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-13 X
-7 TS

93% | 1534 X | 1554 TS

-28 X
-16 TS

90% | 1519 X | 1478 TS

+12 X
-5 TS

57% | 1171 X | 1370 TS

-39 X
-2 TS

54% | 1124 X | 1398 TS

-25 X
-11 TS

10% | 918 X | 1143 TS

+12 X
+3 TS

87% | 1497 X | 1448 TS

-16 X
+3 TS

83% | 1406 X | 1465 TS

+35 X
+5 TS

53% | 1179 X | 1319 TS

+40 X
+7 TS

50% | 1176 X | 1302 TS

+33 X
+3 TS

44% | 1047 X | 1395 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Terkill -rd
00:00:17Terkill tb
00:00:17eXcluzziver and you ban weaver ofc
00:00:17reptile ban
00:00:17eXcluzziver ban?
00:00:17Arapiles afk again?
00:00:17FetAA some1 removed or why
00:00:17FetAA tb
00:00:17reptile ^^
00:00:17eXcluzziver tb is banned
00:00:17Terkill wow
00:00:17Terkill nice ban
00:00:17Terkill there
00:00:17FetAA WEAVER
00:00:17hibalunt TerrorBlade & Weaver banned gogoog
00:00:17eXcluzziver just go ban weaver its too obvious
00:00:24soya what a joke
00:00:40FetAA my clock no joke
00:01:07eXcluzziver nasty lancer
00:01:17eXcluzziver if some1 good with bb go
00:01:19hibalunt lasty nancer
00:01:36Arapiles or enigma
00:01:44Arapiles i could solo vs 2
00:01:45eXcluzziver or yuggeraut
00:01:53Iho pick me furion if want this
00:01:54eXcluzziver go jugger
00:02:03Iho -swap 5
00:02:03hibalunt -swap 3
00:02:06mieseskarma me wood
00:02:11Arapiles furion woods?
00:02:15Arapiles then i solo top
00:02:17soya lich long lane
00:02:23Iho im not woods
00:02:23eXcluzziver lol
00:02:29eXcluzziver veno solo?
00:02:29Iho but coming whit you top
00:02:34Arapiles can solo np
00:02:37Terkill u2
00:02:38Terkill go bot
00:02:43eXcluzziver but
00:02:45Terkill let pl farm bot
00:02:47Terkill go bot !
00:02:48soya better with twr protecteion
00:02:49eXcluzziver venge can too
00:02:52eXcluzziver doesnt mean she does
00:02:54Terkill guys
00:02:54reptile letz me top?
00:02:54Terkill ..
00:02:56Terkill you are bot
00:02:57Terkill alnes
00:02:57reptile lol alone bot?
00:02:57Iho i wanna take just tele and sprout
00:02:58FetAA suck dick?
00:03:00hibalunt no thx
00:03:04eXcluzziver we know our lanes
00:03:10Terkill venge bot
00:03:11Iho thats why not woods
00:03:14eXcluzziver trilane mid
00:03:18Terkill y
00:03:25FetAA lich top viper mid rest bot?
00:03:30mieseskarma inv
00:03:37Terkill y
00:03:40Terkill but someone dont get it
00:03:43Arapiles b bot
00:03:46Arapiles fb
00:04:04Rotkiv gyro
00:04:08Arapiles omg
00:04:13hibalunt HAI
00:04:26eXcluzziver just lose ur inv
00:04:40hibalunt PULL STUPID ENIGMA
00:04:43Arapiles i pull
00:06:17Terkill ss
00:06:30soya ss
00:06:35reptile nice
00:07:08Terkill ss
00:07:25FetAA i bait
00:07:47Arapiles gris
00:07:52Terkill Laban
00:07:59Arapiles this is why i should solo
00:08:05Arapiles now he outlvl me
00:08:09eXcluzziver lol
00:08:32eXcluzziver lucky furion
00:08:36eXcluzziver made mistake and alive
00:08:36eXcluzziver -mqa
00:08:38eXcluzziver -ma
00:08:55soya ss
00:09:03Arapiles furi i pull then gank top
00:09:06eXcluzziver kill lancer qop got dust
00:09:46eXcluzziver gang bang lancer
00:09:46Rotkiv enigma ?
00:10:19eXcluzziver lol
00:10:23Arapiles he tp
00:10:32eXcluzziver qop wandering too much
00:10:32Iho wait
00:10:34Iho kioll midd
00:11:04Rotkiv ss
00:11:09eXcluzziver furion
00:11:39Rotkiv ffs
00:11:50FetAA TF
00:12:12Arapiles nice med en furion der tager lane levels early og aldrig viser sig igen
00:12:13FetAA this idiot furion
00:12:19FetAA furio nwtf are u thinking
00:12:22FetAA u dumb fuck
00:12:45Arapiles my game ruined
00:13:04Arapiles ss lich
00:13:11eXcluzziver lich gtop
00:13:24reptile help bot?
00:13:28eXcluzziver viper woods
00:14:04eXcluzziver furion clock attacked lich
00:14:04hibalunt oom
00:14:06eXcluzziver and u venge
00:14:56Iho enigma
00:15:05Rotkiv use chick
00:15:15Arapiles y
00:15:28FetAA cant win with 2
00:15:30FetAA akasha afk
00:17:30FetAA go all bot
00:18:16Terkill you RLY
00:18:16hibalunt i come top with dust, tp
00:18:18hibalunt wait me
00:18:19Terkill used stun
00:18:19eXcluzziver they dont know my gyro power
00:18:21Terkill for the frag ? ...
00:18:24Terkill enigma ?
00:18:34mieseskarma was reflex
00:18:36Terkill ..
00:18:50Terkill then go to a doc and check your reflex
00:18:55Terkill they suck
00:19:39Arapiles care furi
00:20:05FetAA lets go mid?
00:20:07FetAA come
00:20:08Arapiles y
00:20:09FetAA why uwalk no tp..
00:20:14Arapiles omw
00:20:30FetAA ok im going
00:21:04hibalunt YOU DONT KNOW ME
00:21:14eXcluzziver ;d
00:22:13eXcluzziver gotta push
00:22:13FetAA kill moar?
00:22:15eXcluzziver no carry
00:22:18eXcluzziver y
00:23:24Arapiles need wards
00:23:27Arapiles i buy or?
00:23:34eXcluzziver i bought dust
00:24:06Terkill b
00:24:17FetAA kill
00:24:19FetAA got hook
00:24:26Terkill dont fight ..
00:24:26FetAA stay near
00:25:01FetAA enemy goes down lets def top with 4
00:25:17Terkill its more like
00:25:20Terkill lets all fram top
00:25:24hibalunt b
00:25:30FetAA y
00:25:31Terkill GET B
00:25:34Terkill ..
00:25:43Arapiles rosh`?
00:25:49FetAA suprise them
00:25:49FetAA w8
00:25:50eXcluzziver mid?
00:25:52Arapiles kk
00:25:53Arapiles w8
00:26:00FetAA they will b
00:26:02FetAA k go rosh
00:26:09eXcluzziver they willcome mid
00:26:24FetAA do treants
00:26:31Terkill pl need items ..
00:26:38Terkill and a dagger on enigma
00:26:42hibalunt melts like butter
00:26:43Terkill before we can do anything
00:26:50FetAA i take
00:26:52Terkill go
00:26:55Terkill nvm
00:26:55FetAA cause i need to
00:26:56FetAA intiate
00:26:57FetAA and iide
00:27:10eXcluzziver where is chicken
00:27:17hibalunt roaming
00:27:46hibalunt need to psuh though
00:27:56FetAA cant help ya
00:28:00eXcluzziver nah np
00:28:17FetAA gather again
00:28:34eXcluzziver need sentry or dust
00:28:39hibalunt have
00:28:39eXcluzziver if we push sentry is k to
00:29:01Terkill dont terror creeps
00:29:02Terkill venge
00:29:07eXcluzziver got my turbo engine
00:29:07Terkill use it to see forrest
00:29:09Terkill or up
00:29:17Terkill y
00:29:24FetAA gnak
00:29:25FetAA mid
00:29:39FetAA lol
00:29:53FetAA i reborn
00:30:13reptile its lost
00:30:18Terkill y
00:30:22Terkill cus you such
00:30:28reptile y
00:30:29reptile ^^
00:30:40hibalunt now that game is textbook example of handing enemysa ass over to them
00:30:45FetAA gg we were too stronk !
00:30:52Arapiles b after
00:31:09FetAA y good example how to rock with ganks
00:31:18Arapiles y
00:31:22FetAA lol we left rax
00:31:23FetAA with 10 hp
00:31:24FetAA :D
00:31:28hibalunt for the lulz ofc
00:31:31FetAA well 100-200
00:31:32soya hex on furi
00:31:55FetAA b
00:32:16hibalunt im coming, and im madder than ever
00:32:32eXcluzziver so you woke up
00:32:32eXcluzziver ;d
00:33:13Arapiles wtf were u doin there only 2
00:33:14eXcluzziver lich not 16, not agha
00:33:36hibalunt well i can speak only for myself and i was fapping, with my right hand as always
00:33:45hibalunt left hand was steadily on mouse
00:33:48Terkill ..
00:33:49hibalunt and clicking time to time
00:34:12FetAA well akasha isnt that sexy..
00:34:16hibalunt by the looks how furi died i would say he used both hands for masturabtion
00:34:30FetAA :D
00:34:37eXcluzziver mid>
00:34:44reptile viper no hood or vanguard?
00:34:49FetAA w8 iho
00:34:50soya bkb
00:34:51FetAA i get my agha
00:34:56FetAA in same
00:34:58FetAA travel
00:35:00eXcluzziver rax regenerate
00:35:15Terkill swap
00:35:25eXcluzziver go b
00:35:26FetAA w8
00:35:28eXcluzziver wait for clock
00:35:34FetAA free towah
00:36:29eXcluzziver so?
00:36:30eXcluzziver ;d
00:36:30reptile bkb is shit on viper
00:36:32Arapiles farm?
00:36:35reptile hood and vanguard..
00:36:35FetAA w8 for spot?
00:36:40FetAA :D
00:36:48FetAA 15s
00:38:02eXcluzziver sry
00:38:03eXcluzziver tt
00:38:15FetAA how :d
00:38:16FetAA he died
00:38:35reptile I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:44hibalunt the iceball bounced off my dick and my weener froze
00:38:51Arapiles b
00:38:54Arapiles rosh
00:39:10Arapiles b
00:39:24eXcluzziver gay lucky lich
00:39:32FetAA :p
00:39:34Arapiles ^^
00:39:46FetAA .DD
00:39:47FetAA pro clock
00:39:52soya venge chill
00:40:04FetAA well 1 rax down
00:40:08FetAA now lets go lame top
00:40:15FetAA just camp and push
00:40:17eXcluzziver it was funny how long it took
00:40:19Arapiles 2 rax down
00:40:24eXcluzziver he means 1 side
00:40:24mieseskarma got dagger ^^
00:40:26Arapiles was nicely executed
00:40:29reptile ^^
00:40:32hibalunt long and hard it was indeed
00:40:33soya gem?
00:40:36FetAA do the same top now
00:40:39FetAA mid pushes automatic
00:40:40Iho rosh
00:40:43FetAA and we push bot with rockets and shit
00:40:46eXcluzziver k go rosh
00:40:49eXcluzziver clock can freely initiate
00:40:52FetAA y
00:40:58Arapiles kk
00:40:59FetAA i go rambo
00:41:02reptile they rosh
00:41:10Arapiles soon scepter
00:41:50FetAA go lame top?
00:41:53FetAA weaker
00:41:54eXcluzziver down?
00:41:55Terkill venge
00:41:55Arapiles kk
00:41:56Terkill next
00:41:59FetAA top weaker
00:42:04eXcluzziver qop is down
00:42:12Arapiles top
00:42:14eXcluzziver go mid
00:42:15FetAA mid pushes automatic
00:42:17eXcluzziver i mean up
00:42:23eXcluzziver lol qop
00:42:28FetAA this hibalunt
00:42:40hibalunt what, linken has cd?
00:42:48Arapiles lol
00:43:10eXcluzziver tt
00:43:10FetAA :Dd
00:43:36eXcluzziver we can lose this shit like this
00:44:03soya push lane
00:44:10hibalunt oh my, i better pull my pants up then, wouldnt want to loose butt-naked do I
00:44:32FetAA well hibalunt is kinda ruining this
00:45:02eXcluzziver srsly?
00:45:03eXcluzziver again?
00:45:08Terkill enigma
00:45:09hibalunt srsly, Rambo
00:45:10Terkill use your dagger ?
00:45:14hibalunt John Rambo
00:45:18eXcluzziver rambo doesnt die
00:45:31eXcluzziver if u die u are noob#
00:45:41hibalunt i am
00:45:42Arapiles u
00:45:49Terkill repusha bit
00:45:50eXcluzziver i thought u let me
00:45:51Terkill 4
00:45:51hibalunt unlike u, I am a funny noob
00:45:52Terkill people
00:45:53eXcluzziver u moved away
00:46:00Arapiles kk
00:46:03Arapiles i micro
00:46:10FetAA lets go
00:46:24FetAA gather
00:47:25eXcluzziver wards?
00:47:32eXcluzziver veno?
00:47:38eXcluzziver making shiva
00:47:40hibalunt the damage has been done Enigma
00:47:40eXcluzziver need 400
00:47:58FetAA urn mua?
00:48:08eXcluzziver they havent got our single tower
00:48:09eXcluzziver lol
00:48:11hibalunt 4 up
00:48:17FetAA b
00:48:19FetAA im too
00:48:20FetAA oom and shit
00:48:21FetAA :s
00:48:43FetAA lets hunt
00:48:44FetAA gahter
00:48:56FetAA get entry
00:48:56FetAA come
00:49:03eXcluzziver ffs
00:49:04eXcluzziver come one
00:49:06eXcluzziver once
00:49:14reptile def
00:49:44FetAA HIBA
00:49:54FetAA im omw
00:50:14eXcluzziver #
00:50:55eXcluzziver gg
00:50:58Arapiles gg
00:51:00eXcluzziver prolonged game long enough
00:51:03eXcluzziver gj
00:51:08Terkill thx
00:51:18Terkill good think pl can farm
00:51:19FetAA gg bettwer tema win
00:52:04eXcluzziver irony
00:53:11Arapiles wp
00:53:15Arapiles some of you :)
00:53:18eXcluzziver meh they cant defend vs mega creeps alone
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