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80% | 1167 X | 1411 TS

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76% | 1147 X | 1405 TS

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22% | 899 X | 1185 TS

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17% | 937 X | 1120 TS

Chat log

00:00:05FetAA nyt on oikeesti nii paskat vihut
00:00:05FetAA et
00:00:08FetAA pitäiskö pelaa voidi
00:00:15Kastrup cent, destroyer and sf
00:00:20JeJePwn pitäskö pelata mort
00:00:20yazzu storm, tiny, specter
00:00:20mrk take cent
00:00:22mrk tiny
00:00:24Kastrup why not sf?
00:00:24yazzu ill go tiny i guess
00:00:34mrk if you swap me sure
00:00:39JeJePwn taijan perkele pelata :D
00:00:42Kastrup i'd like to play sf
00:00:46mrk :/
00:00:53Seppo13 venge with me
00:00:53Seppo13 bot
00:00:55mrk take it and go mid then
00:00:57FetAA me void mid
00:01:08Kastrup ups
00:01:09Kastrup doh
00:01:11Kastrup bla
00:01:12FetAA tos on kyl viper
00:01:13FetAA vittu
00:01:16Seppo13 ME
00:01:17Seppo13 AND
00:01:18Seppo13 VENGE
00:01:18Seppo13 BOT
00:01:19JeJePwn yeh okey
00:01:20JeJePwn soz
00:01:25Kastrup i really could use wards
00:01:26JeJePwn hoomo
00:01:28Kastrup else venge will gank me bigtime
00:01:34Seppo13 feta
00:01:36JeJePwn :D
00:01:37Seppo13 heitä ne tiedot kun kerkkeet
00:01:38FetAA mihi venttii
00:01:41Seppo13 no laitan sulle
00:01:41Seppo13 sek
00:01:42FetAA siis mumblee
00:01:43FetAA k
00:01:45Kastrup any1? up for some fast wards?
00:01:48Kastrup and crow..
00:01:50FetAA pause 10s plz ;)
00:01:50ultzxD ill buy and send with chicken
00:01:51Kastrup ok thanks alot
00:01:51ultzxD when i got gold
00:01:51yazzu no afk pauses!
00:01:51JeJePwn vai että mumble
00:01:51yazzu they got gay endgame
00:01:51ultzxD you mean ?
00:01:51Kastrup yea
00:01:51Kastrup -afk
00:01:51FetAA ei toho pääse?
00:01:51wodrock -ma
00:01:51FetAA ihsma
00:01:51FetAA nvm
00:01:51Kastrup kunka, void and morted
00:01:54FetAA re
00:01:54Kastrup we soukld win start
00:01:55Seppo13 joo
00:01:57Seppo13 laitan sulle kohta :D
00:01:58Seppo13 emt
00:02:02Seppo13 laitan kun kuolen tms
00:02:04mrk sk u pull
00:02:08yazzu pendeho!
00:02:09JeJePwn :D
00:02:23FetAA upg chick asp
00:02:23JeJePwn -ms
00:02:24FetAA asap
00:03:46FetAA upg chick plz
00:04:19mrk gj
00:04:28mrk go pull please
00:04:34Seppo13 go 3
00:04:37ricke ok
00:04:38Seppo13 tiny
00:04:38ultzxD y
00:04:45ricke next wave
00:05:11JeJePwn up chick zeus
00:05:17Y4KUZA stfu
00:05:24FetAA venge can u upg chick
00:05:33ricke no i cant
00:05:45FetAA gg then
00:05:55Y4KUZA our lane fucked
00:06:10Kastrup thanks btw
00:06:17FetAA miss
00:06:18ultzxD np
00:06:23mrk nvm
00:06:24ricke nice
00:06:56Kastrup -1
00:07:00Seppo13 hn
00:07:00Y4KUZA kill vipr
00:07:04ultzxD gj
00:07:14Kastrup care tiop
00:07:24mrk lol void mid?
00:07:26JeJePwn gj
00:07:27Kastrup said it
00:07:29mrk if gets any cs its fail
00:07:30mrk i mean
00:07:33ricke be rdy mid
00:07:40ricke ulti him when im there
00:07:49Kastrup well i got 26-7
00:08:05Kastrup venge midt
00:08:07mrk go
00:08:08Kastrup pelase call miss
00:08:18FetAA gooodjob
00:08:20ricke same
00:08:23Kastrup venge got rune
00:08:25Kastrup miss venge
00:08:29Seppo13 gang bot
00:08:35yazzu need more 100g
00:08:39Kastrup sdfklfnksdfjksdlfsd
00:08:39FetAA :D
00:08:41Kastrup ffs
00:08:42mrk ss top
00:08:47FetAA use shift man
00:08:49Kastrup i did
00:08:53Kastrup but my hands are so cold
00:08:58Kastrup so i might not have touch'd it
00:09:09mrk wait bot
00:09:09ricke miss boto
00:09:11JeJePwn kill ?
00:09:19yazzu i need 30g -_-
00:09:26Kastrup miss void
00:09:32wodrock FFS
00:09:35Seppo13 np
00:09:41ricke couldnt do so much more
00:09:48Seppo13 np
00:09:52Kastrup zeus midt?
00:10:00ricke got 1 at least
00:10:15Kastrup a gank would be great
00:10:23FetAA rune bot sf gets
00:10:23Kastrup ;)?
00:10:24Seppo13 no crit no kill
00:10:35ricke bot miss
00:10:36ricke care mid
00:10:52Y4KUZA wtf man
00:10:52JeJePwn ss ?
00:11:06FetAA :DD
00:11:08FetAA failorz
00:11:08ricke hahahaha
00:11:09Kastrup lucker
00:11:12ricke nice F
00:11:13Kastrup that tower didn't go
00:11:16Seppo13 let me
00:11:18Kastrup void..
00:11:24Kastrup ulti*
00:11:25FetAA näitkö seppo :D
00:11:28Seppo13 y
00:11:43ricke be rdy mid
00:11:45FetAA jos 1 ois tpenny oltais saatu 3
00:11:49Seppo13 ye
00:11:52Seppo13 ei ollu tp :r
00:11:56Seppo13 venge
00:11:58Seppo13 gang sf
00:12:11ricke ok, im invis
00:12:19FetAA k cool
00:12:26Kastrup ffsdjklfsd'
00:12:29Kastrup dfucking venge
00:12:29ricke gj
00:13:00Seppo13 let me
00:13:37Kastrup hmm
00:13:38Kastrup a bit stuck
00:13:42yazzu lols
00:13:53mrk howd you even get there
00:13:57Seppo13 imba
00:13:57yazzu greed
00:13:59Seppo13 gang
00:14:02Seppo13 äniks :D
00:14:03ricke hahahahah
00:14:05Kastrup wasn't really gank
00:14:18FetAA zeus u got ulti?
00:14:21FetAA k no
00:14:34Seppo13 olempii lihaavaa
00:14:37Kastrup viper stay midt
00:14:38Seppo13 tuun mid
00:14:38JeJePwn go ?
00:14:38FetAA go?
00:14:38Kastrup i go bot..
00:14:43Kastrup can't handle void alone with no ganks
00:14:45ultzxD im b
00:14:53FetAA dagger
00:14:57Seppo13 (:
00:15:02Seppo13 elä vighaa
00:15:07mrk seriously retarded
00:15:11mrk tiny huskar carry tps
00:15:15mrk and tp when you see trouble
00:15:16ricke ba mana
00:15:22Kastrup gj
00:15:46wodrock really nice timing..
00:16:02wodrock get venge
00:16:22Seppo13 pff
00:16:23Seppo13 zeus
00:16:26Seppo13 tiny 10hp
00:16:29Seppo13 you dont bolt him?=
00:16:31FetAA vähä loww:d
00:16:35Seppo13 nii,i
00:16:37yazzu i need my fcking dagger
00:16:38Seppo13 tää zeus kusi ton
00:16:38Y4KUZA wtf
00:16:40Seppo13 aika tottaalisesti
00:16:44Y4KUZA he is dead
00:17:22ricke i swap sf
00:17:32Kastrup ffs
00:17:40Kastrup im getting sick
00:17:44Seppo13 i farm top
00:17:45JeJePwn tiny
00:17:52Seppo13 tekislo lothar bf
00:17:56mrk tiny
00:17:57Kastrup tiny
00:17:59FetAA 'j
00:17:59JeJePwn let my kunkka
00:18:00Kastrup after dagger
00:18:02Kastrup u go hex ok?
00:18:04yazzu k
00:18:07mrk toss
00:18:09Kastrup we need a disable on that void later on
00:18:11Kastrup and morted
00:18:23Kastrup tower mit
00:18:23Kastrup fast
00:19:01FetAA tower
00:19:03yazzu ill go regen
00:19:03FetAA tower
00:19:06ricke care now void
00:19:06yazzu dagger in 70g
00:19:09mrk tp?????
00:19:09ricke they come
00:19:25ricke tp bot any1
00:19:29FetAA got ulti
00:19:34Kastrup gj
00:19:41Kastrup gj
00:19:49mrk bugged
00:19:51JeJePwn re use
00:19:53FetAA ?
00:19:54mrk cant move
00:19:56JeJePwn re use chick
00:19:56mrk void wait
00:19:59ultzxD b
00:20:01FetAA :D
00:20:04mrk :D:D:D
00:20:07mrk i had ult on you
00:20:11mrk and it didnt stop moving
00:20:23ricke mid kunka
00:20:23Y4KUZA ?
00:20:35Kastrup <-
00:20:49mrk tp
00:20:50Kastrup tp
00:20:54ultzxD tped wrong :<
00:21:21FetAA pointless pa
00:21:22yazzu we shoulda went bot..
00:21:23FetAA to farm with me
00:21:23JeJePwn what si sohuld make
00:21:25Kastrup ye :/(
00:21:27JeJePwn mitä teen
00:21:33FetAA bfury
00:21:37ricke zeus, can u start gang with me? instead of farm??
00:21:39FetAA ja loepta mun kaa farmaamine
00:21:43FetAA mee eir mestaa
00:21:43FetAA ffs
00:21:54Kastrup or zeus
00:22:09Y4KUZA fuck
00:22:11wodrock i dont really know what the fuck u doing sk
00:22:12Y4KUZA buy wars venge
00:22:17Y4KUZA wards
00:22:19Y4KUZA i pant
00:22:23Y4KUZA plant***
00:22:26ultzxD killing pa ?
00:22:27ricke u should
00:22:30wodrock you didnt
00:22:31ricke u farm like hell
00:22:32Y4KUZA no money atm
00:22:33Kastrup omw
00:22:33FetAA VENGE
00:22:34Y4KUZA i buy next
00:22:36yazzu omw for mort
00:22:47mrk TINY
00:22:48mrk WTF
00:22:49Y4KUZA venge buy em
00:23:00mrk take fucking others then
00:23:01mrk dont chase
00:23:06mrk there was 3 one hits for you
00:23:11Y4KUZA ok i go farm for wards then
00:23:12FetAA :D
00:23:15yazzu aw cmon
00:23:15Kastrup wjhy?
00:23:23ricke zeus, ur the onw who famrs farms and farms... not a single gang from u yet
00:23:27yazzu dno dont ask
00:23:43ricke u just feed them
00:23:45Kastrup first time i play sf :|
00:23:49yazzu ah fck hex didnt need persecarance
00:23:51Y4KUZA ok then
00:23:56yazzu or w/e
00:24:07Seppo13 kohta on lothar
00:24:18yazzu i think its a lost
00:24:20FetAA mul 100 cs ja 5-1
00:24:21mrk well
00:24:22Seppo13 :DD
00:24:23yazzu void is 15 tho
00:24:23Kastrup it doesn't have to be
00:24:24mrk after your stunts
00:24:25mrk it is
00:24:35JeJePwn :D vittu mulla 68 cs ja 1-5 :(
00:24:58Kastrup SK FFS
00:25:02Kastrup safe some mana for ulti
00:25:04Kastrup u dont have mana anytime
00:25:08mrk buy
00:25:12mrk fucking
00:25:13mrk stick
00:25:13yazzu so
00:25:22yazzu my stunns were correct
00:25:27FetAA vois kkokeillavälil eri buildeja
00:25:29mrk im so pissed cos jsut
00:25:31mrk so damn fail
00:25:36mrk those 1 moments ruin the game
00:25:38FetAA mitäs tälle tekis
00:25:40FetAA teen kyl battelfury
00:25:43mrk void got 2 levels at tinys play from bot
00:25:43FetAA salee sange ja yasha:D
00:25:43Seppo13 emt
00:25:45Seppo13 tee dagon
00:25:53Seppo13 tuun vaan puskasta
00:25:54Seppo13 ja bagng
00:26:24Seppo13 nyt sattuu
00:26:33Kastrup gj
00:26:50Kastrup woosp
00:26:51JeJePwn vitu viper
00:26:52Seppo13 lets go mid
00:26:53JeJePwn wardeja ?
00:27:02ricke JeJe, get tp and that cant happend
00:27:03FetAA :DD
00:27:05Seppo13 aivot ?
00:27:08Seppo13 tapetaa
00:27:09Seppo13 feta
00:27:19FetAA ei oo ultii
00:27:21mrk tiny
00:27:23FetAA feilsain
00:27:24FetAA ja oon low
00:27:25FetAA b
00:27:26mrk TINY
00:27:28yazzu no mana
00:27:38Kastrup b
00:27:43yazzu jar go b
00:27:43mrk you walked past
00:27:45FetAA näitkö ku feilasi ulti :d
00:27:45mrk a kunkka
00:27:48Seppo13 e
00:27:49mrk while 3 we was there
00:27:50yazzu cuz i had no mana dude
00:27:55mrk :/
00:28:04FetAA no ulti
00:28:06FetAA but k
00:28:06Kastrup son bkb
00:28:07Seppo13 np
00:28:11wodrock doesnt matter
00:28:12wodrock its lost
00:28:21Kastrup b
00:28:32mrk wtf
00:28:46yazzu why u guys go?
00:28:47FetAA lol
00:28:53Kastrup lol :D
00:28:58Kastrup SK decided to go
00:29:16JeJePwn miks en saa yhtää tappoo :(
00:29:20Kastrup dagfger
00:29:23Kastrup why not dagger?Ø'
00:29:26ricke had to, sry
00:29:29FetAA yes
00:29:31mrk so damn
00:29:33mrk retarded
00:29:33yazzu cuz i cant dagger if im under attack?
00:29:36Kastrup u wasn't
00:29:39yazzu i was
00:29:40Kastrup u didn't have
00:29:43Kastrup no i was looking dude
00:29:57yazzu well i dagger he jumps on me
00:30:06yazzu retarded is that u suicided 3vs5 -.-
00:30:15yazzu but its over anyways :p
00:30:22mrk kinda thanks to you!:D
00:30:25Seppo13 lets kill
00:30:27Seppo13 venge -.-
00:30:27yazzu nope
00:30:28FetAA k
00:30:29wodrock 2 minutes to ff
00:30:30FetAA imma come
00:30:31FetAA soon
00:30:32Seppo13 vitun apina
00:30:33mrk and sk
00:30:44Seppo13 pff tää venge
00:30:59yazzu i had a good start
00:31:00mrk all of those little moments
00:31:02mrk midgame
00:31:05Seppo13 setit o
00:31:06mrk where you coulda killed void/anyone
00:31:06yazzu i failed 1 battle
00:31:07mrk but didnt
00:31:08mrk lost
00:31:11mrk like 3 imo
00:31:16yazzu nope 1
00:31:17Seppo13 mee hyppää
00:31:24yazzu other times im out of mana or low hp
00:31:33FetAA :D
00:31:37Seppo13 pussyy
00:31:37mrk and sf missing razes and dieing cos of it
00:31:38Seppo13 rosH?
00:31:38mrk also
00:31:40FetAA k
00:31:41Kastrup lol
00:31:45mrk everyone failed this game
00:31:46Kastrup i haven't misses a needed raze
00:31:47mrk me included
00:31:48FetAA nää pussyt turtlee voidii vs
00:31:50mrk mid vs void
00:31:54mrk 2-3 razes missed
00:31:54Kastrup i had "ok" midt
00:32:00mrk that one moment
00:32:00Kastrup but.. they ganked
00:32:01Kastrup u didn't
00:32:02Seppo13 ei ne meita voi tappaa
00:32:04Seppo13 ultaat vaan
00:32:04mrk when we were 3v1 on void
00:32:06FetAA nii
00:32:06mrk he ultied
00:32:09mrk and you died to him
00:32:09Seppo13 sillei ette tuu sihie =)
00:32:12Kastrup b?
00:32:33Seppo13 hui
00:32:33yazzu pewpewpewpe :D
00:32:36Kastrup Why go?
00:32:41Kastrup all of them are there
00:32:42wodrock to give entry
00:32:43FetAA wp
00:32:43Kastrup and u blink in
00:32:45yazzu I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:45JeJePwn noni
00:32:46wodrock and end earlier
00:32:48yazzu entry? :D
00:32:48mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:48Kastrup like there is no fucking tomorrow?
00:32:48wodrock I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:32:52yazzu all 5 guys is theyr entry :D:D
00:32:53JeJePwn otanko ?
00:32:54Seppo13 haen bf
00:32:55Seppo13 sit end
00:33:01JeJePwn juu bf kanssa tääl
00:33:05Seppo13 30min
00:33:06Seppo13 ay
00:33:07Seppo13 gj
00:33:12yazzu well bad games happen :p
00:33:16Kastrup wait for team
00:33:18Kastrup and lets go together
00:33:20Kastrup how hard is it..
00:33:33Seppo13 lets endd
00:33:33mrk void ults and kills 2 of us then mortred 2 hits the rest?
00:33:35mrk kinda no point
00:33:48FetAA joo
00:33:49Seppo13 venge
00:33:49Seppo13 derp
00:33:50Seppo13 mid
00:33:51FetAA tulkaa midii
00:33:54yazzu im imba u fool!
00:33:57Seppo13 eiks sulla oo kouluu
00:33:59ricke take towers top and bot
00:34:00Seppo13 kun pelaat tähä aikaa
00:34:02ricke and we can end it
00:34:05mrk we had all the chances to win like 10 minutes ago
00:34:05FetAA alko loma
00:34:06FetAA ite?
00:34:07mrk but just
00:34:09Seppo13 alko kans =)
00:34:13FetAA chillii
00:34:14mrk fail
00:34:15Seppo13 y
00:34:19FetAA voi doudaaj safkaa
00:34:25Seppo13 jep
00:34:25FetAA joulu vaa:p
00:34:28Seppo13 go mid
00:34:33Y4KUZA lets end
00:34:34Seppo13 ja uv (;
00:34:38FetAA sit voi dokaa
00:34:40Seppo13 y
00:34:49Seppo13 rofl
00:34:49Seppo13 fail
00:34:50FetAA meenkö rambon
00:34:51FetAA mul aegis
00:34:51wodrock nice usage of spells :D
00:34:52Seppo13 ye
00:34:53FetAA mis pa ja venge?
00:34:57Seppo13 heitan setit inee
00:34:57FetAA ZEUS
00:35:01FetAA kato zeust:D
00:35:03FetAA onkse retardi :D
00:35:05FetAA go rege
00:35:06Seppo13 o
00:35:06FetAA :D
00:35:10yazzu je :D
00:35:10FetAA ur not any use
00:35:12Seppo13 mee hyppää
00:35:13FetAA like that
00:35:15FetAA taeptaa 2v5
00:35:35Y4KUZA oom
00:35:41yazzu finally :D
00:35:50Kastrup lol
00:35:53Kastrup what a timing to stun
00:36:00Seppo13 eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
00:36:01Seppo13 vitun tiny
00:36:12yazzu stop it!
00:36:15FetAA olti iakhestaa:d
00:36:25Seppo13 jep
00:36:31Seppo13 otit vaan setit bastaa
00:36:34Seppo13 *v
00:36:47Seppo13 tuuks uutee
00:36:53yazzu this mort is hard to notice in creeps -_-
00:37:02Kastrup die
00:37:02FetAA oopss
00:37:04Seppo13 moukuttaa
00:37:11FetAA vittu ei ollu ultii
00:37:12FetAA oisi saanu
00:37:18JeJePwn kaikki ois saatu =D
00:37:18yazzu die motafuka die
00:37:18Seppo13 teen vladi
00:37:22FetAA nyt o
00:37:23FetAA tein jo
00:37:24FetAA :;D
00:37:24JeJePwn juu tee vladi
00:37:27Seppo13 _r
00:37:29FetAA tee domi
00:37:31FetAA itteles
00:37:31Seppo13 teen sit domi
00:37:32Seppo13 ye
00:37:42JeJePwn teenkö vaikka monkey king baari ?
00:37:47Seppo13 y
00:38:11FetAA 20 s ja finish
00:38:24Y4KUZA gather mid
00:38:46FetAA omw
00:39:02Kastrup get ready for big clash midt
00:39:14wodrock it's funny they ha ven't ended already
00:39:30FetAA gj
00:39:35FetAA yazzu dont walk on it
00:39:48yazzu i tryd to stunn :p
00:39:54Seppo13 GG
00:39:57Kastrup gg
00:39:59FetAA ggz
00:39:59Kastrup wp void
00:40:02ultzxD I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:07yazzu I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:08JeJePwn [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:40:08JeJePwn [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:40:08JeJePwn [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:40:08JeJePwn [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:40:08Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:40:09ultzxD I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:40:14Seppo13 tuusk uutee
00:40:16yazzu tsik tsik tsik
00:40:19FetAA buugi ja kihi pyytä pelaa
00:40:21FetAA tuu goldenspoon
00:40:26Seppo13 oon banned sieltä :D
00:40:28yazzu gg
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