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Chat log

00:00:01Buugi -ar
00:00:08Kastrup let me ezalor
00:00:09WTGD opaa
00:00:09Kastrup ?
00:00:11Iho -swapall
00:00:17Kastrup or tehchi :P
00:00:17WTGD kes tahab
00:00:21exilm i can my self
00:00:23Kastrup :(
00:00:24WTGD ei taha jah
00:00:28FetAA hmm
00:00:29N2xy m
00:00:30Iho -swap 4
00:00:32N2xy mängi ise
00:00:32Kastrup cmon?
00:00:36exilm techie afk ?
00:00:40Kastrup -afk
00:00:41WTGD sikkenit ka vajate või
00:00:43FetAA alche
00:00:44FetAA if u noob
00:00:46FetAA give it to me
00:00:46exilm so u want ezalor ?
00:00:47Buugi -repick
00:00:49FetAA pugna
00:00:50Kastrup ye sure
00:00:51FetAA give me pugna plz:)
00:00:52Nagash -repick
00:00:54FetAA n2xy ur good ck
00:00:55Kastrup -swap
00:00:55Buugi bat
00:00:56Buugi give
00:00:56Buugi pls
00:00:56exilm -swap 4
00:00:58.-. ezalor
00:00:58N2xy lol
00:00:58Kastrup -swap 1
00:00:59FetAA give me pugna
00:01:01Buugi -swap 4
00:01:01FetAA plzz
00:01:02N2xy -swap 1
00:01:02.-. buy chick
00:01:02exilm so buy me regen
00:01:04FetAA -swap 1
00:01:05Buugi i go solo bot
00:01:06.-. EZALOR
00:01:07Kastrup :/
00:01:07FetAA swap 2
00:01:08N2xy -swap 2
00:01:08exilm omg
00:01:09Kastrup let me ezalor
00:01:09Kastrup -swap
00:01:11Kastrup -swap 2
00:01:11.-. BUY CHICK
00:01:14.-. OK?
00:01:14N2xy gonna be fun
00:01:18exilm i bought
00:01:19exilm idiot
00:01:19Kastrup i just played chen
00:01:20exilm fucking
00:01:21WTGD carry us nessaj
00:01:31FetAA pudge
00:01:33FetAA ur noit going midd
00:01:34FetAA 18%
00:01:44FetAA n2xy
00:01:45WTGD 18 means nothing dude
00:01:46FetAA u shoulda putted u
00:01:46Kastrup god damn they got good heros
00:01:50exilm rofl me mid ?
00:01:50Kastrup but we can push
00:01:51exilm "D
00:01:57Allistysmies pulling
00:02:00N2xy ?
00:02:11.-. yo bat
00:02:14.-. wazup
00:04:23Kastrup ok?
00:04:25Buugi y
00:04:27Kastrup ahh
00:04:28Kastrup next wave
00:04:43.-. ffs
00:04:44.-. ..
00:04:49Kastrup lol
00:04:56.-. lol indeed
00:05:05Buugi ck
00:05:05Kastrup who?
00:05:10Kastrup now
00:05:33N2xy lol
00:05:35N2xy 3 sec stun
00:05:38N2xy and you for chen?
00:05:40N2xy lkolololol
00:05:49Kastrup fucking windlinks
00:05:54Kastrup wildkin*
00:05:55Buugi ?
00:05:57Buugi its good
00:05:59Kastrup always get those shit
00:06:02exilm miss
00:06:02Buugi torando
00:06:03exilm re
00:06:03Buugi is
00:06:04Kastrup not it isn't
00:06:04N2xy we could kill that void
00:06:05WTGD ss top
00:06:08Kastrup torno sucks beside trolls
00:06:10N2xy any i would be alive
00:06:11Kastrup or anything else
00:06:11N2xy and
00:06:40N2xy lolol
00:06:50Buugi can u pull
00:06:55Kastrup we go again now ok?=
00:06:57Buugi y
00:07:06N2xy use your rot next time
00:07:13Kastrup sdfjksdfjkæsdjklæfsdkflæsdf
00:07:20Kastrup how the fuck didn't he get stunned?
00:07:22.-. omg
00:07:23.-. ...
00:07:24Kastrup he was in rage
00:07:37Kastrup hows midt?
00:07:47Kastrup im comming again void ok?
00:07:48exilm np
00:07:52Buugi wait
00:07:57Kastrup i pull once ok?
00:08:51Kastrup miss two bot
00:09:06Buugi ss putcher
00:09:33Buugi gang
00:09:34Kastrup omw
00:09:40Kastrup who?
00:09:56Kastrup :/(
00:09:56Kastrup srty
00:09:58Buugi np
00:10:00N2xy nice lcuk. 1 sec
00:10:04Kastrup i come midt now
00:10:05Iho y
00:10:08Kastrup no stun
00:10:10Kastrup but got dd ok?
00:10:29Kastrup ffs
00:10:39Kastrup twr?
00:10:42.-. for fuck sake
00:10:43.-. ..
00:11:32Kastrup btw i got meka
00:11:35Buugi nice
00:11:35Kastrup so no use for u eza
00:11:40exilm okk i hood
00:11:40FetAA kill
00:11:54Kastrup cd :/
00:12:00Kastrup ok i come
00:12:04Buugi go
00:12:04Kastrup pudge
00:12:05Buugi eza
00:12:09Buugi i lti
00:12:10Buugi u wave
00:12:56Iho 0/3 imba midd
00:13:18N2xy i loce that pudge
00:14:13Kastrup leak
00:14:18exilm low rnage
00:14:19exilm cu 1 lvl
00:14:20Kastrup ok
00:14:21exilm and cd
00:14:33Kastrup *:D
00:14:56FetAA lets ff at 30
00:14:59FetAA no team playa t all
00:14:59Kastrup twr?
00:15:00N2xy sure
00:15:01Buugi y
00:15:24Kastrup next
00:15:27Buugi y
00:15:40FetAA alche
00:15:41FetAA maybe join us
00:15:42Kastrup we need to finish fast
00:15:45Buugi yes
00:15:48Kastrup give me mana plz
00:16:23Kastrup i take midt towwr
00:16:26Kastrup pugna
00:16:37Kastrup lets try to end b4 30
00:16:48exilm we need ktrobelsu fr push
00:17:05exilm wait void meka
00:17:08WTGD turtle and win
00:17:14Allistysmies right
00:17:16N2xy lol
00:17:17Kastrup give mana plz
00:17:19FetAA u didnt help at
00:17:20FetAA 15min
00:17:20exilm wtf
00:17:21WTGD easy as that
00:17:22exilm 5 rings
00:17:23FetAA vs theyr pushing
00:17:24exilm bat?
00:17:55.-. im oom...
00:18:10Iho no -armor?
00:18:25exilm why no ulti krobeus ?
00:18:51.-. ffs
00:18:55.-. hate that ulty
00:19:03.-. take
00:19:06Kastrup god damn they are getting owned
00:19:07Allistysmies höhö
00:19:10Allistysmies gg
00:19:20N2xy i am just sad.. i know i am not good with ck, but that pudge.. :S
00:19:26exilm if krobelus
00:19:26FetAA y well failed too
00:19:28Kastrup i get new creeps
00:19:30exilm use ulti get more lvl
00:19:30Kastrup and we go midt?
00:19:35exilm and we push much more faster
00:19:41.-. indeed
00:19:46exilm but u not
00:19:47WTGD true true
00:19:50exilm i giveu mana
00:19:52exilm and u waste
00:19:53exilm for cs
00:20:00exilm i cant gvei all mana
00:20:00Kastrup btw bat
00:20:01exilm cd
00:20:05Kastrup rather get that vanguard
00:20:06Kastrup or hood
00:20:16N2xy lol
00:20:18FetAA banned
00:20:22N2xy told you
00:20:23N2xy that iho
00:20:26N2xy just
00:20:35Kastrup chick for me after please
00:20:36Iho midd solo 0/6 told you
00:20:37Kastrup items is on chick
00:20:37N2xy in lane he tried to farm as he is a carry
00:20:49FetAA well chen pwned me
00:20:53N2xy and want aggro against void
00:20:55Allistysmies you probably didn't try to farm
00:20:55Buugi wait
00:20:56Buugi item inc
00:20:57N2xy wasnt
00:21:03Buugi i go ulti
00:21:41Buugi wow
00:21:42Kastrup :)
00:21:43.-. give mana
00:21:47Kastrup healed ?= :D
00:22:11Kastrup open
00:22:12Buugi throne
00:22:13Buugi enxt
00:22:15Buugi next
00:22:48Kastrup throne
00:23:09Kastrup ok eza?
00:23:14exilm np
00:23:42N2xy oo
00:23:56.-. mana
00:23:57Kastrup aganims done
00:24:13WTGD wpwp
00:24:15Allistysmies gg
00:24:16Buugi gg wp
00:24:19Buugi not
00:24:38Kastrup gg
00:24:39.-. gg
00:24:41N2xy you was lucky
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