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Chat log

00:00:12Lowbob uhh my alche
00:00:17huutopussi onpas imboja
00:00:17huutopussi monta
00:00:17Tuutu -storm
00:00:17Usires tuuks vent
00:00:17huutopussi pitäiskö io vai aa
00:00:17Lowbob can i get alche
00:00:17huutopussi bannata
00:00:17Usires wisp imo
00:00:17FetAA Who r u
00:00:17Eksodick joop
00:00:17Vilkuky pick alche if they dont ban him
00:00:17FetAA u bOOn
00:00:17huutopussi -wisp
00:00:17Vilkuky get alche its still OP
00:00:17FetAA STILL
00:00:17huutopussi tuun pickien jälkeen
00:00:17Lowbob alche for me maybe?
00:00:17FetAA in this version it was moar op
00:00:17Eksodick vois ottaa eredarin
00:00:17Usires k
00:00:25FetAA lolz
00:00:27Vilkuky FFS
00:00:28FetAA get that fucking alche out
00:00:30Vilkuky viper first pick ?
00:00:35Tuutu apparently
00:00:37FetAA last game u cryed why dont ban viper
00:00:40FetAA vilkky
00:00:44Usires ota vaikka snipu midiin
00:00:44FetAA but that alche is just retarded
00:00:45Usires tai qop
00:00:46Lowbob tuutu
00:00:48Usires pärjää viperille
00:00:49Lowbob brainless
00:00:52Vilkuky miten niin ?
00:00:52FetAA its so much imba
00:00:55Vilkuky en sanonut mitään viperistä
00:01:00Tuutu dont start whining please
00:01:03Tuutu and use englisj
00:01:04Tuutu sh
00:01:08Vilkuky you already fucked this game Tuutu
00:01:10huutopussi hoho bugde
00:01:13Lowbob just saying ure brainless
00:01:14Tuutu k, leave then
00:01:14Vilkuky viper was retard pick
00:01:18huutopussi aa imba
00:01:22FetAA so was pudg
00:01:24Lowbob 3 retarded picks already
00:01:25Vilkuky im just playing for fun here =)
00:01:33Usires get aa or warlock svents
00:01:35Vilkuky usualy i play serious and win games
00:01:37svents ok
00:01:42Vilkuky but now if captain doesnt pick alche when its not banned
00:01:45Eksodick take wards top
00:01:59Usires yeah get wards with you
00:02:03Vilkuky AA + pudge lane?
00:02:06Usires on the ground
00:02:07Usires wards
00:02:07Tuutu alc = autowin?
00:02:11Usires get and put one to rune
00:02:14Usires and one to pull
00:02:14curdi pudge + omni?
00:02:21curdi well nvm
00:02:23curdi i go with aa
00:02:25curdi am*
00:02:43Lowbob ff btw
00:02:46Lowbob ff
00:02:47Lowbob ff
00:02:48Lowbob ff
00:02:52Vilkuky share chicken bob
00:02:54FetAA well cant
00:02:59FetAA chance nothing
00:03:02FetAA just play
00:03:03FetAA now
00:03:04FetAA pl0x
00:03:06svents invis
00:03:18svents any1 want?
00:04:08FetAA oops
00:04:21Vilkuky b
00:04:35Vilkuky im lvl 1
00:04:41Lowbob well fb
00:04:43Lowbob if uc am
00:04:44Lowbob came
00:04:49Vilkuky gnoll
00:06:06FetAA blinkkana heala
00:06:52FetAA vois koht baran
00:06:56Tuutu ss mid
00:06:57curdi kattoo
00:07:02huutopussi omw
00:07:09huutopussi go
00:07:14Vilkuky i hook
00:07:32curdi ..
00:08:01Nagash lets kill mid
00:08:38Lowbob game is over
00:08:48Vilkuky Tuutu likes to loose on purpose
00:08:51Tuutu miss mid 2
00:08:51Vilkuky what can you do
00:08:55Vilkuky 1/5 is enough to ruin a game
00:09:10Tuutu my fault yes
00:09:14Vilkuky yah
00:09:16Lowbob retard
00:09:17Tuutu if u lose its never u
00:09:18Lowbob we all told
00:09:19Vilkuky alche rapes bot
00:09:20Lowbob u
00:09:22Lowbob pick alche
00:09:30Vilkuky alche is too strong for us to kill
00:09:32Tuutu ss mid
00:09:36Vilkuky even without cs
00:09:37FetAA not rly in start..
00:09:39Tuutu so if u tell me something, i gotta do that?
00:09:44Eksodick ss aa
00:09:48Vilkuky well we lost becouse you dont listen to us
00:09:55FetAA stop crying
00:09:57FetAA alche dont op in start
00:10:09FetAA dive wl
00:10:10FetAA healaamut
00:10:12Nagash pah
00:10:12FetAA blinkkan
00:10:13huutopussi sry blink cd
00:10:17Tuutu REPORT MISSES
00:10:22FetAA ok torni
00:10:45FetAA take alche too
00:11:05Lowbob noob viper
00:11:14Tuutu k
00:11:24Vilkuky its called purpose loosing
00:11:36Tuutu why should i do that?
00:11:43Tuutu and stop ur whine
00:11:49FetAA stop whine and play lolz
00:11:53Tuutu isnt gonna help u anyhow
00:12:15Vilkuky that is called alchemist
00:12:22Tuutu or noob pudge
00:12:27Vilkuky the hero that just fucked us both
00:12:34Vilkuky he stunned me
00:12:37Tuutu qop fucked us
00:12:37Vilkuky then he stunned you
00:12:40Vilkuky dived into tower
00:12:48Vilkuky poisoned us
00:13:00Vilkuky what did u do with ur first pick viper at that sitsuation?
00:13:12huutopussi let me
00:13:12huutopussi rune
00:13:31FetAA otetaa torni vaik
00:13:52Tuutu why the fuck did u pick pudge
00:13:58Tuutu and whu shouldnt i pick viper
00:14:05FetAA mee auttaa noit
00:14:07Vilkuky pudge becouse u picked viper =)
00:14:07FetAA pärjään yksi
00:14:08Lowbob BECAUSE
00:14:11FetAA noi ottaa liikaa leipä
00:14:13Lowbob ALCHE WAS IN POOL
00:14:18Lowbob U SON OF A WHORE
00:14:18Tuutu viper cos u was gonna pick pudge
00:14:19FetAA must ei viel apuu
00:14:23FetAA sust on
00:14:33Tuutu idiots
00:14:37Eksodick charge magina
00:14:38Tuutu u just lost bottom lane
00:14:38Eksodick k
00:14:44Tuutu it isnt alc=autowin
00:14:45FetAA u lost mid too
00:14:45Lowbob o rly?
00:14:49Vilkuky alche was on bot
00:14:49Tuutu y
00:14:55Vilkuky and who lost mid ?
00:14:57Lowbob mid got 9/0
00:14:59Vilkuky with his "favorite" hero viper
00:15:08Lowbob 10/0
00:15:16Tuutu lost mid cos not miss reports
00:15:22curdi yy :)
00:16:08Nagash who?
00:16:15Lowbob tp
00:16:41Lowbob freekil
00:16:45Lowbob people
00:16:46FetAA kill alche
00:16:54Lowbob well he had 200 hp
00:16:59Lowbob if just someone tped
00:17:25Tuutu omni no heal gj
00:17:40curdi you know how hard is it to cast in that sd shit?
00:17:51Tuutu yes
00:18:26svents dead
00:18:28svents fck
00:18:43svents he fcking just used ulti -.-
00:18:59Vilkuky omni obs
00:19:22FetAA wtf
00:19:26FetAA charge appears 1s before
00:19:27FetAA or wat
00:19:28Vilkuky -ha
00:19:30Vilkuky -clear
00:19:39FetAA just checked no charge and 2s later u hit me
00:19:41FetAA tt
00:21:05FetAA i farm top
00:21:15FetAA oho
00:21:15FetAA sori
00:21:22FetAA oti nreflexin
00:22:07FetAA KRPÄ
00:22:26Vilkuky -ha
00:23:10Vilkuky good job on mid with ur favorite hero
00:23:20Tuutu thanks
00:23:20Vilkuky most overrated player ever on gc
00:23:28Vilkuky and im not the first one to say it
00:23:36Tuutu overrated how?
00:23:52Vilkuky 0-4 at 5 min at mid with ur favorite hero?
00:24:03Vilkuky ur captain
00:24:05curdi mind shutting up
00:24:10Tuutu who has overrated me?
00:24:14FetAA :DD
00:24:15Tuutu and viper not my fav
00:24:16Vilkuky the system
00:24:23Tuutu then ur system sucks
00:24:38FetAA "ur"?
00:24:46Tuutu havent cheated it to get better stats
00:24:50FetAA :DD
00:24:53Lowbob b
00:24:54FetAA he didnt make the system maybe
00:24:55Tuutu "ur", "the", whatever
00:25:37FetAA oom
00:26:31Vilkuky qop has quinsoo ?
00:26:44Tuutu duh
00:27:06FetAA ^^
00:27:09FetAA lets not suicide
00:27:13FetAA like that
00:27:15curdi thought u wanted to go
00:27:33Nagash ok
00:27:44Vilkuky b
00:28:04Tuutu deny
00:28:08Tuutu heal :)
00:28:20FetAA i farm top
00:28:43Vilkuky ganks
00:28:46Lowbob i make hex
00:29:32Vilkuky let me hook ffs
00:29:34FetAA im not there
00:30:10Tuutu nice job
00:30:15FetAA why fight outsideb ase
00:30:17FetAA towers
00:30:26Vilkuky why you farm every single dota.gc game?
00:30:27curdi should've just run and let me die there
00:30:43Tuutu and u should have just ran and not die at all
00:30:51curdi i dont have blink
00:30:52FetAA i farm when i play a carry
00:30:52Tuutu easy to say idiot
00:30:56Vilkuky why we go in their forest
00:30:57curdi akasha does
00:31:02Vilkuky cause
00:31:07Vilkuky when we see enemy
00:31:08Vilkuky i could hook
00:31:12Vilkuky but you all stand in front of me
00:31:16Vilkuky learn to play pls
00:31:39svents what i should do?
00:31:41svents meka?
00:31:44Tuutu b
00:31:51Usires start guinsoo
00:31:51Vilkuky gank with 4 or 5 ?
00:31:51huutopussi its good
00:32:13FetAA gj
00:32:30Eksodick ward
00:32:36svents y
00:32:53svents faggots
00:33:02Lowbob gang
00:33:02Eksodick should not go alone :)
00:33:06Lowbob fast
00:33:08Lowbob viper
00:33:33Nagash gogoogog
00:34:03Lowbob b
00:34:23FetAA only 2
00:34:23FetAA go
00:34:41Lowbob hast
00:35:07FetAA need all
00:35:08Vilkuky come ffs?
00:35:13FetAA repel removes haste
00:35:14Tuutu -ms
00:35:19curdi noticed..
00:35:26Vilkuky magina + omni + aa + pudge not enough to kill someone on their forest ?? we need ENTRY
00:35:38Vilkuky you must learn to play
00:35:41Vilkuky or we loose
00:35:53FetAA heal
00:35:57curdi cd
00:36:29Lowbob gg
00:36:29FetAA cant help
00:36:36FetAA well we shouldnt go push
00:36:37FetAA like that
00:36:46Vilkuky kinda weird that
00:36:52curdi should we let alche farm more then?
00:36:52Vilkuky we totaly lost becouse of one person: Tuutu
00:36:55Vilkuky he didnt ban that alche
00:36:57Vilkuky BUT
00:37:02Vilkuky he also fed like a monkey on mid
00:37:04huutopussi b
00:37:09Vilkuky with the pick he liked
00:37:35FetAA omni no
00:37:40FetAA but we shouldnt rush to feed
00:37:42FetAA when we are
00:37:43FetAA like
00:37:45FetAA 10x waeker
00:38:01Vilkuky 23-2 qop
00:38:02Eksodick -afk
00:38:06FetAA well he kinda winned this
00:38:08Tuutu it just makes u feel better if u can blame it all on some1 else pudge?
00:38:08FetAA won
00:38:16Vilkuky and qop was laning against?
00:38:30Tuutu and bara came twice without miss report
00:38:33Vilkuky i know when a team looses becuz of me
00:38:35Tuutu and then ganged u a lot
00:38:41Vilkuky for example: if i am captain and pick shit and play shit as carry
00:38:45Vilkuky i know it was my fault
00:39:17Tuutu and our loss is mostly my fault but not only
00:39:19Vilkuky like i said after first pick
00:39:21Vilkuky we gonna loose this
00:39:26Usires bara
00:39:28Vilkuky i even knew it before i picked my own hero
00:39:28Usires dont engage
00:39:29FetAA lol
00:39:32Usires let them destroy towers
00:39:33FetAA u failed bot too
00:39:33Tuutu and u rub it in so arrogantly like a fag i dont know what to say
00:39:33Lowbob and i said u were brainless
00:39:33curdi but atleast u kept the spirit high
00:40:17Tuutu im not brainless surely
00:40:18FetAA def
00:40:24Tuutu u rage too much over a pc game
00:40:58FetAA mid
00:41:09FetAA zz
00:41:11FetAA def it
00:41:13FetAA dont let
00:41:13FetAA rax
00:41:14FetAA go
00:41:19Lowbob die
00:41:22Tuutu push
00:41:31FetAA I need repel
00:41:33FetAA and im fine
00:41:35Tuutu y
00:41:45curdi so do i
00:41:49FetAA ^^
00:41:51Tuutu magina need more
00:41:59curdi wouldnt say
00:41:59Tuutu nice support player u are omni
00:42:10Vilkuky minc.curdi is one of the worst here
00:42:19Tuutu apparently
00:42:24Tuutu even worse then i
00:42:32Vilkuky normaly yes
00:42:37curdi and how is that related to anything?
00:42:44Lowbob i got hex
00:42:44Vilkuky english pls
00:43:37FetAA GOGO
00:43:44FetAA GOGOGOOG
00:43:51FetAA GUYS
00:43:57FetAA STOP RETarding
00:44:44Vilkuky battlefury miksi?
00:45:00FetAA koska siitä saa lämää ja regeä ja aoeta
00:45:10Lowbob ge
00:45:20Lowbob omni
00:45:24Lowbob u got 4 wards'
00:45:32Lowbob use
00:45:34curdi well is that so
00:45:35FetAA lets ward
00:45:39curdi please, wanna tell me something else
00:45:42Lowbob focus
00:45:43FetAA hex qop and insta gib him
00:45:44Lowbob qop
00:45:45Tuutu def at ramp
00:45:46FetAA repalaa tuu
00:45:47FetAA kurdi
00:45:48curdi im listening like it was the last thing i cared about
00:45:50huutopussi obs would be good
00:46:03Lowbob care
00:46:04Tuutu -ms
00:46:12curdi no i wont
00:46:14curdi im warding
00:46:23FetAA we needed ward there
00:46:27FetAA go b now
00:46:30Lowbob too late
00:46:38Vilkuky great support by omni
00:46:46Tuutu omni sucks badly
00:46:56FetAA noticed 2 years ago
00:47:14curdi has some1 else bought wards?
00:47:25Lowbob ffs
00:47:43Lowbob omni
00:47:46FetAA i needrepel and omni ulti and shit
00:47:51curdi oh
00:47:53FetAA mennää tappaa kiaikki
00:47:54curdi sry
00:47:55curdi i suck
00:47:59FetAA we know
00:48:02curdi cant help u
00:48:20Vilkuky I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:24Lowbob def
00:48:29FetAA omni purpose lose
00:48:37Lowbob go
00:49:01FetAA we coulda win 5on5 fights
00:49:03FetAA but omni refuses
00:49:07curdi what
00:49:09curdi i suck
00:49:10FetAA to def
00:49:17curdi but i suck badly
00:49:19curdi cant def
00:49:23Tuutu it hurt his ego too much
00:49:34Tuutu so he plays epicly bad on purpose
00:50:28FetAA 1on1!
00:50:36FetAA !on1
00:50:42Vilkuky hyvä FetAA
00:50:43Tuutu raped
00:50:44FetAA pussy?
00:50:48Tuutu fool
00:50:56Vilkuky meijän cärry
00:50:57Tuutu in wars there is no rules
00:51:03FetAA :DDD c vilkky
00:51:08FetAA peli vissii ei ollu hävitty
00:51:21FetAA :DD
00:51:32FetAA i heard this pudge best eu
00:51:42svents sry ma olin oom ja cd
00:51:47Vilkuky i heard better than u
00:51:57FetAA much better
00:51:57Tuutu i heard, who cares?
00:52:07svents gg
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