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-3 TS

90% | 1467 X | 1508 TS

-57 X
-2 TS

89% | 1510 X | 1453 TS

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-6 TS

80% | 1346 X | 1482 TS

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74% | 1320 X | 1445 TS

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59% | 1254 X | 1341 TS

Chat log

00:00:01Herre my appartment got assaulted
00:00:01Rakett kõik herod polnud picked
00:00:01Herre what hero did I get :D
00:00:01Rakett niiet rd?
00:00:01valiante :D
00:00:01Strom mis sa pausid
00:00:01valiante ur chen
00:00:01Papaya u got chen
00:00:01KredeC ap
00:00:01Soulyah -rd
00:00:01Strom pane -ap
00:00:01Papaya go ap
00:00:01Soulyah -rd
00:00:01Rakett kõik herod polnud picked ju :D
00:00:01spede ap gogo
00:00:01Herre ok
00:00:01Papaya rakett ap
00:00:01Soulyah -rd
00:00:01Strom kõik olid picked
00:00:01Strom ära jama nüüd
00:00:01Strom ja torka -ap
00:00:01Rakett -ap
00:00:02Soulyah u so cheni
00:00:04Herre anyone who wants to swap chen?
00:00:08Soulyah mm
00:00:09Soulyah i can
00:00:26valiante strom
00:00:27Soulyah -swap 4
00:00:28valiante will u get wards
00:00:32valiante so u dont get ganged by chen?
00:00:35Soulyah -swap 4
00:00:36Herre -swap 2
00:00:44Soulyah im top woods
00:00:44FetAA why krob
00:00:44Strom meh, ok
00:00:47spede rakett why so racist
00:00:48FetAA doesent solo top
00:00:48FetAA ?
00:00:52FetAA krob solo top tide sk bot betterz
00:00:54Soulyah im not so good chen
00:00:54Papaya cause 2 meele bot sucks
00:00:56valiante thats what i said
00:00:59Soulyah but hell im bett than erre!
00:00:59Rakett cause you're all retards with retarded pictures?
00:01:00valiante but still
00:01:01FetAA well 1 melee solo top
00:01:03valiante 2 nukes
00:01:04FetAA is worse
00:01:04FetAA ..
00:01:07FetAA well u decide
00:01:10FetAA imo tide sk bot
00:01:10Papaya nah it isnt
00:01:13Soulyah y
00:01:14Papaya i can handle myself just fine
00:01:14spede picture of a black celebrity = retarded?
00:01:14Soulyah thats sad
00:01:15FetAA u can roam from there
00:01:16FetAA lol
00:01:18FetAA solo tide
00:01:19Rakett gonna put a picture of some random finnish d00d
00:01:20Rakett mocking him
00:01:21FetAA over solo krob
00:01:25FetAA madness
00:01:26Papaya !!!!
00:01:29spede feel free
00:01:32Rakett i will
00:01:34Soulyah ud
00:01:35valiante it is tho
00:01:36Soulyah solo top
00:01:36Papaya be quiet or i ravage you!
00:01:37Zajeb ill be woods
00:01:44Herre I see
00:01:49Soulyah u picked chen
00:01:49Soulyah :(
00:01:51Herre y :/
00:01:52FetAA wtf
00:01:55Soulyah :S
00:01:58Herre well, my apparment got assaulted
00:02:01FetAA balanar 6 starting armor
00:02:03Soulyah i will get out of ur fanclub maybe now
00:02:05Rakett :DDD
00:02:10Papaya get vang and 2k hp
00:02:12Papaya "fun" hero
00:02:13Rakett "i had to take my grandmother to the hospital"
00:02:19Strom haste bot
00:02:21Rakett *has left the game*
00:02:27Soulyah my .jpeg wife is igivng a birth
00:04:25FetAA miss
00:04:56Herre yo
00:04:59Soulyah tomb?
00:05:02Herre not skilled
00:05:41Papaya ss
00:06:11Rakett ns inc bot
00:06:11Rakett has rune
00:06:40spede -sk miss
00:07:08Soulyah lyca can farm here
00:07:08Soulyah xDD
00:07:15Soulyah spawns blocked
00:07:29Herre xD
00:07:33FetAA miss
00:07:39Rakett hea :D
00:08:03spede gank bot when you can
00:08:11FetAA i tp top
00:08:12Soulyah how
00:08:47Herre gg
00:09:02Herre gj
00:09:07Herre ahhah
00:09:07Rakett okay.
00:09:11Herre rofl
00:09:25Soulyah lyca
00:09:27Soulyah our woods
00:09:35spede krobe miss
00:09:41spede b
00:10:09Herre levi
00:10:46Rakett that hero is a fucking joke :D
00:10:49Papaya gj
00:11:00Strom take silence krobe
00:11:02Strom so we can kill him
00:11:12KredeC over ult?
00:11:15Strom sure
00:11:17Strom I ahve ulti
00:11:20Strom but need to stop swap
00:11:28Herre care Xd
00:11:41Papaya ss ud
00:11:43FetAA omw bot
00:13:15Herre -afk
00:14:04Strom damn potm chooses a good tiem to come
00:14:30Papaya dd toip bala
00:14:34Papaya fetaa dd rune top
00:15:20Zajeb dd on ns
00:15:24Zajeb in botle
00:15:28Strom mis bot
00:15:36valiante treads or phase against dirges tomb
00:15:38valiante what u think
00:15:45FetAA treads
00:16:06Papaya lol
00:16:15Herre ez
00:16:15Papaya fucking ran into it
00:16:16Papaya fail
00:16:23KredeC twr?
00:16:28Rakett QQQQ
00:16:34Strom collect 215 mana
00:16:35Strom then we kill
00:16:39Papaya 3 top
00:16:44FetAA cant go alone
00:16:50Papaya i tp in 5sec
00:16:52Papaya got ult
00:16:54Strom krobe, lets kill tb
00:16:54FetAA u dont make it
00:16:54Strom I stun
00:16:54FetAA :p
00:16:56Strom you silence and stuff
00:17:06Strom actually nuke first, then silence
00:17:10Papaya omw bala
00:17:11Papaya stay
00:17:23Strom mis bot
00:17:26Soulyah gang krob?
00:17:28Soulyah ma suckin micros
00:17:29Rakett ggoo
00:17:32Herre omg
00:17:52Rakett :DDD
00:17:56Soulyah :D
00:18:00Rakett said stuni maha üldse?
00:18:01Rakett kentauriga
00:18:03Soulyah y
00:18:20Rakett peab ikka sc8-te mängima see kanal nii kasutu
00:19:06valiante -cs
00:19:11Rakett GET
00:19:12Rakett OWNEDF
00:19:13FetAA why dont u just come
00:19:16FetAA when i ping 100x
00:19:30FetAA next time i ping more
00:19:34Papaya lol fetaa
00:19:35Strom because I had 300hp and tower started attacking me immediately
00:19:35FetAA maybe u figure it out
00:19:38Strom it would be suicide
00:19:40Papaya u twr dive with 3 people porting
00:19:44Rakett wow ks7
00:19:45Rakett D:
00:19:45FetAA krob and crix were both there at start
00:19:45FetAA lol
00:19:45Herre ez
00:19:50Papaya y they just suck
00:19:52Herre go twr
00:19:53Herre le twr
00:19:53Strom 300hp not enough to tower dive
00:19:54Rakett y.
00:19:56Papaya but that shouldnt surprise you
00:20:05KredeC i was oom and they just wet for me
00:20:12valiante soon bkb
00:20:12KredeC went for me a sec a go
00:20:17Soulyah mid tower
00:20:18Soulyah after
00:20:20FetAA we losing this
00:20:24valiante u think ?=
00:20:36KredeC get bt m twr
00:20:43valiante im pretty well farmed
00:20:59Herre xd
00:21:01Papaya jesus
00:21:03Soulyah see?
00:21:04Soulyah i hit
00:21:05FetAA we have no towers
00:21:07FetAA left soon
00:21:07Rakett XD
00:21:09FetAA since we dont def
00:21:11FetAA we have krob and shit
00:21:19Papaya krob sk just botlane for 15min
00:21:21Papaya doing 0
00:21:23FetAA :D
00:21:24FetAA true
00:21:39Papaya no clue how people can be so clueless after years of playing same game
00:21:50Soulyah hmm
00:21:55valiante who are u talking about
00:22:01Papaya sk krobe farmteam botlane?
00:22:02spede someone drop my str belt?
00:22:04Papaya 15min not leaving lane
00:22:10Strom wtf?
00:22:11Herre b
00:22:14Strom I came to kill top at lvl6
00:22:18Herre lets push when tomb
00:22:20KredeC sk should have left loooong ago
00:22:29Strom I tped top at LEVEL SIX
00:22:33Papaya wow
00:22:34Soulyah leave
00:22:35Papaya one gang
00:22:35Soulyah big
00:22:37Papaya wp
00:22:39Strom nop
00:22:39valiante -cs
00:22:40Herre go mid
00:22:42Strom that was the FIRST one
00:22:46Strom you're just spreading bullshit
00:22:49Soulyah y
00:22:50Soulyah just push
00:22:54FetAA gather?
00:22:56valiante i got
00:22:57valiante bkb
00:22:57Papaya your map presence is 0
00:22:58valiante in 300
00:22:59valiante then we go ok?
00:23:04Herre come
00:23:09Papaya y
00:23:12Papaya need to turn this soon or gg
00:23:45FetAA :D impossible
00:24:13Papaya need to focus that damn tomb down
00:24:21Herre do we has mekanism
00:24:21Papaya fucking chen army,tb army and zombies everywhere
00:24:22FetAA they have so much shit for now
00:24:24Rakett no
00:24:26Soulyah too much noobish heros up against
00:24:32Herre well
00:24:32Papaya like 5 v 20
00:24:32Herre enigma failed utli
00:24:37Zajeb didnt have ulti
00:24:38Rakett ,k
00:24:39Rakett :DDD
00:24:43Herre ahh
00:24:44Herre I see
00:24:47Herre go mid then again
00:24:49valiante need
00:24:50Herre after ulties
00:24:52Papaya zzz
00:24:52Rakett WHY are you challenging
00:24:52Rakett lyca
00:24:52Rakett ?
00:24:57Rakett WHY
00:24:58Rakett DO
00:24:59Rakett TYOY
00:25:01Rakett jesus christ
00:25:09Herre yo
00:25:45Herre I shall be making hood
00:25:54Rakett u need
00:25:57Rakett blademail against lycan
00:25:58Rakett not hood
00:25:59Papaya rosh re soon
00:26:01Herre I need
00:26:03Herre hood
00:26:03valiante ye
00:26:06FetAA omww
00:26:07Herre against their sk
00:26:15Rakett 0D
00:26:19Rakett hes not gonna have
00:26:19Herre y
00:26:20Rakett blink
00:26:20Herre and levi
00:26:22Herre so?
00:26:34Soulyah joke hero
00:26:37FetAA :D
00:26:41Herre just go when all ulties
00:26:41valiante so ban it?
00:26:43Herre def
00:26:50Soulyah even a blind retarded drunk finguy could play itt
00:26:52Rakett Cant ban all gay heroes because this channel plays imba mode
00:27:05FetAA b
00:27:09KredeC omw
00:27:27KredeC some1 bought and extra set of boots they are lying in base
00:27:41Herre hh
00:27:44Rakett get roshan
00:27:44Herre I was tped
00:27:45Rakett lycan died
00:27:46Strom did tb use ulti?
00:27:49Rakett or well hes low
00:27:50Rakett goggo
00:27:51Herre it didnt
00:27:54Rakett soulya
00:27:54valiante no clue
00:27:54Rakett creep
00:27:55FetAA no
00:27:56Rakett ja roshan
00:27:56Rakett go
00:28:08FetAA but u could kill him still
00:28:15Herre go mid in one minute
00:28:15FetAA sandstorm
00:28:25Papaya roishan re
00:28:34Herre löl
00:28:35Herre b
00:28:37valiante :D
00:28:39KredeC go
00:28:49Papaya take rosh soon
00:28:50Herre we need a decent fight
00:28:54Papaya my ult 50sec
00:29:07Herre wait for all
00:29:09Soulyah this is like
00:29:13Soulyah last time ever i play this hero
00:29:18Herre :D
00:29:21valiante just defend me
00:29:32Strom care mirana ulti
00:29:35Herre enigma blink gg
00:29:37Herre blink last
00:29:50Herre I see
00:30:37valiante wee need tb silenced
00:30:38Papaya jesus
00:30:43Papaya cant even get one kill
00:30:43FetAA fucking tombaments
00:30:45Herre there we go
00:30:50Rakett nigma did one man ult
00:30:50Rakett :D
00:30:51Papaya focus that tomb down
00:30:54Zajeb 2 man
00:30:55Papaya it rapes us so hard
00:30:55Herre it was good
00:30:56Strom that tomb is super annoying
00:30:57Rakett 10
00:30:58Rakett 1
00:31:00Strom disables dagger and shit
00:31:00Herre 2.
00:31:03Rakett who didu get
00:31:04FetAA lycan kills it insec
00:31:04Rakett ?
00:31:05Herre tide was in it
00:31:05Zajeb lyca and levi
00:31:06Herre and lycan
00:31:07Rakett no
00:31:08Herre yes
00:31:09Rakett tide ran
00:31:10Rakett away.
00:31:11Zajeb yap
00:31:12Papaya y lyca should kill it
00:31:16Herre well
00:31:18Soulyah im lvl 9
00:31:19Herre good ulti it was
00:31:19Soulyah soon 10
00:31:20Soulyah xDD
00:31:28Rakett n00b oled micro herodega :D
00:31:33Soulyah no
00:31:36Soulyah meepoga saaks hakkama
00:31:37Soulyah see pede
00:31:39Soulyah ei saa
00:31:48Rakett heheheh
00:31:58Papaya dd top bala
00:32:17Herre come
00:32:19Herre lets fight
00:32:20Rakett we wait for black hole
00:32:20Herre 4v5
00:32:23Soulyah i shall come
00:32:26Herre we could fight when no lycan
00:32:33Soulyah lyca
00:32:35Herre lets gang
00:32:52KredeC go push?
00:32:54valiante ye
00:33:03Herre :DD
00:33:05Soulyah OMG I DIEd
00:33:09Soulyah hit stun= dead
00:33:10FetAA ¨
00:33:16Herre go mid
00:33:16FetAA doesent look too good
00:33:30Papaya need a good clash
00:33:30Herre we has bh
00:33:34Papaya and that tomb dead
00:33:43valiante bot is pushed
00:33:54Soulyah ..
00:33:55Soulyah nigger
00:33:57spede b
00:33:58Herre YO ENIGMA
00:33:58Soulyah lol nigma
00:33:59valiante ^^
00:34:00Papaya :D
00:34:00Herre wtf are you doing
00:34:04KredeC lol
00:34:09Herre that was a VERY important push
00:34:18Herre and you decided to suck ass
00:34:19Herre :f
00:34:20KredeC get mid twr
00:34:24Zajeb yap i decided
00:34:26Rakett standard.
00:34:28Herre yap
00:34:33Herre howbout staying behind?
00:34:39FetAA we duie
00:34:40spede nice tomb bot lane
00:34:40spede zz
00:34:42Herre y
00:34:44Herre farms
00:34:46valiante no we dont
00:34:51Herre def base
00:34:58Herre yo
00:35:05KredeC b
00:35:07FetAA cant go more
00:35:09Soulyah y i lag
00:35:13Herre y
00:35:16valiante acmop
00:35:19valiante wait for new krob ulti
00:35:26Herre is it alive.
00:35:28valiante all camp?
00:35:29Rakett no
00:35:33FetAA that tb
00:35:49Rakett strom is a fucking mher
00:35:50Rakett i swear.
00:35:53Herre gang
00:35:56FetAA didnt have
00:35:56Soulyah :DDDDDDDDdddd
00:35:57FetAA ulti
00:35:57Rakett thats like the 5th time
00:35:59Rakett he blinks out
00:36:00Rakett of my arrow
00:36:01FetAA before
00:36:01Rakett lind
00:36:02Rakett blind
00:36:08Rakett and he sucks in dota
00:36:08Soulyah admins can use hack
00:36:09Soulyah new rule
00:36:10Rakett no other explanation
00:36:13Rakett oh yea i forgot
00:36:13Herre old rule*
00:36:28Soulyah plan?
00:36:41Herre make a decent fight
00:36:46Soulyah go mid then
00:36:47Herre = def mid
00:36:50Herre def it
00:36:55Soulyah why would they push lol
00:36:56Soulyah they have late
00:36:59Herre lol
00:37:02Herre they might brainfart
00:37:07Herre and tb also good in late
00:37:11FetAA now they turtle
00:37:12Herre yea
00:37:13Herre as you can see
00:37:14Herre they push
00:37:15FetAA we wait aegis or what
00:37:17FetAA is top tower gone?
00:37:22Herre ;LOL (c) soulyah
00:37:25Soulyah :D
00:37:27FetAA we go?
00:37:27Soulyah they nabs
00:37:33Papaya krob ult and go imo
00:37:33KredeC we dont need to push
00:37:36valiante 200 for deso
00:37:40Herre they so sneaky
00:37:45FetAA when roshan is up
00:37:57valiante got deso inc
00:38:07Papaya wait it and then krob ult
00:38:09Papaya lycan
00:38:12Papaya focus that tomb down
00:38:15valiante ok
00:38:24FetAA go
00:38:25Herre :DDD
00:38:54Herre :D:D:D
00:38:55Rakett this enigma
00:38:57Herre fuck
00:38:59Herre I forgot PIPE
00:39:00valiante gj
00:39:03Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:03valiante all on lycan
00:39:04valiante NO
00:39:06valiante DONT
00:39:06Zajeb was suposed to do what?
00:39:09Zajeb initiate?
00:39:10Rakett All on no ulti enigma
00:39:13Rakett STAY BACK BLINK IN
00:39:15Rakett =?====
00:39:16Rakett PROFIT?
00:39:17Rakett REPEAT
00:39:18Rakett FOR WIN
00:39:18Rakett ???
00:39:25Soulyah go ff
00:39:26KredeC mid?
00:39:28Soulyah i dont like this hero
00:39:28Zajeb I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:29Soulyah -100x
00:39:30Papaya atleast one good tide ult^^
00:39:31valiante y
00:39:31Rakett god sometimes even the skill of gc amazes me
00:39:34Herre then why u pick it?
00:39:35Herre xD
00:39:38Soulyah :DD
00:39:48FetAA y that ulti was nice
00:39:56Rakett GO NOW
00:39:57FetAA we get greedy
00:39:57Rakett ENIGMA
00:40:02Herre yea
00:40:04Herre rape them enigma
00:40:07Rakett gj
00:40:08Papaya b
00:40:11Rakett oneman ult
00:40:11Rakett is goes
00:40:13KredeC gj sentinel
00:40:14Rakett all game long bab
00:40:15Rakett y
00:40:16Soulyah type this
00:40:16Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:17Papaya enigma ult cd
00:40:18Soulyah fffffffff
00:40:18Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:19Rakett Sdfu noob
00:40:23Papaya get roshan
00:40:38FetAA lol
00:40:42Papaya rosh and mid rax
00:40:42FetAA why i bought 2 boots
00:40:43KredeC go
00:41:04FetAA why u can atk roshan
00:41:05FetAA fro mthere
00:41:09Herre gege
00:41:12KredeC take cheese?
00:41:21FetAA go mid
00:41:22Rakett strom item restrictionid eksisteerivad veel?
00:41:26Strom jah
00:41:30Rakett k..
00:41:55Rakett diz tb
00:41:56Rakett =D
00:42:19Soulyah :D:D:d
00:42:21Soulyah ahahahah
00:42:22Herre there we go
00:42:26spede gg
00:42:34spede shit chen and fed ns
00:42:36spede equals gg
00:42:38Herre :DD
00:42:48Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:52Papaya gg
00:42:53Rakett bad nigma and no farm tb
00:42:53FetAA gz
00:42:55Rakett equals gg
00:42:56Papaya nice teamplay at the end
00:43:11FetAA y wp
00:43:13spede I got decent farm considering that you fed ns so much
00:43:13valiante gg
00:43:16Rakett :D?
00:43:17spede hey could practically solo me
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