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91% | 1542 X | 1482 TS

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60% | 1294 X | 1351 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Empatia [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 98 seconds.
00:00:20Buugi roof
00:00:20vilu will someone carry
00:00:20aquatic gief roof :D
00:00:20aquatic :/(
00:00:20zebbelito nope
00:00:20Buugi or
00:00:20Buugi n
00:00:20vilu so i can
00:00:20Odb spectrö
00:00:20vilu fail with a support
00:00:26zebbelito hes puckd
00:00:29zebbelito buugi
00:00:40Odb wl anyone
00:02:01vilu -swap 5
00:02:02Vilkuky -swap 4
00:02:04Odb ogre roams
00:02:07Odb centaur wl
00:02:07Odb down
00:02:42Buugi share
00:02:43Buugi rotkiv
00:03:03vilu -ms
00:03:26Empatia block
00:03:27Empatia block
00:03:32McNabb ¨pull
00:03:59McNabb pull?
00:04:02FetAA u do
00:04:03FetAA u cant farm 1v2
00:04:07McNabb lol
00:04:12McNabb its wl cent
00:04:24McNabb retard
00:04:32zebbelito feel free to heal
00:04:34zebbelito anytime
00:04:34zebbelito now
00:04:50McNabb LET ME FARM??!?!?!
00:04:51McNabb WTF
00:05:21McNabb OK
00:05:24McNabb DONT BLAME ME
00:05:29FetAA i wont
00:05:29McNabb IF WE LOSE
00:05:36McNabb I GOT NO FARM
00:05:49Vilkuky hih
00:06:22McNabb lal
00:06:23FetAA see..
00:06:24McNabb ok
00:06:29McNabb he just got boots
00:06:33FetAA thats why i dont pull
00:06:34FetAA cause u die
00:06:35FetAA if i go
00:06:36Buugi ss
00:06:37McNabb hard to know
00:06:44Buugi care top
00:07:02McNabb lol if u had let me farm i would have gotten boots too, and then it wouldent have happend
00:07:11zebbelito 1 more heal
00:07:13zebbelito and i kill
00:07:18Vilkuky i heal when u go
00:07:56McNabb u still take farm?!?!?!?
00:08:12zebbelito b
00:08:13zebbelito löol
00:08:16FetAA haha
00:08:27zebbelito ok hes ms is bugger
00:08:39zebbelito phase n yasha
00:08:41zebbelito needed
00:09:25Vilkuky rdy
00:09:39Rotkiv ogre ss
00:09:42Buugi ss mid
00:09:43Buugi care top
00:09:45Buugi has rune
00:10:20zebbelito go when ultio
00:10:29aquatic up srsly needsbgnag
00:10:55Vilkuky i save mana for ulti
00:11:04zebbelito ^jaha
00:11:57Rotkiv topss
00:12:04Rotkiv re
00:12:19aquatic need to gnag morph :(
00:12:21McNabb 4 bot
00:12:38Rotkiv ss
00:13:32Empatia ...
00:13:32Odb wp
00:13:33Empatia wtf
00:13:43Odb zebbelito goes crazy
00:14:17Buugi here
00:15:19aquatic wards ?
00:16:12McNabb wards
00:16:14Rotkiv you came to block and run away ..
00:16:14McNabb is needed
00:16:17Rotkiv wards in base
00:16:24McNabb y sry
00:16:31McNabb u would die anyway tho
00:16:37Rotkiv i know
00:16:50Empatia -mc
00:16:52Empatia -st
00:17:10Buugi inc
00:17:11Buugi kill
00:20:02McNabb up chick plz
00:20:05Odb centa
00:20:06Odb top
00:21:41Buugi warded
00:23:35vilu -ms
00:24:59McNabb more wards needed
00:25:06zebbelito ?
00:25:44Empatia ...
00:26:02Empatia b
00:26:02vilu b
00:26:04McNabb oom
00:27:21zebbelito i rush pipe?
00:27:25McNabb regen
00:27:37McNabb bitch
00:28:21Empatia -st
00:29:29Vilkuky b
00:29:30Vilkuky b
00:29:30Vilkuky b
00:29:31Vilkuky b
00:31:13Empatia hv
00:32:35zebbelito lagg
00:33:49Rotkiv go ?
00:34:06Empatia b
00:34:19vilu gj
00:34:50zebbelito shiva or hot?
00:35:10zebbelito or ac?
00:35:15vilu shiva
00:35:17zebbelito oki
00:35:21vilu 600dmg sv illus
00:35:25aquatic gather gang ?
00:35:50McNabb im sure pugna needs more farm
00:35:57FetAA i do
00:36:22aquatic gather now
00:37:06aquatic gatehr mid ??
00:37:16McNabb i in
00:37:19McNabb im in
00:37:25aquatic boogi ?
00:37:35Buugi k
00:38:53zebbelito ^=d
00:39:51zebbelito go
00:39:52zebbelito all
00:40:02McNabb butter morph:D
00:40:31aquatic gather gang again
00:40:40aquatic need all now at start :D
00:41:06aquatic gatehr up
00:41:35zebbelito -cd
00:41:36zebbelito -cs
00:42:05McNabb :D
00:42:30Rotkiv mid
00:42:36Vilkuky w8 for me
00:42:39Vilkuky i got ulti
00:42:41Vilkuky centaur!
00:42:51Vilkuky GO MID
00:42:57McNabb b
00:43:50McNabb new wards
00:44:00Rotkiv can someone get wards now?
00:44:53Rotkiv close one
00:46:55Vilkuky vitun fetaa
00:48:00Rotkiv b?
00:48:13aquatic ogogog gather woods here
00:49:11Buugi b
00:49:45Empatia -ms
00:49:55zebbelito 500 ac
00:50:21aquatic farm pysähtyi ku seinään kun sait sen bf
00:50:24McNabb buugi lead us
00:50:34Buugi def and farm
00:50:43aquatic ei saa farmia enää
00:51:21Buugi he has ill in rosh
00:51:25Buugi tryin to juker
00:51:33Buugi someone go bait
00:51:34Buugi i ulti
00:54:32Buugi go mid
00:54:45Buugi i
00:54:59zebbelito wtf
00:55:00zebbelito why
00:56:37McNabb 37,8 + armor cent
00:56:40McNabb :-/
00:57:05Vilkuky heal cent
00:57:51Empatia RALLI OGRE
00:57:56Empatia -ms
00:58:49Rotkiv b?=
00:58:52Buugi go mid
00:59:02Buugi b
00:59:03Buugi no naga
00:59:38Buugi rax
01:00:03Buugi gj
01:00:34zebbelito can we go together
01:01:07Empatia -ms
01:01:09Empatia 468
01:01:37zebbelito go 5?
01:01:58zebbelito OMW
01:02:38zebbelito guess we wanna lose
01:02:56McNabb need more
01:03:00McNabb cant now
01:03:00McNabb b
01:03:27Buugi fast
01:03:34McNabb i take?
01:03:39Buugi ok
01:03:42zebbelito yea
01:03:44zebbelito we wanna
01:04:26Buugi fastm id
01:04:27Buugi mid
01:04:28Buugi to top
01:05:01zebbelito vilu lost it
01:06:15zebbelito farming and going alone
01:06:20zebbelito after 65 min
01:06:28Empatia farming and not coming at all
01:06:29Empatia thats you
01:06:30McNabb got a rax:D
01:06:31Empatia nice one
01:06:41Buugi care
01:06:46zebbelito cant come if we dont go 5
01:07:25Buugi lets go?
01:07:31Buugi next fight is game breaking :OO
01:07:36zebbelito whats the plan
01:07:41Vilkuky with 5
01:07:42Odb gather
01:07:43Odb fast
01:07:51zebbelito lanes pusjhing
01:08:02Buugi passive or?
01:08:07Buugi go all in?
01:08:08Rotkiv go in
01:08:10Buugi k
01:09:50McNabb i cant take em
01:10:06vilu critti vai
01:10:27Buugi u need more items
01:10:31Buugi butter satanic
01:10:35zebbelito scadi before hex
01:10:37zebbelito nice
01:10:40McNabb butter in 300
01:10:59Buugi go
01:11:08zebbelito is another rosh coming?
01:11:17Empatia yes
01:11:23McNabb got butter
01:11:28Rotkiv smoke .. igot
01:11:28Buugi ulti cd
01:12:45Buugi gg
01:12:48McNabb yep
01:13:08McNabb satanic wins
01:13:13Buugi y
01:13:14Buugi item wins
01:13:18zebbelito emp
01:13:25McNabb but blame pugna he took all farm in start
01:13:35Buugi lol
01:13:40Buugi we just play like shit
01:13:41Buugi like last fight
01:13:44Buugi i have ulti d
01:13:45Buugi cd
01:13:58McNabb cause u wasted it on morph who wasent there
01:14:06Buugi well
01:14:08Buugi we didnt have to go there
01:14:10Buugi i guess
01:14:15Buugi just wait for my ulti
01:14:18McNabb THEN LEAD US
01:14:23McNabb YOUR THE 100%
01:14:29Buugi no
01:14:52McNabb lol again
01:15:10Buugi seppo:_D
01:15:39vilu take
01:15:43Vilkuky cheese
01:15:53Empatia how cheesy
01:16:17Buugi go
01:16:29Buugi b
01:17:19zebbelito all b?
01:17:47FetAA u dont have tele
01:18:36Empatia just pressure on top lane
01:18:56McNabb ,b
01:18:57McNabb b
01:19:23zebbelito bg
01:19:33zebbelito buy back cooldown
01:20:11Odb miks et tee aghaa pugnalle
01:20:14Odb sen paras itemi
01:20:17zebbelito shitgame
01:20:22McNabb full build
01:20:30FetAA go b naga?
01:20:59FetAA why
01:21:01FetAA did !
01:21:08aquatic i tutht u wrere there
01:21:12FetAA me :D
01:21:14FetAA what would i do
01:21:15FetAA kill 4
01:21:19aquatic was 3
01:21:28aquatic ogre lock ?
01:21:36aquatic can handle morph
01:21:40Empatia zebbe
01:21:41Empatia the
01:21:42Empatia lane
01:21:43Empatia will push
01:21:47Empatia just come top
01:21:51zebbelito i come
01:22:26McNabb B
01:22:36McNabb omg
01:22:40McNabb why
01:22:42McNabb u go there
01:23:38Empatia :D
01:23:45Buugi gg
01:23:49zebbelito bg
01:23:50Odb gg
01:23:50Vilkuky gg
01:23:53Empatia gg
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