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88% | 1505 X | 1430 TS

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Chat log

00:00:14ImNotGoodAtDotA <- sk or potm
00:00:16GO_GO_I_TANK hope we first pick
00:00:22GO_GO_I_TANK well tree or bara
00:00:23GO_GO_I_TANK ban tree?
00:00:23Celcius <-- potm weaver es
00:00:23Mr.HaM roof es crix mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
00:00:23Zajeb they will ban tree
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA hi hibalunt
00:00:23FetAA 5 mid
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA unfortunately u are lastpick this time
00:00:23FetAA we tryed last game 5 mid tactic
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA as you should be
00:00:23FetAA didnt work !
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA :DD
00:00:23hibalunt i like chikens (A)
00:00:23KING-_-JOHN -roof
00:00:23Mr.HaM lul
00:00:23Celcius if no vent. it dont work
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA bara or es
00:00:23Mr.HaM 5mid = pushers
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA i suppose
00:00:23Mr.HaM not rd mode
00:00:23FetAA we had
00:00:23Zajeb why you ban tree we have firstpick
00:00:23IceMal -weaver
00:00:23GO_GO_I_TANK tree
00:00:23Mr.HaM -_-
00:00:23ImNotGoodAtDotA humm humm
00:00:23GO_GO_I_TANK oh
00:00:25hibalunt i would rate myself 2. pick on bronze game and 4. pick in silver
00:00:26GO_GO_I_TANK he gets bara?
00:00:29FetAA ezalor pugna enigma , venomancer, ud
00:00:30Zajeb get bara?:
00:00:32FetAA we wnt straight mid
00:00:32FetAA :D
00:00:33GO_GO_I_TANK get me bara?
00:00:35IceMal again :)?
00:00:36ImNotGoodAtDotA this is bronze
00:00:37ImNotGoodAtDotA btw
00:00:40hibalunt know
00:00:50GO_GO_I_TANK get bara
00:00:50FetAA i feel like ganking
00:00:51GO_GO_I_TANK for me
00:00:52GO_GO_I_TANK i swap
00:00:56ImNotGoodAtDotA k
00:01:02Zajeb os es-a?
00:01:04IceMal omg
00:01:06ImNotGoodAtDotA hohohoho
00:01:08ImNotGoodAtDotA take lich
00:01:11ImNotGoodAtDotA not for me
00:01:11Mr.HaM ma igraj
00:01:12ImNotGoodAtDotA !!!!
00:01:14Mr.HaM ja cu licha
00:01:16GO_GO_I_TANK well
00:01:16ImNotGoodAtDotA ummm
00:01:16Zajeb necu ga ja
00:01:17GO_GO_I_TANK say
00:01:19ImNotGoodAtDotA give me
00:01:19Zajeb ja za tebe
00:01:19IceMal get lich
00:01:22Mr.HaM a e
00:01:23Zajeb ok
00:01:24ImNotGoodAtDotA axe
00:01:24FetAA ham I heard ur the most retard person in this place
00:01:26Mr.HaM sta ces
00:01:30FetAA from 2 different guys
00:01:30curdi hiba want lich?
00:01:30GO_GO_I_TANK -swap 4
00:01:32ImNotGoodAtDotA lich solo bot
00:01:33Mr.HaM staoces
00:01:34ImNotGoodAtDotA -swap 2
00:01:35hibalunt can
00:01:35GO_GO_I_TANK -swap 2
00:01:36ImNotGoodAtDotA -swap 4
00:01:37Zajeb omni
00:01:43curdi hm then
00:01:46Mr.HaM -swap 3
00:01:46hibalunt but i wont pick u shit
00:01:47Celcius last ?
00:01:48curdi get krobe for me
00:01:49Zajeb -swap 4
00:01:51hibalunt ok
00:01:53Zajeb dazzle
00:01:59curdi -swap 5
00:02:02hibalunt -swap 3
00:02:07GO_GO_I_TANK let me solo bot
00:02:07curdi so lanes?
00:02:08ImNotGoodAtDotA im forest
00:02:09GO_GO_I_TANK for fast lvl
00:02:15GO_GO_I_TANK and good axe gangs
00:02:17FetAA dazzle kommer du top
00:02:18ImNotGoodAtDotA they got so strong lineup
00:02:19ImNotGoodAtDotA huhuhu
00:02:22Celcius yup
00:02:24Celcius fb ?
00:02:27Celcius potm
00:02:30FetAA i used stun
00:02:31FetAA lol
00:02:37GO_GO_I_TANK they got two good player and celcius is decent
00:02:38Mr.HaM fetaa i am quiting smoking last 6 days, got "some" problems :DD
00:02:40ImNotGoodAtDotA if one of us makes 1st blood
00:02:42ImNotGoodAtDotA buy flying
00:02:43Mr.HaM attitude :D
00:02:43ImNotGoodAtDotA ty
00:02:45GO_GO_I_TANK zajeb and mr ham no good.. but good heroes
00:02:48FetAA im 4 days
00:02:49FetAA today
00:02:51Celcius go
00:02:52FetAA ´without smoking
00:02:52Mr.HaM gj man
00:02:53FetAA !
00:02:54Celcius to
00:02:54Celcius rune
00:02:55ImNotGoodAtDotA well
00:02:55Mr.HaM me 6!!
00:02:56ImNotGoodAtDotA u got me
00:02:57ImNotGoodAtDotA i win
00:02:58GO_GO_I_TANK lich can buy flying fast
00:03:00FetAA but i will in weekened anyways
00:03:01FetAA :D
00:03:07Mr.HaM ah
00:03:07FetAA hard when drinking
00:03:08FetAA no to
00:03:08Mr.HaM rune top
00:03:15FetAA u take
00:03:16Celcius i take
00:03:17Mr.HaM i was drinking HARD this weekend
00:03:18Mr.HaM didnt smoke
00:03:21GO_GO_I_TANK i urn btw
00:03:22IceMal ¨not better if krob or lich solo bot?
00:03:28GO_GO_I_TANK lets see
00:03:30curdi bara wanted
00:03:33FetAA dont use poisoin when i sutn
00:03:34Celcius lich
00:03:35GO_GO_I_TANK mnjp
00:03:37GO_GO_I_TANK npo
00:03:48FetAA like aboss
00:03:55ImNotGoodAtDotA the fuck
00:04:45Mr.HaM ti soul ring ja arcane
00:04:48FetAA i could pull
00:04:50FetAA from now
00:04:52curdi ss
00:04:53Celcius kk
00:04:59ImNotGoodAtDotA ty hiba
00:05:18GO_GO_I_TANK gang whenever axe
00:05:25ImNotGoodAtDotA not yet
00:05:29ImNotGoodAtDotA i get 4
00:05:53Celcius kill lvl 4
00:06:15FetAA oops
00:06:16FetAA was
00:06:19FetAA tabbed
00:06:38Zajeb ty
00:07:15ImNotGoodAtDotA u rdy bot?
00:07:18GO_GO_I_TANK y
00:07:22ImNotGoodAtDotA i get these
00:07:23ImNotGoodAtDotA and i come
00:07:32GO_GO_I_TANK esss
00:07:33ImNotGoodAtDotA or lets wait for ur 6
00:07:41GO_GO_I_TANK re
00:07:45ImNotGoodAtDotA go
00:07:45IceMal ss
00:07:47curdi ss
00:07:48IceMal care top
00:07:50IceMal mirana
00:07:57IceMal re
00:08:01KING-_-JOHN miss mid
00:08:02KING-_-JOHN re
00:08:15IceMal bneed gang
00:08:17GO_GO_I_TANK i needed one8 creep
00:08:18GO_GO_I_TANK why not wait
00:08:19GO_GO_I_TANK for 6
00:08:22GO_GO_I_TANK sk bot
00:08:26ImNotGoodAtDotA had good moment
00:08:28ImNotGoodAtDotA u went 2 soon
00:08:28GO_GO_I_TANK invis sk?=
00:08:34FetAA no
00:08:42FetAA im jstu fast as lightinng
00:09:02GO_GO_I_TANK lesh
00:09:07FetAA kill mid
00:09:11Celcius tkae
00:09:19IceMal omg
00:09:40FetAA go
00:09:41Zajeb ss
00:09:42Zajeb 2
00:09:58IceMal ..
00:10:02hibalunt wtf are crix and dazze doing, not on lane last 3 minutes
00:10:08GO_GO_I_TANK killing us
00:10:11IceMal get wards
00:10:12FetAA bara was six
00:10:14FetAA oo
00:10:21GO_GO_I_TANK gang again axe
00:10:23GO_GO_I_TANK no ulti
00:10:27ImNotGoodAtDotA im kinda low
00:10:29GO_GO_I_TANK when 6
00:10:32Mr.HaM ljeci se
00:10:33ImNotGoodAtDotA after these
00:10:34ImNotGoodAtDotA im 6
00:10:37Mr.HaM da upalim arcane
00:10:40FetAA miss 2
00:10:47ImNotGoodAtDotA or not
00:11:09ImNotGoodAtDotA k
00:11:10ImNotGoodAtDotA im coming
00:11:12GO_GO_I_TANK come
00:11:15GO_GO_I_TANK take lane bot i gan
00:11:16GO_GO_I_TANK g
00:11:19FetAA what
00:11:20IceMal ss
00:11:22GO_GO_I_TANK krob maybe
00:11:24ImNotGoodAtDotA kill
00:11:25ImNotGoodAtDotA sp
00:11:27ImNotGoodAtDotA sb
00:11:31Mr.HaM xD
00:11:35Celcius lets
00:11:38Celcius kill both ?
00:11:43FetAA im not 6 tho
00:11:50FetAA 1 creepz
00:11:57Celcius kk
00:12:08ImNotGoodAtDotA 2 strong
00:12:15Mr.HaM ljeci nas
00:12:32FetAA jogn
00:12:37FetAA john sleepy
00:12:46FetAA b
00:12:53GO_GO_I_TANK care
00:13:00GO_GO_I_TANK go dazle
00:13:10IceMal ss
00:13:38FetAA come top
00:13:39IceMal get wards?
00:13:44curdi we could go for towers now
00:13:55GO_GO_I_TANK got uolti
00:13:58GO_GO_I_TANK ulti lichP?
00:14:13FetAA no range for2
00:14:16GO_GO_I_TANK denie
00:14:20hibalunt look my lelvel and go figure
00:14:28GO_GO_I_TANK oh wow
00:14:33IceMal def
00:14:35GO_GO_I_TANK 11 mins
00:14:50FetAA :d
00:15:04FetAA pro ganks
00:15:18IceMal ff
00:15:19GO_GO_I_TANK get ælvæv
00:15:50Celcius heal ?
00:16:01Zajeb couldnt
00:16:05Celcius why ?
00:16:08Zajeb u were cnocked b
00:16:29IceMal wow
00:16:32IceMal bara
00:16:36FetAA oom
00:16:36GO_GO_I_TANK ye sbuddy
00:16:40IceMal why u back man
00:16:42FetAA he killsme
00:16:44FetAA with tuli
00:16:46Celcius grave
00:16:47GO_GO_I_TANK all spells cd
00:16:51FetAA true
00:17:01GO_GO_I_TANK not into your suicidal plans
00:17:01hibalunt ur auto attack is pretty good
00:17:06GO_GO_I_TANK i want there
00:17:12GO_GO_I_TANK why would i go around with u
00:17:14GO_GO_I_TANK u seem suicidal
00:17:14FetAA take rune top
00:17:15FetAA john
00:17:18GO_GO_I_TANK 0 4
00:17:25GO_GO_I_TANK just play you
00:17:36GO_GO_I_TANK your own hero
00:17:45IceMal just get fuckingwards
00:18:02Celcius es
00:18:03Celcius come
00:18:03Celcius up
00:18:04Celcius wtf
00:18:08Celcius he was
00:18:09Celcius paper
00:18:19Celcius why so scared +?
00:18:20Celcius serious
00:18:31Celcius ulti only give dps if your alone.
00:19:16hibalunt axe can u explain, why the items u have are more important than blink aka the only item, that maks your hero useful for team=
00:19:22GO_GO_I_TANK i wonder why i go
00:19:35GO_GO_I_TANK yeah very weird axe items
00:19:36ImNotGoodAtDotA can you explain
00:19:42ImNotGoodAtDotA can u explain ur 1-5 feed
00:20:10hibalunt i am a worse player than them
00:20:15FetAA lol
00:20:16hibalunt now can u explain ur bad itemsbuild?
00:20:17Mr.HaM sčdhfasf
00:20:36Mr.HaM ^^
00:20:38GO_GO_I_TANK stop blink
00:20:39FetAA nais
00:20:52FetAA it doesent mean if the boss dies
00:20:53FetAA u all has to
00:21:12FetAA i can tp
00:21:13FetAA -.
00:21:31FetAA THAT BARA
00:21:32FetAA is so lame
00:21:45GO_GO_I_TANK i bkb
00:22:12IceMal gj
00:22:14KING-_-JOHN bash?
00:22:18FetAA thjis is bararum
00:22:28IceMal get wards
00:22:29IceMal plz
00:22:35GO_GO_I_TANK yeah
00:22:38IceMal lich?
00:22:40GO_GO_I_TANK and lets go plant their for
00:22:44GO_GO_I_TANK forest so ican charge
00:22:48hibalunt axe can get, since he is not getting dagger anyway
00:22:52Mr.HaM i can go in now got dagger
00:22:53GO_GO_I_TANK plz lich
00:22:56GO_GO_I_TANK he will get dagger now
00:23:04Mr.HaM like bot
00:23:08hibalunt no he wont, he is ghetting retarded items
00:23:16GO_GO_I_TANK dagger is nesxt right axe?
00:23:26GO_GO_I_TANK dagger and manaboots
00:23:28GO_GO_I_TANK and spam your slow
00:23:29ImNotGoodAtDotA after hood
00:23:30ImNotGoodAtDotA yea
00:23:31hibalunt i wont surprise if this tard goes treads and good
00:23:37Mr.HaM they come
00:23:37Mr.HaM b
00:23:40GO_GO_I_TANK very very very slow dagger u get then
00:23:46ImNotGoodAtDotA yeah
00:24:00curdi got pipe
00:24:05GO_GO_I_TANK nice
00:24:07hibalunt so since we wont be ganking or pushing as long as axe is farming, no wards needed
00:24:12hibalunt we wont cross the river anywat
00:24:23GO_GO_I_TANK 5 bot
00:24:25Celcius gety
00:24:26Celcius bot
00:24:26Celcius tower
00:24:32GO_GO_I_TANK wards plz lich
00:24:35GO_GO_I_TANK we win then
00:24:43FetAA why is this fucker lesh here
00:24:46FetAA and not deffing there
00:24:46GO_GO_I_TANK or lesh wards?
00:24:55GO_GO_I_TANK or krob
00:24:55Celcius potn
00:24:59GO_GO_I_TANK just one set
00:25:00curdi go def bot
00:25:23IceMal u alone
00:25:26curdi y
00:25:41FetAA me mad
00:25:47GO_GO_I_TANK wow so bad axe build
00:25:52Celcius lets
00:25:53Celcius get
00:25:55Celcius top
00:25:56ImNotGoodAtDotA nah
00:26:00GO_GO_I_TANK we can use u at 40 mins
00:26:03GO_GO_I_TANK u farm until then
00:26:03GO_GO_I_TANK wp
00:26:08ImNotGoodAtDotA sure
00:26:14GO_GO_I_TANK u do this every game
00:26:24ImNotGoodAtDotA thats how i play
00:26:38hibalunt thtats why u make ur team lose games
00:26:40Mr.HaM xD
00:26:45ImNotGoodAtDotA what u want
00:26:46ImNotGoodAtDotA i was coming
00:26:47FetAA manas?
00:26:47ImNotGoodAtDotA uretard
00:26:49GO_GO_I_TANK what are u thinking
00:26:53GO_GO_I_TANK vanguard hood before dagger
00:26:54hibalunt axe is fuking rambo in early game, ok in midgame and piece of shit in lategame
00:27:10GO_GO_I_TANK he play all his heores like this
00:27:12GO_GO_I_TANK 40 minuts woods
00:27:24GO_GO_I_TANK and then come out if his team has owned or then loss if 4v5 hadnt won
00:27:35ImNotGoodAtDotA thats me
00:27:45FetAA b
00:27:50curdi well we could use initiater
00:28:06curdi since they got es and sk with daggers its kinda difficult to def
00:28:51GO_GO_I_TANK go
00:29:14Celcius all that bash
00:29:17FetAA who haz pipe
00:29:44FetAA pro ulti of doomz
00:29:52hibalunt phase boots :D:D:D
00:29:52GO_GO_I_TANK he has phaseboots now
00:29:53GO_GO_I_TANK haha
00:29:55GO_GO_I_TANK our second pick
00:29:59FetAA maz
00:30:01GO_GO_I_TANK 1 1 0
00:30:04curdi uh well
00:30:06IceMal axe join team=
00:30:07GO_GO_I_TANK we are playing 4v5 he is axe
00:30:31FetAA oops
00:30:35FetAA wtf
00:30:36FetAA hotkeys
00:30:58FetAA :D
00:31:13Celcius rong hot keys all the way
00:31:26FetAA i used:D
00:31:32FetAA lulz at john
00:31:35Celcius can we end soon
00:31:38Celcius push take rosh
00:31:39Celcius end
00:31:40Mr.HaM i still got ulti :op
00:31:59Zajeb sta sada da gradim :?
00:32:05Mr.HaM hex
00:32:12GO_GO_I_TANK axe things its diablo
00:32:18hibalunt runescape
00:32:27ImNotGoodAtDotA never played
00:32:28GO_GO_I_TANK come top
00:32:29GO_GO_I_TANK gogogo
00:32:29ImNotGoodAtDotA either of these
00:32:38GO_GO_I_TANK thanx
00:33:09Celcius kaog
00:33:10Celcius s s
00:33:40GO_GO_I_TANK hey axe
00:33:56FetAA wow
00:33:59FetAA seems liek we lose this
00:35:17GO_GO_I_TANK nice
00:35:17GO_GO_I_TANK tank
00:35:20GO_GO_I_TANK to bad we die alone
00:35:20Mr.HaM love rape fests
00:35:23Mr.HaM lets push?
00:35:25GO_GO_I_TANK lich remember spam armor on all of us
00:35:27GO_GO_I_TANK we all tanks
00:35:47GO_GO_I_TANK oh he isnt even going dagger
00:35:52GO_GO_I_TANK how the hell u gonna catch em
00:35:54hibalunt nah i stoped playing, this axe is so terrible, he does not deserv to win,
00:36:00GO_GO_I_TANK well we do
00:36:04GO_GO_I_TANK we fuck him other games
00:36:06GO_GO_I_TANK we know his ttara
00:36:15curdi ironically lich is complaining most while he plays the worst :/
00:36:28hibalunt yes, but i am not doing in on purpos
00:36:38GO_GO_I_TANK u have tp
00:36:39GO_GO_I_TANK i have bkb
00:36:44hibalunt this is how i play, but this axe just fucks with us because he is a dipshit
00:36:48Celcius some
00:36:49Celcius one
00:36:50Celcius tp
00:36:54FetAA omg
00:36:55FetAA no tp
00:37:11FetAA johnny noob carry tps
00:37:27IceMal we got raks
00:37:36Celcius wtf
00:37:38Celcius just heal me
00:37:42Celcius i can grave my self
00:38:13Zajeb had no mana and couldnt use ring cause i had no hp
00:38:14FetAA n1
00:38:19GO_GO_I_TANK lich can u frost armor me?
00:38:21GO_GO_I_TANK i live 100 more years
00:38:26Zajeb so i just repeled
00:38:40hibalunt in fights where it matters yes
00:38:54GO_GO_I_TANK axe been in 3/26 fights thats pretty good team play
00:38:55hibalunt in 1 hp omni chase, no
00:39:02Celcius we end soon ?
00:39:03Celcius or
00:39:22FetAA b
00:39:22hibalunt no, he has not been, 2 of those 3 are solokills
00:39:32GO_GO_I_TANK well they still help team
00:39:44curdi is that whining helping us somehow
00:39:49GO_GO_I_TANK here
00:40:04curdi mm well
00:40:14GO_GO_I_TANK guess i am in the no caring group
00:40:40Celcius get
00:40:41Celcius some
00:40:42Celcius rax
00:41:08Zajeb 3v5
00:41:15Zajeb wtf are we w8ing for?
00:41:22Celcius dunno
00:41:41IceMal go
00:42:07Celcius rdy ?
00:42:08Celcius es
00:42:25FetAA hmm
00:42:32Mr.HaM dunno why not wait for creeps
00:42:33Zajeb grave me man
00:42:44Celcius i did.
00:42:50Zajeb htf i died?
00:42:52Zajeb :?
00:42:56Celcius axe ulti
00:43:38IceMal b
00:44:04FetAA go ff?
00:44:11GO_GO_I_TANK so ul
00:44:12FetAA or go top rax
00:44:33FetAA sure
00:44:33FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:34FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:55IceMal all top now
00:44:58curdi y
00:45:00Celcius .lol
00:45:08Celcius i click
00:45:08Zajeb ...
00:45:10Celcius on you potm
00:45:12GO_GO_I_TANK bring more dust
00:45:14GO_GO_I_TANK i have only one
00:45:39curdi nice nice
00:45:47FetAA what happened
00:45:47FetAA lol gg
00:45:53GO_GO_I_TANK imba counter mirana this bara
00:45:54IceMal all come
00:46:08FetAA dont bring creeps on me
00:46:11GO_GO_I_TANK lich
00:46:14GO_GO_I_TANK armor ulti come
00:46:22GO_GO_I_TANK befrore mirana out
00:46:31hibalunt im doing da "axe"
00:46:51FetAA why dont kill eslh
00:46:59GO_GO_I_TANK gj
00:46:59IceMal omg
00:47:00curdi i report lich
00:47:15GO_GO_I_TANK yeah i actually think axe is stupid enough to play like this
00:47:20GO_GO_I_TANK but lich told us he knows better
00:47:23GO_GO_I_TANK report him plz
00:47:23FetAA go mid or smthing
00:47:33GO_GO_I_TANK rules say u have to follow captains push
00:47:35hibalunt im starting to think he is this bad also
00:47:50curdi we had this game within that push
00:47:55curdi idk why u refuse to come
00:48:01hibalunt cause i dont want to win?
00:48:07curdi i c
00:48:08GO_GO_I_TANK leave plz
00:48:08Celcius ac or guinsoo ?
00:48:09GO_GO_I_TANK get a ban
00:48:11FetAA all backs
00:48:15IceMal comeon guys we need one lan
00:48:15GO_GO_I_TANK just report his chat
00:48:18GO_GO_I_TANK chat log is prove
00:48:20GO_GO_I_TANK poof
00:48:22Celcius im oom
00:49:40IceMal gg
00:49:51GO_GO_I_TANK who cares
00:49:54curdi you guys are brilliant
00:49:59FetAA where u goo
00:50:00GO_GO_I_TANK u our only good player
00:50:03GO_GO_I_TANK i went emo on axe
00:50:07GO_GO_I_TANK and just started feeding
00:50:07Zajeb got guinso
00:50:18FetAA axe trys ninja top
00:50:36hibalunt guess axe has his buttbuddy on scourge, thats why he can win
00:50:45hibalunt seen this few times in gc
00:51:01Celcius some1 tp
00:51:46Celcius potm
00:51:47Celcius ulit
00:52:04ImNotGoodAtDotA theres only raxes left top
00:52:06ImNotGoodAtDotA btw ;)
00:52:17IceMal care
00:52:45ImNotGoodAtDotA go finish
00:52:46ImNotGoodAtDotA top :
00:52:47ImNotGoodAtDotA =)
00:52:49GO_GO_I_TANK shut up
00:52:49GO_GO_I_TANK ¨¨poz
00:52:50GO_GO_I_TANK plz
00:52:50hibalunt go suck dick
00:52:55ImNotGoodAtDotA funneh
00:53:01FetAA go suprise
00:53:01FetAA 5v4
00:53:48FetAA i has no tp
00:53:48IceMal its like we loosing on purpose
00:53:53curdi some of us are
00:53:55ImNotGoodAtDotA you are :
00:53:57ImNotGoodAtDotA =)
00:54:10curdi sigh
00:54:15curdi died cause of typing
00:54:19GO_GO_I_TANK guess we are solo axe made us emo
00:54:30ImNotGoodAtDotA nope
00:54:33ImNotGoodAtDotA u just suck
00:55:00ImNotGoodAtDotA go top all
00:55:01ImNotGoodAtDotA and win this
00:55:03ImNotGoodAtDotA for the lulz
00:55:15hibalunt how about i put my dick in ur mouth, fo the lulz
00:55:23IceMal MOVE
00:55:44IceMal brainless team
00:55:44GO_GO_I_TANK one hard fuck
00:55:51GO_GO_I_TANK haha our feeding lesh
00:56:03GO_GO_I_TANK u axe lost this me krob made it work
00:56:10Celcius my aegie when out the sec you killed me :/
00:56:16GO_GO_I_TANK nice
00:56:16ImNotGoodAtDotA how did i lose this :D
00:56:19hibalunt "calculated"
00:56:20GO_GO_I_TANK feed?
00:56:21FetAA u should let him kill uthen
00:56:21FetAA :D
00:56:23Celcius ^^
00:56:24ImNotGoodAtDotA nabs
00:56:30GO_GO_I_TANK 0 7 no farm mid?
00:56:37curdi axe played better than half of the team
00:56:40curdi shit build sure
00:56:45curdi but atleast not feeding and ruining
00:56:57GO_GO_I_TANK ofc u dont feed when u i forest 40 mins and come out fully tanked
00:56:58FetAA care
00:56:59GO_GO_I_TANK hard to feed
00:57:02hibalunt its not so much about build, its the fuking attitude, "I farm 40 min, then we go"
00:57:16hibalunt fuck this, if we had decent opponens the game had been over at 30
00:57:18FetAA proaxe
00:57:20GO_GO_I_TANK lets go 5
00:57:28ImNotGoodAtDotA go mid 5
00:57:30GO_GO_I_TANK come smoke
00:57:32ImNotGoodAtDotA lets win this
00:57:33ImNotGoodAtDotA easy win
00:57:36GO_GO_I_TANK sjhut up axe
00:57:37ImNotGoodAtDotA armor me lich
00:57:38GO_GO_I_TANK u asshole
00:57:43GO_GO_I_TANK ego forest diabloe fuck
00:57:43ImNotGoodAtDotA yeye
00:57:57IceMal charge
00:58:14FetAA niec
00:58:27FetAA i tp soon
00:58:51FetAA ;:D
00:59:14IceMal mirana
00:59:16IceMal kill
00:59:16FetAA ifails
00:59:21FetAA grave saves
00:59:51GO_GO_I_TANK plz seel vanguard and go dagger?
00:59:52GO_GO_I_TANK axe?
00:59:56GO_GO_I_TANK need u to initaite
00:59:58GO_GO_I_TANK please
01:00:00Zajeb push?????
01:00:05Celcius nah
01:00:06Celcius they
01:00:08Celcius rape us
01:00:19Zajeb whell y just the 2 of us
01:00:19GO_GO_I_TANK sell vanguard go daggeR?
01:00:20GO_GO_I_TANK plz!
01:00:26hibalunt he would get t even if it was for free
01:00:29hibalunt because he is a dick
01:00:37GO_GO_I_TANK we all die because he cant start fight
01:00:47Mr.HaM omw...
01:00:57FetAA buy bots or s
01:01:25FetAA like paper
01:01:31ImNotGoodAtDotA yeah :D
01:01:48FetAA es incoming
01:01:50GO_GO_I_TANK wait
01:01:52FetAA i put
01:01:54GO_GO_I_TANK till axe try safe
01:02:01GO_GO_I_TANK frost armor
01:02:12ImNotGoodAtDotA they got no ulties
01:02:16ImNotGoodAtDotA only es
01:02:18ImNotGoodAtDotA ^^
01:03:12Zajeb WHY CHASE????
01:03:16Zajeb GETT THE TOWER
01:03:21Zajeb b now
01:03:22GO_GO_I_TANK battlehugner him
01:03:23GO_GO_I_TANK for slow
01:03:45GO_GO_I_TANK shiva
01:03:45FetAA can u make it
01:03:47GO_GO_I_TANK battlehunger
01:03:49FetAA creeps are doing good job
01:03:49FetAA run
01:04:02Celcius nope :)
01:04:06GO_GO_I_TANK ax
01:04:06GO_GO_I_TANK rax
01:04:07GO_GO_I_TANK rax
01:04:10IceMal i def
01:04:11GO_GO_I_TANK nm
01:04:19Mr.HaM wy u cahsedatfountain
01:04:21Mr.HaM we had them
01:04:30Zajeb i dont know
01:04:36curdi got hex
01:04:41GO_GO_I_TANK y nice
01:04:44Zajeb i was getting the tower and every1 was chasing them
01:04:50GO_GO_I_TANK maybe go dazzle with it he safes peop0le
01:04:50Zajeb si went in to help
01:04:52GO_GO_I_TANK dazzle or mirana
01:04:53curdi might try get refu :/
01:04:58Celcius dont
01:04:58Celcius go
01:05:00Celcius out and die
01:05:01Celcius now
01:05:03GO_GO_I_TANK get orchid
01:05:13ImNotGoodAtDotA dont go mid
01:05:14ImNotGoodAtDotA yet
01:05:15Celcius care
01:05:16Celcius es
01:05:21Celcius es
01:05:23Celcius they
01:05:25FetAA xcb
01:05:25Celcius comming
01:06:16FetAA 50 gold missing
01:06:17FetAA 80
01:06:22GO_GO_I_TANK what an emo game... i am wasted
01:06:22FetAA ggs
01:06:25FetAA any1 can rebuy?
01:06:32curdi too easy :s
01:06:43Celcius i told em to get back
01:06:46ImNotGoodAtDotA nice dmg
01:06:51IceMal gg
01:06:57IceMal wp mirana dazzle
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