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Chat log

00:00:07LongWell bane slardar razor
00:00:07Affliction ogre DK soec
00:00:08ProButLagsK what u have
00:00:11ProButLagsK i want to swap
00:00:13N2xy panda, troll, sd
00:00:14Affliction spec
00:00:14RikiMaro alch trax visage
00:00:18ATS_ i can play ogre
00:00:18curdi cent lion am
00:00:21ProButLagsK take me trax or spec
00:00:22N2xy yo tamps
00:00:28RikiMaro why do u pick then?
00:00:28LongWell -c
00:00:29Affliction -swap 1
00:00:29LongWell -co
00:00:32ProButLagsK -swap 5
00:00:33PinaryB ench magna naga
00:00:33ATS_ storm night stalker and viper
00:00:36curdi because es is a good hero
00:00:38PinaryB y
00:00:39PinaryB o
00:00:39curdi and a good pick
00:00:39N2xy tahad midagi minult?
00:00:42PinaryB oot
00:00:42RikiMaro gief storm'
00:00:43N2xy :S
00:00:44inteC atro
00:00:47inteC share chick?
00:00:49LongWell y
00:00:50RikiMaro alch trax visage
00:00:54PinaryB sd?
00:00:55LongWell just ask
00:00:56ProButLagsK -clear
00:01:00FetAA a
00:01:03N2xy shadow
00:01:04RikiMaro what u want
00:01:05N2xy ahh
00:01:07FetAA longwell?
00:01:08N2xy õpin pandat
00:01:11ATS_ ogre?
00:01:12LongWell ??
00:01:12N2xy :D
00:01:17RikiMaro alch trax visage
00:01:19LongWell what puck?
00:01:21FetAA go other lane :p
00:01:23LongWell no
00:01:24FetAA who are u
00:01:27LongWell bane strongest solo mid
00:01:27ATS_ mic
00:01:30FetAA well im cpt
00:01:30ProButLagsK affliction kommer du midt og ganker når du er lvl 3?
00:01:31FetAA i decide
00:01:31ATS_ minc
00:01:32RikiMaro ?
00:01:34curdi lion am cent
00:01:37FetAA ugo with panda
00:01:38Affliction okay
00:01:39Affliction :)
00:01:40FetAA sleep clap swap
00:01:44LongWell its not cm mode dawg
00:01:45PinaryB im top woods
00:01:46RikiMaro storm u gonna swap or not
00:01:47FetAA ok
00:01:48FetAA atropos
00:01:49ATS_ giev cent
00:01:49FetAA solo top
00:01:52ATS_ y
00:01:52RikiMaro nc
00:01:55curdi dont want storm rly
00:01:57ProButLagsK share pls
00:01:57LongWell ..
00:01:58FetAA klemm
00:02:00FetAA go bot
00:02:05LongWell -c
00:02:07FetAA RIKIMARO kuka oot
00:02:11Affliction rune top
00:02:25curdi ATS storm beware
00:02:26N2xy tamps. mis itemid bravv teeb?
00:02:30N2xy pandale
00:02:30ATS_ y
00:02:30LongWell -co
00:02:30Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:02:40LongWell ..miss
00:02:41inteC igast sitta teeb
00:02:43PinaryB agha dagger
00:02:44N2xy ok
00:03:02ATS_ no wards lol
00:03:12ATS_ ss
00:03:58PinaryB gj
00:04:05PinaryB raping pro butt
00:04:26ATS_ s
00:04:27ATS_ 's
00:04:28FetAA atropos
00:04:29FetAA share chickne
00:04:31ProButLagsK top inc
00:05:07N2xy bad timing :p
00:05:24N2xy wtf
00:05:25N2xy you do
00:05:34Affliction bah
00:05:37LongWell ..miss
00:05:40Affliction spot :/
00:05:41LongWell storm
00:05:43FetAA y es
00:06:22ProButLagsK take rune down
00:06:23ProButLagsK omg
00:06:39ATS_ who is this mym troll
00:07:11RikiMaro lol at storm
00:07:13Affliction ye
00:07:14Affliction :/
00:07:23LongWell -afk
00:09:03inteC s
00:09:15N2xy 20 mana
00:09:29LongWell come gan
00:09:31LongWell gank
00:09:44FetAA 3 -4 mid
00:09:45FetAA allthe time
00:09:47FetAA hope u farm:D
00:09:54FetAA u want g ank bane?
00:09:57FetAA got ulti can tp
00:09:58N2xy lol
00:10:01LongWell sure
00:10:02N2xy so easy kill
00:10:08LongWell maybe
00:10:11LongWell we should kill spec
00:10:14FetAA i killed 3x
00:10:20N2xy i hate that bristle :S
00:10:25LongWell k
00:10:28inteC why?
00:10:32N2xy diunno
00:10:32inteC u went under his twr
00:10:37N2xy lol?
00:10:39N2xy haha
00:10:48curdi ff
00:11:05N2xy now
00:11:06N2xy b
00:11:06FetAA omw
00:11:08FetAA ah u dead
00:11:17LongWell hell no
00:11:19RikiMaro spectre cent even
00:11:22RikiMaro hit
00:11:27RikiMaro spectral dagger
00:11:42FetAA well bot horrible fail
00:11:42FetAA :E
00:11:45N2xy very
00:11:46ProButLagsK my dagger kinda bugged
00:11:49ProButLagsK i cant toss it
00:11:51LongWell what kind of lane is panda + bb :D
00:11:53ProButLagsK right
00:11:56ProButLagsK today
00:11:57N2xy still
00:11:58FetAA well they picked shit
00:12:06N2xy we had nice chances
00:12:09FetAA bristle pick ruined it
00:12:12N2xy and bb went b like all the time
00:12:43N2xy perma stun
00:12:44FetAA well ok
00:12:48N2xy coulnd use ulti
00:12:50FetAA that fucking bot ruined the game
00:12:52FetAA why i went t here
00:13:18ProButLagsK min dagger virker ikke...
00:13:21Affliction :/
00:13:39ATS_ b
00:13:44FetAA u got abilities in panda
00:13:45FetAA go encha ffs
00:13:51FetAA enchaa
00:13:52FetAA GO
00:14:05FetAA ecnha retard
00:14:10FetAA nwo u go
00:14:58RikiMaro b
00:15:30LongWell well its kewl
00:15:33LongWell 5 were they
00:15:41FetAA we got too many useless guys in this team
00:15:42FetAA 3 guys
00:15:50LongWell gk
00:15:51LongWell gj
00:15:52ATS_ b
00:15:58FetAA farm top carrys?
00:16:14ATS_ b
00:16:14LongWell coming
00:16:14ATS_ b
00:16:34FetAA even spectre got some items now
00:16:43FetAA lets play with 5 asewell
00:16:47curdi fucking joke game again
00:16:47LongWell go top
00:16:55LongWell bait
00:16:56ATS_ y just failing
00:17:12ProButLagsK team go top
00:17:16FetAA sleep
00:17:27FetAA b
00:17:30LongWell damn
00:17:48FetAA joke game
00:17:48LongWell we could won that fight
00:17:49FetAA now bobby fat
00:17:59FetAA and n2xy keeps deing to solo ES
00:18:07N2xy he had some luck
00:18:16ATS_ b
00:18:29LongWell coming top
00:18:32ATS_ b
00:18:32LongWell go gank
00:18:36ProButLagsK gogogo
00:18:40Affliction otw
00:18:42Affliction invis
00:19:14FetAA ff
00:19:34FetAA PAnda bristle
00:19:36FetAA totally useless
00:19:38N2xy :(
00:19:41FetAA its like playing 3v5 game
00:19:48LongWell y
00:20:19FetAA gj man
00:20:19inteC i should whine now
00:20:20FetAA suicide more
00:20:25inteC UR SO USELESS
00:20:27inteC like u did
00:20:29inteC if suicide
00:20:33inteC ur start whining on me
00:20:34FetAA keep suicide
00:20:42curdi spec baits
00:20:51inteC u have 3 suicides also
00:20:59FetAA where is panda
00:21:05FetAA oh panda had business to do
00:21:33ATS_ b
00:21:38FetAA :Dd
00:22:11ProButLagsK let me mid
00:22:21ProButLagsK ffs
00:22:23ProButLagsK lion..
00:22:26curdi ?
00:22:31ProButLagsK u need to hex
00:22:37curdi cant in silence
00:22:39curdi newsflash
00:23:05inteC keep suiciding
00:23:07inteC gh
00:23:07FetAA our two heroes
00:23:08inteC gj
00:23:10FetAA in the woods
00:23:12Affliction take top
00:23:12inteC keep suiciding
00:23:13Affliction spec
00:23:15Affliction have tP ?
00:23:15FetAA its 3v5?
00:23:17FetAA we a re anking
00:23:18FetAA they move as 5
00:23:23FetAA we moe as 3 cause we have 2 retards
00:23:24FetAA in the team
00:23:27ProButLagsK i just walk
00:23:31FetAA gl outfarming with ur farming skills
00:23:38inteC i wont start running as soon as i see u going to die
00:23:43inteC its nonsens
00:24:03ATS_ cere
00:24:05ATS_ care
00:24:19FetAA freefrag
00:24:24inteC wait now
00:24:28FetAA go
00:24:30LongWell lion
00:25:09inteC FFS
00:25:19inteC puck so useless
00:25:20inteC again
00:25:22FetAA :DDD
00:25:23FetAA kk
00:25:32inteC hunting alone
00:25:35inteC wp
00:25:42FetAA bristle why dont u play like garena
00:25:44N2xy i love that game
00:25:55inteC why dont u stop acting like a kid?
00:26:02FetAA whit players in ur level
00:26:02ProButLagsK mana
00:26:04N2xy face that bb. you are bad like i am.. shut up now
00:26:13inteC im bad
00:26:14LongWell :D
00:26:15ProButLagsK mana es
00:26:17N2xy i have no idea how to play panda :D
00:26:19LongWell what is this i don't even..
00:26:20inteC but this doesnt mean that he is gppd
00:26:22inteC good
00:26:25inteC he blames me
00:26:28inteC all the time
00:26:28FetAA well atleast i pwnedmid
00:26:29inteC he dies
00:26:32inteC but actually
00:26:35N2xy you sux
00:26:38N2xy i saw it
00:26:42inteC me too
00:26:43ATS_ es drink my bottle
00:26:49inteC you vs creeps vs twr lvl 3
00:26:53inteC nice
00:27:02Affliction all ?
00:27:02inteC and then started whining
00:27:04ATS_ y
00:27:05inteC omg bristle
00:27:07ATS_ all mid
00:27:08ATS_ ?
00:27:10inteC WHy didnt u stop me
00:27:13inteC going under twr
00:27:17ATS_ no
00:27:18N2xy lol
00:27:22ATS_ mid
00:27:27N2xy tower wasnt attacking me
00:27:28N2xy lol
00:27:32PinaryB alkche
00:27:36FetAA bristle outfarming u atm spectre
00:27:50curdi omw top
00:27:57inteC hmm
00:28:01FetAA soon hod
00:28:04inteC puck outafking u
00:28:08inteC spamming bullshit
00:28:14inteC it think its bringin win
00:28:15ATS_ b
00:28:17FetAA look
00:28:21FetAA haha
00:28:24inteC look what
00:28:25N2xy lol
00:28:26FetAA :DDDDD
00:28:28inteC i need to answer u
00:28:31FetAA lion just autoattacked u
00:28:35inteC i know
00:28:38FetAA goodjob
00:28:40ProButLagsK deny tower
00:28:44curdi y
00:28:47inteC lets see what ucan do now
00:28:51inteC im wawtching
00:28:56FetAA maybe go leave
00:28:58FetAA play 10 games garena
00:28:59FetAA and come back
00:29:01inteC aww u gonna outfarm now?
00:29:05inteC look
00:29:09inteC feta outfarming you
00:29:17inteC isnt that nice
00:29:27LongWell come gank top
00:29:31inteC u fucking cunt
00:29:38FetAA dont mind him he took some of his mom;s drugs again
00:29:41curdi es care
00:29:46inteC what should i do feta
00:29:49inteC in this game?
00:29:53FetAA stop sucking
00:29:57inteC no rly
00:29:58inteC tell me
00:29:58curdi omw
00:30:06inteC aww
00:30:08FetAA ?
00:30:10FetAA maybe do better
00:30:12FetAA than 28mins
00:30:14FetAA treads
00:30:15FetAA running alone
00:30:16FetAA on map
00:30:17FetAA dieing
00:30:19FetAA to whomever
00:30:19inteC let me quess puck
00:30:19FetAA u dinf
00:30:21LongWell elitist much?>
00:30:21N2xy liiga lahe mäng ikka
00:30:24inteC it was my fault u died?
00:30:28inteC wasnt it?
00:30:28FetAA ?
00:30:32FetAA are u crazy
00:30:34FetAA dude
00:30:38inteC u should spam now
00:30:38FetAA i dont feel like talking to a total retard
00:30:41FetAA u have no idea
00:30:41inteC IDIOTS IN TEAM
00:30:42N2xy ma nii sitt pandaga ja sain veel bb kaasa endaga. gg kohe
00:30:51inteC kule sa heelium ole vait
00:30:54inteC tra p2rdik raisk
00:31:04FetAA lets just ff
00:31:05N2xy :(
00:31:08FetAA with this bristle no chance
00:31:20FetAA alche and spectre fat now
00:31:21FetAA we has no late:E
00:31:27LongWell ok
00:31:53ProButLagsK take
00:32:01FetAA es loww
00:32:06ProButLagsK go top ppl
00:32:18RikiMaro b
00:32:32curdi they got ward----------
00:32:44FetAA gogo
00:32:47LongWell he is b
00:32:50LongWell mb spec
00:32:50FetAA spectre
00:33:00ATS_ b
00:33:22LongWell nv,m
00:34:04PinaryB b mid
00:34:04ATS_ oom
00:34:19Affliction knight ?
00:34:26Affliction er det dig?
00:35:02curdi fucking lucky shit
00:35:13FetAA bristle
00:35:13FetAA :D
00:35:16FetAA again
00:35:24inteC again what
00:35:30FetAA again not with team
00:35:32inteC def base
00:35:33inteC dont go on
00:35:36inteC em
00:35:36N2xy -ff
00:35:39FetAA -ff
00:35:41N2xy -ff
00:35:49PinaryB I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:58inteC u just gave entry
00:36:04N2xy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:04Affliction b
00:36:05N2xy !ff
00:36:08N2xy ``
00:36:12N2xy kuidas see käib tamps?
00:36:13PinaryB lihtsalt ff
00:36:14ATS_ why
00:36:15LongWell !ff
00:36:16N2xy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:17N2xy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:18LongWell -ff
00:36:21RikiMaro spec take
00:36:22PinaryB ise ie näe
00:36:24N2xy aa
00:36:25N2xy ok
00:36:28LongWell storm
00:36:35ProButLagsK go
00:36:54ProButLagsK jesus
00:36:58ProButLagsK u fucking suck horseass
00:37:04ProButLagsK u dont get this game
00:37:07curdi you rambo
00:37:10curdi dont blame us
00:37:13ProButLagsK i blame u
00:37:17ProButLagsK cause u blind
00:37:27curdi blind?
00:37:28inteC hea stun
00:37:31ATS_ i blame u caus 5vs2
00:37:36curdi because i was the only one running towards you?
00:38:19Affliction b
00:38:22FetAA rape them klemm
00:38:30FetAA spec ulti
00:38:46ATS_ es take
00:38:47ProButLagsK take mid
00:39:04FetAA alche
00:39:43ATS_ gj
00:39:45LongWell gg
00:39:56LongWell btw u guys are team?
00:40:09curdi ?
00:40:11ATS_ :DDDDD
00:40:17curdi YES YES WE ARE
00:40:18FetAA GG wellplayed now give bristle whatever money u promises to him
00:40:19N2xy enam pandat ei mängi :D
00:40:20FetAA for playing liek this
00:40:21Affliction urn me
00:40:22inteC -ff
00:40:23inteC I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:25inteC !ff
00:40:27LongWell -ff
00:40:30Affliction urn me
00:41:01RikiMaro i have 0-9 dmg
00:41:08RikiMaro ;(
00:41:58LongWell we acctualy had a chance
00:42:02LongWell but not anymore
00:42:05FetAA ofc
00:42:10LongWell 40 minutes played
00:42:13N2xy no.. i am with panda. then here is no cahnce
00:42:14LongWell you chated 20 mintes
00:42:16inteC till feta gave the entry
00:42:18N2xy chance
00:42:20LongWell YOU SEE
00:42:23LongWell never ending
00:42:23FetAA :DD bristle
00:42:28LongWell you just keep it coming
00:42:29FetAA that shows how much watched
00:42:30Affliction we all dead
00:42:31Affliction :/
00:42:33FetAA what happened
00:42:34inteC went midõ
00:42:34ATS_ y
00:42:35inteC and died
00:42:39LongWell if one is retard let him
00:42:44LongWell don't act retarded like him
00:42:49LongWell can't you jut play normaly?
00:43:01FetAA i do
00:43:03FetAA i raped mid
00:43:05FetAA but bristle had other plans
00:43:07RikiMaro 1 go top
00:43:08RikiMaro 1 mid
00:43:08FetAA and fed whoever he can
00:43:10RikiMaro 3 bot
00:43:11inteC u fed mid
00:43:16FetAA yes i fed mid
00:43:21inteC u have 10 deaths
00:43:23FetAA i died him 2x in 5min
00:43:31FetAA i killed him 2x in 5min
00:43:36FetAA that fedding
00:43:37FetAA must be
00:43:44N2xy why you talk with him?
00:43:46N2xy no point
00:43:54ProButLagsK -cs
00:43:58FetAA well its like talking to my dog
00:44:03FetAA tho even my dog understand more
00:44:13PinaryB you must have one hell of a bad dog
00:44:24FetAA :D yep
00:44:24inteC feta
00:44:27inteC ur finnish?
00:44:34FetAA yea?
00:44:39inteC k no problem then
00:45:14N2xy teed vele ühe?
00:45:18N2xy veel
00:45:18PinaryB rty
00:45:37inteC ofc et teen
00:45:38inteC aahah
00:45:39curdi gg :s
00:45:43N2xy eiei
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