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Chat log

00:00:21NotAHax stoend
00:00:22aRkker -.-''
00:00:22NotAHax anna tuo
00:00:23NotAHax arkkerille
00:00:24h0whigh y
00:00:25NotAHax se osaa sil
00:00:25h0whigh what?
00:00:28NotAHax can you give hero to arkker
00:00:31NotAHax he is good with phoenix
00:00:32NotAHax he is
00:00:34NotAHax knows
00:00:35infect nota
00:00:36NotAHax how to play it
00:00:36NotAHax plz
00:00:38NotAHax xddxxd
00:00:39infect what's a good counter
00:00:40h0whigh no i will play it
00:00:41h0whigh :)
00:00:42infect for ur hero ?
00:00:43NotAHax you buy chicken
00:00:44Herre ":)"
00:00:46h0whigh sure
00:00:55aRkker I shall ban you for gameruining afterwards when you feed like hell
00:01:04Kiara can i mid
00:01:05Kiara ?
00:01:09valiante no
00:01:12Kiara ok
00:01:12h0whigh arkker is mad
00:01:12infect tell me a god counter
00:01:14infect NOW
00:01:20NotAHax Techies
00:01:26aRkker ofcourse I am, I know for a fact that you will fuck up
00:01:33h0whigh lol
00:01:38h0whigh have 2 learn this
00:01:39h0whigh 1
00:02:25infect new furi is lol :D
00:02:27Kastrup :D
00:04:25Kastrup ;)
00:04:28aRkker ":D":D":D:"D:D:"D
00:04:47aRkker for fucks sake... I knew you would fuck it up
00:05:40Kastrup *WTF
00:06:32valiante miss
00:07:55aRkker -apom
00:07:57aRkker -apm
00:07:59Muli lvl 5 vois tappaa
00:08:20valiante miss tuskar
00:08:21valiante invis
00:08:22valiante care top
00:08:34Muli ss
00:08:45infect b
00:08:52infect ogre is too aggressive
00:09:19valiante why is this hero even made?
00:09:24NotAHax Why you cant use leap?
00:09:25Muli kill
00:09:30valiante click and i click
00:09:33valiante it disables it
00:09:40NotAHax no shit nigger
00:09:40infect sure
00:09:42infect multi
00:09:42NotAHax its like torrent
00:09:51Muli ysure
00:10:06valiante miss
00:10:07valiante tuskar
00:10:48Kiara wtf
00:10:50Kiara snowball??
00:11:45Muli mo
00:11:59aRkker come on mister phoenix
00:12:03h0whigh what7+
00:12:03aRkker move with the fucking laser plz
00:12:07valiante tuskar miss again
00:12:07h0whigh i did
00:12:22valiante go mid
00:12:27aRkker -mc
00:12:29Kiara kill
00:12:46Muli k
00:13:14Muli top miss all
00:13:21aRkker 5 bot LOL
00:13:35Kiara def
00:13:59aRkker wtf are you doing xD
00:14:08h0whigh testing
00:14:12aRkker nice..
00:14:22aRkker you do know that you can 1) use laser while diving, 2) cancel the dive when you want
00:14:29h0whigh u act like a kid cus u dont have phoenix?
00:14:51aRkker no, I feel sad for you because you have no fucking idea how you're supposed to play
00:14:58h0whigh i will
00:15:21Muli care top
00:15:25Muli 2 tpD
00:15:28Muli ornot
00:15:43valiante why is ti always same mistake
00:15:49valiante new heroes are twice as good as other heroes
00:18:42Muli vittutu
00:18:58Muli kato moro
00:19:12Muli teenkö guinsoo?
00:19:19NotAHax ju
00:19:30infect furi
00:19:35Kastrup ?
00:19:36infect wtf is this null talisman bullshit
00:19:36valiante charge
00:19:39infect make
00:19:45valiante charge
00:19:48infect make bracers
00:21:27aRkker -mc
00:21:36Muli vittu
00:21:39Muli 0 lasthit
00:21:40Muli satana
00:22:14Kastrup i come
00:22:15Kastrup bs
00:22:48NotAHax yo
00:22:59valiante jesus that piece of shit hero is so imba
00:23:06aRkker or then its just a l2p issue
00:23:16aRkker as always, with the new heroes
00:23:21infect yeah arkker, u r doing a swell job
00:23:31infect pressing that one button real hard ;)
00:23:34valiante he instans
00:23:35aRkker 2
00:23:36aRkker or 3
00:23:38aRkker and no, he doesn't
00:23:42aRkker just don't fall below 50% hp and you're all fine
00:24:51infect valiante
00:24:52infect -aa ?
00:24:53valiante mmh
00:24:56valiante -aa
00:25:01valiante 10/14
00:25:02Muli ty
00:25:29Muli :DD
00:25:31Muli blinkkirahat
00:25:33Herre kuinka perseestä
00:25:34Muli just katoin sun rahoja
00:26:01Kastrup b
00:26:14valiante lols
00:26:16valiante why go there?
00:26:18valiante we got tower
00:26:21valiante and this bird is imba shit
00:26:25Muli vittu en saa yhtää fragii
00:26:28infect bird sucks
00:26:29infect hard
00:26:37infect u can destroy that ball so easily
00:26:45valiante how
00:26:50infect attack it :D
00:27:10Muli arkker käärii kaikki
00:27:24infect arkker, it was the 3rd mc on me
00:27:31aRkker highly likely
00:27:31infect why tha fakk do u get them on me only
00:27:35aRkker -mc
00:27:39Kastrup ^and 6. on me ;)
00:27:41aRkker 36 attempts, 15 succesful
00:27:44aRkker 5 times 3x
00:27:47aRkker and 10 times 2x
00:28:35Muli ...
00:28:42infect oh please :D
00:28:50Muli b
00:29:22Muli jumaLAUTA
00:29:29NotAHax yo
00:29:36Muli oli nii fail ku tilanne voi olla
00:29:39infect forgot i had charge on
00:29:42infect was looking bot :d
00:30:24infect go top
00:31:25aRkker why didn't you nuke with the birds? ;<
00:31:27aRkker ez bara
00:31:29Kastrup go
00:31:34Muli pikkusen pullaa
00:31:36Muli voi vittu mitä paskaa
00:31:41Muli paskin peli mitä oon ikinä pelannu
00:31:44Muli hajottaa
00:31:45Muli .)
00:31:54Muli 13 assist
00:31:56Muli .D.,-s,af
00:32:06valiante -aa
00:32:08aRkker 10 tappo
00:32:09aRkker np
00:32:32Muli MUN
00:32:33Muli HAHAH
00:32:47Muli orgasmi
00:34:41infect fucker
00:35:26h0whigh share crow plz
00:35:52h0whigh just a bit faster
00:37:11NotAHax 'MY FARM
00:37:12NotAHax LEAVE
00:37:23infect haha
00:37:27aRkker hi
00:37:28infect wisp ruined everyithing
00:37:31Herre heil
00:37:35aRkker ahoy champion
00:37:35NotAHax 'go
00:38:25Muli PAYBACK
00:38:41valiante illu
00:39:37valiante gg
00:43:00Muli b
00:44:11Kastrup bot tower after
00:44:23NotAHax ...
00:44:30Muli iha siisti
00:44:33aRkker *told yaaaa..*
00:44:39Kastrup go bot
00:44:43infect y
00:44:47infect 3 vs 2 atm
00:45:14infect 30 secs left
00:45:23NotAHax HEX?
00:45:34Muli K
00:47:01Herre having fun with feenix
00:47:03Herre ?
00:47:05h0whigh y
00:47:11Herre I can see it from your item build
00:47:11aRkker KILL YOURSELF
00:47:12aRkker RIGHT
00:47:13aRkker NOW
00:48:08infect that's how entries are given, ym son
00:48:13valiante ^^^
00:49:25Kiara -ha
00:49:30Muli rosh
00:50:02NotAHax mine
00:50:17aRkker -mc
00:50:21Muli b
00:50:22Muli b
00:50:22Muli b
00:50:34Muli wtf
00:51:06Muli oikeesti ei vittu
00:51:12Kastrup go bot
00:51:12Muli phoenix our master
00:51:12Kastrup now
00:51:13Kastrup FAST
00:51:14infect suicide push ?
00:51:16Kastrup ye
00:52:37Kiara ¨leave me
00:52:43h0whigh :/
00:52:44h0whigh lol
00:52:56Muli oho
00:52:58Muli frageja
00:54:11infect EGOTUI
00:54:11Muli some1 is in our base
00:54:11infect ban that twat
00:54:11valiante :D
00:54:11infect !
00:54:11infect egoquit
00:54:11infect !!!!
00:54:11infect 2 gc admins battleing for the epic last spot
00:54:11infect chicken admins arkker and hiiva!
00:54:16aRkker <3 reconnection
00:54:36Kastrup MC MC MC MC
00:54:39aRkker <3 <3 <3
00:54:43infect arkker
00:54:46aRkker yes?
00:54:47infect u r chicken admin
00:54:49infect o lololol
00:54:51aRkker chicken admin? :D
00:55:02infect battling for last spot with herre
00:55:18aRkker unlike you, who is permanently lastpick
00:55:21aRkker :)
00:55:23NotAHax :-D
00:55:25infect nääh, was 3rd
00:55:27infect last game
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