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78% | 1157 X | 1344 TS

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77% | 1076 X | 1397 TS

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69% | 1149 X | 1282 TS

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31% | 883 X | 1225 TS

Chat log

00:00:22N2xy papa.. gonna carry?
00:00:22Knaitti ...?
00:00:22Papaya hm
00:00:22mrk take tide/venge/cm
00:00:22FetAA bs
00:00:22mrk firstpicks
00:00:22Papaya riki
00:00:30N2xy who wants tide?
00:00:32mrk cm venge
00:00:35mrk just take it someone plays
00:00:37mrk :P
00:00:39karm i can tide :p
00:00:50Papaya sven ?
00:00:51Papaya someone ?
00:01:06mrk take lina cm
00:01:12N2xy i waant lina
00:01:13N2xy :p
00:01:22N2xy :(
00:01:27mrk could swap
00:01:29karm mida herod :P
00:01:32mrk if there's something
00:01:33N2xy mis sa tahad
00:01:35N2xy ütle karmale
00:01:40Papaya need another lategamer
00:01:42N2xy tell what you want
00:01:42mrk dk
00:01:46Papaya dk or magina
00:01:47N2xy -swap 3
00:01:49mrk dk
00:01:50mrk -swap 2
00:01:53mrk -swap 5
00:01:56mrk -swap 5
00:02:04Papaya karm swap him
00:02:08karm -swal 3
00:02:09h0whigh karm swap
00:02:17FetAA bristle go bot
00:02:17karm -swap 2
00:02:20N2xy 3
00:02:21N2xy 3
00:02:22h0whigh swap 3 karm
00:02:24karm -swap 3
00:02:24N2xy omg
00:02:25N2xy :D
00:02:25mrk '
00:02:27FetAA with ur m8
00:02:32h0whigh i go bot with dk
00:02:33N2xy lets lane
00:02:33N2xy dk
00:02:34FetAA i trust ur synergy
00:02:34h0whigh lina tide top
00:02:35N2xy bot
00:02:36Knaitti well im in vent with herre too
00:02:36h0whigh i will roam
00:02:37Knaitti so
00:02:40N2xy oki
00:02:40h0whigh lina u can farm top
00:02:42h0whigh if u want
00:02:57Herre :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:03:07Herre I will buy it asap
00:03:10h0whigh i will gank lvl 3
00:03:12megaman ...
00:03:12h0whigh can u pull dk ?
00:03:14FetAA fuckeer
00:03:15h0whigh ore should i ?
00:03:16mrk k
00:03:16FetAA ur even cm
00:03:17Herre np np
00:03:20mrk ill
00:03:26karm -ma
00:03:49N2xy xD
00:04:03mrk lame
00:04:47h0whigh kill dk ?
00:04:48megaman pull
00:05:26h0whigh i come mid
00:05:29h0whigh and try gank
00:05:33N2xy gogo
00:06:31h0whigh i take it when i have mana then kill
00:06:46h0whigh need 5 more mana
00:06:49h0whigh rdy top +
00:07:22h0whigh b
00:07:24h0whigh dont have mana
00:07:24h0whigh b
00:07:25FetAA share
00:07:30N2xy i was stuck there
00:07:31N2xy :p
00:07:37karm ye but mid had
00:07:50Papaya ss
00:08:02h0whigh try kill mid now ?
00:08:02megaman :D
00:08:09megaman creeps
00:08:11megaman raped
00:08:11N2xy great
00:08:19N2xy wc
00:08:55Papaya great
00:08:56Papaya ...
00:09:08Papaya call fucking miss
00:09:09Papaya sven mid
00:09:15N2xy b
00:09:34Papaya go away ?!?!?
00:09:47h0whigh lets kill bot
00:09:51N2xy vs
00:09:56N2xy omg
00:10:44Knaitti noone miss+ :_D
00:11:11karm have mana for 1 gush
00:11:17N2xy it took some time vs for you to notice him :D
00:11:27h0whigh hehehe ye
00:11:29h0whigh 2 stoned :d
00:12:09N2xy hot zone
00:12:13N2xy :p
00:13:27Knaitti ...
00:13:50Papaya gj
00:13:57h0whigh u2
00:14:12N2xy lets kill cm
00:14:13N2xy coming
00:14:15N2xy stun first
00:14:28h0whigh im oom
00:14:28h0whigh b
00:14:46Papaya can we get chick upgrade
00:14:52Papaya b
00:14:55N2xy stun
00:15:11N2xy run!!!
00:15:19N2xy nooo
00:15:30N2xy haha
00:15:40N2xy b
00:16:41N2xy hot zone indeed
00:16:51mrk medusa cs?
00:17:01mrk -cs
00:17:02Papaya 50
00:17:20FetAA upg chick some1
00:17:26h0whigh lets kill bot
00:17:36karm i dont believe hes alone
00:17:42karm need more help
00:18:12N2xy vs
00:18:13karm one zip please venge
00:18:18Herre b
00:18:29Herre huora
00:18:31Herre DD:D
00:18:50karm need 1 for dagger
00:18:56Papaya take twr
00:18:57Papaya i def
00:19:09N2xy swap 1 motherfucker
00:19:54Herre ff
00:20:32karm -ma
00:21:07Papaya well i wont go linkens
00:21:11Papaya they got so little target spell
00:21:36karm sf having nice farm
00:21:36N2xy swap
00:21:49N2xy lets gank
00:21:52N2xy sf
00:21:55FetAA siis herre sul ollu noi wardit 5min
00:21:56N2xy vs
00:21:57FetAA planttaa
00:21:59FetAA tuu
00:22:00Herre plz
00:22:09N2xy stun
00:22:20Herre :DDD
00:22:25FetAA gank squad
00:22:37Herre dont use so sophisticated terms
00:22:42h0whigh need rune
00:22:45h0whigh let me take bot
00:22:59mrk should push now
00:23:11h0whigh i will swap
00:23:14N2xy kk
00:23:15h0whigh wards
00:23:15FetAA goo?
00:23:17Herre y
00:24:48h0whigh kill bot?
00:24:52karm w8
00:25:01N2xy lets make some more action vs :D
00:25:04FetAA let me topp
00:25:11h0whigh when ever u want _d
00:25:30h0whigh w8 nme
00:25:57N2xy ty
00:25:59N2xy :D
00:26:02Papaya np
00:26:07h0whigh ^^
00:26:27Papaya got manta
00:26:30N2xy nice
00:27:11karm rune tp
00:27:17h0whigh let me take rune
00:27:18h0whigh have bhottle
00:28:37N2xy lol
00:28:59Papaya b
00:29:03Papaya gj guys
00:29:46N2xy sorry about that
00:30:28h0whigh time 4 some imba swap
00:30:28mrk go mid 5
00:30:30mrk tide ult
00:30:34h0whigh i swap and we have entry
00:30:47h0whigh lina and dk just be rdy
00:30:49h0whigh 2 stun
00:30:52h0whigh the one i swap
00:30:56karm sec
00:31:42mrk throne
00:31:44mrk they our bot rax
00:31:47mrk throne
00:32:27Papaya wp guys
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