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89% | 1346 X | 1413 TS

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82% | 1248 X | 1403 TS

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78% | 1115 X | 1443 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17baN4nafiSh we alive and sparkling?
00:00:17Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:17MynthoN banni nyt
00:00:17FetAA y
00:00:17MynthoN ban
00:00:17MynthoN now
00:00:17FetAA lion
00:00:17FetAA chill
00:00:17MynthoN chill
00:00:17baN4nafiSh effect
00:00:17FetAA ?
00:00:17FetAA BAN
00:00:17FetAA BAN
00:00:17MynthoN uhh
00:00:17FetAA BAN
00:00:17FetAA BA N NOW
00:00:17FetAA BAN
00:00:17FetAA BAN
00:00:17MynthoN would have banned lion...
00:00:17MynthoN ASD wd
00:00:17MynthoN WD
00:00:18Eksodick homo
00:00:26MynthoN wd+lion bant
00:00:29MynthoN u nerds
00:00:33Affliction kurdit = kurva ?
00:00:43Eksodick xaxa kurwa
00:00:52h0whigh what banned ?
00:00:56baN4nafiSh can i do this fucker mid vs puck?
00:00:56Affliction wd
00:00:58Affliction adn
00:00:58baN4nafiSh should be easy
00:01:00Affliction lkion
00:01:02N2xy wd and lion banned?
00:01:02Affliction lion
00:01:16baN4nafiSh good lanes plz
00:01:17baN4nafiSh zeus
00:01:19baN4nafiSh krob
00:01:20baN4nafiSh tiny
00:01:30baN4nafiSh zeus
00:01:36baN4nafiSh maybe not vs silencer...
00:01:49FetAA roof bot
00:01:51baN4nafiSh lycan would eat silencer and puck
00:01:53FetAA sile pit top
00:02:02h0whigh lycan ore lesh ?
00:02:05MynthoN nigma
00:02:07N2xy can last pick play him well?
00:02:07FetAA roof u pull
00:02:10Allistysmies k
00:02:21baN4nafiSh les just no fun vs silencer... but i can take silencer out easy
00:02:31MynthoN krob
00:02:32MynthoN go bottom
00:02:35MynthoN need stunner top
00:02:36MynthoN with me
00:02:43MynthoN lesh and krob switch
00:02:44Affliction ROGER !
00:02:44MynthoN lanes
00:02:47h0whigh k
00:02:48Affliction SIR YES SIR !
00:02:50baN4nafiSh check rune plz
00:02:51MynthoN :)
00:02:57h0whigh u ore me pull ?
00:03:00h0whigh depend on lane mby :P
00:03:01MynthoN u
00:03:04MynthoN y
00:03:04Affliction SIR, YES SIR!!
00:03:04h0whigh okey
00:03:14Affliction SIR, YES SIR!!
00:03:21N2xy stop it
00:03:23Affliction SIR, YES SIR!!
00:03:26N2xy good
00:04:18baN4nafiSh up chicken fast
00:04:28Affliction SIR, YES SIR!!
00:06:25Affliction vrv
00:06:26Affliction br
00:06:27Affliction brb
00:08:05baN4nafiSh wards
00:08:20N2xy haha
00:08:23Affliction :D
00:08:26N2xy owned
00:08:30baN4nafiSh ss
00:08:32Affliction ¨stop
00:08:33Affliction herre
00:08:34baN4nafiSh care
00:08:42N2xy herre?'
00:08:43Affliction :/
00:08:45Affliction here
00:08:47N2xy :D
00:08:48Affliction i ment
00:08:50Affliction -.-
00:08:51Affliction :D
00:09:03FetAA miss
00:09:06Eksodick ss
00:09:06baN4nafiSh rune take
00:09:07N2xy i kill medusa quite insta
00:09:12Planktoni slar miss
00:09:16N2xy invis i hope
00:09:36MynthoN wtf
00:09:37MynthoN u do top
00:09:38MynthoN ?
00:09:40MynthoN :o
00:09:40baN4nafiSh klill
00:09:43MynthoN i see
00:09:52baN4nafiSh ss
00:10:05h0whigh rune top ?
00:10:05h0whigh bot ?
00:10:08N2xy tune roip'
00:10:10N2xy top
00:10:12baN4nafiSh taken
00:10:15N2xy need mana
00:10:36FetAA oho
00:10:38FetAA ei ollu shiftii
00:11:18baN4nafiSh coming top
00:11:43N2xy lets kill dusa
00:12:09MynthoN seeker
00:12:11Planktoni slar miss
00:12:11MynthoN we can kill mid
00:12:16MynthoN if u got silence
00:12:19N2xy omg
00:12:21Eksodick 3 ss
00:12:22baN4nafiSh i just think i might do
00:12:23baN4nafiSh get wards
00:12:57baN4nafiSh chicken
00:12:57baN4nafiSh wards
00:13:06Usires go
00:13:07Usires ja torni
00:13:10MynthoN rune is top
00:13:16MynthoN b
00:13:17MynthoN mid
00:13:37baN4nafiSh up chicken
00:13:38baN4nafiSh someone
00:14:42Affliction lets
00:14:45Affliction end this
00:14:45Affliction :/
00:14:49Affliction LÅÅÅRRRL !
00:15:42MynthoN let me farm
00:15:43MynthoN top
00:15:57MynthoN plz
00:15:58MynthoN -.-
00:16:02h0whigh needed travel -.-
00:16:34baN4nafiSh felt u were closer tiny
00:16:46N2xy need dagger.. then i am
00:16:50baN4nafiSh :D
00:16:58MynthoN im getting dagger aswell
00:17:01MynthoN :)
00:17:04Affliction ok me2
00:17:05baN4nafiSh 6 1 puck wtf :D
00:17:07Usires ulti?
00:17:20FetAA b s
00:17:21FetAA mee b
00:17:30FetAA ?
00:17:32FetAA näit ne 2h sit
00:17:38FetAA zz
00:17:51MynthoN ss
00:17:52MynthoN 2
00:17:52MynthoN top
00:18:02N2xy coming
00:19:15FetAA lolz
00:19:18MynthoN i go get dagger
00:19:20FetAA failz
00:19:59FetAA tuu vaa tappelee roof ku sul on ulti
00:19:59FetAA tt
00:20:23FetAA tpn top
00:20:24FetAA kohtt
00:20:28FetAA ?
00:21:31h0whigh lol
00:21:34h0whigh nice
00:21:44h0whigh not often cap do that :p
00:21:47MynthoN ye
00:21:49MynthoN fail so much
00:22:04baN4nafiSh farm
00:22:11MynthoN nah
00:22:13baN4nafiSh wards plz
00:22:14baN4nafiSh guys
00:22:16MynthoN ill start ganking with u dudes
00:22:18MynthoN kill all
00:22:21MynthoN and plant wards
00:22:22baN4nafiSh krob some wards?
00:22:30MynthoN start at top
00:23:01FetAA all misss
00:23:06Eksodick roh?
00:23:08baN4nafiSh oom
00:23:09Eksodick take top tower
00:23:16FetAA go topp
00:23:18N2xy he saw that
00:23:20baN4nafiSh mana
00:23:23FetAA roof tuu ku sul on ulti
00:23:25FetAA kanna tp;t mukana
00:23:26Planktoni go
00:23:28MynthoN they got plenty of wards
00:23:28N2xy cd
00:23:32MynthoN and roofs eyes
00:23:56baN4nafiSh wp
00:23:58baN4nafiSh all
00:23:58baN4nafiSh :D
00:24:02N2xy just need to silence puck
00:24:02MynthoN why we fight 3v5
00:24:06N2xy i can kill him insta
00:24:22FetAA b roof
00:24:25FetAA roof
00:24:26Affliction your ms howhigh ?
00:24:30N2xy krobe.. try to silence
00:24:32FetAA tapeta ane
00:24:34FetAA tuun
00:24:38h0whigh -ms
00:24:40h0whigh 430
00:24:46FetAA mee
00:24:47FetAA lähelle
00:24:52Affliction thats hot
00:24:54MynthoN b
00:25:20MynthoN why no ult ?
00:25:22MynthoN or something
00:25:30baN4nafiSh at what point?
00:25:39MynthoN when there was medusa top
00:25:43baN4nafiSh two vs 1
00:25:44MynthoN i b
00:25:46baN4nafiSh silencer also
00:25:46MynthoN dont push
00:25:47MynthoN imo
00:25:54MynthoN again gonna feed?
00:25:59MynthoN ff
00:26:07MynthoN can u stop it ?
00:26:15N2xy oo
00:26:29N2xy denied you
00:26:31FetAA tp cd :e
00:26:33N2xy very lucky :p
00:26:34FetAA tai ei oo
00:26:47baN4nafiSh gj
00:27:00Affliction i findt this game very boring
00:27:00Affliction :;/
00:27:03FetAA ei o oultii en soloo
00:27:08MynthoN if we play as a team
00:27:08Planktoni go
00:27:10Planktoni ei manaa
00:27:10MynthoN its not
00:27:18MynthoN but this is fucking boring
00:27:30MynthoN we need to go with 5
00:27:38MynthoN or soon we just get raped alot
00:27:41MynthoN im not into farming
00:28:00MynthoN i also hate seekers who farms for relic -.-
00:28:15MynthoN mid all
00:28:16MynthoN ?
00:28:29N2xy coming
00:28:30FetAA omw
00:28:40h0whigh take gem
00:28:40h0whigh plz
00:28:53MynthoN gj dudes
00:28:55MynthoN where are u
00:28:59FetAA huoh mikä ajotus
00:29:02h0whigh good question
00:29:07MynthoN B
00:29:08MynthoN B
00:29:08MynthoN B
00:29:10MynthoN bvb
00:29:10MynthoN dsb
00:29:11MynthoN Dgb
00:29:13MynthoN ff
00:29:19h0whigh b with gem
00:29:20h0whigh b
00:29:21h0whigh b
00:29:21h0whigh b
00:29:21h0whigh b
00:29:21h0whigh bb
00:29:22h0whigh b
00:29:22h0whigh b
00:29:22h0whigh b
00:29:23h0whigh b
00:29:23h0whigh b
00:29:23h0whigh b
00:29:24h0whigh b
00:29:24h0whigh b
00:29:24h0whigh b
00:30:01N2xy who wants that gem?
00:30:04h0whigh i want
00:30:10N2xy lol
00:30:13N2xy 850 hp
00:30:49baN4nafiSh gj
00:30:49FetAA oops
00:31:02h0whigh im not tank
00:31:10h0whigh dont need more hp yet :P
00:31:11MynthoN u should
00:31:14MynthoN be
00:31:14N2xy ye
00:31:23MynthoN like krob
00:31:29N2xy b
00:31:42MynthoN krob make hot?
00:31:47Affliction no
00:31:48Affliction :/
00:31:50Affliction hex
00:31:51Affliction :/
00:31:52Affliction sry
00:31:52Affliction :/
00:31:53MynthoN k
00:31:54Affliction ok ?
00:31:56MynthoN hex is good
00:31:57Affliction SIR, YES SIR!!
00:32:13MynthoN ?????
00:32:26MynthoN aww
00:32:30baN4nafiSh 4
00:32:32N2xy b
00:32:37baN4nafiSh b
00:32:38baN4nafiSh b
00:32:46baN4nafiSh slardar has no iddea whats going on
00:32:48MynthoN when i blink in
00:32:51MynthoN u all go away
00:32:55baN4nafiSh u were 2 vs 4
00:32:57MynthoN cant say it earlier?
00:32:57Affliction ofc
00:32:57N2xy i said b before that
00:32:58MynthoN nope
00:32:59Affliction we hate
00:33:00baN4nafiSh .... they went away before u blink
00:33:00Affliction you
00:33:00MynthoN 3v4
00:33:01Affliction :D
00:33:06Eksodick teleen bot
00:33:07Eksodick tulkaa
00:33:07baN4nafiSh pay attention
00:33:08Eksodick vieren
00:33:12Eksodick lol
00:33:13Eksodick dead
00:33:17MynthoN roof got ref
00:33:19MynthoN in 2 min
00:33:34baN4nafiSh go mid when i come
00:33:50MynthoN our team has no hp
00:33:52MynthoN we cant fight
00:33:58MynthoN and 0 wards
00:33:59h0whigh need rune
00:34:02MynthoN wtf is this
00:34:03MynthoN really
00:34:05baN4nafiSh les ward
00:34:29Affliction srty
00:34:30Affliction sry
00:34:33FetAA gatherrr
00:34:43baN4nafiSh for me plz
00:34:53FetAA voita kokeilla viidell
00:35:03baN4nafiSh why?
00:35:06MynthoN coz i go in
00:35:10MynthoN with blink
00:35:16baN4nafiSh well they have to focus me
00:35:18baN4nafiSh and i got the dmage
00:35:29MynthoN need wards
00:35:30FetAA tepllaa
00:35:31MynthoN dont go
00:35:33MynthoN theyr jungle
00:35:34MynthoN plz
00:35:35baN4nafiSh les wards
00:35:38FetAA tapellaa
00:35:51baN4nafiSh why fuck take carreis farm?
00:35:52baN4nafiSh les
00:36:04FetAA roof eka invikses
00:36:05MynthoN gather
00:36:07MynthoN even once
00:36:09Usires tiny gem
00:36:11Allistysmies on gemmi
00:36:13baN4nafiSh les start support
00:36:17MynthoN wards
00:36:18MynthoN PLZ
00:36:20baN4nafiSh 33 mins no wards
00:36:28MynthoN cant go anywhere
00:36:29Eksodick voisin telee meidät bot jos se jää
00:36:34N2xy take somene
00:36:35MynthoN silencer farming
00:36:37MynthoN and qop
00:36:41Affliction qop ?
00:37:04baN4nafiSh les and krob its so ego that play... going bots and no wards
00:37:23FetAA lol en muka ehtin
00:37:53N2xy damn
00:37:53baN4nafiSh shit
00:37:54N2xy 0.,1 sec
00:37:55baN4nafiSh so stupid
00:38:34N2xy hmm
00:38:38N2xy what happend with gem?
00:38:49N2xy its still there
00:39:04FetAA omgz
00:40:10baN4nafiSh we have to push soon
00:40:11baN4nafiSh with krob
00:40:14baN4nafiSh ulti
00:40:15MynthoN well
00:40:24MynthoN i really need some dps :s
00:40:31baN4nafiSh just tabnk
00:40:33MynthoN got bkb thougj
00:40:34Affliction dps ?
00:40:35baN4nafiSh me and les have tons
00:40:36baN4nafiSh and tiny
00:40:37baN4nafiSh just get tank
00:40:41MynthoN damage per second
00:40:45h0whigh what should i make npow ?
00:40:49baN4nafiSh heart
00:40:49Affliction i have a good dpa
00:40:51FetAA ankkk?
00:40:52FetAA gankk?
00:41:01MynthoN lesh, make quinsoo
00:41:09baN4nafiSh why not fucking wait
00:41:09MynthoN if we have 1 incoming
00:41:09Affliction need 1k
00:41:10Affliction for
00:41:11Affliction et
00:41:16Affliction for ir
00:41:38baN4nafiSh b tiny
00:41:43baN4nafiSh gem here
00:41:48MynthoN blockkk
00:41:50MynthoN meee
00:41:51baN4nafiSh gem on lecdge
00:41:52FetAA missä vitussa mieän rooffi
00:42:08MynthoN well
00:42:12MynthoN affli gets mystic
00:42:15MynthoN and soon quins :))
00:42:19FetAA oon kuullu et toi sun ultis aika hyvä teamfighteis
00:42:47Affliction can
00:42:48Affliction ¨i
00:42:49Affliction shop ?
00:42:51baN4nafiSh so nice
00:42:56baN4nafiSh gem on bird take
00:42:56MynthoN SIR YES SIR
00:42:59Affliction SIR, YES SIR!!
00:43:11baN4nafiSh i go bkb also
00:43:19MynthoN roshan will be up soon i think
00:43:21Usires n
00:43:47baN4nafiSh try push with krob ulti?
00:43:48baN4nafiSh gang first
00:44:01MynthoN clear wards
00:44:04MynthoN lesh needs regen
00:44:12MynthoN gather
00:44:14MynthoN clear
00:44:15MynthoN wards
00:44:19MynthoN with gem
00:44:22Planktoni rosh?
00:44:27MynthoN check
00:44:36MynthoN come
00:44:36MynthoN all
00:44:39MynthoN here
00:44:45MynthoN come
00:44:47MynthoN FAST
00:44:47Planktoni wardeja täynnä mettä
00:44:50FetAA jos tapeltais viak roofi ulti kans
00:44:54FetAA mennää midist?
00:45:20h0whigh hmm wrong guy
00:46:01h0whigh b
00:46:09Affliction ROFL tiny
00:46:10Affliction :D
00:46:15N2xy ?
00:46:20Affliction he
00:46:24Affliction cant kill youi
00:46:25Affliction :D
00:46:29MynthoN imo we shouldnt even touch dusa
00:46:32MynthoN he does 0 dmg
00:46:34baN4nafiSh naeh
00:46:35h0whigh exacly
00:46:36MynthoN but tanks like a faggot
00:46:37baN4nafiSh go everyone else
00:46:39N2xy :D
00:46:39baN4nafiSh silencer first
00:46:41baN4nafiSh abnd puck
00:46:56MynthoN roof has no ult
00:46:58baN4nafiSh roshan up
00:46:58MynthoN go roshan
00:47:06MynthoN just need wards
00:47:07MynthoN -.--
00:47:17MynthoN wards
00:47:18MynthoN some1
00:47:19Planktoni oisko
00:47:21baN4nafiSh got
00:47:25Allistysmies vois olla ehkä
00:47:29Eksodick en tiedä, ehkä
00:47:32Allistysmies jos varmaa mielipidettä haluat
00:47:55MynthoN tiony
00:48:55MynthoN go mid
00:48:56MynthoN rax
00:48:57FetAA koo
00:49:18MynthoN we need u lesh
00:50:02MynthoN b
00:50:12h0whigh that silencer
00:50:34h0whigh tiny ?
00:50:36h0whigh gem
00:50:36h0whigh :d
00:50:36N2xy :p
00:50:38N2xy aa
00:50:39N2xy forgot
00:50:43N2xy xD
00:50:56Allistysmies 2 ultia
00:51:03N2xy i think they wont notice it
00:51:03baN4nafiSh ac slardar?
00:51:05MynthoN y
00:51:09MynthoN kill mid
00:51:12Usires go mid
00:51:13Planktoni b
00:51:15Usires tulos
00:51:16FetAA mennää vaa
00:51:17FetAA 2 dead
00:51:18Allistysmies 2 ultia
00:51:21Allistysmies 3 kulluu
00:51:23Eksodick 3 ded
00:51:25FetAA ai oot kysin etu nenäs
00:51:26FetAA zz
00:51:28FetAA vittu oot hyvä
00:51:33FetAA SIIS
00:51:34FetAA ei vittu
00:51:35FetAA oikeesti
00:51:38FetAA kulutis just 2 ultia
00:51:39FetAA ja kuolit
00:51:42FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:48Allistysmies jaajaa, kerroppa tuota jotaki mitä en tiedä
00:51:54FetAA et oot iahn vitun huono
00:52:00MynthoN now mid
00:52:00MynthoN al
00:52:04h0whigh have guinsoo
00:52:04MynthoN roof used 2x ults
00:52:05Allistysmies kk
00:52:05h0whigh now
00:52:06h0whigh 1 sec
00:52:18baN4nafiSh come mid
00:52:19baN4nafiSh krob ulti
00:52:24Affliction gem
00:52:25Affliction gem
00:52:26MynthoN ocme
00:52:26Affliction gen
00:52:28Affliction gem
00:52:29N2xy haha
00:52:30Affliction gem
00:52:34baN4nafiSh b
00:52:36N2xy 'told you
00:52:45MynthoN silence puck
00:52:46baN4nafiSh all
00:52:47MynthoN and i kill it
00:52:51baN4nafiSh we only 3
00:52:54MynthoN COME MID
00:52:55MynthoN WTF
00:52:57MynthoN dudes
00:52:58FetAA sitku roofil ois taas ultit voitais yrittää
00:53:00FetAA jos se ei ehi suikkaa
00:53:05MynthoN roof no ult
00:53:08Allistysmies haista sä perse
00:53:08MynthoN and u frm ?
00:53:10Allistysmies meen farmaamaan
00:53:10MynthoN :/
00:53:15h0whigh rather call it deff
00:53:20FetAA no sähä oto farmannu koko pelin
00:53:25Allistysmies pitä vieläki
00:53:27FetAA hyvä
00:53:35Allistysmies piti lässyttää sitte
00:53:46Allistysmies onneks jaoit ohjeita
00:54:01FetAA täh
00:54:16Allistysmies pelaa ny äläkä lässytä
00:54:16MynthoN get rax
00:54:19MynthoN or sumthing
00:54:45MynthoN b
00:54:47MynthoN plz
00:54:56FetAA siis me voitettais tää peli
00:54:58FetAA jos et feilasi
00:55:01Allistysmies kk
00:55:03FetAA omw
00:56:11N2xy so. lets gather?
00:56:14MynthoN y
00:56:34MynthoN make creeps push mid and top
00:56:37MynthoN like they do
00:56:40MynthoN omw
00:56:42MynthoN wait
00:56:43MynthoN plz
00:56:52MynthoN seeker
00:56:56MynthoN sile puck if u can
00:57:05baN4nafiSh y
00:57:42MynthoN b
00:57:53MynthoN b
00:57:54baN4nafiSh gj... bs is a suicidal fuck
00:57:55MynthoN far b
00:58:03MynthoN got 2 lanes
00:58:08MynthoN thats enough
00:58:14MynthoN for now
00:58:27MynthoN i should make vladi -.-
00:58:36baN4nafiSh we should just push bot and finish
00:58:38FetAA mennää midii
00:58:43baN4nafiSh without me suiciding like i just did
00:58:43Affliction rosh up
00:58:44N2xy 'i can make vladi
00:58:46MynthoN y
00:58:47FetAA pusketaa vähä toppii ja yritetää midist
00:58:49N2xy if you want
00:58:59MynthoN i got the money for vladi
00:59:00N2xy or
00:59:02Affliction i have devine
00:59:02MynthoN soo i can make it
00:59:03Affliction now
00:59:05baN4nafiSh still gem on bird if u want
00:59:05N2xy kk
00:59:29Affliction -.-
00:59:31Affliction sry
00:59:31Affliction :/
00:59:32FetAA shieldd
00:59:32MynthoN needs wards...
00:59:37MynthoN b
00:59:37MynthoN b
00:59:38MynthoN b
01:00:04FetAA ultasit creepit?
01:00:23Allistysmies ku ei voinu peruuttaa
01:00:23Planktoni I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:26Usires I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:28FetAA I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:29Usires [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:00:29Usires [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:00:29Usires [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:00:29Usires [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
01:00:29Allistysmies I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:32FetAA sponsored by roof
01:00:33Affliction I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:01:01MynthoN roof wasnt bad...
01:01:20MynthoN usually roof players doesnt even get refresher
01:01:25MynthoN or any other
01:01:27Allistysmies gg
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