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89% | 1437 X | 1514 TS

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77% | 1287 X | 1513 TS

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72% | 1347 X | 1397 TS

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89% | 1537 X | 1453 TS

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69% | 1309 X | 1376 TS

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20% | 933 X | 1295 TS

Chat log

00:00:18WANKmaster -am
00:00:18Raj ban void
00:00:18eXcluzziver why?
00:00:18Lucky å
00:00:18eXcluzziver :D
00:00:18Raj cuz
00:00:18eXcluzziver there are some better heroes
00:00:18FetAA chill
00:00:18Raj ban him
00:00:18Raj ^^
00:00:18eXcluzziver if you know how to play
00:00:18Vangelis ban something and go?
00:00:18Lucky es
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks -.-
00:00:21ImAweirdo i go meepo
00:00:22VictoriaJrocks great you bnaned only support i like
00:00:27Raj i go pugna
00:00:27Lucky anyone puck ?
00:00:30ImAweirdo scepter meepo ftw
00:00:31Vangelis me
00:00:31FetAA my mortred is autowin
00:00:33Vangelis i go puck
00:00:34FetAA itake!!
00:00:37Raj ofcourse
00:00:47Raj gogo FETAA CHEESE POWER
00:00:48eXcluzziver esu dares meepo scepter, nera imba :D
00:00:54Raj käte
00:00:55Vangelis what for you? morph?
00:00:57WANKmaster nice to have team carry
00:01:00WANKmaster yeaaah
00:01:00FetAA take something to support me and we win
00:01:00WANKmaster gogo
00:01:01ImAweirdo nepazaisiu as su meepo
00:01:03ImAweirdo :DD
00:01:05Vangelis want morph?
00:01:06Raj i will
00:01:06eXcluzziver go abbadon
00:01:06Lucky invoker
00:01:07eXcluzziver bat
00:01:09eXcluzziver sp
00:01:11FetAA take dazzle
00:01:12Raj pugna
00:01:15FetAA and come with me
00:01:16FetAA and we win
00:01:18Lucky -swap 4
00:01:20Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:35FetAA hm nice pick8 they h7ve
00:01:36WANKmaster abba dazzle
00:01:37eXcluzziver abbadon sp
00:01:39FetAA tho 4 8olo mi4 heroe8
00:01:43Strom I've got the scent
00:01:49FetAA dazzle top
00:01:52Vangelis iryaaaa
00:01:59Vangelis grujaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:02:08Lucky strom repel work with mac computers ?
00:02:10FetAA I will rape those
00:02:11FetAA mofos
00:02:13ImAweirdo :D
00:02:16ImAweirdo ok boss
00:02:16Raj tits
00:02:19Raj or tfo
00:02:21eXcluzziver leoric can rape you 1x1
00:02:24FetAA no
00:02:24Raj haha
00:02:25Lucky strom ?
00:02:30FetAA leoric will run when he sees me lategame
00:02:32Vangelis i go top?
00:02:33Raj leoric will miss
00:02:36ImAweirdo :DDD
00:02:37Vangelis or i stay bot?
00:02:41Strom lucky, no
00:02:44FetAA leoric will stay at fountain trembling
00:02:46ImAweirdo if well survive
00:02:47ImAweirdo till late
00:02:48ImAweirdo :D
00:02:49ImAweirdo mofos
00:02:49Strom windows xp, vista, 7 - only
00:02:53Lucky :(
00:02:57eXcluzziver i wish there was lycan
00:03:01eXcluzziver got 5wins 0 loses
00:03:06Vangelis why
00:03:07Vangelis ?:P
00:03:08Strom share
00:03:32FetAA dont go pull yet
00:03:33Strom Vangelis, primarily because when I started work on repel there was only 1 guy with mac and I didn't have one
00:03:37ImAweirdo why
00:03:38ImAweirdo ?
00:03:42FetAA well dno
00:03:44FetAA 3rd lane
00:03:45FetAA better
00:03:56FetAA now
00:04:15ImAweirdo nop
00:04:16ImAweirdo i wont
00:04:23FetAA ah war
00:04:28FetAA d
00:05:20FetAA use poison
00:05:28ImAweirdo ok boss
00:05:29WANKmaster ss
00:05:29WANKmaster mid
00:05:30WANKmaster re
00:05:31ATS_ ss 2
00:07:00ATS_ well top freefarm
00:07:02Lucky ss
00:07:05FetAA easy gib
00:07:10eXcluzziver get lanaya
00:07:12FetAA dont scare
00:07:17Lucky ss
00:07:19Lucky potm
00:07:35Strom yeah he had invi or I was blind :/
00:07:39ATS_ go woods
00:07:40ATS_ bot
00:07:52ATS_ you are useless top
00:08:02Strom you don't get to decide my usefulness
00:08:04Strom I like top
00:08:07ImAweirdo miss
00:08:09ImAweirdo homos
00:08:11ImAweirdo re
00:08:41VictoriaJrocks gj
00:08:46Raj good
00:08:47Raj god
00:08:50eXcluzziver we need gank
00:08:51Raj why not ice
00:08:52Raj them ?
00:09:02eXcluzziver i have to be behind
00:09:05eXcluzziver to block with ice
00:09:27eXcluzziver got dust
00:09:28eXcluzziver for lanay
00:09:52Lucky ss
00:09:54ImAweirdo cs
00:09:55ImAweirdo mort?
00:10:03FetAA not so much
00:10:05FetAA well 33
00:10:19FetAA we doin nice
00:10:29VictoriaJrocks mid miss tuskar
00:10:33Vangelis oom
00:10:37VictoriaJrocks wher you sepnt mana?
00:10:43ATS_ allready treads top
00:10:44Vangelis on fail pull
00:10:50eXcluzziver gang down
00:11:05Vangelis now got
00:11:26Lucky get wards
00:11:26Lucky plz
00:11:36FetAA ikll
00:11:42Vangelis i go base
00:11:45Vangelis and gank top
00:11:47Lucky LOL
00:11:49WANKmaster got ya
00:12:02FetAA he has ulti
00:12:03Vangelis i tele top asap
00:12:04FetAA now
00:12:06VictoriaJrocks me to
00:12:10Raj ss
00:12:15Raj care
00:12:29FetAA grave
00:12:35FetAA ah
00:12:43ImAweirdo no mana sry :D
00:12:45FetAA y
00:12:55VictoriaJrocks ive got someones trees
00:12:59Vangelis mine
00:13:01Vangelis i dont need anymore
00:13:08ATS_ b
00:13:10Lucky ss
00:13:19VictoriaJrocks kill dazzle wtf
00:13:26VictoriaJrocks .()
00:13:47Strom 3 top
00:13:58VictoriaJrocks theyer all oom
00:14:10ATS_ not
00:14:21Vangelis focus pa?
00:14:38ATS_ ss 4
00:14:39ATS_ 3
00:15:00FetAA ty
00:15:03Raj np
00:15:06Strom top mis
00:15:12ImAweirdo mira rune bot
00:15:12ImAweirdo dd
00:15:23eXcluzziver tas mira noobas
00:15:27Lucky SO BAD
00:15:27eXcluzziver nei karto lanayos negangino
00:15:28FetAA PUGna
00:15:29FetAA dont ru
00:15:32FetAA so ican blink on u
00:15:36VictoriaJrocks stop going mid xD?
00:15:37VictoriaJrocks go bot instead
00:15:43ImAweirdo duosiu manos
00:15:44Lucky im just failing
00:15:46Lucky big time
00:15:48Lucky i sleppy
00:15:48VictoriaJrocks dont fail at mid then?
00:15:50Vangelis dont plz
00:15:51eXcluzziver k
00:15:54ImAweirdo tai sauk
00:15:54ImAweirdo :D
00:15:58Lucky but i have free farm
00:15:59VictoriaJrocks kill pugna
00:16:01Raj lanaya
00:16:02Raj top
00:16:11FetAA killhim
00:16:32Raj cant do
00:16:33Raj shit
00:16:34Lucky *:ASFAS
00:17:27FetAA why so many top all the time
00:17:28FetAA my farm ruined
00:17:39Raj dazzle
00:17:39eXcluzziver 0 gang down
00:17:41Raj come top
00:17:50eXcluzziver nenoriu be creep
00:17:58eXcluzziver esi?
00:17:59VictoriaJrocks lets kill bot
00:18:00ImAweirdo ho
00:18:07Strom lets kill pa?
00:18:07Lucky ulti
00:18:08Lucky pugna
00:18:13FetAA coem top
00:18:48eXcluzziver joke
00:18:49eXcluzziver pz
00:18:50eXcluzziver ;d
00:19:13Raj tower
00:19:19Lucky denbui
00:19:39eXcluzziver look rune
00:19:44WANKmaster WTF
00:19:45WANKmaster ARE
00:19:46WANKmaster U DOING
00:19:46VictoriaJrocks :d damn i got scared so many times :D
00:19:57WANKmaster tuskar??
00:19:57WANKmaster wtf
00:19:58WANKmaster man
00:20:04FetAA :D
00:20:04eXcluzziver 0 gangs
00:20:05eXcluzziver down
00:20:09eXcluzziver lanaya farming
00:20:17WANKmaster so ?
00:20:18FetAA stfu tuskar 3 perma top
00:20:21WANKmaster and now u just
00:20:24WANKmaster kill my rune ?
00:20:28WANKmaster are u retarded??
00:20:30FetAA :D
00:20:33FetAA hes fucking kid
00:20:34Raj he wants gank
00:20:39FetAA banreq him
00:20:40Raj he need to fuckin gank
00:20:40eXcluzziver i wanted attention
00:20:42eXcluzziver to a problem
00:20:54ImAweirdo nice
00:20:54eXcluzziver lanay will start rapong everyone
00:20:54ImAweirdo nice
00:20:55eXcluzziver soon
00:21:03ImAweirdo gj
00:21:03ImAweirdo team
00:21:04ImAweirdo imba
00:21:05ImAweirdo play
00:21:08Lucky rune
00:21:10eXcluzziver great
00:21:21ImAweirdo idiots
00:21:22VictoriaJrocks tower
00:21:24ImAweirdo nx
00:21:26ImAweirdo cia su tokiais
00:21:29eXcluzziver :D
00:21:30ImAweirdo tai bbd
00:21:32eXcluzziver mortred pz
00:21:38eXcluzziver nuejo i mida pafarmint
00:21:41ImAweirdo ..
00:21:44ImAweirdo as nei 1 creepo
00:21:45ImAweirdo nelieciau
00:21:48ImAweirdo visus jam palikau
00:21:48FetAA just plugg asap tuskar
00:21:51ImAweirdo ir priesus nustumiau
00:21:56ImAweirdo ir nx nieko
00:21:57Strom got ulti
00:21:57ATS_ 'b
00:22:03Strom whjy b?
00:22:04Strom wtf
00:22:07FetAA harras invoker
00:22:10eXcluzziver fetaaa offered me to plugg, rules doesnt allow that imo
00:22:11VictoriaJrocks im farming
00:22:12ATS_ wait
00:22:14eXcluzziver so no ty
00:22:53Strom ats, what are you building?
00:22:58ATS_ vanguard
00:23:05ATS_ or ?
00:23:11Strom well it's ok
00:23:24FetAA :D
00:23:46VictoriaJrocks ;D;DD
00:23:50ImAweirdo fuck u all
00:23:52VictoriaJrocks So funny funny funny funnyy
00:23:59ImAweirdo nx
00:24:00ImAweirdo duxai
00:24:00ImAweirdo visi
00:24:01ImAweirdo kurwa
00:24:13ImAweirdo forget
00:24:14ImAweirdo me now
00:24:15ImAweirdo gg
00:24:16ImAweirdo ff
00:24:20ImAweirdo idiots
00:24:38Lucky Insane BLOCk
00:24:43eXcluzziver ty
00:26:01WANKmaster -ms
00:26:18Lucky ats
00:26:18Lucky dont
00:26:19Lucky get
00:26:20Lucky vg
00:26:24ATS_ meni jop
00:26:34Lucky to late for vg
00:26:37Lucky get armlet
00:26:42Lucky and bkb
00:26:43ATS_ not really
00:26:43VictoriaJrocks they mid
00:27:11Raj fuckiin
00:27:13Raj asshole
00:27:15Raj tuskar
00:27:21Raj killed me three times like that
00:27:30ImAweirdo ff
00:27:36VictoriaJrocks push
00:27:42ImAweirdo idiots
00:27:43ImAweirdo fuckers
00:27:45ImAweirdo burn nureself
00:27:51eXcluzziver ill like to see how lanaya rapes everyone
00:28:05Raj just stay the fuck awway
00:28:10Raj from me
00:28:25ATS_ b
00:28:57ImAweirdo >DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:29:00WANKmaster fetta why dont u kill that invoker+
00:29:07ImAweirdo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:08FetAA decre
00:29:08ImAweirdo nx
00:29:11ImAweirdo u
00:29:11ImAweirdo usck
00:29:12ImAweirdo idiots
00:29:27eXcluzziver invoker is free frag
00:29:30FetAA y
00:29:38eXcluzziver pugna
00:29:39FetAA but i think he was decried
00:29:42eXcluzziver next time dont go away
00:29:47eXcluzziver when i roll you to death
00:30:17ATS_ b
00:30:30ATS_ 'b
00:30:44Lucky templar get medalion
00:30:45ATS_ stupid chasing
00:30:54Strom stupid yes
00:30:57ATS_ b
00:31:00Strom but got pissed off that pa got away with 50hp
00:31:10ATS_ sure
00:31:16ATS_ b
00:31:20ATS_ all there
00:31:22ATS_ no ulti
00:31:41FetAA grave tp?
00:31:55ImAweirdo fuck ff?
00:31:59Raj we need wards
00:32:02Raj no cahsa
00:32:04Raj cash
00:32:05ImAweirdo we need to ff
00:32:06Raj dazzle
00:32:08Raj get wards
00:32:10Raj u tard
00:32:10VictoriaJrocks wtf??
00:32:10ImAweirdo nop
00:32:13eXcluzziver pugna stop suiciding and save money
00:32:17Raj u moron
00:32:20Raj u kill
00:32:21Raj me
00:32:24Raj all the time
00:32:24VictoriaJrocks shit crap
00:32:29eXcluzziver kenny?
00:32:38Lucky kill
00:32:43ImAweirdo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:47FetAA too fat soon all
00:32:52eXcluzziver get damn dust some1
00:32:56eXcluzziver pugna
00:33:03Strom rapuska, can't depend on your carrying
00:33:04eXcluzziver stop suiciding and get dust
00:33:05Raj ¨stfuy
00:33:06Strom need to make myself stronk
00:33:13VictoriaJrocks sure
00:33:14eXcluzziver u saved lanaya when u decre her
00:33:17VictoriaJrocks i was wtfing what i bought
00:33:20eXcluzziver and mirana arrow go through
00:33:22VictoriaJrocks i bought shadows of urn recipe
00:33:40FetAA gj rly
00:33:42VictoriaJrocks and you know
00:33:44FetAA gg
00:33:45VictoriaJrocks everyone needs x:D
00:33:45eXcluzziver what surprise
00:33:48eXcluzziver lanaya killed us
00:33:50ImAweirdo lol
00:34:00ImAweirdo mort always fuckes
00:34:02ImAweirdo the game
00:34:19eXcluzziver i never win if i dont get cary
00:34:20eXcluzziver tt
00:34:25Lucky CD on cyclone. -.-
00:34:29VictoriaJrocks too bad medallion doesnt work on buildings like deso
00:34:49VictoriaJrocks xD
00:34:56Strom couldn't help you
00:34:56eXcluzziver roshan?
00:34:59Strom had like 2s cd on ulti
00:35:01FetAA ok
00:35:03Lucky whos items in bird
00:35:05eXcluzziver got medalion
00:35:05FetAA need fast
00:35:13FetAA stay top potm
00:35:17ATS_ mine
00:35:23FetAA take my ring
00:35:27eXcluzziver k
00:35:27FetAA i need later
00:35:31ATS_ they rosh
00:35:43eXcluzziver pugna solo roshan tt
00:35:52FetAA :s
00:36:07eXcluzziver invokerios kzkur
00:36:09VictoriaJrocks all 5 where
00:36:18FetAA should we fight?
00:36:22FetAA with 5
00:36:22ATS_ wait
00:36:24ATS_ dont go
00:36:24WANKmaster turtle
00:36:25eXcluzziver lanaya traps
00:36:26eXcluzziver b
00:36:26WANKmaster u just farm
00:36:27Raj 'meet
00:36:31WANKmaster our only chance
00:36:31FetAA yea but if they kill met twice
00:36:33FetAA novisio
00:36:44FetAA b
00:36:46FetAA dazzle
00:36:50FetAA :;Dd
00:36:50eXcluzziver yea traps
00:36:55FetAA dis dazzle
00:36:57VictoriaJrocks gjgj
00:37:02VictoriaJrocks its a won D:
00:37:06ImAweirdo dis dis dis
00:37:06ImAweirdo do
00:37:06FetAA now we lose bot tower
00:37:10FetAA cause pro
00:37:15ImAweirdo cause pro who
00:37:16ImAweirdo pro u
00:37:19FetAA u suicide
00:37:21Vangelis pa can still carry it
00:37:24ImAweirdo ffs left all the creeps and let u farm
00:37:27VictoriaJrocks nope
00:37:27ImAweirdo pushing em back
00:37:28ATS_ nope
00:37:28ImAweirdo and what
00:37:33FetAA thats why u should suicide now
00:37:34ImAweirdo what did u do
00:37:37ImAweirdo good for that
00:37:38ImAweirdo nothing
00:37:40ImAweirdo so stfu
00:37:40ImAweirdo idiot
00:37:45FetAA go
00:38:03FetAA gogo
00:38:33FetAA go rege
00:38:45FetAA rego
00:38:46FetAA dont let
00:38:46FetAA mid
00:38:50FetAA ..
00:38:53FetAA zz
00:38:54FetAA stupid game
00:39:03FetAA gogo
00:39:03ImAweirdo i wont
00:39:09ImAweirdo let anyone farm again
00:39:10ImAweirdo nomatter
00:39:12ImAweirdo cary or not
00:39:14ImAweirdo i promise
00:39:14ImAweirdo ffs
00:39:15FetAA u suck stfu
00:39:15WANKmaster hi
00:39:25ImAweirdo lol
00:39:35ImAweirdo i had no creeps at all no noithing
00:39:36ImAweirdo so stfu
00:39:36WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:39:37Vangelis hi
00:39:37ImAweirdo idiots
00:39:57Raj god damn
00:39:59Raj dazzle
00:39:59Raj sucks
00:40:06FetAA y
00:40:07FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:10WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:15ImAweirdo dazzle sucks
00:40:15ImAweirdo yea
00:40:15eXcluzziver no retards
00:40:16FetAA go give entry
00:40:17eXcluzziver no
00:40:18eXcluzziver no
00:40:21ImAweirdo causehe gave mort farm
00:40:22eXcluzziver i said gang lanaya noobs
00:40:25eXcluzziver now we lose
00:40:27eXcluzziver I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:30Vangelis [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:40:30Vangelis [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:40:30Vangelis [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:40:30Vangelis [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:40:30Raj I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:40:35WANKmaster thats not the reason why we lose
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