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93% | 1481 X | 1589 TS

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Chat log

00:00:24Xove tb
00:00:26Xove ban or pick plz
00:00:26Bambi let me Tb cap
00:00:26Herre :DD
00:00:26Bambi please
00:00:26Bambi will not fil with him promise
00:00:26Zajeb ban troll or lyca :?
00:00:26Herre ;FIL
00:00:26atte ban
00:00:26Papaya fine
00:00:26Xove fail :D
00:00:26Papaya lycan
00:00:26Bambi ty
00:00:26atte ban your head
00:00:26atte tb
00:00:29Papaya anyone want
00:00:32Herre sk
00:00:32Herre sk
00:00:38atte wan something?
00:00:41atte shadowdemon ?
00:00:52Papaya clock
00:00:59Herre -swap 1
00:01:01Papaya -swap 2
00:01:02atte take shadowdemon omni
00:01:04FetAA tää on kyl kyrväst ku ei pääse middddd
00:01:07atte mb bat
00:01:08FetAA lioni
00:01:12atte ei välttämät
00:01:13Zajeb ill take bane
00:01:13Mandem thd plxxx?
00:01:16atte joku vaa pullimaa alas
00:01:18Herre gg
00:01:20Herre more melee
00:01:20Mandem atte
00:01:22atte ?
00:01:25atte take thd y
00:01:28atte goode hero why not
00:01:30Herre gg
00:01:35Herre take eza
00:01:36Papaya get razor necro
00:01:44Papaya or eredar
00:01:49Herre y, eredar good
00:01:51sebralane olololololo
00:01:54sebralane atrle lane me
00:01:55sebralane we pwn
00:01:56atte sebralane pede
00:01:56sebralane :D
00:02:03sebralane atro me lane
00:02:04atte ':DD
00:02:07sebralane sleep+ channel = ded
00:02:07Zajeb 5 int :D
00:02:08sebralane :D
00:02:09Herre they got no carry
00:02:09atte 5int np
00:02:14Herre so dont feed
00:02:15sebralane fastpush lineup
00:02:19Mandem -ma
00:02:26Xove will try not to :D
00:02:27Mandem lanes+
00:02:29atte make
00:02:31atte manaboots
00:02:31Papaya :S
00:02:32atte janggo
00:02:33sebralane atro wtf
00:02:34atte and meka
00:02:35sebralane atro
00:02:35atte atleast
00:02:37sebralane atro
00:02:37FetAA atro top with eza?
00:02:37sebralane fs
00:02:38sebralane we lane
00:02:49Mandem atro top main?
00:02:54FetAA jakiro make pulls plz
00:02:55Zajeb what lanes atte?
00:02:58Mandem aye
00:03:04atte these
00:03:10atte LOOK
00:03:10sebralane u skilled sleep?
00:03:11atte FUCK
00:03:12sebralane atro?
00:03:14FetAA :D
00:03:15FetAA hyvä pottu
00:03:18atte gg doubleclicked salve
00:03:19Bambi u pull ?
00:03:20Herre gg
00:03:20FetAA mäki vedin impale maaha
00:03:22Herre gg
00:03:23FetAA miks kerroit
00:03:25FetAA nyt se HARRASS
00:03:25Zajeb bite first sleep 2
00:03:28Zajeb second
00:03:30sebralane -.-
00:03:31tanelli can you?
00:03:40Xove ss
00:04:05Mandem pullward..
00:04:20sebralane rdy?
00:04:25sebralane sleep 1
00:04:26Zajeb pl?
00:05:20Zajeb ty
00:05:29sebralane sleep
00:05:53FetAA should do 1 basi
00:06:25sebralane sleep
00:06:29Mandem dive that tard
00:06:36Herre sup
00:06:42Herre would have died
00:06:43Xove go again
00:06:49Zajeb gj
00:06:50atte gj
00:06:52Mandem uhm
00:06:55Mandem ..
00:07:22sebralane sleep
00:07:23sebralane :d
00:07:56FetAA stay
00:07:56Papaya ss
00:07:57FetAA i go base
00:08:05atte dead razor
00:08:06FetAA make him
00:08:12Xove ss?
00:08:14Herre :D:DD:
00:08:15Mandem gj
00:08:18Papaya read
00:08:18Xove fucking tard
00:08:20atte made him :D
00:08:52Herre :D:D
00:08:55Herre quittaan
00:08:59Mandem !!
00:09:00Mandem nice
00:09:00atte herre tuli näåyttää
00:09:02Herre :D:DD
00:09:04Herre :;DDDDDDDDD
00:09:06Zajeb gj
00:09:09Herre :DDDD
00:09:09Mandem akasha
00:09:09Mandem bot
00:09:16atte cant
00:09:37Xove gang btm
00:09:44Xove clock u gotta gang alnes
00:09:47sebralane atte tp
00:10:05Herre jaa
00:10:07Herre tuo huuto osuu inviin
00:10:09Herre siistiä
00:10:21atte :DD
00:10:24Herre Xd
00:10:26Mandem oh god
00:10:28Mandem oh god
00:10:29Mandem oh god
00:10:29atte lol kiva dmg
00:10:33atte buy me tp
00:10:33atte top
00:10:34Papaya hi
00:10:35atte lets kill
00:10:37sebralane urn me pls
00:10:58Herre sup
00:11:01Herre marios
00:11:02Herre DDx
00:11:15Herre Xd
00:11:16FetAA gj
00:11:20Herre tuli rankaisija
00:11:22Xove can u start ganging clock
00:11:26Herre xove
00:11:27FetAA omw
00:11:28Herre can you be quiet?
00:11:31Herre -hhn
00:11:33atte oom
00:11:33Papaya stfu razpor
00:11:35Xove wer have a farming clock mid when we have shit lanes
00:11:36atte well lowmana
00:11:40Herre :-----D
00:11:42Papaya get some wards
00:11:43Papaya napface
00:11:43sebralane w8 atro
00:11:45Bambi ss
00:12:06Xove i did already
00:12:22FetAA smartest hook ever
00:12:32Papaya only saw obviously
00:12:33Papaya fuckface
00:12:36Papaya 2*
00:13:26Papaya stun sk
00:13:28Papaya god u suck
00:13:29Xove ss
00:13:39FetAA w8
00:14:08Papaya and get some goddamn wards
00:14:18Herre get top
00:14:23Xove u get wards nap
00:14:28tanelli who should buy wards?
00:14:34Papaya YOU OBVIOUSLY
00:14:40Herre gg
00:15:06Xove hate?
00:15:14sebralane just douta
00:15:28FetAA cant go first
00:16:11atte tapellaa herre
00:16:33FetAA herre to ostrong
00:16:36Herre y
00:16:38Herre paska peli
00:16:56Papaya gg
00:17:05Papaya fucking bots more useful than this sk and razor
00:17:11Herre :Dd
00:17:13Xove they just won the picking phase
00:17:16Herre take a look at their heroes
00:17:16Herre sir
00:17:23Papaya i take a look at you just sucking
00:17:23Herre cant do anything with boots only
00:17:27Papaya and playing shit
00:17:29atte basi to creeps
00:17:33Papaya mid just tanking qop screams and feeding
00:17:52Herre cant do anything bro
00:18:23sebralane go mid?
00:18:24atte well
00:18:25sebralane i tp
00:18:30atte wards or just push
00:19:45Herre ff
00:19:48Mandem mana
00:19:58Xove ff
00:20:03atte me
00:20:25FetAA ostin vahignos 2x gloves ;z
00:20:28FetAA pakko maelstrom
00:21:15atte care
00:21:16Herre joo siisti peli
00:21:22atte go
00:21:23sebralane unr me pls
00:21:33FetAA :O
00:21:47atte get flying
00:21:54atte go bot
00:21:55atte all
00:22:07Xove they are b
00:22:14atte eza tp bot
00:22:26FetAA urn me ;z
00:22:29sebralane cd
00:22:38Papaya b
00:22:47Papaya GO B NOOB
00:23:09atte brb
00:23:11atte top
00:23:12atte next
00:23:15Papaya def mid
00:23:35Mandem wow
00:23:36Mandem :S
00:24:15atte m adem get some item
00:24:16atte then rax
00:25:17FetAA sebra get ur mecha
00:25:20FetAA so we push rax
00:25:28sebralane i cant if chiken not home
00:25:40Zajeb need gem
00:25:53atte buy
00:25:53sebralane we have trums?
00:26:00atte buy gem then
00:26:01Xove please dont come in :D
00:26:04atte or take rosh with wards
00:26:08Xove go woods
00:26:27atte ok
00:26:30atte eza shoot bombs
00:27:06atte slowly
00:27:19FetAA S
00:27:31Papaya idiot
00:27:32atte got new item now
00:27:36FetAA gogo
00:27:41FetAA they cant gib wave now
00:27:41Xove me?
00:27:44Papaya y?
00:27:47Papaya why u exit base
00:27:55Xove i dint
00:28:17Herre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:35sebralane fem
00:28:51Xove i go pipe if i ever get there :D
00:28:51Zajeb i got gem
00:28:51atte y
00:28:58Xove care
00:29:10atte take rosh
00:29:13atte ward it up
00:29:19atte ..
00:29:19Papaya zzz
00:29:19Herre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:19sebralane this is just bs no dles
00:29:19Xove we repeled a pysh ':DD
00:29:20sebralane no nothing
00:29:22sebralane wtf
00:29:23Zajeb take rosh than go mid?
00:29:28atte y
00:29:31atte ward it up
00:29:38sebralane push top
00:29:41sebralane backl a bit
00:30:10FetAA stay
00:30:15Papaya rofl
00:30:26Papaya I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:26Xove gg :d
00:30:27atte XDD
00:30:28Herre gege
00:30:28Xove I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:30tanelli I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:30:41Zajeb intelegence power :D
00:30:53Zajeb when u spell it wrong :D
00:31:06Papaya !ff
00:31:07Papaya I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:31:08Papaya f
00:31:08Papaya f
00:31:08Papaya f
00:31:30Herre Dx
00:31:58FetAA ty
00:32:19Mandem gosh
00:32:22Mandem wp atte
00:32:26atte ;)
00:32:31Zajeb wp team
00:32:48FetAA lolol
00:32:49FetAA :D
00:33:18sebralane no rax? :O
00:33:20sebralane we lost now
00:33:22Papaya can u all ff plz
00:33:24Papaya kinda boring
00:33:36atte give me mana jakiro
00:33:43Xove 2 sec
00:33:45atte :DDD
00:33:47Herre huora
00:34:02Herre xD
00:34:08Herre xDD
00:34:12Herre plz
00:34:36Xove gogog åipe
00:34:42atte go instakill them to base
00:34:44atte ulti
00:35:01atte xd
00:35:07atte sick this new item
00:35:16Zajeb what does it do?
00:35:19Papaya not rly the game to test its effectiveness
00:35:20Xove or mb u just sick and playing against noobs :D
00:35:23FetAA -25 magic
00:35:28atte reduce magic armor
00:35:36Papaya 6 treads on qop would be "sick" vs these guys
00:35:43atte well its sick with these int heros
00:35:53Zajeb counter hod practicly :?
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