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Chat log

00:00:15sebralane hello fetta
00:00:18FetAA '
00:00:18Marko619 lol
00:00:18FetAA any1 lich venge wd?
00:00:18Marko619 same team basicly
00:00:18FetAA -lycan
00:00:18KredeC this is gonna be a toughie :S
00:00:18FetAA shit team they has
00:00:18SaloiG lich
00:00:18Mykkzu i can play wind, venge, luna
00:00:18FetAA just focus on saloig ;)
00:00:21pOWa joker
00:00:27KredeC he will bs..
00:00:30sebralane fetta
00:00:33sebralane what u say
00:00:37sebralane if i feed
00:00:39sebralane and u own
00:00:42pOWa saloig mym na
00:00:44pOWa :D
00:00:46sebralane make 3 divene roh and travels
00:00:48FetAA I SAYY
00:00:52sebralane i saw 1 build like that
00:00:56sebralane it raped
00:00:57FetAA take gankers so we can rape that bs and win ez
00:01:05FetAA omg
00:01:08FetAA venge wd in pool
00:01:13sebralane iz mortred a ganker?
00:01:26FetAA bah
00:01:29xab what shud i take ?:O
00:01:30FetAA he spams them to take all good heroes
00:01:34xab wl if possible?
00:01:44FetAA venucent wl?
00:01:47veuncent y
00:01:48Bra~ bat if you know how to
00:01:52xab what shud i take
00:01:52KredeC well u getting akasha and not banning bs is just fuking retarded!
00:01:53FetAA warlock bot
00:01:54xab im not good with bat
00:01:55FetAA venge gyro top
00:01:56xab axe?
00:01:57Bra~ omni
00:01:58pOWa k
00:02:00xab k
00:02:08KredeC this is lost already
00:02:12FetAA lol
00:02:14FetAA dont mind kredec
00:02:14sebralane y
00:02:16FetAA hes bitching everygame
00:02:17pOWa fetta iv heard you like penis?
00:02:18KredeC in the fucking picking phase!
00:02:20sebralane kredec inteam = auto ff
00:02:23sebralane @ 20
00:02:28KredeC haha
00:02:39KredeC y i kinda gives up easy
00:02:43sebralane venge go rune maggot
00:02:44FetAA I noticed
00:02:50veuncent 3 bot?
00:02:51KredeC ill try to keep it up :D
00:03:05KredeC just fucking hate to be against a bs
00:03:08sebralane let me
00:03:12sebralane take dd
00:03:13KredeC that know how tyo play
00:03:18FetAA well just carry tp
00:03:22FetAA he cant do shit to u specially
00:03:30pOWa ward
00:03:32sebralane i
00:04:57KredeC domt skill that spell
00:05:06veuncent slow rather?
00:05:13KredeC heal and stat
00:05:20veuncent hm k
00:05:21veuncent items?
00:05:25KredeC agha
00:05:51veuncent dont have much fate it me do you :D
00:06:11KredeC go bracers
00:06:28Bra~ you can pull
00:06:46xab gyro ss
00:06:51FetAA OMG
00:06:54FetAA i bought gem
00:06:56FetAA wtf
00:07:03FetAA and gyro
00:07:07FetAA GYRO
00:07:10FetAA why take my runes
00:07:22SaloiG fucking
00:07:25SaloiG gankers
00:07:28FetAA fuck me i bought gem
00:07:30KredeC lol
00:07:38FetAA stay mid
00:07:39FetAA for sec
00:07:40veuncent miss
00:07:40FetAA gyro
00:07:41FetAA i go base
00:07:44FetAA atleast i has gem !
00:07:45KredeC ss
00:07:50FetAA they have no invis units:D
00:07:51KredeC re
00:07:54sebralane we can counter whit it
00:07:58FetAA mm y
00:08:03FetAA reu use
00:08:26KredeC gang btm easy kills
00:08:51FetAA this saloig so pro
00:08:56sebralane give me gem
00:08:59sebralane i go counter
00:09:03sebralane and but it back bae
00:09:04sebralane base
00:09:09FetAA let merune
00:09:14FetAA we got no vie
00:09:22FetAA some1 buy wards
00:09:23FetAA so we can check
00:09:25FetAA if they have
00:09:32FetAA wl can u upg chicken
00:09:42pOWa let me
00:09:44pOWa get
00:09:48pOWa bottle
00:09:50FetAA powa get wards then :O?
00:09:54KredeC dont hit creeps lock
00:10:00xab venge ss
00:10:09veuncent i dont
00:10:11pOWa chik
00:10:12veuncent hardly
00:10:28Bra~ ss 2
00:10:32FetAA pro me
00:10:39FetAA FUCK
00:10:41FetAA lost control
00:10:50FetAA AND SOME IDIOT using chicken like
00:10:58FetAA tale ge`m?
00:10:59FetAA :DD
00:11:00FetAA venge
00:11:02FetAA u still didnt get gem
00:11:03FetAA ur joke
00:11:18FetAA kill bs
00:11:24Bra~ ss 2
00:11:40FetAA bs miss
00:11:54KredeC can u heal again?
00:12:12KredeC go them under tower
00:12:20veuncent got ult
00:12:28veuncent miss
00:12:39pOWa omw bot
00:12:40SaloiG go bot
00:12:58FetAA tp top
00:13:10Mykkzu gj
00:13:16Mykkzu homo missle is soo annoying
00:13:54FetAA items?
00:14:01SaloiG u guys
00:14:02SaloiG srsly
00:14:03KredeC for u?
00:14:03pOWa me top regen
00:14:08SaloiG can u start to move out from lanes
00:14:09SaloiG TT
00:14:22KredeC can some1 buy me tp
00:14:23SaloiG played 3v1 all game
00:14:48KredeC lol zeus 2 branches
00:15:05veuncent miss
00:15:13Bra~ -ms
00:15:42Bra~ ss 3 top
00:15:43Bra~ care mid
00:15:45Bra~ !
00:15:48SaloiG i go bot farm
00:15:51Mykkzu y
00:15:53Mykkzu gj
00:16:16SaloiG omni??
00:16:17sebralane tp
00:16:21SaloiG get the fuck away
00:16:32KredeC come all
00:16:45Bra~ ss all
00:16:51Bra~ _B
00:16:52sebralane gotta be kidding me
00:17:17pOWa joike
00:17:22pOWa fuckin luck ass
00:18:11KredeC why were venge and lock so slow to come down htere?
00:18:25veuncent cant run faster than this
00:19:00pOWa jebem mu dijete
00:19:07KredeC why
00:19:24SaloiG def
00:19:25SaloiG u
00:20:07FetAA ff
00:20:10KredeC thx
00:20:13FetAA idiot team
00:20:27FetAA stryg 20min treads
00:20:28FetAA and u cant do shit
00:20:30FetAA :P
00:20:35KredeC what cant we do?
00:20:45Mykkzu fkc
00:20:47SaloiG strong shift stun
00:20:47pOWa NVM DIE
00:20:48SaloiG :D
00:20:49pOWa MADAFAKA
00:20:50SaloiG ..
00:20:50KredeC what u want me to do about it?
00:20:50FetAA why they got the imba lastpicks
00:20:53Mykkzu soz
00:20:54Mykkzu :D
00:20:59Mykkzu de selected
00:21:00Mykkzu ...
00:21:18pOWa we got wl?
00:21:32KredeC y but he's really bad
00:21:37veuncent ehm
00:21:38veuncent why
00:21:44pOWa goooo
00:21:48SaloiG b
00:22:21pOWa get him
00:22:24pOWa focus gang
00:22:28pOWa hes farming radi
00:22:30FetAA y how im the only one who ganks
00:22:36FetAA lets go on him
00:22:36pOWa and me?
00:23:04FetAA omw
00:23:05pOWa warded
00:23:30SaloiG can we get some wards
00:23:30SaloiG ???
00:23:40FetAA Y WELCOME NEAR ME WHen it bounces
00:23:41FetAA aaa
00:24:07FetAA b
00:24:25FetAA :D WL IN TROUBLE
00:24:26pOWa tp
00:24:34veuncent meanies
00:24:37veuncent did
00:24:39veuncent stunned
00:24:44sebralane why dont u use that link
00:24:45sebralane soo imba
00:24:55veuncent because bb told me not to?
00:24:57pOWa ge him
00:25:01pOWa go
00:25:06KredeC any1?
00:25:08pOWa y
00:25:27KredeC get mid
00:25:30KredeC omw
00:25:43FetAA go
00:26:04FetAA come orange
00:26:09sebralane +116 damage
00:26:12sebralane qiop
00:26:16sebralane 2 hit that bs
00:26:17FetAA cant go anymore
00:26:24Mykkzu ahha
00:26:25Mykkzu :D
00:26:28FetAA b wl
00:26:30pOWa bs care
00:26:31SaloiG holy fuck
00:26:45Mykkzu soo luckyeh:D
00:26:48FetAA bs has relic now
00:26:49KredeC w8 with stun for wd ult plz and after that focus zeus
00:26:49FetAA :(
00:26:54pOWa asfasdfasdf
00:26:54pOWa asdf
00:26:55pOWa df
00:26:56pOWa afsdf
00:27:06FetAA 11
00:27:09sebralane 40 hp
00:27:33FetAA bs coming
00:27:50FetAA b
00:27:50FetAA b
00:27:51FetAA b
00:27:51FetAA b
00:27:51FetAA b
00:27:52FetAA b
00:27:52FetAA b
00:27:54FetAA just ru
00:27:55KredeC we need pipe
00:28:14KredeC pipe wins games
00:28:23FetAA xD
00:28:28FetAA U can do pipe dude
00:28:30KredeC u say b and gos for it
00:28:34KredeC im going radi
00:28:51pOWa b
00:29:03sebralane wql
00:29:06sebralane use that link
00:29:09sebralane and pew pew
00:29:13veuncent dude
00:29:14veuncent bb
00:29:16sebralane 15% dealt on my ulti
00:29:19Marko619 whos void stone?
00:29:26veuncent told me to skill attrbutes
00:29:27Bra~ oh
00:29:28Bra~ mine
00:29:29Bra~ xD
00:29:35sebralane skill i tnow
00:29:37sebralane it
00:29:42Marko619 lucky i found it
00:30:05pOWa omw
00:30:18FetAA how :D
00:30:26pOWa go
00:30:45FetAA how are u so weak bb
00:30:50pOWa BS
00:30:52pOWa BACK
00:30:56KredeC coz u didn't ban
00:30:57KredeC bs
00:31:02KredeC :D
00:31:02FetAA yt
00:31:04Bra~ damn
00:31:06Bra~ :(
00:31:11sebralane ohh shit wr :S
00:31:42sebralane 'ggg'
00:31:44KredeC gg
00:31:45FetAA i wanna jump
00:31:54pOWa sdfasdfasdf
00:32:16KredeC im still saying it... not baning bs in a noob game with a pro is not good :S
00:32:27FetAA he still got owned 0-4 mid
00:32:29FetAA then u all failed
00:32:29pOWa wl whole game at lane and 0 items
00:32:30KredeC but u did good though
00:32:33SaloiG go
00:32:35KredeC yy
00:32:38veuncent euhm
00:32:43veuncent why is everyone talking about me?
00:32:44pOWa ffs
00:32:52pOWa BS FOCUS
00:33:05KredeC i dont matter no more
00:33:06FetAA nice team u got
00:33:19FetAA they won it for u
00:33:22SaloiG YE
00:33:28pOWa suck my dick all
00:33:32FetAA u died 3x solo
00:33:34FetAA xD
00:33:37pOWa and play venge
00:33:42pOWa shit noobs
00:33:51Mykkzu u have to carry with venge
00:34:09FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:12FetAA go surrender
00:34:12SaloiG lets push
00:34:18KredeC I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:19sebralane I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:21FetAA next game
00:34:21FetAA plz
00:34:34FetAA come
00:34:35FetAA then
00:34:36FetAA go with 5
00:34:38KredeC no
00:34:41FetAA yes
00:35:05SaloiG DUDE
00:35:08SaloiG u see
00:35:11Marko619 fuck didn't want to kill -.-
00:35:14FetAA wow
00:35:15SaloiG my team steal with zeus ulti so i dont get hp
00:35:15SaloiG :D
00:35:18SaloiG !!!^^^^^^
00:35:25Marko619 really i din't want to kill :D
00:35:29SaloiG i would have got tripple kill :)
00:35:30Marko619 thought he would not die
00:35:30SaloiG :D
00:35:31SaloiG :P
00:35:31sebralane it was worht it
00:35:32SaloiG :D
00:35:32sebralane imo
00:35:33SaloiG ^^
00:35:38pOWa go
00:35:40SaloiG retard zeus
00:35:43SaloiG I would kill al
00:35:43Marko619 my bad sorry :D
00:36:15pOWa today?
00:36:22FetAA they 4 only
00:36:23FetAA go
00:36:24SaloiG u should chill
00:36:27SaloiG u will die
00:37:20pOWa b
00:37:25pOWa run
00:37:29pOWa at tower
00:37:59pOWa jebes mi mater ako ne kupim ghost scepter
00:38:24Marko619 this time got it rigyht :D
00:40:39Bra~ -ii
00:40:40pOWa get blade mails?
00:40:41Mykkzu lets go push or smthing
00:40:48veuncent b
00:40:49KredeC ill get pipe now
00:40:50SaloiG get chicken
00:40:51SaloiG pls
00:40:51xab -ii
00:40:54FetAA gather
00:40:54SaloiG and uppgrade
00:41:02KredeC get some dust for wd
00:41:11FetAA go kill top
00:41:14xab -ii
00:41:15FetAA i smoke us
00:41:30FetAA i cant go first
00:41:37Mykkzu bb has radi
00:41:48Mykkzu stop gouing alone omfg
00:41:51pOWa go?
00:41:52SaloiG shut the fuck up
00:41:52FetAA 5v4
00:41:53SaloiG retad
00:41:57FetAA bb go
00:41:58FetAA we come
00:42:11FetAA go
00:42:31FetAA b
00:42:37Mykkzu how the fuck am i the retard if u go solo all the time and then die
00:43:17pOWa brb
00:43:18FetAA i try get hex
00:43:25KredeC just throw verything a bs
00:43:25sebralane let go smoke again?
00:43:34KredeC i got dust for wd
00:43:35SaloiG buy a chicken
00:43:41FetAA some1buy smoke
00:43:44sebralane i have
00:43:45sebralane 1
00:43:46sebralane gathert
00:43:48FetAA k
00:43:48KredeC rake
00:43:50KredeC take
00:44:04KredeC gather
00:44:05sebralane gather
00:44:07FetAA suprise them? or wait in base
00:44:12FetAA suprise
00:44:14FetAA one in their woods
00:44:14veuncent your capt
00:44:14Bra~ omw
00:44:14FetAA come
00:44:15SaloiG fucking
00:44:16SaloiG come
00:44:16pOWa y
00:44:18FetAA come
00:44:20FetAA lets smoke
00:44:25pOWa w8
00:44:44FetAA bad wedidnt insta
00:44:49KredeC wtf were u doing venge?
00:45:02FetAA that was bad
00:45:05FetAA we didnt instagib bs P
00:45:07KredeC u lost it and that current move
00:45:11pOWa easy in base def**
00:45:14Bra~ brb
00:45:45FetAA lost all money in rebuy ,
00:45:47FetAA .d
00:45:53FetAA gg now
00:46:23FetAA go kill
00:46:30KredeC im out of dust..
00:46:37FetAA venge should have or gyro
00:46:38veuncent no ult
00:46:50SaloiG gogogog
00:46:54veuncent inc
00:46:54FetAA they come
00:46:55FetAA b
00:46:56pOWa b
00:47:00veuncent ..
00:47:02sebralane kill ward
00:47:13KredeC I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:16FetAA I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:22sebralane I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:23pOWa gj
00:47:29pOWa gj bristle
00:47:42KredeC well u lost it before anyway
00:47:47KredeC by running over here
00:48:00pOWa jebem ti nenu
00:48:02KredeC ff guys
00:48:05Mykkzu cool
00:48:07KredeC no point anymore
00:48:35pOWa warlock just get meka nest time
00:48:39KredeC go mid we wont def
00:48:41pOWa and dont be ussles
00:48:47veuncent sure then we would def have won
00:49:01veuncent useless?
00:49:04KredeC we lost the picking phase
00:49:10pOWa y
00:49:11KredeC thats all
00:49:14sebralane we didnt rly
00:49:14pOWa you pickeds nice
00:49:18sebralane picks was allmost ok
00:49:25sebralane just his team won
00:49:29veuncent it was the people
00:49:30sebralane + wl sucked
00:49:38sebralane w
00:49:43veuncent why :D do you keep saying that
00:50:00veuncent are you autistic or something?
00:50:04KredeC why dont u ff?
00:50:09pOWa I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:10pOWa I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:11pOWa I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:11pOWa F
00:50:12pOWa F
00:50:12pOWa F
00:50:12pOWa F
00:50:13pOWa F
00:50:36veuncent gg
00:50:38xab gg
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