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+34 TS

74% | 1078 X | 1285 TS

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80% | 1219 X | 1231 TS

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48% | 1024 X | 1133 TS

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Chat log

00:00:03Ckalle -sd
00:00:03hibalunt -sd
00:00:03Strom -sd
00:00:07Ckalle Encha Pudge NA
00:00:08aRkker bs alche chen
00:00:09ulikiluu axe lina sf
00:00:11Knaitti warlock barathrum venge
00:00:12Ckalle swap me plz
00:00:13hibalunt :O zeus ES mirana
00:00:13FetAA whos is goofyboy
00:00:14FetAA ?
00:00:15Strom I could play pudge maybe
00:00:17goofyboy_89 shadow priest, chieftain, mortred
00:00:19Knaitti my friend
00:00:19Strom but I got nothing
00:00:20hibalunt i go for mirana
00:00:21FetAA huh
00:00:22Ckalle what u got then?
00:00:23zebbelito pugde
00:00:25FetAA thought maybe he is bimbam
00:00:27zebbelito SkA JAG HA
00:00:30Ckalle men SÄG VAD DU HAR
00:00:31hibalunt if some1 wants es, say now
00:00:32Strom techies clockwerk sylla
00:00:33Nagash arkker
00:00:34Knaitti ill play wlock or bara
00:00:35Nagash firstpick
00:00:35Nagash :D
00:00:37Ckalle svårt för mig att välja annars
00:00:39Ckalle ...
00:00:39zebbelito invoker bone sven
00:00:41Knaitti or venge :D
00:00:46Ckalle sven
00:00:47aRkker devilrider
00:00:48aRkker failpick
00:00:48aRkker :(
00:00:49Ckalle -swap 2
00:00:50zebbelito -swap 1
00:00:52Nagash :S
00:00:54FetAA i take rexxar if u let me mid
00:00:56FetAA else i take luna
00:00:57FetAA :D
00:00:59Ckalle ure not mid
00:01:07Nagash lubad soloda?
00:01:10Ckalle pick venge plz
00:01:12Nagash ot sa
00:01:13Ckalle good with this team
00:01:13Nagash or
00:01:19Knaitti well i playt better with those 2
00:01:20FetAA yep
00:01:20aRkker ei tea midagi
00:01:21FetAA doubel poof
00:01:22FetAA aura
00:01:27FetAA venge allways good
00:01:32Knaitti well i dont like it :S
00:01:34FetAA knaitti if u wanna get out of the last place
00:01:35aRkker hibalunt are you going middle?
00:01:35FetAA take venge:D
00:01:36Nagash mine dazzlega top
00:01:38aRkker ohhohhoh
00:01:40Knaitti ...
00:01:41aRkker techies
00:01:42Ckalle plz
00:01:43Ckalle take vs
00:01:44Knaitti dont blame if im 0 10
00:01:44Ckalle for win
00:01:45zebbelito strom :D
00:01:46Knaitti :P
00:01:48hibalunt u sai lanes, can mid
00:01:50FetAA vs for win :D
00:01:51hibalunt devil better though
00:01:52aRkker go mid
00:01:55aRkker or hmm
00:01:55aRkker yeah
00:01:56aRkker devil mid
00:01:58Ckalle I want u to be 0/10. but I want u to have 0/10/35
00:01:59FetAA techies come down with me
00:02:00Ckalle and wards
00:02:01aRkker hibalunt + slayer bottom
00:02:01Ckalle and stuff
00:02:04FetAA he puts mines and i farm !
00:02:11Strom I managed to not buy chicken, I will buy it soon
00:02:15Ckalle YAY STROM FORGETTING CHICK FOR 3rd time today!
00:02:18Ckalle weeehee ^^
00:02:18aRkker techies, seriously? :D
00:02:23FetAA strom banrequed!
00:02:27hibalunt GC - serious dota
00:02:27Ckalle yep
00:02:32Ckalle all banreq the admin
00:02:41Strom look I've played 2000 games without buying it
00:02:43Strom not used to it
00:02:48Ckalle it's k
00:02:58Strom luna, dmg them
00:02:59Strom I suciide
00:03:02FetAA k
00:03:03FetAA w8
00:03:05FetAA dont go tbeam
00:03:13Ckalle don't take CS vebnge
00:03:18Ckalle stop
00:03:21FetAA sec
00:03:29FetAA whom
00:03:30FetAA mira or lina
00:03:48FetAA :DDD
00:03:51Strom lol, you went so aggressively
00:03:54Strom didn't think like that
00:03:55FetAA well ithought
00:04:02Strom well they weren't low enough
00:04:03hibalunt bot is too serious
00:04:08FetAA i dont know
00:04:13Strom :D
00:04:16Strom it's cool
00:04:24FetAA thought u do like 1k dmg
00:04:25FetAA :D
00:04:27FetAA magic
00:04:28Strom it's 650
00:04:36FetAA well ike 380
00:04:36Ckalle vs
00:04:39Strom well I got stun skill now
00:04:39Ckalle first time
00:04:40Ckalle playing
00:04:41Ckalle dota
00:04:54Ckalle zebbe
00:04:57Ckalle hoppas du vinner solo
00:04:59hibalunt walk only where creeps
00:05:17FetAA i wonder why u dont pull
00:05:22FetAA u get some gold and moar exp for both
00:05:30Strom I wanna kill them with this stun
00:05:31Ckalle could kinda use that chick by now...
00:05:42aRkker -sven
00:06:20Ckalle vs
00:06:21Ckalle stop
00:06:22Ckalle farming
00:06:29Knaitti and?
00:06:33Ckalle AND WE WIN
00:06:47Ckalle fat sven > their team
00:06:51hibalunt bird plz
00:06:52FetAA care
00:06:53FetAA they come
00:06:56goofyboy_89 sec
00:06:56hibalunt cant go ss shot, mines
00:06:56goofyboy_89 sry
00:07:02goofyboy_89 my bad
00:07:11Strom dmg them
00:07:13Strom got 850 now
00:07:39hibalunt son of a ...
00:07:47FetAA im getting ok farm now
00:08:00aRkker sven miss
00:08:01Ckalle I'm getting anal'd by my own venge
00:08:09Strom I gonna come gang top
00:08:15Strom no boots yet though :S
00:08:18Ckalle luna plz get Ethereal blade
00:08:19zebbelito miss mid
00:08:22Ckalle it rocks major ass
00:08:23FetAA miss mirana
00:08:27FetAA mid re
00:08:40ulikiluu ss bot
00:08:46ulikiluu luna re
00:08:47Strom soon top
00:08:47Nagash miss
00:08:52Knaitti so what i buy this?
00:09:07FetAA buy boots stick wards
00:09:10FetAA bracer
00:09:15Strom well that was fun
00:09:21Ckalle vs
00:09:22Ckalle going pro
00:09:34Knaitti TECH u get wards
00:09:39Strom I NEED BOOTS
00:09:42Ckalle vs
00:09:45Ckalle u get the wards
00:09:48Knaitti i bought
00:09:49Knaitti givbe em ehim
00:10:02hibalunt kill mid
00:10:17Ckalle I can see that, but why?
00:10:20goofyboy_89 ss 2 up
00:10:21Knaitti missclick
00:10:22Strom I'll try to plant
00:10:24Knaitti on ground
00:10:30Knaitti so what i buy this?
00:10:39goofyboy_89 ss sven
00:10:40Strom go fuight
00:10:50hibalunt ss mid
00:10:55Ckalle u buy mekansm vs
00:11:02Strom damn weaver
00:11:10FetAA oom
00:11:17Ckalle twr?
00:11:26FetAA oom
00:11:44goofyboy_89 fail
00:11:47Knaitti ss
00:11:48Knaitti 2
00:12:01hibalunt goblin top inc
00:12:06FetAA sven dont come to ruin my farm :(
00:12:13FetAA got nice
00:12:13FetAA fter
00:12:27Strom hook, I mine
00:12:34FetAA ah forgot
00:12:36FetAA fuck
00:12:39FetAA that what im saying
00:12:41FetAA u come to ruin my game
00:12:43FetAA with stuff like that
00:12:45ulikiluu tyty
00:12:45FetAA ..
00:12:47Ckalle ahahhahaha
00:12:48Ckalle u
00:12:49Ckalle are
00:12:49Ckalle so
00:12:51Ckalle insanely
00:12:51hibalunt invis pudge caree!!111
00:12:52Ckalle terribad
00:12:55FetAA i have 45 cs which is ok
00:12:58FetAA but u want to fucking dive on tower
00:12:59FetAA so ofk
00:13:06FetAA IM BAD
00:13:08FetAA u come to fuck up things
00:13:11FetAA and blame me
00:13:13FetAA stfu
00:13:15Ckalle u went in twr
00:13:16Ckalle I went
00:13:20Ckalle loooooooooong before
00:13:22Ckalle then backed
00:13:26hibalunt pudge invis bot somewhere
00:13:27Ckalle cus he was in twr
00:13:29Ckalle then u went
00:13:29FetAA U DIVED
00:13:30FetAA in tower
00:13:31Ckalle smartass
00:13:34FetAA so i came to help
00:13:35FetAA and die
00:13:47Ckalle u drunk?
00:13:56FetAA ?
00:14:06Ckalle it was me who came to save u
00:14:09goofyboy_89 why u dont take troll ?
00:14:10FetAA the fuck
00:14:16FetAA i beamed u decidded to stun and hunt
00:14:26Ckalle 3 top
00:14:27aRkker you need gold too man
00:14:31goofyboy_89 : P
00:14:32goofyboy_89 well
00:14:33Ckalle they will twr if u don't come right now
00:14:34Knaitti ssmid
00:14:42FetAA sry
00:14:44Nagash kill sven
00:14:47zebbelito rly?
00:14:50Ckalle TP NOW
00:14:51FetAA tho i did on purpose
00:14:55FetAA but neeeded i t
00:15:04Ckalle FF
00:15:07Ckalle GOD FUCKING DAMN
00:15:08Ckalle TAKES
00:15:12Ckalle MORE THEN 35 SEC
00:15:36hibalunt shitlaod of mines here
00:15:44FetAA stop rage
00:15:48FetAA or we lose
00:15:50Ckalle stop SUCKING BALLS
00:15:52aRkker -ma
00:15:53zebbelito srysly
00:15:58Ckalle I don't care about stats
00:16:01Ckalle in any kind of way
00:16:05goofyboy_89 b
00:16:10Ckalle I don't wanna win if u don't try to play good
00:16:23FetAA im luna not fucking ganger
00:16:26FetAA or counter ganger
00:16:28FetAA cant tp alone
00:16:30Nagash inci pudge
00:16:32FetAA im the onlyone carrying a fucking tp
00:16:34goofyboy_89 k
00:16:35Ckalle might be funniest thing I ever read about dota.
00:16:50aRkker palju cs devil?
00:16:54Ckalle "I'm luna not ganker"
00:16:56Nagash 43
00:16:57zebbelito NUKE
00:16:59aRkker kurat
00:17:00aRkker 38
00:17:03aRkker -cs
00:17:04Nagash :D
00:17:07aRkker ja 8 neutralit
00:17:15zebbelito nice mh
00:17:31ulikiluu ss luna bot
00:17:45FetAA im low
00:18:10FetAA gj
00:18:11Knaitti sorry :E
00:18:11Strom dd bot
00:18:18Knaitti dd
00:18:19Strom get weaver
00:18:31Ckalle well
00:18:31Knaitti sllayer?
00:18:43Ckalle good for us that the one u let freefarm as a carry hero
00:18:44zebbelito du kanske ska lämna top
00:18:45Ckalle is aRkker
00:18:53Ckalle försökte 2 ggr
00:18:54Nagash hea laag putis spellidele tuleb 3 secine delay
00:18:55Ckalle dog 2 ggr
00:18:56Nagash tyra
00:19:00Ckalle pga retards bot
00:19:06aRkker ära tee nali
00:19:12aRkker sa oled ainult sitt
00:19:17Nagash haha:D
00:19:22aRkker sellepärast sa oled ainult 2. viimane pick
00:19:23zebbelito kmr
00:19:26Ckalle antingen gankar jag med dig lr så gankar jag inte mer
00:19:28zebbelito stuna
00:19:29FetAA i got no tp
00:19:29Nagash well ye ma noob:D
00:19:36aRkker muidugi
00:19:40aRkker ilmselgelt
00:19:40aRkker cmon
00:19:42FetAA haha
00:19:44aRkker knaitti on mingi 2% vend
00:20:05FetAA stun
00:20:18Nagash &fps
00:20:22aRkker 4
00:20:23Ckalle full spell team vs 4 low-HP team
00:20:24aRkker sinu fps on 4
00:20:24aRkker ma tean
00:20:27aRkker olen hakkerboi
00:20:29Ckalle luna decides to go AUtoattack build
00:20:32Ckalle not ethereal blade
00:20:33Ckalle `^
00:20:35FetAA stfu
00:20:36FetAA now i deie
00:20:37FetAA swap me
00:20:44FetAA sven
00:20:49FetAA ur the biggest fucking shithead
00:20:50FetAA here
00:20:51FetAA so stfu
00:20:52aRkker ty <
00:20:54aRkker :>
00:20:57zebbelito spela nu
00:20:58Nagash misk mul delay vahest?
00:21:01zebbelito vi måste vinna
00:21:03FetAA i got died by u
00:21:04FetAA again
00:21:06Ckalle vrf?
00:21:06Strom ei tea
00:21:07aRkker sest dzinnu vaatab porri
00:21:08Ckalle BY ME?
00:21:08FetAA answering to ur fucking mindless monolog
00:21:10Nagash ta poel kodus
00:21:11zebbelito de e de viktiga
00:21:13Ckalle ahahahahahahhahaha
00:21:13Strom pane torrent kinni
00:21:17aRkker see ei tähenda midagi
00:21:18Nagash ei olegi
00:21:19Ckalle jag skiter i stats som sagt
00:21:31aRkker got my lothars
00:21:33ulikiluu oops
00:21:34Knaitti hmm
00:21:35ulikiluu lol
00:21:36Knaitti what next?
00:21:38aRkker boom
00:21:42aRkker -ma
00:21:45aRkker issand jumal
00:21:47Ckalle agha is strong
00:21:47aRkker ta juba 7
00:21:48Knaitti treadfs?
00:21:50Ckalle ye
00:22:15Knaitti haste
00:22:23zebbelito =D
00:22:36Nagash ty
00:22:38zebbelito luna join us or lose
00:22:48goofyboy_89 <3
00:22:53aRkker NII VÄHE MANA
00:22:59aRkker 2 stunni ja pole enam midagi
00:23:39hibalunt (KL)
00:23:51zebbelito its gg
00:23:51hibalunt spot on dazzle (Y)
00:23:54zebbelito they have weaver
00:23:55zebbelito etc
00:23:57zebbelito and grae
00:24:00zebbelito grave
00:24:00goofyboy_89 sry for being drunk
00:24:03Ckalle nono we got luna stronk
00:24:04FetAA well weaver
00:24:08FetAA isnt strongest late
00:24:09aRkker hai pudge
00:24:12FetAA alche is
00:24:16aRkker oh snap
00:24:57Strom they all together mid, we're not
00:25:15FetAA dont give up
00:25:16zebbelito you guys farm
00:25:16FetAA by now
00:25:21aRkker ah kus ne pommid on?
00:25:21zebbelito 4 farmers
00:25:22Ckalle tp cd
00:25:23zebbelito and me
00:25:24FetAA theyr carry players not rly good
00:25:26zebbelito imba pro elite
00:25:33Nagash gc ei oska keegi goblinit pelada---
00:25:36Strom has this vs ever swapped anyone?
00:25:38Strom haven't seen yet
00:25:44Ckalle no
00:25:46FetAA he skills at 23 24 25
00:25:47Nagash keeig ei tjau et paneks yhte kohta palju pomme
00:26:09zebbelito go together?
00:26:27aRkker ma arvan et ma teen speedy gonzales buildit
00:26:31Ckalle why mid? go top twr?
00:26:35aRkker sny + 2x hyper + basher
00:26:35aRkker gg
00:26:43zebbelito weaver 2 stronk
00:26:45zebbelito alrdy
00:26:47zebbelito unkillable
00:26:50FetAA :E?
00:26:51Strom not
00:27:13zebbelito see
00:27:15zebbelito i ff
00:27:17Strom no stun?
00:27:27goofyboy_89 i guess u warned about those mines
00:27:29goofyboy_89 : P
00:27:32zebbelito =D=D=D=D
00:27:35zebbelito none dust
00:27:37FetAA zz
00:27:39zebbelito epic feeta chese
00:28:11Ckalle 2 freekills in woods but u wanna chase invis +522 movespeed guy
00:28:11Nagash palju max x on mis saada?, probut lags tegi naixiga 40 mitna pela 32:1 ja sai 60 ainult
00:28:25Strom maxi pole
00:28:31Nagash miks ta siis niivähe sai
00:28:37Strom ta juba #1 ju
00:28:40zebbelito techies dont even use mines
00:28:40Ckalle kill alch
00:28:45zebbelito very usefulll
00:28:53Ckalle lvl 9 techi didn't spec ult
00:28:53Strom zebbelito, I get kills with em
00:28:54Ckalle AHHAHAHAH
00:29:01Ckalle he actually
00:29:03Ckalle didn't get ult
00:29:14Strom ckalle, I don't have mana for it anyway
00:29:25Nagash comind dazzle kill
00:29:35goofyboy_89 y sry
00:29:40Strom get weaver
00:29:41goofyboy_89 watching elsewhere
00:29:53Nagash aii värdi:D
00:29:55aRkker hahahah
00:29:58goofyboy_89 damn
00:29:59FetAA see?
00:30:00FetAA we can win
00:30:00Ckalle torn
00:30:06Ckalle care mid
00:30:10Ckalle alc
00:30:26aRkker noh, ei sitte vittu
00:30:30goofyboy_89 :D
00:30:34goofyboy_89 jah
00:30:53aRkker where you from, dazzleman?
00:30:56goofyboy_89 fin
00:31:02aRkker sithä meit on kaks
00:31:06goofyboy_89 3
00:31:08aRkker jaa
00:31:14aRkker niimpä onki
00:31:15aRkker lina
00:31:18goofyboy_89 ;)
00:31:22FetAA i def bot
00:31:29Ckalle kill mid? got 1 more dust
00:31:31aRkker DEVIIIL
00:31:33zebbelito sure
00:31:35aRkker kus on sinu itemid?
00:31:37Ckalle they 4
00:31:41Nagash poes
00:31:47aRkker peaks midagi olema juba
00:31:51FetAA i buy tp
00:31:54aRkker ah dats right
00:31:57aRkker sa oled see meganoob
00:31:57FetAA i tp when
00:31:58Ckalle go
00:31:58Ckalle win
00:31:59FetAA needed
00:32:02Ckalle NOW
00:32:03Ckalle they 4
00:32:04Ckalle we 5
00:32:04FetAA alche there
00:32:05goofyboy_89 pudge
00:32:19aRkker HEA TÖÖ
00:32:24aRkker TUBLI TUBLI POISS
00:32:30aRkker ja siis sured
00:32:31aRkker väga hea
00:32:38Nagash no ma ei saa mulle tuleb lag sisse millegipärast
00:32:39aRkker kas sa tahad et ma kommendeerin veel+
00:32:57Strom almost
00:32:58aRkker melkein!
00:33:05goofyboy_89 i was wondering wth
00:33:15goofyboy_89 hero just went randomly running back towards u guys
00:34:01FetAA re use chick
00:34:12FetAA no ulti
00:34:19Ckalle legendary teamwork is legendary
00:34:23Ckalle u chase for 20 sec
00:34:26Ckalle behind twr
00:34:31Ckalle and get away with 200 HP
00:34:37Ckalle without a single TP scroll being used from my team
00:34:39Nagash uu lothar
00:34:50goofyboy_89 ?
00:34:52aRkker I hate you
00:34:53Nagash tp is overrated
00:34:56zebbelito :D
00:34:57Ckalle Ye
00:34:58FetAA who is nagash
00:35:01Ckalle winning games for noobs
00:35:03Strom devilrider
00:35:18aRkker devil mul on olnud lothar jo mingi 15 minti
00:35:25FetAA alche still no ar mor
00:35:29Nagash ei räägi sinsut:D
00:35:31Ckalle good thing aRkker is such a noob
00:35:33aRkker kes siis?
00:35:33Nagash lunast
00:35:35aRkker ooh
00:35:42Ckalle manta lol
00:35:45FetAA manta
00:35:46FetAA is good
00:35:46aRkker pitää ostaa nörttihiekkaa
00:35:47FetAA but
00:35:49FetAA he needs armor
00:35:53FetAA manta works with ulti
00:35:55FetAA so
00:35:58aRkker ow
00:36:03aRkker pole palju hp
00:36:07zebbelito -fs
00:36:07Knaitti wards :E
00:36:12FetAA help top
00:36:18Ckalle oh
00:36:19Ckalle lolol
00:36:26FetAA well tell venge
00:36:28FetAA he should be
00:36:29FetAA not famring
00:36:33Ckalle he's pro
00:36:33Ckalle nps
00:36:36Ckalle he's carry vs
00:36:43Ckalle wards as support.. nah
00:36:45aRkker ära sure nyyd
00:36:45Ckalle go items
00:37:01FetAA no tp
00:37:02FetAA cd
00:37:11Ckalle vengeful spirit
00:37:13Ckalle it's basically
00:37:15Ckalle illegal
00:37:18Ckalle to play your hero
00:37:22Ckalle without TP Scrolls
00:37:24goofyboy_89 b
00:37:29zebbelito we HAVE ENGE?
00:37:39zebbelito ooh its knaittti worst player ever to install wc3
00:37:42zebbelito nvm
00:37:48FetAA so lucky
00:37:53Nagash lina
00:37:55Nagash guinsoo plx
00:38:03ulikiluu too late now :D
00:38:04Ckalle u know
00:38:08FetAA i had no more beam
00:38:11FetAA u know
00:38:11Ckalle when I told u to get Meka
00:38:13Ckalle I didn't do it
00:38:21Ckalle so u could have it in inventory
00:38:22Ckalle and not use it
00:38:32Ckalle I want u to heal and boost our armor
00:38:34aRkker hnggh
00:38:35Knaitti well i dont click it if dont need
00:38:36Nagash get wards
00:38:38Nagash and try rosh
00:38:39zebbelito he farm whole game
00:38:51goofyboy_89 care
00:38:54aRkker vajan 1k veel
00:39:03aRkker siis peaks fat olema
00:39:21FetAA wanna go ?
00:39:27Ckalle he lothar
00:39:34FetAA hes doing cuirass now
00:39:36FetAA he rapes us with it
00:39:51aRkker 200 veel QQ
00:39:58Ckalle unless u get Ethereal and we oneshot him :)
00:40:02zebbelito kniatti :D::D:D:DD:D
00:40:47FetAA ok
00:40:48FetAA go
00:41:07zebbelito mine tower
00:41:13zebbelito delas dmg
00:41:20Nagash Miks sa ei või tnakida?
00:41:30Ckalle vs
00:41:30FetAA fucks
00:41:31Ckalle GO TO TEAM
00:41:32Ckalle LET ME FARM
00:41:35FetAA vs
00:41:36FetAA the fuck
00:41:36hibalunt gogoog
00:41:36FetAA u doing
00:41:37FetAA srsly
00:41:37Knaitti ...
00:41:38FetAA mitä teet
00:41:40Knaitti i was dead?
00:41:41FetAA oo ees joskus messisä
00:41:42Knaitti mit ävittua vlaita
00:41:47Knaitti kuolin just
00:41:48Nagash na deiu tee sulle sittagi ulti peal on
00:41:50Knaitti sinne aluksi
00:41:52Knaitti heräsin just
00:41:52Nagash 2keis oleks yle lasknud kyll
00:41:59goofyboy_89 'xD
00:42:03FetAA sven
00:42:06FetAA rege
00:42:08FetAA so we can def rax
00:42:10FetAA no mines?
00:42:12FetAA :E
00:42:15Nagash sul dammi vaja
00:42:17Strom they have sentries anyway
00:42:18aRkker tea
00:42:19aRkker nn
00:42:27Nagash roshilöe siis
00:42:27FetAA zz
00:42:29FetAA freerax
00:42:52Nagash rosh
00:42:53aRkker oot
00:43:05Ckalle vs still taking my farm
00:43:06Ckalle fucking
00:43:07aRkker nyyd on hästi dmg
00:43:07Ckalle retard.
00:43:16FetAA go gank with 5
00:43:17FetAA now
00:43:18Knaitti ur farming when our raxes gone
00:43:18goofyboy_89 ^^
00:43:19FetAA we got agha swap
00:43:21zebbelito vs is kniatti 2 %
00:43:27Nagash vüta
00:43:29Nagash ?
00:43:31aRkker ei
00:43:32aRkker sina
00:43:32FetAA wel lwe got swap
00:43:33FetAA go find
00:43:36FetAA and gnak
00:43:38FetAA ..
00:43:40aRkker pole vaja
00:43:42Ckalle all 5 top
00:43:43Nagash go down
00:43:45aRkker sest ma olen IMMORTTAAAL
00:43:49FetAA we lose 5on c clash
00:43:51FetAA i mean 4v5
00:43:54FetAA but
00:43:55aRkker v6i nii ma arvan
00:43:57FetAA we can gnak
00:44:02zebbelito dust
00:44:03FetAA go
00:44:05Nagash go down?
00:44:05FetAA SVEN
00:44:11goofyboy_89 im here..
00:44:12goofyboy_89 xD
00:44:27zebbelito n1
00:44:28zebbelito block
00:44:38aRkker 'ära sure
00:44:41zebbelito again
00:44:41aRkker kekek
00:44:42zebbelito u negro
00:44:47FetAA gem and win
00:44:51zebbelito i buy
00:44:53Ckalle well at least I got free 2nd twr
00:45:00Ckalle let me bot
00:45:01Ckalle for A/C
00:45:14zebbelito got gem
00:45:15FetAA who gets gem=?
00:45:17FetAA ok
00:45:17zebbelito should i carry it
00:45:20Ckalle ye imo
00:45:21FetAA y
00:45:32aRkker palju cs nyyd, farm-devil?
00:45:36Nagash 120
00:45:40aRkker ahaha
00:45:41Knaitti should put wards somewhere
00:45:42aRkker kuradi noob
00:45:43aRkker 150
00:45:46FetAA come gather guys
00:45:47FetAA fast
00:45:51Ckalle can any1 else get basilus? I need the space
00:45:51Nagash sa oeld ainutl ffarminud:D
00:45:55aRkker rly?
00:46:00FetAA fuc basi now
00:46:07Ckalle we need any auras we can get
00:46:16aRkker proovin et kui ma palju X san
00:46:19FetAA go gank with 5
00:46:23aRkker kui mul on k6rge Cs
00:46:23goofyboy_89 ^^
00:46:26zebbelito sweaå
00:46:27zebbelito someone
00:46:30FetAA igo form back
00:46:31zebbelito swap
00:46:41aRkker grave
00:47:21FetAA i needrege
00:47:21zebbelito best blockers
00:47:27Ckalle rax
00:47:28Ckalle or loss
00:47:28FetAA i rege fast
00:47:30FetAA got nothing
00:47:35FetAA ko
00:47:36Ckalle ye u def/ farm
00:47:43FetAA coming
00:47:48FetAA u def techi
00:47:49Nagash top
00:47:50FetAA can u
00:47:51aRkker tean
00:47:52Strom ofc
00:47:54zebbelito swap
00:47:55aRkker aga se pushib
00:47:59FetAA im not there yet !
00:48:05FetAA omw tho
00:48:16FetAA omw omw
00:48:33Nagash aa tla gem
00:48:38Nagash gg
00:48:39Nagash I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:40aRkker bg*
00:48:54Ckalle mid twr
00:48:56Ckalle or rosh
00:48:57aRkker 6. pela mis on kaotetud juba...
00:48:57Ckalle go
00:48:57hibalunt they are not winning a 4v5
00:49:01Ckalle rosh dead
00:49:02FetAA or htonre
00:49:07Knaitti throne
00:49:07Ckalle u can'tI think
00:49:11FetAA im luna
00:49:11FetAA lol
00:49:11aRkker nyyd 35%, arvan et mingi 29%
00:49:14aRkker tulenb
00:49:20Ckalle well
00:49:23Ckalle they don't seem to wanna def
00:49:38FetAA gg
00:49:39Ckalle gg
00:49:39zebbelito gg
00:49:41goofyboy_89 gg..
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