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-36 X
-2 TS

98% | 1746 X | 1536 TS

+23 X
-2 TS

77% | 1348 X | 1478 TS

-20 X
-1 TS

72% | 1388 X | 1368 TS

+8 X
-1 TS

58% | 1258 X | 1405 TS

-10 X
-1 TS

51% | 1211 X | 1319 TS

-35 X
+2 TS

93% | 1612 X | 1483 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

90% | 1486 X | 1538 TS

+43 X
+2 TS

68% | 1297 X | 1429 TS

-15 X
+7 TS

65% | 1369 X | 1284 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

52% | 1164 X | 1374 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Jerkku [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... LiqVid with 58 seconds.
00:00:09que2stress get me whisp
00:00:11N2xy phoenix me
00:00:11N2xy ty
00:00:13N2xy ;)
00:00:16FetAA ok
00:00:21Milky no
00:00:22Milky get me wisp
00:00:22Milky :D
00:00:22que2stress :D
00:00:22Milky kalle
00:00:22que2stress allright :D
00:00:22taraN vois käydä pikapaskal
00:00:22Ckalle what's up with so many ppl putting "h" in wisp?
00:00:22taraN viivyttele
00:00:22N2xy dotn ban lycan...
00:00:22FetAA ..
00:00:22taraN randomaan tinyn muute
00:00:22taraN ->
00:00:22Milky dunno?
00:00:22N2xy take lycan or phoenix
00:00:22Milky first time i see
00:00:22Ckalle lots of ppl do it
00:00:22Milky get magina wisp
00:00:22aquatic ban am or furion'
00:00:22Milky and lane with me kalle
00:00:22FetAA lich
00:00:22N2xy furi
00:00:22que2stress sc3 wisp is written whisp
00:00:22Solisluu ckalle
00:00:22que2stress i think
00:00:22Ckalle yes?
00:00:22Solisluu nah
00:00:22Ckalle Feednix
00:00:22Solisluu was just saying
00:00:22Ckalle phoenix
00:00:24FetAA so
00:00:25Milky pick wisp magina
00:00:25FetAA ?
00:00:27Bra~ nice
00:00:27Milky and lane with me
00:00:29Milky gg
00:00:29N2xy no wishes
00:00:30Bra~ taraN
00:00:30FetAA lycan?
00:00:32N2xy ye
00:00:34que2stress true
00:00:34N2xy play it
00:00:36Solisluu that its pronounced somewhat "whisp" in finnish
00:00:39Milky liq
00:00:40Ckalle aha
00:00:40Milky wisp
00:00:42Milky for me
00:00:44FetAA take lycan
00:00:44Ckalle that explains it I guess
00:00:45Bra~ sup taran
00:00:45que2stress wispis
00:00:48Bra~ u still pro?
00:00:50aquatic get necronomics vs am
00:00:54aquatic alot
00:00:57Milky liq go solo mid ok?
00:00:57Ckalle hmm
00:00:58Bra~ or it isnt u?
00:01:01Solisluu ?
00:01:02Solisluu i can
00:01:03FetAA hex is enough
00:01:05Milky there is still lycan
00:01:06FetAA hes afk
00:01:06N2xy mis võta
00:01:06Milky yes
00:01:07Solisluu if ckalle aint
00:01:10FetAA he comes soon
00:01:17Ckalle I can swap u this and go Linam id
00:01:20Solisluu take me
00:01:20Ckalle Lina mid
00:01:21Ckalle ¨if u want
00:01:23Milky ...
00:01:24Solisluu k
00:01:24Milky say
00:01:25Ckalle or I keep this and go bot
00:01:25Milky hero
00:01:25Solisluu lina
00:01:27Solisluu lina
00:01:27Ckalle I don't care
00:01:28que2stress get tiny
00:01:28que2stress tiny
00:01:29que2stress fo rme
00:01:30que2stress i swap
00:01:32Solisluu tiny
00:01:32Solisluu get
00:01:37Solisluu -swap 3
00:01:38Milky randomed
00:01:39Milky tiny
00:01:40Milky hahahaha
00:01:41Bra~ i solo top
00:01:42que2stress u want lina or tiny=
00:01:43Milky -swap 2
00:01:43que2stress liquid
00:01:44Solisluu -swap 4
00:01:47que2stress -swap 2
00:01:48Solisluu i want am
00:01:49Solisluu -swap 1
00:01:49N2xy take warlock
00:01:51Ckalle -swap 2
00:01:54Ckalle I go mid with this
00:01:57Solisluu 3x swaps xD
00:02:02Solisluu me and wisp
00:02:03Ckalle go trilane mby
00:02:07Ckalle QoP can't die top
00:02:13que2stress its jerkku
00:02:13Solisluu kk
00:02:15Solisluu fine by me
00:02:15que2stress ofc it can
00:02:20Ckalle ^^
00:02:21Solisluu tiny am wisp
00:02:21Milky well
00:02:22Solisluu is shit
00:02:24Solisluu tiny go top
00:02:28Milky no
00:02:29Bra~ -ii
00:02:30Milky just me
00:02:31Milky and
00:02:31Milky am
00:02:32Milky !!!
00:02:36que2stress sry
00:02:40que2stress bought trilane item now
00:02:46Milky go top
00:02:47Milky !!
00:02:48aquatic ?
00:02:50Milky kalle
00:02:50Solisluu well tiny wisp am
00:02:52Solisluu is horrible
00:02:52N2xy go bot
00:02:53Solisluu : D
00:02:53N2xy alce
00:02:53Milky nno
00:02:55N2xy ALCE
00:02:55Milky tiny
00:02:56Milky top
00:02:56FetAA alche wl
00:02:57FetAA nbot
00:02:59que2stress shut up now
00:03:01Ckalle go solo am dual roam
00:03:01que2stress and to fb
00:03:03Milky kalle
00:03:04Milky tell him
00:03:07Solisluu well just dont farm
00:03:08Milky ffs
00:03:09Ckalle imho
00:03:09Solisluu and its fine
00:03:10Ckalle this is ok
00:03:12Milky so bad
00:03:13Ckalle AM freefarms
00:03:15Ckalle u kill stuff
00:03:20Milky shit
00:03:22que2stress i stay invisible
00:03:22FetAA etsä kuule mua
00:03:23Milky stupid captain
00:03:25N2xy inv bot
00:03:29Milky jerkku solo top
00:03:29Milky gg
00:03:42Ckalle dont hate man
00:03:50Milky such a waste
00:03:51Milky ..
00:03:53Milky of game
00:04:21Jerkku 1 top
00:04:35Milky gop
00:04:56Jerkku gj
00:04:56aquatic 3 down
00:05:02que2stress damn waste
00:05:05que2stress of triple lane
00:05:06Milky still
00:05:11Milky am
00:05:13Milky 0 kills
00:05:15que2stress so what
00:05:16Milky upg chick pls
00:05:22Milky thats tthe point of the lane
00:05:23FetAA can we pause 30s
00:05:24FetAA massive lag
00:05:24Milky am fat
00:05:25Ckalle but he will be freefarming
00:05:25Milky with kills
00:05:25N2xy ofc
00:05:25Milky so op lane
00:05:25N2xy np
00:05:25Ckalle guys
00:05:25Solisluu its fine
00:05:25Ckalle stop hatin' on the lanes
00:05:25Solisluu just that
00:05:25Solisluu i aint cs:sing
00:05:25que2stress we got double kill after 2 min
00:05:25Solisluu cos you mess the creep equilibrium
00:05:25aquatic alche play defensive no point try to kill em
00:05:25Milky indeed
00:05:25Solisluu dont pull this much
00:05:25que2stress and u whine :D
00:05:25Ckalle well
00:05:25aquatic we get just raped
00:05:25Ckalle that's another thing
00:05:25FetAA re
00:05:25FetAA 123
00:05:25Solisluu and wisp
00:05:25Ckalle that's not bad lane
00:05:25aquatic am will have free farm down btw
00:05:26Solisluu dont attack
00:05:31Ckalle that's bad communication
00:05:52FetAA heal me
00:05:53FetAA wl
00:05:54Ckalle ss mid
00:05:56Ckalle going bot rune
00:06:08Ckalle re
00:06:55Milky am
00:06:58Milky need u to blink
00:07:00Milky on their side
00:07:00Jerkku remember lycan freefarming
00:07:02Solisluu t
00:07:03Milky so we get ministun
00:07:03Solisluu y
00:07:05Milky i follow
00:07:13Solisluu after this
00:07:34Ckalle wl mid
00:07:39Milky jumop
00:07:46Ckalle need wards
00:07:48FetAA put it to me next time :D
00:07:53Ckalle wl walking mid all the time
00:08:08Ckalle tiny are u even trying to let AM get the lasthits?
00:08:13Jerkku lycan needs gang
00:08:14que2stress yes
00:08:21Ckalle reuse
00:08:30Ckalle next time press the "grab only my item" button
00:09:07aquatic care mid
00:09:12Milky let me pls
00:09:13Milky i share
00:09:16Milky with thether
00:09:16Milky ..
00:09:26que2stress lv 6 he is
00:09:27que2stress how
00:09:41Ckalle ty
00:09:51Ckalle wanna try lycan?
00:09:52Milky go woods
00:09:53FetAA b
00:09:54Milky y
00:09:54FetAA b
00:09:55FetAA lycan
00:09:56taraN up chick
00:09:57taraN wl
00:10:06N2xy ty
00:10:13Jerkku ss nort
00:10:22Bra~ care
00:10:27FetAA i suck this game
00:10:28FetAA 200 ping
00:10:30FetAA fucking
00:10:30FetAA shit
00:10:51Ckalle liqvid go bfury build plz
00:10:55Solisluu y y
00:11:10que2stress ah lal
00:11:35Bra~ ss
00:11:46aquatic CRAD e
00:11:49Milky go
00:11:49aquatic back dwon
00:11:50Milky qop
00:11:53aquatic back behind
00:12:13Bra~ oops
00:12:14Bra~ :d
00:12:20Milky blink
00:12:20Milky in
00:12:22taraN wl
00:12:25taraN upgrade chicken
00:12:34Bra~ :d
00:12:44Ckalle ok
00:12:44N2xy :D
00:12:48N2xy need hundid on võimas
00:12:49Ckalle I see your point about jerkku
00:12:55Ckalle that was some horrible shit
00:12:56Ckalle w/e
00:12:59que2stress whisp
00:13:01que2stress go with nme
00:13:02Jerkku all my fault y ?
00:13:08Ckalle no but most of it.
00:13:30N2xy varsti peaks võtma roshi
00:13:31Jerkku oom
00:13:35N2xy kui treadsid
00:13:42Milky lycab
00:13:57que2stress come
00:13:58aquatic care up
00:14:20Milky b
00:14:30N2xy ty
00:14:33FetAA dont gank our lycan bitch
00:14:35Milky imba teamamates
00:14:35Bra~ np m8
00:14:35Bra~ :d
00:14:42que2stress need ward here
00:14:43Milky why my qop not
00:14:53Bra~ wl
00:14:54Bra~ ...
00:15:02Milky qop
00:15:03Milky buy tp
00:15:04que2stress tele me
00:15:04Milky and tp
00:15:05que2stress whisp
00:15:06que2stress tele me
00:15:06Bra~ u cant insta ppl
00:15:07Milky if some1 need hlp
00:15:18FetAA use earlier noobfuckk?
00:15:32Ckalle love is in the air
00:15:43N2xy stun
00:15:43N2xy omg
00:15:46Bra~ every where i look around
00:15:46N2xy earlier
00:15:47FetAA y cause 200 ping im madd
00:15:49taraN omg
00:15:51Milky soon lycan on my feets
00:15:56Bra~ :P
00:16:00Ckalle I got 180
00:16:01Ckalle so about same
00:16:06Ckalle bot is fucked atm
00:16:16Ckalle ROFL TINY
00:16:23Ckalle u have to do both spells at same time
00:16:26Bra~ :d
00:16:27Ckalle and it deals 2x dmg
00:16:28que2stress misslick y :D
00:16:32Bra~ hundid möllavad
00:16:42taraN meen mettää
00:16:53Jerkku k
00:17:01Ckalle -ii
00:17:03N2xy saan ma roshi kätte?
00:17:07Bra~ ikka
00:17:12Milky care
00:17:13FetAA kill some1
00:17:18N2xy coming
00:17:20Ckalle we have to work
00:17:22Ckalle to keep this ward up
00:17:24Ckalle at all times
00:17:25Ckalle vs lycan
00:18:05que2stress ult me
00:18:17Jerkku lol
00:18:21Milky eta,
00:18:28Bra~ he was dead btw
00:18:29Bra~ furi
00:18:32Milky no one tp?
00:18:32FetAA :Dd
00:18:40Ckalle they invis
00:18:41Milky magina get fat pls
00:18:49FetAA i hate this game
00:19:02Ckalle he has ok farm
00:19:05Ckalle he'll carry this
00:19:07Jerkku go woods
00:19:16Ckalle WTF
00:19:19FetAA go all
00:19:23Ckalle I got empty
00:19:25Ckalle u got 3/3
00:19:26Bra~ care woods
00:19:29Ckalle u use 3 charges
00:19:31Ckalle just to take my rune
00:19:33Ckalle fuck off
00:20:08Ckalle what a team
00:20:08Ckalle ff
00:20:12que2stress lal:D
00:20:18que2stress bf on am npü
00:20:20Ckalle We will win but I hope we won't
00:20:30Ckalle I rly wish u'd rape these mofos
00:20:31Ckalle so hard
00:20:36Ckalle Preferrably IRL
00:20:36FetAA me2
00:20:55Milky am
00:20:57Milky beed u
00:20:57Milky ..
00:20:59Milky need
00:21:04Milky wtf
00:21:05Milky go
00:21:05Milky am
00:21:09Milky .-,
00:21:10Bra~ top tooower
00:21:16Bra~ take
00:21:18N2xy ok
00:21:27Bra~ siis oled ultiga kiirem
00:21:33Ckalle just keep farming and ignore the tarded comments from this wisp k?
00:21:48Ckalle if we wanna win that is
00:22:44Bra~ b
00:22:44Bra~ b
00:22:44Bra~ b
00:22:47Bra~ tpvad
00:22:59N2xy sup
00:23:02Milky sup
00:23:02Milky :D
00:23:23Ckalle delay wars 2.0
00:23:58Milky 777 magina
00:24:00Milky get hp =)
00:24:00Bra~ fetaa
00:24:04Bra~ buy boots plz
00:24:05Ckalle STOP SUCKING wisp
00:24:06Ckalle rly
00:24:09FetAA noneed
00:24:13que2stress b
00:24:15Milky su
00:24:16Milky rly
00:24:17Ckalle u didn't see a proper AM for
00:24:19Ckalle like
00:24:20Milky we losing atm
00:24:20Ckalle 4 weeks?!
00:24:23Ckalle no
00:24:23Bra~ i see
00:24:25Ckalle we're dominating
00:24:30Ckalle god damn u so fucked in the brain
00:24:52Bra~ wl why go lol?
00:25:11Bra~ tapad ära lüll
00:25:14Bra~ küll
00:25:33Bra~ b imo
00:25:43Ckalle stop the tether
00:25:45Ckalle let me run away
00:25:48Ckalle go new tether
00:25:48Milky nah
00:25:50Ckalle ??????
00:25:52Ckalle profit
00:25:58Milky wanted you with me
00:25:59Milky ^^
00:26:05N2xy basherit vaja
00:26:05Ckalle I mean
00:26:06N2xy siis hea
00:26:07Ckalle to escap
00:26:12Ckalle from lycan
00:26:14Milky cd
00:26:14Bra~ mhm
00:26:40N2xy roshi vaJA
00:26:43N2xy siis midi
00:26:44N2xy arvan
00:27:03Bra~ aga teeme niis siis
00:27:14Bra~ tp
00:27:16Bra~ now
00:27:21Solisluu sori
00:27:21FetAA he has ulti
00:27:21Ckalle farm
00:27:22que2stress whisp
00:27:23Bra~ y
00:27:23Jerkku well magin fat
00:27:25Bra~ me too
00:27:34FetAA well use at the begin and i tp
00:27:35FetAA ^^
00:27:57Ckalle haha
00:28:00Ckalle 3 hits 3 crits
00:28:02Ckalle like a boss
00:28:17Milky like a boss
00:28:20Bra~ rooosaaan
00:28:24N2xy ei ole
00:28:25N2xy ju
00:28:28Bra~ aa
00:28:29Bra~ :D
00:28:33Ckalle r o f l
00:28:36Bra~ kus ta kadus
00:28:36Bra~ :d
00:28:37Ckalle prophet going aghs
00:28:38Milky lycan will run over our ints
00:28:40Ckalle with lycan
00:28:40N2xy ära sõin
00:28:41Ckalle thahahha
00:28:45taraN -cs
00:28:53Ckalle FetAA such a star
00:28:56aquatic fetaa ??*
00:29:02aquatic mis asi se dagon on ?
00:29:03que2stress whisp tele me top
00:29:08N2xy mis nüüd
00:29:09N2xy mis arvad
00:29:11Milky cd
00:29:12Milky bit more
00:29:12Bra~ farmi farmi
00:29:14que2stress 4 sec
00:29:15Milky 5sec
00:29:15Ckalle got my GS so can live vs lycan
00:29:16aquatic kelle vastu seal ??
00:29:21Bra~ sa notid ami lebolt ära
00:29:35N2xy they come
00:29:36N2xy imop
00:29:38Ckalle ros lives
00:29:38Bra~ pool guinsoot veel
00:29:39N2xy to stop me
00:29:43Bra~ b
00:29:48Bra~ ?
00:29:56FetAA 1k hp
00:29:56FetAA am
00:29:57FetAA kill
00:30:11Ckalle come on
00:30:13Ckalle rng more?
00:30:16Bra~ wp
00:30:25Solisluu my bad
00:30:27Bra~ ultisin hilja veidi
00:30:42Ckalle U should go for Talisman
00:30:45Ckalle and u can't die to AM
00:30:47Ckalle probably
00:30:53Bra~ probably
00:30:57Solisluu thats what mkb is for
00:30:58Solisluu : )
00:31:02Bra~ võta ära np
00:31:08Solisluu RELIC
00:31:10Solisluu KILL IT
00:31:17Solisluu oh god
00:31:19N2xy mid
00:31:20N2xy lets go
00:31:20N2xy all
00:31:21Solisluu lucky
00:31:21N2xy imo
00:31:22Milky wp
00:31:24Bra~ -int
00:31:24Solisluu that my teammates : (
00:31:25Milky pro qop
00:31:27Bra~ -st
00:31:28Milky pro team
00:31:29Jerkku what
00:31:29Ckalle go
00:31:31N2xy mana vaja
00:31:31Jerkku happened
00:31:31N2xy kurat
00:31:36Milky thats the problem
00:31:37Jerkku was there relic
00:31:39Milky you are so cluelless
00:31:45Milky yes, i killed a chicken
00:31:58FetAA go finish
00:31:59Bra~ b?
00:32:02FetAA im so full of this gam e:D
00:32:05Milky lycan basher
00:32:11Ckalle no shit?
00:32:13Milky magina should make also one
00:32:28Ckalle COME ON
00:32:34Ckalle one hundred percent
00:32:36Milky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:39Milky pro team =)
00:32:42Ckalle literally
00:32:43Milky ofc
00:32:44Bra~ _:D
00:32:47Ckalle U never hit me without crit
00:32:47Bra~ am insta
00:32:48Milky hes attackspeed is 10000
00:32:49Milky and
00:32:50Milky i said
00:32:57FetAA i tp and move after 5s
00:33:02Bra~ 900 ja quinsoo
00:33:05Ckalle Milky: "ofc his attackspeed is 100000"
00:33:06Ckalle ROFL
00:33:08N2xy võa
00:33:10N2xy võta
00:33:10Milky i dont like to be negative for fun
00:33:11Bra~ mhm
00:33:16Ckalle so attackspeed makes u have higher crit percentage
00:33:21Ckalle nice logic is nice
00:33:22Milky just so silly
00:33:23Milky no
00:33:27Milky higher bash%
00:33:28Milky fool
00:33:39Bra~ tra
00:33:42Bra~ mul polnud tpd
00:33:43Ckalle nobody was talking about bash tho
00:33:46Bra~ ja lasin ulti
00:33:47Bra~ :D
00:34:01Bra~ tapa
00:34:02Bra~ am
00:34:03Bra~ tiny
00:34:10Bra~ b
00:34:11Bra~ b
00:34:16Bra~ ära ahneks mine
00:34:22Bra~ :D
00:34:30N2xy xDD
00:34:31Bra~ juba läksid
00:34:32Bra~ :d
00:34:38N2xy kõigiul ghoust
00:34:38N2xy kurat
00:34:40N2xy rikub ära
00:34:48Milky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:04Bra~ 1000 g puudu
00:35:05Bra~ :(
00:35:18N2xy 550 puudu
00:35:35que2stress am has the wrong items imho
00:35:45Ckalle well then you're clueless
00:35:48Bra~ tee heart next
00:35:50Bra~ vms
00:35:54N2xy peale deso
00:35:54que2stress mb
00:35:54N2xy jah
00:35:59Ckalle just don't lose 3 lanes
00:36:01Milky zzz
00:36:02Ckalle and we will win this
00:36:10Ckalle AM can fight all but megas late
00:36:20Ckalle just needs butter and vlads
00:36:24que2stress yes
00:36:24Ckalle and he'll stomp them
00:36:24Milky why not go?
00:36:27que2stress thats what i mean
00:36:29Bra~ 400
00:36:30Bra~ hes
00:36:32Bra~ x
00:36:37que2stress h eneeds butter vlads
00:36:38Ckalle but he needs BF for unlimited farm
00:36:40que2stress y
00:36:41Ckalle and manta for well
00:36:42que2stress bu tmanta
00:36:42Ckalle it's manta
00:36:44que2stress nah
00:36:49Solisluu needed manta
00:36:51Solisluu for hp
00:36:52Bra~ 300
00:36:53Ckalle it's the strongest item ever for AM
00:36:59que2stress he could get after
00:37:04Bra~ let me
00:37:06Ckalle since the illus get full effect of mana burn
00:37:08Ckalle it owns so hard
00:37:10Bra~ plz
00:37:12Ckalle + the dodge
00:37:13Ckalle and some HP
00:37:15Ckalle and speed
00:37:16Ckalle dmg
00:37:16que2stress am
00:37:22Ckalle everything he needs
00:37:25N2xy lts go top?
00:37:29Bra~ hex 100
00:37:53Ckalle ros dead still?
00:38:06que2stress tele me
00:38:09Solisluu tele me
00:38:12aquatic näean et köik jooksevad keskele ja siis kedagi polnd seal
00:38:17aquatic misasja
00:38:23Bra~ ma ju ütlesin et farmin hexi
00:38:32FetAA fuckers
00:38:34FetAA why dont we go togetha
00:38:37FetAA instead me tping and deing
00:38:58Ckalle OH MY GOD
00:39:12Ckalle this must be some kind of hax
00:39:13Ckalle rly
00:39:15que2stress JERKKKU
00:39:18Jerkku ?
00:39:18Milky :DD
00:39:20Bra~ np we cool
00:39:21Ckalle it's about
00:39:24Solisluu shit silencer
00:39:24Ckalle 50 out of 50 hits now
00:39:27Solisluu yo making me go bkb
00:39:35Ckalle not one single normal hit
00:39:38N2xy heal me
00:39:40N2xy lock
00:39:42Bra~ tule top
00:39:43FetAA the game wont last so long
00:39:46Bra~ siis
00:39:52N2xy take top
00:40:00N2xy ye
00:40:13que2stress tele me
00:40:14que2stress whisp
00:40:23Solisluu tele me
00:40:24Solisluu rather
00:40:27Solisluu or well ill
00:40:33N2xy b
00:40:52Solisluu wisp yo need to overcharge me
00:40:52Bra~ tra fetaa nii kasutu
00:40:53Bra~ :D
00:40:56FetAA nope
00:40:56Solisluu in fights
00:40:57Milky i know
00:40:58FetAA i win alone
00:41:00N2xy he can push
00:41:03Milky but we been in same fight once
00:41:03que2stress i make
00:41:04que2stress vlads
00:41:04aquatic ja iga item mis teeb veel kasutum
00:41:05que2stress for yo
00:41:05N2xy soon
00:41:11que2stress tele me bot
00:41:15aquatic fetaa tee se baldemail ees pysyt elos
00:41:18Milky hmm
00:41:23FetAA "lol"
00:41:25FetAA baldemail
00:41:25Milky lycan mbby hidden
00:41:49Bra~ mina rape varsti
00:41:49que2stress back
00:41:50Bra~ 10 sec
00:41:51que2stress dont fight
00:41:53Bra~ ja ulrin
00:41:54Bra~ vms
00:41:58que2stress back
00:42:11Bra~ ok they pussy out
00:42:15N2xy all
00:42:16FetAA ofc when i appear
00:42:19FetAA they know
00:42:20FetAA to run
00:42:22Bra~ :D
00:42:22Milky now we get to time that magina is getting stronger than lyca
00:42:23N2xy they come 100%
00:42:26Milky +40 min
00:42:32Ckalle yep
00:42:32Bra~ lebo
00:42:32N2xy cheese
00:42:33N2xy also
00:42:35Bra~ 5 sekki ultit
00:42:37N2xy all
00:42:37N2xy come
00:42:40Bra~ tapad kõik
00:42:42que2stress i go vlads for you
00:42:49Ckalle ros lives
00:42:54que2stress not
00:42:55N2xy take
00:42:55Ckalle not
00:42:55Milky plant wards
00:42:56N2xy chese
00:42:57Milky some1
00:43:08que2stress b mid
00:43:28Milky a,
00:43:29Milky am
00:43:59N2xy come
00:43:59N2xy bot
00:44:28Milky =)
00:44:32que2stress buyout
00:44:33Bra~ chase me more
00:44:35Bra~ plz
00:44:46N2xy o
00:45:01Ckalle def top
00:45:07Bra~ oleks pidanud jooksma
00:45:10N2xy mhm
00:45:16N2xy heart olemas
00:45:19N2xy enam ei sure
00:45:20N2xy loodan
00:45:21Bra~ lebo
00:45:43que2stress pew pew
00:45:52Ckalle am go heal at tiny
00:45:54Milky am heal?
00:45:56Bra~ focus am
00:45:59Bra~ ma hexin
00:46:02Ckalle tiny heals u
00:46:05Ckalle he has vlad
00:46:11Milky still
00:46:17N2xy lets go all 5 top?
00:46:17Milky we have fighted 0 times all 5
00:46:20Bra~ y
00:46:20FetAA y
00:46:23Milky in 43 min
00:46:24FetAA other lanes push mean while
00:46:26Solisluu yeah my bad
00:46:27FetAA cause my imba ulti !!
00:46:27N2xy yup
00:46:29Solisluu got caught in the trees
00:46:30Solisluu :D
00:46:46Bra~ w8 lycant
00:46:47N2xy oo
00:46:48Milky soo def top now
00:46:49Ckalle snipe him
00:46:52que2stress tele me
00:46:54que2stress tel em,e
00:46:55Ckalle all
00:46:55Ckalle b
00:46:56Ckalle b
00:46:56Ckalle b
00:46:56Ckalle b
00:46:56N2xy 4k hp ultiga
00:46:57Bra~ w8
00:46:57Milky trap
00:46:59Bra~ dont go
00:47:01que2stress am
00:47:05Ckalle def base
00:47:11Bra~ w8 her
00:47:14N2xy her?
00:47:19Bra~ y?
00:47:23N2xy nvm
00:47:26Bra~ :d
00:47:26N2xy xDD
00:47:33Jerkku tiny in i ult
00:47:36N2xy w8 other lanes?
00:47:37Bra~ vüta am maha
00:48:03Solisluu gg wlock slow
00:48:24que2stress I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:27Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:34Bra~ fucking chase the silencer
00:48:36Bra~ ofc
00:48:36Milky I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:03Solisluu gg wp
00:49:04Ckalle Still at 13 percent win as non-carry
00:49:10Ckalle and 89 percent as carry
00:49:14Ckalle what a league...
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