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86% | 1472 X | 1433 TS

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73% | 1300 X | 1425 TS

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66% | 1204 X | 1457 TS

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+4 TS

63% | 1317 X | 1311 TS

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77% | 1335 X | 1447 TS

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67% | 1291 X | 1375 TS

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-7 TS

67% | 1341 X | 1318 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Kastrup feta?
00:00:18KredeC -clear
00:00:18Idx i can go es
00:00:20Kastrup u know
00:00:21Kastrup if rubick is removed from pool?
00:00:21FetAA noo
00:00:21Idx hes banned anyways
00:00:21Kastrup hes not in pool
00:00:21Kastrup I BAN ES
00:00:21FetAA tuskar
00:00:21Kastrup :)
00:00:23que2stress gfet roof
00:00:24que2stress roof
00:00:27que2stress roof
00:00:29FetAA oh
00:00:31FetAA roof in pool
00:00:32Kastrup :)
00:00:32FetAA fuck
00:00:34Kastrup didn't see either
00:00:36Kastrup :D:D:D:D
00:00:39FetAA what an trap
00:00:42Kastrup :D
00:00:43Dota.m why didnt ban him ?
00:00:44Kastrup i wanted sf ffs
00:00:49FetAA I didnt see IT
00:00:50FetAA sry
00:00:51Dota.m ok
00:00:52Kastrup give me WL
00:00:57Arapiles pick obsidian
00:00:58Arapiles ?
00:00:58Kastrup give me wl
00:01:03Kastrup -swap 1
00:01:03Arapiles obsi own sf
00:01:05Kastrup -swap 2
00:01:05que2stress -swap 1
00:01:12Dota.m you took my WL !!
00:01:12Kastrup imba ulties!!!
00:01:30Idx gotta try this one out
00:01:34Kastrup get ck
00:01:36Kastrup and sven
00:01:36Kastrup imo
00:01:43teh_re cent forest?
00:01:48KredeC i roam
00:01:54Dota.m well can do my best...
00:01:56Arapiles lanes?
00:02:01Kastrup sven pugna bot
00:02:02Dota.m but we got ench also ?
00:02:06Kastrup ench top with roof
00:02:07teh_re :D
00:02:08Kastrup or
00:02:08teh_re no we dont
00:02:10Kastrup ench are u woods?
00:02:13FetAA what lanes u guys want?
00:02:13Dota.m or not...
00:02:13que2stress can i solo bot?
00:02:16magaso y
00:02:19Kastrup ye ok
00:02:20Dota.m im top imo
00:02:20Kastrup pugn a roof top
00:02:22Idx fetaa you just gotta farm this
00:02:25FetAA y
00:02:25teh_re ill solo if cent forest
00:02:25Idx lanes are imba
00:02:26Arapiles pugna top is bad
00:02:27FetAA just
00:02:29Kastrup fsdjklfdjksf
00:02:31Kastrup roof
00:02:32FetAA im so easy gankagble
00:02:32Kastrup bot
00:02:35Kastrup pugna sven top
00:02:37Kastrup htas great
00:02:38FetAA tell misses
00:02:38KredeC some anti pull wards wold own
00:02:39Kastrup thats great
00:02:47magaso btw
00:02:48Dota.m kk
00:02:48teh_re ill get wards as soon as possible if you can plant
00:02:48magaso go fb
00:02:49FetAA wards = nuts
00:02:50magaso this
00:02:51Idx jakiro going for manaboots?
00:02:51FetAA crow = nuts
00:02:52magaso ..
00:02:54magaso sf
00:02:54KredeC k i come
00:02:55Kastrup get cent first
00:02:59Kastrup or furbol
00:03:05FetAA if u get crow i can geth p items fast
00:03:05FetAA wtf
00:03:05NoX rather not
00:03:08NoX but if u want
00:03:21Idx nah ill go for it
00:03:22KredeC that way
00:03:41KredeC go
00:03:42KredeC go
00:04:04KredeC omg cent!
00:04:10KredeC ench*
00:04:14FetAA what is happening in ehre
00:04:16KredeC why didn't u come?
00:04:22Dota.m ss 1 top
00:04:37Dota.m re
00:04:43Dota.m lets kill pugna
00:05:16FetAA got lvl 3 raze now but he is full hp
00:05:20NoX ye
00:05:21NoX oom
00:05:22FetAA and ur oom
00:05:32Dota.m ss top
00:05:33Dota.m care
00:05:45KredeC go
00:05:48NoX got mana
00:05:55Arapiles cent der
00:05:56teh_re pull
00:06:00teh_re sven miss
00:06:01teh_re care mid
00:06:22FetAA b
00:06:50FetAA they got imba heroes
00:06:51Idx jakiro can you come bot
00:06:56Kastrup ffs
00:07:16Kastrup sick mid ?!: d
00:07:17NoX yeh too bad they got wl mid
00:07:46KredeC go`?
00:08:20Arapiles gj der
00:08:25Dota.m ss 1 top
00:08:29KredeC yp chic an y1`?
00:08:33Dota.m re
00:08:40teh_re svens misses
00:08:41teh_re again
00:08:49teh_re aithusa also
00:08:49KredeC ecnh^?
00:08:51KredeC pugna
00:09:00Arapiles i need farm
00:09:04Arapiles wl should
00:09:22Kastrup miss sf
00:09:24KredeC well we need dps and i think he goes dam
00:09:34KredeC now i have to go fucking b to get my bottle
00:09:36KredeC fuckes up
00:09:41Dota.m ss top
00:09:50KredeC too late
00:10:00KredeC go
00:10:23Idx wand
00:10:28FetAA SHIT
00:10:29Dota.m gj
00:10:34Arapiles well den crow kostede mit liv
00:10:47KredeC hold nu kæft du gjorde det alligevel for sent
00:10:54KredeC nu ahr jeg råd til selv at supporte
00:11:00FetAA baah
00:11:03FetAA i need to get back in this game
00:11:03Arapiles ok
00:11:11Arapiles ss top 2
00:11:52Dota.m kill to
00:12:03KredeC hcarge
00:12:09KredeC come
00:12:31Kastrup -miss
00:12:32Kastrup sf
00:12:46KredeC sS?
00:12:48Arapiles sf is top
00:12:50Idx ty guys
00:12:53Dota.m mid
00:12:53Arapiles har sagt
00:12:55Arapiles ss 2
00:12:56FetAA wl farmer
00:12:59KredeC kk
00:13:02KredeC my mistake'
00:13:18teh_re yeh
00:13:19teh_re greit
00:13:20FetAA so unlucky too
00:13:22FetAA THIS SUCKS
00:13:24teh_re tthat wl is so fat
00:13:28KredeC any1 wants mid?=
00:13:41Dota.m go top
00:13:41Dota.m gank
00:13:44FetAA i tp
00:13:46KredeC get it
00:13:47Dota.m k
00:13:53KredeC get cent
00:14:25FetAA zz
00:15:31que2stress 3 bot
00:15:37Arapiles u got ult?
00:15:41que2stress no
00:15:49Idx from what ive heard farming is the best when you solo
00:15:52KredeC plant ward
00:15:56Dota.m b
00:15:57Dota.m b
00:15:59Dota.m b
00:15:59Dota.m b
00:16:35KredeC twr
00:16:41Dota.m fucking morrong team
00:16:45Dota.m why not go b when i say bn
00:16:49Dota.m i had se them all
00:17:13Arapiles b
00:17:32Kastrup got ulti
00:17:35KredeC go again
00:17:42Arapiles k
00:17:48KredeC invis
00:18:06Dota.m b
00:18:19Dota.m b
00:18:20Dota.m b
00:18:20NoX thought we were 4
00:18:25Dota.m ffs
00:18:32NoX gg ff
00:18:38NoX stupid game
00:18:42teh_re 10min still
00:18:48teh_re stupid rues
00:18:55NoX never seen such a bad teamplay
00:18:56teh_re when some games are over after 10min
00:19:02NoX 1 b 1 go every time
00:19:04Idx mid was lost
00:19:06KredeC get mid
00:19:11teh_re all was lost
00:19:15teh_re every lane got ganged
00:19:20FetAA they played nice
00:19:25FetAA lets just try til lff
00:19:32Arapiles oom
00:19:34Dota.m seriøst ved ikke hvad jeg skal gøre med det her hold de dummere end lort + en dør
00:19:36que2stress i have boots
00:19:54FetAA pitlrod
00:20:27FetAA go
00:20:53FetAA oom
00:21:03FetAA b
00:21:51Dota.m got dagger soon
00:21:59KredeC w8 me ench
00:22:04KredeC rune btw
00:22:06Dota.m omw
00:22:08FetAA i b
00:22:09FetAA oom
00:22:10Dota.m k
00:22:16KredeC where are they?'
00:22:20KredeC come
00:22:29FetAA i need base and back
00:22:31FetAA no mana
00:22:38KredeC ench i dneed u
00:22:46FetAA get mechanism
00:22:48FetAA pit
00:22:52KredeC would have bin easy kil
00:22:53KredeC l
00:22:58Idx wut
00:23:05FetAA get mechanism ^^
00:23:06Dota.m gank top ?
00:23:07FetAA and some1 pipe
00:23:12Arapiles go mid?
00:23:14KredeC gathteR^?
00:23:15Kastrup fine by me
00:23:17KredeC and go woods
00:23:17Idx is that some new item or what
00:23:19KredeC and then mid
00:23:27KredeC come end
00:23:29KredeC ench
00:23:31FetAA was it so obviosu u gonna get it?
00:23:45Dota.m got dagger
00:24:07FetAA they fail now
00:24:10FetAA we can win like this
00:24:11KredeC mid
00:24:15Dota.m just turtle and def
00:24:18FetAA go def
00:24:18FetAA again
00:24:19Dota.m we got better late
00:24:20FetAA fast!!
00:24:22FetAA fast
00:24:23FetAA def
00:25:00KredeC wher e the fuck are the team?
00:25:04Arapiles i was dead
00:25:17Dota.m im b
00:25:27Dota.m b
00:25:28Dota.m go b
00:25:28Idx can any1 tell me what the fuck is a mechanism
00:25:32Dota.m dont fail
00:25:35Dota.m mekka
00:25:40Idx ah
00:25:41FetAA mekansm
00:25:42FetAA same thing
00:25:42Idx lolz
00:25:43FetAA u idiot
00:25:46FetAA :D
00:25:47KredeC lets go woods first
00:25:47Arapiles brb shop
00:25:49magaso go mid
00:25:51FetAA stop trolling
00:25:54Arapiles we need wards imo
00:25:58teh_re :D
00:26:00Dota.m lets kill wl in forrest
00:26:04Arapiles who should buy?
00:26:04Dota.m come sf
00:26:10FetAA need all
00:26:11FetAA got bkb now
00:26:12Dota.m k
00:26:14FetAA so ican ulty ateleast
00:26:24Dota.m b
00:26:29que2stress farm lanes
00:26:43Dota.m b
00:26:59Idx 3vs2
00:26:59Idx gogo
00:27:03Dota.m oom
00:27:15teh_re another won again
00:27:18FetAA y
00:27:19magaso tree ulted ?
00:27:21que2stress y
00:27:28FetAA and we got 0 towers
00:27:34FetAA ¨sick
00:27:36FetAA 5-0 towers
00:27:39Dota.m just out played
00:27:42magaso go all mid
00:27:54KredeC we need a gang first
00:28:05Kastrup slow
00:28:23FetAA care
00:29:01que2stress arf
00:29:03FetAA go mid tower
00:29:04que2stress #
00:29:04Idx well played
00:29:06que2stress no wards
00:29:06KredeC hope u get farmed team
00:29:11que2stress will defenitly lose the game
00:29:14KredeC y
00:29:15magaso u tards
00:29:16FetAA mid tower?
00:29:17magaso go push
00:29:18magaso ffs
00:29:25Arapiles when 5 y
00:29:25KredeC we wanna gang!
00:29:36que2stress imho we lost
00:29:37KredeC so stfu
00:29:52FetAA b
00:29:55FetAA we 2
00:30:00FetAA help
00:30:09Dota.m b
00:30:17Idx got meka now
00:30:22FetAA mechanism?
00:30:26magaso mid al;l
00:30:27que2stress k mid then
00:30:28magaso fcukng
00:30:28magaso wtf
00:30:38Idx yea whatever
00:30:40Dota.m b
00:30:46Kastrup got ulti
00:30:56Arapiles we 4 only
00:31:04que2stress well
00:31:07que2stress b
00:31:08magaso FUCKTARD
00:31:08que2stress b
00:31:09magaso MID
00:31:09Arapiles dont dive
00:31:16que2stress WAIT MY ULTI
00:31:24que2stress go n
00:31:25Kastrup okay
00:31:26que2stress b
00:31:28Kastrup lets wait for roof ulti
00:31:30Idx rosh?
00:31:33que2stress BAC
00:31:33Idx nah
00:31:38FetAA w8 me
00:31:51que2stress BAC
00:31:54FetAA ward
00:32:00que2stress BVACK
00:32:25Arapiles ffs
00:32:29Arapiles now we loose
00:32:32KredeC y
00:32:32que2stress sorry
00:32:33que2stress but
00:32:33Arapiles get some brain pls
00:32:35KredeC coz of no wards
00:32:38que2stress are u stupid?
00:32:40que2stress we said
00:32:41que2stress go back
00:32:44que2stress and wait roof ulti
00:32:49que2stress what is the problem to go back
00:32:51que2stress and wait?
00:32:55teh_re sweet
00:32:58teh_re 3-0
00:33:05Arapiles well at least just let them fight upramp
00:33:10Kastrup :)
00:33:13KredeC i go woods and farm bkb
00:33:16KredeC give me 15 min.
00:33:18Arapiles dont jump them 4v5 open ground
00:33:20Dota.m we got them now
00:33:28que2stress wards
00:33:29que2stress plz
00:33:30magaso go again
00:33:34que2stress now
00:33:35que2stress wait
00:33:35teh_re ye
00:33:36que2stress blue ulti
00:33:39teh_re cathed them on lvls
00:33:49que2stress let me farm woods lvl 16 plz
00:33:51que2stress its 2 camps
00:33:53Dota.m ye
00:34:03Dota.m gank
00:34:07Dota.m or bn
00:34:08Dota.m b
00:34:09Dota.m b
00:34:10que2stress DONBT
00:34:13Dota.m tp sf
00:34:14que2stress U DONT HAVE WARDS
00:34:21KredeC gather
00:34:41FetAA go clash?
00:35:36Dota.m b
00:35:38Arapiles ench...
00:35:39que2stress so bad
00:35:52FetAA lol
00:35:54FetAA how fast he shoots
00:35:56Arapiles you run centaur to sven and abandon him
00:35:59FetAA fuck that shoulda fitghtred
00:35:59FetAA him
00:36:19magaso what ois this items
00:36:20magaso wl
00:36:21magaso u tard
00:36:25magaso if he make refresher
00:36:28magaso it would bne over
00:36:30magaso i mean
00:36:31magaso fg
00:36:33magaso afg
00:36:36teh_re lets kill with smoke
00:36:40teh_re gather when feta up
00:36:40que2stress and agha
00:36:44magaso y
00:36:46magaso :D
00:36:51Kastrup aganims sucks on wl
00:36:55magaso LOL
00:36:56que2stress true
00:37:01que2stress only double ulti
00:37:04FetAA 700 for manta
00:37:04Kastrup less life
00:37:08Kastrup its two razes from sf
00:37:10Kastrup and its dead
00:37:17FetAA so stupid that ench killed me
00:37:33Arapiles some1 take the wards
00:37:40Dota.m b
00:37:49FetAA fight?
00:37:52FetAA centaur start we come rape
00:37:53Dota.m they all are there
00:38:07Dota.m he baut
00:38:08FetAA why dont u jump
00:38:09FetAA o nwarlock
00:38:09Dota.m bait
00:38:13FetAA pussy centaur
00:38:28NoX asdf
00:38:30Dota.m b
00:38:30Dota.m b
00:38:31Dota.m b
00:38:33FetAA centaur too pasive
00:38:42NoX we have to initiate
00:38:43FetAA lets not go
00:38:46FetAA if half are going to b
00:38:48que2stress i def bot
00:39:01FetAA roof bot
00:39:01FetAA go
00:39:02Dota.m they stay spread
00:39:04que2stress 1 mid
00:39:05Dota.m i can stun them
00:39:12magaso b
00:39:13que2stress bac
00:39:14que2stress def mid
00:39:31que2stress urse
00:39:34que2stress really stupid fguys
00:40:02que2stress why
00:40:05que2stress dont u simply back?
00:40:09Idx didnt want to steal
00:40:12FetAA lol
00:40:13Dota.m np
00:40:14Arapiles write b b4 its too late
00:40:15FetAA in this point there is no stelaing
00:40:16Arapiles ok?
00:40:28Arapiles i cant read your minds
00:40:34que2stress its not my minds
00:40:35Arapiles and walk as team
00:40:35que2stress its dota
00:40:38magaso go all mid
00:40:48Idx should i go shiva or hex
00:40:52Dota.m hex
00:40:54Dota.m and then shiva
00:41:00Arapiles its hard to push vs them
00:41:03Arapiles just so you know
00:41:05que2stress so dont
00:41:08Arapiles only way is to camp
00:41:09que2stress why dont back them
00:41:11FetAA im getting fat now
00:41:13magaso stfu
00:41:14magaso tard
00:41:14que2stress sven
00:41:16Arapiles and let me spam blast on tower
00:41:31Dota.m i got messer soon
00:41:55Dota.m leave mid for me
00:41:56FetAA ..
00:41:56FetAA care
00:41:58Dota.m then i gotr messer
00:42:07Dota.m leave
00:42:07KredeC g9o
00:42:47FetAA wow
00:42:47Dota.m they rish
00:42:56FetAA b
00:42:57FetAA b
00:42:57FetAA b
00:42:58FetAA b
00:42:58Dota.m b
00:42:59Dota.m b
00:42:59Dota.m b
00:43:06FetAA def at base
00:43:07FetAA :F
00:43:15Dota.m sf tp
00:43:18Dota.m all b
00:43:24FetAA u start
00:43:41Arapiles "gj"
00:43:48FetAA fight ffs
00:43:50FetAA needed jakiro there
00:44:03FetAA doint let
00:44:12FetAA cant let rax
00:44:14FetAA GO def
00:44:33que2stress that wl :D
00:44:34FetAA nice
00:44:36Dota.m def
00:44:49que2stress why u die for this?
00:44:50que2stress u could just
00:44:54que2stress go get towers
00:44:55que2stress and rax
00:44:57que2stress instead of chasing
00:45:02magaso retardness
00:45:09que2stress regen
00:45:12magaso retards chase
00:45:22que2stress we even dont have pipe
00:45:27que2stress so ill make it
00:45:32Dota.m gank top
00:45:33magaso tree so poor
00:46:02que2stress well actually i should do radi
00:46:02KredeC how`?
00:46:08Idx wtf
00:46:09teh_re go top?
00:46:10magaso so bad
00:46:11magaso ffs
00:46:13KredeC y
00:46:15Arapiles idc magaso
00:46:19FetAA ok
00:46:44Arapiles i got guinsoo
00:46:47FetAA move on?
00:46:48Arapiles go
00:46:52Arapiles i mean
00:47:02Dota.m care roof
00:47:03KredeC some fucking wards would have paid of way better
00:47:05FetAA come
00:47:10Arapiles sikker
00:47:11Arapiles t
00:47:16Arapiles men ik i solo toplane
00:47:20FetAA guys u SO SCARED
00:47:21FetAA wtf
00:47:59FetAA this and b
00:48:43que2stress well try mid
00:48:47KredeC y omw
00:48:48Kastrup shouldn't i get ehx?
00:48:50Kastrup i can get it fast?
00:48:50que2stress AGHA
00:48:53Arapiles im close
00:49:02Arapiles gå skaid
00:49:04Arapiles skadi
00:49:05KredeC well u cant
00:49:11Arapiles need 600g
00:49:13KredeC we cant have 3 hex
00:49:14Dota.m b
00:49:15Dota.m tp
00:49:16Idx chick going to shop with 10k gold on it
00:49:18Dota.m jakiro
00:49:18que2stress wait
00:49:19Kastrup 1m in for my ulti
00:49:19que2stress blue
00:49:20que2stress back
00:49:21FetAA lol
00:49:22que2stress BACK
00:49:23que2stress BACK
00:49:24que2stress BACK
00:49:25FetAA brave chick
00:49:26que2stress CAN U RAED
00:49:26magaso MID
00:49:27magaso FUCKTARD
00:49:32Kastrup not b4 ulti
00:49:36Dota.m 700 for heart
00:49:38Idx lil bird got some balls
00:49:41KredeC try mid?
00:49:43Arapiles i farm 600g
00:49:44que2stress WAIT
00:49:45que2stress FORM ULTI
00:49:51que2stress how hard is it
00:50:02Dota.m 200 for heart
00:50:10FetAA just dont give entry
00:50:12FetAA or we doomdd
00:50:15FetAA soon rego
00:50:20Dota.m sf
00:50:20que2stress gather
00:50:22Dota.m take top farm
00:50:22Dota.m fast
00:50:24Arapiles wait
00:50:27FetAA k
00:50:28Idx 400 til hex
00:50:35Kastrup 300 from skadi
00:50:36Arapiles now guinsoo
00:50:43Dota.m b
00:51:03que2stress stay invis
00:51:03Dota.m wl is baiting
00:51:05FetAA gather
00:51:15que2stress well push mid
00:51:17Idx need 100 more
00:51:21Kastrup wait
00:51:22Kastrup wait
00:51:29FetAA no visio
00:51:30teh_re had to take some of those :)
00:51:31Dota.m think they smoke
00:51:31Kastrup they will come
00:51:33FetAA go soon 5 and smoke
00:51:36teh_re got agha now as well
00:51:40Kastrup skadi on chick
00:51:55Dota.m ffs
00:51:56FetAA wtf
00:51:58Dota.m what are u doing
00:52:00FetAA who uses chick like that
00:52:01Kastrup b
00:52:05Kastrup B
00:52:08Dota.m not me
00:52:10Kastrup we need to def mid
00:52:12FetAA :D
00:52:13Idx i went for shop
00:52:15FetAA here take sven
00:52:18Idx some1 moved it to sven
00:52:22que2stress imho
00:52:22FetAA uh
00:52:23que2stress push mid now
00:52:24FetAA take ur hex
00:52:24FetAA pit
00:52:30magaso go
00:52:30FetAA w8 for pitlorz
00:52:32Arapiles i go buy new chick
00:52:37FetAA go
00:52:41Arapiles ok nvm
00:52:46magaso b
00:52:46FetAA u got blink centaur.
00:52:48Dota.m w8 pit
00:52:49magaso def
00:52:56magaso they hide
00:52:59KredeC i can egnage now
00:53:00FetAA y
00:53:01NoX its up
00:53:06KredeC got bkb
00:53:08FetAA they will hammer us tehre tho
00:53:09Kastrup we just need that lesharc
00:53:11Kastrup and sf down
00:53:12NoX yeh
00:53:12Kastrup rest is shit
00:53:15que2stress cent
00:53:16que2stress ROSH
00:53:17NoX dont have chick:(
00:53:18Dota.m reg
00:53:23Kastrup invis us
00:53:24FetAA need something to scout
00:53:28Dota.m let me bait
00:53:30FetAA care
00:53:30KredeC -ms
00:53:33NoX they go
00:53:34NoX watch
00:53:59Dota.m b
00:54:01Idx didnt have our team
00:54:07NoX wtf was this
00:54:08FetAA IF 2 GUYS ON ME?
00:54:10FetAA :D
00:54:10FetAA lol
00:54:11Kastrup :D
00:54:17NoX said they go and still u dont b
00:54:23KredeC mid and btm
00:54:23FetAA centaur is like bot
00:54:26magaso mid
00:54:27NoX well we gave it to them
00:54:28NoX gg
00:54:30FetAA u stayed at roshan
00:54:31que2stress sven def
00:54:32KredeC none def
00:54:33que2stress and famr
00:54:33FetAA then they jumped at me
00:54:36FetAA and u all died?
00:54:38KredeC ni
00:54:40KredeC all
00:54:47Kastrup puigna def?
00:54:50Idx you died kinda insta there
00:54:51que2stress dont need to def
00:54:57FetAA i died there
00:54:58Kastrup k
00:54:59FetAA so u were fighting 3
00:55:01FetAA dunno how u all died
00:55:01que2stress well
00:55:02que2stress now
00:55:02FetAA 4v3?
00:55:03FetAA how
00:55:03FetAA how
00:55:04FetAA how
00:55:06KredeC b after
00:55:16Arapiles b
00:55:16FetAA cant u take 4v3 battle
00:55:19FetAA if 2 chase me to forrest
00:55:20FetAA :D
00:55:21que2stress pugna btm
00:55:25teh_re nope
00:55:34teh_re not a chance
00:55:36que2stress get rosh now
00:55:37que2stress or top
00:55:38teh_re we dont do dmg
00:55:40magaso no
00:55:41magaso go top
00:55:44magaso no need rosh
00:55:45teh_re like you do
00:55:52FetAA go
00:55:53FetAA goo
00:55:54FetAA go
00:55:54FetAA go
00:55:55FetAA go
00:55:59Arapiles b
00:56:27teh_re and that ward makes 1,5k dmg me in fights
00:56:28teh_re abot
00:56:39Kastrup gj
00:56:42FetAA gg
00:56:44Kastrup gg
00:56:45Kastrup :D
00:56:46teh_re I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:56:48NoX I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:55Dota.m ffs this team
00:56:56Idx !ff
00:56:57que2stress gg
00:56:59KredeC gg
00:57:01FetAA ggz
00:57:01teh_re just ff
00:57:04teh_re without !
00:57:07Idx I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:57:09Idx right
00:57:10NoX I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:57:28Dota.m seriøst det hvergang jeg spiller godt så har jeg bare bæh team
00:57:31teh_re fetaa, ff also so we get next
00:57:42Dota.m def
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