luza farm
00:47:08Pojetz lets go mid
00:47:13Nevermore ai taidi vai
00:47:14Nevermore xD
00:47:18Luza rylai get blink
00:47:34Luza stacks good with
00:47:36Luza our stuffffffff
00:47:41valiante rylai
00:47:43valiante u get 2nd bkb
00:47:48Luza or bkb first
00:47:50que2stress ye
00:47:53que2stress thats what i thougt
00:48:07Pojetz look
00:48:09Pojetz my ulti
00:48:15Nevermore we've beend oing that
00:48:17Nevermore all game long
00:48:18Kastrup brb
00:48:21Kastrup i fill bottle
00:48:25que2stress hurry
00:48:29Luza imma jump
00:48:30Luza guy
00:49:28Pojetz good aegis gone
00:49:33Luza ey
00:49:34Nevermore u mean god*
00:49:35Nevermore ?
00:49:37Luza kinda wasted aegis there =(
00:49:39Luza or ulti
00:49:42Luza wich one goes first?
00:49:44valiante yeah
00:49:44Pojetz good
00:49:47Kastrup aegisd
00:49:47valiante died twice
00:49:50Nevermore no..
00:49:50valiante waste aegis
00:49:51Nevermore it's god
00:49:53Nevermore god aegis gone
00:49:58Luza aegis g0es first?
00:49:59Nevermore pizza taste god
00:50:00valiante no
00:50:01Kastrup ye :/(
00:50:03Nevermore etc
00:50:03FetAA hmm
00:50:04Luza No!
00:50:21Luza easd
00:50:47valiante lol
00:50:51valiante its gonna take a while
00:50:57Nevermore nigma does wat
00:50:59valiante 800 for bkb
00:51:01Luza cd ulti atm
00:51:13valiante all coming
00:51:13valiante ffs
00:51:15valiante and no me
00:51:21Pojetz ommmmgm was pretty lagg
00:52:04Luza kuole saatana
00:52:10Nevermore HE NO DED
00:52:11Nevermore xDD
00:52:15Luza cheat?!
00:52:33Pojetz rosh is up?
00:52:39KIH n
00:52:59Luza ehh
00:53:19KIH ????
00:53:21Planktoni b
00:53:24Luza i have no ulti
00:53:26Pojetz t
00:53:27Luza dont
00:53:28Luza go
00:53:30KIH wtf
00:53:31Kastrup Av? :D
00:53:31KIH really
00:53:34valiante wasnt trying
00:53:34Pojetz u DIDNT see mE?
00:53:38Pojetz ffs
00:53:43Luza sk has no ulti now?
00:53:45Luza =(
00:54:00valiante 60 sec
00:54:07Pojetz sile do items now
00:54:11Nevermore NO
00:54:14Nevermore I suppoerters
00:54:18Luza -ma
00:54:18Pojetz fu
00:54:19Pojetz we need u
00:54:22Nevermore no u
00:54:26Nevermore just ulti and instawin
00:54:30Luza care
00:54:30Pojetz me ulti
00:54:30Luza SK
00:54:37Luza help
00:54:56KIH I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:59Pojetz gg we lose l
00:55:03Pojetz ty sile
00:55:06Pojetz 4 vs 5
00:55:07KIH 600hp leoric vs 2 heroes = "we go b"
00:55:13KIH n/c
00:55:14Nevermore 3v5
00:55:15Nevermore you don't ulti
00:55:18Pojetz fu
00:55:19Luza SOME erf
00:55:20Luza def
00:55:23que2stress i
00:55:24Luza Some1
00:55:26Luza defend
00:55:28que2stress i will
00:55:32Nevermore have you done even one single good ulti in this game?
00:55:36Pojetz y
00:55:36Luza DEF
00:55:37Luza :D
00:55:38Luza xD
00:55:38Nevermore well actually doesn't matter, you never have
00:56:01Luza no tower omg?
00:56:03Luza xD
00:56:07Kastrup we can bd that one right?
00:56:11Luza nope
00:56:17Luza we shoukd
00:56:17Luza b
00:56:23Luza guyz
00:56:36Luza SF ALIVE
00:56:52que2stress rosh b
00:57:00Luza imm atake tower
00:57:07Luza heaheah
00:57:14valiante i can rebuy
00:57:21Nevermore why do you get blink anyway
00:57:27Nevermore you haven't even once used blinkulti
00:57:28Kastrup i rebuy
00:57:37valiante mid
00:57:50Pojetz ttake top farm
00:57:53Pojetz sf
00:58:25Luza have
00:59:03Luza stupid to dive
00:59:07que2stress yep
00:59:10valiante very
00:59:47Kastrup i could realllly use that forstaff
00:59:48Pojetz we can win this
00:59:52Pojetz wr is imba
00:59:53Kastrup to get out of that fucking thrall thing
01:00:00Luza yeeaaah
01:00:01Nevermore if you manage to click B and then enemies
01:00:02Nevermore yeah
01:00:02KIH ota se raxi
01:00:03Nevermore we can
01:00:06KIH ja sit roosa
01:00:07Nevermore could've 30mins ago
01:00:08Luza es deflol
01:00:09Luza 10 secs
01:00:14Luza oh
01:00:15Luza its gone
01:00:19Pojetz 5 sec
01:00:26Pojetz king is back
01:00:28Pojetz in action
01:00:37valiante that some shit
01:00:39Nevermore you mean michael jackson?
01:00:39KIH plankton
01:00:39Planktoni voisin ottaa
01:00:40KIH otanko?
01:00:40Kastrup well
01:00:40Nevermore xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
01:00:42KIH k
01:00:42Kastrup what plan
01:00:43KIH ota vaa
01:00:44Kastrup first.. silencer
01:00:46Kastrup then wr?
01:00:47Kastrup or what?
01:00:50valiante ye
01:00:50que2stress wr last
01:00:51Luza well wr can be hard
01:00:52Planktoni juusto
01:00:53Pojetz CHEESE
01:00:53Luza to kill
01:00:56Luza notwr
01:00:59Luza DONT AGRO WR NOW
01:00:59Planktoni get mid
01:01:02valiante no wr
01:01:09Luza dont agro ever wr
01:01:10que2stress wr last target!
01:01:14Luza im getting ac
01:01:29que2stress top
01:01:51Pojetz lagg
01:01:59Pojetz normal now
01:01:59Planktoni bot goes
01:02:10Luza we should go
01:02:10Planktoni b
01:02:11Luza THEY ONLY 4
01:02:12Pojetz COME
01:02:35Nevermore nice ulti again
01:02:37KIH :D:D
01:02:38Nevermore 4v5 and you go
01:02:39Nevermore gg..
01:02:40Planktoni enigma what are u doing?
01:02:43Nevermore really
01:02:49Pojetz idk
01:02:50KIH perus anaalii
01:02:55FetAA well u lost the game
01:02:55Luza i can make vladi too
01:02:59Planktoni come mid
01:03:00Pojetz mby
01:03:03Luza for moar armor
01:03:04Nevermore "mby"
01:03:06Nevermore sure..
01:03:11Luza sk
01:03:12Luza dont go
01:03:15Planktoni b
01:03:16Planktoni base
01:03:17Luza wait for u
01:03:18Luza s
01:03:24Luza NOW GO
01:03:25KIH :D:D:
01:03:25Luza trololol
01:03:26valiante ø:D
01:03:26Pojetz and u fetaa?
01:03:27Luza rax and back
01:03:31Pojetz win the gam
01:03:32Nevermore still better than you
01:03:38Luza bouuyt
01:03:49Luza DONT HAVE ULTI
01:04:04valiante b
01:04:17Kastrup gj
01:04:19valiante GG
01:04:19KIH gg wp
01:04:20Kastrup gg
01:04:23Planktoni I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:24que2stress finally
01:04:25KIH I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:25valiante very fun game
01:04:27Pojetz I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:29Nevermore !FF
01:04:31Pojetz I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:31Luza this was a good game
01:04:31Nevermore !FF
01:04:33Nevermore !ff
01:04:34Kastrup it was..
01:04:35Planktoni [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:04:35Planktoni [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:04:35Planktoni [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:04:35Planktoni [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
01:04:35Nevermore I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:46Palle wp
01:04:48valiante throne
01:05:00Kastrup very fun game
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