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Chat log

00:00:00FetAA [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 78 seconds.
00:00:22taraN pelaan clinkz tai am
00:00:22Misha pelaan aa100%
00:00:22FetAA lich
00:00:22Lavos magina
00:00:31Smokeer fuuuu wr
00:00:40Papaya anyone aa?
00:00:46Smokeer ill
00:00:47Laier can someone pick me rhasta? : /
00:00:54Smokeer what u want hero
00:00:58Laier rhasta
00:01:03Papaya lets see their picks first
00:01:04Laier or qop
00:01:05Laier or something
00:01:14Papaya qop
00:01:21Papaya zzzz
00:01:22Laier oops
00:01:25Laier ill swap
00:01:27Papaya dazzle
00:01:27Laier take rhasta for me
00:01:29xeriex otan trolli
00:01:29Multi_Ljep il take clinkz
00:01:30Multi_Ljep ok?
00:01:31xeriex ei täst pääse mihkää
00:01:32Papaya man...
00:01:32Thug lol
00:01:33taraN joo
00:01:33taraN troll
00:01:34Papaya thug
00:01:35Lavos jesus
00:01:35Smokeer -swap 2
00:01:36taraN se o kova
00:01:36Lavos wtf
00:01:36Laier -swap 2
00:01:37Papaya get him rhasta
00:01:38Thug sup
00:01:38Papaya -swap 4
00:01:41Thug lol?
00:01:42Multi_Ljep i ll take clinkz ok?
00:01:45Laier -swap 3
00:01:53Laier take rhasta for meh?
00:01:53Multi_Ljep ......
00:02:01Laier -swap 5
00:02:01Thug :D
00:02:04Lavos we have no carryt
00:02:05Lavos no str
00:02:06Thug -swap 4
00:02:06Lavos so
00:02:10Lavos we have to win this early
00:02:15Smokeer y
00:02:17Lavos get wards
00:02:19Lavos gang
00:02:20Papaya qop can be pretty strong semi carry
00:02:22Multi_Ljep need someone who will pull
00:02:23FetAA bone go bo t
00:02:25Papaya but yea other 4 not so
00:02:25FetAA u can survive easy
00:02:27FetAA and ur good
00:02:29Lavos yeah go farm mode
00:02:34FetAA dazzle bot
00:02:39Lavos ur the only one farming here
00:02:42Lavos get EARLY wards
00:02:43Papaya ye
00:02:43Lavos ppl
00:02:46Lavos all of u can buy
00:02:53Laier will do
00:02:54Lavos smoke
00:02:55Lavos etc
00:03:07Multi_Ljep dazzle
00:03:07Multi_Ljep come
00:03:18Multi_Ljep rune up
00:03:58Papaya gj top
00:04:46Laier bot miss 1
00:04:52Thug no shit
00:04:58Laier :DD
00:05:04Papaya let me farm
00:05:09Laier y
00:05:18Papaya go close to bone
00:05:20Papaya so he cant farm
00:05:55Laier sry
00:06:03FetAA oopz
00:06:33Laier there is wards btw
00:07:11Lavos mid miss
00:07:30Lavos re
00:07:33Papaya try to shackle
00:07:56Smokeer ss dazzle
00:08:15Smokeer ???
00:08:16Smokeer doctor??
00:08:19Thug oops
00:08:36Smokeer b
00:08:47Papaya gj
00:08:54Smokeer \rape tinker
00:09:03Multi_Ljep miss qop down
00:09:06Laier theres next wards
00:09:07Multi_Ljep re
00:09:11Lavos great
00:09:14Smokeer b
00:09:15Multi_Ljep dazzle
00:09:15Multi_Ljep come
00:09:16Multi_Ljep down
00:09:23Multi_Ljep dazzle
00:09:25Multi_Ljep come down
00:09:29Lavos älä vie mun runea
00:09:58Lavos go soon
00:10:01Lavos go now
00:10:31Multi_Ljep dazzle
00:10:32Multi_Ljep come
00:10:33Multi_Ljep down
00:10:33Laier go for tower
00:10:34Multi_Ljep dazzle
00:10:36Multi_Ljep come
00:10:36Multi_Ljep down
00:10:38xeriex no
00:10:42Multi_Ljep ?
00:10:53Multi_Ljep ts nightmare down
00:10:57Papaya ss bone
00:10:58Multi_Ljep its*
00:11:01Papaya dont
00:11:02xeriex well no mana
00:11:02xeriex !
00:11:03Papaya if u want twr
00:11:28Lavos wtf
00:11:29Multi_Ljep WTF
00:11:30FetAA :D+0
00:11:31FetAA mitä
00:11:33Lavos mitä vittua
00:11:36FetAA emmä hogaa
00:11:40Lavos miten teio ton
00:11:45taraN reportatkaa toi
00:11:55Lavos Vittu
00:11:57FetAA mitä tos kävi?
00:11:59Lavos pitääkö dazzlen tulla
00:12:06Lavos en kattonu yhtää peliä
00:12:11Lavos se oli sulla se regen?
00:12:11Smokeer no male???
00:12:14FetAA joo..
00:12:16Laier otetaa wr
00:12:16Smokeer doc
00:12:17FetAA miten se itppu paaha?'
00:12:17Smokeer really
00:12:18FetAA maaha
00:12:19Thug sup
00:12:19FetAA wtf
00:12:20Lavos no äläpä
00:12:23Smokeer i go bot
00:12:25Thug missd male nothing else maan
00:12:26Smokeer some go tp
00:12:30Lavos go
00:12:30Lavos go
00:12:53Smokeer stun for skillsteal
00:12:55Laier wr miss
00:12:58Lavos to be sure
00:13:02Lavos iot was on cd
00:13:02Smokeer let me kills
00:13:06Smokeer cd was
00:13:07Smokeer fuck
00:13:15Smokeer 1hpo stun more
00:13:16Smokeer u are
00:13:16Papaya go
00:13:18Smokeer fjucking 90%
00:13:24Lavos problems?
00:13:30Smokeer yes
00:14:30Laier gonnaregen
00:14:45Lavos go
00:15:15Lavos wd can u do anything
00:15:30Thug nope
00:15:34Lavos =)
00:15:41Thug this shit fucking sucks maan
00:15:47Thug i have neverever played doctor
00:15:53Thug i tought im gonna swap with QoP lol
00:15:56Laier oom
00:16:45Papaya bone there
00:16:46Papaya lion
00:16:47Papaya care
00:16:49Lavos HAHA
00:17:19Lavos ROFL
00:17:30Lavos cant get any luckier than that
00:17:44Lavos lets go push towers
00:17:54Lavos top and mid
00:18:04FetAA bot toweR?
00:18:08Multi_Ljep y
00:18:25FetAA kill
00:18:27FetAA come
00:18:52Multi_Ljep gj
00:19:11Lavos bah so close
00:19:34Papaya wards
00:19:38Lavos i have em
00:20:20Multi_Ljep ?
00:20:44Papaya ffs
00:20:49Papaya can u plz fucking react
00:20:57Papaya y now dive
00:21:02Lavos i was putting ward myself
00:21:45Multi_Ljep b
00:23:10Laier sentrys would be nice
00:24:40Papaya why u use ult rhasta
00:24:54Thug jesus
00:24:57Laier though i would get clinkz shacle before i died :/
00:25:24Smokeer no onre wants meka
00:25:25Smokeer rofl;
00:25:34Papaya u should
00:25:38Papaya brainaic...
00:25:43Smokeer really
00:25:47Smokeer pick void pls
00:25:58Papaya nice counter argument noob
00:26:21Laier should go with 5 :p
00:26:25Smokeer no one wants
00:26:25Smokeer it
00:26:27Smokeer mid all 5
00:26:30Smokeer push to finish
00:26:30Smokeer easy
00:26:42Laier got dust
00:26:44Laier for clinkz
00:26:49Lavos come
00:27:55Laier gj
00:27:55Lavos nice
00:27:56Lavos :D
00:28:01Lavos epic wards
00:28:06Laier x=
00:28:08Laier x)
00:28:14Laier epicdust ;9
00:28:28taraN omg
00:28:31taraN ---
00:28:56Lavos go
00:28:57Lavos mid 5
00:28:58Laier got dust
00:29:00Lavos gank this bf
00:29:01Papaya sec
00:29:02xeriex ..
00:29:14Papaya i get rune and tp base
00:29:14Papaya low
00:30:09Laier qop dead
00:30:17Lavos thjat was pretty stupid
00:30:21Papaya WHAT IS STUPID
00:30:37Papaya second time u go for a fucking clash when i say wait
00:30:42Papaya use your fucking brain thx
00:30:43Lavos u mad?
00:30:44Laier most farmed because no1 else is farming :D
00:30:49Papaya no im not mad
00:30:50Papaya u stupid?
00:30:53Lavos nope
00:30:56Lavos we were 4 v 2
00:30:59Papaya then dont act like it
00:31:00Papaya ok?
00:31:02Papaya good boy
00:31:06Lavos haha
00:31:09Lavos retard
00:31:26Laier lion ulti clinkz and thats it
00:31:37Lavos we need vision first
00:32:40Lavos no vision
00:32:45Laier get dusts
00:33:39Laier ...
00:33:52Laier defm id
00:34:09Laier qop?
00:34:36Multi_Ljep am going
00:34:37Multi_Ljep up
00:34:39Multi_Ljep to save tower
00:34:59FetAA BONE
00:35:01FetAA they got -armor
00:35:01FetAA imba
00:35:11Laier b
00:35:15Lavos rhasta
00:35:18Lavos dont be so hasty with wards
00:35:19Lavos :D
00:35:30Laier they are up before they coming again
00:35:35Laier imo doesnt matter that much :/
00:35:56Lavos go with smoke now
00:35:56Laier like 30sec cd left so
00:35:56Lavos wd has
00:36:32Smokeer use
00:37:03Lavos y top
00:37:08xeriex go bone
00:37:10xeriex my armor shit
00:37:11Multi_Ljep y
00:37:22FetAA bone do bkb too this game
00:37:25Lavos DUST
00:37:27Multi_Ljep next item
00:37:28FetAA after mkb
00:37:28Multi_Ljep for sure
00:37:29FetAA ko
00:37:29Lavos too late
00:38:15Smokeer ok
00:38:16Smokeer no dust
00:38:17Smokeer shitty
00:38:43Papaya wtf
00:38:47Papaya how does bone solo you all
00:38:49Lavos u guys act like
00:38:53Smokeer focus me
00:38:54Multi_Ljep q
00:38:56Lavos u dont remember bone is in their team
00:38:57Smokeer i have no chance
00:38:57Papaya focus how?
00:38:59Lavos nobody attacks bone
00:39:00Papaya i had 4 guys focus me
00:39:02Smokeer silence
00:39:03Papaya u cant handle one??
00:39:03Smokeer and 6 hit
00:39:04Smokeer i dead
00:39:21taraN lol
00:39:31Lavos i will get gem, sick of these super dusts
00:39:47Lavos never in time
00:39:53Papaya got hex in a sec
00:39:57Lavos great
00:40:05Lavos then we have 3 hex
00:40:23taraN focus wd aa in fights insta
00:40:23Laier 500 for scepter
00:40:33Lavos farm those items then go with 5
00:40:37Lavos and dont move alone
00:40:42Lavos should learn that by now
00:40:46Smokeer i need farm
00:40:48Smokeer some1 support me
00:40:49Smokeer ?
00:40:53Lavos why u need farm
00:40:56Lavos def
00:40:58Smokeer for some hp
00:41:00Lavos nah
00:41:08Smokeer now bone 3 hit me dead
00:41:09Smokeer maybe
00:41:11Multi_Ljep tnx tink
00:41:18Lavos u are feeding him with ur farming
00:41:23Lavos cant u see
00:41:28Papaya protip
00:41:32Papaya ghostscepter is pretty cool
00:41:34Smokeer pro void
00:41:35Papaya vs pure rightclick hero
00:41:39Smokeer wanted
00:41:39Smokeer uit
00:41:44Laier got agha now
00:41:44Laier sec
00:41:45Lavos u wanted hp :)
00:41:52Smokeer i guess u all noobs
00:41:59Papaya y 4 11 aa
00:42:03Papaya we all noobs
00:42:03Lavos ;D
00:42:06Smokeer y
00:42:31Lavos go mid
00:42:31Lavos gg
00:42:35Lavos gj
00:43:15Multi_Ljep its ok,one lane doesnt mean anything
00:43:16Multi_Ljep gj
00:43:17Papaya ah jeez
00:43:23Papaya well nvm
00:43:25Papaya got rax
00:43:34Lavos y top
00:43:35Papaya b lion
00:43:37Papaya dont loose gem
00:43:41Lavos true
00:43:42Multi_Ljep lion gem
00:43:44Multi_Ljep :(
00:43:48FetAA u rly need bkb
00:43:49taraN get bkb...
00:43:52Multi_Ljep i know
00:43:54Multi_Ljep next
00:43:55Lavos b top
00:43:57taraN lol
00:43:58Papaya go b all
00:44:00Papaya u need me
00:44:04Papaya bone re
00:44:04Multi_Ljep tought this will end in sec
00:44:08Multi_Ljep will be ended*
00:44:18Laier ill take that top tower
00:44:19Laier got wards
00:44:25Lavos ty
00:44:28Smokeer ops
00:44:29Smokeer ...
00:44:31Smokeer sry
00:44:32Smokeer really
00:44:34Lavos np :D
00:44:42Laier got wards up
00:44:45Laier push top with 5?
00:44:57Lavos i brb base
00:45:39Laier qop come?
00:45:41FetAA b
00:45:42FetAA all
00:45:43Misha -apm
00:45:48FetAA come smoke gank ors mthing
00:45:48Laier gonna make refu
00:45:57FetAA -apm
00:46:07Lavos mm
00:46:08Lavos go bot all
00:46:20Lavos wait here
00:46:25Lavos let them def
00:46:26Lavos then we go
00:46:38FetAA come bone necro
00:46:41Lavos gank mid
00:46:48Papaya let me first
00:46:49Papaya blink hex
00:47:01Lavos bot
00:47:02taraN jesus
00:47:03FetAA ¨
00:47:04Multi_Ljep FUCK
00:47:05FetAA i sayid
00:47:05FetAA to u
00:47:06FetAA come with me
00:47:07FetAA ..
00:47:08taraN youre such an idiot
00:47:08Multi_Ljep 1620 gold
00:47:09Multi_Ljep FFS
00:47:15Multi_Ljep i MUST FARM FFS
00:47:18taraN no
00:47:20Multi_Ljep somehow
00:47:20taraN you cant farm
00:47:22FetAA i had smoke
00:47:22taraN if theyre there
00:47:43Lavos np
00:47:50Multi_Ljep spam y
00:48:25Lavos rofl
00:48:25Multi_Ljep YES
00:48:28Laier didnt see that 1 coming :D
00:48:54FetAA go rohsan
00:48:57Smokeer some take gem
00:49:00Smokeer who is tank
00:49:01Papaya just ous
00:49:06Papaya just push with rhasta
00:49:09Papaya let them come to us
00:49:17Multi_Ljep lets
00:50:20Papaya just rahsta wards at base
00:50:22Papaya and let them come
00:50:23Laier y
00:50:24Lavos yep
00:50:29Laier dont chase this time
00:50:35FetAA come 8moke
00:51:08Smokeer gem
00:51:18Misha I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:20Laier gem in ground
00:51:22Laier behind trees
00:51:31taraN if only clinkz had bkb
00:51:38Multi_Ljep not my fault
00:51:39Multi_Ljep ffs
00:51:40Smokeer pipe still useless
00:51:42Multi_Ljep u say that like it is
00:51:51Multi_Ljep bkb and 0 dmg
00:51:53Papaya had sick aa ult qop ult combo there
00:51:56Misha ?
00:51:57taraN no
00:51:57Smokeer y
00:51:59taraN you have insane dmg
00:52:06taraN much better than anyone here
00:52:08Misha fire arrow + ulti
00:52:09taraN its all about nukes
00:52:11Lavos gg
00:52:13taraN gg
00:52:15xeriex gg
00:52:17Smokeer gg
00:53:43Multi_Ljep thats banable btw
00:53:45Multi_Ljep dazzle
00:54:01Multi_Ljep but i dont give a afuck
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