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-41 X
-1 TS

90% | 1547 X | 1469 TS

-19 X
-1 TS

78% | 1359 X | 1430 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

75% | 1356 X | 1378 TS

-55 X
-2 TS

58% | 1189 X | 1353 TS

+0 X
-1 TS

49% | 1110 X | 1355 TS

+46 X
+1 TS

96% | 1653 X | 1561 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

69% | 1246 X | 1469 TS

+56 X
+1 TS

62% | 1151 X | 1497 TS

+5 X
+1 TS

56% | 1183 X | 1404 TS

+28 X
+1 TS

28% | 1105 X | 1275 TS

Chat log

00:00:13Inuusini hmm
00:00:18Inuusini we got svents, they got ats
00:00:22svents liewec 62% :D:D
00:00:23dhgf korralik ju
00:00:23Inuusini -
00:00:23svents inuusini fck off
00:00:23Inuusini chill svents
00:00:23Inuusini imo u > ats
00:00:23svents i saw ur farm
00:00:23svents with skele
00:00:23ATS_ can you give me clock?
00:00:23teh_re svents carried last game nicely
00:00:23baN4nafiSh -l
00:00:23teh_re and ats sucks in every game
00:00:23svents even slikposen said u fcking noob
00:00:23teh_re so np
00:00:23dhgf mis pelad?
00:00:23ATS_ hey thanks
00:00:23FetAA lycan
00:00:23dhgf dav
00:00:23WANKmaster ogre mid vist
00:00:23FetAA ur enough lame to play it
00:00:23Inuusini based on one game that i barely played?
00:00:23dhgf lets rather stop the flame
00:00:23dhgf we are on the same team :P
00:00:23baN4nafiSh and u are not?
00:00:23WANKmaster -tb
00:00:23FetAA never played it in gc
00:00:23dhgf lol
00:00:23FetAA so FUCK U
00:00:23dhgf they flam in allchat
00:00:24dhgf :D
00:00:28baN4nafiSh thats still not a no
00:00:32WANKmaster pela mingit carryt
00:00:33WANKmaster silts
00:00:35Inuusini welcome to the internets :D
00:00:37dhgf ok
00:00:38FetAA fuck yeah
00:00:39baN4nafiSh geo?
00:00:41Isdronningen where is the love?
00:00:43FetAA thx for chatting
00:00:48FetAA any pro geos in team?
00:00:48ATS_ in my ass
00:00:54baN4nafiSh u randomed that?
00:00:56dhgf ma vist clock
00:00:56FetAA y
00:00:57baN4nafiSh u had twenty seconds!
00:00:58FetAA i cant play this
00:00:59dhgf gyro*
00:01:01FetAA u chatted
00:01:02mrk whatu want
00:01:02baN4nafiSh swap him someone
00:01:04WANKmaster hmm
00:01:05FetAA doom
00:01:05WANKmaster no okei
00:01:09mrk -swap 1
00:01:12FetAA -swap 2
00:01:13ATS_ FetAA swap?
00:01:16FetAA no
00:01:18baN4nafiSh i give u clock
00:01:20dhgf sa pelad ogret?
00:01:21WANKmaster get omni
00:01:24WANKmaster võta riki
00:01:25WANKmaster silt
00:01:25FetAA cock?
00:01:26WANKmaster riki
00:01:27dhgf SVENTs
00:01:28dhgf OMNI+
00:01:29dhgf SVNTS?
00:01:30baN4nafiSh cock
00:01:32svents ei taha
00:01:35WANKmaster je
00:01:36dhgf -swap 1
00:01:38dhgf thaad?
00:01:40WANKmaster riki sd top
00:01:43WANKmaster eiei
00:01:44WANKmaster ma pelan
00:01:45baN4nafiSh shit i rather cock
00:01:45dhgf kk
00:01:45WANKmaster ogre
00:01:47baN4nafiSh clock
00:01:48WANKmaster ole ise riki
00:01:49mrk g.g.
00:01:50baN4nafiSh get lina
00:01:57baN4nafiSh ok nm
00:02:00dhgf svents
00:02:01dhgf võta
00:02:02dhgf warlock
00:02:03svents wl
00:02:06FetAA go all mid?
00:02:06dhgf ye
00:02:14Isdronningen chick?
00:02:16dhgf warlock top
00:02:19Isdronningen good :d
00:02:22dhgf oleks parem
00:02:26WANKmaster no ok[]
00:02:28dhgf ja deny ja harassi neid
00:02:29WANKmaster ise tead
00:02:33dhgf anna 100% farm mulle
00:02:36FetAA clock top better
00:02:37svents yritan
00:02:58Isdronningen i will try to give u free kills geo ;:D
00:03:03mrk sure
00:03:06mrk free kills are always nice
00:03:20dhgf geo teamis suht instaloss
00:03:27Inuusini fp geo
00:03:27svents ei ole
00:03:37svents pullin
00:05:39dhgf võtame
00:05:41dhgf clock
00:06:17Inuusini gj
00:06:28WANKmaster share
00:06:41ATS_ rocket
00:06:50ATS_ lol
00:06:57teh_re ss
00:06:58teh_re gyro
00:06:59teh_re care
00:07:11teh_re care mid
00:07:21teh_re re
00:07:31FetAA oopzie
00:07:40ATS_ going?
00:07:42ATS_ where?
00:07:50FetAA ss mid
00:08:02baN4nafiSh flying
00:08:20svents ss1
00:08:39Isdronningen need gank bot
00:08:44dhgf nuke teda
00:08:51svents sry
00:08:54dhgf gjgj
00:08:59dhgf ise failisin ei võtnud lasthitti
00:08:59Isdronningen 2 mid?
00:09:04dhgf ta mingi creepide vahel kinni ei saanud pihtsa
00:09:07ATS_ you so good
00:09:13teh_re meepo miss
00:09:15ATS_ and fucking blind
00:09:17Inuusini sd
00:09:19Inuusini ill heal
00:09:35dhgf krobe miss
00:09:56Inuusini fuuck
00:10:02Inuusini gj
00:10:05Inuusini meepo red
00:10:21ATS_ ss top
00:10:21ATS_ 2
00:10:24ATS_ by the way
00:10:28Inuusini doom bot btw
00:10:32teh_re those 2 would been ok
00:10:35teh_re but there were 4
00:10:35teh_re :(
00:10:37Inuusini yeah
00:10:48Inuusini i'd be alive if not for krobe nuke
00:11:08FetAA gore top with rune
00:11:09FetAA kill bot
00:11:10Inuusini healspulsion so op
00:11:11FetAA sd
00:11:14teh_re y
00:11:17FetAA got ulti
00:11:23FetAA kill
00:11:27FetAA YELLOW
00:12:05mrk n1krobe
00:12:06baN4nafiSh ats
00:12:08baN4nafiSh stop sucking
00:12:58mrk they have time to come
00:12:59mrk from mid tower
00:13:00mrk to our woods
00:13:02mrk yet we dont
00:13:03Inuusini cd
00:13:13Inuusini tower?
00:13:44baN4nafiSh sa free farm
00:13:47baN4nafiSh mass
00:13:49svents palju cs on?
00:13:51mrk gyro
00:13:53ATS_ you so good
00:13:54mrk we need you
00:13:54dhgf 50
00:13:54FetAA i come kill sa
00:14:02Isdronningen i will come
00:14:17mrk why didn you then
00:14:17mrk fuck
00:14:26Isdronningen becouse i didnt want to
00:14:31svents thx
00:14:33dhgf :D
00:14:33mrk :S
00:14:43mrk tps
00:14:44svents lootsingi et tuled ja denyd mind :D
00:14:49FetAA i has but not alone
00:14:54FetAA wave
00:14:55FetAA i nuke
00:15:18mrk gyro go
00:15:28dhgf oom :S
00:15:55FetAA b
00:15:59mrk ogre goin top
00:16:33dhgf gtfo now pls
00:16:50Isdronningen if geo was there we would have killed them all
00:17:48mrk WHY
00:17:50mrk U CHASE
00:17:53FetAA :DDD
00:17:54mrk :D:D
00:17:54FetAA guys
00:17:58FetAA wtf udoing srsly
00:18:00baN4nafiSh ¨stupid chase yes
00:18:08mrk ogre free kills
00:18:10mrk in woods
00:18:11mrk noone notices
00:18:56teh_re i make medallin
00:19:03FetAA imporatnt ulti
00:19:05teh_re medallion
00:19:06Inuusini sup
00:19:11mrk nothing
00:19:17mrk 800hp meepo just trying to solo
00:19:25Inuusini 1400hp pit
00:19:31mrk against autoattak?:D
00:20:02Inuusini expulsion soloes u
00:20:38FetAA b
00:20:44dhgf B
00:20:45dhgf svnets
00:20:52svents n2gin
00:20:56Isdronningen care sa is there i think
00:21:02Inuusini top tower
00:21:38baN4nafiSh b
00:23:00dhgf tra see chicken on nii maun
00:23:03svents y :D
00:23:40ATS_ b
00:23:41FetAA come on.
00:24:27dhgf a seal oli veel
00:24:29dhgf ok
00:24:33WANKmaster :D
00:24:57baN4nafiSh gotta love captain random :D think game would have been different
00:25:43FetAA go with 5
00:25:48FetAA 5 and smoke
00:25:55baN4nafiSh and get dust
00:25:56baN4nafiSh vs that sa
00:26:03baN4nafiSh or a gem
00:26:21FetAA :D:D:D
00:26:23FetAA like u dont know
00:26:24FetAA that they are there
00:26:25FetAA ?
00:26:49mrk anyone has dust?
00:26:53ATS_ nope
00:27:00teh_re rege bot
00:27:06WANKmaster leave me
00:27:17FetAA b
00:27:19teh_re lets push
00:27:22teh_re or sa go farm
00:27:23baN4nafiSh wards someone
00:27:32ATS_ you?
00:27:39FetAA meepo
00:27:41FetAA lets go
00:27:44FetAA bring onemeepo to us
00:27:46FetAA rest farm bot
00:27:47FetAA come with me
00:27:53FetAA yeah
00:27:55FetAA this what happens
00:27:57FetAA when 4 ppl idle at tower
00:28:00mrk dunno why all 3 other come bot
00:28:01FetAA looking at the sky
00:28:05baN4nafiSh tp
00:28:05FetAA when iw ant to smoke
00:28:07FetAA u fucking idiots
00:28:08baN4nafiSh wow
00:28:14mrk gyro gj
00:28:17Isdronningen ty
00:28:20mrk your intentions are good
00:28:23mrk but u just suck :P
00:28:23FetAA can u use ur brains?
00:28:23teh_re there is that rege
00:28:24teh_re still
00:28:24mrk no offense
00:28:29FetAA why u all follow meepo in farming
00:28:31Isdronningen i know :D
00:28:31FetAA when i say lets smoke?
00:28:32WANKmaster in my bottle
00:28:33WANKmaster it is
00:28:36teh_re oh
00:28:36teh_re ok
00:29:11Isdronningen I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:12mrk yet now noone follows
00:29:16mrk .P
00:29:28Inuusini was cool fight?
00:29:34baN4nafiSh geo lost
00:29:38baN4nafiSh had my money on him
00:29:47Inuusini gief gold then
00:29:52mrk nah relic pit won sorry
00:30:09baN4nafiSh let me fight alone
00:30:15Inuusini divine pit is too imba
00:30:43teh_re ho b
00:30:44teh_re wl
00:30:58FetAA come smoke
00:30:59FetAA ?
00:31:03FetAA or lets all follow meepo
00:31:05FetAA farming
00:31:10WANKmaster imbastic on see hero lihtsalt
00:31:19dhgf suht
00:31:31baN4nafiSh ogre best
00:31:32Inuusini radi done
00:31:37svents eile see eestlane neverback vms see noob m2ngis ogret
00:31:44svents no vittu selline luck oli et jube
00:31:50dhgf räägi vähem :D
00:31:52ATS_ clock so op
00:31:58svents vana pani iga stuniga aint mc :D
00:32:03baN4nafiSh my ulti hits my owns without scepter?
00:32:08svents vennal oli mc % mingi 70% vist D:
00:32:33baN4nafiSh my hook colides with allies?
00:33:04baN4nafiSh ats does my hook hit my allies without scepter?
00:33:08FetAA cool story
00:33:11svents :DD:
00:33:13svents u mad?
00:33:17FetAA 2 outer
00:33:21svents ofc
00:33:30FetAA u can solo
00:33:34svents 1 outer is better
00:33:46mrk riki?:D
00:35:16FetAA yeah fuck u
00:35:16mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:29svents GG im too imba
00:35:38mrk why are you even coming bot
00:35:42mrk when we are losing top rax
00:35:44mrk u missed the fight :P
00:35:56svents ainus jama on see et sitt on olla:D
00:36:19baN4nafiSh oh :D
00:36:22Inuusini bad idea :D
00:36:28baN4nafiSh had many of those this game
00:36:51baN4nafiSh I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:52FetAA I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:56baN4nafiSh I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:00Inuusini im just too imba
00:37:03FetAA all ff?
00:37:10svents no i am too imba i said
00:37:11baN4nafiSh 1 need
00:37:13ATS_ nice afk
00:37:15ATS_ fetaa
00:37:17Isdronningen I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:21mrk lol ats?
00:37:34WANKmaster NAIN!
00:37:35dhgf :D
00:37:47Inuusini come 1v1
00:37:50FetAA can u ff ats?
00:39:01baN4nafiSh can sd purge warlocks ulti away?
00:39:17FetAA can u type ff
00:39:20FetAA stupdi ats
00:39:34ATS_ tou so good
00:39:37ATS_ you
00:39:41mrk you are so bad ats
00:39:42mrk honestly
00:39:43mrk :P
00:39:49ATS_ and you are so good
00:39:52mrk thanks
00:39:56baN4nafiSh well he is worse for not swapping with clock as he said
00:40:00mrk i was telling the truth, but i appreciate if you did too
00:40:04baN4nafiSh was being picked for him
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