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-51 X
-1 TS

97% | 1731 X | 1533 TS

-29 X
-1 TS

94% | 1644 X | 1494 TS

-39 X
-1 TS

74% | 1449 X | 1339 TS

-8 X
-1 TS

19% | 1013 X | 1227 TS

-21 X
-1 TS

18% | 989 X | 1237 TS

+28 X
+3 TS

97% | 1713 X | 1535 TS

+43 X
+5 TS

77% | 1400 X | 1426 TS

-15 X
+1 TS

67% | 1350 X | 1357 TS

+52 X
+1 TS

55% | 1231 X | 1329 TS

+53 X
+1 TS

22% | 1016 X | 1257 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Bct_Murder [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... infect with 63 seconds.
00:00:23Bct_Murder man omni
00:00:27BenDover pick me furi if you can
00:00:27infect wr viper ck
00:00:28infect here
00:00:32infect wr the best
00:00:33infect :)
00:00:39Bct_Murder furi ban
00:00:44Lawok i pick
00:00:44Bct_Murder or silencer..
00:00:45Bct_Murder omg
00:00:46Ckalle it's his fp so I kinda have to ban it?
00:00:48Sotamursu nice pool :)
00:00:55Bct_Murder :)
00:01:00Lawok someone maiden?
00:01:09Bct_Murder no thx
00:01:11PETTR i can
00:01:22Sotamursu my fav hero, but always -1kx no matter how good i play it
00:01:22infect wr is nice with cm
00:01:29infect NOOO
00:01:36Sotamursu i go pugna
00:01:36infect i wont wanna play it anymore
00:01:40infect no viper or wr
00:01:41infect :(
00:02:02FetAA wd/lina?
00:02:07Bct_Murder i want tieches :DDD
00:02:08BenDover i can go wd
00:02:08Ckalle ya
00:02:12Lawok mursu pärjäätkö pugnal sit midis
00:02:15infect u wont get it :d
00:02:15FetAA cent last orr?
00:02:21Ckalle nah
00:02:22Bct_Murder ppl NEED PIPE
00:02:22Sotamursu kelasin mennä lanelle sil
00:02:25Ckalle smth stronger
00:02:26Lawok k
00:02:30Ckalle void mby
00:02:30FetAA void+
00:02:31BenDover void ?
00:02:33FetAA nice
00:02:35Lawok im leoric solo mid
00:02:36infect lawok
00:02:37BenDover nice
00:02:37FetAA u farm or me?
00:02:37infect k
00:02:40Ckalle <--- voiod
00:02:46Ckalle bat mid
00:02:47Ckalle wr top
00:02:48Ckalle tri bot
00:02:51Lawok ck rhasta top
00:02:53Lawok maiden pugna bottom
00:03:05Sotamursu share plz
00:03:10Bct_Murder maiden down
00:03:10FetAA wd
00:03:13FetAA wards to top or
00:03:14Sotamursu rhasta
00:03:16Sotamursu share chick
00:03:22Bct_Murder i share
00:03:23Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:23BenDover i ward bot maybe
00:03:24FetAA kolle
00:03:25Lawok maiden bottom
00:03:25FetAA where u going
00:03:25Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Shudo Brolis [r,d,e,w]
00:03:27FetAA with courier
00:03:27FetAA :D
00:03:30Bct_Murder maiden FB?
00:03:32Bct_Murder tray?
00:03:34Bct_Murder make fb?
00:03:36Lawok ok maiden top fb
00:03:36PETTR k
00:03:38Ckalle share plz
00:03:38Y4KUZA share?
00:03:40KolleBolle sec
00:03:43FetAA :D
00:03:43KolleBolle mouse probs
00:03:46infect i go first i guess
00:03:58FetAA pro hint get basi
00:03:59Ckalle wr just don't die top
00:04:00FetAA for sidelane solo
00:04:02Ckalle that's basically
00:04:04PETTR come
00:04:04Ckalle your only job
00:04:04BenDover wr you gonna get meka
00:04:05PETTR then
00:04:07Ckalle don't die.
00:04:08BenDover or should i get it ?
00:04:08infect dont show
00:04:08PETTR rhasta
00:04:09infect urself
00:04:12PETTR ofc not
00:04:14FetAA wr goes
00:04:14Ckalle how would u get it wd+
00:04:16Bct_Murder wait i block
00:04:19Ckalle u think u gonna farm?
00:04:19Y4KUZA i make meka
00:04:22Y4KUZA u get wards
00:04:29infect and the easier one
00:04:43infect k
00:04:48infect wr
00:04:55Ckalle DENY HIS XP
00:05:03infect ss ?1
00:05:08Ckalle rofl
00:05:09Ckalle pulls
00:05:10Ckalle by wd
00:05:11Ckalle ff
00:05:19BenDover ?
00:05:20Ckalle it's a 3v1 lane
00:05:26infect murder
00:05:26Y4KUZA rly?
00:05:28infect let me lasthit?
00:05:28Y4KUZA trilane top
00:05:29Bct_Murder ?
00:05:30Ckalle if u pull
00:05:32Ckalle he gets EXP
00:05:53FetAA fuck
00:05:54PETTR fuck
00:05:55PETTR so close
00:05:56Bct_Murder 3 down
00:05:57FetAA cm ganked
00:05:58Sotamursu cm stay top
00:06:01Ckalle k
00:06:02Ckalle let me solo
00:06:02Sotamursu u cant do anything here
00:06:03BenDover plant second set
00:06:04FetAA upg chick isntead :P
00:06:05Ckalle go roam
00:06:06Ckalle both of u
00:06:08Ckalle u fucking suck
00:06:12Lawok ss mid
00:06:13FetAA stop flame
00:06:17FetAA and tell them what to do
00:06:26Lawok upg asap
00:06:27Ckalle ... I did
00:06:33FetAA "fuck you"
00:06:35Y4KUZA send em top
00:06:58Lawok pettr?
00:07:06PETTR wtf
00:07:07Lawok MITÄ VITTUA
00:07:09PETTR i cant
00:07:10Ckalle regen bot
00:07:11Ckalle bat
00:07:15PETTR do ice
00:07:17infect no
00:07:21Lawok true
00:07:26Lawok fuck that was awful
00:07:28Bct_Murder gank?
00:07:45Ckalle k
00:07:46Ckalle I farm here
00:07:50Bct_Murder nessaj
00:07:51Bct_Murder stu n omg
00:07:52Ckalle u stand up the lane
00:07:54Bct_Murder what you dojng
00:08:02Ckalle make sure he can't get exp
00:08:05PETTR go nessaj
00:08:16infect now we can
00:08:22BenDover lina ffs
00:08:23BenDover move up
00:08:23PETTR tele
00:08:26BenDover im too low hp
00:08:56Y4KUZA ss1
00:08:58Ckalle twr
00:09:06FetAA jee missclickasin sun heroooo nii torni rupes homilee
00:09:19Ckalle wd
00:09:21BenDover oom
00:09:22Ckalle leave
00:09:22BenDover stfu
00:09:24Ckalle my lane
00:09:24BenDover oom
00:09:25Ckalle NOW.
00:09:26BenDover you dive
00:09:28BenDover like a noob
00:09:29BenDover sos tfu
00:09:32PETTR stop it murder
00:09:36infect wtf idd
00:09:37PETTR let him farm
00:09:40FetAA wr?
00:09:40BenDover blame lina for missing stunns
00:09:45Ckalle LEAVE MY LANE
00:09:46Ckalle NOW
00:09:48Y4KUZA why not dive
00:09:48KolleBolle dident miss
00:09:50KolleBolle fuck facer
00:10:09infect ss
00:10:10infect wr
00:10:11BenDover ss pug
00:10:13BenDover wards on resp
00:10:15Ckalle GO AWAY
00:10:30Ckalle NOW
00:10:33Ckalle GET THE FUCK OUT
00:10:34Lawok hihii
00:10:37FetAA :D lol
00:10:42FetAA manaa johonki 5 stunnii
00:10:42Ckalle seriously
00:10:44Ckalle GET LOST
00:10:48Y4KUZA niggers come top
00:10:51Lawok maiden
00:10:51FetAA go roam wd and lina
00:10:52Lawok into gg
00:11:25Ckalle no
00:11:25BenDover come top lina
00:11:26Ckalle NO
00:11:30Sotamursu ss
00:11:49Lawok miks tää on näin vitun hidas ;D
00:11:55Sotamursu guys
00:11:58Sotamursu can u carry some tps
00:12:15Y4KUZA dont go
00:12:18Y4KUZA 3 guys top
00:12:22FetAA ei kiinnosta
00:12:24Y4KUZA wtf ur doing?
00:12:24FetAA tuun päälle
00:12:26FetAA rupes vituttaA!
00:12:28Ckalle u have to help mid
00:12:31Sotamursu ss
00:12:32Ckalle he's getting owned somehow
00:12:39infect twr
00:12:40infect rhazta
00:12:42Bct_Murder ok
00:13:07Sotamursu void free kill
00:13:15infect now
00:13:16Lawok SS MID 2
00:13:20Lawok TOP CARE
00:13:25FetAA upg chick?
00:13:36Lawok care
00:13:38Lawok re 1
00:14:07Lawok siis toi hidastaa iha kaikkea
00:14:09Lawok animaatioita
00:14:11Lawok actioneita
00:14:13Lawok vitun hirveetä
00:14:17infect FFS
00:14:18KolleBolle fucking napps
00:14:18infect WHY
00:14:20BenDover oom
00:14:21FetAA joo tää aika imba
00:14:21KolleBolle leave the game
00:14:24FetAA en osaa vaa pelaa
00:14:24KolleBolle even worse then me
00:14:25BenDover kolle go bnet
00:14:28Ckalle orange and yellow
00:14:29Ckalle go leave
00:14:34Bct_Murder \man now i have mana boots
00:14:35FetAA can u
00:14:36Lawok kestää 2 sekkaa heittää leka
00:14:37Lawok yök
00:14:38FetAA '
00:14:40infect so what
00:14:54Bct_Murder we have mana ;]
00:14:58infect we hv cm
00:15:13FetAA :D
00:15:13Lawok n1
00:15:16Ckalle no wards
00:15:17Ckalle wtf
00:15:20Lawok tower into gg
00:15:24BenDover bought 2 sets
00:15:43FetAA WE got wards
00:15:48FetAA we dont have flying
00:15:49Lawok miks vitus viet mult tornin ;d
00:15:54Sotamursu en vienny sitä
00:15:54infect now rhazta
00:15:55Ckalle just not in useful spots
00:15:55infect go gank
00:15:56BenDover lina flying ?
00:15:57Bct_Murder nessaj come
00:15:57Ckalle ure right
00:15:58infect et let me top
00:15:58Lawok yritit
00:15:58Bct_Murder up
00:15:59Sotamursu hämäsin vaa
00:16:01Lawok nais
00:16:02Sotamursu harjotusta
00:16:03FetAA just stop whining
00:16:12Sotamursu tapoin voidin autoattackil kerran
00:16:13FetAA ss all
00:16:25Sotamursu sup
00:16:26Ckalle see
00:16:28Ckalle with vision
00:16:34FetAA was obvious anyhow
00:16:35Ckalle we'd have 4 less deaths
00:16:36FetAA they jst lef mid
00:16:36Bct_Murder sleep nessaj
00:17:05Ckalle it's k cus I want to lose
00:17:10Ckalle fukcing retarded team
00:17:18infect lets gank rhazta
00:17:22BenDover keep on feeding then
00:17:22Lawok miljoona bottomis
00:17:38Sotamursu lool
00:17:42Sotamursu 50hp
00:17:43Lawok crazy murder
00:18:00FetAA ck
00:18:01Y4KUZA bat is noob
00:18:01FetAA go kill
00:18:02Bct_Murder gank down
00:18:03Bct_Murder i come
00:18:04FetAA wd fisrt
00:18:05Ckalle FUCKING NOOBS
00:18:25BenDover wtf
00:18:28BenDover seriously
00:18:34BenDover we could even see him
00:18:37BenDover how can you fuck that up
00:18:40Lawok u picked way too difficult heroes for gc
00:18:50Ckalle I picked supports
00:18:55Ckalle they thought they were carries
00:19:08Lawok upg chicken
00:19:09Lawok buy wards
00:19:12Lawok dont mess this up
00:19:27FetAA wr useless all game long
00:19:35Ckalle last time I let someone convince me to play a bronze game
00:19:48Y4KUZA fu
00:19:51Lawok true
00:20:25Ckalle I tell them
00:20:30Ckalle to deny exp from pugna
00:20:32Ckalle they go pull
00:20:46BenDover i pulled once
00:20:59Ckalle which lost the lane
00:21:01Ckalle but nice job
00:21:02BenDover to get the second set of wards
00:21:05BenDover be quiet ckalle
00:21:05infect haha
00:21:05Lawok :D
00:21:07infect stealer
00:21:07Lawok u r so good
00:21:14Ckalle l2p and I will
00:22:09Ckalle WR and Bat farms sides while I have to solo try to def 2nd tier mid
00:22:19FetAA care to def
00:22:22infect roshan?
00:22:23FetAA wwith 2 ppl
00:22:26Y4KUZA ur soo retarded
00:22:26Sotamursu y
00:22:26FetAA and one afk chatting
00:22:28Lawok go
00:22:30Lawok for pugna
00:22:41Ckalle k I go wood
00:22:41BenDover lina you are useless
00:22:44BenDover go fuck yousrself
00:22:44infect my illus work on roshan?
00:22:48Lawok no
00:22:48Lawok !
00:22:49Sotamursu no
00:22:49Ckalle apparently lina needs the farm
00:22:51Ckalle more than me
00:22:58Sotamursu some1 tp
00:23:00KolleBolle tyvär så är det så ja
00:23:12FetAA go with 4 smoke gang or smthing
00:23:15Ckalle du är så fruktansvärt jävla efterbliven
00:23:22KolleBolle för du snackar bara och är 14 i skallen och spyr din skit över alla andra
00:23:28FetAA stfu and start playig
00:23:29Bct_Murder we need push
00:23:30Bct_Murder ;]
00:23:30KolleBolle spela ditt spel ingen bryr sigf endp lixom
00:23:35FetAA kill ck cm first
00:23:39Ckalle får ju inte spela mitt spe
00:23:52Sotamursu i shop quick
00:23:54Sotamursu need more mana regen
00:23:54Ckalle eftersom ni jävla idioter förstör det
00:23:57KolleBolle är du bra spelar de fan ingen roll hur resten av laget är
00:24:12Ckalle jo, om jag är på en trilane med idiotfanskapen
00:24:17infect then push
00:24:19FetAA ck rhsta first
00:24:21FetAA ck rhsata cm
00:25:06FetAA wow we haz wr
00:25:12Ckalle no
00:25:15Sotamursu meka soon
00:25:22FetAA shakle?
00:25:34Lawok just b
00:25:39Sotamursu stay
00:25:41Sotamursu im full mana
00:25:46Lawok i get reg
00:25:52Bct_Murder i come
00:25:52FetAA go
00:25:53Bct_Murder ;]
00:25:53FetAA with 5
00:25:59Lawok care
00:25:59BenDover lina did you get 1 set of anything
00:26:00Lawok u r 3
00:26:02BenDover wtf
00:26:06Ckalle -ii
00:26:08BenDover im broke because of these wards
00:26:28BenDover they went rosh
00:26:31FetAA why im aloen suddenly
00:26:32FetAA :D
00:26:36FetAA "they went rosh
00:26:47Lawok and b
00:27:05Ckalle it's such a massive outpick
00:27:15Ckalle and u retards just can't handle a 3v1 lane
00:27:17Ckalle or 1v3 lane
00:27:20Lawok -ms
00:27:36Sotamursu illu ck
00:27:40Bct_Murder now push BOT
00:27:55BenDover 6 set of wards
00:28:03BenDover lina useless as fuck
00:28:04Ckalle yeah, ure the wardbitch
00:28:25BenDover and you're the "pro" but in reality fail bitch
00:28:28Y4KUZA void ur carry
00:28:31Y4KUZA u cant carry
00:28:31BenDover they raped you
00:28:32Bct_Murder all join BO
00:28:33BenDover deal with it
00:28:33Y4KUZA u useless
00:28:36Bct_Murder BOT
00:28:38BenDover get help in a group therapy
00:28:40BenDover and stfu
00:28:41BenDover nigger
00:28:56Ckalle !mute
00:29:05Ckalle cba even listening to u clueless retards
00:29:06BenDover truth hurts
00:29:44Sotamursu just take rax
00:29:45Sotamursu dont chase
00:29:48BenDover this system fails at times
00:29:49Ckalle bat?
00:29:56BenDover why did it put 19% and 18% in the same team
00:30:19Y4KUZA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:22BenDover !ff
00:30:29Ckalle be careful yo
00:30:32Ckalle our bat will rax
00:30:39Ckalle in only like 3 mins
00:30:46BenDover hahaha ckally you are so awesome
00:30:46FetAA bat farmx
00:30:51BenDover not
00:31:40Ckalle but well
00:31:44Ckalle wd on trilane without heal
00:31:57Lawok wp kalle
00:31:57BenDover didn't skill it for you especially
00:31:59BenDover ;]
00:32:14Ckalle nice
00:32:16Ckalle game ruin
00:32:18Ckalle on purpose
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