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+24 X
+2 TS

95% | 1609 X | 1605 TS

+27 X
+1 TS

87% | 1492 X | 1493 TS

-10 X
+2 TS

81% | 1472 X | 1443 TS

+12 X
+2 TS

66% | 1300 X | 1390 TS

-13 X
+5 TS

57% | 1388 X | 1287 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

93% | 1606 X | 1495 TS

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-1 TS

88% | 1552 X | 1492 TS

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-2 TS

84% | 1449 X | 1503 TS

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-1 TS

76% | 1420 X | 1414 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

53% | 1218 X | 1329 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Sepetos -ap
00:00:04Jonnija go ap
00:00:05MariahCarry guys
00:00:08MariahCarry buy 4 wards
00:00:12MariahCarry and ward entire fucking woods
00:00:12ATS_ can some1 get wards bot?
00:00:21Jonnija that cm aura
00:00:21Jonnija will
00:00:22ATS_ go fb
00:00:23VictoriaJrocks what makes you think he isnt mid?
00:00:24Jonnija rock our world
00:00:30MariahCarry my spidery senses
00:00:31MariahCarry ?
00:00:32Jonnija i be solo botom?
00:00:37VictoriaJrocks dont accept them
00:00:39Flex- hmm
00:00:39Hael taking storm, pit, 3x expu
00:00:45MariahCarry rubix obv mi
00:00:46MariahCarry d
00:00:47ATS_ fb go go?
00:00:54chodaboy i go top
00:00:58ATS_ fb
00:01:00Jonnija anyone seen mariah play pudge?
00:01:01ATS_ why no fb
00:01:05McNabb y
00:01:06MariahCarry veno es top
00:01:08Jonnija good?
00:01:09FetAA veno jugger bot?
00:01:10MariahCarry bat bot
00:01:10Flex- -hhn
00:01:11McNabb y
00:01:12MariahCarry no
00:01:13Flex- sad
00:01:13McNabb fair
00:01:13FetAA whats the point
00:01:15Jonnija like laeddis?
00:01:15MariahCarry ur bot fetaa
00:01:16Jonnija or
00:01:17Jonnija biggie?
00:01:19MariahCarry and that
00:01:21MariahCarry is final
00:01:23FetAA i enjoy my bans
00:01:27FetAA im not going
00:01:27FetAA bot
00:01:28Flex- ats
00:01:28Jonnija or like mrk? :D
00:01:31Flex- nice last pick
00:01:32FetAA with jugger
00:01:33McNabb they got awsome lanes tho
00:01:41MariahCarry screen captured
00:01:42Jonnija nah cm aura
00:01:42MariahCarry hf
00:01:43Flex- with cm
00:01:44Jonnija will own us
00:01:46Flex- nothing is awesome
00:01:52FetAA /Care
00:01:54ATS_ well go 4 top
00:01:55Flex- its legen
00:01:55FetAA max 2days bans
00:01:57Jonnija u need to sc after every hook
00:02:00MariahCarry we'll see
00:02:01FetAA cant play for 2 days anyways
00:02:10MariahCarry u realize
00:02:11McNabb i pull
00:02:14MariahCarry admins can see what u write right now?
00:02:18Jonnija u be wooding?
00:02:19ATS_ fb
00:02:20McNabb y
00:02:21Jonnija as cm aura
00:02:25Jonnija will give u epic regenz
00:02:27FetAA u want to put jugger bat bot
00:02:31Flex- dont really need aura
00:02:32Flex- for that
00:02:32FetAA and 2 support top
00:02:40MariahCarry ur support too
00:02:41MariahCarry retar
00:02:43Jonnija ss
00:02:44Jonnija 2
00:03:03FetAA bat is support
00:03:07FetAA are u pubber or pubber
00:03:12ATS_ es how
00:03:14ATS_ bad
00:03:16Flex- forgot to buy items :D
00:03:21Flex- hah
00:03:22Flex- first time
00:03:23Flex- :D
00:03:37Flex- tri lane top
00:03:38Flex- lol
00:03:40Hael nope
00:03:42Jonnija 2 bot
00:03:44Flex- k
00:03:49Hael jugger tried to tele :D
00:03:54Hael canceled :E
00:04:09chodaboy cm
00:04:26ATS_ you suck
00:04:33MariahCarry ss mid
00:04:34MariahCarry care top
00:04:36MariahCarry rubix miss
00:04:37MariahCarry care top
00:04:37MariahCarry b
00:05:00chodaboy omfg
00:05:02ATS_ how cvan you suck so hard
00:05:57ATS_ so sad
00:06:18Jonnija FFS
00:06:22Sepetos MIDMISS
00:06:32McNabb omg
00:06:36Jonnija i cast like 100000 times
00:06:36MariahCarry ss mid
00:06:37MariahCarry care top
00:06:39Sepetos WITH RUNE
00:06:44VictoriaJrocks soiin voinu salvee
00:06:47VictoriaJrocks jos oisin tajunnu
00:06:51FetAA mm
00:06:53FetAA ois ollu hyvä
00:06:58chodaboy ur terrible
00:07:02chodaboy why u play jugger
00:07:02chodaboy omfg
00:07:06McNabb ss bat
00:07:06chodaboy -hhn
00:07:07chodaboy -di
00:07:08ATS_ you so pro
00:07:12ATS_ with your
00:07:14chodaboy u suck dick
00:07:15ATS_ es
00:07:24chodaboy gank top
00:07:30MariahCarry ok
00:07:50Sepetos boob
00:07:51Sepetos noob
00:07:57Sepetos come kill
00:07:59chodaboy COME PUDGHE
00:08:20MariahCarry how
00:08:23MariahCarry do u not stun
00:08:24MariahCarry her
00:08:27Flex- how do you sleep at night
00:08:32McNabb :D
00:08:37chodaboy i stunned here
00:08:38chodaboy u nap
00:08:41chodaboy u cant hook'
00:08:43MariahCarry not before she took it
00:08:58chodaboy doesnt matter u cant hook
00:09:04MariahCarry doesn't matter?
00:09:08MariahCarry u have 2 seconds respond time
00:09:23Flex- get your boots
00:09:25Flex- give me mana
00:09:26VictoriaJrocks i go around
00:09:27Flex- and i port bot
00:09:29MariahCarry k
00:09:46Hael lets tele
00:09:49FetAA omw
00:09:53Flex- do it
00:09:55ATS_ wont
00:09:56ATS_ come
00:09:59chodaboy ss top
00:09:59ATS_ anymore
00:10:00chodaboy 2
00:10:14VictoriaJrocks 4 mdi
00:10:32Flex- ofci get shockwaved
00:10:52Jonnija yeah feels
00:10:53Jonnija like ff
00:11:19VictoriaJrocks they all tp?
00:11:22Flex- but you killed cm
00:11:27Flex- PRIDE
00:12:23Flex- Hah
00:12:24chodaboy this fucking jugger
00:12:27chodaboy GO SPIN
00:12:30Flex- would be cooler
00:12:32Flex- if you would port bot
00:12:33Flex- :D
00:12:43ATS_ stun better
00:12:53Flex- coming
00:12:54MariahCarry rubix
00:12:56MariahCarry in our woods
00:13:00Jonnija FFS
00:13:10Jonnija fucking takes a year to cast a single fucking spell
00:13:19FetAA ur in napalms ^^
00:13:43Jonnija yeah but other slows dont disable castspeed like that
00:13:52FetAA first time play vs batrider?
00:14:18McNabb omg
00:14:23Jonnija gg
00:14:24Jonnija f
00:14:24Jonnija f
00:14:26Jonnija SRSLY
00:14:26Jonnija f
00:14:57chodaboy well feta winning the game for us
00:15:03Hael i tele bot
00:15:06McNabb new wards
00:15:09Flex- wait for me
00:15:10Flex- got them
00:15:53MariahCarry omw
00:16:05FetAA 50 and dag
00:16:32McNabb wards
00:16:39FetAA 5 near mid
00:16:39FetAA b
00:16:42FetAA b
00:17:02Flex- lol
00:17:08FetAA should we def
00:17:09ATS_ def?
00:17:09FetAA wit h5
00:17:10FetAA or not
00:17:12FetAA i can frab one
00:17:13FetAA grab one
00:17:14FetAA for insta
00:17:27Flex- xD
00:17:27FetAA i think no
00:17:43Flex- Not your day man..
00:18:00chodaboy get tower
00:18:03FetAA now they go top
00:18:07ATS_ gone
00:18:07McNabb b
00:18:07Flex- 4 bot
00:18:08FetAA we could make stan
00:18:09FetAA d
00:18:11FetAA i insta gib rubick
00:18:23chodaboy come
00:18:23ATS_ tp top
00:18:23chodaboy mid
00:18:29FetAA cant go top if not 5
00:18:31Sepetos come
00:18:32ATS_ aah no
00:18:33Flex- invis
00:18:37ATS_ ok
00:18:38FetAA trade
00:19:14Jonnija sent bat
00:19:15Jonnija hoime
00:19:15FetAA wtf
00:19:16FetAA :D
00:19:19FetAA t
00:19:25McNabb inc top
00:19:30chodaboy gg noobveno
00:19:40ATS_ why you fuckers cant come
00:19:48Flex- easy rosh kill
00:19:54FetAA i cncaled tele
00:19:58FetAA or no
00:19:59FetAA i didnt
00:20:00FetAA :;D
00:20:02FetAA i got glimpsed
00:20:03VictoriaJrocks im too lazy
00:20:06chodaboy tower mid
00:20:12Sepetos take the lwo wolf
00:20:13Sepetos away
00:20:18Jonnija nah doesnt work
00:20:19Sepetos and tank urself a bit
00:20:20Jonnija actually
00:20:25Jonnija it autofocuses on low wolf
00:20:26FetAA mana bootz any1?
00:20:32FetAA rosha nward
00:20:33Flex- pff
00:20:33MariahCarry sup bitch
00:20:37FetAA check it
00:20:47Flex- you gonnna really hate me this game
00:20:55Flex- Shaaame
00:20:56VictoriaJrocks what
00:20:58Jonnija lol
00:21:13chodaboy good lord
00:21:17chodaboy u 2 fucking morons
00:21:24chodaboy U RUN AWAY FROM SPAEN
00:21:33ATS_ gj
00:21:35Flex- brilliant :D
00:21:37Jonnija hopELESSS
00:21:41Flex- you aRE
00:21:42Flex- TOTALLY
00:21:50Jonnija all spells on cd
00:21:51Jonnija dude
00:21:56Sepetos cm
00:21:58Sepetos jugger inc
00:22:06MariahCarry omw
00:22:24Flex- how many invis runes they get?
00:22:31FetAA yeah ok srsly
00:22:39Sepetos was no invis
00:22:41FetAA pudge didnt want to ulti him
00:22:41ATS_ ?
00:22:44MariahCarry lol?
00:22:47MariahCarry i can't
00:22:49Flex- batsy?
00:22:50MariahCarry our ultis
00:22:51Flex- dagger
00:22:51FetAA while channeling+
00:22:53FetAA ?
00:22:53Jonnija y
00:22:54FetAA k
00:22:54MariahCarry are the same thing
00:23:04MariahCarry can't ulti while u ulti
00:23:05FetAA never play pudge
00:23:12FetAA u cant ulti while shakle?
00:23:13MariahCarry never play dota
00:23:16McNabb new wards
00:23:17MariahCarry no
00:23:17ATS_ def
00:23:19MariahCarry u can't
00:23:21Flex- more gold
00:23:22FetAA y
00:23:28FetAA well still
00:23:32FetAA he did omni slash faster^^
00:23:35ATS_ they 5
00:23:49VictoriaJrocks i iddnt have money for 2 tps
00:24:01Jonnija FUCKING DEpRESSING
00:24:14FetAA gaylord
00:24:16FetAA we need veno
00:24:16FetAA :D
00:24:52chodaboy THIS FUCKIBNG PUDGE
00:25:00Flex- jonnija
00:25:02chodaboy u got to be fucking kidding me
00:25:02Flex- this is cm aura
00:25:03Flex- for you
00:25:04Flex- :D
00:25:05Jonnija i was
00:25:05MariahCarry ?
00:25:06Jonnija dead
00:25:08Flex- i know
00:25:10chodaboy u run around like a fat fucking drunk cunt
00:25:11Flex- was talking in general
00:25:12VictoriaJrocks :o
00:25:15VictoriaJrocks he did everything right
00:25:16MariahCarry so do u
00:25:17chodaboy u run around the whole fucking world
00:25:18Jonnija dunno bat slow
00:25:20MariahCarry rapuska
00:25:21Jonnija fucks my castspeed
00:25:21MariahCarry do'nt!
00:25:21Jonnija so up
00:25:24Jonnija that i die before i can
00:25:27MariahCarry he's right
00:25:27Jonnija cast a single spell
00:25:29Jonnija under tower
00:25:31MariahCarry i should be running less
00:25:33VictoriaJrocks :D
00:25:55ATS_ ss
00:25:56ATS_ rubi
00:26:06McNabb hej
00:26:09FetAA lycan fat
00:26:09Jonnija get urn :D
00:26:09Flex- Sup
00:26:11FetAA or
00:26:42ATS_ MH
00:26:43VictoriaJrocks i didnt have money for tp
00:26:45Jonnija veno
00:26:45VictoriaJrocks this time iether
00:26:45Jonnija comes
00:26:47Jonnija behind
00:26:58ATS_ why solol
00:27:02ATS_ playing
00:27:06VictoriaJrocks what
00:27:07VictoriaJrocks i didnt hit?
00:27:10VictoriaJrocks killing
00:27:10chodaboy gg wp
00:27:24Flex- that was fun
00:27:24VictoriaJrocks miks tossa piti mennä b ;o
00:27:28chodaboy its over
00:27:34ATS_ lol
00:27:36ATS_ not
00:27:37Jonnija just got there in time
00:27:38Hael ultying with rylai is always fun
00:27:45chodaboy yes
00:27:46Flex- hey
00:27:48Flex- it works
00:27:48chodaboy so fucking over
00:27:49ATS_ not
00:27:49Flex- he had bkb
00:27:50MariahCarry obv not
00:27:50Flex- :D
00:27:52Hael :D
00:27:53MariahCarry if it was over
00:27:56MariahCarry we'd have end screen
00:27:58Jonnija who had bkb?
00:27:59Hael lets tele
00:28:03Flex- bat
00:28:04chodaboy u should have had dagger now
00:28:04Flex- go
00:28:06FetAA have pipe
00:28:07chodaboy i
00:28:07MariahCarry yea
00:28:11MariahCarry i should
00:28:12MariahCarry i did get it
00:28:16MariahCarry but it auto dropped
00:28:18McNabb yep
00:28:47MariahCarry SUP
00:28:48Jonnija AHAHAH
00:28:49Jonnija flex
00:28:49Flex- dude
00:28:51Flex- jonnija
00:28:54VictoriaJrocks hook
00:28:56Flex- that was so fucking dumb
00:28:58MariahCarry nah b
00:28:59MariahCarry imo
00:28:59Jonnija ?
00:29:01FetAA omw too
00:29:01VictoriaJrocks :8
00:29:01ATS_ MH
00:29:02FetAA lets go guys
00:29:05Jonnija u getting hit by that hook?
00:29:08FetAA or no
00:29:13FetAA 5
00:29:15Flex- counter wards
00:29:16FetAA 4
00:29:21Flex- some one take
00:29:21ATS_ rubick hook
00:29:29Flex- jonnija
00:29:30Flex- plant
00:29:35ATS_ es join
00:29:40Hael come kill
00:29:46Hael jonnija
00:29:54MariahCarry sup
00:29:55Flex- i think
00:29:56Sepetos D:
00:29:57Flex- rubick
00:29:59Flex- is on crack
00:30:00Sepetos why my hook couldnt hit
00:30:01FetAA gogo
00:30:03ATS_ fucker
00:30:03Sepetos would have been fun
00:30:04Hael go hit
00:30:06MariahCarry cus u no pudge
00:30:21McNabb b
00:30:45Jonnija yeah flex should have stopped after that slardar game
00:30:52FetAA b?
00:30:55ATS_ y
00:30:56Jonnija 1 game of fail = rest of the games fail
00:30:59Flex- you kept reading
00:31:04Flex- only for you
00:31:10chodaboy need dagger
00:31:10ATS_ es
00:31:12VictoriaJrocks rosh bak
00:31:13ATS_ no need
00:31:37Flex- sup bro
00:31:40ATS_ mc and choda estonia?
00:31:45chodaboy no
00:31:45MariahCarry im dk
00:31:48Flex- counter
00:31:49chodaboy stfu u fucking cunt
00:31:56FetAA b
00:31:57FetAA b
00:31:57FetAA b
00:31:59MariahCarry choda from nigeria
00:32:15FetAA u rly needed to die
00:32:27chodaboy got dagger
00:32:57FetAA "ok"
00:33:06McNabb :D
00:33:13Flex- jonnija
00:33:14Hael you 1 kill we 3 kills, roshan 2 kills
00:33:17Flex- you have the most important job
00:33:20Flex- kill venos wards
00:33:21Flex- :DF
00:33:29Jonnija yeah
00:33:29chodaboy get rosh fast
00:33:31chodaboy i tp
00:33:33FetAA y
00:33:37Flex- its a thing :D
00:33:40FetAA well its not low
00:33:43FetAA u cant even get it
00:33:56McNabb lal
00:33:58McNabb pit
00:33:58Hael you took my tele :<
00:34:00Jonnija i hate those wards cant i express that hate?
00:34:23Sepetos wards
00:34:26ATS_ im b
00:34:43Sepetos -ms
00:34:49FetAA got smoke
00:34:50FetAA ället sgo?
00:34:52Flex- oom
00:34:54MariahCarry got gem
00:34:54MariahCarry yea
00:34:59VictoriaJrocks top needs to be pushed back
00:35:04FetAA jugger can do it
00:35:06FetAA well they come mid
00:35:10chodaboy we 3
00:35:12FetAA rapusaka no
00:35:12chodaboy go
00:35:14FetAA tp
00:35:16FetAA we need rapusaka
00:35:24Flex- mana me pl
00:35:37FetAA all alnes pushed
00:35:37Sepetos sentry?
00:35:39FetAA not good spot to go smoke
00:36:04FetAA it was obvious
00:36:04FetAA -.-
00:36:17ATS_ obvious mh
00:36:24Flex- pro warding bro
00:36:35Flex- how did he see my ward
00:36:40FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:41FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:41FetAA fff
00:36:42Jonnija gem
00:36:43Jonnija or
00:36:43MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:44Jonnija smthing
00:36:46ATS_ this is not lost
00:36:51Jonnija i bet on pudge
00:36:57VictoriaJrocks thrall ultis too good
00:37:03FetAA we need to intiate
00:37:04Jonnija i was
00:37:06Jonnija correct
00:37:09FetAA but when we go with no visio smoke ganging
00:37:11ATS_ well you all in there
00:37:11FetAA when all 3 lanes pushed
00:37:12FetAA -.-
00:37:24VictoriaJrocks choda you had like 2s of blink time :D
00:37:31McNabb hi
00:37:34chodaboy pls
00:37:34ATS_ why
00:37:36FetAA hi ur good
00:37:38chodaboy what are u saying?
00:37:43Sepetos rax
00:37:44Sepetos ez
00:37:44chodaboy i cant blink u fucking moron
00:37:49VictoriaJrocks i watched your icon
00:37:52chodaboy not when they hit me
00:37:53Sepetos why nobody has urn?
00:37:56chodaboy lol
00:37:57Flex- dunno
00:37:58Flex- ;D
00:37:58chodaboy CHECK REPLAY
00:38:04chodaboy u cant see my cd on dagger
00:38:04VictoriaJrocks why when i had real time
00:38:08VictoriaJrocks oh
00:38:17chodaboy what
00:38:21VictoriaJrocks i thought you had it on disable
00:38:24VictoriaJrocks only
00:38:59McNabb HELPPPP
00:39:02Flex- how ?
00:39:04FetAA die
00:39:05McNabb :D
00:39:07McNabb dunon
00:39:17MariahCarry ward up there
00:39:17Flex- 1 hp cm to the rescue
00:39:18Flex- NOT
00:39:26FetAA :D
00:39:28VictoriaJrocks D
00:39:32Jonnija 1 hp
00:39:34Jonnija 2 much
00:39:34Hael nice counterwarding :D
00:39:43McNabb pudge gem
00:39:47Jonnija yeah
00:39:47chodaboy we should gank
00:39:48Flex- no shit
00:39:48Jonnija he had
00:39:48Jonnija it
00:39:50Jonnija for a while
00:39:50Jonnija now
00:39:55McNabb oh ok
00:39:57Flex- that gem
00:39:58FetAA we can smoke intiate
00:40:00Flex- fucked him up last time
00:40:01Flex- hard
00:40:01FetAA we haz no visio tho
00:40:01Flex- :D
00:40:05Flex- he went for my waRDS
00:40:11Jonnija yeah and i got silence
00:40:13Jonnija on all of them :D
00:40:19Flex- YUP
00:40:19FetAA coem smoke
00:40:28Jonnija so see i can do more
00:40:29Jonnija than just
00:40:30ATS_ fuu
00:40:31Jonnija kill wards :D
00:40:33Sepetos top
00:40:34Sepetos take
00:40:35Sepetos down
00:40:36Sepetos rax
00:40:46chodaboy retarded veno and that fucking nooob
00:40:47MariahCarry fo
00:40:48McNabb i go ac
00:40:49Flex- NO ONE WILL NOTICE
00:41:08Flex- OHH FUCK OFF
00:41:14Sepetos -ms
00:41:38Flex- OHH THAT ES
00:41:39McNabb that sucked
00:41:45ATS_ gj
00:41:46MariahCarry mid
00:41:47MariahCarry gogo
00:41:51Flex- incredibally
00:41:54MariahCarry 60 seconds
00:41:56MariahCarry to take raxes
00:41:56Flex- i thought
00:41:56MariahCarry fast
00:41:58Flex- ultra was 5
00:41:58Hael how come no one died E:
00:41:59Flex- ;D
00:42:00FetAA coem bitches
00:42:01FetAA we 5
00:42:02MariahCarry and no tower in front
00:42:03MariahCarry fast
00:42:03Jonnija nah
00:42:04MariahCarry ffs
00:42:04Jonnija rapnage
00:42:04MariahCarry gogo
00:42:06FetAA coem coe
00:42:07Jonnija rampage
00:42:07Hael rampage is 5
00:42:08Flex- my ult worked
00:42:09Flex- for
00:42:11Flex- 0.1 sec
00:42:13Flex- es
00:42:16Flex- jumped in insta
00:42:18ATS_ 1 alive
00:42:22FetAA fuck b
00:42:45ATS_ rax
00:42:49FetAA meele
00:42:50FetAA atleast
00:42:54MariahCarry bot too
00:42:55VictoriaJrocks both
00:42:56chodaboy gj
00:43:09Flex- ty
00:43:28McNabb hmm
00:43:29ATS_ gj
00:43:29Sepetos why u chase butcher
00:43:32Sepetos like there is no other?
00:43:33ATS_ bn
00:43:34McNabb dunno
00:43:35ATS_ b
00:43:39ATS_ or kill em all
00:43:41Flex- ohh cmon
00:43:47ATS_ gj
00:44:43FetAA percfect one :D
00:44:59FetAA :DD
00:45:02Sepetos TAKE WARDS
00:45:02FetAA had to hook
00:45:03MariahCarry and not so perfect
00:45:04MariahCarry ^^
00:45:37Sepetos lyca need stygi
00:45:39FetAA buy items
00:45:40FetAA if u need
00:45:41FetAA from here
00:45:45FetAA veno pudgE?
00:45:45Sepetos mby up
00:45:47Sepetos moar wards
00:45:48MariahCarry i don't
00:45:50Sepetos we can do this still
00:45:53Jonnija nah
00:45:55ATS_ rosh up
00:45:58Sepetos yes
00:46:04Sepetos kill es
00:46:08Sepetos and venom b4 ulti if possible
00:46:13Jonnija lawl
00:46:16McNabb need dust then
00:46:16Jonnija venom has lothar
00:46:16Flex- thrall
00:46:18Flex- silence
00:46:18MariahCarry lol
00:46:20Jonnija immortality item
00:46:20MariahCarry 10-10-10
00:46:22FetAA care
00:46:22MariahCarry imba pudeg
00:46:32Sepetos we could surprise venom with dust
00:46:39FetAA i can jump him
00:46:40MariahCarry -st
00:46:42FetAA hes here
00:46:43FetAA for sure
00:46:44ATS_ go smoke
00:46:48FetAA i jump him
00:46:53FetAA or he baits?
00:47:00McNabb gather
00:47:13Sepetos GEM
00:47:13FetAA b
00:47:32ATS_ :DDD
00:47:37ATS_ b
00:47:59McNabb dust
00:48:02FetAA ats went wild
00:48:03Jonnija i died to his nova
00:48:07Jonnija so dust died with me
00:48:07Jonnija :D
00:48:09ATS_ :)
00:48:10VictoriaJrocks hes a´wild child
00:48:13MariahCarry need a gem
00:48:15chodaboy dont die now
00:48:15MariahCarry for rubix
00:48:47FetAA we loser this way
00:48:55chodaboy buy me tp
00:48:56FetAA :D so we all went die..
00:49:00Jonnija veno bbed
00:49:03MariahCarry go 5 top
00:49:03VictoriaJrocks 4 tps chick
00:49:03Sepetos where gem :o
00:49:06MariahCarry while the other lanes push
00:49:11MariahCarry we'll camp outside base
00:49:12Jonnija dunno pudge dint have
00:49:12chodaboy go veno
00:49:13chodaboy ruysh
00:49:15MariahCarry going rosh is so risky
00:49:15Jonnija it when u killed him
00:49:16MariahCarry no need
00:49:16Flex- huh
00:49:38chodaboy gg mcnabb
00:49:41McNabb :D
00:49:42Flex- cmon
00:49:45MariahCarry pathetic lycan
00:49:53ATS_ chees
00:49:59VictoriaJrocks oisko kantsinu sepe ite
00:50:03VictoriaJrocks pelaa
00:50:40FetAA go
00:50:44chodaboy pls leave ats
00:50:48ATS_ :DDDD
00:51:07ATS_ es talking
00:51:08ATS_ ?
00:51:25Jonnija lost meleerax bot
00:51:25FetAA gg
00:51:25Jonnija need
00:51:26Jonnija raxxes
00:51:27ATS_ where were you?
00:51:29FetAA we couldnt go with 56 :D
00:51:34Flex- build some
00:51:37ATS_ dead
00:51:39FetAA es
00:51:40ATS_ soomn
00:51:42FetAA are u kidding
00:51:42ATS_ soomn
00:51:43Jonnija i wish i could
00:51:43FetAA go B
00:51:44ATS_ soon
00:51:44FetAA WH U CHASE
00:51:48FetAA how could u kill him
00:51:58FetAA :D?
00:52:04FetAA "need to die now "
00:52:09chodaboy DOT
00:52:10chodaboy UILTI
00:52:19Flex- rax
00:52:40Jonnija and no raxxes
00:52:41Jonnija as it
00:52:42Jonnija seems
00:52:51FetAA go fight imio now
00:52:59Jonnija by the law of dotaville
00:53:01Jonnija we cant win
00:53:04MariahCarry how
00:53:05McNabb we can
00:53:06Jonnija with only 1 side vs 3 sides
00:53:07MariahCarry did it not hit
00:53:12VictoriaJrocks who knows
00:53:14Flex- sure we can
00:53:16Jonnija its all about velocity
00:53:20VictoriaJrocks all i know im doing blade mail
00:53:26ATS_ this repel thing suck
00:53:29Flex- we have rubick
00:53:33FetAA go gank one
00:53:38Jonnija rubic has nothing
00:53:39Jonnija to steal
00:53:40Sepetos got omnishals
00:53:40ATS_ smoke
00:53:41Jonnija from them
00:53:45ATS_ no
00:53:46Hael hook, veno ulti
00:53:51MariahCarry 5 top
00:53:52FetAA dust
00:53:53FetAA dust
00:53:53Jonnija actually havent seen
00:53:58Jonnija him veno ulty
00:54:05Hael veno wards after fast
00:54:05FetAA go
00:54:10FetAA ah
00:54:16VictoriaJrocks es still has ulti so
00:54:18Flex- 200 for bkb :D
00:54:18McNabb got gem
00:54:19Flex- ahh fuck
00:54:29FetAA we will ose clash
00:54:31Hael have pipe
00:54:36Flex- have bkb
00:54:40chodaboy leme heal
00:54:44Jonnija now
00:54:45Jonnija they wait
00:55:10VictoriaJrocks oh yeah they have gem
00:55:17FetAA we shouldnt fight
00:55:18ATS_ :DDD
00:55:18FetAA like that
00:55:21FetAA with no entry -.-
00:55:24ATS_ y
00:55:28McNabb I GO MID U GO TOP
00:55:32chodaboy get boots of travel
00:55:33Sepetos i def bot
00:55:40FetAA they in sale
00:55:43FetAA -90%?
00:55:46FetAA i has 400
00:56:03Flex- bat and veno are back
00:56:13McNabb just go
00:56:18McNabb save for bouout
00:56:22Sepetos save buyot if can
00:56:23FetAA fight them mid
00:56:25Sepetos y
00:56:26FetAA when u spawn
00:56:27ATS_ dead
00:56:31FetAA come fast mid
00:56:33FetAA take them 5 on2
00:56:34Flex- they all revived
00:56:37FetAA ok
00:56:57McNabb b
00:57:02McNabb b
00:57:02McNabb b
00:57:03McNabb b
00:57:10FetAA true story
00:57:10chodaboy gg
00:57:11chodaboy lost
00:57:11McNabb good
00:57:14McNabb enough
00:57:15ATS_ lol
00:57:16Jonnija 2 melee raxxes
00:57:16Hael used all on me
00:57:18FetAA gi
00:57:20MariahCarry lycan dead
00:57:23MariahCarry win next 70 secs
00:57:24MariahCarry or lsot
00:57:27Flex- so far so good
00:57:32Hael no now, bb or shive
00:57:33MariahCarry push mid
00:57:39McNabb tp
00:57:41MariahCarry all push
00:57:49MariahCarry gogogo
00:57:51MariahCarry 40 sec
00:57:55FetAA ok
00:58:03FetAA b
00:58:22VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:58:42Sepetos df bot
00:58:42Jonnija botlane
00:58:43Flex- i def bot
00:58:45VictoriaJrocks we cant kill
00:58:46VictoriaJrocks them
00:58:47VictoriaJrocks in time
00:58:50VictoriaJrocks it takes to get rax down
00:58:58McNabb rosh?
00:59:00McNabb or
00:59:00McNabb no
00:59:17VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:30FetAA I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:34chodaboy well
00:59:37chodaboy jugger lost so hard
00:59:40ATS_ :DDDD
00:59:46MariahCarry gem
00:59:48Flex- this game
00:59:50Flex- aint half bad
00:59:58Sepetos another gem
00:59:59McNabb cant
01:00:05McNabb b
01:00:07Sepetos roish? :o
01:00:13Sepetos gang mid
01:00:16Sepetos or bdoor
01:00:17Sepetos bottom
01:00:20FetAA u cant fight him
01:00:32FetAA b
01:00:34FetAA ats so useless
01:00:41Sepetos or end
01:00:41FetAA ;d
01:00:58McNabb gg nabs
01:01:00Sepetos CARE ES
01:01:21chodaboy GG JUGEERERREREREREr
01:01:31MariahCarry I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:01:53Sepetos what did i tell u guys
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