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85% | 1451 X | 1445 TS

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84% | 1405 X | 1469 TS

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69% | 1338 X | 1372 TS

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100% | 1867 X | 1584 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04SlikposeN cd
00:00:04FetAA -cd
00:00:10TOo_LaZy i want alche mb
00:00:13ZarD ban techies please
00:00:15eD_gEin -don
00:00:16eD_gEin -ii
00:00:16ZarD So our cap wont pick
00:00:19Euforia give techies
00:00:28TOo_LaZy pudge es aclhe
00:00:28TOo_LaZy wow
00:00:32SlikposeN wow?
00:00:35FireMal and cap plzz pick heoes we whant and can play
00:00:35Razer.RGC.666.Q tuskar on tri lane?
00:00:42TOo_LaZy many nice heroeS?
00:00:45FireMal playable heros plz
00:00:46TOo_LaZy rubick
00:00:46TOo_LaZy etc
00:00:51FireMal lol pudge
00:00:55FireMal and es lich not banned
00:00:58FireMal noob banns
00:01:13TOo_LaZy who plays it
00:01:13FireMal me lich
00:01:23Planktoni giev pudge?
00:01:36FireMal bane storm/ alch clock and dk
00:01:42ZarD sf imod lich med cm aura
00:01:43ZarD go ff
00:01:44FireMal thats heros i can play
00:01:47SlikposeN lich
00:01:47SlikposeN går
00:01:48SlikposeN ikke
00:01:48TOo_LaZy stfu
00:01:48SlikposeN mid
00:01:49TOo_LaZy niggar
00:01:49SlikposeN din
00:01:50SlikposeN noob
00:01:51ZarD wanna bet?
00:01:53SlikposeN ja
00:01:53SlikposeN ok
00:01:56ZarD 1 ddollar
00:02:10TOo_LaZy sk not picked :D
00:02:17SlikposeN ok
00:02:20Zagor i want lesh
00:02:21FireMal sand king
00:02:22FireMal plzz
00:02:24FireMal sandking
00:02:24Zagor or sm
00:02:25TOo_LaZy gimme alche/panda
00:02:26TOo_LaZy :D
00:02:30Zagor cm*
00:02:32Planktoni budge
00:02:32FireMal sandking is imba imo plzz pick sk
00:02:36TOo_LaZy or do whatever
00:02:37TOo_LaZy u want
00:02:38TOo_LaZy actually
00:02:47FetAA im doom
00:02:53eD_gEin im gonna pick whatever hero I want
00:02:55FetAA i think alche last
00:02:55FireMal me sk or licj
00:03:01TOo_LaZy pudge
00:03:01TOo_LaZy is good
00:03:02TOo_LaZy too
00:03:03TOo_LaZy i gues
00:03:04TOo_LaZy :D
00:03:08Euforia -.
00:03:09Euforia -.-
00:03:09eD_gEin dusa for me then
00:03:20FetAA hmm o ther carry than dusa
00:03:21FireMal tank again
00:03:21Planktoni some range last?
00:03:23SlikposeN pudge techie top
00:03:26SlikposeN sf mid
00:03:27SlikposeN rest bot
00:03:30Zagor im cm
00:03:31TOo_LaZy u sf?
00:03:31FireMal ¨bane ?
00:03:32eD_gEin -_-
00:03:33SlikposeN y
00:03:34TOo_LaZy k
00:03:35FetAA any1 leshrac good?
00:03:41Zagor i can lesh
00:03:44eD_gEin im taking doom
00:03:47SlikposeN bang
00:03:54FireMal im sk
00:03:58FireMal or lich
00:04:00FetAA ?
00:04:02FetAA idiot purple
00:04:04Razer.RGC.666.Q -swap 48
00:04:06Razer.RGC.666.Q -swap 4
00:04:07eD_gEin idc I said dusa
00:04:08TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:04:08ZarD ?
00:04:09TOo_LaZy -di
00:04:10eD_gEin you pick leshrac
00:04:11TOo_LaZy lal
00:04:12Razer.RGC.666.Q pudge
00:04:13Razer.RGC.666.Q v4ar
00:04:14Razer.RGC.666.Q min
00:04:14FetAA ok ur enemy woods
00:04:18Razer.RGC.666.Q aflever
00:04:20Razer.RGC.666.Q e
00:04:20ZarD Kan intet høre, no deal!
00:04:25TOo_LaZy i can do
00:04:25Zagor blue u play?
00:04:25TOo_LaZy es
00:04:26Razer.RGC.666.Q er ligeglad
00:04:26FireMal purple whant sk ?
00:04:27TOo_LaZy i u want
00:04:27eD_gEin Sorry but I'm not an idiot.
00:04:27Planktoni pick ur heroes
00:04:29Razer.RGC.666.Q bare spørg lapper
00:04:31TOo_LaZy razer
00:04:31Razer.RGC.666.Q gi mig pudge
00:04:33ZarD Lol
00:04:35FetAA doom go enemywoods
00:04:36SlikposeN all in
00:04:37TOo_LaZy ok whatever
00:04:39Razer.RGC.666.Q HIT MED DEN
00:04:42ZarD -swap 5
00:04:42Zagor i can both
00:04:43ZarD sut
00:04:47SlikposeN i søde
00:04:51FireMal fetaa you play sk better then lich ?
00:04:51SlikposeN når i sure
00:04:55ZarD husk chick.
00:04:58FetAA i can lich solo mid
00:05:01Razer.RGC.666.Q ER DET MIG?
00:05:02FetAA hmm
00:05:04FireMal -swap
00:05:05eD_gEin apparently you want to lose this game feta
00:05:05ZarD <3
00:05:05SlikposeN :D
00:05:06eD_gEin hf
00:05:07FetAA chicken wards
00:05:07TOo_LaZy pudge
00:05:07FireMal -swap 1
00:05:07Euforia -.-
00:05:08Razer.RGC.666.Q -.-
00:05:08TOo_LaZy chick
00:05:09SlikposeN -ii
00:05:09TOo_LaZy i ban u
00:05:10TOo_LaZy now
00:05:11TOo_LaZy sorry
00:05:13TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:05:13TOo_LaZy -di
00:05:14Razer.RGC.666.Q kunne i sgu da godt ha sagt
00:05:14FetAA näh
00:05:14FireMal then lich mid
00:05:17FetAA im mid with sk
00:05:19SlikposeN prøvede
00:05:20TOo_LaZy coz u talk ur shitty language mainly
00:05:25Euforia chicken
00:05:27SlikposeN your dk aswell
00:05:28SlikposeN xD
00:05:34TOo_LaZy whwre
00:05:35TOo_LaZy is chicken
00:05:36FetAA well ok
00:05:37Planktoni ?
00:05:38TOo_LaZy u are banned pudge
00:05:39TOo_LaZy !
00:05:39TOo_LaZy :)
00:05:44Razer.RGC.666.Q oh no
00:05:44Razer.RGC.666.Q please
00:05:45Razer.RGC.666.Q dont
00:05:45FetAA lich u haven o items
00:05:51FireMal i have on chick
00:05:58FireMal chick on way
00:05:59FetAA gank mid al ot
00:07:14ZarD 2 retards
00:07:17FireMal duble kill for sjk
00:07:18FireMal sk
00:07:18Zagor jhate those ministuns
00:07:24Razer.RGC.666.Q in here
00:07:29Zagor ss 2
00:07:31TOo_LaZy i took rune bot
00:07:46eD_gEin wp feta
00:07:51FetAA /care
00:07:53FetAA ur the one who took my hero
00:07:59eD_gEin I just took doom
00:08:01eD_gEin Not ur hero
00:08:10FetAA yes i said doom for me
00:08:16eD_gEin That doesnt mean its urs :)
00:08:25eD_gEin as I took it, its my hero
00:08:27eD_gEin to bad huh
00:08:37Zagor shut up doom
00:08:39Planktoni ss
00:08:39ZarD .
00:08:50Euforia ...
00:08:52Euforia be less obvious
00:08:55FireMal lesh dont auto
00:09:03Zagor was writing
00:09:17FetAA come kill mid
00:09:37FetAA let me rune
00:09:38Planktoni coming ith full speed
00:09:42Euforia ss
00:09:43FetAA mee tuolt
00:09:46TOo_LaZy firemal sucks cock
00:09:54Zagor ss 2
00:09:57Zagor care
00:10:03Zagor ss 2
00:10:07Zagor re
00:10:11FireMal but you suck my balls
00:10:13FetAA go gank bot now
00:10:14FetAA cm
00:11:16FireMal y i suck cock
00:11:18TOo_LaZy yes
00:11:20TOo_LaZy u lasthited
00:11:20ZarD You do.
00:11:21TOo_LaZy wow
00:11:24TOo_LaZy u do hard
00:11:40FireMal hows the tase of my balls
00:11:48Zagor gay
00:11:49TOo_LaZy kill em
00:11:50Razer.RGC.666.Q upg chick?
00:11:52FireMal haha
00:11:56FetAA venaa
00:12:01FireMal no homo
00:12:07Planktoni hups
00:12:20Zagor kill lich
00:12:24Razer.RGC.666.Q denie
00:12:25TOo_LaZy ss
00:12:27Razer.RGC.666.Q noob
00:12:43TOo_LaZy sec
00:12:44TOo_LaZy wait
00:12:48ZarD wait for my lvl 6
00:12:52Zagor ss 2
00:13:07Zagor re
00:13:26FetAA ss sf
00:13:35Planktoni tehcie lvl 6
00:13:35FetAA ss sf with rune
00:13:35eD_gEin ss pudge
00:13:35FetAA care
00:13:46TOo_LaZy :D
00:13:51TOo_LaZy i did
00:13:52TOo_LaZy shittty
00:13:56FireMal ^^
00:14:07Euforia ss
00:14:16Planktoni tuuks?
00:14:26FetAA why dont u guys tp
00:14:27Planktoni tp
00:14:33FetAA instataa es
00:15:01FetAA :DD sehä meni hyvi
00:15:03FireMal b
00:15:05Planktoni joo o
00:15:06FetAA well lich leshrac
00:15:10FetAA u even had 1
00:15:19FetAA wtf u doing
00:15:32FireMal why didnt you b
00:15:46Euforia pls
00:15:51FireMal miss bot
00:16:09FetAA omw
00:16:12FetAA tii ,im öip
00:16:16Planktoni noh
00:16:28FireMal come
00:16:46ZarD Hi
00:16:48Euforia no assist
00:16:52TOo_LaZy :DD
00:16:52FireMal gj
00:16:54ZarD weird ye
00:17:00TOo_LaZy hm
00:17:02TOo_LaZy whatever
00:17:37Planktoni invi pudge
00:17:45FetAA def otp
00:17:50ZarD tt
00:17:54Euforia let top push
00:18:20FetAA SURE
00:18:23FireMal fucking sf
00:18:26TOo_LaZy omfg
00:18:28TOo_LaZy this noob
00:18:29TOo_LaZy pudge
00:18:29TOo_LaZy fuck u
00:18:43FetAA doom and kill 1?
00:18:49FetAA wtf is this doing
00:19:14TOo_LaZy :D
00:19:29ZarD Fetaa
00:19:30ZarD HHJAHAHA
00:20:06FetAA well hes yaphetS
00:20:13ZarD gj
00:20:28FireMal fail pudge got me
00:20:32FireMal i were coming mid
00:20:36FireMal but this fucking pudge
00:20:39ZarD mid tower
00:21:24TOo_LaZy u got
00:21:24TOo_LaZy s
00:21:27FireMal cm didnt
00:21:31Planktoni lol
00:21:32FireMal frost
00:21:34FireMal ffsk
00:21:43FetAA :DD
00:21:44TOo_LaZy :D
00:21:59Euforia share?
00:22:40FireMal oom
00:22:56Zagor pudge
00:23:05FireMal go clok
00:23:07FireMal clock
00:23:18FireMal fuck me
00:23:32FireMal all gather
00:23:36FireMal dont go solo plz
00:23:40FireMal only way we can win
00:23:42FireMal but doom
00:23:44FireMal not here
00:23:45FetAA this lost alrdy
00:23:47FetAA doom useless too
00:23:55FetAA he dosent even skill falmes
00:24:28FetAA "OK"
00:24:50TOo_LaZy i hate my hero
00:24:50TOo_LaZy :S
00:24:56TOo_LaZy in this game
00:24:58TOo_LaZy crix ulti
00:25:00TOo_LaZy kills me
00:25:01TOo_LaZy leshrac
00:25:03TOo_LaZy kills me
00:25:10Euforia battery cancels sk
00:25:17FireMal come
00:25:19FetAA we need mechanism and shit
00:25:20FireMal lets gather
00:25:20Euforia 'share
00:25:20FetAA tank items
00:25:21Euforia wtf
00:25:21FetAA for every1
00:25:22FetAA we too weak
00:25:23Planktoni 5vs5 we stand a chance
00:25:30FireMal all together
00:25:36FetAA come
00:25:36FetAA gather
00:25:43FireMal push mid
00:25:45SlikposeN ??
00:25:47TOo_LaZy go push a lane?
00:25:47Euforia share
00:25:48Euforia coruier
00:25:50SlikposeN cant do
00:25:51FetAA doom no there
00:25:54SlikposeN someone uses my hero
00:25:55Euforia cant
00:25:55Euforia do
00:26:18TOo_LaZy lol
00:26:20TOo_LaZy and al times
00:26:21TOo_LaZy like this
00:26:25TOo_LaZy i do nice jumps but still
00:26:26TOo_LaZy suicidal
00:26:45FireMal fuck
00:26:49eD_gEin fat retard
00:26:53FireMal we should b after we cot some kills
00:27:23FireMal it dont matter if i die ass long as the carry lives but when the carry is dead
00:27:33TOo_LaZy fuck this game
00:27:34TOo_LaZy so oring
00:27:40Planktoni i go meka
00:27:51Zagor i go jango
00:28:28eD_gEin CM
00:28:30eD_gEin YOU
00:28:31eD_gEin 'FUCK'
00:28:31eD_gEin HEAD
00:28:32Planktoni ks!
00:28:37FireMal come close to me for maa
00:28:39FireMal mana
00:28:50eD_gEin IKS
00:28:51eD_gEin KS
00:28:51TOo_LaZy ggg
00:28:52TOo_LaZy this shit
00:28:52TOo_LaZy pick
00:28:54TOo_LaZy shit capitan
00:28:55TOo_LaZy suicidal
00:28:56TOo_LaZy goes
00:28:57TOo_LaZy only
00:29:00TOo_LaZy why vs these heroes
00:29:02TOo_LaZy u pick me such shit
00:29:05FetAA go take more towers
00:29:06ZarD lol
00:29:24TOo_LaZy fisnish
00:29:24TOo_LaZy tower
00:29:25TOo_LaZy noion
00:29:26TOo_LaZy noob
00:29:37FireMal doom come mana
00:29:37SlikposeN why the fuck are u
00:29:40FetAA jos se ultaa siihe mihi tpt :D
00:29:43SlikposeN worst player in team
00:29:45SlikposeN and your grey
00:29:47FetAA kill mid i ulti
00:29:47SlikposeN stop ditching me
00:29:49TOo_LaZy coz u suck me penis
00:29:51Planktoni ajattelin et lehs ehtii stunaa sen
00:29:53eD_gEin cd ulti
00:29:53Zagor denie
00:29:56eD_gEin 10sec
00:30:00eD_gEin nvm
00:30:01eD_gEin :)
00:30:03FireMal nvm
00:30:04Euforia can u stop that
00:30:07FireMal you took him
00:30:11ZarD no
00:30:20ZarD sf pushes all lanes, have to get some farm
00:30:24Euforia stop following me and ruining my farm
00:30:29Euforia i place mines and u just stun
00:30:32Euforia sigh
00:30:35ZarD I get the creeps
00:30:45ZarD So not like they\re ruined.
00:31:12TOo_LaZy why u pinged
00:31:13FireMal sry
00:31:13TOo_LaZy there?
00:31:34FireMal come to me for mana
00:31:35Planktoni push bot
00:31:39FireMal going to sk for mana
00:31:57FetAA carry tps
00:32:08FetAA this and b
00:32:15eD_gEin buy a Tp then feta..
00:32:38FireMal b
00:32:38FireMal b
00:32:38FireMal b
00:32:38FireMal b
00:32:39FireMal bb
00:32:39FireMal b
00:32:39FireMal b
00:32:39FireMal b
00:32:40FireMal b
00:32:40FireMal b
00:32:41FireMal b
00:33:11FetAA ok go gang
00:33:23FetAA illu?
00:33:25FetAA no
00:33:39FetAA stupid clock
00:33:50FireMal lich dagger ?
00:33:53FireMal feta ?
00:33:58Zagor aghanim
00:34:04FetAA do pipe
00:34:04FireMal feta
00:34:04TOo_LaZy i fuck this game
00:34:06TOo_LaZy with this cap
00:34:06TOo_LaZy solo
00:34:07FetAA or mechanism
00:34:09TOo_LaZy playing and all team also
00:34:10FetAA we need those
00:34:11TOo_LaZy no smoke no shit
00:34:13FireMal not aga first
00:34:13TOo_LaZy fuck u all
00:34:14FetAA cm mecha
00:34:16FetAA so do pipe
00:34:18FetAA no pipe importnat
00:34:34Euforia bla bla
00:35:04FetAA u need some hp lich
00:35:08FetAA pipe is good then agha
00:35:09FetAA or smthing
00:35:11FetAA buy ogreaxe
00:35:15FetAA pipe plus ogreaxe
00:35:25FetAA go gank or ?
00:35:28FetAA we need ward at roshan
00:35:30Planktoni y
00:35:35FireMal fuck this pudge
00:35:39FetAA ur too weak to be alone..
00:35:42FetAA just stick with some1
00:35:46FireMal i whent in for ring asshole got a kil
00:35:55FireMal i now but i need to buy stuf
00:36:01FireMal 75 from ring
00:36:02FetAA use flyign
00:36:36FetAA ah forcestaff
00:36:38eD_gEin ye
00:36:50Euforia I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:52FireMal just need 7gold
00:36:53TOo_LaZy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:15Planktoni get gem
00:37:17Planktoni ?
00:37:21FetAA w
00:37:24FetAA when we start pushing
00:37:25FetAA get gem
00:37:26FetAA not yet
00:37:35Zagor go smoke
00:37:35Euforia share
00:37:36Euforia courier
00:37:44TOo_LaZy iddi flying
00:37:49FetAA lol failz
00:37:55FireMal solo ^^
00:38:07Planktoni b
00:38:33FetAA b :D
00:38:36FetAA nojoo
00:38:36FetAA :D
00:38:45FetAA ulti lich
00:38:52FetAA b rest
00:38:53FetAA LICH
00:38:58FetAA just b
00:38:59FetAA ?
00:39:09ZarD yes
00:39:09ZarD drop
00:39:09Planktoni hitto
00:39:09Planktoni smoke meni
00:39:09FireMal failpick techies
00:39:09ZarD !drop
00:39:09Planktoni koitin paeta sillä
00:39:09ZarD !please
00:39:09Planktoni i balance?
00:39:09eD_gEin NO
00:39:09eD_gEin lol
00:39:09FireMal what then
00:39:09FetAA TACTICAL
00:39:09eD_gEin fetaa decides
00:39:09Planktoni imo lich can't balance
00:39:09Razer.RGC.666.Q ZZZ
00:39:09FetAA well this sucks bit
00:39:09eD_gEin zagor can balance
00:39:09Razer.RGC.666.Q zZZ
00:39:09ZarD This is only justice
00:39:09FireMal y
00:39:09ZarD Techies gone
00:39:09ZarD More balaned
00:39:09ZarD Balanced
00:39:09FetAA leshrac is our push
00:39:09FetAA power
00:39:09eD_gEin and our feeder
00:39:09Planktoni i go?
00:39:09FireMal what about the feeder no rylia need you for roams
00:39:09ZarD Skulle du ikke have en reaktionsuddannelse thomas?
00:39:09Razer.RGC.666.Q fandme nej
00:39:09FireMal me or zagor
00:39:09ZarD :)
00:39:09TOo_LaZy i balance ok
00:39:09TOo_LaZy ?
00:39:09ZarD Var det fint
00:39:09ZarD til
00:39:09FireMal bot imo im not feeder
00:39:09FetAA no ketä nyt
00:39:09FetAA lähtee
00:39:09FetAA zz
00:39:09ZarD værnepligt
00:39:09FireMal haha he will have me kicked
00:39:09Razer.RGC.666.Q det var da ok
00:39:09Planktoni no ihan sama
00:39:09FireMal he hates me
00:39:09Planktoni kaikki on nukeejia
00:39:09Razer.RGC.666.Q ikke noget at råbe hurra for, men fint nok
00:39:09ZarD Nej tænkte det nok
00:39:09FireMal ok you balance
00:39:09ZarD men så længe det ikke er noget lort
00:39:09ZarD lort
00:39:09TOo_LaZy Pudge should have hook like this and i should have pudges hook
00:39:09Planktoni arvo lich tai lesh
00:39:09FireMal english plz
00:39:09ZarD ?
00:39:09TOo_LaZy i mean
00:39:09Planktoni lich makes more damage insta
00:39:09TOo_LaZy pudge should hook TO SOME1
00:39:09Planktoni lesh for longet time
00:39:09TOo_LaZy and i should hook some1 to me
00:39:09TOo_LaZy swap the hooks
00:39:09TOo_LaZy coz pudge moar hp has rot and that other shit
00:39:09TOo_LaZy i would hook some1 to me make cog
00:39:09TOo_LaZy explosions
00:39:09TOo_LaZy :D
00:39:12ZarD balance.
00:39:12TOo_LaZy firemal
00:39:12TOo_LaZy u go
00:39:12Razer.RGC.666.Q -switch
00:39:12FetAA hey
00:39:12TOo_LaZy sorry
00:39:12FetAA who
00:39:12SlikposeN BALANCE
00:39:12FetAA balances
00:39:12ZarD Ed_gein
00:39:12Planktoni päätä sä
00:39:12FetAA vote?
00:39:12ZarD leave
00:39:12FetAA leshrac go
00:39:12FireMal yeah bote
00:39:12SlikposeN i would balance edgein
00:39:12TOo_LaZy firemal
00:39:12TOo_LaZy leaves
00:39:12FireMal se he hates me
00:39:12Zagor i go?
00:39:12TOo_LaZy U NOOB
00:39:12FetAA y
00:39:12TOo_LaZy WE DONT NEED U
00:39:12FireMal why couze i killed you 10 times
00:39:12FetAA sry
00:39:13Razer.RGC.666.Q we win anyway
00:39:27FetAA yy tactical drop gg
00:39:38FetAA lich gets items and get pipe
00:39:39FetAA w8
00:39:42FetAA letsee what he has
00:39:46FetAA hmm
00:39:47FetAA endurance
00:39:49FetAA for cm
00:39:50FireMal can i have drums
00:39:50Planktoni i get jango?
00:39:56FireMal and urn for me
00:40:20Planktoni go with smoke?
00:40:23FetAA y
00:40:24FetAA and get
00:40:25FetAA pipe fast
00:40:27Planktoni gahter
00:40:29eD_gEin getting radi
00:40:35FetAA go with pipe after
00:40:57FetAA sell mana bbots
00:40:57eD_gEin -ms
00:41:05eD_gEin get treads
00:41:14FetAA dont go basen ow
00:41:15FetAA come with us
00:41:18Planktoni smoke
00:41:20FetAA we go with smoke
00:41:21FetAA come luci
00:41:25FetAA luc
00:41:38FetAA well hesb
00:41:42FetAA lol
00:41:42FetAA cheater
00:42:06FireMal fuck mines
00:42:10FetAA that was bad
00:42:10eD_gEin b
00:42:26FireMal couze ppl were disturbed
00:42:31FireMal didnt now were to go
00:42:38FireMal and smoke didnt work
00:42:47eD_gEin smoke worked
00:42:51FetAA fuckiung unfair "drop"
00:42:51eD_gEin it wears off when u are spotted by a player
00:42:56eD_gEin and u guys failed to see him in the forest.
00:43:19FetAA firemal
00:43:22FetAA sell manab oots
00:43:24FetAA buy pipe
00:43:33FireMal k
00:43:43FetAA and use it..
00:43:46FetAA in fight
00:43:47FireMal now ?
00:43:53TOo_LaZy why dp share
00:43:53TOo_LaZy chick
00:43:54eD_gEin btw
00:43:57eD_gEin iuf u find a centaur
00:43:57FireMal y mean in fights
00:43:58eD_gEin tell me
00:43:59TOo_LaZy i made it flying
00:44:00eD_gEin need the stun
00:44:39FetAA :DD
00:45:00FireMal cm
00:45:00FireMal come
00:45:20FetAA :D
00:45:20FetAA why
00:45:25FetAA re go soon
00:46:07TOo_LaZy any1 makign seocnd bkb?
00:46:23TOo_LaZy i make it htne
00:46:40FireMal i bought mana boots again lol
00:46:49ZarD COME
00:46:50ZarD TARD
00:46:52FireMal was that fail or ?
00:47:06FetAA lets gather
00:47:11TOo_LaZy wow
00:47:12TOo_LaZy TARD
00:47:13TOo_LaZy FUCK U
00:47:21FetAA to me
00:47:22FetAA come
00:47:27TOo_LaZy tard
00:47:27FireMal wait
00:47:29FireMal for me
00:47:30TOo_LaZy ZARD TARD
00:47:31eD_gEin CM come?
00:47:34ZarD WTF
00:47:36ZarD CANT BLINK
00:47:53FireMal cm b
00:48:10FireMal b
00:48:15Planktoni i get blink too
00:48:25FireMal shall i get blink to ?
00:48:40FetAA come with gem
00:48:45FireMal y
00:48:47eD_gEin pudge also got a gem
00:48:47FetAA fucking stupid they use techies better now
00:48:52ZarD rosh
00:48:53FireMal are they allowed to use leaver
00:48:53ZarD come smoke
00:48:57ZarD lol
00:48:58FetAA yes
00:48:58ZarD fail
00:48:59FetAA stupid rules
00:49:03SlikposeN bare os
00:49:04SlikposeN kom
00:49:25FireMal fail
00:49:32eD_gEin ¨HOWTHEFUCK
00:49:34Planktoni cm too fat
00:49:36FireMal feta
00:49:40FetAA GATHER plz
00:49:41FetAA all 5
00:49:42FetAA now
00:49:43Planktoni ye
00:49:43FetAA go mid
00:49:44FetAA pudge dead
00:49:46FireMal look i have mana boots and treads wich should i sell
00:49:54FetAA just come
00:49:54Planktoni mana
00:49:55ZarD gå eth
00:50:08FetAA cm front
00:50:12TOo_LaZy end it?
00:50:13TOo_LaZy so boring
00:50:20TOo_LaZy gj guys
00:50:24eD_gEin destroy mines
00:50:32FetAA go
00:50:34FetAA i come from
00:50:50FireMal what a fail
00:51:07FireMal ¨they won this
00:52:06FetAA go mid now
00:52:07FetAA fast
00:52:08Planktoni yy
00:52:10FetAA pusha lrdy we come
00:52:16FetAA buy sentrys
00:52:20eD_gEin no gem
00:52:21TOo_LaZy make pipe
00:52:32FetAA push doom
00:52:38FetAA lich go mid
00:52:59FetAA go 45s
00:53:00FetAA GO fast mid
00:53:06FetAA doom go front
00:53:08FetAA i come with ulti
00:53:50eD_gEin ¨nice ulti sk
00:53:52eD_gEin -.-'
00:53:52FetAA :D
00:54:31ZarD GO BACK
00:54:32ZarD RETARD
00:54:41ZarD fucking
00:54:42ZarD moron
00:54:45TOo_LaZy FUCK U
00:54:48TOo_LaZy FUCKTARd
00:54:50TOo_LaZy SHITHEAD
00:54:50ZarD go leave
00:54:51ZarD please
00:54:55TOo_LaZy If u cant play decent
00:54:56TOo_LaZy normal
00:54:57TOo_LaZy game
00:54:57FetAA i need rege
00:54:58TOo_LaZy then fuck u
00:55:00Planktoni me2
00:55:02FireMal coming
00:55:04FireMal to reg u
00:55:09TOo_LaZy this cap famring all game
00:55:12TOo_LaZy and still got shit
00:55:19SlikposeN :D?
00:55:23SlikposeN look at my kills
00:55:24SlikposeN assist
00:55:27SlikposeN and i farm all game?
00:55:33TOo_LaZy im emo
00:55:34TOo_LaZy kid
00:55:35SlikposeN what u did was farm
00:55:36TOo_LaZy so YES
00:55:37SlikposeN no gangs
00:55:38SlikposeN no nothing
00:55:47TOo_LaZy lol every time i plug in
00:55:49TOo_LaZy all back off
00:55:53FetAA care
00:55:55TOo_LaZy whatever
00:55:58eD_gEin let me famr
00:56:01TOo_LaZy just ifnish it go smoke some weed
00:56:03TOo_LaZy to chill out
00:56:05FetAA 2 hours u have no items
00:56:19FetAA got shivas now
00:56:24Planktoni go ?
00:56:33FetAA thats why noobs dont go doom
00:56:36FetAA they cant farm
00:56:39FetAA i would have full bild
00:56:43FireMal come
00:56:45eD_gEin aw
00:56:48FetAA w8
00:56:54ZarD COME
00:56:55ZarD and smoke
00:57:01FireMal gem ?
00:57:15eD_gEin difference is, that if I farmed all game
00:57:20eD_gEin i would have 0 kills and 0 assist
00:57:22Planktoni he's going for anicents
00:57:22eD_gEin 0 deaths
00:57:24FetAA y
00:57:27FetAA i have 0 kill 0 deaths?
00:57:34eD_gEin you got 19 kills
00:57:37FetAA idd
00:57:39eD_gEin that means u farmed ppl not creeps
00:57:40FetAA still i farmed much
00:57:41eD_gEin Yeah
00:57:42ZarD Come
00:57:43ZarD HERE
00:57:43ZarD NOW
00:57:47FetAA still i have 200s?
00:57:57TOo_LaZy b
00:57:58TOo_LaZy def
00:58:01Planktoni lich armor
00:58:02eD_gEin well ur so good apply to MyM
00:58:04Planktoni const
00:58:10FetAA im good compared to u
00:58:11FetAA not
00:58:13FetAA to mym
00:58:14Planktoni llich armor
00:58:15eD_gEin 'i never play dota
00:58:15Planktoni give it
00:58:17eD_gEin so np Idc
00:58:21FetAA give armor to doom..
00:58:28Planktoni armor
00:58:30Planktoni to all
00:58:30FetAA aRMOR DOOM
00:58:37eD_gEin armoring myself.
00:58:38FetAA some1 baits
00:58:50FetAA why pipe
00:58:53FetAA wtf lich
00:58:56TOo_LaZy omfg
00:58:58FetAA well atelast no new mines
00:59:02FetAA destroy those
00:59:03FetAA cm
00:59:35FireMal take gem
00:59:43FetAA i gief up
00:59:46TOo_LaZy nob
00:59:47TOo_LaZy pudge
00:59:48TOo_LaZy again
00:59:49TOo_LaZy fuckign retard
01:00:17ZarD rosh er oppe
01:00:22ZarD top rax
01:00:22ZarD go
01:00:29FetAA gg
01:00:31FetAA too strong doom
01:00:34eD_gEin problem is you only focus on pushing mid
01:00:34Planktoni ye
01:00:40eD_gEin Yeah my fault u guys dont push other lanes before pushing mid
01:00:41FetAA nice drop ggz
01:00:41eD_gEin right
01:00:49eD_gEin ¨should have gotten twrs
01:00:52TOo_LaZy long tiem ago
01:00:53eD_gEin u you insisted on mid
01:01:02eD_gEin you earned the loss
01:01:05Planktoni we should have really fat doom by now
01:01:08Planktoni u really failed t his
01:01:09FetAA hes noob..
01:01:18TOo_LaZy ge t rosh
01:01:19TOo_LaZy and they ff
01:01:24Planktoni I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:27eD_gEin I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:27FetAA I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:29TOo_LaZy I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:01:32TOo_LaZy I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:01:33Razer.RGC.666.Q I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:35Razer.RGC.666.Q !ff
01:01:41Razer.RGC.666.Q I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:51FetAA imporant
01:01:57FetAA surpise
01:01:57FetAA ?!
01:01:58FetAA doom?
01:02:29TOo_LaZy b
01:02:35Planktoni -afk
01:02:43FireMal -afk
01:02:49FireMal b
01:02:49FireMal b
01:02:49FireMal b
01:03:00FireMal tp home
01:03:02FetAA nice tp lich
01:03:04Razer.RGC.666.Q giv mana
01:03:15FireMal what
01:03:34TOo_LaZy [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:34TOo_LaZy [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:34TOo_LaZy [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:34TOo_LaZy [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
01:03:34FireMal I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:53FireMal wtf
01:03:58FireMal why did he leave now
01:03:58Planktoni finish
01:04:02Planktoni 4xff
01:04:08FetAA throne
01:04:12SlikposeN omw
01:04:12TOo_LaZy left
01:04:14TOo_LaZy the game:D:D:D
01:04:22FireMal did we all ff
01:04:26Planktoni ye
01:04:28SlikposeN LESH
01:04:32SlikposeN Whoever uses him
01:04:35Planktoni damn u lesh!
01:04:41FireMal its me
01:04:44FireMal wh
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