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Chat log

00:00:00PeterLars [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Kjiiiil with 102 seconds.
00:00:08PETTR -
00:00:14Norrebro kurdi
00:00:20oo0OoO0oo sker der babs
00:00:21Norrebro ny computer
00:00:27oo0OoO0oo lol spillede tetris
00:00:43Norrebro ja du for noob til dota
00:00:45oo0OoO0oo get me enigma cap
00:00:59MariahCarry gogo push strat
00:01:13jakkihirki osaaks pelata beastiä
00:01:14MariahCarry bat thd enigma pugna
00:01:18MariahCarry pewpew
00:01:19chodaboy puck dazzle pudge zeus or something for me
00:01:21oo0OoO0oo enigma for me
00:01:31Strom buuuuuuuuuuuutcher for meh
00:02:01FetAA puck?
00:02:14PETTR can i have zeus?
00:02:15chodaboy pudge
00:02:18chodaboy pugna
00:02:19MariahCarry zeus bad here
00:02:20chodaboy pugna
00:02:21chodaboy for me
00:02:33jakkihirki -> ck
00:02:38Strom I agree, butcher & pugna are good
00:02:40chodaboy pugna for me
00:02:42MariahCarry thd
00:02:42MariahCarry imo
00:02:46chodaboy or twinhead
00:02:47FetAA think about lanes
00:02:47FetAA ^^
00:02:51FetAA riki venge?
00:02:52Biggie mhm
00:02:54Biggie jakiro not bad
00:02:54MariahCarry i can viper mid
00:02:55FetAA puck needs solo tbh
00:02:59MariahCarry to own those tanks
00:03:00oo0OoO0oo dazzle
00:03:00MariahCarry later
00:03:05oo0OoO0oo better
00:03:08chodaboy nah
00:03:11chodaboy give me twinhead
00:03:17FetAA riki venge dazzle tri plz
00:03:34Norrebro ok
00:03:37Norrebro viper mid
00:03:43Norrebro puck solo bot
00:03:47Norrebro rest tri
00:03:50oo0OoO0oo iam woods
00:03:53Strom this is the same size as butcher
00:03:53MariahCarry nice
00:03:54chodaboy me bot+
00:03:55chodaboy -hhn
00:03:56chodaboy -di
00:03:58PeterLars sut
00:03:58Strom but I'm afraid it isn't as good :/
00:04:06chodaboy =d
00:04:06MariahCarry fuck the fins
00:04:09Biggie jakiro top
00:04:12Biggie with ck
00:04:13Norrebro get wards venge
00:04:15FetAA fuck the finns
00:04:16PeterLars fetaa is one of them
00:04:19MariahCarry oh
00:04:20MariahCarry :D
00:04:22Biggie tide top too
00:04:24Biggie enigma solo bot
00:04:30jakkihirki yes and dont die there
00:04:33oo0OoO0oo lol
00:04:40Biggie just deny the creeps using oyur shit
00:04:42Biggie and pwn
00:04:42FetAA venge can roam
00:04:43oo0OoO0oo i bought for woods
00:04:43Biggie !
00:04:44chodaboy get fb
00:04:46FetAA dazzle babysit riki
00:04:46PeterLars no
00:04:48Biggie np
00:04:49oo0OoO0oo kk
00:04:49jakkihirki wait for me
00:04:50FetAA well u bought bottle..
00:04:51Biggie that wroks on lane too
00:04:56jakkihirki if we see riki dazzle
00:04:57jakkihirki kill dazzle
00:05:01MariahCarry just roam
00:05:04PeterLars stfu
00:05:07PeterLars dickhead viper
00:05:10MariahCarry what
00:05:24Strom interesting
00:05:36Strom so I take it we get 0 farm
00:05:38Strom cool game
00:05:45Norrebro pettr
00:05:50Norrebro grav and heal
00:05:53jakkihirki do you like to get farm?
00:05:55jakkihirki or win
00:06:00Strom farm is cooler
00:06:11jakkihirki farm pudg
00:06:40Norrebro dont focus tide
00:07:14jakkihirki gj
00:07:27Biggie gang mid tide
00:08:11PeterLars lær det
00:08:22jakkihirki oom srt
00:08:32chodaboy STUn
00:08:41chodaboy ffs
00:08:53chodaboy u had kill
00:08:58jakkihirki my bad
00:08:58FetAA tide roams
00:09:11jakkihirki oom
00:09:37jakkihirki =?
00:09:40jakkihirki use skills?
00:09:40Norrebro gj
00:10:02jakkihirki tide
00:10:05Strom yes?
00:10:08jakkihirki why
00:10:08jakkihirki feed
00:10:23Norrebro ss 2
00:10:26Norrebro vare m,id
00:11:06Norrebro dude
00:11:08Norrebro grave me
00:11:08jakkihirki b
00:11:10jakkihirki viper inc top
00:11:12PETTR yes i tried
00:11:12Norrebro b
00:11:33jakkihirki go heal
00:11:37FetAA reuse chick
00:11:51Strom lets murder mid
00:11:53Norrebro ss
00:12:16chodaboy we can kill
00:12:18jakkihirki you are gonna die next
00:12:21chodaboy u blink stun
00:12:22chodaboy no
00:13:16jakkihirki btw enigma
00:13:16chodaboy hows it going bot?
00:13:18jakkihirki dont rush blink
00:13:20oo0OoO0oo finbe
00:13:25jakkihirki make vanguard
00:13:34MariahCarry ss mid
00:13:59Norrebro a gush would make it
00:14:03jakkihirki hommaakko
00:14:04jakkihirki daggerin
00:14:05jakkihirki tolle
00:14:06jakkihirki ekana
00:14:11Strom I felt generous
00:14:20chodaboy push top
00:14:33PETTR fitthora
00:14:40chodaboy stun
00:14:41jakkihirki oom
00:14:56FetAA venge
00:14:58FetAA u have been in 0frags
00:14:59PeterLars y?
00:14:59FetAA cmon
00:15:25oo0OoO0oo riki bot
00:15:26PeterLars b
00:15:50Strom I come for riki
00:16:06FetAA where are u venge
00:16:11FetAA ?=
00:16:27FetAA gosh..
00:16:59Norrebro rune top
00:17:18oo0OoO0oo got gwm let skill riki bot
00:17:19FetAA ck gank
00:17:20FetAA ?
00:17:24Biggie k
00:17:24FetAA or smthing
00:17:27MariahCarry ill tp top soon
00:17:28Biggie coming bo
00:17:29Biggie t
00:17:29Biggie sec
00:17:32Biggie 8 secs
00:17:33FetAA get thd
00:17:44Biggie tp cd
00:17:46Biggie ..
00:17:48chodaboy OIMFG STROm
00:17:58chodaboy gg strom
00:18:06chodaboy that was the biggest fail ever
00:18:21Strom by you?
00:18:24chodaboy ur ulti
00:18:30chodaboy u could have initiated
00:18:39Strom yes but I didn't
00:18:43Strom wasn't on my schedule
00:18:48MariahCarry lvl 1 poison?
00:18:50MariahCarry are u kidding me?
00:19:25oo0OoO0oo riki got gem
00:19:29FetAA take nessaj
00:19:46MariahCarry b
00:19:49MariahCarry omfg
00:19:51FetAA petter :D
00:19:52MariahCarry how retarded are u
00:20:03PETTR lol
00:20:04Norrebro rly retarded
00:20:18chodaboy ?
00:20:20chodaboy ?
00:20:22jakkihirki tower
00:20:23FetAA give gem to some1 to clear ward
00:20:29Norrebro no wards
00:20:33Norrebro i check
00:20:49FetAA def
00:20:54FetAA go first
00:20:56FetAA i jump
00:20:56jakkihirki b
00:20:57FetAA they cant
00:21:44Norrebro grave urself?
00:22:05PETTR playing like a dick
00:22:10MariahCarry who?
00:22:13PETTR me
00:22:15MariahCarry yep
00:22:16PeterLars we know :D
00:22:19FetAA idd
00:22:27MariahCarry if i put my dick on the keyboard
00:22:30MariahCarry it would play better than u do
00:22:31MariahCarry :D
00:22:40PETTR no doubt
00:23:01FetAA ah venge
00:23:02FetAA went afk
00:23:04PeterLars sry
00:23:11Biggie tp bot
00:23:20Norrebro b
00:23:24FetAA no
00:23:24jakkihirki no teamplay
00:23:24FetAA go
00:23:24Biggie no teamplay at all =/
00:23:25MariahCarry im b
00:23:25FetAA we 5
00:23:26FetAA they 2
00:23:27FetAA fu
00:23:27FetAA come
00:23:31chodaboy no tp
00:23:31jakkihirki this is sad
00:23:32Norrebro ck
00:23:34FetAA IDIOTS
00:23:40FetAA b
00:23:46Norrebro ko b
00:23:49Biggie coming bot
00:23:54jakkihirki give mana
00:25:20Strom got dust
00:25:21oo0OoO0oo ck i get you gem ok
00:25:28jakkihirki fine
00:25:38oo0OoO0oo get it
00:25:41jakkihirki ye ye
00:25:52jakkihirki b
00:26:03FetAA we got 0 towers
00:26:04FetAA :(
00:26:05Strom givem ana
00:26:06MariahCarry let's get bot
00:26:06FetAA try something?
00:26:14chodaboy go enigma
00:26:16jakkihirki i need to run there
00:26:19jakkihirki dont go
00:26:25oo0OoO0oo no ulti
00:26:25Biggie care bot
00:26:31MariahCarry ck gem
00:26:32MariahCarry i think
00:26:41Norrebro y
00:26:43FetAA go
00:26:43FetAA ck
00:26:44FetAA not here
00:26:45FetAA he tped mid
00:26:46FetAA farm
00:26:46FetAA go
00:26:47FetAA bot
00:26:49Norrebro gogo
00:27:08Biggie i said stay at tower
00:27:16chodaboy 2 years
00:27:17Strom no you didn't
00:27:20Biggie ohh
00:27:22Norrebro ck kill
00:27:22Biggie lol
00:27:26Biggie was ment to type it
00:27:50Norrebro hurry
00:28:34FetAA care
00:28:47FetAA we are late again
00:29:00chodaboy jump
00:29:07Biggie wait here
00:29:08jakkihirki we dont have ulties
00:29:08MariahCarry use grave
00:29:09MariahCarry pls
00:29:14MariahCarry i mean
00:29:15MariahCarry weave
00:29:17FetAA go all
00:29:21Strom figfht?
00:29:21Biggie 7 sec for tide
00:30:27Norrebro gotta kill this ck
00:30:56FetAA we got 0 towers try something
00:31:03oo0OoO0oo i farm dagger
00:31:06MariahCarry when i get bkb
00:31:08MariahCarry it'll be better
00:31:12jakkihirki you cant farm right now
00:31:17FetAA tide did nice intiate there
00:31:20FetAA i got caught
00:31:21jakkihirki go roam with smoke
00:31:25Norrebro it was pbvious
00:31:30MariahCarry ye
00:31:31FetAA i didnt know he has blink
00:31:32FetAA ..
00:31:35MariahCarry he didn't get me
00:31:41MariahCarry so i got 3 afterwards
00:31:52Biggie def mid
00:31:54jakkihirki all mid
00:32:01FetAA b
00:32:22chodaboy FOR FUCK SAKE JAKKI
00:33:02oo0OoO0oo fucking riki
00:33:19jakkihirki I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:20Norrebro fast6
00:33:33Strom are you fucking kidding me
00:33:39Norrebro so slow
00:33:40Norrebro now b
00:33:43Biggie stick together
00:33:47Strom you grab the carry, you take the farm -- and then you ff?
00:33:52jakkihirki ye
00:33:53Norrebro i make bkb?
00:33:55jakkihirki dont wanna play anymore
00:33:55MariahCarry let me top
00:33:57MariahCarry i make bkb too
00:34:00MariahCarry 100 away
00:34:03Norrebro should i bkb?
00:34:07MariahCarry ye imo
00:34:16FetAA y bkb manta
00:34:20chodaboy just focus riki
00:34:26PeterLars def
00:34:26PeterLars def
00:34:28PeterLars care top
00:34:50PeterLars def
00:35:02chodaboy levi and enigma
00:35:03chodaboy stay back
00:35:07chodaboy levi go first
00:35:08FetAA i initiate
00:35:08Norrebro def top
00:35:09FetAA VIPER
00:35:10Norrebro ?
00:35:32Norrebro gg
00:35:33FetAA wtf topok so long
00:35:34FetAA ?
00:35:41FetAA wp
00:35:44FetAA no riki no smoke
00:35:46FetAA ?
00:35:50Norrebro this venge
00:35:52Norrebro noob
00:35:54MariahCarry shouldn't fight at that tower
00:35:56FetAA WHERE WERE U?
00:35:56Norrebro didnt stin
00:35:56MariahCarry dunno why u go
00:36:04Norrebro i got 5 ulties!
00:36:41FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:47FetAA why the fuck
00:36:48chodaboy gj
00:36:49FetAA aaaa
00:36:50FetAA sd
00:37:00jakkihirki enigma saved the dayt
00:37:00MariahCarry we can still win
00:37:02jakkihirki day*
00:37:06Norrebro fast
00:37:12MariahCarry just need sd
00:37:16MariahCarry to actually use his fucking ulti
00:37:20jakkihirki you can plant those obs too
00:37:21PETTR i did
00:37:33oo0OoO0oo to smart
00:37:33jakkihirki smoke?
00:37:44Biggie e
00:37:46Biggie jakirop
00:37:46Biggie b
00:37:47Biggie ffs
00:37:47oo0OoO0oo now i can
00:37:58chodaboy ahahaha
00:38:00jakkihirki b?
00:38:06FetAA care
00:38:06MariahCarry go rosh ?
00:38:10Norrebro no
00:38:30Biggie together
00:38:33Norrebro one tide blink
00:38:35FetAA we lose 5on5 fights if they get ulties
00:38:36Norrebro and we all raped
00:38:48Norrebro 3
00:38:48FetAA b
00:38:53FetAA come all
00:39:04MariahCarry ..
00:39:12Biggie mid
00:39:13chodaboy mid
00:39:13FetAA ok
00:39:21PeterLars imba cap
00:39:23PeterLars haha
00:40:57MariahCarry ???
00:41:32FetAA ff guys
00:41:37oo0OoO0oo i get third gem ?
00:41:39MariahCarry never!
00:41:44jakkihirki third time the charm
00:41:47MariahCarry rosh
00:41:51MariahCarry then we have a chance
00:42:00oo0OoO0oo take it
00:42:03MariahCarry gogo venge
00:42:03FetAA u cant withotu riki..
00:42:03MariahCarry dd
00:42:04FetAA and hes afk
00:42:05MariahCarry hlp
00:42:06chodaboy rosh
00:42:11MariahCarry ????
00:42:12FetAA b
00:42:12FetAA b
00:42:13FetAA b
00:42:13FetAA b
00:43:07PeterLars GG
00:43:08PeterLars ^^
00:43:14PeterLars noob cap is noob
00:43:19jakkihirki pro
00:43:53Biggie DIE
00:43:54Norrebro gg
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