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Chat log

00:00:22The_13abyKnight -Sajlenser
00:00:22FetAA qop
00:01:06FetAA some1 swap?
00:01:08Devil-X-Style moinkeyboy
00:01:10Devil-X-Style go carry?
00:01:11PeterLars y
00:01:12The_13abyKnight wards
00:01:12PeterLars y
00:01:12The_13abyKnight aa
00:01:13The_13abyKnight ?
00:01:14The_13abyKnight <3?
00:01:15The_13abyKnight <3
00:01:15Devil-X-Style void?
00:01:15The_13abyKnight ?
00:01:16najk aye
00:01:16PeterLars weawer?
00:01:17Devil-X-Style pls
00:01:17The_13abyKnight ok
00:01:19The_13abyKnight :3
00:01:20Devil-X-Style void or wever
00:01:30The_13abyKnight gimme
00:01:31The_13abyKnight :<
00:01:35The_13abyKnight ty :D
00:01:39Devil-X-Style rasta wr top
00:01:41Devil-X-Style wever
00:02:01katte omni chick ?
00:02:03The_13abyKnight Remember chicken.
00:02:04katte pls :/
00:02:13The_13abyKnight XD
00:02:16The_13abyKnight aww
00:02:17katte guess not
00:02:17The_13abyKnight :<
00:02:23PeterLars roof mid?
00:02:26Devil-X-Style y
00:02:27The_13abyKnight U kitkat? :3
00:02:29h0vSa hvad siger han jon?
00:02:29PeterLars are you sure :D
00:02:31katte nope
00:02:32Devil-X-Style no
00:02:33PeterLars vs mirana :D
00:02:37Devil-X-Style noob mirana
00:02:38Devil-X-Style if pro mirana
00:02:40Devil-X-Style then no
00:02:42PeterLars ^^
00:02:44N2xy haha :D
00:02:58katte wat
00:03:02katte bought gauntlet
00:04:12FetAA harras bit
00:05:04FetAA harras
00:05:06FetAA so ko we kill
00:07:14FetAA farm
00:07:21skoro mid miss
00:07:24Devil-X-Style potm top
00:07:25Devil-X-Style rine
00:07:53skoro ss
00:07:59skoro re
00:09:01FetAA aa
00:09:06N2xy lesh coming mid
00:09:08skoro care
00:09:11skoro ss
00:09:15skoro kill
00:09:18FetAA b
00:09:20FetAA potm coming
00:09:25Devil-X-Style with rune
00:09:29Devil-X-Style re
00:10:03PeterLars wtf bot??
00:10:06Devil-X-Style and mid
00:10:07Devil-X-Style ..
00:10:26skoro well, im just bad
00:10:32PeterLars i see
00:10:58N2xy 2 lvl haha :D
00:11:05N2xy with 1 kill
00:11:17skoro -ma
00:11:25The_13abyKnight <3
00:11:29Devil-X-Style potm top
00:11:29Devil-X-Style rune
00:11:37katte ss2
00:12:17FetAA monkeyboy
00:12:20FetAA juts ffreefarm top
00:12:56skoro ss
00:13:25N2xy got ult?
00:14:01skoro ss2
00:14:22FetAA farm..
00:14:24Devil-X-Style potm bot
00:14:33Devil-X-Style weaver
00:14:34Devil-X-Style cs?
00:14:52FetAA ..
00:14:55PeterLars wtf
00:15:20katte -ma
00:15:24katte bat inc mid
00:19:08Devil-X-Style monkeyboy
00:19:11PeterLars y
00:19:17Devil-X-Style cs?
00:19:21The_13abyKnight ??
00:19:21PeterLars 24
00:19:24Devil-X-Style wtf
00:19:25Devil-X-Style free farm
00:19:37Devil-X-Style we lose
00:19:38Devil-X-Style because
00:19:39Devil-X-Style ur carry
00:19:42PeterLars no
00:19:42Devil-X-Style and ur shit
00:20:04N2xy wait
00:20:07N2xy lets kill aa
00:20:29N2xy wtf
00:20:31N2xy no napalm
00:20:34N2xy bat
00:20:41Devil-X-Style 2 mid
00:20:41N2xy lol
00:20:52Devil-X-Style potm biot
00:22:22Devil-X-Style xD
00:22:23Devil-X-Style noobs
00:22:24Devil-X-Style go home
00:22:26PeterLars fucking lechas had free farm !!
00:22:30Devil-X-Style u had too
00:22:31Devil-X-Style but ur noob
00:22:33Devil-X-Style stop trolling
00:22:37Devil-X-Style ff
00:22:40skoro ff
00:23:53skoro -ma
00:24:18N2xy bot had free farm cuz our bat plays first time with that hero
00:24:44skoro also im very very tired
00:24:52N2xy look your skill build
00:25:00FetAA pugna
00:25:14FetAA u ulti and repelled omni when hes 10hp
00:25:15FetAA dont talk
00:25:32N2xy i dont talk about that
00:25:39FetAA yes but u complain to bat
00:25:49N2xy just skill build.. that
00:26:04N2xy i though that napalm is most important thing
00:26:14skoro well i didnt know
00:26:16skoro now ido
00:29:30Devil-X-Style FFFFFFFFF
00:31:09Devil-X-Style ggg lesharc
00:31:15FetAA y wp lesh
00:32:38Devil-X-Style debro
00:32:40Devil-X-Style ggff
00:32:50The_13abyKnight bro necro?
00:32:55Devil-X-Style y
00:33:00The_13abyKnight :OO
00:33:05N2xy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:08Devil-X-Style ixi ge mahre naxui
00:33:12Devil-X-Style ))
00:33:12skoro I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:03QiN gg
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