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-43 X
-1 TS

86% | 1420 X | 1513 TS

-21 X
-1 TS

82% | 1407 X | 1445 TS

-60 X
-1 TS

49% | 1119 X | 1357 TS

-41 X
-3 TS

26% | 1035 X | 1243 TS

-38 X
-11 TS

NEW | 876 X | 954 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

78% | 1337 X | 1461 TS

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62% | 1223 X | 1389 TS

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+3 TS

56% | 1226 X | 1310 TS

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+2 TS

28% | 1035 X | 1262 TS

+66 X
+74 TS

NEW | 1059 X | 1045 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Arapiles any wishes?
00:00:17Mr.HaM hm
00:00:17Banana necro
00:00:17satan-_- thral
00:00:17Mr.HaM get thral forsatan
00:00:17Mr.HaM and ban morf
00:00:17MoBrasco no1 have nething to ban
00:00:17Dizney nope
00:00:17Arapiles -morph
00:00:17zebbelito -storm
00:00:17eXcluzziver hmm
00:00:22eXcluzziver storm?
00:00:25MoBrasco team leave bala 4 me plz
00:00:26Mr.HaM baned
00:00:26eXcluzziver no1 picks him
00:00:27Arapiles banned
00:00:30Dizney lol
00:00:39eXcluzziver magina nad balanrway better
00:00:46Arapiles who wanted thrall?
00:00:49satan-_- me
00:00:53Arapiles kk
00:00:56satan-_- what
00:00:58satan-_- you
00:00:58satan-_- want?
00:00:59zebbelito u can mid
00:01:01zebbelito if u want
00:01:02Arapiles sec
00:01:02eXcluzziver go morphling plz
00:01:03zebbelito -hhn
00:01:03FetAA ok
00:01:07eXcluzziver best carry currently
00:01:07Arapiles banned
00:01:10eXcluzziver sry
00:01:11eXcluzziver lol
00:01:13eXcluzziver balanr
00:01:24eXcluzziver get balanar
00:01:27satan-_- can you say hero
00:01:28Arapiles y balanar for me
00:01:31satan-_- k
00:01:39eXcluzziver go balanar and silencer
00:01:40satan-_- -swap 1
00:01:44Arapiles -swap 5
00:01:45eXcluzziver or tiny
00:01:47Mr.HaM no sile
00:01:47MoBrasco ::::::::::::::::::::::
00:01:48Arapiles i can silencer
00:01:48zebbelito bala gone
00:01:48satan-_- i as last have to buy chick?
00:01:48Mr.HaM tiny
00:01:52zebbelito mby bb or slard
00:01:54eXcluzziver yes
00:01:57Banana build for tiny
00:01:58eXcluzziver you must buy chick
00:01:59Banana i suck with it
00:02:01Dizney bb !
00:02:02Mr.HaM 1 range on every lane
00:02:02eXcluzziver and support with wards etc
00:02:03Arapiles invoker can u solo mid?
00:02:06Dizney sladar!
00:02:06eXcluzziver yea
00:02:08Dizney :)
00:02:10tanelli are lanes ok?
00:02:11Arapiles tiny + thrall bot
00:02:11zebbelito -hhn
00:02:16Arapiles me and veno top
00:02:18Dizney 2x ranged
00:02:20FetAA imo lesh top
00:02:24FetAA imo lesh top
00:02:25Banana -ma
00:02:25Arapiles 1 get wards
00:02:26FetAA slard down
00:02:27Arapiles early
00:02:30tanelli and alce bot?
00:02:30FetAA leshrac go top
00:02:30Mr.HaM bala u pull
00:02:31FetAA y
00:02:34satan-_- why you need wards
00:02:35satan-_- -.-
00:02:38satan-_- pub game
00:02:38satan-_- -.
00:02:45tanelli alce go farm
00:02:46tanelli bot
00:02:46Arapiles you need for bot lane and mid
00:02:48zebbelito no
00:02:51eXcluzziver yea its pub game
00:02:52zebbelito alche top
00:02:54zebbelito and u
00:02:55Mr.HaM ucant play dota without observers
00:02:58eXcluzziver but not as bad as average
00:02:58Arapiles still need wards
00:03:00Mr.HaM pub or not
00:03:05satan-_- well
00:03:06satan-_- you7can
00:03:07zebbelito hes afk
00:03:08FetAA -afk
00:03:12satan-_- learn7to7follow
00:03:13satan-_- mini
00:03:13satan-_- map
00:03:14satan-_- here
00:03:15satan-_- -_-
00:03:20Mr.HaM well mybe u can
00:03:20eXcluzziver -il
00:03:21Mr.HaM i cant
00:03:21Arapiles imo invoker go wex build
00:03:24Mr.HaM and i watch mini map whole time
00:04:14Arapiles gj
00:04:20Mr.HaM u2
00:05:11Arapiles ss 1
00:05:17Mr.HaM re
00:05:39Dizney ss top
00:05:41Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:05:57FetAA rune bottom
00:05:59eXcluzziver ss
00:06:34Banana gj
00:06:38satan-_- same
00:07:18Dizney i need other lane !
00:07:18tanelli necro
00:07:23tanelli can you hanlde top?
00:07:27Dizney no u can do it !
00:07:35Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:35Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:07:39Dizney sladar.. go top.. i can't use stun up there.. NS sislnce me
00:07:46Arapiles pullin
00:07:48Dizney silnece
00:07:50MoBrasco kk
00:07:51MoBrasco omw
00:07:52Dizney u know..
00:07:56Dizney thx
00:07:57MoBrasco told u guys to pick him 4 me
00:08:02satan-_- miss
00:08:03satan-_- bott
00:08:05Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:08:05Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:08:06Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:08:06Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:08:14Dizney no u dind't u said leave him for me :)
00:08:14Banana mana
00:08:59Banana i go manaboots?
00:09:01satan-_- y
00:09:09satan-_- take
00:09:10MoBrasco care leh
00:09:13MoBrasco stay beside tower
00:09:26Mr.HaM btw ulti rdy
00:09:35Arapiles go next?
00:10:24eXcluzziver gang mid
00:10:26satan-_- mana
00:10:27satan-_- :/
00:10:32Arapiles omw
00:10:39Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:10:39Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:10:54eXcluzziver srty
00:10:59Arapiles ffs
00:11:22eXcluzziver he is still there
00:11:34FetAA =
00:11:37eXcluzziver -il
00:11:54Arapiles im b
00:11:56Arapiles oom
00:12:00satan-_- come
00:12:01satan-_- bott
00:12:02satan-_- bala
00:12:08Arapiles yy
00:12:17eXcluzziver -il
00:12:21MoBrasco its gg
00:12:24FetAA yes
00:12:27MoBrasco look we all feded
00:12:32Arapiles rdy?
00:12:35Banana sec
00:12:36Banana manaboots
00:12:45Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:12:45Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:12:45Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:12:53satan-_- gogo
00:14:31satan-_- mana?
00:14:34Banana cd
00:14:40satan-_- bottom
00:14:41satan-_- help
00:14:42satan-_- ...
00:14:44Banana sec
00:14:50Arapiles omw
00:15:28Arapiles b
00:15:28Arapiles b
00:15:34eXcluzziver -il
00:15:51zebbelito slardar u must be pro
00:16:40Dizney gg
00:16:55satan-_- so
00:16:56satan-_- gg?
00:16:57Arapiles im b
00:17:00satan-_- im7new7here...
00:17:11eXcluzziver nah
00:17:11Arapiles they all have to ff
00:17:15eXcluzziver 25min ff
00:17:19satan-_- h
00:17:20satan-_- kk
00:18:17Banana -ma
00:18:53eXcluzziver -il
00:19:18Mr.HaM reg
00:19:23zebbelito rune
00:19:29eXcluzziver -il
00:19:36Arapiles omw
00:19:51Arapiles push
00:20:19Arapiles max wards now venom
00:21:33FetAA go
00:21:50Arapiles b
00:21:56Arapiles b
00:22:27Arapiles y
00:22:39Arapiles reuse chick
00:22:51zebbelito AGFdg
00:23:32zebbelito just turrtle
00:23:35Arapiles b mid
00:24:22MoBrasco ?
00:24:33satan-_- wards
00:24:48zebbelito u rly know ur alchemist
00:24:54zebbelito never seen worse
00:25:00Dizney never seen worse necro.
00:25:05satan-_- thx
00:25:05Dizney so right back @ u
00:25:09Dizney gratz!
00:25:10MoBrasco its gg
00:25:13zebbelito ur diszney
00:25:20zebbelito ur known noob
00:25:37Dizney like i care what u "know"
00:25:45zebbelito its what ppl know
00:25:47Dizney ok
00:25:50Dizney care..
00:25:52Arapiles mid
00:25:53zebbelito btw ban slardar hes ne
00:25:54zebbelito new
00:26:02zebbelito he think its ok to give up
00:26:10zebbelito when its banable
00:26:24FetAA def
00:26:27Arapiles b
00:26:34zebbelito catapuylt
00:26:36zebbelito idiot
00:26:38eXcluzziver so whos fault this time? :D
00:26:52satan-_- can
00:26:52satan-_- you
00:26:53satan-_- sun
00:26:53Arapiles teasing zebbe?
00:26:53satan-_- strike
00:26:55Dizney my fault ...
00:27:02eXcluzziver :D
00:27:06Arapiles :P
00:27:22FetAA unbalanced teams, since u have good new players and ur picks are like 62x better tah nours
00:27:42eXcluzziver -il
00:27:43satan-_- ha-ha
00:28:02Arapiles go mid
00:28:03FetAA un sharing chicken is bannable btw
00:28:19MoBrasco necro using my hero
00:28:22FetAA k
00:28:29FetAA banreq
00:28:35FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:43Dizney I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:46MoBrasco i surrender!
00:28:49MoBrasco !ff
00:28:52Dizney write ff
00:28:54MoBrasco I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:56Dizney there
00:28:58tanelli I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:59Dizney it worked!
00:29:25eXcluzziver -cs
00:29:32eXcluzziver oh well razor got sacred relic
00:29:55Arapiles lvl 8 alchemist
00:30:00Arapiles imba is imba
00:30:00Banana wtf
00:30:05Banana lol
00:30:10Arapiles they got so raped top lane
00:30:13Banana even i aint that bad
00:30:29Mr.HaM awsome 1st skill of veno... slow :D
00:30:33Arapiles y
00:30:35Mr.HaM poison sting :D
00:30:41Banana -ms
00:30:47Arapiles all mid gogo finish
00:30:58Banana i faster than balanar
00:32:29satan-_- ?
00:32:34Banana _D:D
00:32:36Arapiles gg
00:32:36Mr.HaM gg
00:32:37Mr.HaM wp all
00:32:38eXcluzziver lol
00:32:40Banana gg
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