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Chat log

00:00:11vilu carryyks
00:00:13vilu voin suppoo
00:00:21vilu biggie = rikka?!
00:00:21Vilkuky o
00:00:21vilu abuse
00:00:21Biggie lycan
00:00:21FetAA thrall
00:00:29MYuksel get
00:00:30MYuksel tb
00:00:30vilu haluuks joku jotai
00:00:34MYuksel let me play tb ?
00:00:37vilu vai otanko vaan lionin
00:00:43PETTR jh
00:01:39BenDover sk ?
00:01:40FetAA tb lion i quess
00:01:40vilu miten lanet?
00:02:00Vilkuky lanet?
00:02:00FetAA bogdantake puck?
00:02:05MYuksel me and lion top ?
00:02:08Biggie pl lina bot
00:02:10Biggie pit sk top
00:02:10vilu i bought wards
00:02:11Biggie =)
00:02:11vilu come bot
00:02:11MYuksel fetaa ?
00:02:12FetAA bot
00:02:14Vilkuky :)
00:02:15vutten :>
00:02:16MYuksel k
00:02:24vilu tb has been changed, right?
00:02:26vilu how is it now
00:02:28vilu what can you do
00:02:31vutten iam gonna take a shower
00:02:41Biggie ;)
00:02:43MYuksel i got 20bonus attack speed
00:02:43Vilkuky nice
00:02:45Vilkuky was it cold?
00:02:46Rotkiv omfg :D
00:02:49vilu no nuke?
00:02:50MYuksel 2 hp regeneration
00:02:56MYuksel yes
00:02:57vutten refreshing
00:03:00MYuksel i got reflectio
00:03:01Vilkuky :>
00:03:04MYuksel slow
00:03:08vilu slow
00:03:09vilu ok
00:03:29vilu rege
00:03:48Vilkuky meno nörtti
00:05:00FetAA ss
00:05:07vilu furion
00:05:08vilu is bot
00:05:13MYuksel omg
00:05:16BenDover ss
00:05:16MYuksel ff
00:05:18BenDover top
00:05:19FetAA he can
00:05:19FetAA tp
00:05:22FetAA not much i can do
00:05:37MYuksel omg lion
00:05:43MYuksel you so bda
00:05:45MYuksel bad
00:06:02vilu i'm trying to containt myself for the better of the team
00:07:23vutten stun
00:07:30vutten ^^
00:07:34BenDover lol
00:07:36vilu do you have that slow
00:07:42MYuksel yea
00:07:43MYuksel but lvl 1
00:07:45Vilkuky Tapamme mid
00:07:46vilu ...
00:07:47vilu wtf
00:07:53vilu lina miss
00:07:55BenDover prepare pit
00:08:23Vilkuky soz
00:08:33BenDover puck ss
00:08:40Vilkuky pl i come to kill bot
00:08:55PETTR ss
00:08:57PETTR 2
00:09:07Rotkiv ss
00:09:40PETTR omfg
00:09:47BenDover ok me b
00:09:58Vilkuky stunnaan
00:09:59Vilkuky tuu tele
00:10:48Rotkiv ss
00:10:56MYuksel lion
00:10:57MYuksel ?
00:11:02vilu yup
00:11:17vilu furi miss
00:11:18Vilkuky ultaan mortin
00:11:22MYuksel care mid
00:11:37vutten ss tio
00:12:01BenDover ss2 top
00:12:13MYuksel ss
00:12:14MYuksel 2
00:12:15MYuksel down
00:12:17Vilkuky ois pitäny vaa ultaa
00:13:08MYuksel omg
00:13:11Rotkiv gj
00:13:17Vilkuky u2
00:13:30Biggie fight
00:13:34MYuksel b
00:13:50FetAA cant some one come near
00:13:53FetAA so i can blink
00:13:54FetAA ..
00:13:55Vilkuky rune
00:13:56FetAA use brains
00:14:08Bogdan use brain
00:14:10Bogdan retard
00:14:15Bogdan not brains
00:14:22vilu i have finger
00:14:24vilu kill mid?
00:14:48vilu furion has dagon
00:15:33MYuksel let me farm top
00:15:35Rotkiv i think i go radaince
00:15:59vilu kill mid
00:17:24vutten close :P
00:17:30MYuksel :)
00:17:31MYuksel RAPED
00:17:34vilu sunder?
00:17:39MYuksel cd
00:18:30PETTR tell if ulti plz
00:18:46PETTR go
00:19:06Rotkiv bot needs more man
00:19:40Vilkuky mee ny vittuu
00:20:02BenDover ...
00:20:19Vilkuky :DDD
00:20:21Vilkuky :DDD
00:20:24vilu :DDD
00:20:24BenDover lol
00:20:26vutten RAGE
00:20:28BenDover ragequit
00:20:36Biggie leo
00:20:36FetAA gank rotkiv
00:20:36BenDover gg gl hf
00:20:42FetAA ill sell items
00:20:44FetAA or no hope
00:20:51vilu can i have treads
00:21:16vilu ?
00:21:20vilu can i have the treads?
00:21:28FetAA i sell them
00:21:31FetAA to get fat
00:21:31vilu ...
00:21:32FetAA ..
00:21:38vutten omw
00:21:39vilu menee rahaa vaa nhukkaan
00:21:43FetAA no sul on bootsit
00:21:45FetAA nemenee hukkaa kans?
00:22:30vilu gank top?
00:23:08vutten b
00:23:19Vilkuky pl
00:23:24vilu haetaa furion?
00:23:38Vilkuky w8
00:24:31Vilkuky pit you should carry tp ^
00:24:50vutten ye i know but have my ulti and had no mana at all ^_-
00:26:16FetAA lian first
00:26:36Vilkuky Important Lina
00:26:59vilu voit tappaa kaikki paitti pitin
00:27:04vilu miks sä sen peräs juokset?
00:27:07FetAA ?
00:27:11FetAA ihan lopus olin sen perääs
00:27:17FetAA ku firk arkaili
00:27:17vilu k
00:27:47FetAA .-
00:27:55FetAA now they come thrue
00:28:02FetAA control soul
00:28:37vutten engage?
00:28:49Biggie pl needs to hararsjh
00:29:08Biggie sec
00:30:03PETTR gj
00:30:32Bogdan zeus ulti pls
00:30:38vilu pa come
00:31:07vutten ill get ac
00:31:49Biggie b mid
00:32:01vilu go heal zeus
00:33:04FetAA go
00:34:34Biggie i'll make that hex
00:34:39vilu obs there they have
00:34:50vutten u want me to get some damg to?
00:34:57Vilkuky i go force staff
00:35:26Rotkiv get ghost for fettaa
00:35:30vutten ill just get hot
00:35:32FetAA me plz
00:35:33FetAA top
00:35:40Vilkuky cant get ghost cause others are casters
00:35:53vilu kill mid?
00:36:41vilu we have dust or something?
00:36:46Bogdan y
00:36:56Rotkiv reuse
00:37:12Vilkuky hotkeys not working...
00:37:33Bogdan saved u
00:38:24Bogdan fetta go vladi [ls
00:38:25Bogdan pls
00:38:31FetAA y
00:38:52vilu finger rdy
00:39:00FetAA i should do domi
00:39:03FetAA hm
00:39:04FetAA well
00:39:19Bogdan go phantom
00:39:25Bogdan got ward & dust
00:39:51FetAA check
00:40:27FetAA 0 towers we has
00:40:32vilu yup
00:40:35vilu we need 1 big win
00:40:36vilu then take all
00:42:22FetAA rest edf
00:42:23Biggie go
00:42:24FetAA go b..
00:42:28FetAA ur no help here
00:42:33FetAA stay here so i can blink
00:42:35FetAA if they atk
00:43:02FetAA i said stay here so i can blink
00:43:03FetAA -.
00:43:44Vilkuky ei juma mikä dmg
00:43:56Biggie pl
00:44:01Biggie you were totally in the wrongplace
00:44:11Rotkiv i know
00:44:11Vilkuky ohh pl has aegis also :D
00:44:12Rotkiv stry
00:44:27vutten hug me and we gank?
00:44:34Biggie sure
00:44:46Vilkuky ok
00:45:07FetAA b
00:45:22Rotkiv ffs where where youi guys
00:45:40FetAA go
00:45:57Biggie pllll
00:46:12FetAA got tp
00:46:42Vilkuky best
00:46:43Vilkuky pl
00:46:44Vilkuky ever
00:46:46Biggie blade mail
00:46:49Biggie buy those
00:46:57vilu tp
00:47:14vilu b
00:47:22vilu who goes guinsoo
00:47:40Vilkuky I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:47:49vilu i can bo
00:48:13Bogdan =))))
00:48:14Bogdan gj
00:48:17Bogdan worth it
00:48:20Bogdan =)))
00:48:34Biggie build blade mails
00:48:45Vilkuky b
00:49:11FetAA not back
00:49:32FetAA gather?
00:49:35vilu fight mid?
00:49:40FetAA y ok
00:49:41vilu we have dust?
00:49:51Bogdan y
00:50:02FetAA i take bkb
00:50:04FetAA and go through
00:50:14Vilkuky -apm
00:50:15FetAA let me get bkb
00:50:16vilu push bot
00:50:16vilu b
00:50:16FetAA to insurance
00:50:17vilu b
00:50:17vilu b
00:50:28Biggie pl
00:50:29Biggie lets kill
00:50:30Biggie pa
00:50:33FetAA i def it
00:50:34FetAA and take bkb
00:50:35FetAA then go
00:50:36Biggie nvm
00:51:04FetAA push bot?
00:51:12FetAA carry tps
00:51:55vilu tp top
00:51:58FetAA y
00:51:59FetAA go zeus
00:52:00FetAA alrdy
00:52:10vutten ill def
00:52:11Vilkuky go in
00:52:15Vilkuky pa not there atm
00:52:35Vilkuky :DDDD?
00:52:52Vilkuky tekisit sääki rikka blademail
00:53:06Biggie e ehtiny ostaa
00:53:10vilu b
00:53:12vilu pa
00:53:15Bogdan rosh
00:54:10FetAA go mid with 5
00:54:10FetAA 4
00:54:17vutten bd rax mid :D?
00:54:24FetAA i could go roshan but no room for item -.-
00:54:31Vilkuky raxx bd not allowed
00:54:36vutten i know ^--
00:54:37vutten ^_-
00:55:42FetAA need satanic
00:55:49vutten great succes :D
00:56:05Rotkiv tele bot
00:56:11Biggie wait
00:56:13Rotkiv no
00:56:14Bogdan cs fetta
00:56:14Rotkiv dont
00:56:15Bogdan ?
00:56:16Biggie shit
00:56:17FetAA 380
00:56:19Biggie buyback cooldown
00:56:21Bogdan =)))
00:56:24PETTR sick game
00:56:26vilu if we'd just get guinsoo...
00:56:26PETTR from u
00:56:42FetAA i need satanic seems..
00:56:42vutten perhaps ill get shivas to :P
00:56:44vutten max armor
00:56:48FetAA sell vlads
00:56:49Bogdan get rosh for me
00:56:50vilu aegis
00:56:53vilu for someone
00:57:01FetAA y
00:57:02Vilkuky care pl
00:57:03FetAA come with me
00:57:04FetAA then
00:57:07Biggie rosh
00:57:09Biggie damn
00:57:12Biggie no ward tehre
00:57:12FetAA go now
00:57:13FetAA aegis
00:57:15FetAA before furi
00:57:17Vilkuky we cant go without you
00:57:21Biggie true
00:57:24FetAA some1 take aegis
00:57:28Vilkuky im warding it
00:57:29FetAA puck
00:57:31FetAA u want aegis orn ot
00:57:36FetAA PUCK
00:57:37FetAA come get
00:57:39FetAA or lion
00:57:41vilu ill take it
00:57:44Vilkuky pysyykö tp ja blademail samaan aikaa?
00:57:48Biggie puish
00:58:12Rotkiv omg
00:58:41Vilkuky ffs
00:58:47Vilkuky tried to kill mortred with blademail
00:59:06vilu wait sec
00:59:14vilu go now
00:59:52FetAA b
00:59:53FetAA if u can
01:00:33FetAA dmn
01:00:34FetAA this sucks
01:00:38Vilkuky mort dead
01:00:39Vilkuky 50 sec
01:00:44Vilkuky raxx
01:00:48Vilkuky raxx
01:00:55Vilkuky mort dead
01:01:04Vilkuky mort 25sec
01:01:06FetAA :(
01:01:14Vilkuky mort 15sec
01:01:18Bogdan go throne
01:01:19Vilkuky 10
01:01:24Vilkuky b
01:01:25Biggie b
01:01:27vilu we can just
01:01:28Vilkuky fast
01:01:29Vilkuky b
01:01:29vilu push bottom
01:01:30Vilkuky everyone
01:02:23vutten imba mort
01:02:44FetAA not yet
01:02:47FetAA gank 1?
01:02:50FetAA some1 get smoke
01:02:51FetAA and go toher
01:03:02vilu i can buy
01:03:05vilu can someone take in inv
01:03:26vutten hug me tele top and gg?
01:03:31Biggie naw
01:03:47FetAA get b for sec
01:03:48FetAA i shop
01:03:48vutten or wait for mort to fuck up again
01:04:37FetAA some1 smoke?
01:04:42vilu on chicken
01:04:57vilu can someone take it
01:04:58vilu have no room
01:05:21Vilkuky zeus hex soon
01:05:24FetAA go all
01:05:25FetAA ?
01:05:27vilu y
01:05:34FetAA hard tho
01:05:39Bogdan i have smoke
01:05:50Biggie b
01:05:52Biggie ...
01:05:57FetAA b
01:05:57FetAA b
01:05:58FetAA b
01:05:58FetAA b
01:06:10Bogdan i have smoke
01:06:33FetAA need to push lines
01:06:34FetAA bit
01:06:35FetAA first
01:06:35vutten ^_-
01:06:45FetAA go
01:06:47FetAA soon
01:06:53FetAA why ur seperated
01:06:58FetAA ..
01:07:04FetAA ¨very stupid from u
01:07:05FetAA to go laone creep
01:07:07FetAA ?
01:07:08Vilkuky need pl
01:07:37Vilkuky Miksei blademail toiminut?
01:07:47FetAA toimi?
01:07:49FetAA mut mul oli stanic
01:07:50FetAA sain myös
01:07:52Vilkuky aahh
01:07:59Vilkuky se selittääki
01:08:04vilu älä
01:08:05vilu chasee
01:08:44vilu divine sulle
01:08:51FetAA ei oieke pärjää yhel carryl
01:08:57FetAA ei päästä puskee
01:08:59FetAA mm
01:09:10vilu jos meil ois hex keppi
01:09:11FetAA voitais thronee jos päästäis
01:09:13Biggie rosh
01:09:14FetAA nii.
01:09:20FetAA soon hex zeus?
01:09:24PETTR 700
01:09:26FetAA sell stick
01:09:28FetAA and farm 400
01:09:35Biggie nvm
01:09:35Vilkuky dd
01:09:40FetAA gather
01:09:41FetAA go mid
01:09:46FetAA w8 for 2 hex
01:09:48FetAA plus my dinve
01:09:56FetAA i rebuy
01:09:58Vilkuky throne
01:10:02Vilkuky ahh
01:10:02vutten he has buyout
01:10:03Biggie nah
01:10:04Rotkiv õcant
01:10:04Biggie rosh
01:10:16Vilkuky hieno ulti oli taas
01:10:33FetAA b
01:10:51FetAA b
01:11:03FetAA care for FURION
01:11:06FetAA ZEUS
01:11:11Vilkuky zeus still no hex
01:11:11vutten free kill furi
01:11:40FetAA gather
01:11:50Biggie pl
01:11:51Biggie care
01:12:59vilu rasittavaa
01:13:02FetAA no on
01:13:03Biggie kill
01:13:03FetAA ei pääse puskee
01:13:22Vilkuky raxx
01:13:23Vilkuky mort reg
01:13:41vilu ggwqp
01:13:41Vilkuky häähää
01:13:42Rotkiv gg
01:13:46vutten gg
01:13:46Vilkuky gg
01:13:49FetAA jeejee
01:13:50FetAA :D
01:14:27vutten gg
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