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100% | 1765 X | 1732 TS

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90% | 1543 X | 1460 TS

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52% | 1202 X | 1329 TS

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50% | 1174 X | 1347 TS

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34% | 1106 X | 1263 TS

Chat log

00:00:09Swagga ban tb
00:00:14Tompson aika homoja heroja poolissa
00:00:15Swagga or spect
00:00:17infect spectre gay
00:00:20Ckalle here we go again :)
00:00:23Zagor i go doc
00:00:23Tompson lich
00:00:23Buugi ursa
00:00:23Ckalle fp potm
00:00:24Ckalle <3
00:00:24Swagga lol
00:00:32Tompson why not
00:00:33Swagga pick tb
00:00:39Swagga or spectre
00:00:42Swagga good heroes
00:00:46Maier get both
00:00:47Maier :O
00:00:47FetAA mul on mikki!
00:00:51Buugi mulki
00:00:56Ckalle I can spec
00:00:56Swagga pudge wil allso be nice
00:00:58Swagga and wd
00:01:00FetAA ootko jsn mumbles
00:01:02Swagga pick wd fast
00:01:03Buugi e
00:01:04Buugi ootsä
00:01:08FetAA ime munaas sit
00:01:08Swagga good
00:01:08Ckalle I swap this
00:01:08FetAA e
00:01:11Buugi ((
00:01:13Ckalle supported/roamded last
00:01:16FetAA sä oot aina
00:01:18Ckalle roamed*
00:01:23Swagga i dont wd
00:01:26Buugi emmä yksin jaksa olla
00:01:30Swagga maier u wd
00:01:33Maier no
00:01:35Swagga yes
00:01:37Tompson tb? pit?
00:01:38Maier no
00:01:41Ckalle get me spec plz
00:01:43FetAA ei mul oo mitää mumble
00:01:45FetAA kanavii
00:01:46Tompson not anymore
00:01:46Swagga -swap
00:01:46Tompson wtf
00:01:47FetAA tai on jtn vanhoi
00:01:47Ckalle -swap 5
00:01:48FetAA mut en muista
00:01:48infect silencer quite useless pick...
00:01:49Buugi mul o
00:01:49Tompson well ok
00:01:49Swagga -swap 2
00:01:50Tompson nvm
00:01:53Tompson ill roam alot then
00:01:54Tompson not carry
00:01:57Buugi ja normi portti
00:02:05FetAA mikä on normi
00:02:09FetAA noh ven
00:02:11Tompson they have the earlygame
00:02:13Tompson :/
00:02:13Buugi eiks siin oo annettu
00:02:15infect let me
00:02:16infect bot
00:02:16Buugi joku default muka
00:02:17Maier true
00:02:18infect silencer
00:02:20infect buugi
00:02:23infect 2 range bot?
00:02:25infect 2 melee up?
00:02:28Maier pudge
00:02:29Maier i will pull
00:02:31Maier all the time
00:02:32Swagga failed item buy
00:02:35Dota.m pl
00:02:35FetAA ei käyny sil
00:02:37Ckalle we have some effective earlygame heroes aswell
00:02:38FetAA oon ehk laittanu väärä
00:02:39Ckalle np
00:02:40FetAA why we 3 bot
00:02:40Ckalle -ii
00:02:48Maier -ms
00:02:49infect cause why 2 melee top ?
00:02:51Buugi silencer
00:02:52Buugi go tyop
00:02:53Ckalle new Spec is very strong if I can get fast Phase
00:02:55Ckalle potm roam
00:02:56Ckalle wd
00:02:56Buugi shcakle heal
00:02:58Ckalle and pudge
00:02:58Buugi is imba gombo
00:03:06infect first game
00:03:07FetAA 64738
00:03:08infect so dont be mad
00:03:09Swagga pudge upgrade chick when you cane
00:03:09infect :(
00:03:09FetAA oks toi normi
00:03:10Buugi joo
00:03:12Zagor pit go max stun
00:03:15FetAA ja adress
00:03:18Buugi j
00:03:18Zagor and expulsions
00:03:18Buugi j
00:03:18Buugi j
00:03:19Buugi j
00:03:19Dota.m huh
00:03:24FetAA DUNOT WORK
00:04:04FetAA SURE
00:04:27FetAA u dont wanna pullz?
00:04:28infect i farm
00:04:29infect till
00:04:34infect soul ring
00:04:34infect k
00:04:38infect slow or repel?
00:04:43FetAA slow
00:04:44FetAA lets kill
00:05:28Ckalle if it's just him and 1 creep just cask :)
00:05:52Buugi ss
00:05:52Buugi care top
00:05:54Tompson ill gang
00:06:04Maier i'll still pull ?
00:06:33Maier ty for gang
00:06:36Tompson mid really hard
00:06:36Tompson btw
00:06:37Tompson invoker
00:06:38Tompson mehh
00:06:44Ckalle wd can gank
00:07:08Zagor ss
00:07:09infect i pull
00:07:10infect and come
00:07:11infect asap
00:07:22Buugi -ma
00:07:27Ckalle sop farming
00:07:30Swagga k
00:07:37FetAA ooom
00:07:39Swagga he dont let me farm how to get
00:07:43Swagga items ?
00:07:51Tompson hyi tota heroo
00:07:53Ckalle why would u need items?
00:07:54Tompson oot hyvä lasthit sil viel
00:07:55Zagor ss
00:07:55Tompson ni gg
00:07:59Zagor pudge
00:08:02Buugi ss
00:08:04Buugi care all
00:08:12Dota.m ss to
00:08:23Dota.m re
00:08:36Buugi jösses
00:08:37Ckalle DO NOT FAMR
00:08:39Dota.m im b
00:08:42Tompson )
00:08:45Swagga change lane top please
00:08:51Dota.m tb take lane
00:08:52Dota.m i go roam
00:08:54Maier k
00:09:02Ckalle ff
00:09:16Buugi rune bot
00:09:21Zagor ss
00:09:21Buugi care bot
00:09:23Ckalle just give up
00:09:23Buugi potm ruine inc
00:09:25Buugi n
00:09:25Ckalle wd is farming
00:09:28Swagga stfu
00:09:29Buugi take
00:09:29Buugi rune
00:09:31Ckalle and autoattacking
00:09:34Swagga hahaha
00:09:35Ckalle everything
00:09:35Buugi potm inc top
00:09:36FetAA ¨no nyt se tulee sinne
00:09:37FetAA kuolen
00:09:38Buugi meni ylös
00:09:41Swagga what you want me 2 do ?
00:09:46Ckalle l2p
00:09:47Buugi tuu
00:09:49Ckalle I'm a cary
00:09:52Ckalle you're a support
00:09:54Ckalle you LET ME FARM
00:09:57Ckalle or we lose the game
00:10:04Swagga k
00:10:07Tompson wd go roam
00:10:08Zagor ss still
00:10:09Tompson or not
00:10:09Dota.m care bot
00:10:09Ckalle but I can go mid
00:10:10Dota.m ss
00:10:12Buugi pudge ss mid
00:10:13Tompson pudge go roam
00:10:16Dota.m b
00:10:17Dota.m b
00:10:21Maier ss
00:10:23Maier pit
00:10:36infect soz
00:10:38infect didnt notice
00:10:39infect arrow
00:11:04Maier re
00:11:05Maier pit
00:11:06Ckalle rune bot
00:11:06Buugi rune bot
00:11:20Dota.m come
00:11:37Dota.m -.-
00:11:38Dota.m omfg
00:11:41Dota.m omfg
00:11:49Buugi varo
00:11:50Buugi wd potm
00:11:51Buugi midis
00:11:55Dota.m got stress so i active rot again
00:11:55Buugi jaa
00:11:56Buugi potm vaa
00:12:00infect wd is here
00:12:00lumo ÄLÄ SAATANA OHJAA
00:12:09Swagga miss 2 bot
00:12:15Zagor pit your magic destroy towers also
00:12:24Dota.m så stun
00:12:26Buugi go wd
00:12:26Dota.m swa´gga
00:12:29Buugi omni
00:12:30Buugi go with repel
00:12:31Buugi bait
00:12:33Swagga så di ikk
00:12:33infect no repel
00:12:36Buugi go in
00:12:36Swagga så dig ikke
00:12:36Maier ss
00:12:36Buugi anyway
00:12:37Maier top
00:12:37infect we went
00:12:38Dota.m kig mini map
00:12:39Buugi i rape
00:12:39Zagor moob
00:12:40Maier silencer
00:12:43Dota.m jeg blinkeede
00:12:47Ckalle gj
00:12:50Tompson )
00:13:04Dota.m fuck du stinker
00:13:06Dota.m det helt vild
00:13:08Dota.m vildt
00:13:08Swagga ligesom dig
00:13:14Dota.m så stun ham forhelvedde
00:13:22Dota.m ho
00:13:23Dota.m :D
00:13:23infect we went for killing
00:13:25infect so slow
00:13:31Swagga sut
00:13:40Buugi ota
00:13:40Buugi bopee
00:13:43Buugi haste
00:13:46Buugi pergele
00:13:59Maier ss top
00:13:59Maier 2
00:14:02Swagga ulti din noob
00:14:03Swagga omg
00:14:12infect damn
00:14:14Dota.m silenced
00:14:39Maier re pit
00:14:41Swagga i wil roam
00:15:07Buugi potm rune
00:15:08Buugi bot
00:15:12Buugi varo
00:15:43Dota.m im b
00:15:45Dota.m reg
00:16:03Dota.m b
00:16:04Dota.m b
00:16:04Dota.m b
00:16:04Dota.m b
00:16:04Dota.m bb
00:16:17Swagga de stuner mig din noob
00:16:25Swagga how to ignore dota.m ?
00:16:34Swagga !ignore
00:16:37Dota.m b
00:16:37Dota.m b
00:16:38Dota.m b
00:16:38Dota.m bb
00:16:39Dota.m tb
00:16:39Dota.m tb
00:16:40Dota.m tb
00:16:40Dota.m b
00:16:45Maier STOP
00:17:25Tompson gj
00:17:37Swagga u2
00:17:38Swagga ;D
00:18:22Maier let's push some towers, if we can ?
00:18:23Dota.m mirana ?
00:18:25FetAA :d mitä
00:18:28Swagga suciede ?
00:18:28Tompson too many is too many
00:18:31Buugi nou haju
00:18:44Tompson couldhave killed
00:18:44FetAA tapetaa
00:18:44Tompson invoker
00:18:44FetAA shaklee
00:18:44Buugi tapan
00:18:44Buugi ylä
00:18:44Buugi tv
00:18:44Tompson but they
00:18:44Buugi tb
00:18:44Tompson had backupo
00:18:44Buugi ottaa tornin
00:18:44Swagga i balance
00:18:44Tompson k
00:18:44Ckalle yplz
00:18:44FetAA ny tabbaan ku tuunt akas oon ded
00:18:44Buugi et tabaa
00:18:44infect terror
00:18:44infect needs
00:18:44Swagga you guys wil lose without me, :)
00:18:44infect to die
00:18:44Buugi i kill him
00:18:44Buugi atm
00:18:44Tompson onneks homo
00:18:44Tompson Hero
00:18:44Tompson lähtee
00:18:44Buugi ketä teilt
00:18:44Tompson wd
00:18:44Buugi homo kans
00:18:44Tompson pudge ois
00:18:44Tompson järkevin
00:18:44Ckalle you're a fucking AUTOATTACKER
00:18:44Tompson Eh
00:18:44Tompson Ehk
00:18:44Ckalle I think we can do without u
00:18:44Tompson mut toi haluu
00:18:44Tompson pois
00:18:44Swagga hmm i think we can do it without pudge
00:18:44Buugi pudge on anti invoker
00:18:44Tompson nii
00:18:44Tompson i like
00:18:44Tompson the fact
00:18:44Tompson tb
00:18:44Tompson has 0 deaths
00:18:44Tompson and freefarm
00:18:44Swagga -ii
00:18:44Maier gonna get tower atm
00:18:44Maier we need tower kills
00:18:44Ckalle not a whole lot of items
00:18:44Ckalle but maybe on chick?
00:18:44Maier got yasha
00:18:44Maier need ulti orb
00:18:44Ckalle k
00:18:44Ckalle get some kind of slow later imo
00:18:44Tompson i think
00:18:45Tompson bkb
00:18:46Tompson strong item
00:18:46Maier slow lvl 3
00:18:46Tompson here
00:18:47Tompson damn
00:18:49infect :d
00:18:49Swagga omg
00:18:49lumo voi jeesus
00:18:50Swagga da
00:18:56Zagor wtf
00:19:00FetAA b
00:19:01FetAA puh
00:19:01FetAA oon
00:19:10Buugi jee
00:19:10Swagga owned ?
00:19:12Swagga owned ?
00:19:13Zagor was it me
00:19:15Buugi känselasi telen
00:19:17Buugi sit
00:19:18Tompson ;D
00:19:20Buugi fetaa puhelimes
00:19:21Dota.m wd
00:19:23Dota.m ``?
00:19:23Buugi ylä tykki lähti
00:19:24Buugi Ja kuolin
00:19:26Buugi FF
00:19:27infect spectre farming
00:19:30Zagor sry for lag
00:19:35Swagga hvad er der pudge
00:19:38Swagga du stinker forsygt
00:19:40Dota.m hvorfor blev du ikke
00:19:40Swagga jeg var low
00:19:42Swagga så jeg tog hjem
00:19:43Dota.m vi kunne have fået
00:19:43Dota.m wr
00:19:46Maier push some towers perhaps ?
00:19:49Swagga havde ingen mana
00:19:51Buugi i come
00:19:55Swagga så det ikke
00:19:57Maier -ms
00:19:58Dota.m han skulle have 1 slag eller 2 fra dig
00:20:03lumo potmi tulos
00:20:04Swagga k sry min fejl
00:20:19Buugi omni
00:20:20Buugi if u fail
00:20:22Buugi u dont have to die
00:20:24Buugi just go b
00:20:26Buugi after fail
00:20:31Buugi u only make it worse
00:20:32infect but i need to make up for it :(
00:20:35Buugi no
00:20:40Buugi maybe for
00:20:41Buugi ppl like fetaa
00:20:42Tompson go mid
00:20:44Buugi but not for me
00:21:15Dota.m -.-
00:21:16Swagga imba pudge
00:21:19Swagga :(
00:21:23Swagga :)
00:21:24FetAA fuu
00:21:25Buugi deafence
00:21:26Maier k, nothing here
00:21:28Maier wd get wards please
00:21:32FetAA vittu
00:21:35Maier thanks
00:21:45Buugi en o ofarmannu yhtää
00:21:46Swagga some one set
00:21:51FetAA no oon juossu ympyrää kanas
00:21:52Buugi 9 minuuttii sama cs
00:21:52Tompson why dont u
00:21:54FetAA kans
00:21:55Maier i will
00:21:58Swagga dont know how 2
00:22:00Maier i'm in woods
00:22:06Zagor pit expulsion is your best magic
00:22:06FetAA tapetaa specuu
00:22:15infect b
00:22:18lumo mäny mäny
00:22:33Swagga i go bkb
00:22:33Ckalle u see this shit? srsly
00:22:35Swagga so one back
00:22:53Ckalle I go woods I guess
00:22:54Tompson tower
00:23:15Maier nice hook !
00:23:17Tompson nice hook
00:23:18lumo vittuuko kana seisoo tuol
00:23:24Buugi rape mid
00:23:24Dota.m :D
00:23:25Maier het wards
00:23:28Maier place
00:23:31Buugi go pit
00:23:35Tompson go mid
00:23:36Tompson guys
00:23:59infect btw
00:24:00infect got wards
00:24:01Dota.m oom
00:24:02infect from them
00:24:07infect :D
00:24:12Dota.m im oom
00:24:32Maier got my ulti
00:24:36Maier 600 more
00:24:40Tompson go farm top
00:24:41Tompson spectre
00:24:43Buugi vitu musta spectre
00:24:44Buugi farmaa vaa
00:24:50Buugi eikä meil ees carryy
00:24:51Ckalle will do
00:25:12Maier tping
00:25:34Buugi näin ku ammuit ton
00:25:37Buugi Mut tuli oudost kulmast :D
00:25:38Swagga gj
00:25:38Maier tower
00:25:39Maier tower
00:25:40infect silencer was idiotic pick
00:25:41Tompson :D
00:25:41infect so useless
00:25:44Buugi Ei jaksanu ees dodgee
00:25:58Ckalle I farm mid
00:26:02Buugi we have no carry
00:26:03Buugi they ahve 3
00:26:05Buugi ff in 2 min
00:26:06Zagor omni just shut up pls
00:26:12infect why just shut up
00:26:13Maier k, skadi now
00:26:13infect i am right
00:26:14Maier and win
00:26:16infect and yo uknow it
00:26:21Zagor and u suck
00:26:29infect still right
00:26:45Maier push mid aswell
00:26:49Maier care meteor
00:26:51Ckalle well I hope u don't expect me to get any items...
00:26:59Buugi shaklee
00:27:00Buugi hoky
00:27:23Swagga our pudge suck
00:27:32Swagga he come when we died
00:27:34Buugi rax
00:27:35Buugi fast
00:27:35Maier SPEC
00:27:39Maier no ulti ???
00:27:45Dota.m guys
00:27:48Dota.m why go like that
00:27:51Dota.m let me hook 1 out
00:27:54FetAA oon iha pihal kyl
00:27:59Tompson :D
00:28:24Buugi tower and b
00:28:25Maier spec
00:28:26Maier ulti
00:28:38infect fetaa
00:28:40infect ?
00:28:45FetAA what stopped my tp
00:28:53Maier get mid
00:28:56FetAA itestää lopettelee tpt
00:29:05Tompson go
00:29:05Buugi joku seppobugi varmaa
00:29:12Dota.m bd
00:29:14Tompson its not
00:29:18Dota.m ok
00:29:19Swagga sure ?
00:29:25Tompson + backdoor IS ALLOWED
00:29:28Tompson so chill
00:29:30Dota.m come
00:29:31Dota.m got mana
00:29:31Dota.m mirana
00:29:46lumo tapame
00:29:54Swagga let him hook
00:30:03Tompson b
00:30:17Dota.m gal en tard
00:30:18Dota.m du
00:30:19Dota.m er
00:30:23Dota.m så blocker du mig
00:30:23Swagga normalt
00:30:24Dota.m med din tp
00:30:28Buugi relic
00:30:30Dota.m what a tard
00:30:34Dota.m blocks me with tp
00:30:37Buugi g end
00:30:38Buugi mid
00:30:40Buugi faaaaaast
00:30:50Swagga 2x dead ?? or 1 dead ?
00:30:53Swagga 1 dead is better noob
00:30:53Maier 1
00:30:54Dota.m pit hex soon
00:31:01Tompson dont u dare
00:31:01Tompson die
00:31:12Dota.m def
00:31:57Maier cata
00:32:22Maier got my 1st ulti
00:32:36Buugi DASL;^P
00:32:36Buugi `ASD
00:32:37Maier go pudhe
00:32:38Buugi ?
00:32:43Tompson XDD
00:32:43Buugi MIKÄ KULMA
00:32:44Buugi TOI ON
00:32:46Tompson ^
00:32:47Tompson :DD
00:32:47Buugi tuli kohti
00:32:49Buugi sit kääns ylö
00:32:50Maier hook
00:32:53Tompson kierre arrow
00:32:54Tompson etkö tiiä
00:32:57Buugi miten se tehää
00:33:00Buugi tiiän vaa perse arron
00:33:09Tompson ops
00:33:09Ckalle wtf man
00:33:09Tompson lol
00:33:09Maier gang
00:33:11Tompson :DD
00:33:12Tompson my bad
00:33:20Buugi spectera has acguired
00:33:23Buugi aegis of roshan
00:33:28Buugi or not
00:33:29Buugi xD
00:34:05FetAA :D
00:34:06lumo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:07Buugi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:08Swagga i just autoattack
00:34:09FetAA I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:10Buugi we have nocarry
00:34:11Maier wp team
00:34:13Buugi and we didnt get mid rax
00:34:13Zagor I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:14Tompson gg
00:34:14Buugi early
00:34:20Dota.m [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:20Dota.m [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:20Dota.m [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:20Dota.m [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:34:20infect I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:36Tompson ??
00:34:37Tompson ??
00:34:37Tompson ???
00:34:37Swagga they join new game ?
00:34:37Maier ummmm
00:34:37Swagga no they didnt
00:34:37Swagga i gonna report em
00:34:37Maier fucking zagor
00:34:37Tompson REst
00:34:37Tompson stay
00:34:37Tompson ingame
00:34:37Tompson for
00:34:37Tompson not ban
00:34:37Tompson btw
00:34:37Swagga i dont think they get ban
00:34:37Maier just banreq
00:34:37Swagga they can just tell that they joined a gang
00:34:37Maier strom can watch replay
00:34:37Swagga game
00:35:18Ckalle WD banrequested
00:35:21Tompson dont
00:35:22Swagga why ?
00:35:25Tompson wd
00:35:27Tompson its not allowed
00:35:27Swagga sry didnt know
00:35:29Ckalle attacking heroes after FF
00:35:32Swagga aaaha
00:35:33Swagga sry
00:35:39Swagga i dont do it agin
00:35:40Swagga sry
00:35:45Swagga dont ban me
00:35:47Swagga please
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