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+2 TS

100% | 1844 X | 1733 TS

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76% | 1308 X | 1483 TS

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+3 TS

52% | 1196 X | 1322 TS

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49% | 1162 X | 1319 TS

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96% | 1574 X | 1620 TS

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86% | 1478 X | 1449 TS

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74% | 1318 X | 1442 TS

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57% | 1262 X | 1299 TS

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14% | 937 X | 1216 TS

Chat log

00:00:16jakkihirki mitäs meinasit?
00:00:18McNabb what u pick buugie?
00:00:18Buugi any1 aes dirge?
00:00:18Buugi es/dirge
00:00:18slc2 yea me
00:00:18Bct_Murder i want tiny
00:00:18FetAA entiiö
00:00:18slc2 i want ud
00:00:18Bct_Murder or es
00:00:18Buugi ok i give dirge
00:00:18slc2 or i can play rylai
00:00:18Xove whats da planilio`?
00:00:18Buugi axe
00:00:18jakkihirki rape and pillage
00:00:18slc2 why ban axe?
00:00:18Buugi jakkihirki is megapro with it
00:00:18McNabb zombies
00:00:18xenix- ban bs
00:00:18zonskass buugi your score now will be 22-0 i think :D
00:00:18Buugi and that too
00:00:18jakkihirki bs
00:00:21Bct_Murder i whin 18-1
00:00:23Bct_Murder ;D
00:00:25slc2 u know jaki in irl?
00:00:25Bct_Murder think*
00:00:26Buugi whops
00:00:26Buugi sry
00:00:27Buugi :D
00:00:28Xove get maiden
00:00:32Buugi forgot i had to pick dirge
00:00:33Xove so they dont get it+
00:00:36slc2 its ok:)
00:00:37jakkihirki anyone es?
00:00:38Xove mb
00:00:41xenix- no
00:00:42Buugi if they es dige
00:00:43zonskass who is dirge?
00:00:44jakkihirki you want it
00:00:44Buugi gna be hard
00:00:45FetAA wd venge rylai
00:00:46jakkihirki xove?
00:00:46FetAA ?
00:00:47Buugi undying
00:00:48Xove y
00:00:50Xove rulai
00:00:51slc2 i pick veno then
00:00:54Xove oh..
00:00:54jakkihirki :D
00:00:56Buugi take dirge
00:00:56jakkihirki rylai
00:00:57jakkihirki you say
00:01:00McNabb still want dirge?
00:01:03jakkihirki take this one
00:01:05Bct_Murder tu losi uz tiny ?
00:01:08zonskass nu
00:01:08slc2 yea
00:01:10McNabb k
00:01:11Bct_Murder ok
00:01:13Xove just saying im not that good at es
00:01:14zonskass nori?
00:01:15slc2 vick u wnat?
00:01:17Xove never ever play him
00:01:18xenix- we nee aoe
00:01:19jakkihirki i wont get mad
00:01:23Xove :D
00:01:25Xove u wnat?
00:01:26McNabb lets see
00:01:28jakkihirki give me morp
00:01:32zonskass nori?
00:01:33Xove maiden
00:01:33slc2 rylai mayby hehe?
00:01:36McNabb venge
00:01:38Xove -swap 1
00:01:40jakkihirki -swap 4
00:01:41slc2 -swap 2
00:01:43McNabb -swap 4
00:01:45xenix- i dont want maiden
00:01:49slc2 let me farm bot or??
00:01:50xenix- realy bad
00:01:50McNabb imba picks
00:01:51Buugi wd ud bot
00:01:54Buugi venge tiny top
00:01:54jakkihirki what you want?
00:01:56Xove ill just try to roam as good as possible
00:01:57jakkihirki thd
00:01:57Arapiles u want veno?
00:01:58Xove maiden!!!
00:01:58jakkihirki is good too
00:01:59Xove maiden
00:02:03Arapiles then pick me maidn
00:02:03Xove would own!
00:02:04Xove plz
00:02:07xenix- veno
00:02:10Arapiles maidn
00:02:10Xove maiden
00:02:11Arapiles y
00:02:14Arapiles i play
00:02:16Xove weeeeee
00:02:18Arapiles -swap 5
00:02:19slc2 omg they got cm:(
00:02:22xenix- -swap 5
00:02:27Arapiles 4
00:02:29Arapiles 3
00:02:29Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:31xenix- -swap 4
00:02:31Arapiles i mean
00:02:32Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Witch Doctor [c,v,e,d]
00:02:33Xove lanes?
00:02:34Arapiles 3
00:02:36xenix- -swap 3
00:02:36Xove -clear
00:02:37zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:38Bct_Murder we have buugi ;D
00:02:38zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:38xenix- lol
00:02:40FetAA -tips
00:02:42zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Cegla [v,t,c,w]
00:02:47Xove lanes?
00:02:49Buugi i always lose with storm
00:02:51zonskass game = won
00:02:51jakkihirki veno maiden lane?
00:02:56Arapiles hm
00:03:02slc2 but cm is serius the best support hero
00:03:04Bct_Murder buugi you joke i know ;D
00:03:06zonskass i always win with tiny
00:03:08Xove should own
00:03:10Buugi it no joke
00:03:18xenix- ok u go instruction i follow u
00:03:18Xove i come mid when im lvl 4
00:03:20Xove 3
00:03:23Arapiles u farm
00:03:24Bct_Murder i can leave now ?:D
00:03:32slc2 im just goin yper tank?
00:03:38Xove ss mid
00:03:46Bct_Murder ss 2 down
00:03:55Arapiles rdy fb mid?
00:04:24Xove gj
00:04:27Arapiles u2
00:04:27Xove really
00:05:04McNabb ss es
00:05:20slc2 let me farm omg
00:05:35Xove tiny oom
00:05:42Xove go
00:06:11FetAA cant see rue with ur wardszz
00:06:13Xove first iem boots paying off :d
00:06:21Arapiles fuck
00:06:24jakkihirki gj xove
00:06:29Xove u2
00:07:19slc2 murder let me farm
00:07:20Buugi ss mid
00:07:24Xove god im bad at this
00:07:52zonskass v
00:07:53zonskass b
00:07:53Buugi ivni razor
00:07:53Buugi top
00:07:58McNabb y
00:08:00McNabb got it
00:08:32slc2 wd let me farm
00:08:39Bct_Murder i need money too
00:08:53Xove ill try hate ion buugi a bit
00:08:54slc2 for wards?
00:09:01jakkihirki pointles
00:09:01McNabb es
00:09:02McNabb ss es
00:09:03Arapiles y
00:09:05Xove ss mid
00:09:11jakkihirki ss top
00:09:18jakkihirki miss 2
00:09:30Xove damn..
00:09:35Xove sry feeta
00:09:35Arapiles ss 2
00:09:41Xove fetaa
00:09:54Buugi ss
00:09:55Buugi -ma
00:10:48jakkihirki come
00:10:52zonskass b
00:11:04Xove ss top
00:11:08Buugi ss mid
00:11:11Arapiles ss wd
00:11:21FetAA salee sait
00:11:24Buugi rune was top?
00:11:25McNabb there u go
00:11:29McNabb no
00:11:35Buugi ok
00:11:41zonskass no mana
00:11:56Arapiles b
00:12:03slc2 fucking blind wd!
00:12:13FetAA ychase there
00:12:19FetAA suprise some1 comes
00:12:20Xove let go
00:12:28slc2 reuse
00:12:28Arapiles ^^
00:12:29McNabb :D
00:12:33McNabb pro es
00:12:49jakkihirki no worries
00:12:52Xove hehe
00:12:55Buugi ss mid
00:13:00McNabb ss top
00:13:10Xove hope u wwill carry mny sorry ass
00:13:35McNabb kill
00:13:42zonskass w8
00:13:44Xove ss 8
00:13:45Xove 2
00:13:46zonskass 240 mana
00:13:46Xove top
00:13:53Xove i come btm
00:13:57jakkihirki top miss 2
00:14:01zonskass 30 gold
00:14:08Xove go?
00:14:10zonskass shop
00:14:12Arapiles k
00:14:13McNabb k
00:14:30zonskass cuming
00:14:35jakkihirki here
00:14:36jakkihirki es
00:14:40Xove thx
00:14:45Xove ur cs?
00:14:46Bct_Murder ss 1 down
00:14:47Arapiles twr?
00:14:51jakkihirki 51
00:15:05Bct_Murder who controll me?
00:15:06Bct_Murder wtf?
00:15:08Bct_Murder i unshare
00:15:09Bct_Murder all
00:15:38Xove killæ
00:15:58slc2 storm
00:15:59McNabb b
00:15:59McNabb b
00:15:59McNabb b
00:16:00McNabb b
00:16:03McNabb dirge
00:16:10McNabb noob
00:16:21slc2 haha arapiles
00:16:38Arapiles gj
00:16:45xenix- y
00:16:49Xove guess its worth it
00:17:53McNabb wtf
00:18:18Xove get towr
00:18:35zonskass heal
00:18:39Buugi i tp top
00:18:39Buugi wait
00:18:40McNabb top?!??!?!?!
00:18:58Xove hmm
00:19:01Xove not good
00:19:21Xove care
00:19:24Xove storm miss
00:19:27Xove there
00:19:42Xove xcare btm
00:19:46jakkihirki kill
00:19:48McNabb noob
00:19:49McNabb wtf
00:19:53McNabb go there
00:19:53Arapiles b mid
00:19:57zonskass that bitch not healing me
00:20:08Xove i puill
00:20:14Xove then we push
00:20:36jakkihirki es go
00:21:00Xove lol
00:21:04Xove that was a block :D
00:21:13jakkihirki it was pretty good
00:21:14Buugi i tp top
00:21:42jakkihirki you can kill them
00:21:52zonskass has ES dager?
00:21:54Buugi no
00:22:03Arapiles ss 4
00:22:48McNabb pro
00:22:52jakkihirki veno
00:22:55Xove wtf veno
00:22:57Xove god
00:22:58jakkihirki you are kinda useles if you just forest there
00:23:15McNabb dd
00:23:16Xove worste veno ever
00:23:20Buugi inc
00:23:22xenix- y
00:23:27Xove have u ever played with firemal?
00:23:33xenix- no
00:23:41Bct_Murder zona nupirk tango ;D
00:23:45McNabb wait
00:23:49McNabb come
00:23:50xenix- he was in other team and lost
00:23:51McNabb here
00:23:52McNabb tiny
00:24:02Xove ur about as good as him
00:24:27Xove k i get wards fuck dagger
00:24:30xenix- fast
00:24:34Arapiles dont
00:24:53FetAA joojoo
00:24:53McNabb b
00:24:54McNabb b
00:25:06slc2 they denuy tower
00:25:09McNabb so
00:25:22Xove ill just play him with no dagger
00:25:34Buugi inc
00:25:47slc2 someon inc
00:26:02Xove go
00:26:20Bct_Murder kas cia pas morhlinga per naujas skilas?
00:26:27zonskass cia tik toks vaizdas
00:26:35Bct_Murder bet kad kai tas vaizdas atsiranda
00:26:37Bct_Murder i ji vos dmg eina
00:26:40zonskass nk naujo ten
00:26:43zonskass vakar losiau
00:26:54Arapiles def top
00:27:40Buugi coming
00:27:51McNabb crap
00:28:28McNabb morph has nice farm:-/
00:28:33Buugi y
00:28:36Buugi just make tank items
00:28:39slc2 w8 for me
00:29:11McNabb so bad
00:29:19McNabb dd
00:29:28Buugi care
00:29:30McNabb b or die
00:29:47Xove venge goin lothar
00:29:49Bct_Murder pl biski
00:29:51Bct_Murder neskubek
00:29:58Arapiles good
00:30:54Xove ill just go tank
00:32:16slc2 push mid?
00:32:22Buugi i farmm y ehx
00:32:24Buugi its almost done
00:32:31Buugi buy smokes
00:32:33Buugi and lets gang
00:32:44McNabb no gold
00:33:31FetAA veno
00:34:18McNabb b
00:34:23Xove this is a fuck ass boring game..
00:34:27McNabb dirge
00:34:29McNabb hit
00:34:30McNabb him
00:34:34Xove get some bkb's fellars
00:34:40McNabb b
00:35:10Arapiles i go the drums
00:35:19Xove me8
00:35:21Xove me2
00:35:24Arapiles dont
00:35:26xenix- omg
00:35:27Arapiles go dagger
00:35:29McNabb buugi these players are not good enough to win this:-/ u have to be more than imba
00:35:31McNabb b
00:35:31McNabb b
00:35:32McNabb b
00:35:32McNabb b
00:35:32McNabb b
00:35:33McNabb b
00:35:33McNabb b
00:35:34Xove wont get it anyways
00:35:37Arapiles take
00:35:44Arapiles yes u will
00:36:02zonskass stauy all 5
00:36:05zonskass i have smoke
00:36:17Bct_Murder i come
00:36:19zonskass come
00:36:24Xove he got hex
00:36:28Buugi lets razor
00:36:34jakkihirki b
00:36:35jakkihirki all b
00:36:36jakkihirki now
00:36:37Arapiles care mid
00:36:43Buugi 1 go bo
00:36:44Buugi def
00:36:48Buugi i get top
00:36:50Arapiles care bot
00:37:24McNabb have to push/gank
00:37:37slc2 share
00:37:44slc2 share chick
00:37:49Xove what u want?
00:37:55slc2 share chick
00:37:58Buugi care
00:38:00Buugi es gotblink
00:38:02Buugi i think
00:38:07Arapiles we got better late
00:38:13Xove y
00:38:15slc2 no he doesnt
00:38:37McNabb i swap
00:38:58Buugi razor is bot
00:39:23Buugi we have to def lanes soon
00:39:29Bct_Murder wtf
00:39:35Bct_Murder wh controll me
00:39:39Bct_Murder i all unshare
00:39:40McNabb tomp
00:39:41McNabb now
00:40:04McNabb b
00:40:07Buugi i top
00:40:10McNabb b
00:40:10McNabb b
00:40:11McNabb b
00:40:37Arapiles rosh?
00:40:49Bct_Murder mana
00:40:50Buugi they rosh?
00:40:57Buugi go
00:40:58Buugi dont let
00:41:02jakkihirki need
00:41:03jakkihirki all
00:41:06Buugi roshan
00:41:37FetAA ok tinylle
00:41:37jakkihirki just wondering
00:41:39Arapiles if...
00:41:39jakkihirki why
00:41:48Arapiles es+ veno just would come
00:41:55jakkihirki yes
00:41:58Arapiles 15 sec earlier
00:41:58jakkihirki but they wanted
00:42:02Bct_Murder need mana
00:42:10jakkihirki to idle
00:42:16jakkihirki now we lost this game
00:42:20Arapiles y
00:42:42Xove we went rosh withoout counter
00:42:48FetAA :D?
00:42:51FetAA we woulda have it
00:42:51FetAA ez
00:42:59Arapiles storm just tp'ed bot
00:43:02Arapiles was easy rosh
00:43:06Arapiles EASY
00:43:13Arapiles just with 4-5 veno wards
00:43:18Arapiles and a few es stuns
00:43:20Xove gg wp
00:43:36jakkihirki well veno just this one
00:43:48jakkihirki np
00:44:16slc2 buugi cs?
00:44:39jakkihirki I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:42Arapiles I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:42FetAA I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:44Xove I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:57Xove no bkb no win..
00:45:24jakkihirki 10kuolemaa
00:45:28jakkihirki se on vähä liikaa
00:46:05McNabb good supporters win
00:46:13jakkihirki really
00:46:14Bct_Murder po sito miegot eisi ?:D
00:46:15Xove lol
00:46:23zonskass nzn :D
00:46:27Xove storm and veno made the output
00:46:38zonskass [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:46:38zonskass [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:46:38zonskass [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:46:38zonskass [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:46:38xenix- I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:46:41Xove storm rocked veno sucked
00:46:50xenix- bg
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