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96% | 1333 X | 1452 TS

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63% | 967 X | 1390 TS

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42% | 941 X | 1225 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17PinaryB easy win
00:00:18PinaryB joel tell svents to buy chicken
00:00:18diGez no i wont
00:00:18svents thx
00:00:18diGez you will buy the chicken
00:00:18PinaryB :P
00:00:18svents fcking pinary suck my balls
00:00:18chodaboy alche
00:00:18diGez qop
00:00:24Bra~ get abba
00:00:29chodaboy u want?
00:00:30Idx one of them goes pudge
00:00:32Bra~ y
00:00:34chodaboy ok
00:00:42chodaboy feta what u take?
00:00:44diGez take bat
00:00:50chodaboy imo get treant
00:00:56chodaboy i know its boring
00:00:58karm feta goes slark :P
00:01:07chodaboy get me void
00:01:14chodaboy oor pudge
00:01:20Bra~ random ftw
00:01:21chodaboy get me pudge
00:01:38karm i could take aa but i havent played it much
00:01:39chodaboy -swap 4
00:01:41Bra~ -swap 1
00:01:43PinaryB ahhahahaha
00:01:46N2xy haaha
00:01:59Bra~ ok
00:02:00chodaboy -hhn
00:02:01chodaboy -di
00:02:02Bra~ no carry
00:02:05Bra~ humm
00:02:10Bra~ end fast?
00:02:15chodaboy np
00:02:54chodaboy they think they outpicked us
00:02:55chodaboy haha
00:02:55FetAA aa should lane with me..
00:02:58chodaboy we win 5v5
00:03:10karm we could try lane top
00:03:13karm 3
00:03:22Jann dd
00:03:50karm kill lesh
00:04:35chodaboy karm bot ffs
00:05:02karm abba want me bot?
00:05:07Bra~ nah
00:05:09chodaboy IM CAP
00:05:10chodaboy GO BOT
00:05:12chodaboy FFS
00:05:23diGez ?
00:05:23N2xy ?
00:05:23FetAA the fuck u doing
00:05:23chodaboy karm is not listening
00:05:23Bra~ come bot then
00:05:23FetAA pudge
00:05:24FetAA he just ganks
00:05:25PinaryB and we c
00:05:25svents so?
00:05:33PinaryB say when you unpause tard
00:05:47FetAA gj
00:06:33diGez mid miss
00:06:44Bra~ -.-
00:08:22diGez gank pudge mid
00:09:01FetAA y
00:09:03FetAA i take
00:09:17Bra~ sk miss long time
00:09:32diGez na mid
00:09:37diGez imba miss
00:09:41svents sry
00:09:47chodaboy let me
00:10:06diGez ezalor plant obs?
00:10:12FetAA ulti
00:10:19diGez and pudge could be ganked
00:10:31FetAA choda
00:10:41chodaboy y
00:10:48chodaboy not much mana
00:10:51chodaboy ill go gank
00:11:10FetAA perma gank dusa
00:11:15diGez pudge miss
00:11:26PinaryB na miss
00:11:44FetAA mite jaksat plaa dusaaa
00:11:53Jann 1 ss
00:12:03diGez en voita tällä ikinä
00:12:07FetAA kill dusaa
00:12:32PinaryB ss treant
00:13:04chodaboy fuckl
00:13:40Bra~ :s
00:13:40FetAA :D?
00:13:44Bra~ lolo
00:14:31FetAA kill dusa soon
00:14:33FetAA i tp and ulti
00:14:33chodaboy someone tp to
00:15:12Bra~ sk farming good
00:15:17chodaboy gank sk
00:16:12chodaboy sheld
00:17:17Bra~ -.-
00:17:29Bra~ 8 cs
00:17:30Bra~ :S
00:18:19FetAA omw
00:18:20FetAA def
00:18:34FetAA kill
00:18:49chodaboy need to kills sk
00:20:22Jann oom
00:21:14chodaboy b
00:21:48Jann lol im killng when im not there
00:22:17karm how exactly this ulti works :p
00:22:21diGez push mid with 5
00:22:26diGez take all
00:22:43FetAA b
00:22:55chodaboy gj
00:23:10karm oom
00:23:41diGez ezalor why dont you buy any support items
00:23:44diGez like observer wards, sentry wards
00:23:52N2xy dunno
00:24:11chodaboy give me bottle pls
00:24:13chodaboy karm
00:24:30FetAA shiled
00:24:31FetAA me
00:24:36FetAA shield
00:25:02karm gg ffs
00:25:29chodaboy we win
00:25:35diGez ff
00:25:46Jann got refresher
00:25:53chodaboy more ganks
00:25:53FetAA good
00:25:54Idx dusa go farm
00:26:02diGez ts and eza just push
00:26:11chodaboy b
00:26:15chodaboy no mana
00:26:59chodaboy push mid
00:27:06FetAA top tower
00:27:45chodaboy gogo mid
00:29:16FetAA ivnis
00:29:39FetAA OUTPLAY
00:30:42chodaboy lets go finish
00:30:44chodaboy go reg all
00:30:46chodaboy then mid
00:30:56FetAA we got no late :(
00:31:28diGez lets gank with gem
00:31:30FetAA !!
00:31:30Bra~ omw
00:31:30chodaboy tactical
00:31:30chodaboy naps
00:31:30chodaboy =D
00:31:45Bra~ go
00:31:45diGez gogo
00:31:45FetAA lolz
00:31:45chodaboy FFS
00:31:45Bra~ i shield
00:31:45chodaboy stop tab
00:31:45Jann ill armor
00:31:45chodaboy kill
00:31:45chodaboy ffs
00:31:45Bra~ y
00:31:45diGez aa goes?
00:31:45Bra~ aa uti?
00:31:45karm y
00:31:45Bra~ ulti
00:31:45chodaboy tactical?
00:31:45diGez aa goes?
00:31:45chodaboy ull lose anyways
00:31:45karm he will come back
00:31:45karm unless u know he went away
00:31:45karm :D
00:31:45diGez aa goes?
00:31:45chodaboy yes
00:31:45Bra~ ulti first aa
00:31:45Bra~ :)
00:31:45karm ima gonna put all my spells and then leave
00:31:45chodaboy drop him
00:31:45chodaboy ?
00:31:45svents uy
00:31:45svents y
00:31:45karm dont think u can drop before time is over
00:31:45karm repel reconnection time
00:31:45karm which is 4min
00:31:45karm :p
00:31:45chodaboy yes u can drop him
00:31:45chodaboy firstpick in sentinel
00:31:45chodaboy i think?
00:31:45karm dunno
00:31:45karm how do i balance?
00:31:45karm that i wont be banned
00:31:45chodaboy just leave
00:31:45karm :P
00:31:47chodaboy u wont get bane
00:31:47karm balance
00:31:47Bra~ go leave
00:32:13FetAA b
00:32:29chodaboy what the fuck happened?
00:32:38Jann yes that is a mystery
00:32:39FetAA im oom
00:32:40Idx dusa sell bat items
00:32:45N2xy ye
00:32:49chodaboy u used ulti treanT?
00:32:55Jann y
00:33:08chodaboy treant take pt
00:33:22FetAA who buyed gem
00:33:35diGez we should roam around with gem
00:33:36diGez and plant obs
00:33:47FetAA go with 5
00:33:48FetAA gank
00:33:48FetAA 4
00:34:18chodaboy STUN?
00:35:24diGez gem is still there btw
00:35:46FetAA too gem?
00:35:52FetAA noone took gem?
00:36:00Jann omg
00:36:39chodaboy b
00:36:47chodaboy need mana
00:36:51chodaboy treant cd?
00:36:53Jann stop hten runnign
00:37:22FetAA fucking fail pudg
00:37:24FetAA is fail
00:37:29FetAA 2 hours to fucking hook
00:37:30FetAA then miss
00:37:31FetAA go b
00:38:03chodaboy need to push mid
00:38:27chodaboy all mid
00:38:30Jann pudge sell pt
00:38:33Jann or someone
00:38:35FetAA me plz
00:38:36FetAA i get
00:38:37FetAA deso
00:38:45chodaboy take it
00:38:47chodaboy na
00:38:56FetAA 'oh it was on fround fro some reason
00:39:10FetAA kill lesh and
00:39:11FetAA eza
00:39:11FetAA fast
00:39:12FetAA the nothers
00:39:19FetAA they die in 2 sec
00:39:40chodaboy come
00:40:18Jann shiled
00:40:27chodaboy mana
00:40:52chodaboy mana??????+
00:41:19FetAA oom
00:41:35FetAA need b
00:41:43FetAA rege topp
00:41:46FetAA bot and top towers
00:41:48FetAA some1 farm bot
00:42:06Bra~ kill
00:42:09chodaboy got agha
00:42:12chodaboy b then push
00:42:28FetAA me first
00:42:50Jann ffs
00:42:56FetAA didnt expect all to be there
00:43:01diGez svents is still level 9
00:43:02diGez :D
00:43:02chodaboy why the fuck dont u listeN?
00:43:02FetAA and how he had ulti after teamfight
00:43:09svents yeah
00:43:14chodaboy let me hook
00:43:15Jann we got a assasin hero
00:43:17svents look how many times i have died :S:S
00:43:23Jann now wait for me ?
00:43:25diGez i have died 2 times less
00:43:33svents but u were mid
00:44:00FetAA need hp
00:44:18FetAA found rege
00:44:20FetAA gogo
00:44:21FetAA mid
00:44:33FetAA gogo
00:44:59FetAA zz
00:45:02chodaboy DONT BLOCK
00:45:05FetAA ?
00:45:10chodaboy get rosh
00:45:12FetAA tak that and bot top towers
00:45:31FetAA come here
00:45:34FetAA roof got double?
00:45:38Bra~ b
00:45:42Jann y
00:45:43FetAA go?
00:45:46chodaboy GO ROSH
00:45:49FetAA TEY THERE
00:45:51chodaboy ill hook if the y com
00:45:53FetAA now idiot roof
00:45:55FetAA GO
00:46:10Jann gem
00:46:22diGez I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:46:50Jann did u took the gem
00:46:54FetAA no
00:46:56Jann ffs
00:47:02Jann why not
00:47:11FetAA cause we were fighting
00:47:22FetAA where it is
00:47:30chodaboy get rosh
00:47:53chodaboy go reg then mid
00:47:56Bra~ :O
00:47:59chodaboy can we end this shit now?
00:48:18Bra~ have hex
00:48:21chodaboy just go win
00:48:22FetAA ok i do hex too
00:48:27Idx cya
00:48:43chodaboy go end
00:49:14FetAA :DDD
00:49:22svents wtf
00:51:13chodaboy good fucking lord
00:51:17chodaboy what the fuck are u doinG???????????
00:51:18Bra~ -.-
00:51:19FetAA :DDD
00:51:20FetAA oops
00:51:31chodaboy GET ROSH GO WIN
00:51:54Bra~ -ii
00:52:04chodaboy ROSH
00:52:08Bra~ 30 sec
00:52:31diGez if we can still turtle for 60min maybe i have a fullbuild and we win
00:52:32diGez =(
00:52:40Idx gl with that
00:52:41chodaboy np
00:52:55FetAA soo boring
00:53:04chodaboy u cant win alone
00:53:29chodaboy mid
00:53:31chodaboy and win
00:53:34FetAA kk
00:53:35diGez i only need butterfly maelstrom skadi
00:53:55chodaboy and u got 300 now?
00:53:59diGez 1300
00:54:03Idx def mid
00:54:06chodaboy damn u might win
00:54:15diGez true..
00:55:25Bra~ too much chasing?
00:55:25chodaboy abaddon
00:55:29FetAA u dive to wll
00:55:29chodaboy yes
00:56:00FetAA omw
00:56:21Jann why sghodla
00:56:32Jann why did u lose aegis
00:56:33FetAA need rege
00:56:33FetAA go
00:56:33chodaboy whaT?
00:56:37chodaboy i died?
00:56:46Jann ahh
00:56:48diGez keep on turtling
00:56:50Jann just had to linger there
00:56:55Bra~ omw
00:56:58Idx straight for bf?
00:57:01chodaboy wait
00:57:11FetAA i get rune
00:57:22FetAA omw
00:57:25Jann b
00:57:28FetAA pudge prettyfat!
00:57:36diGez y
00:57:38Idx we have svents..
00:58:23Jann ABBA
00:58:27Jann do somehthing
00:58:37Idx dusa
00:58:39FetAA ui shoudla s tayed mid..
00:58:39Jann just tank or anything
00:58:42FetAA top was pushing..
01:00:04Bra~ nerub ac?
01:00:08FetAA y
01:00:26chodaboy go bot
01:00:31FetAA push bot bit
01:00:53FetAA 70 min and u win
01:00:57chodaboy 5,3 k hp
01:01:01diGez yep
01:01:03chodaboy go top
01:01:18chodaboy when treant uses ulti kill lesh and eza
01:01:23FetAA y fast
01:01:26Bra~ y
01:01:38FetAA pudge
01:01:39FetAA u go first..
01:01:41FetAA not me all the time
01:01:42FetAA and come roof
01:02:46FetAA how gay
01:02:58FetAA omw
01:03:09Idx 5.5k hp pudge..
01:03:11Bra~ gogo
01:03:12FetAA be rdy
01:03:14Bra~ puxh
01:03:20FetAA be rdy
01:04:21FetAA wt dpudge..
01:04:32FetAA I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:04:35chodaboy go bot
01:04:36Jann new rosh
01:04:36FetAA too much turtle gay
01:04:56chodaboy treant just use ur ulti when we come base
01:04:58chodaboy double
01:05:01chodaboy get rosh
01:05:08FetAA rebuy
01:05:12chodaboy wait
01:05:17FetAA .
01:05:43chodaboy go top after rosh
01:05:55Bra~ na take?
01:05:57chodaboy abaddon take
01:05:57Jann pudge shouldhave
01:06:05chodaboy better na tam
01:06:07chodaboy na takes
01:06:24diGez why keep armlet on
01:06:24Jann up yes
01:06:25FetAA push multiple lanes imo
01:06:25diGez you lose hp
01:06:27FetAA that way we win
01:06:32Idx dunno
01:06:32FetAA we push all 3 lanes
01:06:34FetAA and dont die
01:06:50chodaboy TOP ALL
01:06:55FetAA push al l3
01:06:58FetAA lanes
01:07:00diGez all lanes?
01:07:00FetAA we will get
01:07:00diGez :D
01:07:00chodaboy stfu
01:07:01chodaboy come
01:07:02FetAA but dont die
01:07:03diGez imba tactic
01:07:06FetAA ALL laens
01:07:08chodaboy COME FFS
01:07:11chodaboy ur retarded
01:07:12chodaboy come
01:07:17FetAA no sisi jos puesketaa 3
01:07:18FetAA voitetaa
01:07:21FetAA mut ei nää suosut
01:07:42FetAA kk pushing bot
01:07:44FetAA stay there
01:08:10chodaboy RACKS
01:08:11chodaboy ffs
01:08:15Jann NA
01:08:30FetAA well i disturbed so we got bot
01:08:37FetAA see?
01:08:59Idx way to go
01:09:03chodaboy now all bot
01:09:23FetAA just push all alnes
01:09:25FetAA they cant def
01:09:31FetAA 3 lanes
01:09:36Bra~ go bot
01:09:40chodaboy all bot now
01:09:40FetAA dont die
01:09:40Bra~ all pushing already
01:09:45FetAA cant yet
01:09:57FetAA i go rege
01:10:05FetAA and coming
01:10:21FetAA pduge?
01:10:23Bra~ duuud
01:10:36chodaboy ¨
01:10:37FetAA gogo push
01:10:38FetAA all 3
01:10:44FetAA come abba
01:10:45Bra~ 4
01:10:46FetAA push top and bot
01:10:46Bra~ yy
01:10:48FetAA they have no chance this way
01:10:51chodaboy ALL BOT
01:10:51Bra~ go bot all
01:10:52FetAA dus acant kil lall alnes
01:11:06Bra~ just come and kill dusa
01:11:11chodaboy y
01:11:18Bra~ with your burn and deso
01:12:20FetAA see
01:12:21FetAA it doesent wrok
01:12:22Jann last time i save
01:12:27Bra~ it does
01:13:05Jann abba make a pipe
01:13:07FetAA push all 3
01:13:08FetAA and its gg
01:13:10FetAA trust me.
01:13:18FetAA just come
01:13:19FetAA and push all lanes
01:14:36chodaboy GO HEAL FETA FFS
01:14:47chodaboy B ALL
01:14:50chodaboy wait for me to come back
01:14:53FetAA :DD
01:15:04Bra~ 71 min
01:15:05Bra~ -.-
01:15:07diGez :D
01:15:08FetAA WELL
01:15:10FetAA u dont trust me
01:15:12FetAA push all 3 lanes
01:15:15FetAA we GET BASE OR MEGA
01:15:16FetAA for sure
01:15:16FetAA !
01:15:21FetAA we dont win anymore 4v4
01:15:27FetAA just make sure bot is pushed
01:15:28chodaboy they are pushed
01:15:30FetAA while we push all
01:15:31chodaboy u dont understand
01:15:32chodaboy feta
01:15:35chodaboy if we go bot
01:15:38chodaboy lanes will be pushed
01:15:43FetAA yes
01:15:46FetAA but if we push them bit too
01:15:47chodaboy just go bot
01:15:49FetAA base is dead for sure
01:15:50FetAA or mega
01:15:54FetAA kk
01:15:55FetAA push bot
01:16:05FetAA u has ur full build now
01:16:10diGez i dont have skadi
01:16:16FetAA okok how much time u need
01:16:19diGez 10min
01:16:25FetAA push
01:16:41FetAA PUSH?!??!?!?!
01:16:44FetAA fuckign idiots
01:16:47FetAA if udsa not there
01:16:52FetAA why u come here
01:17:06FetAA dont die bot
01:17:09FetAA we just push
01:17:11FetAA like this
01:17:12Bra~ y
01:17:13Jann abba
01:17:15Bra~ camp
01:17:15FetAA camp
01:17:16FetAA and psuh
01:17:25FetAA camp and psuh
01:18:07FetAA see
01:18:11Bra~ gg
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