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98% | 1704 X | 1631 TS

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79% | 1363 X | 1433 TS

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62% | 1171 X | 1451 TS

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Chat log

00:00:08Soulyah vennnnnnnnnt
00:00:13NotAHax i cant speak
00:00:13NotAHax so
00:00:15NotAHax >_>
00:00:17Soulyah lol why
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo i can wl/ tree/rhasta
00:00:17ChokE bara or roof
00:00:17Strom anyone interested in roof?
00:00:17Soulyah lol
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo i can
00:00:17Soulyah didnt have any food at my place
00:00:17ChokE im taking panda
00:00:17Soulyah came to spend the night at moms
00:00:17Soulyah :D
00:00:17NotAHax LOL
00:00:17ChokE someone plz go cm
00:00:17DeMiaN well ya should ban bara
00:00:17Strom -void
00:00:17ChokE y
00:00:17ChokE oO
00:00:17eXcluzziver we have fp
00:00:17eXcluzziver ofc we dont ban bara
00:00:17sebralane strom
00:00:17NotAHax -_- rly
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo fp tree
00:00:17DeMiaN well yes we do
00:00:17NotAHax why so gay strom why
00:00:17DeMiaN fp tree
00:00:17eXcluzziver he will ban tree
00:00:17eXcluzziver genius
00:00:17Arapiles treant ban imo
00:00:20NotAHax nope
00:00:23eXcluzziver or he sucks
00:00:23NotAHax he will get the roo
00:00:24eXcluzziver ;d
00:00:25DeMiaN whose the genius now
00:00:25ChokE get bara then
00:00:27NotAHax i wil enjoy the barathrum
00:00:29ChokE Im taking panda anyway
00:00:31oo0OoO0oo i can bara
00:00:33ChokE so roof will be bad
00:00:35NotAHax oh
00:00:37sebralane good
00:00:42sebralane enjoy it
00:00:43NotAHax alche?
00:00:46NotAHax surely i will
00:00:46Arapiles venom for me?
00:00:48oo0OoO0oo can i bara
00:00:50NotAHax veno
00:00:50NotAHax go
00:00:51NotAHax veno
00:00:54ChokE exc
00:00:56sebralane strom miks seda bani pole, kui ei joini keegi
00:00:56Strom nah, I'm playing it
00:00:57ChokE take cm for someone
00:00:59oo0OoO0oo k
00:01:01sebralane i go...
00:01:03sebralane hmm
00:01:05eXcluzziver Wont risk that
00:01:07sebralane wanna swap roof?
00:01:10ChokE rly need cm
00:01:11NotAHax no sorry
00:01:14sebralane :(
00:01:15Arapiles dk would be nice
00:01:17Strom omg
00:01:19Soulyah pit lord
00:01:19ChokE ffs
00:01:19NotAHax yeah dk would be nice
00:01:19DeMiaN omg
00:01:19Arapiles u want?
00:01:21Soulyah plz
00:01:21NotAHax soulyeah go dk?
00:01:21ChokE ....
00:01:21sebralane what u want from me?
00:01:25Soulyah -swap 3
00:01:27NotAHax warlock?
00:01:28Arapiles -swap 2
00:01:35Strom warlock / rhasta / leshrac
00:01:37ChokE cmlock!
00:01:46DeMiaN fine
00:01:47NotAHax cm or rhasta plz
00:01:51DeMiaN but i will get so bored
00:01:52NotAHax or jakiro
00:01:54NotAHax jakiro would be nice
00:01:56ChokE why?
00:01:59Strom well I suggested lesh / rhasta
00:01:59sebralane can veno bot?
00:02:02Strom cm kinda weak
00:02:03Soulyah no
00:02:04Soulyah we lane
00:02:05NotAHax y veno bot
00:02:07Soulyah ...
00:02:07NotAHax m
00:02:07DeMiaN y
00:02:08NotAHax k
00:02:09DeMiaN very weak
00:02:10Soulyah we could push fast
00:02:10DeMiaN against
00:02:11NotAHax well jakiro dk works also
00:02:13NotAHax k
00:02:13Soulyah if veno skills wards
00:02:13NotAHax veno top
00:02:15DeMiaN veno davion rooft
00:02:17NotAHax ARapiles
00:02:17sebralane noo
00:02:18NotAHax you skill:
00:02:18ChokE lock go bot
00:02:20ChokE cm top
00:02:20Arapiles yy
00:02:20sebralane hes 9%
00:02:21ChokE plz
00:02:21ChokE with me
00:02:22sebralane -.-
00:02:24DeMiaN even pit hurt her
00:02:25NotAHax slow,ward,ward,passive,ward,ulti,ward
00:02:27NotAHax you know?
00:02:28NotAHax like a bawz
00:02:39Arapiles yy
00:02:45Arapiles push build
00:03:05sebralane share?
00:03:06ChokE ward
00:03:10Soulyah new pit
00:03:11Arapiles fb mid?
00:03:11Soulyah so imba
00:03:11ChokE oO?
00:03:12Soulyah lol
00:03:15NotAHax roof imba
00:03:20Soulyah all imba
00:03:25ChokE works I guess -.-
00:03:26sebralane thd pull pls
00:03:29eXcluzziver is there rule about being unmannerd?
00:03:32Soulyah .......
00:03:33Soulyah ???
00:03:34DeMiaN pull warded
00:03:35Arapiles omg
00:03:35Strom hye
00:03:41Soulyah :D
00:03:49Soulyah shoot
00:03:50Soulyah the,
00:03:53sebralane thd
00:03:55sebralane pull
00:04:13NotAHax Wat
00:04:15Strom :D
00:04:23Strom :_D
00:04:23NotAHax okay
00:04:25NotAHax PLZ
00:04:29NotAHax go fucking lotto
00:04:35Soulyah go
00:04:36Soulyah cm
00:04:42Strom well I need lotto
00:04:44NotAHax my turn
00:04:45Strom you have too stronmk hero
00:05:31Soulyah shoot
00:05:31Soulyah cm
00:05:34Soulyah and soon
00:05:35Soulyah we go
00:05:45Arapiles k
00:06:21NotAHax y u wanna wfarm?
00:06:28ChokE cm u rly dont have frostbite
00:06:31ChokE are u kidding me?
00:06:32Soulyah GJ!
00:06:35DeMiaN used ?
00:06:44Arapiles u2
00:06:44eXcluzziver gj
00:06:49Soulyah gona check rune
00:06:55DeMiaN ss pit
00:06:57Soulyah fucking
00:06:57DeMiaN b mid
00:07:00Soulyah mom is too drunk
00:07:01Strom noo
00:07:02eXcluzziver missing down
00:07:03Strom imba range
00:07:10Soulyah got dd
00:07:20NotAHax at pro league
00:07:26NotAHax they call roof players skilled koreans
00:07:38Strom charging pit
00:07:41NotAHax MID MISS
00:07:42Strom mid missing also
00:07:43NotAHax oh look
00:07:44NotAHax 1 tango
00:07:48NotAHax and im alrdy 70% hp
00:07:50NotAHax skill hero mon
00:07:51eXcluzziver cannibal tree
00:07:54Strom go pit
00:08:12ChokE pro
00:08:14ChokE strom
00:08:29Strom well I alerted you guys
00:08:30Soulyah uus pit
00:08:31Soulyah :D:D
00:08:34NotAHax )
00:08:34Strom but still you didn't wanna go
00:08:37ChokE ?1
00:08:39ChokE !
00:08:43DeMiaN i
00:08:49ChokE we went
00:09:01NotAHax Welcome back
00:09:10eXcluzziver b
00:09:10DeMiaN just get veno first
00:09:18ChokE k
00:09:29ChokE why do u stay if u aint gonna fight
00:09:32ChokE might aswell go b
00:09:37DeMiaN was already going
00:09:44Arapiles ss top2
00:09:55ChokE mid miss
00:09:57NotAHax 2,1k money
00:09:59NotAHax problem officer
00:10:03NotAHax HOLA
00:10:28eXcluzziver damn how i failed
00:10:29eXcluzziver ;ddd
00:10:46NotAHax come gang midd
00:10:47NotAHax i have ulti
00:10:56NotAHax ven
00:10:56NotAHax veno
00:11:05Arapiles omw
00:11:09DeMiaN miss bot CARE
00:11:10DeMiaN miss top CARE
00:11:13Soulyah dive?
00:11:13ChokE ss
00:11:16NotAHax y
00:11:30Homicida ss lina
00:11:32Homicida nvm
00:11:37Homicida luna*
00:11:38NotAHax MID MISS
00:11:57NotAHax ogogog?
00:11:59Arapiles y
00:12:15Soulyah god why i added
00:12:16NotAHax 10 min radi
00:12:17Soulyah too east
00:12:18NotAHax problem officer?
00:12:20eXcluzziver wl time to stop farming
00:12:21eXcluzziver and helo others
00:12:28NotAHax or no
00:12:30DeMiaN game over
00:12:33DeMiaN already
00:12:34DeMiaN anyway
00:12:37Strom they're so tanky
00:12:37NotAHax niggas autoattack tower
00:12:38NotAHax no radi
00:12:42Strom and we have a damn LUNA pick
00:12:46eXcluzziver wl b
00:12:51Soulyah bot tower
00:13:17eXcluzziver since when luna is a bad hero lol
00:13:29ChokE since always
00:13:32NotAHax protip strom
00:13:34Soulyah ei ole imba we
00:13:35NotAHax ban roof unless you pick it
00:13:45eXcluzziver why such good heroes like cm and bs, panda fail
00:13:45Soulyah imo pit>roof
00:13:49NotAHax ..
00:13:50eXcluzziver because luna pick?
00:13:50NotAHax inte
00:13:53Strom well roof was my backup pick
00:13:59Strom anyway that's not the issue
00:14:04oo0OoO0oo bara should farm
00:14:06Strom my biggest issue is our master luna pick
00:14:09NotAHax i see 10 mi nradi not issue
00:14:10NotAHax xD
00:14:20Strom well are you telling me you would suck with some other hero?
00:14:21Strom like void?
00:14:26NotAHax näh
00:14:38NotAHax Well ur right
00:14:41NotAHax you were doomed with luna pick
00:15:02Arapiles b
00:15:10ChokE roof soon radi
00:15:11ChokE rofl..
00:15:15NotAHax jakiro
00:15:17NotAHax wards + upgrd chicken
00:15:18NotAHax plz
00:15:23eXcluzziver storm
00:15:32eXcluzziver u know that luna has highest win percent on this league
00:15:45DeMiaN lol not
00:15:48DeMiaN first is lycan
00:15:52DeMiaN then lich
00:15:53eXcluzziver top 6 like
00:15:55NotAHax lycan first
00:16:04Soulyah but
00:16:05Soulyah u noob
00:16:05NotAHax Reard dont know how to make hexes
00:16:06eXcluzziver deffinetly not a bad hero
00:16:08Soulyah u cant play it
00:16:08Arapiles new roof has highest
00:16:10NotAHax lyca is
00:16:10ChokE 0-5 bara :D:D:D:D:
00:16:11ChokE hahahaha
00:16:12Strom excluzziver, luna might be good hero
00:16:12NotAHax overated
00:16:15NotAHax pubstomp hero
00:16:17Strom but not after our picks
00:16:18NotAHax if ppl realize someday
00:16:23NotAHax ghostscepter and hex actually do work
00:16:26eXcluzziver sorry i didnt see better pick
00:16:26NotAHax he not gonna be first one
00:16:28Strom choke, I don't knowi f you've noticed
00:16:28oo0OoO0oo well you kinda failed too strom
00:16:30Strom but it's 13:2
00:16:36ChokE I dont know if u noticed
00:16:37eXcluzziver and everyone was free to pick ,no1 told me what to get
00:16:37NotAHax you heard it first from master notahax
00:16:38Strom not like there's anything I can do
00:16:38ChokE but vs roof mid
00:16:41NotAHax go rax
00:16:41ChokE u might just wanna farm
00:16:47Soulyah ofc
00:16:53ChokE not do stupid gansk
00:17:30NotAHax b
00:17:31NotAHax push
00:17:31NotAHax push
00:17:35DeMiaN well
00:17:36oo0OoO0oo its gg
00:17:41DeMiaN 14min lose
00:17:43DeMiaN new record
00:18:05NotAHax rly
00:18:17ChokE afvgdctklh-
00:18:38Soulyah cmn
00:18:40Soulyah this is
00:18:41Soulyah boring
00:18:43NotAHax idd
00:18:44NotAHax what yellow doing
00:18:47NotAHax xcome end?
00:18:50eXcluzziver u are boring, stfu and use allies chat
00:18:58NotAHax you mad you sad?
00:18:59Homicida nota u used my hero?
00:19:03NotAHax yes i did
00:19:03Soulyah didnt mean to hurt mr carrys feelings
00:19:12Strom yes yoyu did
00:19:16NotAHax :<
00:19:27NotAHax heuehuheuheu
00:19:28DeMiaN rooft gj
00:19:31Soulyah GO
00:19:32Soulyah why
00:19:34Soulyah U FARMINg
00:19:35Soulyah ppz
00:19:36NotAHax I AM
00:19:38DeMiaN warlock fast heal ><
00:19:38NotAHax THE ROOF
00:19:41NotAHax SKILL HERO
00:19:42Arapiles brb mana
00:19:47NotAHax -.-
00:19:48ChokE very
00:19:49NotAHax dk come
00:19:56NotAHax problemos senor?
00:20:05Arapiles omw mid
00:20:11NotAHax we need meak
00:20:14NotAHax someone make
00:20:22Soulyah lol
00:20:24Soulyah this dk
00:20:25Soulyah gg
00:20:30Soulyah GG DK
00:20:31NotAHax i guess
00:20:32NotAHax he dosent know
00:20:33NotAHax he will get
00:20:34NotAHax shitload of x
00:20:36NotAHax if he comes
00:20:48ChokE ?
00:20:54NotAHax ULTI RDY SOON
00:21:05ChokE "K"
00:21:07eXcluzziver pro stun lol
00:21:17sebralane mana pls
00:21:19NotAHax THOR IS HERE
00:21:39NotAHax gentterlamsn
00:21:40NotAHax lets go
00:21:44NotAHax TO THE THORNE
00:22:49NotAHax plz
00:22:49eXcluzziver i dare anyone to say it was lunas fault we lose 14min
00:22:50NotAHax let us finish this
00:22:58Arapiles omw mid
00:22:59DeMiaN well
00:22:59NotAHax '
00:23:01ChokE it was strom sadly
00:23:01DeMiaN picking luna
00:23:02Strom come cm
00:23:03Strom and luna
00:23:04ChokE who started ganking lvl 4
00:23:08ChokE instead of freefarming
00:23:13Strom come
00:23:36NotAHax omw
00:23:51DeMiaN well
00:23:54DeMiaN not blaming lunapick
00:23:56DeMiaN but
00:24:03Soulyah cool game
00:24:05DeMiaN there was much better heores to pick
00:24:07DeMiaN like pit
00:24:07Soulyah :D
00:24:07oo0OoO0oo srsly leave it
00:24:07NotAHax senorita
00:24:08Arapiles 21 min
00:24:09NotAHax cool game
00:24:09oo0OoO0oo we lost
00:24:10oo0OoO0oo gg
00:24:11eXcluzziver i am best player in noobs team, like always
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