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Chat log

00:00:13Knaitti mode?
00:00:13Knaitti :D
00:00:13FetAA what mode
00:00:13FetAA is?
00:00:13Buugi xd
00:00:13Papaya isnt it automatic
00:00:13FetAA -rd
00:00:13FetAA no in rmk
00:00:13Buugi rmk its not
00:00:14FetAA ban viper
00:00:14ihufa that's actually smart
00:00:16FetAA viper
00:00:16que2stress i want whisp
00:00:16Norrebro naga
00:00:16Norrebro y
00:00:18ihufa these teams are ridiculus :)
00:00:23FetAA whats ridicolous
00:00:25FetAA its pretty even
00:00:26Papaya your english too
00:00:34FetAA dunno who breakitdown is
00:00:35ihufa yea if knaitti wasn't braindead
00:00:43FetAA well dont flame from now
00:00:47ihufa knaitti 20 min dk without treads
00:00:51Knaitti yea
00:00:52Knaitti im imba
00:00:56FetAA well knaitti dont pick carry
00:00:56FetAA tt
00:00:58Norrebro bugi mid?
00:01:00Buugi y
00:01:00Knaitti :)
00:01:01dhgf can i mid with tinker+
00:01:02dhgf ?
00:01:05FetAA k
00:01:06Knaitti well i take cent or something
00:01:08FetAA i go bot then
00:01:17Norrebro get him wisp
00:01:19ihufa ur gotta own bs
00:01:20ulikiluu what now
00:01:24Norrebro wisp
00:01:27Norrebro for him
00:01:29que2stress what u want?
00:01:30Norrebro and swap him
00:01:33ulikiluu who
00:01:34ulikiluu :D
00:01:36que2stress me
00:01:37Norrebro get range
00:01:39que2stress i do whispi
00:01:40Bra~ y range
00:01:42que2stress get puck?
00:01:44ihufa im bot forest
00:01:45ihufa pls
00:01:47Bra~ jakiro?
00:01:47ihufa veno go top
00:01:48FetAA yes
00:01:49FetAA i solo
00:01:52Norrebro jakiro y
00:01:54FetAA cent veno top
00:01:57ulikiluu i hate jakiro but whatever
00:01:58FetAA veno slow cent stuns
00:02:03que2stress -swap 3
00:02:05ulikiluu -swap 5
00:02:07Norrebro come with me top jak
00:02:18ihufa fetAA
00:02:20ihufa be readuy
00:02:28ihufa cus ill be gankin all night
00:02:32ihufa and day
00:02:40FetAA kk
00:02:45FetAA well i do my best with this
00:02:45FetAA :p
00:02:51Bra~ sandstorm ignores tinkers rocket?
00:02:55Bra~ or not
00:02:55Norrebro y
00:02:56ihufa ill try to get dd to start off with
00:02:58Bra~ k
00:02:58Buugi y
00:02:58ihufa for imba fb
00:03:08FetAA u mean u try to luck it
00:03:18ihufa god damn it
00:03:20FetAA top rune
00:03:24ihufa i've been so bad at getting dd bot lately
00:03:26Norrebro pull and shit
00:03:27Norrebro jak
00:03:30FetAA f noob
00:03:39ihufa i once did it 3 times in a row
00:03:40ihufa i tell ya
00:03:54ihufa got cent
00:03:56ihufa comming soon
00:04:09ihufa whisp
00:04:11FetAA w8
00:04:55ihufa gp
00:05:30Papaya b
00:05:36Papaya dont rambo
00:06:01dhgf pudge inc bot
00:06:15Norrebro pull
00:06:35FetAA wisp so lame
00:06:52ihufa LOL RANGE
00:07:17FetAA :D
00:08:17Norrebro 4 top
00:08:19Norrebro guys
00:08:23dhgf mis miss
00:08:27Norrebro no miss
00:08:29Norrebro no shit
00:08:36Bra~ ench is woods
00:08:40Bra~ cant say miss
00:08:46Norrebro i said 4
00:08:46Buugi tinker too
00:08:59Norrebro still top
00:09:55Buugi ihufa fuck yo mome
00:10:04ihufa u love my ench
00:10:07Bra~ and necro heal goes through sandstorm
00:10:59Papaya dude
00:11:00Papaya stun them
00:11:03Papaya faggot
00:11:04Knaitti silence
00:11:05Buugi -ha
00:11:11Papaya it doesnt last forever
00:11:20Norrebro let me kill
00:11:25que2stress need gang here
00:11:34Knaitti well it last enogh
00:11:39Knaitti and i was low too to come later
00:11:42Knaitti so i saved me
00:11:43Buugi sick pudge
00:11:52Norrebro ss
00:11:55Buugi go
00:11:58Buugi when
00:11:59Buugi i there
00:12:11FetAA why dont u tp bot
00:12:12FetAA ..
00:12:49ihufa keep ganking bs
00:12:51ihufa push top tower
00:13:26FetAA tinker
00:13:27FetAA fu srsly
00:13:30FetAA first
00:13:32FetAA why didnt u
00:13:34FetAA do something to pudge
00:13:36FetAA when near tower
00:13:37FetAA we woulda killed
00:13:38FetAA ..
00:13:43FetAA then u go meet the tree
00:13:46Norrebro always 3 top
00:13:53FetAA we coulda tripled there
00:14:35ihufa wARDS
00:14:38ihufa GANKS
00:14:55Norrebro b
00:15:50ihufa surprise?
00:15:56dhgf :(
00:16:08Buugi me rune
00:16:12Norrebro fuck
00:16:15Bra~ wisp
00:16:16Norrebro pudge man
00:16:19Norrebro why left me
00:16:21Buugi nocando
00:16:21Bra~ could have tpd to necro
00:16:44Norrebro wow sk
00:16:55Bra~ ..
00:16:56ihufa fetaa
00:16:59FetAA :DD
00:16:59ihufa wake up man
00:17:03FetAA dude
00:17:06FetAA i calculated
00:17:07FetAA aura kills
00:17:22FetAA why not go
00:17:24FetAA got all
00:17:25FetAA :)
00:17:36Buugi bs
00:17:38Buugi go farm
00:17:48Norrebro they hating me top
00:18:20FetAA omw with tinker
00:18:55Papaya why ban viper but not bs
00:18:57Papaya makes no sense
00:19:09FetAA who cares a fuck of bs
00:19:13Papaya ummm
00:19:14FetAA i want some of the weed u taking
00:19:14Papaya we all do
00:19:17Papaya hes raping us
00:19:22FetAA well buy a tp
00:19:26FetAA problem solved
00:19:28Papaya idiot
00:19:31Papaya he rapes in teamfights
00:19:32dhgf cent
00:19:34dhgf dagger right?
00:20:18Papaya omg
00:20:19Papaya so fail
00:20:22Buugi owned
00:20:25ihufa FUCKING TEAM UP
00:20:26Papaya not at all
00:20:28Papaya just my own fault
00:20:29Buugi :P
00:20:32ihufa ur scattered farming
00:20:37ihufa when we should be ganking
00:20:38Norrebro i farmt op
00:20:44dhgf care hook
00:20:44FetAA i should be only one farming
00:21:41Bra~ aiai
00:21:55Bra~ if you have full hp and some mana
00:22:01ihufa samir
00:22:02Bra~ dont go back like that
00:22:05Papaya can already ff
00:22:05ihufa radi snart?
00:22:07Papaya no carry
00:22:12Papaya and in late we get pwned even more
00:22:16ulikiluu sry stupid ice path cast too slow :(
00:22:24Norrebro nej
00:22:25ihufa can't believe ur getting pwned right now
00:22:27Bra~ you could have gone first
00:22:32Bra~ instead of me
00:22:36Bra~ dont be afraid
00:22:40FetAA i cant believe
00:22:42FetAA why i didnt just farm
00:22:44Buugi treads, a mans choice
00:22:45Buugi tinker
00:22:53dhgf no farm :(
00:22:54FetAA treads tinker allways good
00:22:58Buugi ((
00:22:59Buugi imba pudge
00:23:16dhgf go with 5
00:23:18dhgf cent dagger now
00:23:22Papaya imba
00:23:22Papaya y
00:23:23Norrebro crow plz
00:24:07dhgf so rape?
00:24:08ihufa push
00:24:19ihufa meka necro???
00:24:23FetAA ill do
00:24:39ihufa DUST
00:24:43FetAA b
00:24:56FetAA y we kinda need some support action
00:24:58ihufa just amazing how none of u get it
00:24:59FetAA flying
00:25:09Norrebro radi
00:25:11Norrebro rdy
00:25:20Norrebro just crow
00:25:25que2stress eh y
00:25:26que2stress sry
00:25:28ulikiluu what to buy, agha? quinsoo?
00:25:38Norrebro guinsoo
00:25:51FetAA 0 mana needed
00:25:51FetAA for
00:25:52FetAA dust?
00:25:56dhgf 5
00:25:57Norrebro go
00:26:17FetAA i needrege
00:26:28dhgf care
00:26:38dhgf def
00:26:44FetAA y def here
00:26:54dhgf hook
00:26:56dhgf dont forget
00:27:09FetAA blink
00:27:21Buugi they have wards
00:27:22Buugi everywhere
00:27:29Papaya no hook for u :P
00:27:45dhgf bait
00:27:45dhgf b
00:27:56dhgf gogoogog
00:28:19Knaitti missile
00:28:34Norrebro damn
00:28:38Norrebro he saved ulti for me
00:28:44Norrebro i get bkb
00:28:48dhgf ...
00:28:49ulikiluu wisp u ever use ulti?
00:28:52FetAA couldnt get there
00:29:06dhgf there is a huge space..
00:29:25dhgf go mid with 5
00:29:26dhgf we rape
00:29:28dhgf got dust
00:29:45que2stress invi
00:29:51FetAA flying plz
00:29:53ihufa agha in 3 creeps
00:30:05FetAA well thi8 veno
00:30:08FetAA cANT BUY SHIT
00:30:17Norrebro i think warded
00:30:20FetAA ur only Supp
00:30:33ihufa why
00:30:38FetAA i got hooke4
00:30:58Norrebro !
00:31:08dhgf pudgegegeg
00:31:28dhgf imba tinker
00:31:33Buugi y
00:31:34Buugi treads
00:31:38dhgf imbaest
00:31:43Buugi imbestest
00:32:13dhgf gogo mid with 5
00:32:22ihufa need mana
00:32:24Papaya need mana quickyl
00:32:31FetAA THIS BS
00:32:32FetAA SO IMBA
00:32:39dhgf meet here
00:32:40ihufa not at all
00:32:43FetAA ye8
00:32:50FetAA yeS fucking uSeleSS hero
00:32:51Norrebro ffs
00:32:58Papaya he plays it bad
00:32:59Norrebro need bkb man
00:33:06dhgf care hook
00:33:07ihufa he plays it well
00:33:08dhgf always
00:33:12ihufa imo
00:33:17dhgf wards uphill
00:33:23Norrebro haste
00:33:25ihufa come
00:33:26ihufa wit me
00:33:31dhgf they base
00:33:33Bra~ all mid
00:33:33dhgf prolly
00:33:39que2stress warded
00:33:43FetAA 4u8t
00:34:05Norrebro wtf
00:34:25Norrebro nice suicide
00:34:43FetAA b
00:34:47FetAA lol
00:34:55ihufa I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:56Buugi so imba who is this
00:34:56ihufa gg
00:35:05ihufa no way we can win this
00:35:10dhgf we can
00:35:18ihufa not when ur so bad
00:35:31ihufa all u can do in a fight is fire ur nukes
00:35:34ihufa and push someone
00:35:39ihufa u got fucking treads
00:35:41ihufa sell em
00:35:42ihufa omfg
00:36:05ihufa -ms
00:36:05FetAA we win
00:36:11FetAA with good play
00:36:12FetAA i get
00:36:13FetAA agha
00:36:15FetAA i mean
00:36:15ihufa and necro still no gem
00:36:16FetAA mecha
00:36:17FetAA and go push
00:36:18ihufa how can u have nothing
00:36:24FetAA cause i die too much
00:36:28dhgf ihufa stop the flame
00:36:36ihufa they counterward
00:36:46Norrebro go now
00:36:50FetAA no YET
00:36:51FetAA w8 mecha
00:36:54que2stress pudge needed
00:37:07Norrebro they rtoshan
00:37:09Buugi got travel
00:37:10dhgf rosh?
00:37:16FetAA i think they hs ward
00:37:17Norrebro ice
00:37:19dhgf yeah
00:37:21ihufa they have wards
00:37:21Norrebro or hook
00:37:23ihufa and sentry wards
00:37:33FetAA im not there
00:37:34FetAA zz
00:38:08dhgf how are you full hp mana?
00:38:09FetAA nice idea go there
00:38:12ihufa samir?
00:38:13FetAA I WASNT THERE?
00:38:15FetAA i sayid u
00:38:15Norrebro ja?
00:38:19Papaya come then idiot
00:38:21ihufa prøv at blive vouched i dotainvite
00:38:22Papaya u had enough time
00:38:23FetAA hahaha
00:38:26ihufa så vi kan spille der istedet
00:38:26FetAA DONT Go
00:38:37ihufa fuck de her spil er nedern
00:38:43dhgf fuuuuuu
00:38:45Buugi pwnt
00:39:30FetAA lol ihufa
00:39:44dhgf õwait
00:39:46dhgf need 4
00:39:46dhgf 5
00:39:53FetAA well ihufa disagresss
00:40:01ihufa fetAA
00:40:05ihufa just su :)
00:40:10Buugi oom
00:40:13ihufa u have meka after 36 mins
00:40:17Norrebro hvordan i dotainvite
00:40:17FetAA wow
00:40:19ihufa when we have to push early to win
00:40:20Norrebro ved sku ikk
00:40:32ihufa lav en vouch reQuest
00:40:35FetAA go push
00:40:38ihufa og upload et par replays
00:40:39FetAA gank 1
00:40:47dhgf im inv
00:40:47ihufa der er meget meget bedre spil
00:40:52FetAA cent
00:40:52Norrebro ehm
00:41:01Norrebro har sku ikk nogen replays
00:41:10FetAA mid now
00:41:11FetAA or roshan firsT?
00:41:16dhgf hmm
00:41:19ihufa bare tag nogen fra nogen gode cws eller spil her
00:41:20dhgf rosh mby better
00:41:25dhgf or?
00:41:26FetAA rosh?
00:41:28ihufa NOT ROSH
00:41:28dhgf nvm
00:41:35ihufa how can u even consider rosh
00:41:40FetAA wel lwisp revives
00:41:43FetAA 'now
00:41:45Knaitti care hook
00:42:30Bra~ everyone stays back and comes when i die
00:42:31Bra~ yay
00:43:21Knaitti DEF
00:43:21FetAA we kinda lack disable
00:43:22Papaya just retarded game
00:43:28Papaya making vanguard before make and tread tink
00:43:31Papaya we had to take this early
00:43:38FetAA sk comes in middle of us and ulties
00:43:54ihufa u can use ur ulti
00:43:55ihufa necro
00:44:01FetAA how if im ultied by pudge
00:44:03FetAA and
00:44:04FetAA lets focus
00:44:05FetAA right ones
00:44:07FetAA the support
00:44:08FetAA s
00:44:13ihufa eh no
00:44:14ihufa focus bs
00:44:15FetAA they mby
00:45:07ihufa I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:10ihufa ff pls
00:45:12que2stress sry
00:45:13Knaitti pretty stupid of us
00:45:20Knaitti shut up really ihufa
00:45:23FetAA ihufa
00:45:25FetAA u lost the game
00:45:27FetAA with ur fucking
00:45:28FetAA attitude
00:45:29ihufa yea
00:45:29FetAA suicding 10x
00:45:31Knaitti if u dont angst we would have won this
00:45:32Norrebro i take roshan
00:45:35ihufa yea 10x suiciding
00:45:36ihufa like
00:45:40ihufa when did i ever
00:46:11Buugi -fs
00:46:12FetAA we focus pudge
00:46:13Norrebro help me:P
00:46:13FetAA everyfight
00:46:19ihufa i focus creeps bot
00:46:20ihufa gl top
00:46:38FetAA ignore that fucking pudge in fights
00:46:40FetAA kill others
00:47:02Norrebro go mid
00:47:14FetAA look this
00:47:16que2stress lal
00:47:17FetAA fucking purpose
00:47:18FetAA dieing
00:47:19Buugi -ms
00:47:21ihufa no
00:47:23FetAA bann
00:47:24Knaitti ur really good player ihufa
00:47:25ihufa im farming woods on purpose
00:47:34ihufa why are u arguing fetAA
00:47:38ihufa game is lost 10 mins ago
00:47:40FetAA not
00:47:41ihufa now just lean back and die
00:47:43Knaitti game is lost since we get u
00:47:43ihufa lol
00:47:47ihufa fact that u can't see it
00:47:50ihufa is just funny
00:47:55ihufa knaitti :)
00:48:01Knaitti ur doing 1on5 all the time
00:48:05ihufa yea
00:48:47FetAA this game was neverlost
00:48:55Buugi :D
00:49:00dhgf devine lol
00:49:01FetAA lots when ihufa
00:49:02FetAA started
00:49:04FetAA this
00:49:06FetAA bull shit
00:49:09ihufa dude
00:49:11FetAA CENT
00:49:14ihufa there's a reason why im telling u
00:49:16FetAA CENTAUR
00:49:18FetAA FUCKING Idiot
00:49:21FetAA !!
00:49:26ihufa that meka after 36 mins is bad
00:49:30ihufa but ur not understanding it
00:49:32Knaitti dont fuckin move me
00:49:32Norrebro ?
00:49:34ihufa ur thinking
00:49:35ihufa hmm i lost
00:49:39ihufa but it's not my fault
00:49:45ihufa this guy is writing a lot
00:49:49ihufa probably his fault
00:49:59FetAA jjust stfu
00:50:05FetAA lost a game when bs get radi
00:50:08FetAA u fucking pubber
00:50:20ihufa :)
00:51:31dhgf I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:32dhgf I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:40Papaya i surrender!
00:51:44Papaya wtf
00:51:46FetAA !surrender
00:51:51Buugi type ff
00:51:52Papaya whats the command
00:51:54Papaya I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:55Norrebro come all
00:51:57Papaya !ff
00:51:57Buugi 3/5
00:51:59ihufa u know what ff means?
00:52:01Buugi u dont see it
00:52:02dhgf !ff
00:52:02Buugi we do
00:52:05Papaya oh okay
00:52:10Knaitti is 3 enough?
00:52:25FetAA I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:58FetAA never seen such a fucking won game
00:52:59FetAA being cryed
00:53:00FetAA to lose
00:53:20Norrebro hah
00:53:21FetAA divine jakiro
00:53:29Norrebro 8 k
00:53:40ihufa gg buugie
00:53:49dhgf !ff
00:53:50dhgf I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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