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+4 X
-18 TS

96% | 1626 X | 1472 TS

-59 X
-4 TS

91% | 1347 X | 1458 TS

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-19 TS

51% | 1120 X | 1238 TS

-9 X
-4 TS

47% | 949 X | 1320 TS

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-10 TS

10% | 793 X | 1137 TS

+54 X
+9 TS

84% | 1145 X | 1530 TS

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+26 TS

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56% | 1209 X | 1243 TS

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+8 TS

51% | 1042 X | 1352 TS

Chat log

00:00:01creeeeeee -ap
00:00:06The_13abyKnight -ap
00:00:14jakkihirki you take that wd
00:00:42jakkihirki bala goes mid
00:00:49FetAA gank on nagatard
00:00:50FetAA he just farms
00:00:55FetAA regular jakkihirki
00:01:12creeeeeee we got good lanes :)
00:01:20jakkihirki decent
00:01:22curdi wanna fb bot?
00:01:27creeeeeee naga wd should be imba
00:01:28FetAA k
00:01:33jakkihirki well
00:01:35creeeeeee but
00:01:37creeeeeee lina sk
00:01:37jakkihirki they have good lanes alose
00:01:38creeeeeee is sick :D
00:01:49Chuck they might have tri :P
00:01:57jakkihirki even tri
00:02:17creeeeeee invis lina
00:02:28FetAA lich
00:02:31Chuck yeah
00:02:33FetAA 1 go in lane
00:02:33creeeeeee oooomh
00:02:34FetAA so they dont
00:02:35FetAA suspect
00:02:36Chuck tri :) fucking nerd baby
00:02:38creeeeeee WHAT trilane
00:02:40Chuck wd here?
00:02:41Chuck elderi sucks
00:02:42jakkihirki rape
00:02:47creeeeeee ogre skele + lina
00:02:48creeeeeee siIIick
00:02:52creeeeeee wd come bot
00:02:52Chuck wd should come here
00:02:54jakkihirki just dont feed
00:03:02creeeeeee well we just stay under tower then
00:03:10FetAA idlaa vaa siin
00:03:33creeeeeee cuz this lane is uplayable
00:03:38jakkihirki just dont feed
00:03:38que2stress stay at tower
00:03:43h0vSa GJ
00:03:49creeeeeee under tower with 0 xp?
00:03:51Chuck why wouldnt wd come here?
00:03:59creeeeeee need 3 bot
00:04:02creeeeeee or its pointless
00:04:13jakkihirki ok
00:04:14jakkihirki one kill
00:04:16FetAA :D
00:04:18Nagash i lsoe mdi so hard and he will freefarm
00:04:25que2stress rego?
00:04:38The_13abyKnight gj
00:04:38Nagash ncie luck
00:04:40Nagash and MISS OGRE
00:04:45The_13abyKnight ncie luck
00:04:54Chuck this is so lost :D
00:04:57Elderi help top
00:04:58The_13abyKnight come
00:04:59The_13abyKnight i give u
00:05:01The_13abyKnight heal
00:05:01curdi sec
00:05:02curdi i got
00:05:29jakkihirki baby you are kinda nerdy
00:05:47The_13abyKnight yea :D
00:06:00Chuck omfg
00:06:07FetAA wd b otz
00:06:28Chuck dd bone
00:06:29curdi juu ei sit
00:06:31Nagash MIDM COMINF DOWN
00:06:31que2stress b
00:06:33FetAA 3 bot
00:06:47jakkihirki care mid
00:06:49que2stress ss ogre
00:07:03Nagash 4 min treads
00:07:05Nagash gg
00:07:09jakkihirki dont whine
00:07:37FetAA sry lost focus
00:07:42h0vSa np
00:07:49h0vSa go
00:07:50The_13abyKnight focusire
00:08:13The_13abyKnight balanar
00:08:14The_13abyKnight bottom
00:08:15The_13abyKnight care
00:08:21FetAA y
00:08:22que2stress eh es
00:08:23que2stress what u do
00:08:23The_13abyKnight xD
00:08:33Chuck just chillin
00:08:34Chuck u?
00:08:39que2stress im dieing
00:08:43Chuck me too
00:08:45Chuck had 200hp
00:08:49Chuck and sk missed
00:08:54FetAA why
00:08:55jakkihirki top miss
00:08:55FetAA passive
00:08:56FetAA razor
00:08:57FetAA :D?
00:08:57Chuck i have invis item so lets kill soon
00:09:05que2stress ehm
00:09:08Chuck just come near me
00:09:10que2stress heros see us
00:09:13Chuck huh?
00:09:13FetAA lets hunt siren
00:09:17FetAA ogre
00:09:20curdi y
00:09:25Chuck rofl
00:09:39creeeeeee just stun
00:09:41creeeeeee es
00:09:43creeeeeee and then male
00:09:48que2stress ss bone
00:10:06que2stress b
00:10:31Nagash nii vittus pela
00:10:36Chuck so whats the point of this new item?
00:10:37FetAA go top
00:10:44que2stress to dive wards
00:10:54The_13abyKnight lol
00:10:55FetAA ?
00:10:55que2stress bone miss
00:10:57FetAA xD
00:10:59curdi sigh
00:11:00The_13abyKnight o.o
00:11:00FetAA is fireblast
00:11:03FetAA dodgebable
00:11:10jakkihirki bone top
00:11:12curdi seems so
00:11:16curdi good timing needed tho -._
00:11:17The_13abyKnight of course it is
00:11:24jakkihirki why bala is farming night?
00:11:27FetAA never manage to do
00:11:38Nagash coz i cant do ntoing + im noob
00:11:41que2stress can u wait with stun
00:11:43que2stress for male?
00:12:08curdi oom
00:12:09Chuck curdi go farm
00:12:27creeeeeee 4 bot
00:12:34creeeeeee they just rush under tower
00:12:38creeeeeee cant do shit
00:12:44Nagash mul läks 10 mitna et bootyse saada
00:12:51FetAA .
00:12:54FetAA well
00:13:06Chuck i really cant figure out why 2nd pick would be Night Stalker when theres so many good heroes in pool :)
00:13:12curdi we need full focus on naga now
00:13:18Elderi bad lanes..
00:13:28FetAA how
00:13:34FetAA how naga
00:13:36FetAA solo
00:13:36The_13abyKnight i go mid
00:13:37FetAA wins razor solo
00:13:38The_13abyKnight how bad lanes
00:13:41The_13abyKnight i dont see :_SS
00:13:42Elderi there is wd
00:13:44Elderi im alone
00:14:05curdi razor wake the fuck up
00:14:08curdi fucking lowbie
00:14:21que2stress b
00:14:22creeeeeee sa ika
00:14:25creeeeeee falid
00:15:19FetAA naga kinda eats us all late
00:15:47que2stress u all must get dusts
00:15:47que2stress !
00:15:48The_13abyKnight LL
00:16:16jakkihirki go top
00:16:22The_13abyKnight ggg
00:16:56que2stress go
00:17:13FetAA b
00:17:15The_13abyKnight NO!
00:17:16The_13abyKnight :
00:17:19FetAA k
00:17:40The_13abyKnight o.o
00:17:45que2stress nah
00:17:46The_13abyKnight chuck o.o
00:17:48que2stress not good what were doing
00:18:04FetAA NAGA EATS Us!
00:18:14The_13abyKnight just eat back^^
00:18:22FetAA cant do that
00:18:23que2stress inc
00:18:36FetAA elderi..
00:18:41FetAA ei mitää lothareita
00:18:52FetAA join me mid
00:18:55que2stress liech could u ward?
00:19:05The_13abyKnight for a partey? ^_^
00:19:07que2stress ss bone
00:19:08que2stress !!
00:19:08curdi elderi b
00:19:11que2stress bb
00:19:20creeeeeee have been warding since 1st minute
00:19:28que2stress k sry
00:19:29FetAA all theree
00:19:55Chuck :P
00:19:56que2stress ur damnshit
00:20:00que2stress i never can
00:20:02que2stress male
00:20:05que2stress cause u block my way
00:20:10Chuck have fun
00:20:49jakkihirki baby cs?
00:21:35jakkihirki go deff
00:21:54FetAA toppp
00:23:16FetAA i luti
00:23:16FetAA wd
00:23:18jakkihirki ogre
00:23:29Chuck balanar
00:23:32Chuck its night x)
00:23:50FetAA no tp on me:E
00:23:52Chuck obviously irl too
00:25:06FetAA wd
00:25:16curdi b
00:25:17FetAA gief view
00:25:21creeeeeee go
00:25:23creeeeeee have ult
00:25:27que2stress wow
00:25:50que2stress u die
00:25:54que2stress if blu here
00:25:55curdi fucking right
00:26:08Chuck XD
00:26:35FetAA FUCK
00:26:36The_13abyKnight lina u make me cry
00:26:37The_13abyKnight :(
00:26:39FetAA :DD
00:26:42FetAA why couldnt i
00:26:42FetAA stun
00:26:45FetAA from here
00:26:52FetAA 001 range
00:26:57FetAA needed moar
00:27:13jakkihirki someone make jango
00:28:00que2stress ns
00:28:24The_13abyKnight lothars
00:28:25The_13abyKnight really+
00:28:51Nagash aaa imba damage
00:28:55Nagash forgot it:D
00:29:17FetAA k00
00:29:22Nagash hästi läheb sisi võidame ara:D
00:29:42jakkihirki b
00:29:54que2stress 3 mis
00:30:13jakkihirki oh
00:30:15jakkihirki sorry
00:30:22creeeeeee eaglehorn
00:30:34jakkihirki np
00:30:43Chuck this game isnt about items
00:31:02jakkihirki i have decent farm
00:31:33FetAA no sentrys
00:31:49que2stress es
00:31:51Chuck dont go
00:31:52The_13abyKnight b
00:31:52The_13abyKnight b
00:31:52The_13abyKnight b
00:31:53The_13abyKnight b
00:31:53The_13abyKnight b
00:31:53The_13abyKnight b
00:31:54The_13abyKnight b
00:31:54The_13abyKnight b
00:31:54Chuck ulti in 20s or so
00:31:54The_13abyKnight b
00:31:56The_13abyKnight byte
00:32:07Chuck and blink now
00:32:10que2stress cool
00:32:11jakkihirki good
00:32:13jakkihirki eeasy win
00:32:19jakkihirki take
00:32:23que2stress me plz
00:32:46Chuck ahahahahahha
00:32:50Chuck wow
00:32:52que2stress sk
00:32:54que2stress has farm too
00:32:56que2stress !
00:33:01FetAA woww
00:33:02jakkihirki dont be scared to baby
00:33:06curdi push ?
00:33:16jakkihirki b
00:33:18FetAA jakkihirki too strong
00:33:45FetAA .
00:34:12h0vSa REG
00:34:20curdi OMFG IT IS REG
00:34:23curdi feasted
00:34:40curdi that's what we get for not ganging
00:34:51jakkihirki wards
00:34:53creeeeeee first time
00:34:57creeeeeee we have no wards up
00:34:58The_13abyKnight i farm bot
00:35:05creeeeeee now we do
00:35:07creeeeeee again :)
00:35:24curdi casters better get ghosts
00:35:24Chuck should we push atower?
00:35:26curdi or euls
00:35:28jakkihirki no
00:35:29The_13abyKnight careful
00:35:30jakkihirki we have better end
00:35:39Chuck ok chill in their forest :p
00:35:46jakkihirki b
00:35:49The_13abyKnight REALLY
00:35:50The_13abyKnight PLAY WITH US
00:35:51jakkihirki need all
00:36:09que2stress ns can push
00:36:14que2stress w8 me...
00:37:02FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:23jakkihirki b
00:37:25creeeeeee just go hot now
00:37:29creeeeeee naga
00:37:30creeeeeee i think
00:37:43jakkihirki i know how to play this game
00:37:47The_13abyKnight or maybe you guys are just really hilarious
00:37:50The_13abyKnight ly bad
00:37:56que2stress liech
00:37:57Chuck should i buy gem?
00:37:57jakkihirki balanar
00:37:58creeeeeee i believe u
00:38:00FetAA or yes
00:38:02que2stress get ghost szepter
00:38:02creeeeeee but
00:38:09creeeeeee what will u go next then? :)
00:38:11jakkihirki someone buy gem
00:38:52Chuck damn
00:38:56creeeeeee om
00:38:57creeeeeee g
00:39:00creeeeeee he just autokills me
00:39:17que2stress b
00:39:19Chuck we gotta fight with creeps
00:39:22Chuck i ulti
00:39:23Chuck then lich
00:39:25Chuck :P
00:39:38The_13abyKnight oimw
00:40:03que2stress b
00:40:04jakkihirki b
00:40:06Chuck omg 100 more range and more dead
00:40:06creeeeeee gio farm
00:41:43Elderi -ms
00:41:51que2stress go base
00:41:52creeeeeee cant get ghost
00:41:54creeeeeee like that
00:41:54que2stress we must be
00:41:58que2stress 5 together
00:42:10Elderi -ma
00:42:27The_13abyKnight -,a
00:42:28The_13abyKnight -ma
00:42:32The_13abyKnight -clear
00:42:38jakkihirki new gem
00:42:41jakkihirki and go with five
00:42:45Chuck go top?
00:42:48jakkihirki roshan
00:42:56jakkihirki oook
00:42:59jakkihirki iik*
00:42:59que2stress WAIT ME
00:43:03The_13abyKnight gem
00:43:05The_13abyKnight bala
00:43:06The_13abyKnight new
00:43:10que2stress gather
00:43:15The_13abyKnight someone
00:43:15The_13abyKnight go
00:43:17The_13abyKnight tank
00:43:17The_13abyKnight go
00:43:18The_13abyKnight o
00:43:18The_13abyKnight tgo
00:43:19The_13abyKnight go
00:43:21FetAA skele
00:43:21The_13abyKnight GO
00:43:22jakkihirki no visino
00:43:22The_13abyKnight GO
00:43:24jakkihirki vison
00:43:57que2stress GO GOME
00:44:07que2stress BHBBB
00:44:35curdi they got slightly better teamfight stuff
00:44:41curdi es and lich ulties kinda do heavy dmg
00:44:56que2stress ward here
00:45:00que2stress wards are in base
00:45:02que2stress but no space
00:45:16que2stress he got ghost too
00:45:19Chuck :D
00:45:26jakkihirki lets take
00:45:40que2stress kill mid
00:45:59Chuck rofl
00:46:55Chuck :D:D
00:46:59creeeeeee :D:D
00:47:00Chuck which one is real
00:47:11jakkihirki you tank first
00:47:23que2stress gw
00:48:07curdi fat razor
00:48:13curdi 1200hp bm
00:48:18curdi will do the trick
00:48:24creeeeeee razor has blade mail
00:48:25FetAA sure
00:48:26jakkihirki ward
00:48:26jakkihirki go
00:48:29creeeeeee dont kill urself naga
00:48:29Nagash ward
00:48:30creeeeeee with it
00:48:31creeeeeee :)
00:48:39Nagash tule
00:48:41Nagash killi ward
00:48:46que2stress go mid?
00:49:05que2stress what shall i go now?
00:49:15FetAA __
00:49:18jakkihirki agha=
00:49:21The_13abyKnight idiot
00:49:41que2stress sleep them at their tower
00:50:52jakkihirki oom
00:50:58jakkihirki b
00:51:10que2stress yey its win
00:51:10jakkihirki let me
00:51:20Chuck shiva or agha?
00:51:28que2stress shiva
00:51:40The_13abyKnight tt -.-
00:51:42Nagash go top?
00:51:47que2stress y
00:51:49jakkihirki need chik
00:51:55FetAA nocando
00:52:00FetAA too much fail
00:52:01FetAA on naga
00:52:04jakkihirki dont go die now
00:52:13jakkihirki i take mah
00:52:14jakkihirki butter
00:52:28The_13abyKnight wanna know a secret?
00:52:36FetAA tell it
00:52:36curdi you are a girl irl
00:52:41curdi sorry spoiled
00:52:47jakkihirki ye
00:52:49The_13abyKnight well it's not about naga being fat
00:52:53The_13abyKnight anything could have happened
00:52:59The_13abyKnight but if everybody just doesn't do shit right
00:53:04The_13abyKnight the game is unwinable
00:53:11curdi aka gang their carry
00:53:16The_13abyKnight no
00:53:22The_13abyKnight aka not playing horribly
00:54:01jakkihirki gg
00:54:17curdi yes our carries did workj
00:54:19curdi work
00:54:29Chuck why didnt u just farm curd+0
00:54:36curdi why u mad
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