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Chat log

00:00:10Arapiles mmm enigma!!!
00:00:15Pojetz mmm alche
00:00:15Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:15Timu ff teams imo
00:00:15iNeuron yep
00:00:15FetAA alch
00:00:15AbiTh how so?
00:00:15iNeuron cant beat neuron
00:00:15Dizney Uhh.. Ørneborgen .. med Clint Eastwood.. i TV.... Do you feel lucky punk!!
00:00:15Timu timu 2nd pick ff
00:00:15FetAA any1 want wd sve nor smthing?
00:00:15Tompson abaddon
00:00:15Arapiles ban or pick alchy imo
00:00:16FetAA sven*
00:00:22Timu abadon and?
00:00:24iNeuron alche
00:00:38FetAA wd sven enigma aa centaur
00:00:41FetAA much imba in pool
00:00:43Dizney get enigma!
00:00:48FetAA venge
00:00:51FetAA pick some of those
00:00:53iNeuron wd axe are good too
00:00:54Dizney don't get enigma!
00:00:57FetAA we need mutch disable vs storm and akasha
00:01:03FetAA venge sven venge
00:01:04FetAA wd
00:01:05Pojetz wd
00:01:05iNeuron im woods
00:01:08Dizney get sk..
00:01:15Arapiles bane also nice
00:01:19FetAA yup
00:01:26Timu we need some dps as well
00:01:29Arapiles i go woods
00:01:33Tompson venge
00:01:34Tompson wtf
00:01:38Tompson best hero in the pool
00:01:40FetAA wd sven top
00:01:41Dizney U want venge ?
00:01:41FetAA or no
00:01:42FetAA hmm
00:01:43Tompson no
00:01:44iNeuron xD
00:01:44Tompson =)
00:01:46SUPERmamus yes
00:01:46FetAA some1 needs to solo top
00:01:46Timu i can solo
00:01:47SUPERmamus ?
00:01:51FetAA i mean some1 needs to solo bot
00:01:52Tompson get venge plz
00:01:55Dizney kk
00:01:58Timu why not me?
00:01:58FetAA wd sven is too good lane to waste
00:02:03Arapiles take wards
00:02:03FetAA cause no point wd solo
00:02:06Arapiles sven ok?
00:02:08FetAA tont u wanna play wd?
00:02:09Tompson qop aa bot
00:02:12Tompson axe venge top
00:02:15FetAA undying solo bot
00:02:17Dizney roger that..
00:02:18Tompson OR aa venge boyt
00:02:24Tompson and qop solo top
00:02:26iNeuron make up your mind lol
00:02:26Tompson cause he wants woods
00:02:27FetAA tont can u handle solo
00:02:27Tompson iu see
00:02:32Dizney yes...
00:02:32Tompson he wants woods so qop solo top
00:02:33iNeuron well I said woods early
00:02:35Dizney i go bot
00:02:37Tompson yy didnt see
00:02:43Pojetz mm,
00:02:47iNeuron now say sorry master
00:02:48Pojetz i think i can
00:02:51Tompson Nevah!
00:02:52Pojetz buuuttt,,,,,
00:02:52FetAA gank mid from top
00:02:56FetAA enigma help undying much :)
00:02:56iNeuron -. -
00:03:00Dizney jeg fatter stadig ikke hvordan din hero fungere.. :)
00:03:00Pojetz y
00:03:04Arapiles yy
00:03:26Arapiles rune bot
00:03:37iNeuron top warded
00:04:32iNeuron wop tule
00:04:33iNeuron qop
00:04:42AbiTh b
00:05:09Arapiles goin woods bot
00:05:25Pojetz kill venge
00:05:48iNeuron ss enigma here
00:05:51Pojetz gjh
00:06:06Timu omw mid
00:06:08Pojetz pull
00:06:09AbiTh ss
00:06:36Timu cool range bro
00:06:46Tompson cool gang bro
00:06:55iNeuron cool bro
00:07:18AbiTh ss
00:07:29Affliction klar ?
00:07:36Pojetz wait tomb and gang
00:07:37Pojetz aa
00:07:38Dizney har 1 stun
00:07:38Pojetz or venge
00:07:47iNeuron fucking enigma fucked up woods so bad
00:08:00FetAA kanaa
00:08:22Arapiles rdy?
00:08:29iNeuron -ma
00:08:41Pojetz venge ss
00:08:42Pojetz rew
00:08:43Pojetz ..--
00:08:51Pojetz come enigma
00:08:52Arapiles rdy?
00:08:59Pojetz y
00:09:36FetAA miss storm
00:09:38Tompson potm
00:09:39Tompson with rune
00:10:00Pojetz aa SS
00:10:38Arapiles pullin
00:10:46AbiTh ss
00:11:20Tompson potm
00:11:21Tompson top
00:11:26Dizney potm bot..
00:11:29Dizney :(
00:11:31Dizney :)
00:11:35Dizney and doc.
00:11:40Pojetz no mana
00:11:43Dizney but they failed...
00:11:47Dizney so im still alive
00:11:52Tompson ok
00:11:54Tompson but he didnt fail mid
00:11:55Tompson =(
00:12:06Pojetz blink enimga?
00:12:11Arapiles not near
00:12:12Timu -uu
00:12:14Timu -ii
00:12:17Pojetz venge ss
00:12:18Affliction fail
00:12:18Affliction /
00:12:31Tompson POTM
00:12:32Tompson MISS
00:12:33Tompson WITH DD
00:13:13Arapiles rdy bot?
00:13:17Pojetz WIT
00:13:18Pojetz i cOME
00:13:20Pojetz sec
00:13:26Arapiles let them push
00:13:28Pojetz goooo
00:14:18Timu sss aksahs
00:14:42Tompson potm missing badly
00:14:48Arapiles b
00:14:49FetAA svne first
00:15:03Tompson FFS
00:15:09Tompson can venge buy wards
00:15:11Tompson need rune wards
00:15:24Tompson venge
00:15:26Tompson buy wards
00:15:27Tompson i placve
00:15:29Tompson place*
00:15:40Tompson VENGE
00:15:42Tompson BUY wards
00:15:43Tompson plz
00:15:51Tompson ty neuron
00:16:02Dizney b
00:16:02Dizney b
00:16:26Pojetz y
00:16:36Pojetz push
00:17:31Pojetz gj
00:18:01Pojetz sven go help
00:18:07Arapiles he cant
00:18:09Arapiles sven
00:18:15Arapiles wtf not gank?
00:18:15Pojetz sven open eyes
00:18:27Dizney swapper
00:18:36Pojetz wait sven
00:18:38Pojetz i ll heal
00:18:38Pojetz u
00:18:41iNeuron deny already
00:18:50Pojetz go
00:19:39Pojetz come svenm
00:19:40Pojetz here
00:20:01Arapiles bv mid
00:20:23Tompson fuck me im dying all the time
00:20:26Tompson gotta farm now
00:20:28Tompson fuck this ganging
00:20:35Tompson not going well
00:20:48Pojetz good, enimga soon dagger
00:20:55Arapiles yy
00:20:56Tompson AXE
00:20:57Tompson oplz
00:20:58Tompson go woods
00:21:00Tompson i cant farm woods
00:21:10iNeuron i was tabbed
00:21:11FetAA xD
00:21:14Timu wp bro
00:21:19Timu gj sven
00:21:45iNeuron inc top
00:21:48iNeuron mirana nad axe
00:21:52FetAA i first
00:21:52iNeuron and sven
00:21:53iNeuron *
00:21:55iNeuron storm
00:22:00FetAA w8
00:22:12Tompson SWAP
00:23:36Arapiles wtf
00:23:56FetAA stun
00:24:09iNeuron wtf ffs
00:24:42Tompson venge sweap me
00:24:48Tompson not dirge
00:25:41FetAA why
00:25:43FetAA u aint awake
00:25:45FetAA it was 5s
00:26:03Timu ffs
00:26:20Affliction v
00:26:21Affliction v
00:26:21Affliction v
00:26:21iNeuron venge get wards now
00:26:22Affliction b
00:26:22Affliction b
00:26:23Affliction b
00:26:37FetAA u dont need to fllow me
00:26:39Dizney b
00:26:40iNeuron b qop
00:26:42iNeuron too many
00:26:48Arapiles ^^
00:26:51Timu be ready to tp up
00:26:51Tompson afliciton why b
00:27:12AbiTh me
00:27:28Tompson wait
00:28:22Timu unlucky arrow
00:28:34FetAA y
00:28:45Timu enigma, can u ward?
00:28:46Pojetz heal
00:28:51Arapiles i do
00:29:04iNeuron venge wtf
00:29:10iNeuron arrow was well seeable
00:29:20Pojetz no mana
00:29:20Pojetz -.-
00:29:31Dizney depends where ur screen is @
00:29:33Timu go take rune
00:29:35Timu mirana
00:29:35FetAA k
00:29:36Pojetz k
00:29:39FetAA was tabbed
00:29:40Dizney i was shopping so i wouln't lose gold
00:29:46FetAA ?
00:29:47FetAA come nei
00:29:51iNeuron b woods
00:29:55iNeuron anjd top
00:29:56iNeuron storm
00:30:19Arapiles gj
00:30:21Tompson ei yhtää farmi aikaa kyl täs pelis XDD
00:30:26SUPERmamus ...
00:30:28FetAA why tehre:d
00:30:32FetAA ei pahemmi;p
00:30:44Dizney b
00:30:44Dizney b
00:31:01Pojetz go
00:31:02Timu oom
00:31:04Timu oomish
00:31:06Tompson affliction
00:31:09Tompson dont farm with ur ulti
00:31:12Tompson use it in combat
00:31:22iNeuron b
00:31:23iNeuron b
00:31:30Pojetz axe
00:31:41Tompson go here
00:31:45iNeuron getting dag
00:31:46FetAA care
00:31:47FetAA they has wards
00:32:04Tompson TOMBSTONE
00:32:23Timu b
00:32:24Pojetz care mki
00:32:25FetAA b eni
00:32:26Arapiles iillu
00:32:26Pojetz mid
00:32:34iNeuron o
00:32:41Dizney oom !
00:33:28Pojetz lets go gang with enimga ulti
00:33:30Pojetz -.-
00:33:39Timu y
00:33:50Timu care
00:34:27AbiTh Why
00:34:32AbiTh the hell u dont swap enigma?
00:34:38AbiTh just some random useless
00:35:10iNeuron well sven left with 50 hp and now i see storm in woods with full stats?
00:35:31Tompson :;D:D
00:35:34SUPERmamus :p
00:35:35Tompson fuu fuu
00:35:38FetAA :p
00:35:57Tompson venge swap enigma in battles
00:36:04Tompson so he cant blackhole
00:36:13iNeuron gg ff
00:36:18Tompson dont ff
00:36:19Timu idd
00:36:19Tompson we win this
00:36:20Tompson ez
00:36:25iNeuron the nstop making stupid moves
00:36:28Tompson yes
00:36:30Tompson lets start
00:36:32Tompson to go with 5
00:36:32Tompson and own
00:36:33iNeuron why werent you in mid with us in last fight
00:36:52FetAA b
00:36:53Arapiles b
00:36:53FetAA u
00:37:51Tompson see?
00:38:17FetAA luckk
00:38:19iNeuron skill
00:38:58SUPERmamus go with 5
00:39:14Pojetz enigma ulti, my tomb, and wd ulti is imbaa
00:39:20Timu true that
00:39:34FetAA lets gather?
00:39:40Pojetz me vlad too
00:40:18Dizney hes linken toke my swap
00:40:21iNeuron you buy wraiths instead of wards? wtf
00:40:26Tompson why would u swap him
00:40:31Dizney swap stun kill
00:40:32FetAA cant arrow
00:40:35Tompson no way
00:40:37Tompson it was 2 vs 5
00:40:58Timu fuck askasha
00:41:01FetAA y
00:41:05FetAA fuck those linken blinkers
00:41:06Dizney last i tryed to buy wards axe.. some1 had bought them all.. i
00:41:16Tompson well buy them now
00:41:17Tompson jesus
00:41:18Dizney my wraith are 10 min. old
00:41:19Tompson what exciuses
00:41:27FetAA push?
00:41:40FetAA ?
00:41:42Tompson kill wd first
00:42:01Pojetz FU
00:42:14FetAA where di du die
00:42:15FetAA undying
00:42:16FetAA tt
00:42:17FetAA why u alone
00:42:20Timu dunno why u chase them
00:42:23Arapiles b
00:42:25Pojetz near by rosh
00:42:28iNeuron check
00:42:30Arapiles b
00:42:36Pojetz wit me and push middle
00:42:42Pojetz or late game is lost
00:42:48FetAA wel if u die alone cant push
00:43:16Pojetz go ulti
00:43:53Tompson oho
00:44:01Tompson full hp
00:44:08Tompson they have 300 hp
00:44:30Tompson nice
00:44:31Arapiles ...
00:44:45Pojetz hmmm
00:44:45Tompson we fight so badly it hurts
00:44:46iNeuron venge done die now
00:44:47FetAA linken to ostrong this game
00:44:48Pojetz neeed hood
00:44:56FetAA buy pipe
00:45:34Arapiles UD u must have pipe
00:45:37Pojetz y
00:45:50iNeuron -cs
00:46:05FetAA try pus=?
00:46:11Timu come
00:46:50FetAA rax
00:46:55iNeuron fucking 200 from reaver and we engage at mid
00:46:57iNeuron great
00:47:21Tompson jesus
00:47:23Pojetz rax
00:47:23Tompson this game sucks so hard
00:47:24Tompson rgskjgfhsudgfsd
00:47:31Tompson 20 million stuns
00:47:33Tompson on enemies
00:47:47FetAA that tower and b
00:48:02FetAA b after
00:48:07FetAA get items and rego
00:48:17Arapiles b
00:48:58Tompson need to farm bkb
00:49:00Tompson or i cant do shit
00:49:01Tompson in battles
00:49:09FetAA b
00:49:15Tompson FUCK OFF
00:49:19Tompson JESUS
00:49:21Tompson AFLCITION
00:49:23Tompson WHY DO U FARM
00:49:24Tompson WITH THAT
00:49:39Tompson there goes my bkb
00:49:40Tompson again
00:49:40Arapiles need to put wards
00:49:49Pojetz sven go hot
00:49:51Pojetz now
00:49:57FetAA cuirass
00:50:00Arapiles y
00:50:01Arapiles AC
00:50:03Timu cant do more bkbs btw
00:50:09Pojetz y
00:50:11Pojetz 2 is max
00:50:12Arapiles fuck
00:50:15Arapiles u got..
00:50:16Arapiles omg
00:50:24FetAA hmm
00:50:31FetAA go push bot?
00:50:35iNeuron so what do we do
00:50:40Pojetz all buy tps
00:50:41Tompson go roshan
00:50:45Pojetz fastrege
00:50:47FetAA eni gma def that and come
00:50:57FetAA aa ult
00:51:03FetAA they coming ot us
00:51:09Tompson i get
00:51:16Pojetz wait enimgq
00:51:25Pojetz t
00:51:27Pojetz take tps
00:51:29FetAA no ward
00:51:29Timu come b
00:51:44iNeuron im too low
00:51:45FetAA come nei
00:51:47FetAA ud
00:51:48Timu go
00:51:48FetAA u go front
00:51:51Timu i have bkbk and ult
00:51:51FetAA ur tnak
00:51:53FetAA UD go
00:51:54FetAA front
00:51:55FetAA ?
00:51:56iNeuron we need to push mid if we push at all
00:51:56Timu ud
00:51:56FetAA we come
00:52:03Tompson y lets go mid
00:52:08FetAA dont be scared
00:52:09FetAA we all come
00:52:11FetAA they wont kil
00:52:11iNeuron they going bot
00:52:21Tompson go def then
00:52:27Tompson get hp axe
00:52:33iNeuron no kidding
00:52:45Tompson no aa ulti now
00:52:46Tompson gg
00:52:46AbiTh how fail
00:52:53FetAA go
00:53:30iNeuron someone gonna get dusts too ?
00:53:37Arapiles dont charge in like that
00:53:45Arapiles this game is sooo fucked
00:53:55FetAA no aegis
00:53:56Pojetz oooom
00:53:57Timu dunno what sven did
00:53:58FetAA sven went to omuch in
00:53:58Pojetz goodn
00:53:59Arapiles i cant go my core item...
00:54:18Arapiles but got parts for BKB
00:54:19Timu sven evend doesnt need bkb so much as enigma does
00:54:24AbiTh look
00:54:29AbiTh athis fucking affli
00:54:29Pojetz y
00:54:32Tompson yeah
00:54:35Tompson fucking annoying
00:54:37Pojetz but sven needs it too
00:54:37Pojetz ...
00:54:40Pojetz imba ulti
00:54:45Tompson he doesnt need farm and he doesnt use his ulti at fights
00:54:46iNeuron well he is 8-4 pretty much carrying this
00:54:47Timu mine too
00:54:50Timu 3 guys
00:54:50Tompson LOL
00:54:52Timu 150 chaos
00:55:09Tompson i guess ur new to dota
00:55:10AbiTh if he is carring
00:55:11Tompson so ill let that pass
00:55:12Pojetz bot all
00:55:13Pojetz again
00:55:13AbiTh then what im doing
00:55:19Pojetz wy try push rax
00:55:22iNeuron ever heard of sarcasm ?
00:55:24FetAA no ultis yet
00:55:26AbiTh no
00:55:27Arapiles got sange :)
00:55:27FetAA come here
00:55:28FetAA gank
00:55:28Tompson nope
00:55:37Tompson try get this
00:55:38Arapiles no screenshots pkls :)
00:55:44Arapiles no ult btw
00:55:52Tompson fuck
00:55:53Tompson i have to np
00:55:54Tompson must go b
00:56:02FetAA now go
00:56:11FetAA let akasha push top
00:56:13FetAA we ogo
00:56:19iNeuron def at base
00:56:22FetAA tomb
00:57:04Timu rax
00:57:06Timu gj
00:57:31SUPERmamus )
00:57:51SUPERmamus D:
00:57:51Dizney throbne !
00:57:57Dizney gg
00:57:58iNeuron gg
00:57:59iNeuron I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:58:06Arapiles gg
00:58:07Timu gg
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