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+42 X
+11 TS

88% | 1377 X | 1355 TS

+37 X
+9 TS

82% | 1213 X | 1336 TS

+48 X
+9 TS

69% | 1087 X | 1317 TS

+47 X
+16 TS

42% | 953 X | 1243 TS

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+85 TS

NEW | 1066 X | 1047 TS

-40 X
-9 TS

78% | 1091 X | 1396 TS

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-5 TS

77% | 1086 X | 1398 TS

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-10 TS

67% | 1098 X | 1285 TS

-53 X
-9 TS

60% | 1111 X | 1216 TS

-45 X
-8 TS

59% | 1085 X | 1233 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Davvelito finally waves
00:00:06Davvelito :)
00:00:09Davvelito where you been all day
00:00:10Wavesofchange y :)
00:00:14Davvelito saw you playing xp
00:00:15Wavesofchange sleeping
00:00:18Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:18Wavesofchange im working at night :)
00:00:18Davvelito ah
00:00:18Davvelito k
00:00:18Timu mynthon
00:00:18chodaboy es
00:00:18Timu i can buy chicken
00:00:18Timu np
00:00:18Wavesofchange doom
00:00:31Wavesofchange ill riki
00:00:33Davvelito y
00:00:38Davvelito dunno
00:00:41Davvelito what i should play here tbh
00:00:47chodaboy get tiny and ogre
00:00:48Wavesofchange hm
00:00:48Davvelito papaya you here?
00:00:48Gevomancer ?
00:00:48Papaya no
00:00:48chodaboy tiny ogre zeus and omni
00:00:48Davvelito he was afk
00:00:48J0te i wanna panda
00:00:51Wavesofchange dazzle mby?
00:00:56chodaboy tiny panda ogre lina
00:00:56Davvelito well sure
00:01:00Davvelito or pugna mb
00:01:05Wavesofchange u could
00:01:09chodaboy get ogre
00:01:11chodaboy or tiny
00:01:11Davvelito idc i play whatever
00:01:15MynthoN any herowishes?
00:01:17chodaboy an
00:01:19chodaboy FF
00:01:20Gevomancer random
00:01:21Papaya ogre
00:01:22Wavesofchange +
00:01:23MynthoN ff
00:01:23Wavesofchange ?
00:01:23Davvelito ogre
00:01:25Gevomancer random
00:01:28Gevomancer dusa
00:01:30Gevomancer so gg
00:01:30baN4nafiSh he isnt here
00:01:35chodaboy tiny lina
00:01:36Davvelito we could use
00:01:39J0te gg wp
00:01:43Davvelito shadowpriest
00:01:43chodaboy lina
00:01:43Davvelito now
00:01:43baN4nafiSh na
00:01:44J0te go next
00:01:45chodaboy lina
00:01:46Wavesofchange y
00:01:46baN4nafiSh nerubian
00:01:47chodaboy -hhn
00:01:47chodaboy -di
00:01:49Papaya rexxar
00:01:50baN4nafiSh map control
00:01:53chodaboy na is nice
00:01:54Papaya or omni
00:02:00Wavesofchange omni
00:02:00Davvelito you want mid with riki
00:02:01Wavesofchange would rock
00:02:02Davvelito choda kinda sux
00:02:02Wavesofchange no
00:02:05Wavesofchange bot
00:02:06Wavesofchange lane
00:02:07Timu afk
00:02:07baN4nafiSh and mass those watchers
00:02:07Davvelito ah
00:02:07Davvelito zuez
00:02:07Timu i think
00:02:07Davvelito mid
00:02:08Timu u afk lastpick?
00:02:09Davvelito i go top
00:02:12Davvelito shadowpriest
00:02:12Davvelito pick
00:02:12Davvelito him
00:02:12chodaboy we had 1 afk
00:02:12Gevomancer dont care, we got random
00:02:12chodaboy stfui
00:02:12Papaya dont unpause
00:02:12Davvelito well
00:02:12Davvelito we dont want
00:02:13Davvelito banend
00:02:13Papaya rules are 2min wait
00:02:13Davvelito HERO
00:02:20MynthoN im not afk -.-
00:02:24Wavesofchange mynthon
00:02:27Wavesofchange u know how to babysit?
00:02:31MynthoN no
00:02:35Davvelito just
00:02:37Davvelito deny
00:02:38Davvelito harras
00:02:39MynthoN i need to buy chicken ?
00:02:40Davvelito and make sure
00:02:40Davvelito riki
00:02:41J0te rules are: suck my dick
00:02:41Davvelito is alive
00:02:44Wavesofchange y
00:02:46chodaboy -hhn
00:02:47chodaboy -di
00:02:54Davvelito ogre
00:02:55Davvelito come
00:02:55Davvelito top
00:02:58chodaboy payaa
00:02:59MynthoN i never babysit
00:03:01chodaboy Midenzi?
00:03:02Timu we shld pwn
00:03:07baN4nafiSh block
00:03:08Wavesofchange just make spells
00:03:08Timu u decrep
00:03:10Timu me blast
00:03:10Wavesofchange while decry
00:03:11Timu u hit
00:03:11Davvelito y
00:03:11Wavesofchange y
00:03:11Timu np
00:03:15chodaboy comsi to papzi
00:03:23FetAA oops
00:03:25baN4nafiSh reg
00:03:29baN4nafiSh reg mirnaa
00:03:37Davvelito MISS
00:03:37Davvelito top
00:03:38Davvelito care
00:03:38Davvelito firstvlod
00:03:43Davvelito re
00:04:02FetAA go pull
00:04:24Papaya ss
00:04:38Timu ss tiny
00:04:42Davvelito pulling
00:04:46Timu try dusa
00:04:48Davvelito y
00:04:53Papaya SHARE
00:04:53Papaya SHARE
00:04:54Papaya CHICK
00:04:57Wavesofchange dont last hit
00:04:58Papaya ss
00:04:58Wavesofchange ffs
00:05:19Davvelito lvl 3
00:05:21Timu successive stun, bro
00:05:29baN4nafiSh two creeps
00:06:06Davvelito waiot
00:06:09Davvelito nmext iotme
00:06:16Timu thougt u were ready
00:06:29Davvelito i start
00:06:30Davvelito ofc
00:06:45Davvelito wait
00:06:46Davvelito for
00:06:46Davvelito muy
00:06:48Davvelito creepy
00:07:04Wavesofchange go nessaj
00:07:10MynthoN nessaj ?
00:07:10chodaboy kill top
00:07:18MynthoN nessaj XD
00:07:20Wavesofchange nerub :D
00:07:21Davvelito ck
00:07:22baN4nafiSh y
00:07:25Papaya ss
00:07:37Timu -ii
00:07:39Davvelito b
00:08:21Papaya wards
00:08:38Papaya typing
00:08:39Papaya zzz
00:08:50Gevomancer hellllo
00:08:52Wavesofchange wtf
00:08:53Gevomancer -.-
00:08:55Wavesofchange i could not hit :D
00:08:56MynthoN i deserved it
00:09:04FetAA tiny
00:09:05FetAA is never
00:09:06Wavesofchange tt
00:09:06FetAA here to help
00:09:06Wavesofchange dazzle
00:09:07FetAA zz
00:09:10MynthoN what
00:09:11FetAA gtfo then from the lane
00:09:12Wavesofchange leave kills for me
00:09:13FetAA if u cant do shit
00:09:16baN4nafiSh told me to pull
00:09:17FetAA only steal creeps
00:09:18Gevomancer well this was obv too late
00:09:19baN4nafiSh stop playing stupid vs two int
00:09:22J0te rofl with ur nerd support lane
00:09:29chodaboy ill come bot
00:09:31Papaya was bot rune ?
00:09:34Wavesofchange top
00:09:35MynthoN no
00:09:42Papaya w8 top
00:09:42Papaya omw
00:09:43FetAA *STUN
00:09:45chodaboy tp
00:09:47chodaboy someone buy pls
00:10:01chodaboy SOMEONE BUY TP PLS
00:10:06baN4nafiSh did u random medusa?
00:10:11Timu ss mnid
00:10:11chodaboy tp
00:10:18MynthoN trust me
00:10:19MynthoN i grave
00:10:24Wavesofchange kk
00:10:29MynthoN no mana atm
00:10:30MynthoN though
00:10:38baN4nafiSh ss
00:10:39Davvelito :D
00:10:42Gevomancer ff panda
00:11:01J0te u didnt wait
00:11:21J0te stun when 666 meters away
00:11:21Wavesofchange go
00:11:22Wavesofchange a
00:11:24MynthoN oom
00:11:37Timu ss tiny
00:11:39Timu or pulling
00:11:41Timu prolly pullin
00:11:50J0te ss riki
00:12:00J0te re
00:12:47J0te nvm...
00:13:08MynthoN ss 2
00:13:10J0te ss 2 bot
00:13:14Davvelito b
00:13:17MynthoN na miss
00:13:17Davvelito some1
00:13:18Davvelito ported
00:13:22Davvelito coe
00:13:22Davvelito ogre
00:13:23J0te ss 1 bot
00:13:24FetAA wait
00:13:47chodaboy gg tiny?
00:13:49chodaboy wtf?
00:13:56baN4nafiSh see my hp
00:13:57FetAA hes half afk
00:13:58Davvelito need mana
00:13:59baN4nafiSh nukers
00:13:59Papaya na here
00:14:03chodaboy DONT LET RIKI FARM
00:14:03baN4nafiSh :D
00:14:08FetAA STUNthem
00:14:09FetAA u fucker
00:14:11baN4nafiSh lookl at taht meuds
00:14:17FetAA well lost control
00:14:18FetAA but u could stun
00:14:21FetAA na
00:14:21chodaboy hahaha
00:14:22FetAA i mean
00:14:22chodaboy tiny
00:14:22chodaboy omfg
00:14:29Timu -mc
00:14:29Papaya gjgj
00:14:29baN4nafiSh medusa u fed so bad
00:14:34baN4nafiSh dont blame others
00:14:36baN4nafiSh u played bad
00:14:41baN4nafiSh and before mirana i had 3
00:14:48baN4nafiSh no hp vs 3 nukers
00:14:59Wavesofchange gank bot
00:15:00Wavesofchange mby?
00:15:06baN4nafiSh denie
00:15:07baN4nafiSh smart
00:15:12Papaya omw
00:15:16Papaya w8 ogre
00:15:22baN4nafiSh dont die
00:15:24Papaya ok go
00:15:24Papaya smoke
00:15:29baN4nafiSh ss
00:15:41J0te thx for telling miss
00:15:49J0te of ogre and zeus
00:15:49Davvelito again
00:15:49Wavesofchange suck it
00:15:49Davvelito :D
00:15:53chodaboy NOOBS
00:15:56chodaboy GANK TINY
00:16:01FetAA on farm
00:16:02baN4nafiSh :D
00:16:03chodaboy wtf is wrong with u tiny
00:16:08baN4nafiSh :D
00:16:09baN4nafiSh 11
00:16:11baN4nafiSh hehe
00:16:12baN4nafiSh mirana
00:17:17Davvelito tower low+
00:18:02J0te kk nerds
00:18:03J0te ff
00:18:31Wavesofchange uprage
00:18:32Wavesofchange chick
00:18:39J0te first rule of gc
00:18:44J0te ban riki
00:19:01FetAA y iheard riki imba hero
00:19:06FetAA not
00:19:10J0te with nerd supports
00:19:37Davvelito get
00:19:37Davvelito mid
00:19:38chodaboy we go 1 by 1
00:19:40chodaboy all the time
00:19:41Wavesofchange get diff
00:19:42chodaboy need to go together
00:19:44chodaboy more wards
00:19:44Wavesofchange got diff
00:19:45J0te i dont go at all
00:19:52J0te still 0/4
00:20:06Wavesofchange upraeg
00:20:06Wavesofchange chick
00:20:10Wavesofchange dazzle
00:20:11baN4nafiSh more watchers
00:20:14MynthoN no gold
00:20:43Papaya riki ??
00:20:46Papaya where was smoke
00:20:58J0te TOSS
00:21:04Timu lol
00:21:05Timu wp
00:21:14J0te tiny wtf
00:21:14MynthoN b
00:21:17Gevomancer hello
00:21:20MynthoN my
00:21:20Gevomancer noobs
00:21:21MynthoN poison
00:21:23MynthoN would have killed
00:21:24baN4nafiSh panda play your own hero
00:21:24MynthoN btw
00:21:26baN4nafiSh itwas cd
00:21:34baN4nafiSh i know how to play him
00:21:39J0te wtf
00:21:45J0te i play myself
00:21:53baN4nafiSh good for u kid
00:21:59J0te then why u dont toss
00:22:04J0te for kill riki?
00:22:05MynthoN i go ward
00:22:07MynthoN come with me
00:22:07baN4nafiSh ii just had
00:22:08baN4nafiSh newbie
00:22:12J0te u his friend?
00:22:13baN4nafiSh tossed a creep
00:22:17J0te so u dont kill him
00:22:19J0te in this game
00:22:23baN4nafiSh did he just die
00:22:27J0te no
00:22:31baN4nafiSh yes he di
00:22:33baN4nafiSh did
00:22:53chodaboy STUN NOOB NA
00:23:03chodaboy NOOB NA
00:23:13Gevomancer i did stun you mofo
00:23:21chodaboy 2 late
00:23:23chodaboy nap
00:23:23baN4nafiSh use he tp u dont have medusa
00:23:31Gevomancer untuck
00:23:32Gevomancer go
00:23:44MynthoN illu
00:23:51Gevomancer kill
00:23:56J0te use the power of your cojoness u lack
00:23:58MynthoN someone else buy next wards
00:24:15Gevomancer gg tiny
00:24:23FetAA ..
00:24:25Gevomancer usless pice of shit
00:24:35Wavesofchange dont decry them dude
00:24:36baN4nafiSh :D u missed with your stun na
00:24:45Davvelito no
00:24:45baN4nafiSh u stunned fucking creeps
00:24:45Wavesofchange just blast
00:24:45Davvelito was
00:24:46Davvelito bad
00:24:46Gevomancer so, you didnt stun at all
00:24:47Davvelito hcoise
00:24:49baN4nafiSh with two heroes tghere
00:25:01chodaboy OK
00:25:02Davvelito hahaaha
00:25:02Papaya HJAHAHAH
00:25:02Wavesofchange :D
00:25:02chodaboy RANGE?
00:25:05Papaya FAG
00:25:06Davvelito uber range
00:25:07Gevomancer ulti
00:25:07J0te 666
00:25:08chodaboy lucky fucking nap
00:25:09Gevomancer btw
00:25:12Wavesofchange desp
00:25:13Wavesofchange get mekka
00:25:14Wavesofchange for us
00:25:14Davvelito mm
00:25:15Davvelito i will
00:25:17Timu why u hatin
00:25:19chodaboy wards?
00:25:24chodaboy wheres wards?
00:25:34Papaya fuck it
00:25:36Papaya gem time
00:25:38chodaboy WARDS????????????
00:25:39chodaboy tiny
00:25:44J0te i just hate your race its nothing personal
00:26:06chodaboy ok
00:26:08chodaboy everyone
00:26:12chodaboy get 1 pack ward each
00:26:13chodaboy and place
00:26:20MynthoN riki
00:26:20chodaboy i get it asap
00:26:24chodaboy when i get 200
00:26:33baN4nafiSh just lvl those watchers instead of manadrain
00:26:43Davvelito push mid
00:26:54Gevomancer zeus gem
00:27:09Wavesofchange go mid
00:27:12Timu come pugna
00:27:12MynthoN y
00:27:14Davvelito mid
00:27:15Davvelito fisrt
00:27:21FetAA def
00:27:21chodaboy def mid
00:28:01MynthoN push top
00:28:02MynthoN now
00:28:03Davvelito y
00:28:04Papaya no
00:28:07MynthoN need meka
00:28:17MynthoN i make if u dont
00:28:28Davvelito i got meka
00:28:29Davvelito :D
00:28:32MynthoN nice
00:28:37FetAA panda?
00:28:38chodaboy omfg
00:28:39baN4nafiSh gj panda
00:28:39J0te :DDDD
00:28:39baN4nafiSh wp
00:28:42Davvelito nuked
00:28:56J0te if tiny would toss
00:29:00chodaboy this tiny
00:29:05chodaboy and NA and panda
00:29:10Gevomancer zeus have gem so i cant do shit
00:29:11Papaya u just as bad
00:29:13Papaya total mid fail
00:29:13baN4nafiSh tiny doing a great job
00:29:15chodaboy i knpow
00:29:29Wavesofchange wake up
00:29:30Wavesofchange ogre
00:29:31Wavesofchange omfg
00:29:34Davvelito haha
00:29:35Timu was oom
00:29:36Davvelito killing creeps
00:29:36Davvelito :D
00:29:38chodaboy panda
00:29:43chodaboy are u braindead?
00:29:47chodaboy why the fuck do u go
00:29:53chodaboy na go first
00:29:55chodaboy pick ur target
00:30:00baN4nafiSh gem on zeus
00:30:09FetAA idiots
00:30:10FetAA def top
00:30:14FetAA solo dazzle?
00:30:14J0te i just like to kill noobs
00:30:17J0te thats all
00:30:21baN4nafiSh stop calling each other idiots... no one played well
00:30:25baN4nafiSh except tiny
00:30:44J0te ¨suck my dick
00:30:48Wavesofchange wards
00:30:49baN4nafiSh aa
00:30:49J0te toss
00:30:49Wavesofchange their woods
00:30:57Papaya aw shit
00:31:02Wavesofchange dazzle
00:31:02FetAA iheard that with haste invurable
00:31:02Wavesofchange go
00:31:13Wavesofchange gem on nerub
00:31:14chodaboy b
00:31:14baN4nafiSh more watchers
00:31:17Papaya i heard u need 5 guys for 1 zeus
00:31:26Papaya they got gem now btw
00:31:26baN4nafiSh watcher here
00:31:27Papaya so care
00:31:30Timu -mc
00:31:35Davvelito get
00:31:35Davvelito top
00:31:36Davvelito tower+
00:31:38chodaboy na and panda againnst riki and?
00:31:40Wavesofchange we need wards
00:31:45J0te i herd u like gang bang
00:31:45MynthoN top tower almost dead
00:31:49J0te with males
00:31:52chodaboy damn u sucks
00:31:58Papaya with u
00:32:01MynthoN funny
00:32:05J0te thats why i came
00:32:14Davvelito wards
00:32:15Davvelito on chick
00:32:16Davvelito btw
00:32:20Papaya go ulti mode and give it to me baby
00:32:22baN4nafiSh dagger ogre
00:32:31Davvelito dust
00:32:32Wavesofchange invis nerub
00:32:43baN4nafiSh na?
00:32:45baN4nafiSh wp
00:32:46baN4nafiSh _D
00:32:46FetAA b
00:32:48baN4nafiSh ahahah
00:32:49Davvelito fuc
00:32:49baN4nafiSh meepo
00:32:49J0te lol
00:32:50Davvelito misslckc
00:32:52FetAA cant de fnow
00:32:52baN4nafiSh u must lose alot of games
00:32:52chodaboy ban him pls
00:32:52FetAA base
00:32:57chodaboy FF
00:33:00J0te ff
00:33:05J0te I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:05chodaboy leave na
00:33:08Gevomancer mirana, how many ulties?
00:33:16Gevomancer 25 i would say
00:33:57Davvelito wtf
00:33:58Davvelito is that
00:34:01Davvelito run into base
00:34:02Davvelito like that
00:34:16Papaya im just hardcore
00:34:31FetAA buy dust an come
00:34:32FetAA panda
00:34:35Davvelito can we just end this
00:34:38Davvelito my gf
00:34:40Davvelito is fucking pissed
00:34:41Timu imo2
00:34:42J0te i have already
00:34:43baN4nafiSh -afk
00:34:44baN4nafiSh panda go
00:34:46Timu is that hidden brag?
00:34:46Papaya yy
00:34:51Davvelito yy
00:34:52Papaya "girlfriend"
00:34:53J0te no dagger
00:34:55chodaboy we can still win
00:34:57Davvelito :)
00:34:57Papaya aka pocket pussy from ebay
00:34:58Timu my girlfriendi s getting irritated aswell
00:35:00J0te need tiny to toss
00:35:00Davvelito haha
00:35:00FetAA rebought tt
00:35:15Timu im late for our "dream" date
00:35:16chodaboy more wards
00:35:22baN4nafiSh gem?='
00:35:27chodaboy y get
00:35:28baN4nafiSh who has gem
00:35:34Gevomancer zeus imo
00:35:37baN4nafiSh more watchers
00:35:44Gevomancer ogre
00:35:46Gevomancer has gem
00:35:57baN4nafiSh b
00:36:00Timu i have
00:36:00Wavesofchange heal me
00:36:01Wavesofchange please
00:36:01Timu gem
00:36:03chodaboy b
00:36:05Timu need mana ffs
00:36:16J0te toss me in middle
00:36:17J0te of dem
00:36:23baN4nafiSh need dusa
00:36:26Wavesofchange rdy?
00:36:35Wavesofchange 1 sec
00:36:37Wavesofchange manta
00:36:55J0te no them
00:36:57J0te thx all
00:37:00J0te for good game
00:37:08J0te tiny u cud toss me them
00:37:14J0te and we could atleast try
00:37:17J0te to win battle
00:37:23J0te instead sit with ass
00:37:29J0te in base
00:37:30Davvelito top
00:37:35J0te and wait death
00:37:38Wavesofchange spam heal
00:37:39Wavesofchange dazzle
00:37:48chodaboy RINY GHO
00:37:50chodaboy TINY
00:37:50Davvelito lets
00:37:50Davvelito get
00:37:50Davvelito top
00:37:51Davvelito and win
00:37:53chodaboy fucking ret
00:38:11J0te I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:12J0te I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:13Wavesofchange well
00:38:16FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:17Wavesofchange we cant take top
00:38:20Davvelito why not
00:38:20Davvelito ?
00:38:25MynthoN got quins
00:38:49chodaboy gg riki wp
00:39:03chodaboy na panda loose lane against riki dazzle
00:39:15J0te well they nerds
00:39:17Gevomancer you lost against zeus
00:39:21J0te Vs 2 str hero
00:39:23Gevomancer so we are even
00:39:26chodaboy i lost against zeus?
00:39:31chodaboy i tried to gank
00:39:36chodaboy cause u were feeding
00:40:03baN4nafiSh na u ever hit with your stun? they arent really that hard
00:40:06baN4nafiSh just press on a hero
00:40:07chodaboy medusa pick
00:40:10chodaboy lot
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