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Chat log

00:00:15chodaboy milky
00:00:16chodaboy swap pls?
00:00:17Mercury swap anyone?
00:00:20chodaboy -swap 5
00:00:20Milky -swap
00:00:23Milky -swap 3
00:00:25chodaboy thx mate
00:00:29chodaboy :)
00:00:32Milky np
00:00:34Laier fetaa haluuks sniperi
00:00:39FetAA k
00:00:40FetAA -swap 5
00:00:42Laier -swap 2
00:00:43Mercury should i repic?
00:00:45atte -swapall
00:00:47Milky no
00:00:49Milky dont
00:00:50chodaboy -hhn
00:00:50chodaboy -di
00:00:51Mercury -swap 1
00:00:53chodaboy its good
00:01:00chodaboy warlock with me bot?
00:01:11Odb sk - me top
00:01:12Odb kk
00:01:16Odb sk come mid
00:01:17Odb lets take
00:01:19Odb fb
00:01:20Odb fast
00:01:26Laier ogret op
00:01:30KredeC what are the lanes `?
00:01:38KredeC im comming
00:01:40KredeC for fb
00:01:41atte wtf
00:01:43KredeC bot
00:01:51chodaboy -hhn
00:01:52chodaboy -di
00:02:16atte : DD
00:02:23atte vituttaa ku toine kuuloke paskan
00:02:24Odb pakko ottaa lasthit
00:02:25Sepetos TP
00:02:26Odb t: ATTE
00:02:26KredeC go
00:02:27KredeC slar
00:02:28Odb vittu mikä homo
00:02:31Odb :DD
00:02:40Sepetos buy me tp
00:02:46chodaboy cant do shit
00:02:47chodaboy =/
00:02:49Milky y
00:03:32Milky sven
00:03:55KredeC care
00:04:07Milky pull
00:04:08Milky ?
00:04:31Milky slark?
00:04:57chodaboy heal pls
00:05:00Milky dude
00:05:01Milky fight
00:05:09Milky and i heal
00:05:11Milky ur waste
00:05:27Milky go
00:05:30Milky blink
00:05:37FetAA wtf
00:05:39FetAA kredec
00:05:42chodaboy stop that shit
00:05:43atte TAISTELU
00:05:44KredeC lol popup :D
00:05:45chodaboy are u fucking kidding me
00:05:49chodaboy we cant go vs 2 stuns
00:05:54chodaboy until i have some items
00:06:01Sepetos midmiss
00:06:03Milky u hit with nothing
00:06:05Odb BUY mana
00:06:05FetAA leo
00:06:06Odb sk
00:06:07Milky and then you go on bad spot =(
00:06:08Odb we can kill
00:06:12Odb everytime
00:06:12Odb him
00:06:30Laier vedäny vittu päähäs
00:06:31Laier :DD
00:06:38FetAA lets kill ogre
00:06:45atte got ult
00:06:48KredeC get
00:06:49KredeC lv
00:06:50KredeC 6
00:07:38chodaboy fuck this ganking shit
00:07:53atte no rune
00:08:25Milky ss bot 1
00:09:05atte HÄHÄHÄH
00:09:10Sepetos vittu oot kyl paskanaama
00:09:14chodaboy let me farm
00:09:16chodaboy pull
00:09:19atte pelaan vaa ässä heroo
00:09:48atte bs inc
00:09:51atte he see yoou
00:10:00atte ¨stick
00:10:08chodaboy omfg
00:10:09chodaboy KNAKNO
00:11:09FetAA ogre
00:11:28chodaboy good lord u
00:11:31chodaboy u dont even react
00:12:09Laier joo o
00:12:10Laier ff
00:12:29KredeC oimfg
00:12:30KredeC lion
00:12:31KredeC stun
00:12:33KredeC or ehx
00:12:34KredeC newb
00:12:37Kanki stfu
00:12:40Kanki i had cd
00:12:44KredeC no you hadnt
00:12:46KredeC you hexed
00:12:49KredeC slark
00:12:51KredeC only so stfu
00:13:01KredeC i can see you use spells
00:13:05chodaboy HELLO
00:13:08chodaboy gank
00:13:27Mercury gang sniper
00:14:04FetAA no ulti
00:14:18Odb :dd
00:14:27KredeC lion
00:14:28KredeC come
00:14:29Mercury freefarm
00:14:29KredeC with me
00:14:36KredeC coem
00:14:37KredeC to me
00:14:48KredeC lion
00:15:15Sepetos make arcanes
00:15:22KredeC ssven
00:15:23KredeC come
00:15:24KredeC with me
00:15:28KredeC svem!§
00:15:29Laier oom
00:15:43KredeC b
00:15:52KredeC stay
00:15:53KredeC here
00:16:03chodaboy GO
00:16:22KredeC sven
00:16:23KredeC why
00:16:28KredeC didnt you just stun him
00:16:41KredeC instead of ulti
00:16:44atte onneks vihut on nii paskoi et focuu jotai banee
00:16:47Milky farm bot
00:16:57Sepetos vaikee focuu muit ku oot ainoo joka siin näky
00:16:58Sepetos :
00:16:58atte sit imbacarry choda tulee hakee fragei
00:17:04atte choda^20cs
00:17:14Sepetos wardei
00:17:15chodaboy come
00:17:29KredeC lion
00:17:30KredeC come
00:17:31KredeC with me
00:17:36chodaboy sniper
00:17:38atte i sleep sven
00:17:40Milky go
00:18:33Sepetos WARD IT UP
00:18:34Sepetos ogre?
00:19:02atte :DDD
00:20:12Sepetos 26times team death cause no wards
00:20:14Sepetos now we buy
00:20:18Sepetos cause we have lost it
00:20:31KredeC thougt sven would buy
00:20:32KredeC but
00:20:44KredeC and btw
00:20:44chodaboy go
00:20:47KredeC meltstorm
00:20:49KredeC suck on bs
00:21:19chodaboy MOVE
00:21:20chodaboy FFS
00:21:50chodaboy tower
00:22:21chodaboy b
00:22:33KredeC bs
00:22:33KredeC get
00:22:37KredeC bkb soon ?
00:22:40Sepetos no?
00:22:45KredeC thats what we need
00:22:48KredeC from you
00:22:48chodaboy ill farm bot
00:22:49Sepetos atro?
00:22:59KredeC it dosnt damage you ..
00:23:05KredeC and we can just stun him
00:23:06Sepetos it disables me
00:23:13KredeC he dont buy bkb
00:23:49Sepetos kill skele top
00:23:50Sepetos no ult
00:24:40Laier MIDTOWER?
00:24:44Laier -caps
00:25:10Sepetos FLYING
00:25:25Odb GO
00:26:11KredeC see how imba
00:26:13KredeC its is
00:26:17KredeC it fucking suck
00:26:33KredeC nothing real damage
00:26:38KredeC nothing hp
00:27:07KredeC lion
00:27:15KredeC dont play so pussy game play
00:27:22KredeC they dont have dagger
00:27:44chodaboy stun
00:28:31Odb :DDDD
00:28:32Odb hahahahaha
00:28:36Odb hahahahaha
00:28:45Sepetos perus warlock tele löytyy aina
00:28:48Sepetos ultin kera
00:28:52chodaboy focus sniper
00:28:59chodaboy lock famring well?
00:29:02chodaboy i hope so
00:29:05chodaboy u need to outfarm sniper
00:29:07KredeC you died again ?
00:29:10chodaboy and wtf?
00:29:18atte choda
00:29:19atte mb
00:29:20atte l2p
00:29:21atte then
00:29:21atte talk
00:29:22Odb sniper with lifeleach
00:29:24chodaboy stfu
00:29:24Odb epic
00:29:26Odb gonna carry
00:29:26Odb us
00:29:27Milky well
00:29:29Laier gay
00:29:29chodaboy im trying to gank all the time
00:29:29Milky u cant farm shit
00:29:31Milky and leap shit
00:29:32chodaboy but lock farm
00:29:32Milky so yes
00:29:34Milky im farming
00:29:36chodaboy U HAVE THE BEST SLOW IN GAME
00:29:40chodaboy ofc u can do something
00:29:40chodaboy ffs
00:29:41atte i saw you farming 20min
00:29:43atte getting 20cs
00:29:45atte and 20deaths
00:29:46atte wp
00:29:50Milky wtf u talking about
00:29:54chodaboy i tried to gank
00:29:58chodaboy if u didnt see that
00:30:17KredeC b
00:30:22KredeC he just manta
00:30:30Sepetos hehas?
00:31:01Odb miten vituss ateil on kaikki siel
00:31:07Sepetos roshan
00:31:24Sepetos roosh
00:32:00Kanki b
00:32:04chodaboy come all
00:32:06chodaboy go together
00:32:07chodaboy and we gank
00:32:37Laier kaikki missaa:<
00:32:38chodaboy we need all
00:32:42chodaboy even farming lock
00:32:42Milky omw
00:32:51atte someone invis here mb
00:33:04KredeC feta
00:33:06KredeC mbk
00:33:08FetAA mkb ?
00:33:09FetAA k
00:33:11KredeC dont work anymore on sniper
00:33:13FetAA dunno how it works
00:33:14FetAA ah
00:33:15FetAA k
00:33:16KredeC with headshot
00:33:17FetAA u mean what?
00:33:21FetAA so it doesent stack
00:33:27FetAA what of the abilitys dont stack
00:33:29KredeC the duble shot and mini shit
00:33:32KredeC shot
00:33:35FetAA k
00:33:37FetAA so i do crit
00:33:50Kanki gather
00:33:54KredeC lets
00:33:57KredeC smoke
00:33:59Kanki smoke
00:34:07atte go b
00:34:11KredeC out of stuck
00:34:33Milky tps mid
00:34:33atte if def
00:34:35atte need all
00:35:21chodaboy NO HEAL
00:35:22chodaboy WPÅ
00:35:25chodaboy WP
00:35:25chodaboy WP
00:36:50KredeC sniper
00:36:51KredeC top
00:37:50KredeC okay
00:37:51KredeC now someone
00:37:53KredeC els
00:37:55KredeC buy wards
00:37:59KredeC have bougt 15
00:39:35Kanki ogre b
00:39:54KredeC sven
00:39:55KredeC wards
00:40:01atte skele b
00:40:02chodaboy leem
00:40:05KredeC sven
00:40:12KredeC gg
00:40:19atte they mb
00:40:53KredeC get eye next sniper ?
00:40:57KredeC or finsish crit ?
00:40:57FetAA crit eye
00:41:44KredeC sepetos
00:41:45KredeC wtf
00:41:46Milky pro team
00:41:47KredeC are you doing ?
00:41:48Milky ^1245
00:41:50atte rax
00:42:00KredeC you are so useless atm
00:42:06KredeC cuz of that mjonnir
00:42:08atte b
00:42:11atte before stryg kills
00:42:24atte care
00:42:25atte wait
00:42:31atte no wl ulti
00:42:47atte lol
00:42:54Odb b
00:43:04KredeC lion
00:43:05KredeC ulti
00:43:11atte b
00:43:16Odb :DD
00:43:29chodaboy stun
00:44:09KredeC gg gus
00:44:10KredeC guys
00:44:12KredeC rly
00:44:19KredeC so sad we gonna loose this cuz of you
00:44:23KredeC not feta
00:44:28KredeC but lion and bs
00:44:29KredeC rly
00:44:30Sepetos u go no wards to their traps?
00:44:33Sepetos is it my fault?
00:44:37Sepetos if i would b there
00:44:40Sepetos i would die also
00:44:42Sepetos and never get hot
00:44:44Sepetos or anything
00:44:47atte rosh up
00:44:50KredeC its your fail that you dont know how to play bs
00:44:54KredeC and you buy rong items
00:45:07Sepetos roshan
00:45:12Milky got ulti
00:45:18atte let me rege
00:45:19Sepetos all to rosh now
00:45:19atte bottle
00:45:22KredeC and lion is just so slow with his spells
00:45:30atte rosh
00:45:31atte go
00:46:14Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:20KredeC sniper
00:46:21KredeC manta
00:46:22KredeC before
00:46:23KredeC we go
00:46:30FetAA i need to debuff warlock shit
00:46:54KredeC sepetos single handely lost this game :D
00:47:00atte haluun enemmä fragei ku kreepei
00:47:06Milky ai sepe oli toi pro bs
00:47:07Milky :DD
00:47:09atte tarvii viel 5
00:47:16Milky sepulii <3
00:47:40KredeC nice gyro buy odb and bane by atte
00:47:43KredeC gg wp
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