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Chat log

00:00:12Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:13Affliction -ii
00:00:14Affliction -don
00:00:17eXcluzziver cm default now?
00:00:19Strom buugi here?
00:00:30curdi no ei!
00:00:48eXcluzziver cm default?
00:00:49Affliction i think he here :)
00:01:16curdi mariah here?
00:01:25McNabb afk tard cap
00:01:25Luza he is here?
00:01:25Luza or
00:01:25Luza is he
00:01:25FetAA mariahcarry oottaa jotrkut mad pickit
00:01:25Affliction zzZZZ !
00:01:25nigulas nja
00:01:25Affliction what are we w8ing for+ :/
00:01:25Strom for pink
00:01:25MariahCarry wtf
00:01:25MariahCarry am i cap????
00:01:27nigulas yes
00:01:29Affliction LOL
00:01:30Affliction ;D
00:01:52McNabb i can es
00:02:01curdi ban husk bara or so
00:02:12McNabb no get bara
00:02:15Affliction I can play magnus
00:02:16McNabb he is op
00:02:28McNabb fuck magnus grønland
00:02:31Strom buugi, can you smuggle techies into the lineup?
00:02:33McNabb han er ik god nok til cm
00:02:35Strom I would love to play it
00:02:36Luza lol
00:02:42Luza he wont do that
00:02:44Affliction GIVE SVENoLOTTA !
00:02:44Strom you'd get two solo lanes basically
00:02:55Buugi no techi xD
00:02:57Luza jojoj invoker pugna
00:03:03Luza sielt vittuu xD
00:03:13Buugi kuka pelaa invoo
00:03:16McNabb husk is imba too
00:03:19Luza pelaan invoo
00:03:21Buugi ok
00:03:26FetAA buugaments pelaa ite
00:03:30Buugi e
00:03:31Buugi luza pelaa
00:03:32McNabb bara or es for me
00:03:34FetAA emj hävii taas
00:03:36FetAA 4x putkee
00:03:42Luza no plz näät mun madness invokerin
00:03:42curdi jaa tääl pelaillaa selkä märkänä
00:03:51FetAA en oo nähny ikin meinaa ettet voi olla hyvä !
00:03:51Luza ja kalja kädessä
00:03:54FetAA koska oon pelannu 100x pelii
00:03:57FetAA mis oot ollu
00:04:02curdi mm säästän huomiselle
00:04:14eXcluzziver i can wd support
00:04:21Buugi luza
00:04:23Buugi haluutko solon
00:04:26FetAA voin farmaa meiät voittoo
00:04:31FetAA ku ootte homoi
00:04:36Buugi kai se haluu
00:04:37curdi bara husk in p00l
00:04:38Strom voin techies meiät voittoo
00:04:39FetAA anna mulel joku retarc arry etten rupee emoo ku homoilette
00:04:45eXcluzziver usually carry wins here, spec or tb would be nice
00:04:47Luza haluun soolon joo
00:04:50MariahCarry u play a lot of cws?
00:04:57nigulas cpl tacts ..
00:04:58nigulas wtf
00:04:59nigulas move
00:05:05Luza we play allday cw:s with buugie
00:05:10Luza with this lineup
00:05:10Buugi y
00:05:11MariahCarry what is cpl tactics?
00:05:17Luza u will see
00:05:21MariahCarry oh noes
00:05:24MariahCarry will i
00:05:30MariahCarry what if i close my eyes during entire game
00:05:34Affliction intelli team
00:05:34Buugi fetaa
00:05:35Affliction ;/&
00:05:36Buugi oor wr
00:05:37Luza i dunno
00:05:37Strom cpl is cyber players league or something
00:05:37Buugi oot wr
00:05:41Strom counter-strike/quake stuff
00:05:49Luza oh i loved the CS cpl
00:05:52FetAA go look replays team GS you see buugi failing
00:05:54Luza was my dream 4 years back
00:05:57Luza to get there :D
00:06:02Affliction ;:D
00:06:15curdi and in the end u ended up in dota.gc being lastpick
00:06:18FetAA pelaatsä jonku lichi
00:06:19curdi reality is a bitch
00:06:21FetAA et varmaa pelaa
00:06:24McNabb get bara
00:06:25Luza indeed
00:06:27Luza here we are
00:06:32McNabb and venge
00:06:38Buugi pelaan enchan
00:06:41Buugi sä oot solo bot
00:06:43Affliction maria jeg vil hjem til dig
00:06:45Affliction ohhh
00:06:46curdi or shall we get some push power
00:06:47Affliction maria
00:06:50Affliction jeg vil hjem til dig
00:06:51Luza encha on kyl semmone hero jota inhoon pelata
00:06:51Strom well, if you can't pick techies for some werid reason
00:06:55MariahCarry any good am?
00:06:58eXcluzziver balanar would be banned on xd
00:06:59Affliction no
00:07:00Strom tehn at least give butcher
00:07:00Affliction ;:D
00:07:02Luza weird reason? :D
00:07:05curdi im generally bad caryr
00:07:05Buugi buthcer works
00:07:06McNabb Zzz
00:07:07curdi carry
00:07:09curdi but
00:07:10Luza its a VERY good reason NOT to pick it
00:07:15curdi if u want it ill play :3
00:07:19Affliction i WANT SVEN !
00:07:22Affliction NOW !
00:07:22MariahCarry need a good clock
00:07:29McNabb no more melee
00:07:31Affliction you need a good cokc +
00:07:37Strom techies most fun hero in this pool
00:07:40Affliction WTF freak we are playing DotA
00:07:44eXcluzziver :
00:07:45Strom it's late, I'm tired, I have no idea why I added
00:07:50Strom and there's some serious tactics going on
00:07:51Strom :S
00:07:59McNabb what a fucking joke gay mode this is
00:07:59nigulas ....
00:08:01McNabb Zzzzzzzzz
00:08:05FetAA stop joining progaming games then !
00:08:05Luza i like it
00:08:07nigulas i will fucking quit
00:08:10nigulas i fu dont do shit faster
00:08:14Luza yy progaming :DDDDD
00:08:23Strom the time is there for a reason
00:08:32nigulas et see vend saaks mökutada
00:09:06Luza hyvä taku o se
00:09:07curdi need range
00:09:12Luza et ottaa chenin ja jonku carryn
00:09:17Luza sit chen ottaa creepin
00:09:23Luza ja antaa carry microo sil et saa lasthitit
00:09:24Affliction væk mig når vi skal have heros
00:09:27Luza antaa creepin tankkaa
00:09:29Affliction ligger mig ovwer i reden
00:09:37MariahCarry er du en fugl?
00:09:41Luza neutraaleja
00:09:42Luza siis
00:09:44Affliction Jaer...
00:09:48eXcluzziver naix pudge
00:09:54McNabb imo lesh would own
00:10:06curdi lesh + carry
00:10:16McNabb husk?
00:10:29curdi veno also nice
00:10:33Affliction pugna fucks them stipud `? and pit so thay can push fast ?
00:10:34MariahCarry yea
00:10:35MariahCarry veno
00:10:37Luza ne ottaa huskaRin
00:10:44McNabb no carry then
00:10:46curdi pit isnt in cm pool
00:10:48eXcluzziver or spirit breaker
00:11:11curdi so we go lesh?
00:11:13curdi no carries?
00:11:15Affliction SVEEEN
00:11:24Affliction PLZ GIVE SVEN !
00:11:24FetAA :D
00:11:28Buugi pudge lich top
00:11:30Buugi wr bot
00:11:32Buugi invo mid
00:11:35Affliction :´(
00:11:41nigulas pick somewthing
00:11:41Affliction you play ?
00:11:42Buugi lich
00:11:43Luza Carl
00:11:48Buugi nvm
00:11:48Affliction i sucks @ both
00:11:50Affliction -.-
00:11:53McNabb grønland vil du es så mig veno
00:12:03curdi how lanes?
00:12:05curdi trilane?
00:12:06MariahCarry 3 top
00:12:07MariahCarry clock bot
00:12:13curdi i go basi
00:12:18Strom carry warlock incoming
00:12:21Buugi .D
00:12:23MariahCarry nice flying
00:12:26Strom miljonir + 3 hypers
00:12:29Strom just watch and see
00:12:30curdi top
00:12:33Strom (unless we end first)
00:12:38Luza we all know his build
00:12:42McNabb i pull
00:12:45Affliction trilane ?
00:12:45Luza lothar mjollnir hypers
00:12:47curdi yes
00:12:49MariahCarry tritop
00:12:52Affliction lets flank them
00:13:12Affliction jeg stunner først ?
00:13:14Affliction ellers dig ?
00:13:17McNabb dig
00:13:21Affliction k
00:13:26Strom b lich
00:13:32McNabb flot
00:13:34McNabb de så dig
00:13:36Buugi clock solo bot
00:13:37Affliction nej
00:13:42Strom trilane top
00:13:43Buugi we will rape him
00:13:44Strom it seems
00:14:09FetAA hlh
00:15:11eXcluzziver es
00:15:16eXcluzziver missing up
00:15:24Strom lio may go mid
00:16:01Affliction care
00:16:06Affliction top vent midt
00:16:06McNabb ss
00:16:14eXcluzziver missing up
00:16:14Affliction take wards
00:16:18eXcluzziver re
00:16:25McNabb crap
00:16:25Affliction -.-
00:16:35Buugi kokeillaa
00:16:55nigulas HOW
00:16:56nigulas cant u kill top
00:16:58nigulas with those heros
00:17:00nigulas beyond me
00:17:05curdi they are behind tower
00:17:06Luza vituttaa tää wl
00:18:12eXcluzziver :(
00:18:20Affliction nice denie
00:18:22eXcluzziver damn strong trilane anyway
00:18:23Affliction maria
00:18:26Affliction wards on chick
00:18:26Buugi otetaa tykki
00:18:31Buugi tuun
00:18:32Buugi tapetaa se
00:18:53Buugi toa sä
00:18:54Affliction óle
00:18:58Luza ss wl
00:19:18Buugi ss clock
00:19:23Strom lio nmsi
00:19:25Luza -il
00:19:26McNabb ss
00:19:29Affliction ss top
00:19:42MariahCarry beed wards
00:19:50Affliction ON CHICKEN !
00:19:52MariahCarry and toplane
00:19:53MariahCarry go gank
00:19:54Affliction said it 3 times
00:20:01FetAA i can tp gank
00:20:02Affliction they have wards
00:20:03Affliction ;/&
00:20:08Buugi tykki
00:20:12Luza ss wl
00:20:12Luza still
00:20:22Affliction dive ?
00:20:37eXcluzziver missing up
00:20:45Luza aha
00:20:47Luza rly
00:20:52Buugi käytä invist luza :D
00:20:54Luza or it was kinda down
00:21:03eXcluzziver dont use -il
00:21:06Affliction no muff is too though... we dive at five
00:21:06Luza dont talk
00:21:13eXcluzziver scroll on your ulti
00:21:15Buugi mid tower
00:21:15eXcluzziver there is list :d
00:21:17McNabb pulling
00:21:33Luza JUST
00:21:35Luza :DDDDD
00:21:48MariahCarry 'b
00:21:49MariahCarry lion
00:21:54nigulas fucking useless trilane
00:21:56Strom lol what is going on at bot
00:21:58Strom I'm not even 6
00:22:02Strom and rax tower already going
00:22:13Affliction cus you falling blame other ?
00:22:15Strom top mis
00:22:18nigulas i fail?
00:22:21MariahCarry cus ur not ganking yet i guess
00:22:23nigulas i just got ganked 20x
00:22:29FetAA i tp top kill all
00:22:31nigulas u guys cant kill lich pudge with those heros
00:22:31FetAA soon
00:22:40Affliction no
00:22:44curdi not when they arent anywhere to be seen
00:22:46FetAA tuu encha
00:22:47McNabb we couldent
00:22:50FetAA tpn
00:22:51Luza ss wl
00:23:10Buugi aika bimbam
00:23:19eXcluzziver tower
00:23:47Buugi im b
00:24:12Affliction D
00:24:23Luza :D
00:24:24Luza xD
00:24:29FetAA projukez
00:24:39Luza go lich
00:24:43Buugi inc top
00:25:05Affliction ohh
00:25:06Affliction :/
00:25:09Affliction was buying
00:25:10Affliction :/
00:25:20FetAA omw
00:25:24FetAA orno
00:25:27eXcluzziver scary
00:26:05curdi how does pudge have travels :D
00:26:06FetAA pro shakle
00:26:07FetAA imo
00:26:18MariahCarry he was vs clock solo
00:26:22MariahCarry ofc he has travels
00:26:26MariahCarry stop whining
00:26:37curdi how?
00:26:42curdi he wasnt on lane
00:26:47curdi where the fuck he gets the moneys
00:26:57eXcluzziver reg
00:27:12FetAA u dont do mechanismmm lichii?
00:27:18FetAA im doing random
00:27:24MariahCarry farm bot
00:27:25eXcluzziver ench will heal
00:27:31eXcluzziver ;d
00:27:54Luza lion?
00:28:17Affliction -._/
00:28:24Buugi 1 farm top
00:28:27Buugi i will
00:28:39eXcluzziver stalk woods
00:28:40eXcluzziver soon ulti
00:29:19McNabb sooo outplayed
00:29:29MariahCarry u just need to not run with me
00:30:05McNabb ff
00:30:15McNabb retarded mode retarded game
00:30:27nigulas we cant do SHIT
00:30:29nigulas against them
00:30:34McNabb nope
00:30:36MariahCarry cus u didn't try early
00:30:39MariahCarry u just laid down
00:30:41MariahCarry and took it
00:30:51MariahCarry es/lion/veno
00:30:54MariahCarry tried 0 gangs
00:31:05nigulas why are u there alone?
00:31:14Affliction had 2 gank with kills :/
00:31:16MariahCarry should i not?
00:31:32MariahCarry what u mean lion?
00:31:49Affliction i ganked mid twice and we killed :/
00:31:55MariahCarry omfg es
00:31:58MariahCarry du failer så hårdt
00:32:02McNabb sikkert
00:32:12Buugi alacrityy
00:32:13MariahCarry er du venner med lich?
00:32:14Buugi ja torni paskaks
00:32:18Luza cd
00:32:27Strom -st
00:32:30McNabb nej men du picker lion over lich!!!!!!! allerede der er den tabt
00:32:37Buugi ota raxit :D
00:32:38Luza eikai se oo denyable
00:32:41MariahCarry så derfor spiller du elendigt?
00:33:17Affliction well
00:33:36Affliction heros i can play
00:33:40Affliction i lion
00:33:42Affliction and clock
00:33:47Buugi pitäs saada ylätykki
00:33:53Affliction and you didt give sven
00:33:53Affliction ;:/
00:34:00McNabb fuck sven
00:34:09Affliction jeg er nice med ham
00:34:10Affliction /
00:34:24MariahCarry lad være med at adde hvis du kun vil spille én hero
00:34:28MariahCarry og du ved det er rd eller cm
00:34:38Affliction JEG ER LIGEGLAD
00:34:45curdi on rangee
00:34:52Buugi taht veno model
00:34:54Buugi cant click
00:35:01Strom yeah
00:35:04Strom I couldn't dismember
00:35:06Buugi :D
00:35:08Strom so I continued walking
00:35:14McNabb bare ventetiden ødelagde det her spil
00:35:30MariahCarry er du depri?
00:35:32Buugi lets push mid
00:35:35Buugi i take a creep
00:35:36McNabb ja
00:35:40McNabb lige nu
00:35:44Affliction well og captain altid picker heros som folk ikke gider spille
00:35:59Buugi john rambo
00:36:08Strom well I was wishing for one or two
00:36:11Strom not so many :O
00:36:41eXcluzziver :)
00:37:12FetAA oops
00:37:28McNabb b
00:37:29eXcluzziver they b
00:37:30MariahCarry b
00:37:42Buugi go mid
00:38:05Strom he windwalked :S
00:38:10Buugi go mid
00:38:11Buugi ef ef es
00:38:14FetAA w8 my
00:38:14FetAA items
00:38:33MariahCarry def mid again
00:38:39Strom does es have dagger?
00:38:41Buugi dunno
00:38:45FetAA does not
00:38:47Buugi no
00:38:49Strom nope
00:38:49Luza ei o
00:39:24McNabb fu
00:39:27Luza miks
00:39:35Luza ei tää osaa menna jäiseen näkymättömyyteen
00:39:42FetAA vittu oon pihall
00:39:51Luza mä oon kyl iha sisäl
00:39:53Affliction wr
00:39:57Affliction force staff
00:39:58Affliction and
00:39:59Affliction hex
00:40:00Affliction :/
00:40:10Strom -st
00:40:11nigulas farming whole game
00:40:13Luza -st
00:40:14Luza -st
00:40:14Luza -st
00:40:14FetAA jouduin farm modee
00:40:15Luza -st
00:40:15Luza -st
00:40:18FetAA sit etin vaa creeppei en osaa enää pelaa
00:40:38Buugi strom ugo pipe
00:40:38Buugi ?
00:40:41FetAA mä voi ntehä
00:40:44Buugi we need meka
00:40:45Strom wanna try scepter
00:40:49FetAA taino mul on hood
00:40:50FetAA voisin tehä
00:40:51Buugi i go meka
00:41:15MariahCarry b
00:41:21Luza OHO
00:41:23Luza UTUBE
00:41:52FetAA aina invisible manit pwnaa meit
00:42:22FetAA mul ois pipe kohtt
00:42:23FetAA mut mennääks
00:42:27Buugi tarvii invon
00:43:02MariahCarry b
00:43:12FetAA ¨got pipe
00:43:13FetAA go?
00:43:16Buugi go
00:43:31McNabb b
00:43:42Buugi lich
00:43:44Buugi what u make
00:43:44Buugi ?
00:43:44FetAA mun item slot hotkeyt ei riitä nyt
00:43:46eXcluzziver meka
00:43:48McNabb turtle untill i get my dagger
00:43:49Buugi ok
00:43:49Strom -st
00:43:50eXcluzziver ;d
00:43:52FetAA :DD
00:44:01eXcluzziver i can make smth else
00:44:04MariahCarry care pudg
00:44:05Buugi k
00:44:06Buugi i go meka
00:44:11Buugi we need a hook
00:44:21FetAA dustii ho
00:44:24Luza xD
00:44:38McNabb got it
00:45:05curdi those hooks are such a joke
00:45:31McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:49Luza huoh :D
00:46:36Luza rot
00:46:50McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:51Strom -st
00:46:52Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:53MariahCarry I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:46:55nigulas I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:46:58curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:46:58curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:46:58curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:46:58curdi [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:46:58curdi I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:47:05eXcluzziver :(
00:47:08Luza aika paska invo olin :D
00:47:31FetAA dont hesitate pudge
00:47:34Buugi mastermind buugi
00:47:41FetAA masterfarmer feta
00:47:50FetAA come
00:47:51FetAA pudge
00:47:52FetAA look
00:47:55eXcluzziver :)
00:47:55FetAA look
00:48:00Luza hook*
00:48:01Luza xD
00:48:03eXcluzziver he must be example
00:48:04eXcluzziver ;d
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