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Chat log

00:00:09Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:13Elderi SICKPOL
00:00:16The_KknD take aa for me pls
00:00:16atte ban aa
00:00:16The_KknD fuck
00:00:16Kastrup cmon guys
00:00:16Kastrup we can win this
00:00:16Kastrup we need cent
00:00:16valiante i ban es
00:00:16Kastrup veno
00:00:16Kastrup maybe roof
00:00:16Chuck yeah take hero for 800x noob
00:00:16Chuck :P
00:00:17atte want bat ?
00:00:22atte feta
00:00:22FetAA i can
00:00:23FetAA bat
00:00:24The_KknD ofc
00:00:24FetAA k
00:00:25atte k
00:00:38FetAA voisitte lanettaa
00:00:39FetAA chucki kaa
00:00:49FetAA jollain imba lanel
00:00:51FetAA ku toi aika sick mid
00:00:57FetAA mitä haluut
00:01:00karm interesting
00:01:01atte ota sven
00:01:04atte -swap 3
00:01:07FetAA -swap 1
00:01:14Elderi mitä otan
00:01:16valiante get
00:01:16valiante veno
00:01:17valiante centaur
00:01:29valiante need veno for gangs
00:01:33karm do u want me to go woods or
00:01:35Chuck veno panda
00:01:38Kastrup just come with me bot
00:01:38valiante ?
00:01:39atte y
00:01:40Kastrup and i go alone bot
00:01:42The_KknD seer maybe
00:01:44Kastrup and u pull
00:01:46Kastrup and
00:01:49valiante ye dont go full woods
00:01:49Kastrup ½ at lane
00:01:54valiante new cent sucks woods early
00:01:55Kastrup u can't woods alone
00:01:55karm sure
00:01:56Affliction what i take+ :/
00:01:59valiante dont skill ur aura
00:02:07Affliction i take+ :/
00:02:10valiante hmm
00:02:12valiante take rex
00:02:13valiante or roof
00:02:14Kastrup rex
00:02:16Kastrup or roof
00:02:21Kastrup cent go top
00:02:28Kastrup pr
00:02:29Kastrup or
00:02:29Kastrup wahtevr
00:02:31karm top
00:02:31atte imba
00:02:34Kastrup enc come bot
00:02:35FetAA !
00:02:40Kastrup share
00:02:41karm enc go top pls :p
00:02:48valiante ench
00:02:48Kastrup ench go their woods top
00:02:49valiante top
00:02:50valiante ?
00:02:52Affliction i can go woods :/
00:02:54karm + other shit gives me better chances for quick dagger
00:02:59valiante am
00:03:00valiante go mid then?
00:03:03valiante i solo top
00:03:21valiante am
00:03:24Wormik now=?
00:03:30Kastrup cent pull
00:04:01The_KknD or kill or let me
00:04:04The_KknD pls
00:04:11atte :DD
00:04:16Wormik ss up
00:04:27The_KknD ofc
00:04:49The_KknD spam magina pls
00:04:54The_KknD dont let him farm
00:04:58Kastrup gj
00:05:23valiante miss bat
00:05:25valiante re
00:05:55valiante lol
00:06:08Wormik sss
00:06:12Kastrup ye
00:06:14valiante MISS bat
00:06:23Wormik wanna change mid?
00:06:27Wormik 2 stups up
00:06:41valiante miss still
00:06:43valiante care guys
00:06:43valiante its bat
00:07:10Kastrup ench come gank?
00:07:17FetAA lol :D
00:07:20FetAA vitun lich
00:07:24atte ss
00:07:27atte magina
00:07:40valiante MISS BAT
00:07:44Wormik na miss
00:07:55The_KknD lol man
00:08:06The_KknD i cant
00:08:08The_KknD look at him
00:08:10Kastrup mis pabnda
00:08:12The_KknD he warded
00:08:16The_KknD and go on tower
00:08:17The_KknD alone
00:08:18Kastrup gj ench
00:08:22The_KknD and see them in woods
00:08:27Kastrup re panda
00:08:28Kastrup miss
00:08:31Kastrup vejno
00:09:05Kastrup ench come
00:09:05Kastrup again
00:09:08Wormik shitfarm up btw
00:09:18Wormik sven gets all creeps
00:09:30valiante MISS BAT
00:10:03Chuck haste
00:10:04Kastrup brb
00:10:09Wormik lvl8 lich u come come for ultisome1?
00:10:20valiante ye
00:10:21valiante when its ready
00:10:24valiante im owning bat
00:10:27FetAA omw to ench
00:10:35Wormik ss up
00:10:41Wormik cant do shit there
00:11:00FetAA .
00:11:02Kastrup gj
00:11:03The_KknD .
00:11:12valiante i got spotted
00:11:54Wormik sven dagger
00:11:56Wormik lich ?
00:11:59valiante omw
00:12:03Wormik cant believe ulti takes THAT long
00:12:04valiante its warded
00:12:07valiante what do u want me to do?
00:12:08valiante he went back
00:12:09valiante both times
00:12:35Wormik gj
00:12:44FetAA zz
00:12:46Wormik can i mid i need farm
00:12:50valiante ye
00:12:50valiante go
00:13:05Wormik was soloing with agi vs 2 toppick stunners = 0 farm
00:14:04Chuck ultaa
00:14:15Chuck mitä vittua
00:14:16Wormik na mid
00:14:19FetAA emt
00:14:26Wormik ss
00:15:28Chuck ultaa
00:15:30Chuck vitut oot paska
00:15:34Chuck se menee repelin läpi
00:15:46Kastrup sven miss
00:16:09valiante soz
00:16:12valiante just lasthit with ulti
00:16:12Wormik np
00:16:18FetAA emt mul bugaa tää uus patchi pitää painaa hiirel hotkeyt siistii
00:16:25FetAA siis hotkeyt bugaa
00:16:25Kastrup -2
00:17:10karm gank panda
00:17:17Chuck go clpa
00:17:33Chuck mun
00:17:43valiante omw
00:17:53The_KknD reuse
00:18:11valiante cent
00:18:30valiante -ii
00:18:35Affliction -ii
00:18:36The_KknD haha
00:19:22Kastrup slo
00:19:23Kastrup slow
00:19:23Kastrup ffs
00:19:46Chuck b
00:20:24The_KknD :D
00:20:24valiante wormik
00:20:26valiante are u imba noob?
00:20:27The_KknD sry
00:20:32valiante like worse than karm?
00:20:34Wormik aah stfy
00:20:38valiante u go sven with ulti 1 v 1
00:20:40valiante and think u win?
00:20:43valiante and dont blink away
00:20:51Wormik didnt know he had ulti on
00:20:52Wormik ofc
00:20:55valiante hes red
00:20:57valiante ffs
00:21:00valiante that means ulti
00:21:11atte my farm bot
00:21:14The_KknD ofc
00:21:17Elderi gang bot
00:21:21valiante i dont see how these teams makes sense either
00:21:29Chuck härkii
00:21:31valiante my third pick goes 1 v 1 versus fed sven with ulti active
00:22:08FetAA well our third pick plays only with mouse mostly;p
00:22:46The_KknD well i am bot
00:22:47valiante go
00:22:48valiante sven
00:22:49The_KknD and all of u top
00:22:50The_KknD :S
00:23:01atte then why go
00:23:02atte alone
00:23:06The_KknD i didnt
00:23:09The_KknD they come
00:25:01Kastrup b
00:25:19karm haste sven
00:25:20atte panda
00:25:22atte make agha..
00:25:35atte no bfury
00:26:17atte niceone panda
00:26:18atte ...
00:26:25atte sell that fucking battlefury
00:27:18FetAA k
00:27:45valiante cant be bothered
00:28:21atte WHY
00:28:22FetAA hmm
00:28:22atte BLINK
00:28:24atte DIDNT WORK
00:28:24Kastrup :D
00:29:03FetAA panda:D
00:29:10The_KknD on phone :D
00:29:30karm repel
00:29:31Wormik ded
00:29:37Kastrup b
00:31:11FetAA kaikki
00:31:59Kastrup buynack mania
00:32:01Kastrup b
00:32:10Affliction 1 step forward 6 back...
00:32:27Chuck kknd if u were cm would u go carrybuild?
00:32:33The_KknD lol
00:32:36The_KknD ofc
00:32:38FetAA aghanim carryes too:p
00:32:39The_KknD allways
00:32:42atte b
00:32:46The_KknD this is not cary build
00:32:50FetAA lol
00:32:52The_KknD this is dps build
00:32:52FetAA its shit build
00:32:56The_KknD 2
00:32:58The_KknD y
00:33:16valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:32Kastrup magina what items are you trying to get?
00:33:37Wormik manta
00:33:46FetAA why u make battlefury why dont u look elderis good example and make Sange yasha
00:34:48Chuck you know panda
00:34:49Chuck blink =)
00:34:52The_KknD ofc
00:34:56Chuck "ofc"
00:34:57Chuck just quit pls
00:34:59Chuck you suck so hard
00:35:04The_KknD just su pls
00:35:18FetAA go mid?
00:35:35atte -ms
00:35:38atte bv
00:35:39atte b
00:35:40atte b
00:35:40atte b
00:35:40atte b
00:35:41atte b
00:35:44atte b
00:35:45atte b
00:35:45atte b
00:35:45atte b
00:35:45atte b
00:35:45atte b
00:35:46atte bb
00:35:46atte b
00:35:47atte bb
00:35:53FetAA wh
00:36:01FetAA tp top
00:36:06valiante go him
00:36:11valiante nah
00:36:11valiante b
00:37:24Affliction b
00:38:51FetAA oks meil ketää tekemäs diffuu
00:38:54atte o
00:39:13atte -ms
00:39:15atte -ms
00:39:47FetAA fight
00:40:13valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:18Affliction lets try gank gim
00:41:20Affliction him
00:41:23valiante yeh
00:41:24valiante go bot
00:41:25valiante all then
00:41:27valiante fuck svne
00:41:29valiante hes invinsible
00:41:33valiante he kills us all when no stun
00:41:35FetAA finish?
00:41:36Chuck give
00:41:38Chuck need diffu
00:41:39atte i take rosh
00:41:42Chuck zzz
00:42:01karm they
00:42:06atte oom
00:42:07atte brb
00:42:10valiante come here guys
00:42:59The_KknD dead
00:43:06Chuck sadphase :D
00:43:11karm SVEN
00:43:20Chuck mby if u had something else than bfury :)
00:43:44Wormik b=
00:44:44Wormik reg
00:44:51karm b
00:45:35FetAA mana
00:45:41atte me2
00:45:42atte manaa
00:45:46The_KknD come
00:46:32Chuck atte?
00:46:36atte ....
00:46:38Chuck midädeed
00:46:42atte 0mana
00:46:43atte kokoaja
00:46:45atte tajuux
00:46:45Chuck :D
00:46:50The_KknD retard
00:46:51Chuck mul purge ja stun
00:46:52Affliction place wards
00:46:55FetAA ettekö oo
00:46:56FetAA ventis:p
00:47:02atte ei
00:47:27Chuck calculated?
00:47:29Chuck 30hp
00:48:09atte VITUN OOM KOKOAJA
00:48:19Wormik use the hat
00:48:20atte ostan hexin
00:48:23atte y
00:48:24FetAA :DD
00:48:25atte should
00:48:34Affliction b
00:48:34FetAA vedä int treadseil
00:48:41atte e
00:48:47atte meen kuolee aegiksen
00:48:58atte raX
00:49:09Kastrup soon we need wards
00:49:12Kastrup at roshan
00:49:20Kastrup because sven is lossing ank in a sec
00:49:20Kastrup ok?
00:50:00FetAA noni finishh
00:50:00FetAA omw
00:50:11FetAA mihi juoksette
00:50:52FetAA miks vitus juoksitte toon
00:51:08Chuck atte mikset vittu puhu mitää
00:51:19Chuck :DDDD
00:51:25Wormik aaah
00:51:29Wormik too close blink
00:51:35valiante got aghanims
00:51:35valiante now
00:51:37valiante go mid
00:51:42atte kantsisko
00:51:57Affliction need 500 for hex
00:52:08Wormik no bkb on sven?
00:52:08Affliction rosh ?
00:52:11Chuck lich gem jeejee
00:52:18FetAA no se kuolee heti
00:52:18valiante gio
00:52:26Kastrup no
00:52:26Kastrup no
00:52:28valiante get vneo
00:52:40FetAA sil se gemi
00:53:37Chuck AGHA
00:53:41karm nomnomnom
00:53:44Chuck tai shiva
00:53:52FetAA i got shiva
00:53:54karm -cs
00:54:39karm they rosh
00:54:51FetAA :D
00:54:53The_KknD :D
00:55:01Chuck lich died?
00:55:04Chuck gem where
00:55:04valiante b
00:55:10valiante get b
00:55:48FetAA gogo
00:55:49FetAA finish
00:55:52atte need chick
00:55:53atte items
00:55:54atte base
00:56:04atte wait
00:56:06atte my items
00:56:07atte then go
00:56:08Kastrup they midt
00:56:12FetAA no pipe after 52;:p
00:56:37Kastrup care
00:56:38Kastrup plz
00:56:42FetAA magina top go?
00:56:56Chuck lich no ulti
00:56:57Chuck =)
00:57:28valiante b
00:57:29valiante guys
00:57:45atte mana
00:58:33valiante gg
00:58:35valiante wp
00:59:04atte *:DDD
00:59:09atte crittasin itteni hengiltä
00:59:31The_KknD and ulti
00:59:34The_KknD and 1st
00:59:38The_KknD but no reflex :D
01:00:27The_KknD :D
01:00:29FetAA mitöö
01:00:35atte normi omni
01:00:43FetAA zz
01:00:49Kastrup :(
01:01:34Kastrup push midt
01:01:35Kastrup ffs
01:01:37Kastrup not woods
01:01:43valiante ye go mid
01:02:01Kastrup am ffs
01:02:01Chuck ww storm
01:02:02Chuck home
01:02:05Chuck ww storm home
01:02:10valiante magina
01:02:10Chuck and let brown die
01:02:11Chuck idiot
01:02:12valiante why dont u hit him?
01:02:30The_KknD LOL
01:02:37valiante HEX?=!
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