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+70 X
+14 TS

98% | 1445 X | 1506 TS

+55 X
+16 TS

82% | 1131 X | 1412 TS

+48 X
+10 TS

53% | 1073 X | 1205 TS

+60 X
+22 TS

18% | 853 X | 1134 TS

+11 X
+28 TS

15% | 912 X | 1049 TS

-33 X
-4 TS

86% | 1209 X | 1410 TS

-55 X
-6 TS

84% | 1132 X | 1447 TS

-37 X
-6 TS

58% | 968 X | 1311 TS

-47 X
-7 TS

50% | 1010 X | 1227 TS

-64 X
-6 TS

22% | 899 X | 1148 TS

Chat log

00:00:10valiante wow nice teams :P
00:00:17valiante freaking carry pool
00:00:17diGez alche
00:00:17FetAA qop
00:00:19xenix- pfff not my pool
00:00:19valiante wr
00:00:20iNeuron why nnot wr
00:00:32FetAA cause he is sick qop
00:00:35iNeuron kk
00:00:36diGez does someone want to swap
00:00:40valiante no
00:00:49valiante anyone wanna go sd slardar lane bot?
00:01:01xenix- i go this support erador
00:01:06iNeuron edu sulle
00:01:09Kapo- paska valikoima kyllä
00:01:14valiante ok
00:01:16valiante we go bot
00:01:16xenix- i mean eredar
00:01:21diGez well ok im weaver then
00:01:26VictoriaJrocks ihan hulun hyvä valikoima
00:01:28diGez i'd rather not be mid
00:01:30diGez waste of weaver
00:01:31diGez :D
00:01:34valiante hmm
00:01:36valiante ok
00:01:37valiante i can go
00:01:42Kapo- skeleton king vai krobe
00:01:43diGez zeus mid
00:01:45FetAA krobe
00:01:45valiante k
00:01:48xenix- i go eredar ok ?
00:01:51valiante yeah
00:01:52curdi lanet?
00:01:56valiante can i go bot wiht eredar?
00:01:56diGez strom lets go bottom
00:01:56Elderi -ma
00:01:58iNeuron 'i woods
00:01:59FetAA xae u forresT?
00:02:01diGez me and strom bottom
00:02:03diGez eredar slardar top
00:02:04diGez zeus mid
00:02:04FetAA k
00:02:06curdi voisin sooloo topin
00:02:10VictoriaJrocks loput lanet?
00:02:10iNeuron void
00:02:12FetAA kk
00:02:14FetAA no sopikaa keskenää
00:02:15FetAA mulle ihsm
00:02:24FetAA ei nois paljo eroo tuu
00:02:26valiante eredar
00:02:27diGez strom max slow\cold feet
00:02:31xenix- y
00:02:31VictoriaJrocks harassia paljon sit kapo
00:02:32Strom as opposed to what?
00:02:34iNeuron hmm
00:02:34FetAA rexxar on kyl hyvä saada nopee 6 lvl
00:02:36valiante skill the one that puts em away
00:02:39Strom chilling touch and stats?
00:02:40valiante so i can get a stun in
00:02:42xenix- yy
00:02:42diGez yes
00:02:45iNeuron do I have chance to spin at weavers little bug spell too ?
00:02:48curdi pitäs varmaa necro3 väsää...
00:02:52diGez some people skill cold feet+stats or something
00:02:54curdi mut oon kyl nii paska microo niit
00:02:58iNeuron rexx solo?
00:02:58iNeuron wtf
00:02:58FetAA voit ostaa earlygem
00:03:00FetAA jos oot hyvä pelaa
00:03:02xenix- i played 1 time
00:03:06iNeuron we got veno and krobe.. ?ü
00:03:10xenix- this hero but its easy
00:03:12FetAA krobe is kapo
00:03:16VictoriaJrocks :D
00:03:17Kapo- : D
00:03:17FetAA and rexxar is ok solo
00:03:18xenix- rune
00:03:19diGez strom can you pull
00:03:20VictoriaJrocks svents and kapo lane owned last night
00:03:24Strom I guess
00:03:25VictoriaJrocks im serious
00:03:31iNeuron cant be serial
00:03:35iNeuron with svents in sentence
00:03:43valiante harras
00:04:44VictoriaJrocks mikset mee b
00:04:55VictoriaJrocks :D
00:04:58VictoriaJrocks eihä sul ollu mitää saatavana
00:05:13Kapo- mm
00:05:28Kapo- aattelin että se ois kuollu
00:05:30VictoriaJrocks ehei
00:05:32Kapo- ja en ois päässy karkuu
00:05:35VictoriaJrocks silhä o se invi
00:05:55valiante lvl 3 start spamming
00:06:01xenix- yy
00:06:09diGez go dp if you can
00:06:44valiante SPAM
00:06:45valiante ffs
00:06:58valiante spam the little spell
00:07:00valiante with no cd
00:07:19valiante on him
00:07:38valiante dude
00:07:41valiante u are the worst sd
00:07:46valiante that skill is soooooooo good
00:07:47xenix- ..
00:08:16curdi ss
00:08:26valiante oom
00:08:33diGez no chicken
00:08:41VictoriaJrocks bot is lost prety much
00:08:49diGez i need a chick
00:08:51valiante someone killed it
00:09:07diGez i need a chicken
00:09:07VictoriaJrocks bot miss 2
00:09:12VictoriaJrocks 1
00:09:18valiante buy new chick
00:09:22FetAA lol
00:09:23FetAA sure
00:09:50FetAA imbatiming tulla gankkii aa;l ku oon divee
00:09:53diGez can someone buy a flying chicken
00:09:56diGez elderi
00:10:29valiante yeah fuck that
00:10:32valiante u hit pig
00:10:34valiante instead of him
00:10:34valiante lol
00:10:38xenix- lol
00:10:39VictoriaJrocks aa is level 6 remember
00:10:44curdi kyl slardarinki vois tulla
00:10:44iNeuron k
00:10:54diGez strom buy a flying chick pls
00:10:58iNeuron mis see oli:D?
00:10:59curdi wp strom :(
00:11:01iNeuron suicide tower
00:11:08Strom mul läks meelest ära, et ma toweri kõrval
00:11:10Strom Jälgisin ultit
00:11:13iNeuron :D
00:11:22iNeuron oli ilus siis ?
00:11:26curdi any1 able to gang slard?
00:11:28FetAA rune topp
00:11:32FetAA y
00:11:32FetAA i can
00:11:35Strom no oleks edukas olnud
00:11:38Strom aga sa tulid teepeal vastu
00:11:39Strom segama
00:11:48iNeuron :)
00:12:00valiante miss rex
00:12:01diGez share
00:12:02FetAA w8
00:12:03diGez strom
00:12:05FetAA i make view
00:12:20xenix- miss bottom
00:12:21valiante 3 top
00:12:32FetAA miss zeus
00:12:34FetAA re
00:13:06FetAA cmon..
00:13:41diGez someone plant obs
00:13:43FetAA miss zeus
00:13:47FetAA with rune
00:13:50valiante gang red
00:13:51valiante rex
00:14:12diGez im top
00:14:13diGez amplify him
00:14:16Kapo- weaver miss
00:14:21diGez and stun
00:14:26VictoriaJrocks kill slard top
00:14:48VictoriaJrocks hohhoi
00:15:01VictoriaJrocks skeleto king ois ollu parepi lastpick
00:15:04VictoriaJrocks sil ois ees stun
00:15:11iNeuron cool
00:15:11valiante gj
00:15:12valiante :P
00:15:16curdi ....
00:15:22Elderi oom,
00:15:23Elderi ffs
00:15:25curdi wtf got me stunned for like 5s
00:15:31valiante dont mind weaver hes uber noob
00:15:32iNeuron aa ?
00:15:43VictoriaJrocks so bad lag i cant play
00:15:46diGez am I
00:15:52valiante oh
00:15:52valiante no
00:15:54valiante i mean eredar
00:15:55valiante :D
00:15:57VictoriaJrocks screen just jumps
00:16:32FetAA miksul on joku uurna
00:16:35diGez miksei?
00:16:45FetAA ih
00:17:03FetAA goo
00:17:28Elderi fuck
00:17:52VictoriaJrocks cant win cause we dont have a tank that can tank anything before 30min
00:17:56Elderi axee
00:17:57Elderi gang
00:18:00valiante gj
00:18:03diGez let me farm bottom
00:18:03curdi yes, axe isnt good earlytank
00:18:04diGez :D
00:18:12valiante just saved u
00:18:14valiante and gave u 2 kills?
00:18:19diGez saved me?
00:18:19FetAA def bot
00:18:21diGez i had ulti and 150 mana
00:18:21diGez :DD
00:18:24diGez just lured them to you
00:18:30FetAA we got better heroes
00:18:32FetAA we gonna win this
00:18:32valiante ^^
00:18:35VictoriaJrocks no we dont
00:18:36diGez i wasnt going to die
00:18:48VictoriaJrocks how is any of our hero better than slard
00:19:25diGez spam amplify
00:19:34iNeuron top tower low
00:19:36valiante not that much mana
00:19:36diGez go kill
00:19:37diGez go kill
00:19:47FetAA hogo b?
00:19:55FetAA why u stay
00:19:56FetAA :DD
00:20:14VictoriaJrocks oispa ff 20mkin
00:20:16curdi yy lost game
00:20:51valiante dd
00:20:51FetAA well ofc we lose the way we suck
00:20:54FetAA we have herowin
00:20:57VictoriaJrocks no we dont
00:21:00VictoriaJrocks we dont have a tank
00:21:01FetAA yes we have :D
00:21:10valiante lol
00:21:37VictoriaJrocks axe cant be called a tank cause he isnt tanking anything
00:21:44Strom no ulti?
00:21:47FetAA well he will
00:21:52FetAA we woulda won this
00:21:54FetAA 30 mins
00:21:58FetAA if weaver wouldnt be imbafed
00:22:23curdi cant play for shit now
00:22:37curdi weaver relic
00:22:42diGez raDianCe
00:22:45valiante :)
00:22:49FetAA well 9-1
00:22:50FetAA 19mins
00:22:56FetAA with bs hero
00:22:59Elderi push 5 mid
00:23:09Strom umm, no
00:23:19FetAA farm this axe
00:23:20Strom but zeus, you should start ganging too
00:23:23FetAA and get dagger..
00:23:26Strom I never see you in action and you're always oom
00:23:31iNeuron needed these cause I kept getting ganked
00:23:35diGez disp
00:23:35diGez ulti
00:24:04curdi ff
00:24:05Elderi push mid
00:24:06Elderi rax
00:24:07Elderi gogo
00:24:21Strom we can't push in at 20min against those heroes
00:24:26diGez we can level 2 towers
00:24:28diGez for easymoney
00:24:29Strom or even if we can, it's too big risk
00:24:46curdi go end it please
00:24:47VictoriaJrocks useful axe is useful
00:24:52FetAA y interesting axe
00:24:56FetAA idling 20mins forrest then suicide
00:24:57FetAA kk
00:24:58diGez urn weaver is imba
00:25:11iNeuron well I didnt know im getting ?1hit there
00:25:35diGez go top tower
00:25:36diGez for money
00:25:39Elderi y
00:26:09FetAA def top
00:26:17curdi implying we can
00:26:20diGez they canged dagon recipe :D
00:26:25Strom long ago
00:26:46curdi successful defense
00:27:14valiante u know dagon item gives no x right
00:27:20diGez who cares about x
00:27:23valiante k
00:28:04Strom dd top
00:28:41diGez strom why doesnt dagon give x btw?
00:28:43diGez it suits some heroes
00:29:01Strom like weaver?
00:29:10diGez no
00:29:11diGez but some
00:29:17diGez like wd early its pretty decent
00:29:24Strom well, um
00:29:34Strom maybe you shouldn't trust valiante as an authority on x
00:29:40valiante :)=
00:30:06diGez lets push mid with 5
00:30:12VictoriaJrocks why dont they take rosh and end
00:30:18xenix- yes wait need fast heal
00:30:23diGez or well
00:30:24diGez roshan
00:30:29Elderi got agha
00:30:30Elderi push
00:30:32iNeuron 'surprise rosh ?
00:30:35Strom :O
00:30:38diGez go roshan
00:30:41FetAA u dont have dagger
00:30:41iNeuron they went
00:30:46valiante spell him strom
00:30:51diGez amplify
00:30:52FetAA k go
00:30:55xenix- care
00:30:56iNeuron not with 2..
00:31:00iNeuron and rosh down any sexc now
00:31:07Elderi fight
00:31:47diGez so does it give x normally or not?
00:31:47diGez :D
00:31:54Strom depends
00:31:56valiante i thought u said who cares
00:32:08valiante :)
00:32:35diGez did our chcik die
00:32:38Strom yes
00:32:41iNeuron long ago
00:32:42FetAA in begin^^
00:32:47diGez i mean, again
00:32:50Strom about 1min ago
00:32:53Strom when I was taking raxes
00:32:54FetAA no
00:32:55curdi nothing lives forever
00:33:18diGez where is my dagon recipe
00:33:19diGez D:
00:33:31FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:33iNeuron I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:34VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:34curdi I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:43FetAA kapoff
00:33:59FetAA kapo ff
00:34:00FetAA ?
00:34:06Kapo- onko sillä jotai väliä oikeestaa
00:34:16FetAA on ne otta aton thronen ja peli loppuu
00:34:41Kapo- noh siis se menee muuteki iha just ;)
00:35:16curdi ny lähtee kyl äksät menee :(
00:35:21Strom [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:21Strom [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:21Strom [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:21Strom [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:35:21Kapo- I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:35:24valiante ffs
00:35:29diGez gg
00:35:36curdi tosi paras
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