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Chat log

00:00:08WANKmaster seer bm weaver
00:00:11baN4nafiSh prophet
00:00:13N2xy trax, bat, ud
00:00:18MariahCarry doom riki obsi
00:00:23MariahCarry ill take furion
00:00:24huutopussi kotl ck siren
00:00:28baN4nafiSh :D
00:00:28xenix- ench magna veno
00:00:30Rotkiv lina.bara.gyro
00:00:34MariahCarry ill also take ench
00:00:45WANKmaster ats mitäs sul ?
00:00:45MariahCarry swap?
00:00:45baN4nafiSh we could need that doom
00:00:47ATS_ fs pit lord lone druid
00:00:49Jann gondar wd panda brew
00:00:52Rotkiv give7me7UD
00:00:55xenix- wd
00:00:57WANKmaster fs ?
00:01:01xenix- for me
00:01:03Rotkiv n8gy
00:01:05huutopussi fart seer
00:01:06Jann yes im playing it myself
00:01:10MariahCarry guys
00:01:10N2xy hmm..
00:01:11MariahCarry swap??
00:01:13huutopussi its imba
00:01:17MariahCarry doom riki obsi
00:01:18xenix- ill go veno then
00:01:18baN4nafiSh prophet 4 doom
00:01:19ATS_ what you have?
00:01:21MariahCarry ok
00:01:23MariahCarry go
00:01:25huutopussi anyone wants kotl ck siren?
00:01:25WANKmaster ill takem id then
00:01:26N2xy ok
00:01:34baN4nafiSh -swap
00:01:35MariahCarry -swap
00:01:38MariahCarry -swap 2
00:01:38baN4nafiSh -swap 1
00:01:38Rotkiv lina7bara7cyro
00:01:40ATS_ lol
00:01:40N2xy lina
00:01:41ATS_ doom
00:01:45Rotkiv -swap
00:01:46N2xy -swap 5
00:01:47Rotkiv -swap71
00:01:48baN4nafiSh -ma
00:01:55MariahCarry -clear
00:01:56WANKmaster huuto mee cm
00:01:58WANKmaster tai naha
00:02:05WANKmaster ota ck
00:02:05FetAA veno
00:02:06FetAA top
00:02:06N2xy take now something
00:02:07baN4nafiSh better for
00:02:07N2xy :D
00:02:09FetAA or ok
00:02:17xenix- kk
00:02:18MariahCarry am + wd top
00:02:19FetAA wtf
00:02:21FetAA furion mid
00:02:22FetAA why no
00:02:24FetAA doomy
00:02:41MariahCarry Delay?
00:03:03Rotkiv inv7riune
00:03:45baN4nafiSh amss hurt hi
00:03:53xenix- ud
00:04:30baN4nafiSh mass hurt thrall
00:04:33baN4nafiSh no regen almsot
00:04:38xenix- y
00:04:44FetAA stun naga
00:04:46FetAA next time
00:04:47FetAA or smthing
00:04:52Jann k
00:04:52FetAA ..
00:04:55N2xy that went well
00:05:18baN4nafiSh mf
00:05:32FetAA ff
00:05:35ATS_ ss
00:05:41huutopussi i pull again
00:05:43MariahCarry wow dude
00:05:44N2xy k
00:06:04MariahCarry ss mid
00:06:28MariahCarry SS MID
00:06:30MariahCarry i tell ya
00:07:09baN4nafiSh ss
00:07:43huutopussi net is 4 sec
00:07:44WANKmaster miss
00:07:45WANKmaster mid
00:07:46huutopussi now
00:07:47N2xy ok
00:07:50N2xy i know then
00:08:09Jann 2 ss top
00:08:22xenix- miss+#
00:08:30Jann re
00:08:37Rotkiv down ss
00:08:45MariahCarry ss bot?
00:08:54MariahCarry banana
00:08:57MariahCarry good miss
00:08:59MariahCarry "ss"
00:09:31xenix- miss mid
00:11:11N2xy they try to save top so badly :S
00:11:28FetAA killina
00:11:32xenix- y
00:11:33baN4nafiSh ss
00:11:36Jann i can olnu stun
00:11:39N2xy ss
00:11:59MariahCarry weaver inc top
00:11:59MariahCarry care
00:12:01FetAA he woulda ultied me
00:12:02FetAA if i come
00:12:32FetAA im so good
00:12:38WANKmaster miss
00:12:39WANKmaster mid
00:12:42FetAA how die
00:12:48MariahCarry go bot
00:13:03Jann 2 ss top
00:13:04Jann 1 ss
00:13:05Rotkiv 3 down
00:13:10ATS_ regenb
00:13:11MariahCarry gank guys
00:13:12WANKmaster ok
00:13:13ATS_ regen
00:13:13MariahCarry and take bot tower
00:13:18Rotkiv let me
00:13:25baN4nafiSh wards guys
00:13:27baN4nafiSh veno wd
00:14:16xenix- this weaver ...
00:14:33baN4nafiSh well he dieed
00:14:37baN4nafiSh we got a good counter vs him
00:15:01MariahCarry wards
00:15:02MariahCarry guys
00:15:09baN4nafiSh wd veno your job
00:15:09MariahCarry wd
00:15:10MariahCarry veno
00:15:18xenix- 30 gold i ll buy
00:15:35baN4nafiSh shit naga too
00:16:27baN4nafiSh dont waste your ulti and mana like that
00:16:32xenix- y
00:16:44xenix- go tower
00:17:11FetAA OK!
00:17:20FetAA from now on i wont die 1 sucker 1
00:18:20baN4nafiSh ss
00:18:23FetAA hes greedy
00:19:15MariahCarry banana
00:19:16MariahCarry :)
00:19:39Jann buy dust
00:19:57Jann ulit
00:20:25Jann if i use dust then weaver will use ulti and thats it
00:20:34MariahCarry and then i''ll use dust
00:20:35Jann we need at least 2 dust users
00:20:38baN4nafiSh we got doom
00:20:46MariahCarry yea
00:20:49MariahCarry then first we dust him
00:20:53MariahCarry and then we doom him to make sure
00:20:55MariahCarry good logix
00:21:01xenix- go topp
00:21:07Jann doom is farming like the is no days to come
00:21:18baN4nafiSh well radi close
00:21:20MariahCarry get sum towers
00:21:37FetAA ok!
00:21:48Rotkiv 4 mid
00:22:15FetAA counter ganged
00:22:22FetAA hah!
00:22:43FetAA outplayed
00:22:44huutopussi why is nobody pushing bot when they roam with 5 mid and top
00:22:49Jann lol
00:22:52ATS_ we should end this wast
00:22:53ATS_ fast
00:22:57FetAA soe asy
00:22:58Jann am is outplaying :D
00:23:02FetAA yes
00:23:25baN4nafiSh shit
00:23:27FetAA nice luck
00:23:35N2xy ? :p
00:24:04baN4nafiSh nice
00:24:55ATS_ lets end
00:25:19baN4nafiSh linkens weaver
00:25:48baN4nafiSh so
00:25:50MariahCarry cheat
00:25:51xenix- 45
00:26:13N2xy mana wehny uo cna
00:26:46baN4nafiSh b
00:26:49baN4nafiSh take others
00:26:56WANKmaster viki
00:27:03baN4nafiSh nice
00:27:09Jann ffs
00:27:13FetAA tp furion
00:27:19huutopussi fuck
00:27:29baN4nafiSh gj
00:27:35huutopussi they got my items...
00:27:37MariahCarry hex in da house
00:27:40FetAA so easy man
00:27:46WANKmaster how ?
00:27:59huutopussi forgot bird was coming
00:28:07N2xy what you lost ? :(
00:28:13huutopussi 1500
00:28:17FetAA careful furion!
00:28:35baN4nafiSh more wards
00:28:58huutopussi i get diffu top
00:28:59xenix- wards in base
00:29:02huutopussi when did doom farm so much
00:29:06FetAA killade
00:29:07ATS_ :D
00:29:17ATS_ he was alone in bot
00:29:19ATS_ hole time
00:29:29huutopussi vs dirge+thrall
00:29:39ATS_ no i was roaming all the time
00:29:42Jann mid
00:29:43Jann ffs
00:29:44baN4nafiSh twoer
00:29:47FetAA cant push man!
00:30:07FetAA need b !
00:30:08WANKmaster imba ats
00:30:12FetAA me top!!
00:30:23baN4nafiSh oki
00:30:25baN4nafiSh b it was
00:30:27Jann why b am
00:30:27baN4nafiSh doom slow
00:30:31N2xy my ulti 1 hit them
00:30:33N2xy :p
00:30:41Rotkiv mana
00:30:54baN4nafiSh deso furion`?
00:30:58MariahCarry nah
00:31:11Jann am needs farm we lose mid tower
00:31:21baN4nafiSh am has shit
00:31:28FetAA no am pro
00:32:13baN4nafiSh die to my radiance?
00:32:17baN4nafiSh am u fuck
00:32:20baN4nafiSh u had tp all this time
00:32:23N2xy wand, sorry dude
00:32:29baN4nafiSh well nice
00:32:34MariahCarry am getting top
00:32:38baN4nafiSh thought
00:32:39FetAA no
00:32:40ATS_ no tp lol
00:32:44FetAA LOL
00:32:46baN4nafiSh am getting fucked
00:32:51MariahCarry kinda
00:32:56MariahCarry he's getting DICK top
00:32:57baN4nafiSh 3 10 am... not bad
00:33:11FetAA so lucky ud!
00:33:36Jann uhh ohh
00:33:57ATS_ no chicken
00:34:18xenix- ,,,
00:34:21FetAA sry
00:34:24xenix- lol
00:34:34baN4nafiSh y
00:34:49huutopussi push mid?
00:34:52N2xy sure
00:35:01WANKmaster let me get
00:35:02WANKmaster relic
00:35:04WANKmaster first
00:35:27huutopussi thrall pipe?
00:35:37Jann want to plant lower ward
00:36:01baN4nafiSh b
00:36:06ATS_ b
00:36:30baN4nafiSh doing shiva btw
00:36:31MariahCarry WARDS
00:36:40MariahCarry kill mid
00:36:40Jann yes we cant plant them
00:36:40MariahCarry go
00:36:41MariahCarry fast
00:36:57ATS_ why alone
00:37:22WANKmaster imba thrall must say ;D;D
00:37:27ATS_ y
00:37:30ATS_ y 2
00:37:48FetAA mouse tilt
00:37:51ATS_ imba team
00:37:56Jann mo
00:38:02ATS_ must say
00:38:05FetAA i come to rape!!
00:38:06WANKmaster :D:D:D:D
00:38:08N2xy lol
00:38:09MariahCarry rosh
00:38:19xenix- doom
00:38:26ATS_ suiciding 1 by one
00:38:42baN4nafiSh dd martin
00:38:51ATS_ wait
00:38:51N2xy lets go with 5 then
00:38:54huutopussi wards anyone?
00:39:01MariahCarry go
00:39:03MariahCarry am
00:39:05FetAA at base maybe?
00:39:05ATS_ by tp
00:39:05MariahCarry w8 wd
00:39:17FetAA utli man!
00:39:33ATS_ I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:41N2xy that dd was imba
00:39:59FetAA out play man
00:40:00baN4nafiSh here we go
00:40:04xenix- ^^
00:40:14xenix- got bkb
00:40:27baN4nafiSh got top
00:40:35xenix- gj
00:40:39baN4nafiSh which is better than bkb
00:40:41baN4nafiSh normally
00:40:45xenix- ^^
00:40:45ATS_ should just farm
00:40:59WANKmaster u should just l2p
00:41:02xenix- fast then
00:41:09baN4nafiSh haste
00:41:10MariahCarry need to heal
00:41:13MariahCarry ye
00:41:14MariahCarry rosh
00:41:14MariahCarry go
00:41:19baN4nafiSh fast
00:41:23ATS_ you should just stfu
00:41:24MariahCarry tank
00:41:25MariahCarry someone
00:41:27baN4nafiSh satar heal
00:41:27baN4nafiSh wd
00:41:36FetAA ok
00:41:37huutopussi sry
00:41:37FetAA sry man!
00:41:38baN4nafiSh u have blademail and no hp wd... thast stupid
00:41:47MariahCarry im b in 20 sec
00:41:57Jann ahh doom buy urself wards then
00:42:19Jann blaidmail wd look whos taling
00:42:22ATS_ our slithi has badfarm
00:42:24Jann talking
00:42:41huutopussi well i lost 1500 in chicken
00:42:44MariahCarry kj
00:42:45MariahCarry rdy
00:42:48ATS_ nice
00:43:10baN4nafiSh need all
00:43:27baN4nafiSh stop stoling
00:43:28baN4nafiSh u fuck
00:43:34FetAA lucker
00:43:37baN4nafiSh i die from fucking writing u
00:44:06baN4nafiSh -cs
00:44:39N2xy how can we lise this :S:S
00:44:42N2xy lose
00:44:51WANKmaster beacuse ats is in team
00:44:54WANKmaster making imba ulties
00:44:55ATS_ 2 imba farm
00:44:57WANKmaster with thral
00:44:58MariahCarry gg
00:44:59huutopussi well 2 lanes for them freefarmed
00:45:01MariahCarry gg Bdizzle
00:45:02N2xy we ruined their carry play and still
00:45:03FetAA GG!
00:45:03baN4nafiSh add igen?
00:45:05MariahCarry yea
00:45:10huutopussi and bot guys had 0 items
00:45:10ATS_ because wanker is imba
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