Game #566041

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-24 X
+11 TS

95% | 1324 X | 1489 TS

-12 X
+12 TS

86% | 1270 X | 1417 TS

-48 X
+22 TS

80% | 1236 X | 1355 TS

-11 X
+10 TS

70% | 1056 X | 1395 TS

+39 X
+28 TS

15% | 932 X | 1050 TS

+14 X
-10 TS

98% | 1402 X | 1533 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

88% | 1289 X | 1402 TS

+20 X
-8 TS

76% | 1104 X | 1421 TS

+29 X
-25 TS

NEW | 1144 X | 1082 TS

+25 X
-27 TS

NEW | 1033 X | 996 TS

Chat log

00:00:09Ckalle fakenick much? ^^
00:00:16FetAA ff
00:00:16FetAA my mouse tilting
00:00:16valiante seriously
00:00:16MEteORStorM gou ban
00:00:16MATi i bann
00:00:16valiante gosukurdi
00:00:16MEteORStorM ?
00:00:16valiante ur not in the game
00:00:16valiante ur not in the game
00:00:16valiante meteorstorm is
00:00:16MEteORStorM i dont care
00:00:16MATi who should i bann?
00:00:16valiante and ur on 2 different ranks
00:00:16MEteORStorM i just play dota
00:00:16valiante which means
00:00:16valiante u have 2 accoutns
00:00:16MATi doom?
00:00:16valiante y
00:00:16MATi doom
00:00:16MEteORStorM hmm how?
00:00:16nesma just go
00:00:16FetAA valiante
00:00:16MATi who gives a fuck
00:00:16nesma no one gives a shit
00:00:16MATi lets just play
00:00:16valiante just make 2 accounts on repel with 2 mails
00:00:16FetAA zz
00:00:16MATi its not that simple valiante
00:00:16FetAA let storm do his job
00:00:16MEteORStorM i ban visage
00:00:18FetAA i heard he imba hacker
00:00:32mrk suht imbad teamid meie kasuks
00:00:33mrk nagu
00:00:35mrk liiga üle peaks olema
00:00:42Ckalle I hear dota is fun and stats don't matter at all. Let's play.
00:00:47MATi true dat!
00:00:53MATi pick some good
00:00:55MATi maybe carry also
00:01:02Ckalle what bans?
00:01:06MATi doom visage
00:01:12MEteORStorM meen midii täl riehuu
00:01:12MATi get tiny and some carry
00:01:15MATi good
00:01:18FetAA mee ylös gazzhagi kaa
00:01:22mrk teh_re swap?
00:01:27MATi oh, :D
00:01:28MEteORStorM mm ei
00:01:28MATi hi
00:01:28teh_re sure
00:01:31nesma meen alas koittamaan olee feedaamatta :D
00:01:33MATi void
00:01:35Ckalle I'm
00:01:35MATi maybe u want mid?
00:01:35Ckalle so dead
00:01:41MATi u cant handle lane :P
00:01:41Ckalle depends
00:01:41teh_re what you want
00:01:43Ckalle on other picks
00:01:44FetAA brb
00:01:46mrk lesh
00:01:47mrk omni
00:01:48MATi well i bet na is mid
00:01:48Ckalle if we get a support
00:01:48mrk ominm
00:01:51mrk omni
00:01:51Ckalle ye
00:01:52Ckalle ok
00:01:53Ckalle I mid
00:01:56MATi ok np
00:01:58teh_re fuck
00:02:03Ckalle nice
00:02:04teh_re didnt have time, was taking lesh :(
00:02:06Ckalle these picks are good
00:02:07mrk lol
00:02:08valiante me bot?
00:02:10mrk you had 8 seconds :D
00:02:13Ckalle Furion wood, necro solo bot
00:02:14MATi damn they going early
00:02:15Ckalle 2 top
00:02:16Ckalle gg
00:02:21MEteORStorM ogre bone bot
00:02:27valiante if he doesnt know how to play furi
00:02:28Ckalle they can't push vs Necro Tide TS lol
00:02:29Tuutu yes boss
00:02:32valiante swap furi?
00:02:32valiante -swap
00:02:34valiante -swap 5
00:02:34nesma -ma
00:02:41teh_re -swap 4
00:02:42mrk and swap tide too
00:02:43mrk -swap 5
00:02:48teh_re -swap 3
00:02:55Ckalle just
00:02:56Ckalle fast
00:02:57Ckalle to lane
00:02:58Ckalle plz
00:03:03FetAA jos juoksen vihun tornille se meinaa et mun hiiri tiles
00:03:07MATi share also
00:03:18Gazhag tuun tappamaa
00:03:22FetAA mun chain
00:03:25FetAA mul chain
00:03:49Ckalle qb t.t
00:03:57Gazhag no vittu
00:04:01Gazhag et ollu heti messis
00:04:02Gazhag :4
00:04:06FetAA :D
00:04:15valiante tide
00:04:15valiante u lag
00:04:15FetAA säädn
00:04:15FetAA ku yritän fiksaa
00:04:15FetAA hiirt
00:04:15Ckalle lanes ok?
00:04:15valiante -.-
00:04:15Ckalle mid seems to be fine atm
00:04:15MATi ofc
00:04:15valiante tide
00:04:15teh_re me?
00:04:17Ckalle ye u
00:04:23mrk top isnt so great
00:04:53Ckalle rune bot
00:05:52mrk top is lost
00:06:14Tuutu omw mid
00:06:31Ckalle ss 2 top
00:06:46Ckalle party in midlane!
00:06:50Ckalle 1 from bot n 2 from top ^^
00:06:52Tuutu u ruined it
00:06:56Ckalle ;(
00:07:15MATi oh ye
00:07:17MATi sorry :D
00:08:50Ckalle nice
00:08:52valiante :D
00:08:53MATi fuck im slow :(
00:09:08mrk cant do shit top
00:09:15mrk insta
00:09:22valiante get stick
00:09:26MATi ogre miss
00:09:27mrk doesnt help
00:09:27MATi ogre miss
00:09:31Ckalle can't gank cus perma oom from NA
00:09:33Ckalle SS MID
00:09:39Ckalle na has rune I think
00:09:44Ckalle ogre mid
00:09:51mrk ss2
00:10:00Ckalle re mid
00:10:12Ckalle so crazy
00:10:21Tuutu put it up
00:10:23Ckalle necro farming ok?
00:10:24mrk ss2
00:10:28MATi y
00:10:31Ckalle good
00:10:32MATi normal
00:10:33MEteORStorM tuun alas nesma
00:10:43Ckalle me 30 cs
00:10:44Ckalle not good
00:10:49nesma aijaa
00:10:50Ckalle ss na mid
00:10:56MEteORStorM siis tappaa ;<
00:10:59Ckalle ss ogre
00:11:03mrk wtf tide
00:11:28valiante ogre going bot
00:11:28valiante care
00:11:32MEteORStorM kill mid soon
00:11:42MEteORStorM zeus rdy with ult
00:11:52Ckalle ogre mid
00:11:52FetAA k got it
00:12:01MATi na miss
00:12:07mrk repel ping 500
00:12:15Ckalle ty.
00:12:24Tuutu twr?
00:12:30MEteORStorM move ogre
00:12:31MEteORStorM go top
00:12:31Ckalle we need wards
00:12:36Ckalle they can kill me so easy atm
00:12:39Ckalle OGRE INC TOP
00:12:43valiante b
00:12:47nesma -ma
00:12:55valiante jesus lesh
00:12:58valiante ofcourse u dont have chance
00:13:06Ckalle u guys
00:13:07nesma miss
00:13:09Ckalle WARDS NOW
00:13:15Ckalle or this is game over
00:13:29MEteORStorM grade chick some1
00:13:35Ckalle ss na
00:13:37MEteORStorM sec
00:14:14Ckalle WARDS
00:14:26Ckalle they are
00:14:28Ckalle 5 roamers
00:14:30Gazhag obs there
00:14:32valiante i heard this is dota and were here to have fun
00:14:34FetAA got ulti
00:14:35Ckalle and we get first ward at min 11:30
00:14:42Ckalle ye
00:14:55Ckalle and I heard it's not fun if the other team can just roll over us cus no supporting
00:15:23mrk repelis mingi 20k seda outi
00:15:24mrk ja ping 500
00:16:00MEteORStorM nesma
00:16:07Ckalle tiny inc
00:16:15Ckalle ure 2 slow
00:16:23Ckalle reg
00:16:35valiante -cs
00:16:37Ckalle take reg
00:16:38Ckalle someone
00:16:46Ckalle TEAM
00:16:47valiante gj
00:16:48valiante haha
00:16:49Ckalle U MOTHERFUCKERS
00:17:02mrk whhy
00:17:08FetAA NA
00:17:20Ckalle I tell u do take reg and u don't react in 30 sec
00:17:55Ckalle ahahha
00:18:02FetAA hmm
00:18:27FetAA got ulti
00:18:28FetAA when i spawn
00:18:39valiante b
00:19:36MEteORStorM hullu tiny
00:19:39MEteORStorM hyökkää vaa
00:19:45MEteORStorM :D
00:19:55Gazhag ...
00:19:57Gazhag no mana
00:19:57MEteORStorM :<
00:20:59MATi haha :D
00:21:14mrk masendav
00:21:15mrk :D
00:21:17MATi we cant win fights atm
00:21:19MATi we just have to avoid it
00:21:21MATi and farm
00:21:22MATi or smth
00:21:28MATi prolong it as long as we can
00:21:47FetAA got ulti
00:21:53MATi nice lasthit :D
00:22:04Ckalle t.t
00:22:04FetAA kill soon
00:22:08FetAA got all
00:22:15mrk D::D
00:23:39valiante be right there
00:23:53Ckalle ogre inc
00:23:54Ckalle they 5
00:24:31MEteORStorM ult zeus1
00:24:33valiante :D
00:24:36valiante :D
00:24:47teh_re tiny
00:26:13FetAA :D
00:26:15MATi :D
00:26:18Ckalle nice tank
00:26:20MATi :D
00:26:28Ckalle get some HP for that hood now
00:26:34Ckalle str treads meka gg
00:26:50MATi void go farm top imo
00:26:53Ckalle ye
00:26:55Ckalle got my vang
00:26:56MATi if we hang on
00:26:58MATi 40min
00:27:00MATi its win
00:27:01MATi :D
00:27:01mrk kas repeli peab vahepeale resetima ka? pole vahet kaua lahti?
00:27:05MATi hmm
00:27:07MATi hea oleks
00:27:08Ckalle rune bot
00:27:13mrk mul mingi 30k 30k
00:27:14Ckalle ss NA
00:27:16mrk ja ping ikka 500
00:27:17mrk delay kohati
00:27:18MATi lol :D
00:27:22valiante :)
00:27:23MATi no ei usu et selles asi
00:27:49teh_re tiny
00:27:50teh_re care
00:28:02valiante -cs
00:28:25valiante fucking na
00:28:31MATi all of a sudden 5 top :D
00:28:36Ckalle 4
00:28:41Ckalle I got zeus mid
00:29:04Ckalle u wayyy to slow tiny
00:29:09mrk ei saa lihtsalt
00:29:32Gazhag hard to go back with vision
00:29:44FetAA ota gem
00:29:46FetAA na
00:29:49Ckalle ?
00:30:00MEteORStorM wardi tos
00:30:12valiante 10 %
00:30:15valiante and u bash 6 times
00:30:20valiante -.-
00:30:23nesma i have basher
00:30:26valiante yeah
00:30:29valiante its 10 % for ranged
00:30:34nesma i have it
00:30:38valiante I know
00:30:40valiante u bashed 6 times
00:30:42valiante in 10 hits
00:30:44valiante with 10%
00:30:46FetAA he has basher?
00:30:50Ckalle lol
00:30:53Ckalle U so dumb
00:30:54valiante AND its 10% CHANCE TO BASH
00:30:59FetAA yes but he hasb asher idiot
00:30:59Ckalle furion is saying RNG is fucked
00:31:03Ckalle YEAH
00:31:07Ckalle BUT 6 of 10 hits
00:31:10Ckalle is not 10%
00:31:14valiante yeh
00:31:17valiante exactly
00:31:27Ckalle god they suck
00:31:30valiante yeah
00:31:55Ckalle 0 miss
00:31:57Ckalle 25%
00:32:08Ckalle his ult hits
00:32:11Ckalle his 3 stuns hit
00:32:14Ckalle his 2 burns hit
00:32:17Ckalle his dagon hit
00:32:21Ckalle his 5 autoattacks hit
00:32:24Ckalle tinys stun hit
00:32:27Ckalle fucking insane.
00:32:32nesma that's how you bass
00:32:36valiante yeah
00:32:40valiante by being lucky
00:32:41valiante seriously
00:32:44FetAA no its basher
00:32:45valiante icefrog has to fix this RNG shit
00:32:50valiante zeus
00:32:53valiante do u know statistics+
00:32:59valiante like what the word "chance" means
00:33:05nesma no
00:33:06FetAA %??
00:33:08valiante fucking go to school and stop being 8 years old
00:33:09Ckalle Heard of probabilities?
00:33:15valiante yeah
00:33:28valiante have u had the subject statistics and done the area called probability
00:33:32Ckalle did u ever go to a math class?
00:33:34FetAA my ulti has chance?
00:33:37valiante no
00:33:40valiante fucking basher does
00:33:42FetAA ok
00:33:43valiante idiot
00:33:54Ckalle FetAA srsly u this dumb
00:33:56Ckalle ?
00:33:58FetAA basher has bash
00:34:05valiante and because u have basher
00:34:10valiante does that mean u bash every SINGLE SHOT?
00:34:20nesma lol
00:34:25nesma i build basher for bash
00:34:29Ckalle ROFL
00:34:32valiante jesus christ
00:34:38Ckalle Don't u have schools where u live Scourge?=
00:34:43mrk whyd you guys leave
00:34:47mrk 4v2
00:34:53nesma u dont need if u dont want hehehe
00:35:03Ckalle Well then u obviously don't want.
00:35:25Ckalle let's just stop talking to these idiots
00:35:30valiante yeah
00:35:35valiante they are seriously retarded
00:35:41Ckalle undereducated soviet kids
00:35:57mrk sorry for not being useful
00:36:01mrk didnt know id lag so bag
00:36:07Gazhag bonelle gem ja tuhoomaan wardit selkeesti
00:36:09mrk bad
00:36:12Ckalle so strange
00:36:16Ckalle cus noone else has lag
00:36:32mrk its my problem then perhaps
00:36:33mrk ?
00:36:36Ckalle b
00:36:36Ckalle b
00:36:44valiante SUP SLAG
00:36:47valiante NO FUCKING LUCKY BASH NOW
00:37:38nesma -ma
00:37:45Ckalle get twr
00:38:37valiante lol
00:38:47valiante a whole team with just mssive luck
00:39:24FetAA :DD
00:39:24valiante :D:D:
00:39:25MATi :D:D:D:D:D
00:39:25valiante HAHHA
00:39:27MEteORStorM juked
00:39:28valiante KLOLOLOLOLOLOL
00:39:30FetAA :DD
00:39:40Ckalle rng
00:39:42nesma that's bass
00:39:43Ckalle fucks me over
00:39:43FetAA whats the probablities chance on that?
00:39:54Ckalle 1.
00:40:21Ckalle he don't even know the probability for something that happened is 1
00:40:23Ckalle so dumb
00:41:02Ckalle MATi what item u make?
00:41:18MATi I GET 4X
00:42:20valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:03valiante bashers doesnt stack clinkz
00:43:12valiante lol
00:43:13nesma onko tottaU
00:43:14valiante he made 2 bashers
00:43:14Ckalle ROFL
00:43:16valiante and we loose
00:43:17Gazhag o
00:43:18valiante jesus fucking christ
00:43:20Ckalle nah
00:43:21Ckalle not over
00:43:27Ckalle compare our lategame to theirs
00:43:36Ckalle b
00:43:37Ckalle b
00:43:39MEteORStorM kyl me tää hävitään nesma jos et tee oikeita itemeitä
00:43:39MEteORStorM ;<
00:43:47valiante i got dust
00:43:51nesma ELI???
00:43:51Ckalle where's chick?
00:44:25mrk b
00:45:09FetAA tilt
00:45:11Ckalle b
00:45:14valiante ye i need health
00:45:22FetAA Vittu ei iha
00:45:39FetAA höh
00:45:41FetAA ei tehny mitää
00:45:50FetAA ,.
00:46:19Ckalle why u go b
00:46:26mrk cos its 4v4 and im instahit?
00:46:29mrk and mana for stun
00:46:37mrk why even chase
00:46:39Gazhag push
00:46:39mrk we won that
00:46:41valiante damn wanted to save u
00:46:45MATi :D:D
00:46:55valiante anyways
00:46:57Ckalle so sick
00:46:59Ckalle how my hero
00:46:59valiante when we win a battle
00:47:02valiante dont chase
00:47:05Ckalle just CAN'T FUCKING BASH
00:47:06mrk exactly
00:47:37FetAA aini meni gemi
00:47:37valiante almost dagger on tide
00:47:38FetAA ottiks joku
00:47:43FetAA siinähä se
00:48:29FetAA ei kyl taiedeta oikee pärjää
00:48:32MEteORStorM nesma
00:48:34MEteORStorM myy basher
00:48:35FetAA nou carry
00:48:36Ckalle rosh?
00:48:36MATi gg as i said
00:48:39MATi if we hang on 40min
00:48:43MEteORStorM ja osta bkb
00:48:45Gazhag siisti hävii dota.gc peli siihe et kukaa ei osaa farmaa
00:48:47Gazhag 8)
00:48:50nesma k
00:48:54Ckalle scout with trees
00:49:00MEteORStorM sen jälkee butterfly
00:49:03mrk 35k juba
00:49:05mrk üks näitaja
00:49:06Tuutu sell 1 basher clinkz
00:49:10Ckalle clinkz mby here so use dust before rosh dies
00:49:15MEteORStorM nesma afk?
00:49:20Ckalle k?
00:49:22nesma ..
00:49:24nesma ostin itemeit
00:49:25FetAA pölli
00:49:26valiante who take+
00:49:26FetAA se
00:49:27nesma vitun valitusta
00:49:29MATi void
00:49:29Ckalle me or nec
00:49:30nesma en oo pelannu pitkää aikaa
00:49:32teh_re i cna use
00:49:33teh_re dust
00:49:33Ckalle USE DUST
00:49:34MATi USE
00:49:34FetAA pölli
00:49:34MATi DUST
00:49:35FetAA aegis
00:49:42MEteORStorM b
00:49:43MEteORStorM b
00:49:44MATi :d
00:49:53valiante i go hot?
00:49:54valiante now
00:49:57Ckalle armor
00:49:58Ckalle better
00:50:01valiante i have 1000
00:50:02MATi we need damage also
00:50:02Ckalle or I dunno
00:50:05FetAA 52-25
00:50:06valiante armor wont be enough
00:50:08FetAA ja turpii tulos
00:50:08Ckalle ye u got low hp
00:50:08valiante i got plenty of damage
00:50:11Ckalle BKB?
00:50:21Ckalle some HP and magic immu gg
00:50:37mrk target who?
00:50:44MATi ye who?
00:50:50MATi i got scepter.. i can take him out with sec
00:50:52Ckalle na/clinkz
00:50:59Ckalle are strongest
00:51:09Ckalle so they die 1st
00:51:31FetAA rege
00:51:58FetAA omw
00:52:01mrk cyclone helps dagger?
00:52:11Ckalle ?
00:52:15MATi fight @ bot
00:52:17mrk for its cd
00:52:20Ckalle ye
00:52:24Ckalle u don't take dmg
00:52:26Ckalle so u can use dagger
00:52:31MATi tide starts
00:52:52FetAA ai sil oli blinkki en ees tienny
00:53:07valiante u rebuy?
00:53:08valiante gosu
00:53:19FetAA puskeuske
00:53:28valiante seriously
00:53:32valiante this greed looses us the game
00:53:35valiante when u leave the rest behind
00:53:36valiante with ankh
00:53:43FetAA :D
00:53:45valiante THEY HAVE NO TPS
00:53:45FetAA u saw in minimap
00:53:50valiante ffs
00:53:51valiante idiot
00:53:55Tuutu apparently i didnt
00:53:59valiante u could have opened
00:54:00Tuutu unless i was suicidal
00:54:02valiante void
00:54:03FetAA ainii oliksmul taas gemi
00:54:03Ckalle they base faster
00:54:06Ckalle I got no TP either
00:54:06FetAA se on tos
00:54:09FetAA stick pois
00:54:11valiante im alive in a sec
00:54:17FetAA tai nojoo
00:54:19FetAA einiil mitä wardei oo
00:55:26valiante :D
00:55:33valiante ready?
00:55:55MEteORStorM b
00:55:55MEteORStorM b
00:56:06MEteORStorM hmm
00:56:11mrk void
00:56:13FetAA :E
00:56:23Ckalle ye was kinda busy fighting 2 bot
00:56:23nesma silt meni aegis
00:56:29teh_re cant with 3
00:56:34mrk ez rax
00:56:53Ckalle go attack
00:56:54MEteORStorM b
00:57:13Ckalle ignore
00:57:13MEteORStorM nesma myy vaa toi toinen basher
00:57:16MEteORStorM et tee sil mitää
00:57:16mrk all alive now
00:57:16MEteORStorM :B
00:57:17MATi im ooooom
00:57:19mrk coulda had rax
00:57:21mrk ;/
00:57:26Gazhag 40 damaa
00:57:27Gazhag imba
00:57:30nesma mitä teen, butterii avi?
00:57:39MATi we shouldnt go
00:57:44MATi 4v5
00:58:08FetAA ei oo ultii
00:58:13Ckalle teamwork bro
00:58:15MATi :D
00:58:15valiante thx void
00:58:17valiante *:D
00:58:27valiante got skadi
00:58:28mrk gem?
00:58:32mrk could buy
00:58:32Gazhag void
00:58:40mrk tahad
00:58:41mrk necro
00:58:55mrk inbase
00:59:16Ckalle 0%
00:59:18Ckalle backtrack
00:59:27Ckalle srsl
00:59:32Ckalle I didn't backtrack
00:59:35Ckalle a single attack
00:59:36Ckalle that fight
01:00:01Ckalle I got pipe
01:00:02valiante u should wait for me
01:00:05valiante 20 sec
01:00:12FetAA oom
01:00:15mrk take gem
01:00:36Ckalle necro going HoT or Hex?
01:00:40MATi hex
01:00:43Ckalle nice
01:00:47mrk gem
01:00:48MATi we need more disable
01:00:50Ckalle ye
01:01:14MEteORStorM rosh
01:01:23teh_re rosh
01:01:24nesma ionvi täs
01:01:46Ckalle coulda daggered n taken it
01:02:16MATi go help void others
01:02:22valiante b
01:02:28valiante i come soon
01:02:45Ckalle see
01:02:47mrk well
01:02:49Ckalle gem
01:02:51Ckalle on ground
01:02:51mrk they went invi
01:02:56mrk coudla killed na for example
01:03:02Ckalle tp
01:03:03Ckalle take gem
01:03:17MEteORStorM ogre
01:03:17MEteORStorM go
01:03:18MEteORStorM base
01:03:21Ckalle nice
01:03:24MEteORStorM tp
01:03:30MATi helm of iron will :D
01:03:45Ckalle NA sleeping
01:03:48Ckalle he had silence-bug
01:03:51MATi furi
01:03:51valiante what item did u have on chick?
01:03:51Ckalle right where u tp'd
01:03:52MATi maybe?
01:03:54MATi u can push them
01:03:55MATi all the time
01:03:56MATi furi
01:04:02Ckalle twr top
01:04:03Ckalle nice
01:04:09Ckalle 2 lanes no twr
01:04:11MATi mid also
01:04:11MATi :D:D
01:04:37valiante i cabn rebuy if neces
01:04:43Tuutu we lost 1 lol
01:04:51FetAA well carry tps
01:04:53Tuutu 2nd
01:05:03valiante got rax
01:05:04valiante :D
01:05:13Ckalle I go take 2nd
01:05:25valiante attack
01:05:43valiante rax?
01:05:44Ckalle gem here still
01:05:48valiante ye
01:05:50MATi 4 coming
01:05:52MATi be care
01:05:53mrk not worth it
01:06:01valiante ulti
01:06:02valiante and tp
01:06:08valiante tpå
01:06:10valiante :D
01:06:15FetAA :E
01:06:15Ckalle ^^
01:06:30valiante tp
01:06:32valiante hes oom
01:06:42Ckalle gem is still on da ground I think
01:06:50mrk furi just snipe mid rax
01:06:55mrk 1 left
01:06:56FetAA furi vaa telee tappaa mut
01:07:03Ckalle go tp
01:07:05Ckalle I'm there
01:07:06valiante ok
01:07:09valiante 2 many
01:08:08MATi :D:DD
01:08:29MATi ye
01:08:32MATi ogre also dead
01:08:32FetAA ::
01:08:36MATi no more disable only na
01:08:46mrk reax
01:08:46mrk rax
01:08:47mrk rax
01:08:47mrk omgs
01:08:49mrk furi
01:08:50mrk :D
01:09:01mrk just take rax
01:09:02valiante trees
01:09:03mrk and its ez
01:09:03valiante :D
01:09:07Ckalle GO TREES
01:09:22mrk go mid
01:09:34MATi little ninjas :D:D:D
01:09:36MATi nothing else
01:09:42Ckalle HAH!
01:09:46FetAA pro
01:09:48mrk lols
01:09:51mrk clinkz sold basher
01:09:56Ckalle ofc
01:09:58valiante clinkz
01:10:01valiante u found out 2 basher dont work?=
01:10:06valiante funny little guuy
01:10:08nesma yes
01:10:13MEteORStorM def
01:10:27valiante guys
01:10:31Ckalle -ms
01:10:35mrk tide dont waste ulti
01:10:36mrk rather die
01:10:42FetAA -.-
01:10:48mrk tho they cant do shit anyway
01:10:50mrk :P
01:11:04Ckalle u see
01:11:04Ckalle 0 bash
01:11:04Ckalle 0 backtrack
01:11:04valiante shall i come?
01:11:04valiante ulti void?
01:11:04FetAA TACTICAL?
01:11:04MATi no
01:11:04MATi lets back
01:11:04Ckalle I'm dead
01:11:04valiante k
01:11:07valiante ulti tiny
01:11:07MATi come furi
01:11:07valiante necro
01:11:07MATi ye
01:11:07mrk hi
01:11:07mrk ma dropin?
01:11:07mrk või misasja
01:11:07valiante i tp
01:11:07valiante got manta
01:11:07mrk soz
01:11:37teh_re my respawn is same as my ulti cd
01:11:39mrk furi
01:11:39mrk bot
01:11:41teh_re so i rather use it than die
01:11:43MATi nice :D
01:11:45Ckalle tp
01:11:46Ckalle n win
01:12:04Ckalle this creep-hex
01:12:06Tuutu misclicked hex...
01:12:06Ckalle so stronK
01:12:10mrk kas ma droppisin vahepeal?
01:12:17Ckalle ure not dropping
01:12:23Ckalle only lagscreen to 35 about
01:12:27mrk k
01:12:29Ckalle but since it's Repel it's np
01:12:39Ckalle cus refreshed to new screen next time :)
01:12:43MEteORStorM nesma tuu
01:12:44mrk lol
01:12:45mrk repel
01:12:45mrk shows
01:12:47MEteORStorM nopee
01:12:48mrk 47k in 52k out
01:12:49MEteORStorM hakee
01:12:59MATi na here
01:13:06MATi was taking rosh
01:13:32mrk furi
01:13:32mrk top
01:13:33mrk top
01:13:53FetAA lamegame
01:13:55mrk take rax and end
01:13:58valiante YES
01:14:00valiante I WIN FOR ONCE
01:14:16nesma my team is omg
01:14:24valiante u are
01:14:25valiante with 2 basher
01:14:26Ckalle I play carry and I win
01:14:28Ckalle first time
01:14:31Ckalle I have bad stats
01:14:32Ckalle I win game
01:14:36Ckalle last 10 games
01:14:41Ckalle I had like 20/5/10
01:14:42Ckalle and lost
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