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-14 X
+2 TS

90% | 1530 X | 1460 TS

+35 X
+24 TS

76% | 1410 X | 1357 TS

-36 X
+3 TS

60% | 1246 X | 1346 TS

+11 X
+1 TS

55% | 1148 X | 1381 TS

+12 X
+24 TS

NEW | 1068 X | 1121 TS

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-1 TS

85% | 1472 X | 1449 TS

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82% | 1452 X | 1413 TS

-12 X
-2 TS

51% | 1199 X | 1275 TS

+3 X
-1 TS

49% | 1081 X | 1395 TS

+16 X
-1 TS

33% | 956 X | 1395 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Dota.m i can es :D or bb
00:00:16eXcluzziver or anything thats left
00:00:18eXcluzziver -ma
00:00:19FetAA leoric
00:00:19Dota.m get me es or bb
00:00:19Papaya hmmm"
00:00:19hibalunt fetaa ya know there are 5 meepos now?
00:00:19Papaya whats to the right of troll
00:00:19hibalunt GO
00:00:23hibalunt TROLL SK banned
00:00:27Isdronningen krob
00:00:32Dota.m get me es :D
00:00:49Dota.m ty
00:00:51FetAA venge wd and shit?
00:00:57hibalunt and shit
00:01:18Dota.m pick ?
00:01:19Dota.m get sk
00:01:23Papaya i play this myself
00:01:25IceMal get dazlle
00:01:27Dota.m ok
00:01:28eXcluzziver haha
00:01:29IceMal and omni
00:01:30hibalunt ok, wd and shit picked, now vs and and
00:01:34Dota.m get venge
00:01:46IceMal slardar
00:01:47Dota.m get krob :D
00:01:49eXcluzziver ot really
00:01:50IceMal WTF
00:01:50hibalunt is this and?
00:01:51satan-_- dazzle?:
00:01:51eXcluzziver we need krob
00:01:59Dota.m or dazzle
00:01:59eXcluzziver but this qwrty is fag noob
00:02:02eXcluzziver w.e
00:02:06QwErTy stfu
00:02:19eXcluzziver when you wont buy chick
00:02:21eXcluzziver i will
00:02:25IceMal why didnt u pick slardar and lane with venge dude
00:02:34IceMal u take eza wtf
00:02:51FetAA is ok vs krob
00:02:52FetAA so they cant push
00:03:10Dota.m -.-
00:03:15Rotkiv rune top why you diint get it
00:04:02hibalunt we wil eat bot
00:05:08FetAA share chicken
00:05:33eXcluzziver kng
00:06:03Rotkiv ffs ..
00:06:09Papaya care wave
00:06:23Dota.m ffs
00:06:32Dota.m fucking krob
00:06:36Dota.m fucking noob
00:06:41QwErTy stfu
00:06:43Dota.m lol
00:06:46Dota.m u sucj
00:06:49Papaya my bad
00:06:50Dota.m we could kill wd
00:06:51Papaya sry
00:07:00FetAA can some1 buy me tp
00:07:01Dota.m morron
00:07:01FetAA i buy back
00:07:02FetAA isntantly
00:07:06QwErTy u didnt see that i had male
00:07:06Papaya and stop flame
00:07:08eXcluzziver haha
00:07:09Isdronningen here
00:07:09eXcluzziver krobelus
00:07:09satan-_- coming
00:07:10satan-_- top
00:07:13eXcluzziver is idiot
00:07:14eXcluzziver as i said
00:07:17FetAA mnagnus top
00:07:19FetAA magnus top
00:07:20FetAA magnus top
00:07:49satan-_- ss
00:07:50satan-_- mid
00:07:55Dota.m gj
00:07:58satan-_- go
00:07:59satan-_- sk
00:08:00satan-_- mid
00:08:01satan-_- gank
00:08:02satan-_- help
00:08:03satan-_- need
00:08:17Dota.m omw
00:08:19Dota.m w8
00:08:26Isdronningen ss bot
00:08:29Isdronningen toop
00:08:30Isdronningen care mid
00:08:32Isdronningen b
00:08:33eXcluzziver b
00:08:34eXcluzziver warded
00:08:35Isdronningen sand coming
00:08:46satan-_- b
00:08:55satan-_- leave
00:08:55Rotkiv mana me too if you can
00:08:56satan-_- rune
00:09:08QwErTy ss1
00:09:18FetAA miss maguns
00:09:19satan-_- got
00:09:20satan-_- ulty
00:09:21satan-_- soon
00:09:22FetAA magnus top
00:09:27satan-_- go
00:09:28satan-_- wiht
00:09:29satan-_- me
00:09:30satan-_- here
00:09:31satan-_- around
00:09:39satan-_- go
00:09:39satan-_- bb
00:09:40satan-_- on
00:09:40eXcluzziver purified
00:09:41FetAA said u and u go on him
00:09:41satan-_- tower
00:09:41Isdronningen damn him'
00:09:41FetAA :D
00:09:49FetAA guys cmon :D
00:09:53Papaya oom
00:09:53eXcluzziver ah oojm
00:09:54eXcluzziver k
00:10:03satan-_- ss
00:10:03satan-_- mid
00:10:06eXcluzziver missing down
00:10:06eXcluzziver missing down
00:10:12Dota.m help top
00:10:16Dota.m lol
00:10:16Isdronningen gj
00:10:24satan-_- krob
00:10:25satan-_- died?
00:10:28Dota.m y
00:10:29QwErTy y
00:10:37QwErTy tower attacked me
00:10:38satan-_- go
00:10:39satan-_- top
00:10:40satan-_- rape
00:10:41satan-_- em:/
00:10:41Papaya got ult
00:10:52FetAA omw bot
00:10:56satan-_- ss
00:10:56satan-_- top
00:10:59eXcluzziver oh fuck
00:11:03satan-_- push
00:11:03satan-_- top
00:11:26satan-_- cast
00:11:27satan-_- spels
00:11:40satan-_- g
00:11:49IceMal gang rtop
00:11:56Papaya oom
00:12:45IceMal venge fucking gang dude
00:12:52satan-_- hel
00:12:52Papaya gj
00:12:54satan-_- heal
00:13:04eXcluzziver heal what?
00:13:06Rotkiv iam busy dieing
00:13:07Dota.m gj es
00:13:10Papaya u2
00:13:16Papaya me plz
00:13:19satan-_- i7
00:14:09satan-_- kill
00:14:10satan-_- -.-
00:14:15satan-_- give
00:14:17satan-_- repel
00:14:17satan-_- to
00:14:18satan-_- sk
00:14:18satan-_- rofl
00:14:20satan-_- šeothjwtaetaw
00:14:27eXcluzziver i cant give after stun lol
00:14:30eXcluzziver its short
00:14:30eXcluzziver 1 lvl
00:14:31Dota.m get rdy for repel
00:14:33satan-_- g
00:14:45Dota.m doh
00:14:46satan-_- tower
00:15:19satan-_- go
00:15:19satan-_- vs?
00:15:24eXcluzziver ra-e rape
00:15:34Papaya wr ported
00:15:35Papaya care
00:15:36satan-_- repegl
00:15:36satan-_- go
00:15:42satan-_- es???
00:15:43satan-_- rofl
00:15:49Papaya cd
00:15:51Papaya fissure
00:15:58Papaya rdy
00:16:08satan-_- b
00:16:14eXcluzziver gj sk
00:16:27Papaya wow sk
00:16:29Papaya so bad
00:16:31eXcluzziver killed me
00:16:37eXcluzziver failed ulti before
00:16:38Papaya and blocked magnus
00:16:41Papaya and failed ult before
00:16:43Dota.m the go much nuke
00:16:44Papaya terrible
00:16:50eXcluzziver terrible terrible damage
00:17:01Papaya fu#
00:17:10FetAA me
00:17:22FetAA WTF=
00:17:27FetAA u so funny
00:17:35satan-_- got
00:17:36satan-_- ulty
00:17:37hibalunt i casted it on me wanted base
00:17:40Papaya go mid twr then
00:18:04Dota.m repel me ok omni
00:18:06Dota.m in fight
00:18:09Dota.m so i can ulti
00:18:10hibalunt no idea why it tpd u
00:19:05FetAA Why u runned form the wave
00:19:20eXcluzziver fight
00:19:21eXcluzziver bb
00:19:32Papaya FUCKING CD
00:19:38Papaya spamming the button
00:19:42IceMal killomni
00:19:45satan-_- eza
00:19:59satan-_- tower
00:20:42QwErTy fag
00:21:29eXcluzziver close to mm
00:21:34FetAA WTF WAY U COME
00:22:25satan-_- sk
00:22:26satan-_- come
00:22:27satan-_- ulty
00:22:34Papaya omg
00:22:35satan-_- got
00:22:36satan-_- ulty
00:22:39Dota.m ¨cd
00:22:40Dota.m had use
00:22:41IceMal so retarded
00:22:42Dota.m on bb
00:23:12eXcluzziver go help magnus
00:23:13satan-_- hm
00:23:14eXcluzziver ?
00:23:17hibalunt have meka, lets start pushing
00:23:36hibalunt bb come mid
00:23:44Isdronningen mana plzz
00:23:45Isdronningen ty
00:23:47satan-_- boring game-.-
00:23:59Papaya its boring cause we fight all damn day
00:24:03Papaya we need our fucking blinks
00:24:06Papaya and u dont understand that
00:24:11satan-_- ha
00:24:12satan-_- ok
00:24:22Dota.m i got it soon
00:24:22Papaya only guy we should be fighting is bb
00:24:23satan-_- i tell you reason
00:24:24satan-_- after
00:24:24satan-_- game
00:24:25Papaya rest is useless crap
00:24:43Isdronningen care
00:25:28satan-_- repel
00:25:41eXcluzziver ill give if you need it
00:25:43eXcluzziver dont worry
00:25:47satan-_- -_-
00:25:51Dota.m got dagger
00:25:57eXcluzziver no mana for heal lalz
00:25:58satan-_- ulty
00:25:59satan-_- cd
00:26:02satan-_- go
00:26:02satan-_- dk
00:26:04eXcluzziver karma is a bitch krobelus
00:26:04satan-_- kill
00:26:06satan-_- sk**
00:26:15satan-_- fucking
00:26:16satan-_- writing
00:26:32Papaya wp
00:26:32Papaya rly
00:26:43IceMal mana me
00:26:45Papaya one by one going to feed
00:26:46satan-_- rly stfu you could come 10000 times
00:26:47satan-_- and do ulty
00:26:53Papaya u go alone vs 5
00:26:54Papaya noob
00:26:56satan-_- me?
00:26:57satan-_- rofl
00:27:07eXcluzziver lool
00:27:20satan-_- go
00:27:21satan-_- sk
00:27:54hibalunt lawl, regroup, mid agan and done, eza so massive support early game
00:28:50eXcluzziver sk ultoi4
00:28:58satan-_- b
00:29:14eXcluzziver cd repel tt
00:29:14satan-_- repel now? -.-
00:29:14Papaya stupid dive
00:29:16satan-_- ...
00:29:18eXcluzziver on sk
00:29:22eXcluzziver but he didnt ulti
00:29:28satan-_- no problem was
00:29:29Papaya cause he has cd
00:29:32satan-_- a rofl
00:29:33satan-_- fuck it
00:29:34Papaya stop fucking spamming repel on sk
00:29:35hibalunt man i didnt know i was so good with eza
00:29:36Papaya for no reason
00:29:40satan-_- b
00:29:41satan-_- omni
00:29:41Dota.m do repel on magnus or es i can blink
00:29:41satan-_- fast
00:29:47satan-_- i7got
00:29:48satan-_- ulty
00:29:49satan-_- ...
00:30:10satan-_- go7top
00:30:11FetAA satan satan not enough strong :(?
00:30:12IceMal care
00:30:15IceMal magnus
00:30:18satan-_- go7i7tp
00:30:20satan-_- and7ulty
00:30:22hibalunt es dagger
00:30:23satan-_- repel
00:30:31FetAA :DD
00:30:32FetAA we got pwned
00:30:42FetAA run
00:30:49eXcluzziver for me
00:30:54FetAA :D why u stayed god
00:31:01FetAA "i wanna die with my team "
00:31:01satan-_- no
00:31:01satan-_- sir
00:31:33eXcluzziver its not bd
00:31:37satan-_- ...its7is
00:31:38Papaya it regs to much
00:31:41eXcluzziver not bd
00:31:42satan-_- y...
00:31:42Papaya bd is allowed magnus
00:31:43QwErTy we can bd
00:31:47QwErTy outside towers
00:31:47Papaya oh wait
00:31:49Papaya not on gc
00:31:54satan-_- b
00:31:54satan-_- b
00:31:56Papaya all b
00:32:00eXcluzziver gang?
00:32:04satan-_- wiat
00:32:05satan-_- wait
00:32:06satan-_- my7ulty
00:32:07satan-_- come
00:32:07satan-_- here
00:32:09hibalunt no wards go mid
00:32:10Dota.m ulti soon
00:32:12satan-_- 5
00:32:12satan-_- sec
00:32:13satan-_- wait
00:32:14QwErTy its allowed to bd now outside towers now
00:32:15satan-_- ok
00:32:15satan-_- go
00:32:15satan-_- go
00:32:17FetAA they just demolish us
00:32:20satan-_- repel
00:32:21satan-_- only7me
00:32:23hibalunt nah, just spreade
00:32:24satan-_- push
00:32:26hibalunt and we wil be dine
00:32:35satan-_- tower
00:32:35satan-_- guys
00:32:46IceMal wtf
00:32:53FetAA brsitle pipe
00:33:44satan-_- why you dont push on lane just?
00:33:46satan-_- ....
00:33:49Papaya dunno
00:33:52Papaya i was waiting
00:33:54Papaya and they stand beside me
00:33:57eXcluzziver so many mistakes it makes me sick
00:34:00eXcluzziver and itch
00:34:01eXcluzziver -ma
00:34:01satan-_- ...i said you
00:34:02satan-_- 2 times
00:34:04satan-_- come lane -.-
00:34:07Papaya im es
00:34:10Papaya obv i stay outside
00:34:13FetAA make pipe bristle
00:34:16FetAA or we lose
00:34:16eXcluzziver they have venge
00:34:22satan-_- well know what i mean -.-
00:34:24satan-_- i hope -.-
00:34:26Papaya no i dont
00:34:32eXcluzziver can venge still ulti repeled unit
00:34:34IceMal need 200 for it
00:34:35eXcluzziver ?
00:34:39satan-_- y
00:34:40Papaya i think so
00:35:21Dota.m mid
00:35:24Dota.m def
00:35:25satan-_- go
00:35:25satan-_- now
00:35:26FetAA b
00:35:26satan-_- ?
00:35:27IceMal b
00:35:29satan-_- repel
00:35:30satan-_- i7jump
00:35:33eXcluzziver u dmg
00:35:34eXcluzziver i heal ya
00:35:40satan-_- i7tank
00:35:41satan-_- trap
00:35:42FetAA need pipe and to gank 1
00:35:43satan-_- rosh?
00:35:45eXcluzziver dmg some1 else
00:35:47IceMal got jit
00:35:50eXcluzziver hen
00:35:55satan-_- for7sure
00:35:57satan-_- they7are
00:35:57satan-_- !!
00:35:58eXcluzziver u have to dmg
00:35:59eXcluzziver no1else can
00:36:04satan-_- gogo
00:36:28FetAA zzz
00:36:56satan-_- rosh?
00:36:59eXcluzziver no
00:37:02eXcluzziver would be stupid
00:37:04satan-_- kidding
00:37:11satan-_- rax
00:37:12IceMal I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:25satan-_- ulty
00:37:25satan-_- cd
00:37:27satan-_- rax
00:37:32Dota.m b
00:37:48Papaya b
00:38:16Dota.m b
00:38:19satan-_- y...
00:38:24satan-_- or
00:38:24satan-_- wait
00:38:25satan-_- they
00:38:26satan-_- two
00:38:28satan-_- i7ulty
00:38:50Dota.m w8
00:38:54Dota.m need 250 for agah
00:39:05satan-_- ulty
00:39:06satan-_- cd
00:39:06satan-_- b?
00:39:06Papaya w8 me
00:39:09Dota.m b
00:39:20satan-_- b
00:39:41hibalunt i push bot
00:39:53Papaya gather and gang
00:40:03satan-_- ok i buy
00:40:04satan-_- smoke
00:40:11satan-_- ...b
00:40:12satan-_- mid
00:40:12satan-_- :/
00:40:20Papaya zzz
00:40:25Papaya if u come double kill
00:40:26satan-_- you7got
00:40:26Dota.m got agah now :D
00:40:29satan-_- ultys?
00:40:34eXcluzziver watch board
00:40:36satan-_- ok7i7got
00:40:38satan-_- bkb
00:40:38Dota.m my ulti rdyt
00:40:39satan-_- no7need
00:40:41satan-_- for
00:40:43satan-_- repel
00:40:46eXcluzziver k
00:40:53satan-_- push
00:40:53satan-_- now
00:40:54satan-_- pls
00:41:46satan-_- b
00:41:57Dota.m late ulti
00:42:01satan-_- venge
00:42:02satan-_- top
00:42:03satan-_- low
00:42:03satan-_- hp
00:42:05FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:08Dota.m b
00:42:12satan-_- b
00:42:17satan-_- run
00:42:17satan-_- run
00:42:29satan-_- ulty
00:42:29satan-_- him
00:42:30satan-_- :/
00:42:39satan-_- tp
00:42:40satan-_- b
00:42:40Papaya omg omni
00:42:41satan-_- guys
00:42:41satan-_- tp
00:42:42Papaya why u repel
00:42:44Papaya use heal
00:42:48satan-_- tp
00:42:48satan-_- tp
00:42:49satan-_- tp
00:42:50satan-_- just
00:42:50satan-_- tp
00:43:00satan-_- -_-
00:43:05satan-_- nice
00:43:06satan-_- we
00:43:06satan-_- hav
00:43:07satan-_- e
00:43:08satan-_- bott
00:43:09satan-_- !!
00:43:16eXcluzziver just go properly
00:43:17Papaya only ranged rax
00:43:20FetAA ff this shit
00:43:21Papaya lets gang and get another
00:43:25eXcluzziver why you started going up
00:43:27satan-_- i got fucking smoke
00:43:28satan-_- go rosh?
00:43:34satan-_- come
00:43:35satan-_- stay
00:43:48IceMal b
00:43:49IceMal mid
00:43:56Dota.m w8 es
00:43:57Papaya wait me
00:43:59satan-_- b
00:44:00satan-_- omni
00:44:01satan-_- b
00:44:05IceMal go all 5
00:44:06satan-_- they
00:44:07satan-_- come
00:44:08satan-_- dont
00:44:08satan-_- rofl
00:44:09IceMal focus krob
00:44:13satan-_- wait
00:44:13eXcluzziver i ulti
00:44:14satan-_- es
00:44:14eXcluzziver go
00:44:14Dota.m i stay back for ulti
00:44:14Papaya take it
00:44:17satan-_- k
00:44:20Papaya omni go rosh
00:44:23Papaya me and sk stay back
00:44:23satan-_- they
00:44:24satan-_- coming
00:44:25satan-_- care
00:44:29IceMal come
00:44:30Papaya who cares
00:44:31Papaya let them
00:44:46satan-_- nice
00:44:47Papaya SUP NIGGAS
00:44:49satan-_- hahaha
00:44:51Rotkiv I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:55satan-_- go
00:44:55IceMal I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:56satan-_- mid
00:44:56satan-_- top
00:44:57satan-_- etc
00:44:58Isdronningen I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:04Papaya [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:45:04Papaya [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:45:04Papaya [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:45:04Papaya [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:45:04hibalunt I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:45:07satan-_- gg
00:45:08satan-_- xd
00:45:09eXcluzziver owned bb
00:45:12eXcluzziver was that ur image?
00:45:34QwErTy they just got imba silence ^^
00:45:38Dota.m imba aoe teamwork
00:45:41satan-_- :D
00:45:44satan-_- first
00:45:45satan-_- time7in7game
00:45:46satan-_- but
00:45:47satan-_- the
00:45:48satan-_- best
00:45:48satan-_- :D
00:46:01eXcluzziver banned
00:46:13hibalunt u must focus throne
00:46:13eXcluzziver ill report
00:46:17hibalunt not buy items
00:46:24eXcluzziver and u stay near fountain
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