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Chat log

00:00:05h2star_- gadklgak
00:00:07h2star_- jesus
00:00:08h2star_- fucking
00:00:09h2star_- christ
00:00:11Luza lololololololo moj
00:00:15h2star_- yo
00:00:16Sepetos jaha
00:00:18h2star_- curdi
00:00:19PETTR dwa
00:00:20Sepetos lastpick
00:00:21Sepetos :D
00:00:21iNeuron obviously since im one of the worst players I wont go carry
00:00:22Luza oot lastpick ahah
00:00:26h2star_- give me sf are u kind
00:00:26Sepetos :D
00:00:28Luza who are u spree
00:00:31Sepetos ban dude
00:00:31iNeuron keeegi
00:00:31Dzinnu tta
00:00:34Sepetos naga
00:00:39Luza then you dont
00:00:40Tazok loosing-/winningspree
00:00:43FetAA why IM LASTPICK
00:00:44Dzinnu ban riki!
00:00:48Luza but pick me one
00:00:51h2star_- hello
00:00:52h2star_- captain
00:00:52h2star_- there
00:00:52Dzinnu cause u suck
00:00:53h2star_- ?
00:00:59iNeuron i will pick ench for myself
00:00:59Pojetz BAN
00:01:01Luza or wait hmm
00:01:01h2star_- he is afk i think
00:01:02FetAA how did loom konw i suck first game!
00:01:02iNeuron what do you guys want
00:01:03Pojetz its sd
00:01:07Pojetz tra vali
00:01:08Pojetz tra bano
00:01:08Sepetos HEI
00:01:08h2star_- CURDI
00:01:08h2star_- ?
00:01:08Pojetz bani
00:01:08Sepetos CURDI
00:01:08Tazok actually playing against hjort and sepe
00:01:08iNeuron aega on
00:01:08Sepetos ootko siel
00:01:08Pojetz mida sa teed?
00:01:08Tazok :p
00:01:08Sepetos hjorts
00:01:08Sepetos what u play?
00:01:08h2star_- i want sf
00:01:08Sepetos should we lane?
00:01:09h2star_- i am wicked sf
00:01:12h2star_- what
00:01:12Sepetos koo
00:01:12h2star_- are
00:01:12h2star_- u
00:01:12h2star_- doing
00:01:12h2star_- doing
00:01:12h2star_- ?
00:01:12h2star_- i told u he is afk
00:01:12iNeuron well why the fuck is he afk
00:01:12h2star_- hahaha
00:01:12h2star_- how should I know?
00:01:12Sepetos and now drop
00:01:12h2star_- he isnt responding
00:01:12Sepetos ofcourse something goes wrong
00:01:12Pojetz bani riki
00:01:13curdi ah the game started
00:01:14iNeuron bannitud
00:01:16h2star_- ban
00:01:16iNeuron no shit
00:01:17h2star_- naga
00:01:20Dzinnu AH AH
00:01:21Sepetos bannaa naga joo
00:01:21Dzinnu ban
00:01:24h2star_- CURDI
00:01:29h2star_- and curdi
00:01:30curdi rauhotutaanpas
00:01:30Luza gotta love these first games with new system
00:01:31iNeuron hmm
00:01:32h2star_- give me shadowfiend
00:01:33h2star_- are u kind
00:01:34Pojetz bani furi
00:01:42PETTR give me sven!
00:01:43iNeuron ill take encha for myself
00:01:45Sepetos ota sf tolle
00:01:46iNeuron later
00:01:50iNeuron what do you guys want first
00:01:50FetAA ota sf mull!
00:01:51iNeuron sven someone ?
00:01:51Pojetz v6ta furi
00:01:51PETTR or axe
00:01:53Luza pick umm
00:01:56Pojetz furi
00:02:00FetAA fuck furi
00:02:04h2star_- venge
00:02:05h2star_- sf
00:02:06h2star_- go
00:02:07Luza furi is good
00:02:08Sepetos joo
00:02:09Dzinnu everything is fine as long as we win
00:02:13h2star_- nice
00:02:13Tazok venge is better :p
00:02:14Sepetos we will
00:02:16FetAA furi sucks balls
00:02:17Pojetz na morph
00:02:18FetAA gief me tinker
00:02:19Dzinnu said kapteni tunde kätte:D
00:02:22h2star_- they are outpicked already
00:02:24h2star_- sepeli
00:02:25h2star_- dont u play
00:02:28Sepetos ?
00:02:28h2star_- a wicked ench
00:02:28h2star_- ?
00:02:29curdi sveni?
00:02:29iNeuron i dont want team paper
00:02:30Pojetz take na
00:02:31Sepetos yea
00:02:31Tazok axe
00:02:33Sepetos i can do it woods
00:02:34FetAA team ganker
00:02:35Pojetz or axe
00:02:35h2star_- yeah
00:02:37FetAA tinker > sf mid
00:02:40Pojetz tinker
00:02:41Luza who is pojetz
00:02:43Luza ?_?
00:02:45Dzinnu i can play Sk
00:02:47FetAA duinnoz
00:02:47Sepetos encha pit
00:02:52Sepetos encha
00:02:52Pojetz i m soumilainen
00:02:53h2star_- ench
00:02:56iNeuron wl now
00:02:56Dzinnu skeleton Kinggggggggggg
00:02:59h2star_- now
00:03:01Sepetos tinker is just badass against encha
00:03:01Luza trololololol
00:03:01iNeuron PEDE
00:03:02h2star_- we can have a solo
00:03:03Sepetos gotta make fast hp
00:03:03FetAA na imba
00:03:06Sepetos yea
00:03:08FetAA instants sf and ench
00:03:09Sepetos like warlock topsolo
00:03:09Pojetz na morph?
00:03:10Tazok na no good...
00:03:18Sepetos or krobe
00:03:18Pojetz sk?
00:03:18curdi last one?
00:03:18Sepetos :o
00:03:21iNeuron wl or sk or pit
00:03:21Tazok morph would be nice
00:03:23Sepetos whos playing what
00:03:24Pojetz take me sk
00:03:25Pojetz p
00:03:26h2star_- if someone plays a good rexxar u can do that
00:03:26Pojetz sk
00:03:27PETTR im sven
00:03:28Pojetz pls
00:03:32h2star_- otherwise go solo warlock
00:03:32curdi me sven or vs
00:03:35Tazok moprh/jugger imo
00:03:35Sepetos im ench
00:03:38Luza omrphling
00:03:40Luza better
00:03:41Sepetos so what lastone wants
00:03:41curdi me vs then
00:03:42Luza for for it
00:03:42iNeuron furi and na can "carry
00:03:43FetAA lol
00:03:44Sepetos pitlord?
00:03:44FetAA think the lanes
00:03:46Tazok they cant
00:03:47Luza _D
00:03:48Pojetz tale morph
00:03:49iNeuron 15sec
00:03:49Sepetos he can solo
00:03:50Sepetos ez
00:03:51Dzinnu clock?
00:03:51Pojetz MOPRH
00:03:52FetAA like we need carry
00:03:53Sepetos or clock
00:03:54Sepetos y
00:03:54FetAA what lanes
00:03:58Luza whatever take what ya want
00:04:02curdi clock then?
00:04:03FetAA we has weird lanes :p
00:04:03iNeuron ill go axer
00:04:04Tazok me fur plx
00:04:04Luza doesnt even matter these games :D
00:04:06iNeuron tinker mid
00:04:06FetAA < tinker
00:04:09Sepetos gona b hard game for encha
00:04:10curdi or ?
00:04:11Dzinnu y
00:04:11Sepetos so much nuke
00:04:11Sepetos :E
00:04:13Tazok <furion
00:04:14Pojetz me axe pls
00:04:16FetAA w8 i fix mouse
00:04:17Luza me moRph
00:04:18iNeuron k be axe
00:04:22Sepetos its good team tough
00:04:23Luza me moRpHlinG
00:04:30Pojetz i m woods
00:04:33Luza -clear
00:04:34Luza im bot
00:04:35Luza solo
00:04:42Tazok me and na top then
00:04:43Sepetos i try gang mid
00:04:43curdi do the lastpick courier rules apply?
00:04:44Luza furi
00:04:48h2star_- no
00:04:48Sepetos lolz
00:04:48h2star_- but
00:04:49FetAA btw
00:04:49h2star_- venge
00:04:50h2star_- get
00:04:51h2star_- chick
00:04:52curdi yy
00:04:52Luza join me bot gang now and then
00:04:55Sepetos dont have money
00:04:56Tazok ofc
00:05:00h2star_- we play like a team
00:05:03Sepetos havent bought chicken in 5years
00:05:09FetAA hei
00:05:09h2star_- try to upgrade the chicken fast if possible
00:05:13FetAA oliks automatic all unbanned
00:05:14Luza moro
00:05:15FetAA ku tää tuli vai
00:05:16Luza joo
00:05:19Luza joo000 varmaa
00:05:28Luza tää o nii uutta nii ei ne säädä sen kanssa enää
00:05:28h2star_- they could have three solos
00:05:30h2star_- and 2 woods
00:05:30FetAA toi hjort iha hyv pelaa
00:05:33Luza o
00:05:34Dzinnu i solo yop if ench woods
00:05:34h2star_- but
00:05:35h2star_- i think
00:05:36Dzinnu venge down
00:05:39FetAA furion vois gankk midz
00:05:39Sepetos y
00:05:40h2star_- venge with sven
00:05:43Tazok care for fb
00:05:46curdi ehc top woods?
00:05:47h2star_- i think
00:05:50Sepetos i can do both
00:05:52h2star_- solo furion solo tinker
00:05:53Sepetos i start our own
00:05:54h2star_- axe woods
00:05:55h2star_- and
00:05:58h2star_- na+morph
00:06:07Sepetos toprune
00:06:08Pojetz pull warded
00:06:12Luza -ms
00:06:15iNeuron i dont have stun
00:06:16iNeuron btw
00:06:41Pojetz cant pull
00:06:42Pojetz yea
00:07:51Tazok ench our forest
00:07:53FetAA y
00:07:54FetAA noticed
00:07:57Sepetos botrune
00:08:15Luza ss VENGE
00:08:16Luza SS VENGE
00:08:22Luza re
00:08:49Tazok ench was top
00:09:32Dzinnu misss NA
00:09:52Luza ssvenge
00:09:53Luza venge
00:09:53Luza ss
00:10:09FetAA hasted
00:10:23FetAA try to gank mid
00:10:32FetAA soonz
00:10:37Luza B
00:10:37Luza TOp
00:10:38Luza B
00:10:39PETTR go morph?
00:10:42PETTR when i come
00:10:43curdi y
00:10:43FetAA kinda hard with venge ench
00:10:55h2star_- ss
00:10:55h2star_- mid
00:11:17Luza trees
00:11:24curdi ss
00:11:24Tazok na
00:11:30Dzinnu misss 2
00:11:41Tazok no more spells tinker?
00:11:45FetAA i got 2 spells
00:11:55Sepetos toprune
00:13:11Tazok venge was there
00:13:18Luza ss
00:13:19Luza bottom
00:13:23Dzinnu no mana
00:13:23curdi soon
00:13:26curdi y same
00:13:33iNeuron im 6
00:13:36iNeuron gonna regen and gank
00:13:36FetAA encha mid again
00:13:37iNeuron mid perhaps
00:13:40Tazok y
00:14:10Luza fuck this encha in our woods
00:14:12Luza cant farm
00:14:27Tazok ward it
00:14:33Pojetz sf goes fat
00:14:37h2star_- na mid
00:14:58Luza ss SVEN
00:15:07Luza re
00:15:20Dzinnu miss2
00:15:33Sepetos dive
00:15:34Sepetos with cent
00:15:42curdi missile soon
00:15:59FetAA run ebot
00:16:00Luza for real...
00:16:00FetAA zz
00:16:12FetAA oomz
00:16:12Luza vitu dive centaurit
00:16:47Pojetz na gang sf?
00:16:48Sepetos y
00:16:50iNeuron yeah
00:17:06iNeuron tele
00:17:09Sepetos voi ostaa hp
00:17:09Sepetos :E
00:17:17Pojetz gj
00:17:30FetAA go
00:17:32FetAA fight
00:17:41curdi oliko sil repla
00:19:13Luza missing bottom sven
00:19:14Luza clock
00:19:17iNeuron 'stupid me
00:19:18iNeuron ffs
00:20:11Tazok guess i am the ward itch
00:20:23Pojetz -.-
00:20:35Tazok awrded
00:20:47iNeuron b
00:21:18iNeuron türa milline fail stun
00:21:31curdi JUKED
00:22:24curdi witu tartten levuu =D
00:22:52h2star_- b
00:22:55iNeuron morph where is your farm
00:22:57Luza nII :D
00:23:06Luza just died too much
00:23:26h2star_- got bk
00:23:26h2star_- b
00:23:38FetAA i rakett
00:23:58Sepetos invis
00:24:02Tazok invis venge top
00:24:03Sepetos top tower
00:24:05Sepetos lets go
00:24:05Luza leave mid to me
00:24:15iNeuron def top
00:24:16Tazok going down
00:24:18Tazok cant
00:24:22FetAA tp top
00:24:30FetAA need all
00:24:33Tazok vnege here too
00:24:34Tazok care
00:24:52Tazok b
00:24:56Tazok dont
00:25:09h2star_- b
00:25:44FetAA no meiän herot ihan vitun kyrvästä verratun noihi
00:25:58Sepetos heal
00:25:59Luza nii o ei voi mitä
00:26:01Luza ää
00:26:23h2star_- b
00:26:33Sepetos haste
00:26:40Tazok we need to get some towers
00:26:43Sepetos -ma
00:26:47PETTR should i make vlads or bkb?
00:26:51Sepetos blink
00:26:51FetAA we dont have much hope on this one
00:26:52FetAA tbh
00:26:54PETTR got blink
00:26:56Sepetos bkb
00:26:58Sepetos and vlad
00:27:14Sepetos mid?
00:27:23Tazok never in our forest
00:27:24Sepetos come
00:27:27Luza prolly some more
00:28:39Luza trees around some1
00:29:34Luza vitusti liikaa kuolemii
00:30:24h2star_- if we can only get them to come five
00:30:26h2star_- they will die
00:30:26Sepetos lets go push :o
00:30:26h2star_- so bad
00:30:46Tazok take
00:31:01Tazok def
00:31:01Tazok na
00:31:06curdi warding
00:31:14FetAA why the fuck are u tehre
00:31:19iNeuron srsly
00:31:19Pojetz idk:S
00:32:17Pojetz srun
00:32:19Pojetz go
00:32:39Sepetos bot?
00:32:49Sepetos rege
00:32:56Sepetos go bot
00:32:59Sepetos gang mid woods
00:33:27h2star_- b
00:33:33h2star_- b
00:33:34h2star_- b
00:33:42Luza b furi
00:33:42Luza inc
00:34:02h2star_- let
00:34:03h2star_- me
00:34:14Sepetos bottom
00:34:22Luza -ms
00:34:27Sepetos -apm
00:34:55Pojetz idiot
00:34:55Pojetz na
00:34:59Pojetz stun him
00:35:01Pojetz and ulti him
00:35:05Pojetz tra
00:35:08Tazok we have to def at base towers
00:35:17Pojetz kuidas sa nii loll oled
00:35:30iNeuron sünnidefekt
00:36:20Tazok I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:36Luza i nevar surreadner
00:36:42iNeuron I surrender! [2/5] of Sentinel
00:36:47FetAA !ff
00:36:47iNeuron lol wtf cant type ff anymore??
00:36:50FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:54Tazok !ff
00:37:52FetAA miten ffätää
00:37:53FetAA lets ff
00:37:55FetAA go new
00:37:55Sepetos mid now?
00:38:02Luza sä ffäsit jo
00:38:09FetAA aa ei tullu tekstii
00:38:15h2star_- be
00:38:15h2star_- rdy
00:38:16h2star_- mid
00:38:33h2star_- dead
00:38:52Tazok b
00:39:06Pojetz ma ei j2rgne kunagi sulle enam
00:39:11Sepetos -ma
00:39:16iNeuron sorry caps
00:39:27FetAA lets ff
00:39:31iNeuron did ages ago
00:39:33Tazok i've done it
00:40:03Sepetos trough
00:40:27Luza :D
00:40:46iNeuron gg
00:40:54Luza ei pitäs tosiaa pelata tääl enneku joku parin viikon päästä
00:40:54iNeuron randomteams ftw:D
00:41:05curdi kyl ne tästä..
00:41:09Luza khyyl
00:41:11Sepetos g-g
00:41:13curdi gg
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