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Chat log

00:00:01Mr.HaM ap
00:00:03Timu ap
00:00:04MariahCarry -ap
00:00:05que2stress -ap
00:00:27que2stress viper bot with tide
00:00:31que2stress ehm solo
00:00:37que2stress and tide top with me
00:00:39MariahCarry tinker top
00:00:39que2stress enigma woods
00:00:42Gorppu can I forest?
00:00:43Gorppu ty
00:00:43MariahCarry babysit him
00:00:46MariahCarry don't lasthit pls
00:01:01Mr.HaM this sucks
00:01:06Mr.HaM viper levi should go top
00:01:10Mr.HaM and troll bot
00:01:11Mr.HaM solo
00:01:15Timu shaer
00:01:15que2stress y
00:01:18que2stress and i mid solo
00:01:19que2stress is ok
00:01:25Timu wtf lanes is it
00:01:26Mr.HaM so we are still bot?
00:01:30Mr.HaM lets go top viper
00:01:33que2stress troll
00:01:34Mr.HaM let roll bot lane
00:01:34Timu w/er
00:01:35Gorppu someone solo bot
00:01:36que2stress go bit lane
00:01:40Timu share
00:01:58que2stress or i go bot
00:01:59que2stress is ok
00:02:02Mr.HaM xDDDD
00:02:26karm mis esimeseks skilliks võtsid
00:02:29Mr.HaM get rune bot
00:02:36mrk kolmanda
00:02:46Gorppu warded
00:02:54que2stress care
00:03:21Gorppu or not?
00:03:22Gorppu wtf
00:04:50que2stress care
00:04:51que2stress eigma
00:05:12que2stress carre mid
00:05:12que2stress ss
00:05:18MariahCarry gank mid
00:05:38que2stress they deny all :D
00:06:04MariahCarry cd?
00:06:10que2stress rd
00:06:21MariahCarry what's troll axe cd?
00:06:28SaloiG 12
00:06:51FetAA ?
00:06:53Gorppu lol
00:06:54MariahCarry fuck
00:06:54Gorppu gj troll
00:06:55MariahCarry that hero
00:06:55FetAA is that saloig so good?
00:06:58MariahCarry is fucking ridiculus
00:07:07MariahCarry no he isn't
00:07:09MariahCarry the hero is
00:07:22FetAA hero myass
00:07:29Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:30Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:30Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:30Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:37Gorppu nice copypaste :D
00:07:38que2stress SCRITPER
00:07:41karm now
00:07:44que2stress ss scvne
00:07:44MariahCarry ss mid
00:07:45Mr.HaM -weather moonlight
00:07:45Mr.HaM -random
00:07:45Mr.HaM -random agi
00:07:45Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:49Gorppu wut
00:07:49aabrekk ss tide
00:07:49Mr.HaM :P
00:08:13MariahCarry GANK MID
00:08:15MariahCarry sven
00:08:22Timu ffs tide
00:08:28Mr.HaM y?
00:08:38MariahCarry ss mid
00:08:42que2stress ss svne
00:08:59FetAA b
00:09:06que2stress ss bith
00:09:09que2stress both
00:09:13que2stress sven still miss
00:09:32que2stress ffs
00:09:52que2stress engima cgang
00:10:00Gorppu yeah sec
00:10:02aabrekk sry if ks, the regen just came at the time
00:10:11Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:10:11Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:10:18MariahCarry :/
00:10:25aabrekk oom
00:10:29que2stress egnima
00:10:32que2stress we cant oufarm them
00:10:45Gorppu just wanted boots
00:10:59FetAA :DD k bash
00:11:12MariahCarry OMFG
00:11:20Gorppu go ult?
00:11:23mrk ss
00:11:24Timu õwtf?
00:11:31MariahCarry how fast does he hit
00:11:33MariahCarry when he ultis
00:11:39MariahCarry is it like wr now?
00:12:00Mr.HaM asdfhačshdf
00:12:01Mr.HaM viper
00:12:07Timu :D
00:12:13Mr.HaM stop fail damint
00:12:28que2stress bot tp!
00:12:31aabrekk ss troll
00:12:41SaloiG go bot
00:12:43SaloiG enigma ulti
00:12:52SaloiG go
00:13:01mrk n
00:13:21SaloiG WTF
00:13:26SaloiG so bad
00:13:38que2stress gw engima
00:13:46Gorppu I couldn't cast ult
00:13:48Gorppu was stunned
00:13:55que2stress u had like 20 min
00:14:09Gorppu didn't want just target wr
00:14:09SaloiG -ms
00:14:11SaloiG -ms
00:14:13Gorppu sven would just stun me
00:14:15que2stress go woods
00:14:18que2stress and get wards
00:14:29karm check rune at top
00:14:42SaloiG got ulti?
00:14:44aabrekk sven come mid
00:14:45Mr.HaM only that
00:14:46Mr.HaM no gush
00:14:49SaloiG k
00:14:54SaloiG use it when u can
00:15:17que2stress lest gang enigma
00:15:23Gorppu sure
00:15:26Mr.HaM we cant gank enigma, he is in our team
00:15:39que2stress fuck youz funny
00:16:00SaloiG i go farm
00:16:00SaloiG -.-
00:16:04que2stress y
00:16:23Mr.HaM taht was fucking bad
00:16:27Gorppu mm
00:16:32Mr.HaM top is free kill
00:16:32que2stress well
00:16:34que2stress enigma
00:16:35que2stress has no ulti
00:16:37que2stress skilled
00:16:45Gorppu wtf are u talking?
00:16:55que2stress well i say
00:16:56que2stress u suck
00:16:59Gorppu nice
00:17:01que2stress no wards
00:17:03que2stress no dagger
00:17:04que2stress no ulti
00:17:09Mr.HaM bane this was your fault
00:17:12Mr.HaM -_-
00:17:17Mr.HaM just play and stop bulshit
00:17:39FetAA xD
00:17:41que2stress that ew troll
00:17:42Mr.HaM what a gank
00:17:43karm this is a joke
00:17:58Mr.HaM bait
00:17:58que2stress wards enigma=
00:18:10Gorppu hmm
00:18:11Gorppu nio
00:18:12Gorppu no
00:18:18que2stress as i say
00:18:19que2stress u suck ;)
00:18:21Gorppu yep
00:18:28Gorppu stop whine and I buy wards
00:18:40Gorppu omg
00:18:42Gorppu "feeder"
00:18:46MariahCarry dd troll
00:18:48SaloiG go
00:18:48SaloiG mid
00:18:49MariahCarry b
00:18:49que2stress :D ure a fag
00:18:54Gorppu np
00:19:21Mr.HaM ok
00:19:24Mr.HaM farming for gem
00:19:26Mr.HaM this is shit
00:19:30mrk b
00:19:38mrk b
00:20:00FetAA u feed him nice ;D
00:20:02que2stress gw this time
00:20:08mrk tra miks te ei kuula :S
00:20:22Mr.HaM farm top
00:20:25que2stress gang viuper
00:20:25Gorppu and here are your wards
00:20:31que2stress its not m wars
00:20:33que2stress its our wards
00:20:39que2stress cause its for team you know?
00:20:48Gorppu yup
00:20:49Gorppu troll
00:20:51Gorppu take invi
00:20:52Gorppu top
00:20:54SaloiG no
00:20:58Gorppu oh
00:20:59Gorppu low hp
00:21:33FetAA sure the nab has dagger
00:21:34que2stress gw
00:21:41Gorppu u 2
00:21:49Mr.HaM got gem
00:21:51FetAA :D
00:21:59Mr.HaM if i die u know what to do
00:22:05que2stress we flame you
00:22:21Mr.HaM pwn bot
00:22:24Mr.HaM got tp ulti
00:22:38Gorppu ult cd
00:22:47que2stress tp all
00:22:52que2stress tide
00:22:55Gorppu 10 sec ult
00:23:05mrk tide has gem
00:23:08mrk troll has lothar
00:23:25MariahCarry omw
00:23:32que2stress push bottom
00:23:36que2stress all
00:23:40karm lol
00:23:44karm forgot i have bottle :D
00:23:57que2stress trol viper
00:23:58que2stress come
00:24:42MariahCarry tide has gem
00:24:42MariahCarry wow
00:24:55karm was told earlier
00:24:56aabrekk we said that 5 min ago
00:25:29que2stress why all go=?
00:25:45que2stress 2 ueless deaths
00:25:46que2stress and no tower
00:25:48que2stress ...
00:25:49Gorppu yep
00:25:51Gorppu tried to ult
00:25:57Gorppu but something stopped :O
00:25:57que2stress why dont u end it?
00:25:59mrk too bad troll does shit vs tinker imo
00:26:01mrk if we play it right
00:26:05que2stress guys
00:26:08que2stress we mustpush
00:26:10FetAA well tinker needs hex
00:26:11que2stress lategame is theirs
00:26:19Gorppu not with this farm
00:26:27MariahCarry let me
00:26:32que2stress go mid
00:26:42SaloiG i need my bkb
00:26:44SaloiG 800
00:26:46que2stress tide make u a urn
00:27:06FetAA u failed alrdy 3-4x times with ur solo mid gondar in my team :D
00:27:20que2stress ward
00:27:25Gorppu yup
00:27:27que2stress tide come
00:27:27SaloiG care
00:27:28Mr.HaM kill
00:27:30SaloiG team
00:27:42FetAA this guy..
00:27:55FetAA go
00:27:56FetAA go
00:27:56aabrekk tnx
00:27:56SaloiG let me have chicken
00:27:57FetAA no troll
00:28:10que2stress sry
00:28:11que2stress lölols
00:28:16Gorppu -.-
00:28:18FetAA b s ven
00:28:20Gorppu that failed
00:28:22FetAA b all
00:28:31Mr.HaM enigma
00:28:34Mr.HaM u got dagger
00:28:35que2stress my fault
00:28:36Mr.HaM u got ulti
00:28:38Gorppu yep
00:28:39Mr.HaM why the FUCK
00:28:41que2stress i slept him
00:28:43Mr.HaM u show youself?!?!
00:28:46Mr.HaM stay B
00:28:46Gorppu atro accidently slept me
00:28:55que2stress that fucking small pa :D
00:28:55Mr.HaM and WHERE is my gem
00:28:57Mr.HaM u fucktards
00:29:14que2stress get a new
00:29:16Mr.HaM u cant even pick up gem
00:29:20Mr.HaM 3 of u there
00:29:29Mr.HaM y buy new one
00:29:36Mr.HaM with bane in every lane with me autoattakcing
00:29:37que2stress enigma
00:29:38que2stress buy game
00:29:43Mr.HaM how the fuck am i supposed to farm it
00:30:42que2stress tide come
00:31:36que2stress damnit :;D
00:31:46Gorppu :/
00:31:53que2stress unfortunately tide didnt come ;)
00:31:59Gorppu we need his ult
00:32:10que2stress gert toewr
00:32:12que2stress dont hunt
00:32:43Mr.HaM b
00:33:18Gorppu troll go b
00:33:22Gorppu nvm
00:33:22Mr.HaM :))
00:33:25karm WHAT JOKE IS THIS
00:33:30que2stress its troll?
00:33:37Mr.HaM inv rune top
00:33:43que2stress so end it now plz
00:33:51karm haha
00:33:55SaloiG why they even try
00:34:15Mr.HaM anchor smash is magical dmg??
00:34:21Mr.HaM why it doesnt work on acniecnts
00:34:23Gorppu physical
00:34:32que2stress go mid
00:34:35Gorppu tinker hex now
00:34:37Gorppu almost
00:34:43que2stress just end it
00:34:47SaloiG chicken will come
00:34:48SaloiG kill it
00:34:48FetAA troll takes new aegis
00:35:02Mr.HaM stay b
00:35:02mrk care
00:35:03Mr.HaM engima
00:35:07Mr.HaM dagger ulti
00:35:07FetAA they go aegis
00:35:09Mr.HaM i will do the same
00:35:11Mr.HaM and gg
00:35:15Gorppu u go first
00:35:16Gorppu tho
00:35:22FetAA go now?
00:35:24FetAA i think trol lnot there
00:35:25FetAA some1 go
00:35:26que2stress just go mid
00:35:27FetAA i cant start
00:36:02que2stress gg
00:36:03aabrekk gg
00:36:04mrk so stupid to go out
00:36:05mrk lol
00:36:10FetAA gg strong mid
00:36:10MariahCarry yea damn it
00:36:11Mr.HaM sven
00:36:14Mr.HaM with bottle
00:36:15MariahCarry we should have stayed in base
00:36:17MariahCarry and won that way
00:36:18Mr.HaM AND pt on int
00:36:21Mr.HaM lulul
00:36:25Mr.HaM how can u buy bottle
00:36:25karm :D
00:36:27Mr.HaM with sven -_-
00:36:33karm because im not mrham the awesome
00:36:46Mr.HaM well u can always ask mr.ham the awesome
00:36:51Mr.HaM for some dota advice D:
00:36:59karm :D
00:37:57que2stress gg
00:37:58Mr.HaM gg
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