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-8 X
+3 TS

88% | 1285 X | 1477 TS

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+11 TS

71% | 1180 X | 1399 TS

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+5 TS

65% | 1088 X | 1415 TS

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56% | 1049 X | 1359 TS

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99% | 1438 X | 1660 TS

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48% | 1083 X | 1256 TS

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Chat log

00:00:20BT -clear
00:00:20Watari -clear
00:00:20Watari tide jollekin
00:00:20TOo_LaZy jolleking?
00:00:20Watari ye, does some1 wanna play tide?
00:00:20WTGD tuskrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
00:00:20Mr.HaM i want weaver
00:00:20infect it got nerfed
00:00:20Mr.HaM so leave the tide alone, if u dont ban weaver get it at least for me
00:00:20Watari you again
00:00:20FetAA waever
00:00:20Mr.HaM ye me again
00:00:20BT ruskar
00:00:20BT tuskar
00:00:21Watari THANK YOU
00:00:22Mr.HaM ruskar :)
00:00:23TOo_LaZy i can do
00:00:29Mr.HaM pl
00:00:30Mr.HaM ?
00:00:31TOo_LaZy :(
00:00:33Mr.HaM n
00:00:42FetAA watari voiz carryy
00:00:46Watari otan sotrmin
00:00:46TOo_LaZy k
00:00:51FetAA oon kyl mid lion
00:00:53FetAA en jksa lanell
00:00:57Mr.HaM thrall, storm
00:00:58Watari öhöh
00:01:00TOo_LaZy i do
00:01:01TOo_LaZy thrall
00:01:01FetAA ota joq mu
00:01:08infect with which here from this pool farming is easy?
00:01:10Mr.HaM no i will thrall
00:01:12Mr.HaM if not picked
00:01:17Watari vituttaa pelaa näitä carryjä :D
00:01:20TOo_LaZy aba
00:01:22TOo_LaZy thrall
00:01:26Watari get aba with me to bot
00:01:30Watari or some1 to support
00:01:39Mr.HaM fuck off
00:01:40Mr.HaM tard
00:01:47TOo_LaZy ill swap
00:01:47Watari i am
00:01:49TOo_LaZy get aba
00:01:53Watari really gonna banreq you sometime
00:01:54TOo_LaZy -swap 4
00:01:54Mr.HaM -swap
00:01:57Watari for being an idiot
00:01:58Mr.HaM -swap 5
00:01:59TOo_LaZy whom ?
00:02:07Watari the fourth pick guy
00:02:11TOo_LaZy yes
00:02:11infect lol , tide was left :D
00:02:12TOo_LaZy he is
00:02:14TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:02:16TOo_LaZy i gave him thrall
00:02:18TOo_LaZy that he would not
00:02:20Mr.HaM thank you
00:02:20TOo_LaZy cry
00:02:21Planktoni we should have enough disable :)
00:02:22TOo_LaZy and blame me
00:02:25TOo_LaZy for doing shit
00:02:25Wormik ooh silence gonna be awesome vs those :)
00:02:31Watari i gave him once solo mid tinker
00:02:32infect took this just to pwn pl illus :D
00:02:36Watari he had 30min bottle and boots of speed
00:02:51Watari cause he didnt want to play CLINKZ
00:02:53Mr.HaM u fail pick
00:02:54Watari but still picked it
00:02:56FetAA abaddon top
00:02:58FetAA thrall bot
00:03:05TOo_LaZy i go
00:03:06TOo_LaZy bot
00:03:06Planktoni reg bot
00:03:07Watari i dont want to lane with this dude
00:03:08TOo_LaZy i got bot
00:03:09TOo_LaZy ffs
00:03:09Mr.HaM it was only decent hero
00:03:10TOo_LaZy thrall
00:03:12Mr.HaM and u fail
00:03:15TOo_LaZy I GO BOT
00:03:16Mr.HaM only fail that game
00:03:17Watari i failed clinkz?
00:03:17TOo_LaZy omfg
00:03:17Mr.HaM was u
00:03:21Mr.HaM watari
00:03:21Mr.HaM no
00:03:22TOo_LaZy I GO BOT
00:03:22Watari 13-1-4 clinkz fail?
00:03:22Watari y
00:03:23Mr.HaM u fail pick
00:03:24TOo_LaZy FOR FUCK SAKe
00:03:25TOo_LaZy 11
00:03:25Wormik thrall for me
00:03:30TOo_LaZy lol
00:03:31Watari tharll go top
00:03:31TOo_LaZy omg
00:03:39Mr.HaM nice
00:03:54Mr.HaM anyway
00:04:01Mr.HaM u failed as cap completly that game
00:04:05TOo_LaZy i was afk
00:04:06TOo_LaZy stfu
00:04:08TOo_LaZy now play all
00:04:09Mr.HaM not u
00:04:17FullFlush i take
00:04:18FetAA ei vamraa oro regee
00:04:19TOo_LaZy sorry
00:04:19Planktoni let me
00:04:19Watari let me
00:04:20Watari last hit
00:04:23FetAA ku noi innokaaasti spammat
00:04:23FullFlush com1on
00:04:25FullFlush fs
00:04:26FullFlush ffs
00:04:29Planktoni just spammed all man
00:04:32FullFlush me too
00:04:43Watari ss
00:04:50TOo_LaZy ward
00:04:54FullFlush w8 mana and lion
00:05:00Watari ye
00:05:32Watari heal me
00:05:46Watari ty
00:05:48TOo_LaZy i waited
00:05:49TOo_LaZy level
00:05:50TOo_LaZy ..
00:05:50Watari ye
00:05:51Watari ^^
00:06:00BT im oom
00:06:43TOo_LaZy consta miss
00:07:12Wormik ss up
00:07:25FetAA rune bottom
00:07:27FetAA take if can
00:07:27Planktoni ss mid
00:07:28Wormik ty
00:07:29Watari i go check
00:07:38Wormik tide up
00:07:41Planktoni re
00:07:41Watari haste
00:07:44FetAA take
00:07:47TOo_LaZy ss
00:07:47TOo_LaZy both
00:07:57Mr.HaM ss wisšpp
00:09:10TOo_LaZy well atleast
00:09:23Watari i didnt think they would get u
00:09:24Watari sry
00:09:29TOo_LaZy np
00:09:31FetAA top?
00:09:49Watari b
00:09:55FetAA they gank midd
00:09:55Watari i'm oom
00:09:56FetAA try too
00:10:04Planktoni ss lino
00:10:20Watari wards would be good
00:10:36Wormik gj
00:10:41TOo_LaZy thrall would be nice for u to buy wards
00:10:42TOo_LaZy ill make
00:10:44TOo_LaZy meka and shit
00:10:52Mr.HaM why not tank
00:10:54Mr.HaM let me meka
00:10:59Mr.HaM oh wahtever
00:11:05Watari ss
00:11:12Planktoni ss lion
00:11:25Mr.HaM ss 4!
00:11:26Mr.HaM b
00:11:28Planktoni zomg
00:11:28Mr.HaM alčl
00:11:47FetAA all misss
00:11:51Wormik prolly wanna gank up
00:12:00Planktoni ¨lion still missing
00:12:15Planktoni re
00:12:33FetAA wtf
00:12:33FetAA u doing
00:12:35FetAA not like that
00:12:35infect ss 2
00:12:35FetAA :D
00:12:35Planktoni 3 mid
00:12:38FetAA he starts
00:12:39TOo_LaZy where blue
00:12:40TOo_LaZy yellow
00:12:56Mr.HaM noiiice
00:13:02TOo_LaZy ..
00:13:06FetAA u can communicate u know
00:13:06Mr.HaM haste
00:13:17Planktoni mid miss 4
00:13:22FetAA gogo
00:13:26FetAA go
00:14:08infect almost
00:14:44FetAA i dont know why aba goes base
00:14:48FetAA with full hp half mana ;p
00:14:50FetAA u can use chick
00:14:56Planktoni thrall ss
00:15:05Planktoni re
00:15:14TOo_LaZy 8
00:15:15TOo_LaZy top
00:15:40FetAA why not on me
00:15:48FetAA i hate abbadons who can only spell themselffz
00:15:58BT me
00:16:03WTGD get mid tower
00:16:20FetAA go
00:16:32FetAA coem
00:16:55FetAA :p
00:16:56Mr.HaM lul
00:16:57Planktoni wards mb?
00:17:02FetAA wanted to hit all 3 :D
00:17:04FetAA didnt hit one
00:17:05FetAA pro
00:17:18Mr.HaM need new wards
00:17:42FetAA hlimp
00:17:43FetAA glimpse
00:20:25infect i can tele us
00:20:27Watari care
00:20:27Watari woods
00:20:39Watari ward
00:21:02Planktoni illu top
00:22:00infect jah
00:22:08FetAA kk
00:22:10Watari kui huono tuuri
00:22:19FetAA >_<
00:22:29TOo_LaZy are u makeing
00:22:30TOo_LaZy vanguard/
00:22:54TOo_LaZy they got
00:22:54Watari he has gem
00:22:54Wormik gem on tiny
00:22:55TOo_LaZy gem
00:23:08Mr.HaM do meka if u want aba
00:23:56infect su ms liiga kiire :D
00:24:04Watari i have so bad farm atm
00:24:19infect oota
00:24:21infect teleme
00:24:23TOo_LaZy b
00:24:24TOo_LaZy b
00:24:24TOo_LaZy b
00:24:24TOo_LaZy b
00:24:30FetAA thrall why u there laone :p
00:24:44Mr.HaM becuase wind is our wind
00:24:47Mr.HaM last 20 minutes
00:24:51Mr.HaM and u all do nothing about that
00:24:57Mr.HaM mid*
00:25:03FetAA cant understand what u saying
00:25:12infect teleme
00:25:14Mr.HaM wind is mid
00:25:15infect kuhugi
00:25:16Mr.HaM last 20 minutes
00:25:17Watari i can understand that you suck
00:25:20Mr.HaM in front of our tower
00:25:25Mr.HaM and u cant regroup and kill her
00:25:56Watari get towers
00:26:03BT no see pede manaburn
00:26:06infect kus see pede pl on?
00:26:12BT kutu
00:26:35infect ootan su ära
00:26:41infect teleme selle pl taha
00:26:42infect ?
00:26:44BT mhm
00:26:54FetAA we need pipe and mecha
00:26:55FetAA mm
00:26:56Watari did u destroy the gem
00:26:58infect nojah
00:26:59infect ta kadunud
00:27:00Watari gank
00:27:01infect :D
00:27:05FetAA aba u do pipe or mecha?
00:27:07FetAA sile need to do 1
00:27:11FetAA omw
00:27:19Watari ff
00:27:24infect owned
00:27:26Watari fucking pointless to farm
00:27:37FullFlush ?
00:27:43TOo_LaZy just farm
00:27:44FetAA mm
00:27:47TOo_LaZy i gave u at the beginning
00:27:49TOo_LaZy u should have had
00:27:50TOo_LaZy somethign
00:27:52TOo_LaZy even i have
00:27:53TOo_LaZy something
00:27:53Watari YES
00:27:56Watari at the beginning
00:28:07Watari try to farm with 0 tier 2 towers left
00:28:13Watari when we have only 1 tower
00:28:15Watari try to farm
00:28:27FullFlush why u tp me wisp
00:28:29FullFlush now i cant fight
00:28:35BT ma ei saa silet
00:28:36BT tappa
00:28:40infect :D
00:28:57Mr.HaM stay on her
00:29:23FetAA i take him linkens off with mana drain
00:29:24FetAA lozl
00:29:51Mr.HaM oom
00:29:54BT mida
00:30:02FetAA pakenee
00:30:10Mr.HaM fetaa
00:30:11Watari Trololo
00:30:13TOo_LaZy soon meka
00:30:23Mr.HaM can u do that again?
00:30:27FetAA sile not doing hood or pipe?
00:30:28FetAA orm echa
00:30:29FetAA kk
00:30:31FetAA hmm
00:30:32Wormik no linken
00:30:37FetAA linken very useful
00:30:37FetAA not
00:30:42TOo_LaZy 400 meka
00:30:42Mr.HaM why u stole my neutrals??
00:30:43FetAA we needed like pipe and shit
00:30:44Wormik better htan fuckin hood
00:30:48Mr.HaM lion
00:30:49Wormik they cant really cast spells
00:30:57Wormik we got 2 silence ulties
00:30:58Mr.HaM lion say that u are sorry
00:31:05Wormik and you need daamge aswell
00:31:07FetAA i feel bad for u
00:31:07TOo_LaZy sec
00:31:08Wormik pl dont have shit
00:31:09Watari tiny
00:31:10TOo_LaZy b
00:31:10TOo_LaZy b
00:31:10TOo_LaZy b
00:31:11Mr.HaM i will report u
00:31:15FetAA turtle
00:31:16Mr.HaM i dont have 150 gold now
00:31:25TOo_LaZy need 80
00:31:28TOo_LaZy gold
00:31:29TOo_LaZy 70
00:31:33TOo_LaZy b
00:32:00Watari shield me
00:32:01Watari heal me
00:32:32Watari gj
00:32:32FetAA gooodjobbb
00:32:42Planktoni we should end it
00:32:51Mr.HaM we could own this mid even more if only lion didnt stole neutrals lul
00:33:04FetAA :D
00:33:05Watari we need to turtle
00:33:05infect gem olemas :D
00:33:06Watari for 30min
00:33:07Watari so
00:33:09Watari just turtle
00:33:14FetAA we need pl not to die
00:33:15Watari we win late 100-0
00:33:24infect baasis sulle
00:33:37FetAA älä mee sinne
00:33:38Watari well they can gank me all the time from anywehere
00:33:59FetAA wisp voi tpetä
00:34:14TOo_LaZy should i make vladi ?
00:34:28FetAA go
00:34:31Mr.HaM get pt for a start
00:34:41Planktoni rhasta come with us?
00:35:08BT pls
00:35:11BT CAN u move with us?
00:35:17WTGD move with me
00:35:18FetAA im doing pipe
00:35:21infect hahhaha
00:35:22Watari good
00:35:24infect 4 or 1
00:35:24TOo_LaZy do we need vladi ?
00:35:25infect hmmm
00:35:27Watari y
00:35:28WTGD hmm
00:35:30WTGD rax or no?
00:35:31infect wr
00:35:33FetAA y we need vladi
00:35:34Watari vladi is always good
00:35:34infect i can bring u home
00:35:37TOo_LaZy 7 meele
00:35:44TOo_LaZy ]two
00:35:58FetAA tp
00:36:04FetAA why guys
00:36:04FetAA u go mid
00:36:05FetAA without tps
00:36:06FetAA gg
00:36:07FetAA f
00:36:09FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:43FetAA hmm
00:36:46Wormik wtf was that
00:37:00FetAA everybody were mid without tps while they pushed bot
00:37:00Watari i can push now better :E
00:37:07FetAA goog
00:37:19FetAA '50s:p
00:37:22Wormik kill whisp all the time
00:37:46FetAA i blink
00:37:53infect lets go mid
00:37:55infect then
00:37:58Watari let me
00:38:00Planktoni yep
00:38:00FetAA y
00:38:16Mr.HaM lul i just killed gem
00:38:20FetAA bb
00:38:23FetAA come mid
00:38:28FetAA de fat base
00:39:08FetAA whre is everybody
00:39:11FetAA srlsy?
00:39:24FetAA XD
00:39:34FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:39TOo_LaZy lol
00:39:42TOo_LaZy u fucking suck fetaa
00:39:43TOo_LaZy emo kid
00:39:45TOo_LaZy justp lay
00:39:48FetAA i got 5 s shakle
00:39:53FetAA we dont def with 5
00:39:55FetAA how can we win
00:39:58FetAA first down rax
00:40:00FetAA now mid tower
00:40:03FetAA soon we cant def
00:40:07FetAA just carry tpos
00:40:09FetAA >_<
00:40:13FetAA and abba should be tanking there
00:40:20TOo_LaZy i was
00:40:38TOo_LaZy now prepare
00:40:40TOo_LaZy for def..
00:40:40FetAA too much solooo
00:40:41TOo_LaZy coz watari
00:40:43TOo_LaZy u just cant
00:40:46TOo_LaZy go anf darm
00:40:46Watari ummm
00:40:47TOo_LaZy farm ?
00:40:59FetAA insta gib rhasta wisp and shitt
00:41:00TOo_LaZy mid
00:41:00TOo_LaZy mid
00:41:02Watari how did they see me
00:41:05Watari i was invis
00:41:08Watari they had no gem nor dusts
00:41:20Watari destroy those wards
00:41:31Watari I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:58TOo_LaZy lol
00:42:32BT võta gem
00:42:38Mr.HaM lul
00:42:43Mr.HaM again u diddnt destroy gem
00:42:48Watari def
00:42:49infect võtsin
00:42:55FetAA 2 lines down
00:42:55BT se silencer nussib kõik ära
00:42:59BT Nagu munnigi ei saa teha
00:43:06TOo_LaZy ok
00:43:07TOo_LaZy i go carry
00:43:09TOo_LaZy next time
00:43:10TOo_LaZy for fuck skae
00:43:16FetAA im just too bored to farm
00:43:24FetAA cant win in gc with no carryz
00:43:42TOo_LaZy ok
00:43:43FetAA cant deff all the time 4v5
00:43:43TOo_LaZy gu solo
00:43:46TOo_LaZy go solo
00:43:47TOo_LaZy all times
00:43:50TOo_LaZy die on good moments
00:43:54FetAA now last line goes down
00:43:55TOo_LaZy i even gave u farm in start i trusted
00:43:55Watari we need to push
00:43:57infect tule võta
00:43:57infect gem
00:43:58TOo_LaZy but u are shit
00:44:06Watari yes
00:44:17Watari i take that you can farm with no tier 2 towers?
00:44:28Watari do you know how much map control is in this game?
00:44:33Watari with 0 wards in whole game
00:44:36Mr.HaM ?s t f u
00:44:40Watari i should farm über well?
00:44:46Watari yes. good thinking sherlock
00:45:04Watari maybe next
00:45:04WTGD b
00:45:05WTGD b
00:45:05WTGD b
00:45:06WTGD b
00:45:08WTGD no use
00:45:10WTGD going
00:45:10FetAA sppmaa
00:45:15FetAA spammaa
00:45:35FetAA go mid >_<?
00:45:37FetAA we cant butt
00:45:42FetAA we must try
00:45:43FetAA or we die
00:45:49FetAA we cant def
00:45:51FetAA anymore
00:45:53FetAA with 2 lines down
00:45:55TOo_LaZy b
00:45:56FetAA too many msitakes
00:45:56TOo_LaZy def
00:45:56TOo_LaZy b
00:46:07FetAA get this
00:46:11FetAA come
00:46:31TOo_LaZy im going push back bottom
00:46:33TOo_LaZy i got travels
00:46:35FetAA k
00:46:43WTGD pressure them from 2 lanes
00:46:46WTGD i solo top rax
00:46:51FetAA caree
00:46:55FetAA i come
00:46:55Watari y
00:47:50Mr.HaM klul no assist
00:47:50FetAA we just cant get out of the base
00:47:53Planktoni get roshan?
00:48:01FetAA we need to push soon
00:48:02FetAA >_<
00:48:26TOo_LaZy theyll go imo
00:48:27TOo_LaZy ill tp
00:48:29FetAA go midd soon?
00:48:29TOo_LaZy just stay togetehr
00:48:31TOo_LaZy dont die again
00:48:35FetAA def and push
00:48:38FetAA psuh bot little more and tp
00:48:40FetAA or they gank u
00:48:52FetAA b
00:49:07TOo_LaZy they went rosh ?
00:49:10Watari y
00:49:11FetAA dunnoo mby
00:49:15FetAA mm
00:49:20FetAA lets go gank
00:49:27FetAA kil rlshata
00:49:28FetAA fast
00:49:29Watari who stays at base
00:49:31FetAA he has double ulti
00:49:31FetAA go rhsata
00:49:38FetAA hm
00:49:41FetAA w8
00:49:48FetAA xD
00:49:50FetAA im in troublee
00:49:51TOo_LaZy meet
00:50:03FetAA well got ulti in
00:50:05FetAA :p
00:50:20FetAA dont chase to omuchh
00:50:30FetAA 1 tp mid
00:50:50FetAA tiny wisp coming
00:50:54FetAA deffa t
00:51:12WTGD wisp
00:51:18WTGD tele me top i use 2 ulti and take
00:51:21WTGD when creeps in base
00:51:23infect y
00:51:29WTGD dont die
00:51:34FetAA bottom puskee
00:51:37Watari meen
00:51:39FetAA hgo hekp
00:51:44FetAA gogoogogo
00:51:45WTGD b
00:51:48WTGD dont die
00:52:17FetAA bb
00:52:37WTGD wait
00:52:51FetAA dont diee
00:52:58Watari b
00:53:01FetAA b to base
00:53:20WTGD go
00:53:21WTGD rax
00:53:21WTGD focus
00:53:22WTGD top
00:53:23FetAA they double ward now
00:53:26FetAA DEF
00:53:45FetAA fight
00:53:45FetAA nortom
00:53:47FetAA wtf
00:53:48WTGD turtles
00:53:50WTGD fuck you
00:54:19TOo_LaZy ill make cuirass
00:54:25BT rhastta u go from bot
00:54:26BT we go mid
00:54:26FetAA yup
00:54:27Mr.HaM lawys fight on hill like now
00:54:33Mr.HaM so i can ulti nice, they dont have vision
00:54:36WTGD what im gonna do bot?
00:54:37FetAA :p
00:54:38WTGD i need to get top
00:54:38FetAA y
00:54:40FetAA was nice fight
00:54:41WTGD and they focus m
00:54:41WTGD me
00:54:43FetAA but cant do this forever
00:54:45FetAA soon we need to go mid
00:54:58FetAA inviss
00:55:00FetAA the ygtot no gem
00:55:06Watari lol
00:55:07FetAA >_<
00:55:08Mr.HaM lul
00:55:08WTGD now
00:55:09WTGD go
00:55:10WTGD fast
00:55:17WTGD gogo
00:55:17WTGD go
00:55:23Mr.HaM who told PL to go solo mid?
00:55:32FetAA god
00:55:38Watari who told you that i'm the only one can push properly?
00:55:41BT tule järgi mulle
00:55:45Mr.HaM lul
00:55:47infect pole ultit
00:55:48FetAA now we in troublee
00:55:54Watari 30sec
00:55:55FetAA oh noes
00:55:55TOo_LaZy wait ofr me
00:55:56TOo_LaZy cd
00:55:56FetAA kill rhsata insta
00:55:57TOo_LaZy im coming
00:55:57WTGD protect me
00:55:58TOo_LaZy coming
00:55:59FetAA so he dont get wards in
00:56:00TOo_LaZy wait
00:56:01TOo_LaZy for me
00:56:01FetAA they try to get
00:56:04Wormik TIDE BEFORE ULTI ?
00:56:04infect tule siia
00:56:04TOo_LaZy wait
00:56:05infect ms
00:56:05TOo_LaZy wait
00:56:06Watari go for fast rhasta
00:56:16Watari 16 sec for me
00:56:28Watari gj
00:56:29Watari gj
00:56:42Watari i go push bot
00:56:43Watari u mid?
00:56:52FetAA y
00:56:54FetAA we push mid
00:57:02WTGD dvai teeme nüüd niimoodi
00:57:04Mr.HaM brb hex
00:57:07WTGD forcete teamfighti kuskil 4 vs 5
00:57:08WTGD ja ma top
00:57:30infect me ei defi seda ära
00:57:33FetAA try to get mid tower
00:57:40Mr.HaM 3 alive
00:57:43FetAA 2
00:57:47infect tide pole mingi 4 team fighti ultida saanud :D
00:57:49FetAA tower
00:57:50FetAA and rax
00:57:50FetAA and b
00:57:55FetAA mneele rax
00:57:56WTGD neil mingi 15 sec silence
00:58:01FetAA b after
00:58:07FetAA b if cna
00:58:12TOo_LaZy b
00:58:12FetAA bb
00:58:19FetAA fuckk
00:58:20FetAA thrall
00:58:23FetAA bb
00:58:50Watari def
00:58:50FetAA tp
00:58:51Watari def
00:58:51FetAA some1§
00:58:52FetAA with em
00:58:55FetAA some1
00:58:56FetAA tps
00:58:57FetAA wit hme
00:59:04FetAA go throne
00:59:05FetAA go throne
00:59:06FetAA go throne
00:59:15infect put wards
00:59:18infect just put them
00:59:23Mr.HaM ABAAAAAAA
00:59:27FetAA :p
00:59:31FetAA kill
00:59:38FetAA :D
00:59:42FetAA haha
00:59:43Mr.HaM why u went b abaaa
00:59:44FetAA we win
00:59:44FetAA :D
00:59:46FullFlush wp
00:59:47Watari got this
00:59:49FetAA !!
00:59:55WTGD TÜRA MINGI 3 mängu fucking turtlejaid
01:00:00Mr.HaM stupi dpl
01:00:00FetAA turtle wins
01:00:01WTGD I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:00:01FetAA throne
01:00:06FetAA throne
01:00:07FetAA pl
01:00:08FetAA ffs
01:00:08FetAA :D
01:00:09Wormik watari ffs
01:00:18FetAA throne
01:00:19FetAA we win
01:00:21FetAA if throne goes down
01:00:23FetAA dmn
01:00:26Watari gj guys
01:00:27Mr.HaM gg
01:00:29FullFlush sup
01:00:32Watari gg :D
01:00:33Mr.HaM lul
01:00:38Wormik SILE WINS !
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