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-23 X
+1 TS

89% | 1489 X | 1494 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

89% | 1506 X | 1455 TS

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+2 TS

86% | 1469 X | 1450 TS

-45 X
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69% | 1280 X | 1398 TS

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16% | 929 X | 1270 TS

+40 X
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91% | 1552 X | 1457 TS

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83% | 1360 X | 1524 TS

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78% | 1301 X | 1498 TS

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61% | 1255 X | 1352 TS

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43% | 1218 X | 1216 TS

Chat log

00:00:03McNabb -ap
00:00:07DSoul so zeus
00:00:09Ckalle So eXcluzziver is a b-net player... Figures.
00:00:12DSoul if you didnt read last time
00:00:14Arapiles me and tc top
00:00:16DSoul you here
00:00:17DSoul ?
00:00:26Arapiles tc can u pull alot?
00:00:28DSoul y
00:00:29VictoriaJrocks lanes?
00:00:30eXcluzziver figures?
00:00:34Arapiles wd zeus bot
00:00:39Arapiles bring wards for bot
00:00:41eXcluzziver played on bnet 8 years ago
00:00:44slc2 i got wards
00:00:47Arapiles kk
00:00:49Arapiles good
00:00:52McNabb tiny gm top
00:01:03DSoul zeus
00:01:04DSoul again
00:01:10slc2 what
00:01:11Arapiles tc pull alot
00:01:16DSoul xhain all the time after ult okay?
00:01:17Ckalle I was making a joke about your skill. If you don't stop saying stupid things there might be one about your iQ coming up...
00:01:35DSoul zeus
00:01:36DSoul pff
00:01:39eXcluzziver that would hurt me for sure
00:01:41slc2 yes arc after ulti
00:01:43DSoul argh
00:01:45Ckalle okay :)
00:01:45DSoul k
00:01:47DSoul good
00:01:50slc2 im not stupid
00:01:54Ckalle I'll refrain from doing it then
00:01:54DSoul i forgot chick
00:02:03DSoul ill get asap
00:02:20Ckalle always when I have a bottle-hero the lastpick forgets chick
00:02:22Ckalle haters.
00:02:29slc2 haha
00:02:31Arapiles tc
00:02:32DSoul sry
00:02:36DSoul ?
00:02:39Arapiles pull alot
00:02:42DSoul yy
00:02:42McNabb warded
00:02:56FetAA stick needezz
00:03:24rezcomo oom
00:04:30FetAA wd 400hp
00:04:31FetAA we can kill :p
00:04:34FetAA lvl 3
00:04:35DSoul double pull ok?
00:04:41eXcluzziver tiny lvl3
00:04:48Arapiles kk
00:04:49eXcluzziver i toss him to us
00:04:50eXcluzziver u stun
00:04:54DSoul not yet though
00:04:56rezcomo kk
00:05:02rezcomo i wont have toss
00:05:03DSoul if you get meteor
00:05:06eXcluzziver i have
00:05:12FetAA go on him
00:05:27FetAA :d
00:05:36Ckalle ss mid
00:05:50rezcomo gg
00:05:52Ckalle ffs
00:05:55Ckalle ofc he has invis
00:06:01Ckalle couldn't be any other rune
00:06:02Ckalle ofc
00:06:09Ckalle if we had chick I'd have won mid
00:06:10Ckalle ff
00:06:58Ckalle ss
00:07:02McNabb fucked up bot lane needs help
00:07:19-.- i come
00:07:20VictoriaJrocks go tide if he comes close
00:07:29Ckalle sf dd
00:07:30-.- go
00:07:31-.- stun
00:07:38-.- nvm
00:07:41-.- backed
00:07:46McNabb ss
00:07:48-.- care top
00:07:49-.- luci going
00:07:57DSoul make chick
00:08:00-.- back
00:08:03VictoriaJrocks yea not going back tah far
00:08:04DSoul pff
00:08:05eXcluzziver b pro coming
00:08:26VictoriaJrocks void miss
00:08:33-.- really :D
00:08:36Ckalle ya rly
00:08:40-.- so close
00:08:42-.- yet so far
00:08:49-.- luci going bot
00:09:00-.- nvm
00:09:04Arapiles ss 2 top
00:09:05VictoriaJrocks tide miss
00:09:12Arapiles care mid
00:09:22Ckalle I could really use that chick...
00:09:22Arapiles 1 re
00:09:28DSoul k
00:09:31-.- miss luci
00:09:31DSoul ill go home
00:09:35-.- re
00:09:50eXcluzziver coming
00:10:04Ckalle GUYS
00:10:05Ckalle TP SCROLLS
00:10:08Arapiles 2 re
00:10:09Ckalle IF HE DIVES 2 TWRS
00:10:11Ckalle ff
00:10:13VictoriaJrocks busy saving zeus
00:10:14Ckalle this is so sad
00:10:21Ckalle just plain fucking SAD
00:10:26Ckalle 2 deaths cus of no chick
00:10:32Ckalle and u can dive 2 twrs
00:10:36Ckalle without any TP scroll
00:10:42VictoriaJrocks eat shit
00:11:05DSoul can kill?
00:11:07Arapiles u
00:11:09Arapiles y
00:11:33DSoul wd
00:11:35DSoul why here?
00:11:42VictoriaJrocks why the cfuck would i go bot
00:11:45VictoriaJrocks when theres only zeus
00:11:47VictoriaJrocks who cantg def
00:12:19rezcomo top
00:12:47eXcluzziver tt
00:12:50-.- go
00:12:54FetAA w8
00:13:03Arapiles gj
00:13:06DSoul u2
00:13:10slc2 så du lige den imba ulti:D
00:13:19-.- void
00:13:20-.- REALLY
00:13:21-.- WHAT
00:13:21FetAA :DD?
00:13:22-.- THE FUCK
00:13:23-.- IS THAT
00:13:25FetAA are u fucking idiot
00:13:26FetAA i have 100hp
00:13:27-.- THis void
00:13:28FetAA and lvl 5
00:13:29-.- is retard
00:13:32FetAA lvl 6
00:13:34FetAA he does double dmg
00:13:36FetAA he instagibs me
00:13:36-.- ur lvl6
00:13:38FetAA YEAH
00:13:38-.- u moron
00:13:38slc2 om,g
00:13:42FetAA 150hp doesnt come
00:13:44Ckalle I woulda double killed if he went on me
00:13:48-.- nope
00:13:50FetAA y hes fucking dumb1
00:13:50-.- i had double damage
00:13:52Arapiles tide is top
00:13:53-.- + all spells
00:13:54Arapiles ss tiny
00:13:55DSoul ready to kill
00:13:56DSoul ill ult
00:13:56Ckalle I was in animation
00:13:56-.- this void is a retard
00:14:00Ckalle when he ran out of range
00:14:02Ckalle he'd die insta
00:14:04FetAA hes idiot
00:14:07Ckalle and you could't solo me
00:14:10Ckalle in that situation
00:14:11-.- ofc i can solo
00:14:16FetAA yy we saw that
00:14:22-.- with void ulti
00:14:24-.- u numnuts
00:14:27eXcluzziver omg
00:14:29eXcluzziver must be kidding me
00:14:30VictoriaJrocks how is that solo
00:14:32FetAA HE SPELLS me
00:14:33FetAA first
00:14:39FetAA fast animation
00:14:40-.- how?
00:14:44-.- he didnt even see u
00:14:45-.- there
00:14:53McNabb b
00:15:03-.- why on earth would u say w8 anyway
00:15:05-.- if ur not coming
00:15:06Ckalle My animation was started
00:15:09Ckalle and he ran out
00:15:09FetAA IF i could
00:15:12Ckalle but I prolly didn't see him.
00:15:13FetAA bubble
00:15:14FetAA before he
00:15:15FetAA idiot
00:15:23-.- u really
00:15:23slc2 sf
00:15:23Ckalle FIGHT
00:15:23Ckalle ppl
00:15:23-.- should
00:15:23-.- learn to play
00:15:23slc2 inc
00:15:23-.- fetaa
00:15:23FetAA stfu
00:15:23slc2 got ult gogo
00:15:23FetAA u have
00:15:23FetAA no
00:15:23DSoul you are 3
00:15:23FetAA brains
00:15:23Ckalle ult = dead void
00:15:23Arapiles we kinda need new wards
00:15:23FetAA if u didnt
00:15:23-.- i was about to kill him
00:15:23FetAA see
00:15:23FetAA the
00:15:23-.- there
00:15:23FetAA situation
00:15:23-.- and u suck
00:15:23VictoriaJrocks i can
00:15:23-.- unfortunately
00:15:23VictoriaJrocks buy wards
00:15:23-.- :(
00:15:23FetAA even
00:15:23FetAA hes
00:15:23FetAA telling
00:15:23FetAA u
00:15:23-.- because he is so bad
00:15:23-.- player
00:15:23-.- :DDD
00:15:23-.- so bad*
00:15:23McNabb fetaa u sucks... always afk and wanking
00:15:23McNabb imba
00:15:23McNabb lvl
00:15:23McNabb 5
00:15:23McNabb plug
00:15:23McNabb :D
00:15:23slc2 who will leave for balance?
00:15:23-.- well
00:15:23-.- at
00:15:23-.- least
00:15:23-.- we
00:15:23-.- get
00:15:23-.- better player/hero
00:15:23Ckalle told u he's b-net skilled
00:15:23-.- off
00:15:23slc2 who will leave for balance?
00:15:23Arapiles any1 who dont wanna play?
00:15:23Arapiles cs slc2 ?
00:15:23slc2 alot:D
00:15:23Arapiles kk
00:15:23VictoriaJrocks i got 42
00:15:23Ckalle 13.
00:15:23VictoriaJrocks so probably
00:15:23VictoriaJrocks more
00:15:23slc2 jeg skal bruge den x jeg får for det her game baby
00:15:23McNabb u have trouble budby?
00:15:23-.- where
00:15:23Arapiles rly happy with this TC
00:15:23McNabb someone at u
00:15:23DSoul :)
00:15:23Ckalle I can go if u want me 2
00:15:23Arapiles so i find it hard to ask him
00:15:23-.- cant c
00:15:23-.- what
00:15:23-.- u type
00:15:23Ckalle tho I think
00:15:23McNabb someone
00:15:23Arapiles no u stay ckalle
00:15:23Ckalle I'm useful for the team
00:15:23McNabb next
00:15:23McNabb to
00:15:23McNabb u
00:15:23Arapiles y stay
00:15:23Arapiles hmm
00:15:23-.- o yea
00:15:23-.- lucifer
00:15:23Ckalle zeus easy to control
00:15:23Arapiles true
00:15:23-.- inside of me
00:15:23-.- basically
00:15:23-.- :D
00:15:23Ckalle just press W and ure all set
00:15:23Ckalle ^^
00:15:23McNabb u gonna die?
00:15:23-.- no
00:15:23Arapiles what items do you have dsoul?
00:15:23-.- come kill
00:15:23McNabb k
00:15:23slc2 i nuke 3 of thos guys
00:15:23FetAA well tiny
00:15:23FetAA and
00:15:24FetAA grandmagus
00:15:24FetAA pwned
00:15:24FetAA top
00:15:24McNabb balance
00:15:24Arapiles -ii
00:15:24DSoul -ii
00:15:24Arapiles sec
00:15:24VictoriaJrocks -ii
00:15:24slc2 -ii
00:15:24slc2 -ii
00:15:24Ckalle keep WD for wards tbh
00:15:24Arapiles slc2 sry gotta ask you
00:15:24FetAA obvious zeus
00:15:24FetAA what hes thinking
00:15:24slc2 i leave?
00:15:24Arapiles y
00:15:24Arapiles sry
00:15:39Arapiles some1 want arcan boots?
00:15:44Ckalle no luck
00:15:47Ckalle no luck at all
00:15:54FetAA why never backtrack :()
00:16:11rezcomo -unlock
00:16:13FetAA can i get treads
00:16:13-.- come top
00:16:14FetAA from
00:16:14-.- tiny
00:16:16FetAA grand magus
00:16:17Ckalle sell mana boots?
00:16:17McNabb y
00:16:22Arapiles tc take imo
00:16:28DSoul well ok
00:16:28rezcomo w8
00:17:14Arapiles push
00:17:21-.- damn i gotta calculate the creepspawn time better
00:17:21-.- :D
00:17:49Arapiles b
00:17:53Arapiles or go
00:18:06-.- TINY FFS
00:18:07-.- CANT U STUN
00:18:08-.- sooner
00:18:11Arapiles b
00:18:26VictoriaJrocks invi void top
00:18:28-.- where are your boots
00:18:29-.- tiny
00:18:30-.- seriously
00:18:39rezcomo look in my utem
00:18:44rezcomo my boots are there
00:18:46-.- oh yea
00:18:48rezcomo glass mate
00:18:50-.- my bad this time
00:19:05-.- shit i raped mid so bad
00:19:06-.- and now suck
00:19:07-.- T_T
00:19:30rezcomo now i ward we dont die we win
00:19:56McNabb b
00:19:58-.- y
00:20:17McNabb me
00:20:20rezcomo sorryy
00:20:36FetAA sf too brave
00:20:39-.- really void?
00:20:41-.- why leave again
00:20:42-.- srsly
00:20:44Arapiles gj
00:20:47-.- ah
00:20:47DSoul u2
00:20:48-.- no mana
00:20:49-.- zzz
00:20:53FetAA u have manabaras
00:20:55DSoul shiva good?
00:20:59Arapiles y
00:21:01-.- didnt check
00:21:10Arapiles lets take mid
00:21:28McNabb 300 from dagger
00:21:31McNabb really need it
00:21:37McNabb def
00:21:39rezcomo mid all
00:21:50Arapiles next also
00:22:52-.- is there a possibily
00:22:54-.- that u would not
00:22:56-.- suck so mutch
00:22:57-.- tiny
00:23:07DSoul -ii
00:23:10-.- how fucking hard
00:23:10-.- is it
00:23:11-.- to stun
00:23:12-.- tc
00:23:15DSoul -ii off
00:23:22DSoul :/
00:23:24McNabb got dagger
00:23:26rezcomo a sure thing is next time i wont tp to help u tard always ganked
00:23:35-.- learn to help
00:23:37-.- then help
00:23:40-.- i dont need when u just feed
00:23:47Arapiles need towers & rosh
00:23:49-.- twice already
00:23:50rezcomo learn to dont feed and play carry
00:23:51-.- when u stun wrong hero
00:24:14Ckalle wow
00:24:14DSoul ffs
00:24:17DSoul -.-
00:24:18McNabb need all
00:24:19-.- i just want to know
00:24:19Ckalle wtf was that
00:24:20DSoul twice
00:24:22-.- why do u stun anyone else
00:24:23-.- than tc
00:24:28-.- when he is casting stun
00:24:30DSoul i thought ancient appeared
00:24:32McNabb budby tp
00:24:32DSoul but it didnt
00:24:33McNabb top
00:24:33DSoul sry
00:24:34FetAA we cant stop them
00:24:41-.- no
00:24:42Arapiles mid
00:24:52FetAA me plz
00:24:56FetAA oko
00:24:57FetAA carrier
00:25:06Ckalle Phat HP
00:25:06rezcomo mid
00:25:06Ckalle on me
00:25:08FetAA def mid
00:25:09Ckalle need armor tho
00:25:36VictoriaJrocks void on cliff
00:26:12VictoriaJrocks wtf my hero stand still :
00:26:21McNabb hard 3v4
00:26:24Ckalle yeah
00:26:27Ckalle it's the new ult
00:26:32Ckalle bind your hero to a button
00:26:41-.- lvl8 tiny
00:26:42-.- stronk
00:26:48Ckalle cus when u ult u get ward as target
00:26:56Ckalle so that u can control who to attack
00:27:02rezcomo did u check ur mid my friend?
00:27:04VictoriaJrocks xD i know that
00:27:06VictoriaJrocks after i casked void
00:27:07-.- my mid?
00:27:24Arapiles lets do rosh
00:27:37Arapiles come rosh
00:27:49Arapiles doom come rosh
00:27:51McNabb wards
00:28:14VictoriaJrocks oh yea you got heart
00:28:15FetAA me bot farm
00:28:21Ckalle yep
00:28:27DSoul cs?
00:28:34Ckalle just 97
00:28:40FetAA hex invo :s
00:28:42FetAA so fat
00:28:43FetAA this noob
00:29:01Arapiles lets go push
00:29:09Arapiles push mid
00:29:10-.- i point my finger @ tiny
00:29:33Arapiles go mid
00:29:33DSoul gj
00:29:34McNabb why u go alone?
00:29:42-.- u mean why i go take rune?
00:29:46FetAA y
00:29:48FetAA whjy
00:29:54-.- yeah whatever
00:29:56-.- u say
00:29:59rezcomo i dont wanna tell where u can put ur finger
00:30:05FetAA :DD
00:30:09Arapiles tc stay behind
00:30:13-.- theres one place where it fits perfectly
00:30:15VictoriaJrocks vois is away
00:30:15-.- up your nose
00:30:19VictoriaJrocks without tp
00:30:29VictoriaJrocks he got tp nowe
00:30:35rezcomo i thought
00:30:38Ckalle spread
00:30:40rezcomo u more creative
00:30:47-.- u just jelaous
00:30:50-.- because of my creativeness
00:31:04McNabb I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:31:28FetAA use magus
00:32:36FetAA bkb waste or?
00:32:40FetAA hex and shit :s
00:32:41FetAA wd
00:32:42FetAA i do it
00:33:18Arapiles care guys
00:33:36Ckalle soon radi
00:34:08FetAA can some1 farm bot
00:34:09FetAA and
00:34:10FetAA shit
00:34:11McNabb HAHAHHAHAAH
00:34:17McNabb he cant even hit
00:34:24FetAA can u upg chick tiny?
00:34:25FetAA or tide
00:35:08Arapiles got scepter now
00:35:12DSoul got shiva
00:35:14McNabb banned
00:35:20rezcomo didnt thought
00:35:21Ckalle radi in 300
00:35:29rezcomo i needed the lvl but btw
00:35:55Ckalle k let's end.
00:36:02DSoul mid?
00:36:08Ckalle fast
00:36:09Ckalle ye
00:36:12Arapiles reuse chick
00:36:13Ckalle before aegis goes away
00:36:25McNabb need all
00:36:25-.- back
00:36:32FetAA we dont push
00:36:35FetAA be passive
00:36:42Ckalle ignore them
00:36:43Ckalle and go end
00:36:45Arapiles tc stay behind
00:36:49DSoul kk
00:36:51Ckalle and stay spread out
00:36:52Ckalle everyone
00:36:52FetAA go base
00:38:17FetAA hex
00:38:17Ckalle why u run so far? :(
00:38:34Ckalle QQW
00:38:42Arapiles yy
00:38:44Arapiles ^^
00:38:48Ckalle ^^
00:38:58Ckalle rosh re
00:38:58Arapiles 1 sec from it
00:39:02-.- he plays well that ivoker
00:39:03Ckalle ye
00:39:07Ckalle I saw the orbs chaning
00:39:09Ckalle changing
00:39:18McNabb and im fucking tide
00:39:22McNabb Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:39:49McNabb they rosh
00:39:51-.- i just hate when i get too greedy
00:39:51Arapiles i changed my mind from tornado to invis and that split second cost me my life :)
00:39:53-.- after a great start
00:39:57-.- and suck afterwards
00:39:58Ckalle ye
00:39:59-.- happens a lot
00:40:03Ckalle I always do that ;(
00:40:05FetAA normal for me 2
00:40:10Ckalle that's why I wrote QQW
00:40:14FetAA not this game tho^^
00:40:15Ckalle cus I had the time to check for dusts
00:40:18Ckalle and they didn't have any
00:40:26DSoul sry
00:41:32FetAA no slot
00:41:37FetAA fight
00:41:40McNabb drop wand
00:41:44FetAA cd
00:41:46FetAA so cant drop
00:41:47FetAA now can
00:41:48rezcomo inco
00:41:55McNabb he is there
00:42:09McNabb :D:D:D:
00:42:16Arapiles omfg
00:42:16-.- well
00:42:17-.- got rax
00:42:19FetAA epic
00:42:22FetAA :D
00:42:23FetAA y
00:42:34-.- this was the turning point
00:42:35-.- of this game
00:42:38-.- 7uite possibly
00:43:23VictoriaJrocks dd
00:43:47McNabb void
00:43:48McNabb dd
00:43:48Arapiles gather
00:43:55DSoul push top?
00:44:02FetAA no chronos yet
00:44:16DSoul def bot
00:44:20McNabb dont like u going alone sf
00:44:23Arapiles gather
00:44:45Arapiles go via mid?
00:44:45McNabb gather
00:44:48DSoul what agha gives to invo?
00:44:50FetAA they smoke gang mby
00:44:52Arapiles speed
00:44:53McNabb y
00:44:57Arapiles to invoke
00:44:58FetAA i need 200 and go
00:44:59DSoul k
00:45:18Arapiles ok top push
00:45:36Arapiles need to end game soon
00:45:37-.- mid?
00:45:39McNabb y
00:45:58VictoriaJrocks even if tide ulti fails fetaa can come and collect
00:46:00rezcomo radi luci
00:46:04McNabb no shit
00:46:07FetAA :DD
00:46:08VictoriaJrocks tp mid?
00:46:10Arapiles push imo
00:46:13-.- go finish mid
00:46:15-.- if they push top
00:46:15rezcomo for dagger lalz
00:46:18-.- we strongar
00:46:21Ckalle void no scroll
00:46:24-.- finish
00:46:26DSoul we got glyph soon
00:46:29VictoriaJrocks they dnnt have
00:46:30VictoriaJrocks any of em liek
00:46:33FetAA ok lads
00:46:45-.- or
00:46:46-.- go back
00:46:46Ckalle IGNORE
00:46:47-.- i think
00:46:50Ckalle RUSH BASE
00:46:50Ckalle FFS
00:46:57FetAA nah
00:46:57Ckalle they win cus u rax
00:46:57McNabb no tp
00:46:57FetAA do manta
00:46:59VictoriaJrocks thats backdooring ;O
00:47:06DSoul nope
00:47:19FetAA easy
00:47:19Ckalle gg wp
00:47:20McNabb close:D::D:D:
00:47:30Arapiles gg
00:47:32Arapiles wp
00:47:33DSoul gg
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